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Paul is laughing about how Bridgette is crying and feeling bad about herself so not going for the whole he didn't know he was laying into her. Since that's what he's patting himself on the back for.

I don’t disagree with you. I think Paul started the conversation off with good intentions to try and bring Bridgette to their side and fracture her alliance with Frank which at that point was strictly a game move. But then he crossed the line when he went in on her and made her cry.

That’s what I was trying to say in that post, I probably didn’t articulate it well enough. Paul always takes things too far because he gets himself impassioned and fired up and then instead of realizing he’s made a mistake, he doubles down and laughs about it at the expense of others. And that’s what makes him such a shitty dude. He doesn’t acknowledge when he takes things a step too far.

He’s the sort of guy who says, “But I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings!!!!” instead of just saying sorry.


Nature Vs Nurture Part 93


….“Nina, stop and look at me.“Vlad said, searching for her hands. He stood up and held her hands. “I’m here. I’m here Nina and your here with me. You, me, and the baby are here, he’s not going to find you two as long as your with me.”…

….“Nina, I swear on everything I am. I will protect both of you till my last dying breath. He will not hurt you two anymore.” Vlad said, looking up at her as he kiss her hands….

….“There is no what ifs Nina. He won’t find you. I’ll do whatever I need to do to protect both of you. Your my family, both of you are. No one and I do mean no one, hurts my family” Vlad said, letting her hand go and wrapped them around her….

He pulled her close, kissing her stomach and rested his forehead against her.

“Little one, I want you to know, I’ll look after you and your mom. I won’t let anything happen to you two. When you get here, everything will be better. You’ll have a lovely home and family. I’ll raise you as my own and teach you how to be strong. You won’t have anything to worry about.” Vlad said, kissing her stomach again.

….“I was thinking of you and the baby. How you two just came into my life and change everything.” Vlad said, as he lean down kissing her and then moved to her stomach, kissing her stomach….

….“Always.” Vlad said, kissing her forehead as he wrapped his arm around her. “I’ll always be here.”…

She never told him, how she love how protective he was. She never told him, how safe he made her feel.

…“How did you and the little one sleep?” Vlad said, wrapping one arm behind her back and place his other hand on her’s….

….“Morning sickness?” Vlad said, moving his hand to her face. Tracing his finger tips, up and down her cheeck….

….“Do you want me to go to the store for you?” Vlad said, tracing his fingers down her arm, causing her to shiver…..

…“It’s never too much trouble for you two.” Vlad said, leaning up and gave her a kiss….

She never told him, how much she love that he ways thought of her and Athena first. She never told him, how much she love that he showed her care for them

“Tell me what you want Nina. I’m yours to command.” Vlad said, as he pulled back and looked at her.

She never told him, how she enjoy being in control at times. She never told him, how wonderful he made her feel. She never told him, how much of a woman he made her feel like.

First Time
“Nina. I told you, I’ll do whatever I need to do to protect you two. Even if that means I do something that makes you hate me. Even if that means… you leave me. I need to do what I need to do, for you and our baby. Please, forgive me for what I’m about to do.” Vlad said, kissing her head and he walked off outside.

…."I don’t care how many people I need to kill to keep you safe. I’ll slaughter every last fucken person, if need be. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect you and our baby.” Vlad said….

….“Nina I’m doing this for a good reason. Remember what you said, sometimes people do bad things for good reason. Remember that?” Vlad said….

….“Do you still believe that now?” Vlad said….

….“Then believe me that I’m doing this for a good reason. That reason is….” Vlad said, placing one hand on her leg and the other hand on her cheek….

….“Honestly?” Vlad said, with a small smile….

….“Because I love you Nina.” Vlad said, leaning in kissing her. “Because I love you Nina. I love you the moment I heard your name. I love you the moment you turned and looked at me. Every smile, every laugh, all the talks we’ve shared together, as may me love you more and more.”…

….“My lady, please allow me to spend one more night with you. Even if it means it’s my last. I need and want you, my lady. Please allow me to make love to you, till the sun comes up.” Vlad said, slowing sliding his hand up her legs….

….“You ready?” Vlad said and Nina nodded. “Remember what I said, anytime I get rough, tell me and I’ll stop.” Nina nodded again….

….“I love you Nina. I love you more than you’ll ever know.” Vlad said, kissing her deepening as he release inside her….

She never told him, that she would kill for him to. She never told him, she’ll do anything for him. She never told him, when he said I love you for the first time, it brought her back to life. She never told him, how she crave his lips against her skin. She never told him, that he completed her.

…“I thought of name for our baby if it’s a girl.” Vlad said, as he tracing his thumb on her thigh….

