Had the absolute please to see @thatsthat24 at Ultimate Storytime tonight. It was my first time every meeting someone I looked up to and loved so much so I was freaking out a LOT. He noticed I was shaking and immediately told me I had no reason to be scared and that it was okay. I’ll never forget the huge smile on his face when I told him I would drive ten hours to see him.

The show itself was incredible, the music was beautiful and the emotion poured into it was CRAZY. The plot was so good and the meaning touched me very deeply as I definitely needed that right now. Thank you so much to Thomas and all of his amazing friends for making me feel so safe and welcome. If you have the chance PLEASE go and see Ultimate Storytime, you will not regret it. My mom who didn’t even know Thomas cried and said she absolutely loved it.

This experience is easily one of the best movements of my life so far, I can’t wait to see what the rest of my story holds.

Gift from my very best friend. You could found her on Tumblr | Deviantart | Pixiv |  Twitter
She is such an amazing artist and I’m saying this not because I’m her best friend and she draw me this Tododeku art but also bcos she support Kachandeku and even Shindeku but NO Tododeku yet she draw me this wonderful art!!! Okay but you could totally check out her Galery  <<<

There are lots of BnHA artworks there too. Hope that you like her artworks as much as I treasure her 

OMG I’m super delightful and feeling so loved rite now !!!

Credit to the artist #edaki14

I think the Ryden friendship ending hurts me more than a Ryden relationship ending. Broken friendships have always hurt me more than broken relationships and that friendship they had was so beautiful. The way they smiled at each other, made each other laugh. They were like those friends who spoke without words, the ones that always made you feel like a third wheel because no matter what you were never on the same page as them. I feel like we pine so hard to understand their friendship but never will because so much of it was shared looks and smirks that we’ll NEVER get. Platonic or not, the idea of that being over makes me so sad. I don’t need a Ryden love rekindle, I just need a Ryden friendship rekindle.

UGHHH like imagine them seeing each other at that Halloween party and someone says something that reminds them of a joke they shared years ago and they make eye contact, grinning, after years and years and for a second they’re on the same page but then their smiles falter because oh yeah, they don’t share jokes like that anymore. That’s all in the past now. And it’s not a big deal anymore like god that makes me so sad.

Like maybe that stuff doesn’t even cross their minds anymore but that lost friendship breaks my heart. All lost friendships break my heart.

Things Sam & Cait have in common...

Some days ago I asked you about things Sam and Cait have in common. Lots of you reblogged the post adding your ideas. Thank you so much to everybody who helped me with this… Well, I’ve done some edits proving they have loooooots of things in common. They’re soulmates. Nay contest! 

The pics I’ve used for my edits are from Google Images. Enjoy!

They love Art

They love Avocados

They love Bands

They love Banoffe Pies

They love the same Bar

They love the Beach

They love reading Books

They love Animals

They support Charities

They love Coconut

They love Coffee

They watch Friday Night Lives

Sam’s friends adore Cait and Cait’s friends adore Sam

They love Guacamole

They love Hiking

They are Funny

They love Macaroons

They play Instruments

They Netflix and Chill

They love New York

They want Peace

They love Pineapples

They love Pizza

They are so proud of Each Other

They love Riding

They fight for Human Rights

They love Running

They love Scottland

They love Sushi

They love the Theatre

They love Poetry

They love Tennis

They love Water

They love Whiskey

They watch The Night Manager… TOGETHER

And a bonus…. They love using the same Lipstick

for @zamian347!!!

In which UmiNico lived together for so long that they’re married but neither realize it.


Umi checks the clock.


The time flashes a neon green by the bedside table and in her heart she knows, in five minutes’ time, Nico will rise and get up from under the fluffy covers, leaving her side empty and cold. The clock will ring once, or maybe twice, before Nico moves across their tiny room in a display of agility, practice from years of being an idol.

She hears Nico’s soft breathing by her side and inches a little further, hands placed over her chest as she tries to even out her own breathing. If it wasn’t for saving up the fees spent on furniture years ago when they were students, she would definitely not be sharing a bed with Nico. It is something that she hated to admit, but over time she has gotten used to having somebody sleeping by her side. Nico never fails to warm her side of the bed.

The notion of buying a new bed seems to be put off every time, despite the fact that they had both earned enough money these few years. Too tedious, Nico says, whenever she mentions about it.

