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85. MatsuHana

85. everyone i’ve loved has either died or left me and i’ll be damned if you name is added to that list.


“I’m sick.” 

“I know.” 

“I don’t know how long I’ll last.” 

Forever, that’s how long.” Issei snaps, gripping Takahiro’s hand tight. “Hiro, everyone i’ve loved has either died or left me. And i’ll be damned if your name is added to that list.”

Their eyes lock, and in a second, they’re both cackling. 

“H- Ha, I can’t believe how serious you looked!” Takahiro sneezes, and coughs, and Issei pulls a face. 

“I love you so much, but seriously take some medicine.” 

“You know I don’t trust it!” 

“Shut up you creampuff.” 


Edd: Wow…that’s a lot of recommendations…

Tord: I’m adding them all to my watch list. Although Black Butler is already on it; I intend to watch it some point. I’ve been busy lately. Lotsa meetings.

Matt: I have watched Durarara!! and I lllooovvveee iiitttt! I wanna cosplay Celty! Ooh, but if I got everyone else to cosplay from Princess Tutu, I’d want to be Fakir! And Edd could be Mytho, Tord could be Princess Tutu, and Tom could be Kraehe! But they won’t do it ‘cause they’re a bunch of babies!

Tom: I would rather cosplay Simon for TTGL, thanks.

Edd: Hm, well, cosplaying someone from FMA would be cool. Oh, but Ginko from Mushishi would be easier and a lot of fun.

Tord: I’m not sure, there’s a lot I could do…since I’m currently into Mob Psycho 100, I guess it would be cool to do a cosplay from that? Not sure who, though.

NEW AND IMPROVED Cosplay supply resource masterlist!

This list has come A LONG WAY since the last one! Here’s the current list.

YOU CAN FIND THE MOST UP-TO-DATE VERSION ON MY FACEBOOK HERE—> https://www.facebook.com/notes/cheebescake-cosplay/new-improved-cosplay-supply-masterlist/1689261574663144

I encourage you to try and check that, since I can’t update the reblogged versions. I’m always adding to this list!

Here we goooo


Looking for wigs, contacts, thermoplastics, or any other supplies? Maybe some tutorials? Here’s a good place to start!

**** Know a great place to find wigs and supplies that’s not listed here? Let me know! That’s the best way to keep this growing! ****

I hope you’ll find this useful!


Arda- http://arda-wigs.com/

Dolluxe- http://www.dolluxe.com/ (also http://www.gothiclolitawigs.com/ )

Tasty Peach Studios- http://tastypeachstudios.com/

Lockshop- http://lockshopwigs.com

Wig is Fashion- http://www.wigisfashion.com/

Epic Cosplay- https://www.epiccosplay.com/

Amphigory- http://www.amphigory.com/

Cosworx - http://shop.cosplay.com/wigs.html

Uniqso- http://www.uniqso.com/wig

AliExpress- http://tinyurl.com/o976yzg

Harajuku in Wonderland- http://harajukuinwonderland.bigcartel.com/category/wigs

The Five Wits- http://www.thefivewitswigs.com/

Match Wigs- http://matchwigs.com/

Purple Plum- http://www.purple-plum.com/

Cosplay Buzz- http://www.cosplaybuzz.com/Bonanza- http://tinyurl.com/ptaagov

Airily- http://airily.jp/ Japanese Cosplay wig site. I hear they’re the softest wigs you’ll ever touch.Classe- http://classewig.com/ Another Japanese wig site

Contacts/ Circle Lenses

Pinky Paradise- http://www.pinkyparadise.com/

Eye Candy- http://www.eyecandys.com/

Honey Color- http://www.honeycolor.com/

FX Eyes- http://www.fxeyes.com

Alice & Rabbit- http://www.aliceandrabbitshop.com/apps/webstore/

Vision Direct- http://www.visiondirect.com/theatricaleffects/qxc10898



Embellish FX, in Orlando. http://www.embellishfx.com/

This is one of only two places in Florida where you can purchase worbla (which is great if you need it quick!) 2628 Edgewater Drive –  Orlando, FL,  32804; (407) 251-7110

Plastics (NOT thermoplastics), casting, and molding


Includes fiberglass, casting materials- http://www.firemountaingems.com/

Foams, casting supplies, adhesives- http://www.reynoldsam.com

Fabric (online)







http://denverfabrics.com or http://fashionfabricsclub.com




https://www.minervacrafts.com/ (also carries patterns)

http://www.farmhousefabrics.com/ ***Vintage laces, too!***

http://www.theatrehouse.com/ (also has hat bases!)




