I love this part, okay? Where the Gladiator is running at Shiro and he freezes because in that moment he has a flashback and he finds that he can’t move.

And Keith knows. He doesn’t know exactly what Shiro’s been through, but he knows it’s a lot. Shiro doesn’t even get hit, Keith is the one who’s crossed swords with the Gladiator and yet Keith is worrying about Shiro because he knows, that whatever happened it him is enough to make him hesitate, when he never hesitates. Keith had already been knocked over and could have just let Shiro fight alone for a moment. He must know that they aren’t going to defeat this thing with just the two of them. But he still runs to Shiro’s side, not because he’s worried about Shiro’s physical well-being, but because he’s worried about his mental state.

there’s a lot of stuff about lance’s ethnicity i’ve seen where he’s cuban and stuff but i’m gonna slide in my own headcanons over here where he is … … will smith pose ‘indonesian’ or more exactly, ‘balinese’.

  • i’ve seen the picture of lance’s family and i sort of see it as a mixed race family, which leads me to believe lance is mixed.
  • lots of people i know who live in bali have parents who are indonesian and foreign (usually from america or from europe or sometimes from east asia).
  • lance is probably half indonesian/balinese and half something else (i’m leaning towards american but u know whatever floats ur boat)
  • honestly if someone were to put a bunga kamboja in his hair i’d start crying bc he looks so good in it im cry
  • bali is an island surrounded by water and it’s people (as well as the majority of indonesia) are deemed as a very hospitable, warm, and open to new people. (proof here also i live here so)
  • which probably explains why lance was chosen by the most accepting lion, and they’re the guardian of water and bali and indonesia in its entirety is surrounded by water.
  • i hc that his dad was a pilot for normal planes that carry people from country to country for vacations and stuff (coughs he was a pilot for garuda coughs) and he’d probably bring lance and his family on a lot of plane rides from place to place (lance’s favorite place was probably varadero beach bc lance loves beaches but some beaches in bali are really dirty bc that’s sort of a general thing here in indonesia, we’re working on it)
  • okay but consider lance playing soccer everywhere because he used to do that as a kid in the streets of bali asldjfndsaf
  • lance, leaving the house with sandals on: guys i’m going to the nearby mosque/temple to do stuff 
    keith probably or someone else: oh okay see you later
    lance, upon returning: (is barefoot) don’t.
    other person: what happened
    lance: dON’T.
  • lance has probably lost his sandals twenty times already and he’s ready to file a fucking lawsuit. (it’s a thing here where apparently you gotta name your sandals when you go to a religious place where you have to take off your shoes or else they’ll be stolen, my uncle has filed a complaint to a nearby police station about this to which the police replied with ‘it’s happened to me fifteen times before’ lmao sometimes even if you do name them they’ll just fucking disappear)
  • he literally looks like a drawn version of my balinese friend but that’s irrelevant
  • when lance swings his hips all i can think of is the traditional balinese dance, also notably the way he moves throughout the entire show reminds me of the traditional balinese dance. (you can see a video of it here, i especially see lance in the baris warrior dance (starts at 2:43 in the video) which ‘depicts the courage of a man going to war’)
  • TO
  • WAR.

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like despite the high kicks i can sort of see it aadsfjnladsfn r u sure you’re ready for war lance

don’t fall in love with me
your heart is locked, but before you know it I’ll own the key
I’ll figure out how you think, I bring danger but you’ll want to protect me
being with me will be as easy as breathing, I will make you feel free

they say the best love always does
I would know I’ve learned from the best
I’ve gone through them all, the athlete, the drug dealer, poor kids and the well dressed
all just trying to get my undressed
treat me like shit, oppressed

got myself out of all those
I left the relationships but kept the tricks so now I’m a pro
I’ll have at the first hello

I’ll make you feel alive
I’ll be the fresh air you’ve been craving
a new journey everyday
tell you you’re beautiful, who cares what you weigh
you’ll feel safe

then I’ll start to pull away
talking less everyday
I’ll be busy, won’t answer your calls
I’ll have you crying, confused, what did you do? punching walls, throwing your brothers baseball’s
outside at midnight
I won’t text you goodnight

then I’ll leave
you’ll need at least 6 months to grieve
I’ll do it when I know I am your whole world, your life revolves around our relationship
you’ll abuse drugs, and alcohol, so drunk you call me from your spaceship

you’ll ask me what went wrong
I’ll apologize, tell you to stay strong
you’ll play our song
every night before bed
thinking about every word I ever said
all the things you want to tell me, all the secrets and opinions and words unsaid

