ill probably never forget the way she sounded when she told me she loved me or the way she looked when she’d wake up next to me or the way she acted when she was scared of losing me.
ill probably never forget the way our love for each other spiraled into a pit of heartbreak and tears or the way she begged me not to give up on her or the way she made me feel like i was nothing but everything at the same time.
i’ll probably never forget the way my love destroyed her or the way she made me feel like we were forever or the way that her smile was enough to make me wonder how i’d live without her.
—  i’ll never forget how magical our love was.
I’ll always love you.

caught her staring so many times on the bus like in that when i look, she looks away kind of way.

except once she held my stare and didn’t look away when we made eye contact and i ended up looking away first bc it was intense like she wasn’t smiling or anything she was just watching me and i expected her to break eye contact but she didn’t she just kept it and i just had to look away with a smile bc it was intense


Yesterday marked one year together with my best friend and the girl that I love. A lot of things happened yesterday that made it a really hard and depressing day and it’s a shame it had to happen during a very special time for us but remembering spending the day before with her made it all better. Sunday felt like the best day of my life and even though Monday was a really tough day to go through I still went to sleep with a smile on my face talking to her like I do every night and I’m so grateful to have her in my life making me this happy. I love you so much @juniorsdickcheese

Imagine the reader is the child of Vandal Savage and no one believes it because they’re known to be innocent and downright lovable.

  • The first time you meet the team is when a city is being attacked.
  • Kaldur saves you.
  • You thank him even thought you could handle it.
  • The next time you meet them is at a Wayne fundraiser.
  • “Ah, Miss Savage good to see you made it.” Dick greets you.
  • You smile. “I always enjoy Wayne fundraiser. He is always helping out his city.”
  • “That he is. Would you care to dance?”
  • “I would love to.”
  • Dick tries to see if you have any information on Vandal.
  • The other keep asking if he has the right girl.
  • “Dude she way to sweet to be Vandal’s daughter,” Wally says through the mental link.
  • “I agree with Wally,” Conner said.
  • “Will you shut up. It’s her but it doesn’t seem like she knows anything.”
  • The third time is when you join the team secretly.
  • “Guys this is Y/N Savage.” Nightwing introduces you.
  • “There is no way she is Savage’s daughter!” La’gaan yells.
  • You help about the cave.
  • You cook, clean, organize, and so on.
  • One day the Team comes in hurt pretty badly.
  • “What happened?” You ask rushing over to Kaldur.
  • “The Light.”
  • Once everyone is helped and asleep you zeta.
  • The night morning you show up with a flash drive and cut up to hell and back.
  • “What did yo-” Nightwing is shocked
  • “I got the information you needed.”
  • “But Vandal had it.”
  • “I know. I fought him and got it. Now can you help me to the med bay I think my right arm is broke.”
  • In the med bay the other are in awe as you tell them what you did.
  • “You’re not so sweet after all.” Jamie says.
  • “You guys are the ones that came up with that not me.”

Part Three - Chapter 7, Choices

Sandy smiled up at Will. “This was a great idea, dad. You don’t mind if I call you that do you?”

Will’s heart almost melted. They were still getting to know each other but for her to want to call him dad this early on made him so happy. He looked down at Sandy smiling and said, “Well I am your father, but no, I don’t mind, in fact I’d like it very much.”

Sandy turned her eyes back to the rippling water. She was so happy to finally have a father. Someone else who could teach her things that even her mama didn’t know.

Joshua was starting to get nibbles at the end of his line too and he did as his father had taught him, to ease the line back in. "Dad this one’s too strong.“

"Keep a firm hold Josh, remember what I showed you.” Will said.

But still being new to fishing Joshua was unsuccessful in catching the fish that took a large nibble at his line. “D'oh, it’s gone!”

“There are plenty more where he came from. You’ve got to be patient and wait for the right one to take a bite and then, hook him!” Will pulled back sharply on his line, demonstrating.

But Joshua was getting restless just standing there, he wanted to run off do something more exciting, like look for bugs under rocks. “Hey Dad, can we go play over near those trees?”

Will nodded and watched them both wander off over to the other side of the pond. He didn’t mind as long as they kept in his view.


Connor came down the stairs wondering who could be at the door at this time of day. It was probably one of those hawkers or door-to-door salesmen. Damn they were annoying. He often slammed the door in their face when they wouldn’t shut-up or take no for an answer. But as the front door came into view and he saw who was standing there a feeling of unease came over him. 

