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The Doctor wanted to take Kira out for a normal night out, something different to the whole running, chasing, saving… he wanted for her just to live her life. Of course, she protested as he tried to leave her, because she wasn’t an idiot. She knew that he wouldn’t come back after this. So he told her that he’d stay with her for one last night, and they could spend the night out and around the bars and clubs. 

Eleven had just come back from speaking to another woman (she pulled him over to say about his bow tie, and how different he looked from the rest of the crowd… then offered him a drink. But he declined), and that’s when he saw it. Kira, and some random person, having a snog next to the bar. He wasn’t jealous— okay maybe just a bit… or a lot. The Time Lord’s hands clenched into a fist, but he wouldn’t let this get to him. After all, he was leaving after tonight. Maybe she thought this would get him angry? Maybe Kira thought that the girl who pulled him away did exactly this, and wanted payback? But the Doctor stayed where he was, and when the two finished, walked over to Kira.

“You two done? Or d’ya need to get a room?”