thatkevinsmith: The episode of @cwtheflash I directed airs in 3 weeks! Been working on the edit with my ep editor Nathan and we’ve got it down to a PACKED 42 mins. The episode is called #KillerFrost and @dpanabaker absolutely CRUSHES in it, while @tha_los has one of my favorite moments ever filmed for #TheFlash. Get your tissues ready, Super friends: you’ll need them not just for all the Feels but for all the geekgasmic moments involving major reveals too! I love this episode so much: EVERYONE gets a killer scene in which they show off their acting chops (and some folks get to show off abilities and super powers far beyond those of mortal men & women)! Thanks to Speedster scribes @andrewkreisberg & co. for the intense script and @gberlanti for bringing the @dccomics Universe to life on @thecw as an amazing playground where a 46 year old boy can play with life-sized action figures! And huge thanks to my in-the-trenches episodic brain trust of Bob, Kim and Lexy for making me keep look like I know what I’m doing! Can’t wait until my ep airs in mid-November but in the meantime? It’s back to work on Day 2 of 9 on @supergirlcw (my first day with the cape and costume)! #KevinSmith #daniellepanabaker #carlosvaldes #thecw #flashseason3 #supergirl #vancouver

what I also really love about this band is that they were “supposed” to be okay.

they both come from super nice families (as far as we know), both had friends while growing up, both were expected to be happy.

sometimes you just don’t need a reason to not to be okay. it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you’ve been through. if you struggle with yourself there’s not much you can do.

and yet, look how far they’ve come. I am so proud of them. and I hope that some day the whole world will know their stories because there are many kids out there feeling guilty just because they are expected to be okay.

you’re not alone.

Before I go to bed and calm down my hype with a chamomille tea, I want to take a minute to thank to all my friends and fellow amour shippers, specially the people from twitter and youtube I met in these last months.

Now, my friends man, they’re amazing. 

Not just the pokemon-fandom friends, both amour shippers and ppl that ship other things, but also I got people from my other fandoms that came to congratulate me and share images and gifs with me and I had such an AMAZING day today, I haven’t been this happy before, I felt so much love surrounding me.

Thank you so much guys♥


Amourshipping is not longer amourshipping, it’s Amour now.

We’re not amourshipping anymore, we’re now Amourlovers.

And my life is at its highest point.

And I have a surprise for you guys this weekend.

Wait for it please♥


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I'm struggling really hard with my best friend and group of friends. I feel like there pulling away and I'm tired of trying. Are there any fics where Stiles feels the same way? I feel it would make me feel better if I can see someone go through the same thing I am. Please and thank you


Anonymous said:i wonder if you guys can like update stiles pushed away tag??? your blog is soooo good keep up the work!!Much love <3

Hey anon! I’m sorry it took us so long to get back to you! I hope things are better. Either way you deserve better than people who do that to you. I promise. - Anastasia

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Over My Head by LadyStyx

(1/1 I 957 I General I Sterek)

Stiles gets tired about how he continues to put himself on the line for the pack yet he isn’t counted pack.

All Our Puppies by OneSmartChicken

(1/1 I 2,206 I General I No Pairing)

Stiles wasn’t a part of the pack.

Derek himself had said so, point-blank, no doubts left. Just a scowl and a firm, ‘You’re not pack,’ and then he’d walked off.

But you know what? Fuck that.

(1/? I 3,240 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Stiles has been abandoned (once again) by Scott. So while sipping on his cocktail he meets….a few interesting friends who help him to find himself and realise his true potential. With some added new wardrobe options….

Goner by PrincessaBitchessa

(7/? I 4,556 I Not Rated I No Pairing)

He was already broken, but this added weight had broken the metaphorical camel’s back.

My Shadow & I by MsMeDeadly 

(9/? I 12,210 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles Stilinski can understand people needing space, but when he is pushed away by the pack he will meet a new friend named Tam who whispers promises of a better life and weaves beautiful images of happiness that Stiles can’t seem to resist.

