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I'm sure you have a very good reason for removing Wolf Whistle, and I am happy you are doing what is best for you. I just want to let you know that in my opinion Wolf Whistle is easily one of the best TW fanfics and I am really sad that I wont be able to re-read it again as I see you've removed it all from AO3 as well. I thought your characterization was great and I really just love everything about it. I hope to be able to read it again one day! Sorry to be a bother, have a good one :)

Thank you very much dahling. So sorry for the late reply. I’ve actually just started coming back onto tumblr after the huge take down (it caused A LOT of stress, more than I was expecting, so I squirreled away from social medium until I calmed down). It’s been a huge relief not having to worry about updating Wolf Whistle. I no longer have any ulcers, which is great, and my stress level has dropped exponentially.

As for Wolf Whistle itself, I’m not done with it. Whether that means one day it will be put back up or one day I’ll just finish it so I can say I did, who knows. But I know that once my mentality it back up to snuff, I’ll take a crack at it. 

Also, thank you for the compliments! It means a lot, really. Thank you so much.

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Hello! I saw the prompt thing you reblogged, and could you do the one with I lost my sibling in IKEA, I need your help finding them? Have a great day

Thanks for the prompt, it was fun to write! Hope you like it!

“I lost my little sibling in IKEA and I need your help finding them” from this post.

Clarke goes to Ikea by herself. A lot. 

She likes to watch the people who walk through the winding displays; families with excitable children, new couples just starting their lives together, old couples, reminiscing their early days.

It’s an excellent way to combat her artist’s block: It’s hard to be around that much love and not feel something.

Plus, Ikea is just fun. She takes her time wandering through, admiring fake living rooms and offices and bedrooms, occasionally stopping to test out a particularly comfy looking chair.

She’s been sitting in a strange neon one for about fifteen minutes—it looked like it belonged on a space ship, how could she resist?—when a heavy hand lands on her arm, “Hey, do you work here?”

She turns to face a very handsome stranger, and her first thought (after the handsome bit) is shit, are you not supposed to sit on the couches? Her panic has her standing quickly and clumsily, barely managing to keep her balance.

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I just have to say, I absolutely love your art and your blog. It's just too perfect! I was wondering though if you could ever draw Sting or Rogue? They are my most favorite, and if you drew them I would be extremely happy~ It is ok if you don't have time or don't want too, I just mostly wanted to say how amazing you are and to have a great day~ Thank you!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it ^^ Sting or Rogue you say? How about BOTH? haha I had a lot of fun drawing this. These two are awesome, and drawing their Tartaros arc forms made for an interesting challenge. Hope you enjoy it, and have a fantastic week!

DeviantArt Link: http://fav.me/d93g1wx

Holy shit there are 18,000 of you great people now. Thanks for following! I’ll try to do another photo contest/give away when I hit 20k. That last one was a lot of fun. 

As always, feel free to ask me anything. I hope you have a lovely day/night/whatever.

Cheers, -T

EXO Reaction to you being a SM Trainee and Debuting in a few days

Hi again anon! (*^_^*)~
I’m glad you like our blog! I will be happy to do this reaction for you love you anon! ^_^

Let’s begin….

EXO Reaction to you being a SM trainee and debuting in a few days

Baekhyun: He’d tell you lots of pointers, and talk to you a lot.. He’d have patience with you as long as you don’t embarrass him or make him angry.. Then he will just complain… But he will be a great acquaintance to have because he can probably help you with singing maybe…

Kris: He’d show you Galaxy’s style and how he became successful. He’d hope that sharing that information will give you ideas and help you out… He will however listen to you and give you helpful tips…

Chen: He’d show you how to sing higher notes and would probably try and help you with dancing… He will be really nice to you and will be a bit of a lil goofball but serious at the same time… But what do you expect…

Suho: He would be very proud and supportive of you.. He would probably give you some pointers if you asked him to… He’d probably become somewhat of a friend of yours….

Tao: He would show you his style and would help you get a good style going on… He will also help you with other things if you ask… He will probably loose his patience time to time if things don’t end up how he wants it to be…

Luhan: He would tell you really great advice about not letting excuses take over… He’d also help you get better at what you’re trying to accomplish.. And will always be supportive with the decisions you make…

Chanyeol: He’d be very patient with you… He’d love to talk and goof around with you… He’d become a friend of yours pretty quickly and would love to help you… He’d also love to have your company.. He’d be an overly cute fluff ball (*chuckles*)

Sehun: He’d be helpful to some extent and would tease you his way if you don’t do something he wants… He will also make sure you become fairly successful but will never let you one up him…

Lay: He would help you with dancing if you asked him too. He may even do a dance choreography with you if you’re lucky… He’d also give you really helpful hints on being successful… But at the same time he might have some derp moments..