Susannah was back early.

9:do you like singing/humming to yourself?
Oh yeah. Definitely. I just like singing in general.

10:do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach?
Mostly my side, occasionally switch onto my back or stomach. Whatever feels most comfortable at that time. But 90something% on me back.

13:what’s something that made you smile today?
Tasha. She makes me smile everyday. I mean, look at her

She is too pure

The Inexplicable Importance of the Brain to Mouth Filter

This whole fic is trash and so am I but I was sent so many nice messages today so I just wanted to post something fluffy that’ll hopefully make some of you guys smile. Thank you so much to @deanlovin for the prompt and to everyone who sent me something that made me smile today, it means a lot :D

Word Count: 1657

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So, technically speaking, Nico really had himself to blame for this.

I mean, yeah, Lou Ellen was a jerk to do this to him, but it wasn’t like he hadn’t asked for it. It wasn’t like he wouldn’t have gotten revenge if he was in her place.

But come on, a little prank didn’t deserve something this mean in response, right? Maybe for some people it wouldn’t be as big of a deal as it was for Nico, but Lou Ellen knew what this meant for him, what this condemned him to. She knew that Nico had plenty of thoughts that he really didn’t care to share out loud.

“You’re a complete asshole, Lou Ellen.”

“Oh, so the truth finally comes out, huh?” she asked, a huge grin plastered on her face.

“Shut up, I’m terrified right now.” Nico’s eyes widened as he slapped a hand over his mouth.

Lou Ellen raised her eyebrows. “Hm, this should be interesting.”

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Moments Gone

3. Pluto

Part 1 Part 2

Lucas watched with a heavy heart, as Evan kissed Riley’s temple and whispered something in her ear that made her giggle.

“I’ll text you whenever I can,” Evan smiled down at Riley, who blushed under his stare. “I’ll try to visit you as soon as I can. I really like our friendship, Riley.”

“As do I, Evan,” Riley grinned back. “You’re really easy to talk to. I’m glad I’ve gotten the chance to meet you.”

Lucas sighed, casting his eyes onto his boots. He felt his heart squeeze painfully at her words.

You’re really easy to talk to.

She had told him the same thing once. He had snuck in through the bay window and they had spent the night talking about everything they possibly could.

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raanee-ixxixv  asked:

I don't know if you have noticed, but if you pay attention to Harleen's cheek bones in the therapy session with joker they pull back like when people smile and their cheekbones pull back. When he smiled, she smiled. He made her smile which in my opinion is so adorable. Also, is the music video for purple Lamborghini coming out tomorrow or is it coming out on a different date. And if so when? I'm in love with your blog its AMAZING!!

Thank you so much! Regarding the music video, I don’t think it’s coming out today. They would be heavily advertising it if it was coming out anytime soon.


uykulukralice  asked:

Plsss write about annabeth's birthday party or something like that pls pls pls pls

Happy 23rd Birthday, Annabeth Chase.

“I don’t want a big fuss.”

Percy’s smug little half-smile didn’t slip. “No fuss. Got it.”

“Percy,” Annabeth said sternly. “I mean it. I just want a relaxing day, with no surprises and no stress.”

That made him frown. “I am not going to let you stress on your birthday, Annabeth.”

She dropped her head forward onto his chest and he curled his arm a little tighter around her waist. She was lying half on top of him in his small single bed back at Sally and Paul’s apartment, where they were staying for the week. Her feet were hanging off the edge of the bed, but the hot summer sun was poring in through the window and hitting Percy’s hair just so - she didn’t want to move and ruin the view.

“Seriously. This is my first birthday where I haven’t been freaking out about the end of the world, or preparing for the next semester at college, and I just want to relax. Besides, twenty three is a nothing age. It’s not a milestone or anything. I don’t even need a party.”

“You will be relaxed,” Percy insisted. “I am not going to stress you out. Look at us right now, we’re pretty relaxed, aren’t we?” 

His hand started rubbing lazy circles across her bare back and she closed her eyes. “Mhmm.”

“See? Your birthday’s going to be great, Annabeth. I promise.”

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When Leon’s Daughter Comes Home From School One Day...

LITTLE GIRL: Mommy! Mommy! Guess what!

MC: What? [kneels down and pats her daughter’s head] 

LITTLE GIRL: I made a friend in class today! She’s just like me, and she can see things no one else can!