And then she got used to it.

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i never admitted to be a good person and i do make mistakes , i do drugs , i drink , i smoke , i purposely put my own life im danger bc i didnt know how to deal with things . tonight is different, i learned something . my best friend picked me up from work and took me to the lake , i thought it was just us but her girlfriend who i love and adore so much was hiding in the backseat. i was so amazed by the beauty of the sky , the way all the stars twinkled . all of the sudden her gf jumps out of nowhere , shes in all black with a mask so i couldnt see her . i was so scarred , i thought something rly bad was going to happen . they sat me down and talked to me about much much im loved and cared about , how i scare the hell out of them bc they know im going down a bad road and the ways im trying to cope with things im slowly killing myself . ashlyn hugged me and told me that every time the sky lights up its everyone who i have ever lost looking down on me , telling me how proud of me they are and how loved i am . she said she would always be there for me and she always has been . it was nice to have a girlfriend , i loved kisses , i loved that kind of bond , but i have never felt as much love from her as i felt tonight . people care about me , im not all bad . amanda would always tell me how terrible i was , she never belived in me and hurt me every chance she could . oh god i was so in love with her though , no matter how she treated me , but i realized i need to let go . i kept searching for love but i never realized that i always had so much love right in front of me . im going to be okay , its going to take some time bc unlike her i was in love , hopelessly in love and thats something i cant just get over like that . but i know i will one day and im going to bc i deserve so much more than the way i was treated . i deserve love and happiness . i deserve to feel important and special to someone no matter how many mistakes i make . i will be something one day and i know that in my heart , but in this moment i feel like i have everything i will ever need , i have someone , my best friend , who loves me unconditionally and supports me no matter what . i will never forget to tonight , i will always look back on tonight as the first time i felt love , real love and i could never be happier

so i hit 1k a week ago which is absolutely crazy because i just moved to this blog a month ago! with that being said, thank you all so much for still being around after i decided to leave my other blog (embercrown) behind to restart, as well as for being wonderful friends who support me & still put up with me. and because it’s also my bday today & i want to show my love & appreciation for u all, here’s my first follow forever! :)

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300 Followers WTF?!

I feel like it was about 5 minutes ago that I posted to say thanks for 200 followers, but now I have 300 real people following little old me and I CANNOT EVEN BELIEVE!

I missed Fannibal Appreciation Day so I’m going to take this time to say I appreciate each and every last one of you and THANK YOU for following, liking, reblogging, kudos, comments and generally being sweethearts!

This fandom brought back my confidence when I had almost none. In only 3 short months I feel like I’m finding my old self again and it’s all because of this glorious fandom!

Special thanks to @super-queer-hannibal-obsession @yggdrastiles @jadegreenworks @victorineb @cannibalcuisine @empathalitis @feyestwords @devereauxsdisease @wraithsonwingsposts @broken-desires

Here’s to ALL of you fannibals and roll on season 4! I love you 💗

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i am so moved by the love of God

Jesus is so in love with all of us, not just as a whole, but personally. He desires us, He longs to be a part of our lives. He desires you, you know that? He wants you to know Him personally, not just as a concept or a distant God but as a Father, Savior, Friend, Lover. He can be as close as you want Him to be. He can fill up the empty spaces of your heart and transform your life in a way you never thought possible. He wants you to encounter His Love. 

oh the way He holds my heart, the way He whispers to me, the way He holds me up when i feel like i am slipping. i am so thankful for Him. grace is overwhelming–i don’t deserve anything good from Him but He gave me His ENTIRE LIFE. it’s too much for my fickle mind to comprehend, that the God who created the entire universe took MY place and paid for the price of MY sins upon that dirty cross. i don’t have words. my heart is so full with gratitude. 

Jesus, empty me of myself so i can be filled with You so everyone i come across will come to know the Love that captivated and saved my soul.


Everything is all right :’)

this is such a beautiful song, from a beautiful yet simple game. with such a cute and romantic/sweet story.

also the meaning: goes for TOP/bigbang/All my friends/my family/ everyone that i love!

and it really comforts me when i’m a bit down!

a follow forever was long overdue but here it is i’ve had this blog for a while and at first i didn’t really spend any time on it but after i made some friends on here it was hard not to stay and start blogging more. i’ve recently hit the 500 followers mark and i would not have gotten there without all of you so thank you so much for following me. 

first of all i wanna give a very special shoutout to my twin @lilpeekaboo who i love very much and who is really awesome - if you don’t follow her yet you really really should. 

and a shoutout to my #1 @obviouslylinked who has been really great to me ever since we started talking. i love you and your headcanons and your fics and your positive words and you’re a great person to talk to about just everything and i hope you know how much i appreciate it. 

now i might forget some people but everyone that i follow is really important to me and i hope you guys aren’t afraid to come and talk to me anytime!! 

