So this totally made my day at Anime Expo on Saturday ;w;

This awesome guy standing next to me follows the shenanigans that I put online, and wanted a photo. Of course I said yes, but after, he tossed me a Stitch doll.

I know that sounds like a small gesture, but what he couldn’t see under the suit was how absolutely ecstatic I was, because this is the exact same type of Stitch plush that I had as a kid, but lost when my house caught fire a few years ago, and my family had to move.

Just wanted to share this random act of kindness, and how it inadvertently meant so much more to me <3 Stitch was my convention buddy for the rest of the day c’:



Usagi’s isolated, her heart’s in turmoil, she’s feeling weak and powerless, the very air there is probably sapping her energy away.  It’s hard for her to even get up and walk around for a little while, but she keeps on fucking doing it.

Because she’s fighting for her friends, because she’s pretty sure she felt them respond, because Usagi always finds strength in her heart when her friends are on the line.  This is one of those moments that you can watch right in front of your eyes, how she grows as a character.  She takes another step forward to being a stronger person, she make tremble on the way there, but she does it.

And it’s not easy, you can see the way the very atmosphere seems like it’s pulling at her, trying to warp and twist her, confusing her and pushing on her.

But she keeps thinking of her friends and she keeps taking another step forward.  This is my girl right here, the one who feels defeated and crushed, but who struggles to stand up and walk forward anyway.  It doesn’t always have to be a physical weight on a person, sometimes it’s an emotional one, and that’s what SMC Usagi is all about–she’s not always strong emotionally, sometimes it’s a struggle for her to move forward.

It feels like she’s going around in circles, she can’t find them, but she knows they’re somewhere, and so she gets up takes those steps, even when they’re hard and she’s not sure what she’s doing.  She’s at least going to fucking try.

right now, your pillow smells just like you and your hands are as soft as butterfly wings.
right now, your mouth tastes like sunshine.
right now, your smile rings with poetry.
right now, we are talking and we are laughing and
right now, i am okay.
right now, i am looking at you and you are looking at me and i don’t want either of us to look away.
right now, i feel beautiful, i feel brave.
right now, the sky outside your bedroom window is turning blackish-blue and
right now, in this moment, i am so hopelessly in love with you.
—  Right Now by Auriel Haack
Paul Wesly And Candice Accola talk about Steroline with TV-Guide

Stefan And Caroline’s first time was far from romantic it was more like a drunken hookup!

Accola: Its certainly not how Caroline wanted to finally get together with Stefan and start a relationship. She wanted it to be genuine.

Wesley: Stefan took it better because he’s been alive a long time and murdered many people [Laughs]

Why did it take so long for Stefan to aknowledge Caroline’s feelings for him as well as his feelings for her?

Accola: I should make a joke about boys just being unaware, but i have to cut him a break. He was dealing with what he thought was his brother Damons death, so he was too distracted to think about her deep her feelings were.

Wesley: Look Stefan was madly in love with Elena I dont think he thought for a moment there would be another woman in his life. Ever.

Accola: Caroline is definitely intimidated by that. How can he truly love her after Elena? She’s in love with Stefan but she feels like the odds are stacked against her.

So Paul can Stefan truly love Caroline after Elena?

Wesley: Stefan and Elena had unrelenting passion which has merit. But forming a bond and friendship that devolps into a life-long partnership-that pragmatic love has merit as well. I think Stefan professes his love to Caroline-to a degree-when he says, “I’m here for you.”

Talk about trading places. Now Stefan is ready for a relationship but Caroline isnt so sure.

Wesley: Unless hes in ripper mode, Stefan is a noble character much more than I am in real life, and he’ll wait for her to feel ready.

When you too work together there is natural humor and plenty of steam, ofter at the same time. Do you agree?

Wesley: Yeah. There’s humor. There’s a sexiness, and theres a friendship [that we bring to the two characters]. 

Which one makes the other crack up?

Wesley: Its me, 100 percent.

Accola: Paul is definitely a trouble maker. He has the biggest sense of humor. I’m so focused. If I’m trying to get ready for the next scene I’m very focused on whats next. And Paul is cracking jokes

Sounds like Candice shares a “type A personality” with Caroline.

Accola: I’m very type A! Just ask my husband [The Fray guitarist Joe King]. There are many Parallels between Caroline and me. It’s been very interesting to playing her.

Candice does Paul make you laugh while filming your love scenes?

Accola: You’re in a room with 30 other people! Everyone is cracking jokes! I find filming romance scenes a hilarious endeavor because Caroline has had many romantic relationships over six years. It’s just another day at work for me. [Laughs]

Wesley: We’re such buddies in real life, when we have to do passionate scenes we can’t help but laugh. Plus her husband is a really good friend of mine so its amusingly weird.

Whats your favorite shared scene so far?

Accola: The beginning of their friendship and season two. Right after she turns and Stefan is teaching her how to be a vampire. She had gone on a rampage because she couldn’t control herself. Shes stressing that she might have to eat bunnies. Its the first time you see these two characters-who are such polar opposites work together.