Custom printed fabric: http://www.spoonflower.com/

Specialty fabric dye: http://www.dharmatrading.com/

Leather and leatherworking tools



Jewelry Findings, patterns, and notions

Jewelry findings: http://www.sunandmooncraftkits.com/

Boning: http://www.corsetmaking.com/

Sequins: http://www.ccartwright.com/

Vintage sewing patterns: http://www.lanetzliving.net/search

Cultural clothing patterns (all accurate except for the yukata pattern): http://www.folkwear.com/

Gems, studs, spikes, etc: https://allstarco.com/en/

Crystal Rhinestones: http://tinyurl.com/phudfy4   Rhinestones: https://www.rhinestoneshop.com/

Gems, beading: http://www.dreamtimecreations.com/

Gems, beading: http://www.firemountaingems.com/

Gloves, Leggings, Tights

http://www.welovecolors.com/ (They’re based in Miami, so you get them super quick!)

Special FX (besides contacts)

Fangs: http://www.vampfangs.com/

Prosthetics n such: http://www.easleys.com

Silicone: http://www.reynoldsam.com (great for dragon scales, fake blood, etc. Check their application section!)

Ears: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MadhouseFXstudio

Ears, fangs, horns, etc: http://www.aradanicostumes.com

Websites for traditional and (most importantly) accurate kimono + accessories:

http://www.ichiroya.com/ Good quality, shipping, choice, customer service + traditional fabrics

http://www.kimono-asobi.net/ Nice range of modern designs for kimono, obi and accessories

 http://www.kimonoya-japan.net/ Ability to choose by price + SALES

http://www.yamatoku.jp/classic/top.asp Sells in bulk occasionally

http://www.ikuokaya.com/ Sells accurate geisha/maiko kanzashi, uchiwa (summer fans), washi paper namecards, kinchaku (traditional bamboo bags), souvenirs, dance fans, maiko + geisha accessories (though they’re not completely accurate - obidome, obiage, etc), combs for katsura + nihongami and tenugui (dance cloths)

http://www.net-shinei.co.jp/com/  Good  range of accessories + kimono, but the descriptions are lacking at   don’t detail stains or blemishes for kimono, and the shipping can be   stupid ***Special thanks to @spaghetti-machete for  this whole traditional Japanese accessory section!***




http://www.nftech.com/products.html (very  expensive fur, but they   will give you free samples to look at. You   also have to call in to ask   for swatches or order)

For animal  blanks & resin blanks (for animal-based cosplays)


Hat Bases


LED kits, “breadboads”, EL wire, etc:


Props (3D printer required):




A lot of people don’t know this, but Etsy actually sells everything else you may need!  Wigs, fabric, jewelry findings, you name it! Check out   their craft  supply section!Ebay and Amazon, of course! Don’t count them out!

Helpful links:

http://blog.thelaundress.com/wordpress/the-laundress-fabric-glossary/ - Fabric type glossary

thistothat.com , for figuring out what type of glues to use.

http://hollitaima.deviantart.com/gallery/52481049/Pattern-Drafts-and-Design-Drafts , character specific pattern design drafts

Tutorial compilations and tips






https://www.youtube.com/user/evilted40/videos (Evil Ted Smith. Lots of foam and patterning tutorials!)

Incredible cosplayers and prop builders who regularly post tips and how to’s that you should be following:

Kamui Cosplay- https://www.facebook.com/KamuiCos

God Save the Queen Fashions- https://www.facebook.com/gstqfashions (who seriously needs to release a book)

Volpin Props- https://www.facebook.com/VolpinProps

Punished Props- https://www.facebook.com/punishedprops

Special notes:

* While there are places on this list that I  have shopped, I picked up a lot of these from other people. I have NOT  shopped at every one of these.