Kyungsoo: He would smile at you a lot… He’d be happy for you… But he would quiet, and too shy to tell you that… Once he gets use to your company however, he will be happy to give you lots of pointers…

Xiumin: He’d be interested in you… He would be interested in what you say… He would, also be very quiet and listen to you… But every now and then he will say something cute…

Kai: He would support you… He would be really friendly to you, but would be shy about it… He would also be impressed if you can dance really well… (*dats a keeper*)

Hope you guys enjoyed(*^_^*)


~Admin N

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I love pretty much all of your stories, your an amazing author. I have a special place in my heart for Darcy, and i was wondering if you had any favorite stories or authors that are centered around her? I hope you are having a great day, and if not, I hope it gets better for you! Thanks!

thank you! I adore darcy. ummm, I have a lot of favorite stories and authors, i don’t even know where to begin… 

my go-to authors for a consistently awesome read are: typhoidmeri​, nessismore​, twistedingenue​, valeris, astreetcarnamedwynn​, boxingcleverrr​, melifairimogenpenn​, hardboiledmeggsstoriesbyladychi​, and i’m sure there’s more, but i’m blanking.

my favorite fic I’ve read, that just so happens to be a truly amazing Darcy fic is “The Price of War” by shuofthewind. It’s a Darcy/Matt Murdock fic that I really can’t praise enough. seriously, when I bookmarked it on ao3, I wrote: 

Very rarely do I stumble onto a story so well written, insightful, true to character, and rampant with strong (which can mean many different things) female characters and well-executed representation for people of colour, trans and other lgbt+ people.Quite possibly the best fanfiction I have ever read in my 14 years reading/writing fic. Sincerely worth reading multiple times over.If this were a book I’d have two. One to be safely kept in pristine condition on my shelf and another to mark and write in the margins of with all my favourite lines and character introspection. Highly recommend. 10/10

stories i’m currently reading/love

itslivibitch/shesasuperfreak-superfreak​ has written some awesome darcy(/bucky) fic, both of which can be found in “The Misadventures of the Lion and the Lamb” series, which is phenomenal.

cuddliestcactus/iamkatebishop​ writes “in the end, she appears,” which is a darcy-centric, darcy-is-a-banshee fic that i loooove.

dividedpoet’s “Throw me a lifeline (‘Cause honey I got nothing to lose) A Bucky/Darcy Coffee Shop AU” is seriously amazing, just so well written, especially in terms of bucky, and well worth a read!

agirlwithnoname’s “I would have saved her if I could” is heartbreaking, bittersweet, and a really unique take on the kidnapped!darcy trope and just how awful/dark it can be, as well as the aftermath of it all.

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hi! i was wondering how you made your phone charms and sticker sheets? i checked your FAQ but couldn't find anything! thank you, i hope you have a lovely day and if you aren't, i hope things get better! i love your art, by the way!

waah you’re so sweet! sorry for not having anything in the faq! ~

for charms, i print my designs onto ink jet shrink plastic (like shrinky dinks), cut them out, cook them in the oven ~ just follow the directions ~ then they’re basically done! although i cover them in a layer of glossy resin for a smooth finish, plus it makes the colors brighter. you can find all the little materials you need to make the strap at pretty much any craft store. there are lots of great diy articles and videos about that!!

sticker sheets, i’ve done a couple different ways. you can make them handmade or have them printed for you, basically. for my shop i get them printed through stickeryou (/  o  \)v good luck!!!

Wow, 100 followers! I can’t believe it. I reached it 2 days ago and the blog turns a month old in two days so that is a great milestone to complete (at least to me) in just 1 month.

Anyway, this blog was created on a whim. I was roleplaying Juli on skype for my girlfriend and she said I was fantastic at her. She wanted me to start an RP blog for her and even went as far as to design a theme and make graphics and icons for me. I accepted and felt nervous but I eventually grew more comfortable with my Juli muse. She’s great. She’s a badass and I love her and I hope people like my portrayal of her. I have many headcanons and stuff I have yet to reveal about my Juli so I hope you look forward to those as time goes on. Anywho, here are those that followed this blog that mean a lot to me and are totally worth the follow if you haven’t followed them yet.