I’ll show you who’s useless by lilredd3394  

(10/10 I 15,684 I Teen I Sterek)

“I overheard Derek arguing with Scott” Stiles said softly as Deaton led him to the back room “He said that I wasn’t pack, because I was human” he paused for a few seconds as his hands closed into fists “I want to prove him wrong, you mentioned in a previous conversation that I have the spark. I want to learn how to control it”

Be Careful What You Wish For by Alis_Wonderland

(6/? I 28,074 I Not Rated I Stiles/OFC)

After a heated argument, Scott and the pack accidently wish they never met Stiles. The next day, Stiles doesn’t show up at school and everyone thinks it’s just because he’s upset. When he comes late to class, that’s when they start noticing somethings about him aren’t right. First of all, he is being escorted by a pair of police officers. Second, he’s wearing sunglasses to hide a black eye and walks into the room like he doesn’t give a shit. Third, everyone else in the class either completely ignore his presence or seem afraid of the skinny teen (though the pack had to admit, Stiles seemed to have gained some muscle). Fourth and by far the most shocking, Stiles says he doesn’t know any of them.
Scratch that, the most shocking part is that Stiles is a total BAMF (not that he usually isn’t, it just that none of them ever noticed before).
Or the one where Scott, Lydia, Derek, and Peter end up in an alternative universe due to an accidental wish.

Those Are The Days That Bind Us by s_a_m

(5/5 I 52,171 I Mature I Sterek)

His father wasn’t stupid. He was an officer of the law, trained to look for patterns. He confronted Stiles about werewolves and they shouted and Stiles tried to explain but his father was so, so, so mad, more mad than Stiles had ever seen him, ever in all his life and then his father looked at him and said,

“It’s like you’re not my son anymore.”

And Stiles broke.

And miles to go before I sleep by Heart_Of_Steel_And_Fandoms

(17/? I 106,249 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles leaves Beacon Hills at the end of Sophomore year. He’s been abandoned by the pack, scarred by the hunters, and carries the equivalent of a volcano of magic inside him. Needless to say, his life sucks. But when Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills, over a year later and with a new persona, he isn’t the same powerless human the pack remembers. And when demons threaten Beacon Hills, he proves to everyone that sarcasm isn’t his only defence.

After the Night (the Morning comes) by emmswint

(34/34 I 148,307 I Teen I Sterek)

An unknown Alpha is on the top of the pack’s problem list. Below that, two missing people. But while the pack is hellbent on considering those two problems one and the same, Stiles has his doubts. But no one listens to him. Tired of feeling left out, Stiles begins to investigate on his own, trying to prove himself to the pack. But he gets a bit sidetracked. What if there is more to life than just being the doormat to his pack mates? As Stiles comes closer to the truth of the case, he also discovers that he has talents, friends and a family outside of the pack. Maybe he is more than people have always made him out to be.

*Is sitting here wanting to talk about nothing but Wander over Yonder*


I love Wander over Yonder, it means so much to me. I love the show so much that it feels like a close friend to me, the kind you want to give you a hug when you’re sad.

Please don’t loose hope in the campaign. Loosing hope will only make it harder for the campaign to blossom.

Hey everyone. It’s taylor this time. This has been a long week. But I’m out of the hospital and I’ll be having some time with my friends (Kez and others) this weekend.

I’ll be taking a break from tumblr for a few days. I’ll start a queue. But I won’t be on to reply to messages and such.

I do want to say thank you for all the love and support. As Kez said: I appreciate it immensely. I love you guys as my family, every 35,000 of you. Thank you so much.

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heyo,, i just saw ur drunk jumin hc and i felt like i wanted to thank u for not making things go into the bedroom u know what i mean? and u even mentioned how "I don't want to take advantage of u while ur drunk" like I feel like a lot of ppl will turn things to the bedroom with drunk hcs but u didn't. idk that made me feel rlly nice. idk how to explain. anyway thank u so much haha I love u and ur blog and hcs~

yes my friend i know exactly what you mean. jumin is often perceived as a kinky daddy character but truthfully, he’s not.