* I originally made this for a local cosplay group (Treasure Coast Cosplayers: https://www.facebook.com/tccosplayers ), which is why some notes are Florida specific.

* Special tips via @renfamous

Be  careful with some of these places when it comes to online  payments.   Make sure you’re buying from places that use reputable payment  vendors like PayPal or Google wallet, or at the very least don’t enter  your   card number into anything unless the transaction page url starts  with   an https.

Also everyone please please please do not use your debit card for your first ever purchase from some Romanian cosplay shop that opened three weeks ago.   Use your debit card to buy a Visa gift card at a drug store or ask   your  parents if you can use their credit card and give them cash on the   spot.

Credit cards give you many more options if the vendor   doesn’t deliver or ships you some busted ass dead possum wig from   Taipei. Not saying the above listed places are necessarily bad, but   these are still good tips for making safe foreign purchases online.

Special thanks to everyone who helped put this list together!


I have a tendency to do things backwards, but I’m slowly adding on to my growing list of posts about reading tarot cards using the lenormand reading style

For those new to this, I much prefer the reading system of lenormand than I do of tarot, but I like the symbols and history of tarot, as well as the many more cards (which is multiplied when you consider tarot has reversals and lenormand does not). So I created a system to combine the two.

I’ll eventually get to the suits, but above are all the majors and their reversals broken down into (noun) keyword (my own interpretation of the cards, fyi) and other parts of speech (noun, adjective, verb and adverb). 

For those TOTALLY new to lenormand, lenormand cards are pulled in multiples and never singly (i.e. no single card draws). The cards are read in combination of one another in a sentence-like manner (i.e. one card as subject and the others as modifiers).

Three card or more draws include stringing together the subject with various parts of speech to make a coherent sentence.

So anyway, I broke each major card into the parts of speech for reference when reading tarot in lenormand style. The 4 suits will be coming at some point for a complete reference. 

Pokémon types magic!anon list - Anon states time length
  • Grass:Muse now has an urge to spend all their time outside in the sunshine.
  • Fire:Muse becomes hot-blooded and hot-tempered.
  • Water:Muse is now able to breathe unaided underwater.
  • Electric:Muse will give off sparks, and now comes with a plug-like tail.
  • Normal:If muse is a different specie, they are now human. If they are already human, their most positive personality traits will be increased.
  • Rock:Muse is thick-skinned - literally. They'll now have a hard outer shell over their skin for the duration.
  • Ground:Muse wants nothing more than to keep their feet on the ground; they will have an aversion to all heights.
  • Poison:Muse can't stop passing gas from either end.
  • Psychic:Muse now has telekinetic abilities.
  • Bug:Muse is now trapped in a cocoon.
  • Fighting:Muse is now either a boxer, kickboxer or capoerista (anon decides which.)
  • Ghost:Muse is now a ghost.
  • Flying:Muse now has wings large enough to fly with.
  • Ice:Muse is now encased in a block of ice.
  • Dragon:Muse is now ridiculously hard to find.
  • Dark:: Muse is now a master of underhanded tactics, and is now sneakier than before.
  • Steel:Muse is now a living magnet.
  • Fairy:Muse is now a little fairy.
Watching Dick Tracy

Breathless has just shown up in Dick Tracy’s office in a slinky dress, with a cocktail, to try and seduce him. 

low fur: Wait, where did she get that cocktail?
laughingacademy: She brought it
low fur: Of course she did.
Iovelyhera: you gotta bring your own cocktail
low fur: I’m adding that to my list of life tips. Bring your own cocktail, you never know when you might need a stiff drink or a prop.
coppersam: It was champagne, I believe, she brought a bottle
low fur: It takes a lot of work to be a femme fatale. I wonder whether there’s a like step lower. A semi-dangerous femme.
coppersam: La femme dangereus?
coppersam: OH WAIT NO
coppersam: Mis-dame-eanour
low fur: Sam.
lexrhetoricae: sam
low fur: That was terrible Sam.
coppersam: IT WAS THE BEST

Yo swifties, who wants to be added to my "Swifties to follow" list?