….“Athena after the Greek Goddess of Wisedom.” Vlad said, taking her hand and kissing it. “What do you think?”….

….“A course, my lady. But I’m sure it’s going to be a girl. She’s going to be strong and beautiful, just like you.” Vlad said, kissing her…

….“I love you too Nina. And one way or another, I’ll come back to you.” Vlad said, wrapping his arms around her. “Get some rest, I’ll be here when you get up.”…

She never told him, that she secretly hope they were having a girl. She never told him, that she love hearing say our baby. She never told him, that she wish he was the blood father. She never told him, she was grateful he accepted Athena as his own.

…“I’m sorry for everything. I wish I could have found you sooner and change it all for you. But I can’t do that, no matter how much I wish for that. I’m here now though, I have a chance to change things and make it right, for you.” Vlad said, as he held her close….

….He smiled and kiss her. “Plus, I doubt I can be that gone that without you by my side, my lady.”…

….“A course I’m going to miss you too much, you and Athena. Plus I’m really going to miss the mind blowing sex.” Vlad winking at her…

….“It’s not my fault that you make me crave you. Man, I’m going to have so much withdraws will I’m out there.” Vlad said, smiling at her….

….“You know, I have an extra cellphone you can use while I’m gone. Maybe you can send me some pictures to…help me get through those lonely nights.” Vlad said, raising his eyebrows up and down. He bust up laugh when he saw her jaw drop, in suprise….

…“Love me.” Vlad said, leaning down and placing a soft kiss on her lips. “Just love me Nina, just love me.”…

…“I can do that.” Vlad said, as he trace his thumb on her cheek. “I can do that, my lady"…

…“I can, love you my lady.” Vlad said, again as he lifted Nina up and wrapped her legs around him. He slowing started to push his length into her. “I love you Nina. I love you.”…

She never told him, that she love his humor. She never told him, how he can always say the right things to cheer her up. She never told him, she love how he can make her smile and laugh.


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From translator’s notes: In Japanese, “I like you” is suki, while “moon” is tsuki

Natsume Soseki, the most acclaimed novelist in Japan, once taught his students that the correct Japanese translation for an English sentence “I love you” is “The moon is so beautiful”.

TL note: But here Shouya’s [Maki’s] answer appears to be a total coincidence. We are yet to see if Nishimiya Shouko [Hanayo] ran because of embarrassment (for saying “I like you” first), or if she loved books enough to misunderstand Shouya’s answer as yes, I like you too.

Koe no Katachhii Chpt 23

fuck u stop enabling me to do these things god GO D!!!!!

of course i parodied the cutest scene in the entire manga, but thinking abt this au as a whole is prETTY FUCKING SAD but someone come down in this hell w/ me tho

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can u mayb stop calling ur gay ships a sin?? its not cute at all

I don’t think I ever called any of my ships a sin? If you’re talking about this, it was about a gen angsty comic, which wasn’t even about any ships. If you’re talking about this, it was based of a running gag in Vinnie’s comic series (which this is a spin-off of), which has priest!Jimmy talking about sinning at any moment, and the said gag’s not about any ship either? Whatever it was I said, I never intended to imply that the ship itself is sinful. However, I’m sorry if my word choice caused you any discomfort. :x I’ll try to be more mindful of possible unfortunate implications in the future! 


Elijah frowned, “I did not mean to hurt you, Tatia…” he said quietly. “I was not in my right frame of mind…”

“Elijah, I–” A moment ago, she was so sure of her stance. He had hurt her; turned into something so frightening that her feigned confidence came naturally, but not now. “You.. you weren’t supposed to hear that.” 

Hey, fellas. Before you make that joke about how nobody loves you, think for a sec about the people who you know DO love you, the ones who’ve told you so themselves over and over. Now, imagine them seeing that joke you make about nobody loving you.

It hurts. And I mean it really hurts, and it hurts in a lot of ways. If nobody loves you, does that mean the people who do love you mean nothing? And it breaks their hearts to see you think you’re unworthy of the love they choose to give you.

Please, don’t joke about that. No matter what your situation, or what you think, or how low your self esteem, somebody DOES love you. Don’t forget that, and don’t forget them either. They’re the ones who are willing to give you their hand–you just need to ask them for it.

I think Tumblr has a tendency of being at people’s throats over silly things at the time; we think it’s inconsequential but it truly isn’t. Remember that time the Steven Universe fandom got a girl to kill herself? Because I do.

We should measure our words carefully and spare a thought to who is the recipient of those words. We shouldn’t let personal dislikes for characters enrage us the way we do. People matter more than fictional characters.