I have the purest intentions and the deepest love when it comes to you.

-Can you say the same for all of your past, present, and future lovers?


You and I happened so fast I couldn’t stop myself from falling for you I lost self control but that doesn’t matter since you are what completes me, you make me whole.
—  Nari, I believe in true love and soulmates #4
God, I fucking miss you so much.
I want your lips pressed gently against mine.
I want your fingers interlocking between mine.
I want to go home.
But not the home people usually think of with their house and all.
I mean the home that is in your arms, holding me and making me feel secure.
I want you. 
I need you.
—  And I fucking love you and I want you to come back.
I’m tryna fall in lust this summer
tryna make you see a future in us this summer.
tryna love you kind of rough this summer..
tryna promise forevers, knowing we’ll give up, this summer..
tryna help me grow while watching you show a real love that could never be permanent because what I give is not enough or.. what you keep within is too much for me to really fully understand that.. it’s not me.. it’s you.
but then you’ll fall in love - the real kind. you’ll find the real one.
you’ll find someone willing to love you the way you never truly allowed me to.
then you’ll say my love was too much, when all you wanted was fun.
all you wanted was someone who I never amounted to.
even though we promised it was a summer love.. and we’d fall apart as soon fall begun..
—  Reyna Biddy