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anonymous asked:

Your last comic is incredible. Thank you so much for sharing it. I can relate too for I am trying so hard to leave an abusive relationship, I want it for so long but he won't let me go. This time I will succeed and this is mainly thanks to you, and to all your words of kindness and support to those who need help. I am sometimes really afraid that I will never find friends or self confidence or love again, but you give me the strength to go on. Please take care of yourself, you are precious.

YASSSS. BE FREE FROM THAT A-HOLE. you deserve better. take care of yourself too <3 <3 <3






(Kunimi I love you so much)

Bonus: Koganegawa getting everyone’s numbers

What a precious kid I hope he becomes best friends with everyone and go watch movies or something with Goshiki because Bowl Cut needs to relax

Difficult Cliches

Summary: Phil is in love with his best friend, but that best friend happens to have a girlfriend.

Word Count: 2294

Genre: Fluff

TW: mild homophobia

A/N: this is totally self-indulgent and very much an overdone cliche, but hey, i’m a sucker for cliches, so here you go

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Affection ||Draco Malfoy

Requested- Hi, I love your one shots! Could I have a Draco one shot where he doesn’t really know how to show physical affection like kisses, caresses, or even just holding hands because he never received that kind of affection, but Y/N (his gf) is patient with him because she understands but he gets flustered seeing other couples do that because he wants to be good for her. Thank you so much 💙

Y/N- Your name

Y/F/N- Your friend’s name

Y/E/C- Your eye color

Y/H/C- Your hair color

Y/H/N- Your house name

You can’t help but smile as you walk past Y/F/N and her boyfriend in the halls, the two of them gripping tightly onto the others hand with wide grins. Draco, your boyfriend, wasn’t very affectionate even though he’d try. You understood that he never received that kind of affection before, but he’s always worried about not being good enough. You turned to face him with a small smile, noticing his cheeks were burning a bright red, indicating he had too noticed the couple strut passed us.

“Draco, don’t worry about it.” You comment as he sighs and glances down.

“Y/N, I’m going to worry about it.” He responds with a small pause, “I see everyone else…doing these things that I don’t completely understand and I feel like I’m not good enough.”

“Draco Lucius Malfoy.” You state, stopping him and gazing into his blue eyes, “I’m with you because I love you, I don’t care if you hold my hand or show much affection by yourself. Sure it would be nice and all but I still love you.”

“I-I’m sorry.” He stuttered nervously as you grabbed his hand, gently squeezing it to show it was alright, this caused a small smile to appear on his lips.

“Don’t apologize.” You respond as he looks up, smashing his lips onto yours passionately. When you pulled away you couldn’t help but smile as he laughed, “See look, you know exactly what you’re doing.”

“Not really.” He mumbled jokingly, searching into your Y/E/C eyes as you tucked a strand of your Y/H/C hair behind your ear.

“You’re lucky you have a Y/H/N like me.” You tease while grabbing his tie, bringing him back for another kiss, “Otherwise, you’d be like a lost puppy.”

“Very funny.” He mumbled into the kiss, his arms awkwardly placed on your body.

You grabbed ahold of his right hand, gently placing it on your waist in order to prove he was allowed to touch you. Moments later he pulled you closer, deepening the kiss as you tangled your hands in his messy blonde hair. Once you both pulled away you looked up to the much taller boy, a smile still playing with your lips as his hands stayed securely on your waist.

“Keep your hands to yourself, Malfoy.” Snape calls as Draco sheepishly backs away from me, his cheeks reddening at the professor’s statement.

“The one time I actually show affection.” Draco sighs making you laugh playfully, not able to take your eyes off of the suddenly shy boy, “Not saying I didn’t love it. I did, every second.”

“Me too.” You smile while laughing, “Just like I love you.”

I hope you enjoyed! Thank you for your request. Have a lovely day/night!

-B.S xx