I’m making a page on my blog of swiftie blogs that are must follows. Reblog & let me know if you want to be added :)


Confederate Express by Maksym Pashanin

This game somehow slipped through my radar. It was successfuly funded on Kickstarter in November. You can try a playable tech demo here.

I’m adding it to my progressive pixel art games list, right between RIOT and Hyper Light Drifter. Their graphics engine has exactly the kind of advanced lighting effects I want to combine into my pixel art in the future. Kudos for beating me to it!

New Limited Edition print has been listed! As promised I’m still adding new prints to the shop and there’s a coupon code posted as well. 😉 An update was long over due and over the next few weeks I may be listing some originals as well. Stay tuned! 👉 #thatArtista.etsy.com

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Feminist Gaming Blogs List

So m-arisha and I have been chatting and she asked for some other feminist gaming blogs. I know I follow a lot so I’m going to be adding to this list as I get the time. If you have a blog you want to add or want your blog to be added feel free to either reblog this list and say so or send me a message!

(Note that this list may contain blogs that are not strictly ‘feminist gaming blogs’. They are on the list because I think that - among other things they post - they also post feminist gaming content.)

The List (So Far)

European Elderberry (Sambucus nigra)

The content in my store changes seasonally: I just sent out the last of the snowdrops, aconite, goji berries, and currants for the year, and I’m in the process of adding new offerings.

My first new listing is European Elderberry cuttings: if you are planning an edible landscape in a place where this species is not invasive, I’d highly recommend it! The cuttings are from at least five different wild seed-grown plants. 

The flowers are used here in Denmark to make Elderflower syrups, juices, and ciders, and the purple-black berries are used for making anthocyanin-rich juice and preserves.

Soaking elderflowers with citrus to make a cordial

They are extremely easy to root, in water or in soil. I’ve cloned about 10 plants and they have flourished!

They tolerate maritime exposure, wet soils, dry soils, woodland (shaded) conditions, full sun conditions, and pollution, but do best in sunny exposures with well-drained soil.

Buy cuttings here

Image source

I shared some images and words over at STAMPSY from a skate trip last summer. I’ve been testing out this new sharing platform and so far I’ve been liking it. Please feel free to check my latest post out and the few I have up, I’m still getting used to the stamps format and adding it to my list of social media sites. Thank you for your time.  

Studyblogs to follow!

Hey I just wanted to share some blogs I follow and I find really useful :)

Okay here we go:



study-princess ( Yayy me)






























All these blogs are super useful! They post study tips and tricks, motivational pics or inspirational quotes. Check them out if you want to :) And I’m sorry if you’re not listed, I just added the blogs I know and I follow. 

Rise of the Guardians fandom!

I’m putting together a new blog for everyone in this lovely fandom.

There are categories for roleplayers separated by their characters, a list for OCs, artists, and writers. If you’re looking for a specific character, or blogs who also ship your ships, spread this around so that more people can be added to the list.

I’m also taking submissions for friendly shoutouts! Feel free to send me an ask or a submission to be added to the lists, add your birthday to our calendar, or submit something nice about someone else. 

If you have an obscure ship, tell me what it is in a message and I’ll make a new section for it if I haven’t already listed it, too. Nobody gets left out!

The Rise of the Guardians fandom seems to be fading out and I can’t help but wonder if it’s lack of recognition for the wonderful movie and all its fans! So spread the word and the love! :)

New proof that DEAN is fucking extra . If you listen to Bonnie & Clyde with earphones, starting at 3.00″, you can hear a monologue on the background of the song. 

I’m adding that to that list of “DEAN Is fucking extra” including

  • slaying charts with barely any promos
  • singing a PARTYNEXTDOOR and shutting his mouth whenever the N word is pronounced
  • making us (well me) unable to listen to anything else than his album
  • etc…

Feel free to add other proofs of his “extraness” :D