❤ The girl who convinced me to start a Juli blog: onxiric, heterxdox, panaceaism, mendxcity

viduxm, forestvein, forestdemcn, cxmetic, dreameatiings, vitraiisms, praedirus, daddyearth, reliquiit, destructiveglitch, otwilightprincess, egotistikill, ccntiger, richardtrager, detectiveiism, detcastellanos, goldbadge, poorlittlejoseph, scientificxe, epochrunner, twistedcastellanos, vorabcnd, amaninyellow, flirtiings, morticiann, arraneous, crxminaliism, msgendered, strategistic, xmorfati, evanescent-red-light, xendure, irradiatxd, combinxtion, wxywxrd, enigmatiisms, ruvikscube, buiiltforspeed, tooflless, iiimperfectus, rebelliosus, puttinghimdown, melodiiias, odaiiism, lustiiism, influencedbyfear, gxfangen, impxled, judgmentcast, parxsitic, vxctoriano, cherishedx, fxliis, reaperxfsin, lesliisms, iincxrruptus, thegxtherer, and if I missed anyone else you are all my follow forever, every last person I follow! Thank you, everyone!

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I just want to say that your blog is my favorite thing ever and I think a lot of people would agree with me. Like its so helpful and all of you are so nice and awesome and all around amazing people. I just want all of you to know that all of us appreciate all of you sosososo much. I hope you all have a great day!


Originally posted by alltimehellalow

(That gif is so irrelevant, it was just really funny). 

- Eve

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Hey :) just wanted to let you know that DR probably lost a lot of followers and support by what he said because of how lovely you are. I know I'm one of them, (20 y/o male) as is my brother (22 and hardcore fan of him). you're loved by this community and I hope you have the greatest day.

I have some mad love for you and your brother, thank you for the love and support! It means a lot to me that there are people within this community who continuously show their compassion and support, thank you endlessly to those of you who have stood up for me through this nonsense with DR. I’m just baffled that they have so much negativity to share with the world, it’s a true reflection of their own unhappiness and insecurities. 

I hope to have a great day, thank you! Stay kind, sending much love and light x

Hot and Cold

Anonymous: hello! could you please do one matt x reader imagine in which matt’s dating a mexican girl and one day she starts cursing a lot thinking he won’t understand but he does and he teases her? thanks

 Definitely a challenging idea. I hope it’s pretty accurate- With the curses and the Spanish, I tried my best. And, guys, (probably) tomorrow I’ll have a little surprise for you all ;)

994 words. Enjoy xx (not my gif)

After a long and tiring week of work and just dealing with people in general, Matt decided that you should do something relaxing. He could tell all week that you were getting more and more frustrated and exhausted, taking a toll on you both physically and emotionally.

You loved Matt to death, and so you were determined to try your hardest to relax and enjoy your time out. It couldn’t hurt, you really needed to calm your nerves down anyway. People could be so annoying, and your job didn’t make working with them any easier.

It was almost December, your breaths coming out in small white puffs as you walked hand in hand towards the small café. Matt’s thumb rubbed over your hand in circles, warming it up from the cold.

Your sour mood still remained as you went inside the warm building, only making you more frustrated. You just wanted to have a good time for once this week before going back to do more work, but your bad mood was only making it worse.

“Relax,” Matt said giving you a heartwarming smile, and you did, if only a little bit.

Soon, you found yourself enjoying yourself more and more. Your desserts seemed to sweeten your foul mood slightly.

But that dark cloud over your head never really went away, and as the evening wore on, you could feel your annoyance grow as your waiter got on your nerves.

First, he acted bored, which you totally understood. It was very late, and you wouldn’t want to be working either. But you really didn’t need his overall rudeness and sass as well.

It started when he brought your drink over to you after your dessert. He fumbled with it, spilling it all over the table and your lap.

“Mierda!” You glared at him, as he muttered an insincere ‘sorry’ and handed you a towel to clean up. You mopped up the mess on the table and your lap, also glaring at Matt-who could tell you were-as he covered his mouth in an attempt not to laugh. You huffed. He probably just found you getting covered in hot chocolate funny.

After that incident, your waiter was, well, just a plain old-

“Mierdero! That’s it,” you growled under your breath, glaring daggers at the waiter as he finally walked away again. Saying a few unkind words to you was one thing, but when he started to pick on Matt… Oh, that was a different story.

“Y/n,” Matt warned, trying to get you to calm down again.

“Hijueputa,” you scoffed, “thinks he can get away with everything he says and does? No way, buddy.” You said a few more strong choice words, the only one hearing you being Matt, but you didn’t think he understood anyway.

The next time he came around to collect the check, which Matt had paid, you stood up, throwing the chocolate soaked towel right in his shocked face. “Hey, mierdero, vete a la chingada.” You shoved him aside, grabbing Matt’s hand and stomping out the front door. The few people who were in there at this time of night had their eyes on you as the scene played out, but you couldn’t care less.