MC: […] What? So… you told her about daddy and his co-workers?

LITTLE GIRL: Nope! I just said I see invisible people too. She said hers are called aya… uh… akayami?

MC: Ayakashi?

LITTLE GIRL: YEAH! Miyabiko-chan says her dad kind of looks like a fox! 

MC: Ooooookay… [smiles and pats the girl’s head again] Well, just one friend with a secret is fine, but try not to tell anyone else.

LITTLE GIRL: [frowns] But what about the little boy in my class who’s dad is a star?

MC: Huh?! [panics] Oh crap! Which one of those gods has been dating in secret… I’ll bet it was Teo! 

LITTLE GIRL: [runs off and  grabs a copy of Seasonelle magazine from the table, pointing] This star! Rikudoh-kun says that this star is his dad.

MC: Oh… THAT kind of star. WAIT A SECOND! You’re in the same class as a child of a Revance member?!

LITTLE GIRL: [jumping excitedly] Uh huh! But Rikudoh-kun still said he could come over and play some day. He said his dad and his friends will bring you a present. 

MC: Um… I don’t know if mommy could handle that! 

LITTLE GIRL: But mommy, we talk to stars ALL the time! Oh! Do you think Rikudoh-kun’s daddy knows other stars like Uncle Hue and Uncle Aigo? 

MC: Well, baby… [chuckles knowingly] Daddy and his friends are a very different kind of star. 

LITTLE GIRL: Well, anyway. I wish Rikudoh-kun could come over and play soon! 

MC: I don’t know how Leon’s going to handle granting that wish… 

LEON: [watching from the heavens with a frown] She’s said that little boy’s name four times in less than a minute. Why does she look so excited, talking about a boy like that? 

HUE: [innocently] I’d honestly like to grant that wish just to see what will happen… 


Sorry for not posting that much lately!! :) I’m studying a looot bc my first exam is in exactly one week :D can’t wait! I love tea so much, it’s the thing that literally keeps me alive!

EXO reaction to their s/o being blind and wanting to touch their face to get a mental image

Overall this is just holds a sad undertone, though it can also be a rather intimate moment. This might not be crazily different for each member, but I am positive that each and every exo member would cherish something as significant as this.

-Admin Gray

Originally posted by exoturnback

Baekhyun: This sort of situation would strike hard for Baekhyun, his expression falling slack as the love of his life grazed her fingertips lightly across his skin. His eyes would water as he mirrored her own curious face, his heart beating erratically as her fingers glided across his facial features. He would remain silent, in fear of breaking the intimate moment as she imagined what he looked like through her touch. In the end, she would slowly let her hands fall as she flashed the most beautiful smile he has ever seen. “I think you are the most handsome guy I have ever imagined,” Her light tone would have made him laugh on any other occasion, but the quiet and impactful moment they shared caused emotions to brew in his body. In the end, he kept quiet as a few tears fell down his cheeks, incredibly moved by what just occurred.

Originally posted by essentyeol

Chanyeol: She would have asked softly, almost underneath her breath. But Chanyeol was attentive of her at all times, and registered immediately what she was suggesting. He hesitantly agreed to her wishes, afraid somehow that she would be unsatisfied by the feeling of his face underneath her fingers. She would smile as she grazed his cheekbones, lightly running her hands down his cheek before running her fingers across his lips. Feeling the tension thicken, he realized that this was a monumental moment in their relationship, and he would treasure it forever. His stomach would churn with nerves, ultimately feeling uneasy because she might picture someone who doesn’t fit her. But she would kiss away his insecurity, reassuring him that he was there to stay. It would be a nerve-inducing memory, nonetheless he would always cherish the moment she pictured him in her mind, so that she would forever treasure him as they progressed in their relationship.

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen

Chen: He would feel slightly guarded, but all of that would change as he watched her concentrated features. Sometimes he would find his heart clenching painfully whenever he would look into her unfocused eyes, forever wishing he could exchange them so she could see the world through his vision. He knows she doesn’t want that, though, so he never voiced it aloud, instead leaving it alone and always quietly admiring her. When she told him she wanted to picture him, he could only freeze in shock, her touch causing chills to run down his body. His heart squeezed painfully again, saddened by the fact that she would never be able to see him. She was so beautiful to him, and he wondered if he would be beautiful to her if she never saw him. “Beautiful,” she uttered, her smile washing away all of his doubts. Pain wasn’t encased around his heart anymore, instead a deep fondness for her that grew day by day.

