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So I just got this in the mail today…. ( ^ v ^ ) I wrote a little about this magazine last year.

Call for Artists - please share!!!

So for my final typography project this semester I have to make a magazine on a topic of my choice (I picked illustration and cleverly named my magazine “illusTRAITOR”). What I’m going to be doing is featuring a few artists and their works in a “gallery” styled magazine that also includes different tips, tricks, techniques, and real life help on making it in the illustration field.

This is where I need help.

I need at least 7 artists with differing styles to feature. The best way I know how to do so is to ask for help here on tumblr.

What I need from you (the artist):

  • minimum of 3 pieces of work (doesn’t have to be new) in either PDF format or in a zip file
  • either a headshot or small avatar you’d like to have present yourself
  • a brief summary about you and your work (3 sentence min.)
  • your first and last name or a pseudonym
  • your email

If you are not okay with your name, contact info, and personal works showing up in my portfolio I will not accept your art. Since this project is for a higher level course the chances of me using this in my portfolio to get jobs at a later date is very likely. If you don’t like that, please don’t submit.

I also have the right to refuse putting your work in my magazine. If I feel like your style doesn’t fit what I’m going for I will not feature you.

The deadline I’ll be setting for submissions is December 3rd. Anything after that probably won’t be used.

If you’re interested, want to submit your work, or have any questions please send me an email at kilokatt@hotmail.com.

Even if you’re not an artist I’m sure you know one, so please spread this!! I really want to do well on this project.