Wesley: My favorite scene was also when Caroline was freaking out about being a vampire. She had gone on a rampage because she couldnt control herself. She was in a public bathroom and I grabbed her face and tell her that it would be OK. I think the writers saw the connection during that scene and said, ”Maybe this is something we could do in the future. Because if its only Stefan and Elena for six years people may want to vomit.”

With Nina Dobrev’s departure ending the Elena/Damon paring, will Steroline be the show’s must-watch couple?

Wesley: For all I know they’ll bring a new girl for Damon and they will have a passionate romance. I think we’re going to be one main romances, but I’m not sure  if we’ll be the only one.

What do you want to happen?

Accola: I would like Caroline to have a relationship that works out. In the pilot we saw superficial Caroline, but really she just wanted to be loved. Thats what she’s always wanted. It would be a nice full-circle experience for her if she gets that in the end.

Wesley: I think Stefan-and the writers-want him and Caroline to be the endgame, the match.(?sorry i couldnt really make out this last word)

By: Ileane Rudolph

What People Love About Your Sign - Gemini

“I love how energetic and enthusiastic you are, I love the sound of your voice, and I love your witty remarks”

“You hold such character, never a dull moment when I’m around you”

“You are an amazing friend, you are always there when I need you and even when I don’t. I admire your ability to communicate with almost anyone”

“It’s so rad how energetic you are”

“You’re so funny and full of light”

“You can rule the world”

“You always have these electric eyes, you always look so alive”

“You’re really great at understanding all sides of a story before jumping in”


“I promise to love you faithfully, forsaking all others, through the good times and the bad, in sickness and in health, regardless of where life takes us. I will protect you, trust you, and respect you. I will share your joys and sorrows and comfort you in times of need. I promise to cherish you and uphold your hopes and dreams and keep you safe at my side. All that is mine is now yours. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love from this moment on for as long as we both shall live.”


It’s so innocent. It’s really just a bunch of kids who really want to play Volleyball! And any drama that happens is related to the fact that they really want to play Volleyball (there weren’t even any serious injuries!!! …yet)!! This goes for most sport series really but I feel like HQ especially got this lighthearted vibe going on - plus it’s actually really exciting. Other sports series don’t have me this excited about matches (even ones I really love /sideeyes oofuri/ no beef tho oofuri is also a gr9 sports series - do recommend).

I’m, honestly, I’m so over this right now. We can say all the pretty things and send all the love we have but ultimately the damage that has been done is far beyond our ability to sooth. The power of the many positive is ruined by the power of a few.  

you couldn’t handle rejection and you have now taken a wonderful place away from everyone else AND caused extensive harm to someone who did her best by you. how many hours did she spend? how many did we? what were you trying to accomplish?



  • Day 1 ♡ moment you fell in love with them

“I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.” 

anonymous asked:

What is your ideal muke coming out moment together? I love your detailed answers :p

If I could write it, it would happen on stage. They’ve been fighting recently, because it’s really hard to stay hidden. They just want to be together out in the world and not have to worry about not touching too much, or saying something that gives them away, or looking at each other too long. It’s work, having to censor themselves, and it’s affecting everyone. They’re not happy anymore, and Cal and Ash notice but they don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe they have a big fight one night, because Michael just wants to be done with it all and tell people they’re a couple but Luke is scared, of what the fans will think, what his brothers will think, that they’ll get in trouble, that it will be a big scandal that affects record sales and concert ticket sales, and that the band will be ruined because Cal and Ash will be weird about it. Michael storms off crying, and Calum tries to stop him but Michael leaves, and then Calum asks Luke what happened but Luke just wipes the tears off his face and says he can’t talk about it.

The next night they’re playing a show, and there’s tension between all of them so it isn’t going well. Luke keeps forgetting the words, and Michael isn’t coming over and sharing his microphone and he hates it so much. When they get to Wrapped Around Your Finger, Michael’s solos are terrible because his voice keeps cracking, he can’t keep the emotion in, and Luke has to try not to cry on stage because he remembers writing this song with Michael and how it’s always secretly been about them, and he finally starts to think about how horrible it would be if he lost Michael because he’s too scared for people to find out he’s gay. He forgets the words to this song too, and halfway through he just snaps, says “Fuck it”, drops the microphone he’s holding and runs over, grabs Michael, and pulls him into a kiss. 

Michael is shocked at first and doesn’t kiss back, but then he realizes that Luke is kissing him in front of thousands of people, on purpose, and he moans and wraps his arms tight around Luke and kisses him so hard. And fans freak out, and Ashton is like “Ummmm … guys?? Hello?” and Calum just rolls his eyes and goes “thank god, it’s about fucking time.” And eventually Luke lets go of Michael and goes back to pick up his microphone, and tells the crowd “Sorry. Had to, uh. Get that off my chest. Should we play another song?” 

The reactions I receive from the children at the renaissance festival are my favorite part about dressing up. It reminds me of when I was little and would stare in awe and curiosity at the elaborate costumes, some of which made me give serious question to what was real and gave me hope that my imagination was not just a place within myself, but a very real and tangible world. What I found to be the funniest thing was the range of emotions, from astonishment to wide eyed fear, and what struck me even more was that it was the girls that ran up to me and the boys that hid shyly behind their parents.  I love bringing a little magic into the world. We so desperately need moments that remind us what it means to be enchanted.