And Tweedle Dee is usually with Tweedle Dum or the other way around and they’re always in the back and if there’s a mirror… [That’s it!] they’re in there.

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Like Caren said, go and find them without murdering them, please! You can do it Tony! Like you said, "Patience & time go hand in hand" Have a lil more patience and i'm sure it'll all be sorted out!

Tony: Alright, alright… Let’s just go them. But can we hurry before tweedle dee and tweedle dum notice?? And are you POSITIVE non-violence is the only way to go, Caren?

Caren: Of course!!! Just wait and see! I think you’d be surprised at what just a little bit of love can do..

Celebrating Larry Masterposts: 2013 Boyfriends

Celebrating Larry Masterposts: Part 4

At the time it felt like there weren’t that many cute moments on the Take Me Home Tour but I’M HERE TO PROVE THAT WRONG BC THESE LIL SHITS WERE AS EMBARRASSING AS EVER ON THIS TOUR AND IT WAS WONDERFUL

i’m only here for harry gripping louis by the shoulder and whispering in his ear

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