The cold air hit you like a brick wall, but you kept on moving, your face flushed in pent up anger. But you felt better. Keeping in your anger probably wasn’t good for you, although you could have maybe handled it better and not taken it out on someone.

Matt removed his hand from yours and placed it on your back comfortingly, walking faster to match your enraged pace. You started to calm down soon, the cool air working wonders on your hot temper.

You both walked in silence and you slowed down after a while, making Matt chuckle and rub your back soothingly. You let out a smile, your first real one in a few days, and laid your head on his shoulder.

Feeling Matt’s hand on your back, you stole a glance up at him and your smile grew. Maybe you should talk things out with him instead of waiting for it to explode next time. You knew he’d always listen to you, no matter what.

Matt hummed in thought, and you lifted your head. “What is it?”

His lips pulled up in a smirk, but it was gone a second later. You didn’t think anything of it, until he spoke again, “Así que, ya sabes que hablo español, ¿verdad?” *

You froze in the middle of the sidewalk, staring at him. Then you groaned loudly, bowing your head in embarrassment and defeat. “Oh, no.”

He only laughed louder, putting an arm around you and pulling you closer to his side. “No, se subone que debes decir 'mierda.’” **

You couldn’t help but chuckle, your face flushing red and heating you up in the cold. “Stop it, Matt!” You said with a grin, no real venom in your response.

“Alright, alright.” He laughed lightly, “But we should work on your anger issues.”

You rolled your eyes, punching his arm lightly.

“See? This is what I’m talking about,” he teased. “First the cursing, now the punching, what’s next-”

“This, you idiota,” you cut him off fondly, pressing your freezing lips to his in a kiss, warming you from head to toe. Your bad week didn’t matter anymore, standing here with Matt, kissing him in the cold.

He pulled away, smiling down at you, his hands cradling your head. “Maybe we can talk next time you get mad.”

You shook your head. “I was thinking the same thing.”

“…And we need to wash your mouth out with soap.”


You knew he was never going to let this go.


* So, you know I can speak Spanish, right?
** No, you’re supposed to say 'shit.’“


I want to thank everyone who supported me the past couple months through my project “The Melissa Mcbride Journal of Love”.It has given me the chance to share a private part with people here and see how people receive it!

My first plan was to travel to Atlanta in October for the WSC,however due to economical and personal reasons I won’t be able to make it.I made a great effort,but obstacleson my way were greater.
My second view was to travel to London in February.Once again,Greek economy proved even more problematic and life became harsh,harsher than before.Economy was paralyzed and dreams got shattered.

I’m hoping for a brighter tomorrow,a day when I’ll be able to accomplish my goal.For now,I am going to finish what I started.That journal is a part of me which I get to share with another person.A part that I love.Cherish.Your support was amazing,your kind words made me continue.There might be an update,might not.

Have fun anywhere you go,be positive and smile a lot!When you meet Melissa,give her your love and mine. ❤️ ❤️

One day,may we meet at last.

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ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME CRY??? Thank youuu!!! YOU ARE TOO SWEEEEETT. YOU’RE VERY WELCOME AND I LOVE YOU TOO!  No, you are not a bad fan for not being able to attend concerts! You are just as important to the boys and they love you very much a lot too!! :) I hope you have a great day!

Just wanna say a huge thank you to each and every one of you for welcoming me into the TB Tumblr fandom so warmly. I feel like I’ve been thoroughly adopted, so it really means a lot to know that I’m making so many new acquaintances who have the same mindset and crazy tendencies as me and you actually encourage me to continue with it. Just seeing the likes and new follows and reblogs totally make me happy, and I just wanted to let you know. I know my posts are a bit static at the moment, but I’m getting there with some writing pieces that I hope to very proudly show off soon!

Anyone who wants to have a chat with me, on anything you want, just go ahead and beam me a message, love to, I’ll reply anytime I’m not asleep, at uni or work… :P

Have a great day/night/evening wherever in the world you are. You rule guys. :)


not too much of the pictures but anyways, happy birthday geddy lee c:

youre one of, if not, the biggest inspiration to play the bass in my life. because of you, ive grown a hell of a lot better and faster at playing (though im still not able to do some things…. yet). i am so honoured to be a rush fan and honoured to know that someone like you exists. i have the upmost respect for you, you deserve all the respect in the world. i love you so dearly and i hope you have a great birthday c:

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Hi I love this blog!!! It's so great! Also could I have a bigbang gif reaction of them reacting to your first kiss!! Thank you!!!

Thank you for the kind words, they mean a lot to us! Enjoy! 