Originally posted by kyvngsoo

D.O: He would not say a word as she proceeded to touch her face, his vision being engulfed by her blatant beauty. Instantly he recognized how intimate this was, how this would be a memory forever stained inside of his head whenever he thought about his girlfriend. He recognized that this was a big step in the relationship, that in a way she was choosing to memorize his face through her touch because she wanted to keep him around. After she finished indulging herself in his facial features, he would grasp one of her hands lightly and press a soft kiss into her palm. “I hope I’m still worthy of being by your side.” She would only laugh, because they both knew Kyungsoo would do anything to make her happy. Hugging him tightly, she would quietly thank him, because situations like this aren’t always comfortable for people. Brushing off her words, he would only feel peace in the end, his heart pumping only for the girl who can only visualize him. And he was thankful to have her.

Originally posted by kaibility

Kai: He wouldn’t hesitate to agree on her wishes, but he would be unsure of how to react as she brushed her fingers across his face. Relaxing his face, he would try and focus on being serious, in order to satisfy her and perhaps allow her to envision someone handsome. All he wanted was for her to be satisfied, though he knew her sweet soul was anything but picky. When she would pause her movements, her fingertips spread across his cheeks, she would shyly utter, “You seem so handsome,” before ducking her head. An uncontrollable smile would spread his lips, and she would gasp as her fingers ran across his now straining smile. Shocking him, his smile would fall, highly aware of how much this meant to her. He would feel the need to apologize, though he wasn’t sure why. “I’m sorry.” She would only shake her head, embracing him as a silent thank you for the important moment.

Originally posted by getlayd

Lay: This would be an emotional moment for him, as his mind reeled about figuring out how to react. He wanted to remain stoic, a blank expression being his go-to option as she slowly studied him with her fingers, but he couldn’t contain himself. It was too emotional for him, and they both froze the moment tears fell out of his eyes, right onto her fingers. He couldn’t bear the thought of making her sad, so he would rush forward and embrace her tightly, stuttering out apologies. “I’m sorry, I just realized how important this is, and I want to be perfect for you.” Brushing his tears away with her hands, she would soothe him and assure him that she pictured him as the most beautiful man on Earth. Laughing joyfully, he would direct her hands to his face again, determined to remain strong for the woman of his dreams.

Originally posted by kaisoh

Sehun: I think that this sort of situation would make him uneasy, simply because he had never experienced anything like it before. He would gaze at her with soft eyes, allowing her as much time as she needed, but he would feel on edge the entire time. It was the sort of situation that made him feel helpless, and he didn’t like that feeling at all. He would do anything for her, including reliving this precious moment a thousand times, but no matter what he would still feel like the air was stifling. He would do anything for her, and would admire her the entire time, even if it wasn’t the ideal emotional setting for him.

Originally posted by qrishan

Suho: This situation, he would cherish forever. No doubt about it, he would peer at her with soft eyes and a warm gaze as she pictured him, thoroughly running her hands across his skin. His eyelids would flutter close as she grazed them, sighing softly as he cherished her actions. He would loosen his expression when she would run her fingers across his lips, his lips lifting in a smile as she ran her hands down the bridge of his nose. This sort of moment he would lock away in his memory, the sort of memory that would haunt him at night as his heart soared at the thought of her. Whatever the scenario was, he embraced it fully for her because he loved her so much. After she was finished, he would kiss her fingertips passionately, smiling brightly at the sight of her peaceful face.

Originally posted by phosphoresces

Xiumin: Staring at her lovingly, he would allow as much time as she wanted, his hands resting on her hips. Tilting his head slightly, he would take the moment to study her own features, feeling breathless as he faced her beauty. Something about this moment registered as intimate to him, even more intimate than their first kiss that they shared, and it made him as nervous as school boy with a crush. Swallowing at her close proximity, he could only feel his palms sweat before he realized his feelings were ridiculous. This was the girl he was head over heels for, the girl who made him sing with joy and sigh with bliss. So as the moment wore on, he would stand there patiently, indulging in the silence and treasuring another moment they would both remember forever.


favorite character meme: three emotions ♡ [1/3] happiness 

my appointments (I know it isn’t pretty enough for that much of appointments BUT I like like like appointments):