/he is a character that we should protect because he’s so precious he’s a precious bun bun/

you are well aware that in order to get his bad ending, you need to be so possessive etc to him. you are taunting a man who is emotionally confused and that’s why he does what he did. that’s why it’s a bad ending because you made bad choices in the game. but really, not everytime, every fic or headcanon associated with jumin should be leading to him and mc to bed. they can cuddle and do normal things too.

im happy someone understands how i interpret him on my end!! thank you for your kind words!! aaaah, i love you too! thank you for reading my works! your support means a lot to me!!! chus

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I usually read your comic on my phone, but it was stolen : ( so I'm using my computer and I have to say, your background art looks so good like this, I love it so much!

oh noes! D: Sorry about your phone, friend.

But i’m glad you like the background art~! Thank you! <3

My Thoughts

What I love about Milo Murphy’s Law is that in each episode no matter what happens, Milo is always making the best of every situation. Watching this show so far has brought a constant smile to my face. His friends are always supportive, and stick with him in the chaos, even when the rest of the town seems to avoid him. There is so much to this show, even in that you can’t help but wonder if Milo gets depressed at times and wishes for a normal life. I know I can relate to that in my own life and all the things that have happened to me over the years. Watching how he responds to life, makes me want to work harder at seeing the positive in my own life. It’s a good reminder that there is always a bright side to life no matter how bad things seem to get.

Dear @alethialov , You are one of my biggest inspirations and always will be. I can never forget when we first met and how I fell in love with your bright soul instantly. I thank God today, especially, for your life and how much He has blessed me with your presence, whether it be near or far. Thank you for your genuine friendship, your faithful prayers, and for being a true testimony of Christ’s love. I adore you. Happy Birthday. P.S. You are going to be the greatest mom! I am so excited for you and Kris! #amyelizabethloveintroduces

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Life Updates

Thank you to all the wonderful people. You support was truly overwhelming, so thank you very much. I do owe you all an update on what the situation is at the moment.

As it turns out, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. On that same day, I gave notice at my current job, a friend of mine sent to me the link to a job opening at my dream job (I had applied there years prior but didn’t get it). I applied again, even though I was ~90% certain I wasn’t going to get it anyway. I got an email response barely 6 hours after submitting the application, had a phone interview two days later, an on-site interview three days after that and all of it went really great! I got a call yesterday afternoon with an offer (more than I had been expecting!) and I said yes!

This job is in my career field, pays well, has lots of opportunities to grow and spread my wings, a supportive supervisor, lots of challenges and hurdles to overcome…it is perfect for me! I’m super stoked!

The best part of it all - my fiance has been so supportive of me throughout this! He keeps spoiling me by cooking dinner, sending random sweet texts during the day, making me laugh, letting me soil his t-shirts when I cry…Yes, I am looking forward to what the future holds. A part of me still feels like I am letting down the clients I work with. The thought of waking up next week and not seeing them is getting to me. I know I need to suck it up, and I can always visit - but it won’t be the same. Yet, my biggest cheerleader continues to hold my hand through all of it.

On another note, I loaded my game and played some today. I’ll load up a queue for the next few days. It’s mostly freeplay, some posing and stuff. Who knows, I might make this a special at some point. I just want to get my writing mojo back!

And now, putting all replies under the cut :)

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I am really sorry, if I am offending you, I just don't really know who to ask. My best friend has come out to me as autistic and said "I think you noticed that" Part 1

And while I noticed many things I just never made the connection. Now on Tumblr I am reading so much stuff on autism I am feeling like I am a shitty, abelist person. Part 2

Is there anything I can do to change that? Also, should I change anything about the stuff we do together? I just platonically love her so much that I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable…. part 3”

I don’t know if you’re doing anything wrong or anything that is bothering her because I don’t know  either of you. You could ask her, like if you’re unsure whether she’s comfortable with specific things, you could say are you okay with this/are you comfortable with this/are you having a good time/do you want to leave/do you want to do something else (though saying “do you want to leave?” can be taken as “I want to leave”.) Or you could ask her, like, now that I know you’re autistic, is there anything I should change about the way that I interact with you, or nope? There is no one right way to interact with autistic people because there is no one right way to interact with people. (Besides like, general principles like “listen to people you care about” and “respect it when people say no” and “don’t bite people”.) Myself, I find it easier to act well if I’m framing it as trying to be respectful of an individual person/make people happy and avoid making people upset/be a good friend than if I’m framing it as trying to avoid being a bigoted and terrible person. May your friendship live long and prosper!