No one could ever understand the comfort of hearing your voice. It will always be my favourite sound. No one will ever know how badly I just want to feel your skin underneath my fingertips. Home for me is in your arms. No one will ever get how much I miss you. I’d give anything just to be able to look into your eyes. You are my home, my world, my everything and all i want is to be beside you.
—  4am

That’s not where his dimple is calum gosh u have one job and u failed go back to playing soccer

You know I did love you right?”
“Yes I know. I loved you too.”
A pause.
“I wish it could have ended different. I wish we could have made it work.”
“I know. I will never forget you though… You will always be the one that got away.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #6, 4am
Fuckboys 101

Lesson 1: They’re all fuckboys

Lesson 2: Yes, even him. Don’t be fooled

Lesson 3: He will never find the clitoris

Lesson 4: Don’t send him nudes because he will share them

Lesson 5: If he won’t hold your hand in public you aren’t shit to him

Lesson 6: The difference between protective and possessive

Lesson 7: Judge him based on the company he keeps

Lesson 8: Don’t use sex as a weapon, it should be fun for both of you

Lesson 9: Texting shouldn’t feel like a game. When you play games, there has to be a loser

Lesson 10: If he doesn’t make you feel good more than he makes you feel bad, he’s a permanent fuck boy

Lesson 11: If you can’t trust him with his ex, say goodbye

Lesson 12: If you wouldn’t be proud to have a son like him, don’t stay with him

Lesson 13: If he treats you in a way you wouldn’t allow your daughter to be treated, don’t stay with him

Lesson 14: If they actually want to hang out with you, they will go out of their way to hang out with you. If they’re all talk and no follow through be honest with yourself and stop investing in them

Lesson 15: If you tell him how you feel and he laughs at you, don’t stay with him

Lesson 16: If you make more than 2 excuses for an interaction with him, you’re in a relationship with yourself

Lesson 17: If you have to lie to your friends about him, why are you with him?

Lesson 18: If he doesn’t ask if you’re comfortable with every physical thing you do before you do it, then he doesn’t care about you, just what you will do for him

Lesson 19: If he just pushes you instead of pushing you to be better, get out

Lesson 20: If your family and friends don’t like him, ask yourself why

Lesson 21: If you don’t feel comfortable asking “what are your intentions with me?” then you probably already know the answer

Lesson 22: If he tells you he doesn’t like what you’re wearing or who you’re hanging out with or what you’re watching, get out

Lesson 23: If you don’t trust him, leave. If you don’t respect him, leave

Lesson 24: If he doesn’t trust you, leave. If he doesn’t respect you, leave

Lesson 25: Opposites attract and then they attack. If you don’t have common interests, eventually it will catch up to you

Lesson 26: He cannot be your poison and your medicine

Lesson 27: There’s a difference between him saying “I love you” and talking about a future with you. Make sure you know the difference

I hate all of the social standards that exists. I’m unable to say what I think or act how I feel because society would label me as being too aggressive, clingy, or emotional.
I want to see you most days, but I’m afraid that you would think that I’m being too needy.
I want to tell you that I have loved you from the beginning, but I’m afraid that you would think that my emotions are too extreme.
I want to push you against the wall and kiss you endlessly, but I’m afraid that that you would look at me crazy.

-I want to be with you, but society has taught me that it’s better to hide my emotions then risk rejection.