- this is my best draw since kindergarten so I’m really proud of it

- it’s my first digital colored draw and IT WAS SO FUN OMG

- I googled “ballerina draw” for several hours to make myself standards

- it didn’t meet any of my own standards but I like it anyways

- I’ve been feeling really anxious and depressed in this last few weeks and finding your AU was so nice, it made me feel so happy

- integrity actually almost never smiles so I HAD to draw her smiling

- I almost gave up drawing the leg prosthesis but then I got filled up with determination and finished it

- the hands are horrible OMG DRAWING HANDS IS HELL

- please keep doing this stuff, it is really beautiful and I love it

- I’m brazilian and the word “sela” in my language means “saddle” (like horse saddle - Google translate told me that) so I just rather calling her Integrity (I mean, it’s not an ugly name, but for me it’s a little bit awkward)

- if there is any english errors it’s because a) I read more than I write and b) it has been 8 months since my last english class so I’m kind of unprepared

and I think it’s done, sorry for that much talking, love ya guys work ♥ ♥ ♥


((Sorry for taking forever to post this!! Also I think your English is quite good!))

This is really nice! The pose is great! Hands can be difficult, but practice makes perfect! The colours are nice too! Thank you for the fanart! <3

* Tem!Frisk takes you out for bug catching, but at the end of the day, all that’s in your net is love!

but can you imagine calum during an interview with the other lads at an awards show and the interviewer says “i heard y/n’s in the building and a little bird told me one of you has a crush on her” then the three boys simultaneously look at calum and he can’t contain himself because he’s so in love with your work (you’re a musician as well)  and  with you as a person (he sometimes stalks you and one of the lads always catches him and keeps on teasing him) so he goes asdfghjkl and says “well now all of you know” then michael adds “one time he stalked her instagram and ended up in the first picture she ever posted” in which calum defends himself but still gets dragged by luke “yeah and i caught him once, he was watching old youtube video covers she made and he always do this weird smile like sometimes i wanna shake him and ask ‘who are you and what did you do to calum’’  but before calum could say anything ashton chimes in “yeah i’ve never seen him like that before” so calum becomes speechless and all red in the cheeks and is embarrassed more going asdfghjkl again


Quiet by Lee Whiro

You know what? I’m really sorry to read negative comments about my cosplay of Quiet. I’m sorry because a lot of guys think that it’s simple to make it, it’s simple because you only have to be a girl and wear some ripped tights. And it is automatically a sexual thing. No, it isn’t. I LOVE this character. I fell in love the first time i saw her. I love her aspect, i love her abilities, i love her behaviour. She made me smile and cry. I only wanted to be like her. I’m sorry to read things like “Her lungs aren’t roasted; she still uses her esophagus, 2/10 cosplay.” or “Quiet has got to be one of the easiest characters to cosplay. 1 be a girl, 2 Put on some skimpy clothes and voilà! I’m totally fine with that. Added bonus: I get to re-use this comment at least every week!”
I know there’s a lot of girls that make sexy cosplay only because they need attentions, but you have to distinguish them from the ones who do it for passion. We are not all the same.

  • Don't think of Regina giving her life to save everyone from the EQ. She steps up for the sacrifice. Emma breaks away toward her. "Regina!"
  • R:Emma, get back.
  • E:No! There has to be another way.
  • R:There isn't.
  • E:You can't do this.
  • HK:Swan.
  • E:She's NOT dying.
  • R:This is the only way.
  • E:Like Hell it is.
  • HK:Swan, she's made up her mind.
  • E:But you have to stay. What will Henry do without you?
  • R:(smile) Henry will have YOU, Emma.
  • E:What will I do without you?
  • R:(smile fades) What?
  • HK:Swan?
  • E:I need you, Regina. Don't do this. I promise you. We'll find a way together.
  • HK:(seethes) If you're wrong we could all die. Why are you doing this?
  • E:Because she's important to me! (looks at R, reaches out a hand) Regina, please.
  • R:(Regina opens her mouth, closes it, looks to where she was going to die, looks at Emma, reaches out to take her hand)

The moon is my
occasional visitor: my begotten friend. 

I like the night that way
where she sits as though she were
on the edge of a pool and smiles.
She laughs, but mostly she listens. 

At full she is at her most mystic, 
at half she smiles and lets me be in the 
car quiet. It’s cold but with her it isn't 
She says she likes the street lights because they're 
man made and warm. 

The sun is yours my love, as it always is,
but the moon is mine: 
and I love her whole and half.


moonlit nights in the garden

inspired by x, x and a conversation with phi