GD would feel super pleased, thinking “Finally we took this step, and it was just as perfect as I imagined it.”

Originally posted by kkwonn

Taeyang would feel overjoyed and wouldn’t be able to contain his excited smile at being able to experience your first kiss. 

Originally posted by tae-kwon

TOP would immediately feel bashful and a little nervous, thinking “I hope that was alright, I wonder how she feels now?” 

Originally posted by gdragonswag

Daesung would express his happiness the most, flashing his signature eye smile for the rest of the day. 

Originally posted by ohseungri

Seungri would go in for more- he’s waited this long to have you, and nothing is gonna stop him from getting more now.

Originally posted by lalicemanobans

- Admin C

Cyber Crush Wednesday

Alright so no its not a real thing but hey its my blog I’ll post what I want. The thing is we all have those favorite blogs you know the ones that secretly we hope will follow us one day. Well tonight two of my favorite people bonded over Outlander. So it gave me an idea.

Tag one or as many blogs as you chose and then tell us and them why you follow them. Hence Cyber Crush Wednesday. There are a lot if great blogs out there so give them a shout out and spread some postive vibes.

I’m tagging sabahuniverse because this gem loves everything I post and because her blog is filled with wonderful artwork from blogs far and wide. Also because I’ve found in this gem a true friend. You my friend are one of my favorite followers.

Next is lerayon who shares my love of friends and sarcastic posts. This blog is filled with everything from the funny to the insane and crazy. Thank you for choosing to follow me.

Next up is jamesandclairefraser this fighter takes all the haters and says hey your not worth my time. Keep fighting for your right of free expression.

fangirlfromthenorthcountry I’m so glad that i followed you! Your blog contains a little bit of everything all wrapped up in one. You’re truly awesome!

olicityalamode I don’t have enough words to describe your blog. Your an awesome person who’s a good rep for our ship. Thank you for following.

supersillyanddorky06 what can I say “The Phoenix” blew my mind so I told you and bam I had another blog to follow. You’re kind words on my first fanfic were perfect so thank you. I’m to chapter 19 so getting there! Keep writing and inspiring as only you can.

So each week I’ll pick my blogs of the moment. So go ahead tag your own and spread some cyber love.

Love to all my followers I’m so grateful to you all.

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Oo~ I love drabble games! Could I get 12 with Baekhyun, please~? Thank youu I hope you're having a great day!

I see a lot of people like Baekhyun.. Hmm… THEN MORE BAEKHYUN YOU SHALL GET! (Have a great day!! I love you!!)

12. Things you said when you thought I was asleep

He looked at you, wondering if you can hear him speak or not. He has been for the past few months. He spoke to you various times, informing you of his schedules, friends, and family. Although he may not have been there physically most of the time, he sent his brother to look after you in your unconscious state.

Many times when he’d visit you, he’d swear he heard you move, making the bed creak, always making him jump up and watch you carefully, only to see you laying still in the same position you have been for the last God knows how many months. He stopped by one afternoon and decided to just ramble on, although you couldn’t hear him. He wanted you to always be informed of what goes on in his life.

He took a seat next to you and spoke with such precision, such care, you could’ve sworn he was about to break because of how emotional he seemed.

“I just miss you a lot. Remember when we’d eat take-out outside on the balcony every Thursday? It’s no fun without you. It’s not fun not hearing your laugh echo through our dorm. The boys miss you too..” He stopped to take a much needed breath and continued on.

“I miss you most of all. Why did this happen? I just wanna hear you say I love you one more time. Just once more. That’s all I want. I love you so much, you have no idea.” He put his head down on the bed, slouched over on the cold metal chair next to you. A hand squeezed his, but he shook it off; you’re delusional.

“I love you too.” He looked up to see you, awake in one piece. Smiling as if you never left.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PRECIOUS FRIEND askthesubconsciousponies !!!

The first pic is my attempt at a Disney style Squigglemod, complete with Minnie inspired dress Disney is harder then it looks folks, sorry it looks weird ;;

The second was mainly me realizing I’ve never drawn full body Subbie and Connie before which is OUTRAGEOUS so I rectified that mistake pff


Apparently, while I was away painting fabric, I got to a pretty cool follower milestone so I just want to thank you all for being awesome and welcome to the new followers, I hope you all have a great day, here you have a cookie cat recipe (I tried it A+ would recommend), my playlist with acoustic Disneyland videos by Fresh Baked Disney, the Baymax test (in Spanish), Do It For Her/Him with Shia Labeouf (if you haven’t watched it yet please please JUST DO IT), a Les Mis flashmob and a compilation video of cats in boxes