I won’t feel awful
it won’t hurt, the break up wasn’t painful

I’m sorry in advance
don’t give me a chance
don’t look at me, pretend not to notice my glance
I’m not looking for romance

I want a short love story
ill convince myself you’re the one
you won’t want anyone else, you’re off the market, done

after a few months I’ll get bored
I know I promised
I was the sweetest
now you’re the craziest

my love become your drug of choice
you’ll call a few times a day just to hear my voice
you’ll think about me always
driving on the highway
when you’re stuck at work on a friday

but I’ll leave abruptly
I’ll tell you it’s over and to never talk to me again, bluntly

the withdraw
will just get worse, keep going downhill
I’ll block you on everything and delete your number
you’ll cry to your mother

in a few weeks I’ll be at it again
and I’ll unblock you and let you see
the new girl I pick
you’ll question my words, if I had loved you how could I move on so quick

you will eventually move on but you’ll never forget
the smell of my cigarettes
the sheets on my bed
you’ll say it’s just another regret

but we’ll both know
a text from me, a simple hello
will make your heart dance
you’ll think about giving me a second chance
but listen to me when I tell you, don’t.

—  the warning you didn’t want to see

I did a thing and I have no regrets, none

  • anti jaspis people:the crewniverse literally sunk jaspis! take that, jaspis shippers!
  • me, a jaspis shipper:I cant believe my angsty, problematic ship is canon in its most terrible form! and one-sided too, which makes this even better!

♡ couple looks ♡


I am hypnotised by Kyungsoo’s hand…

i dont understand why luke and arzaylea wont OFFICIALLY announce their relationship

like we all know arzaylea has tried too drop subtle hints but the fact that luke wont is making me mad. if you calculate the pictures that started to show up last year and like the upcoming shit, its literally almost their one year anniversary. they have been together for this long but luke still wont officially announce. idk if he’s like afraid of the hate or doesn’t want girls to be mad, but like how long this has been going on, it doesn’t really matter anymore. i think if he just officially said “hey yeah ive been dating arz for this long and we’re official and stuff” then most of the hate would probably die down bc the center of all this hate is because no one knows if its official. people are getting mad because luke wont say anything and i feel kind of bad for arz bc she just wants their relationship to get out there because its already so obvious. 

okay say this is a pr stunt. this is a long pr stunt tbh. i think its just time to rip the bandaid off and just accept it, luke. everyone with eyes and ears and a brain can obviously see you guys are dating so theres no point in trying to point that direction elsewhere. 

id rather luke announce that its real instead of leaving us in the dust like this and i genuinely feel that the fandom will start to feel something for them bc like you know its official. you cant break up something official. 

my thoughts on calum and nia:

i think they’re friends with benefits 

my thoughts on mikey and crystal:


my thoughts on brashton:



I have more respect for Baekhyun (and Channie) because he worked really hard for MONTHS to love and respect himself, and show his body off because he worked hard not only for his fans but HIMSELF. People are getting upset that he’s not eating enough or he even developed an eating disorder, but let me tell you THEY ARE ALL WELL TAKEN CARE OF and there’s a low chance something like that would happen. Now, I know I’m no expert, but the one thing I do know is that y’all need to chill because he’s not only HEALTHY, but HAPPY with himself and I’m really glad. With Channie, he used to wear lots of layers to avoid showing any skin, but he’s gotten more comfortable with himself to not do that anymore and that’s pretty amazing. There’s growth in the both of them and they need love and respect.

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Hanayo and maki are two gonna volunteer at the Otonoki Daycare? To see tomato princess and cutest cat  @ask-otonokids

Hanayo: Unfortunately, we’re sort of busy right now. But, we’re able to visit and play with them for a bit! They’re always great to play with!

Maki: … Sometimes

These babies are from @ask-otonokids! Go send in asks to the little kids over there! It’s a Good and Pure blog with A++ content all the time! And the Mod’s a cool person too ;3c


I’ll just…leave this here!!  

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What are your five favorite Pokemon?

UHHH I never really had any like “FAVORITES OF ALL TIME!!!!” ones. But here’s some random ones that spring to mind. Mostly I like them if I like their design and if I happened to have one on my team that I favored when playing the game as a kid.

Absol, Ninetails, Persian, Scyther, Zangoose… Goodra okay that’s six I couldn’t choose. also bidoof is SO DUMB i love it