Happy Birthday Gene Kelly! (August 23, 1912 - February 2, 1996)

“There is a strange sort of reasoning in Hollywood that musicals are less worthy of Academy consideration than dramas. It’s a form of snobbism, the same sort that perpetuates the idea that drama is more deserving of Awards than comedy.”

- Gene Kelly

F O R E V E R. a playlist dedicated to Zayn. [listen]

I. phillip phillips - GONE GONE GONE | II. charlie wilson - I KNOW YOU’RE TIRED | III. bon jovi - I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU | IV. drake ft. rihanna - TAKE CARE | V. two door cinema club - NEXT YEAR | VI. frank ocean - THINKIN BOUT YOU | VII. edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros - HOME | VIII. aerosmith - I DON’T WANT TO MISS A THING