FESTIVALS! Ok so I think I did everyone who did the prompt about the favorite festival and for the ones who had more than a favorite I chose one that made every season more balanced (almost everyone could have been in fall) , sorry if I forgot someone!

SPRING: Ash Comet (fishing contest), Klyn and Mond (de-fluffing festival)

SUMMER: Jess (beach day), Rose, Rue and Katie (firefly festival)

FALL: Amber and Huang (eating contest), Acacia and Algar (valentine’s/white day), Lux (handicraft contest)

WINTER: Joseph, Emily and Zephixa (quiz contest), Ava (christmas)

I’m putting together my femme 9 costume for Dragon Con, and today I bought some shirts. There was just this moment looking at myself in the mirror, purple shirt and black pants and buzzed hair, imagining how it’ll look with my leather jacket and sonic screwdriver, and I was so excited. I felt fantastic. It’s so weird not to want to cry in the dressing room, not even a tiny bit. I hope I never forget that moment, because it felt so right.

doggy dog

I saw a soul in an animal
my dog, to be precise
he scolded me with begging eyes
and laughed at corny jokes
he pled for my sympathy
when my family would raise their voice
at him for treating the world
like his personal chew toy
he discovered the same path
different ways each day
and when I said I love you
I swear I heard him bark I love you, back.

Shit updating tags made me think
I don’t know what I’ll do when school starts i love saph I love seeing sapj what the fuck will I do

His Passtime

The shovel bit into the dirt as he continued his task, hefting it onto the coffin below. Muffled screams pierced the night sky of the Shadow Isles as they turned to whimpers and sobs. He pierced the shovel into the ground next to him and leaned on it. “Now, now. How will you ever appreciate the joys of Life if you haven’t yet had them threatened?”

Only quiet sobs answered him as he heaved a sigh. Maybe this wasn’t the…correct way of tending to the living residents of the Isles. “Naah,” He said with a chuckle as he went back to his task. If he kept time right he could still get them out before they died. After all, the goal wasn’t Death, just a simple important lesson on Life.

Although, the first person he did this to didn’t quite make it and came back as a, only mildly, vengeful Ghoul out the get revenge on him. Quickly taken care of and exercised, he made sure to keep a better eye on those he buried alive. Five and a half hours, and to not bury them the full nine feet. Three to four depending on size was more than plenty to keep them in check, muffled, and usually unable to get out.

He learned after an hour or so they stopped struggling, only going in the occasional bouts of adrenaline and fear after that. The third hour they usually given up, possibly even falling asleep to avoid the suffocation, though, that never worked. He always made sure to start to dig once it hit the last hour, starting at the feet, leaving the top half covered just in case they jumped out.

The third hour had passed as he watched the half full grave with disinterest. Sometimes he wished he hadn’t of woken, but glad that he did. After all, as the last of the Mori line, someone had to keep to the task. Summoner’s don’t call in him very often, and when they do it was refreshing. A hit or miss type of deal for him. Maybe he should talk to the Deathsinger, of all the Shadow Isle residents it was Hecarim and Karthus who willingly talked to him.

He should go and have a chat with them, but. Just one more hour. One last hour.

He laughed, maybe the Isles had changed him.

iamlostinthetide replied to your post: It always surprises me when you swear. You seem…

I’m the same way, lol

the hidden sailors unite!

sultry-halo-vixen replied to your post: It always surprises me when you swear. You seem…

i love it :’D

i remember the conversation where you made me wake up the whole ward bc i was laughing so much and i exclaimed ‘FUCK’ and you woke up your whole house laughing bc it was so out of the blue. so i know you love it. i’m aware. a-were. poot toot from the boot cheyel. 

twdgdeadmanwalking asked:

☽, ⚜, ♢, ♧, ♥ Just to keep you more busier hehe =D

(Keep me busier…. >.> joke’s on you! I only got two replies left! HA!)

Questions for the Mun X

☽ Do you like writing angst? Why or why not?

Have I mention I’m a slut for angst? Seriously! Just the thought of breaking Nick makes me excited! Sad part about angst is how people don’t want Nick to o though any physical pain (*stares at Mister Cassanova over there for a long time*) Angst is only fun when bad things happens to both characters.

Oh and you bring the angst and I throw it right back at you.

⚜ What is the best time to write for you? Why?

Weeelll whenever my attention span will allow me to write. I can’t really sit still for long and a lot of the times I get back up to (the highest) 10 or so responses. So I don’t know it’s all rather random.

♢ What’s an AU that you think just won’t work with your muse?

AU that wouldn’t work? Fuck……umm….medieval probably. Don’t really care to much for medieval rp. Not really good at so I doubt I would ever do an AU for it. Soooo yeah kind of sucks for Game of Thorns rpers…unless they have a modern day or twdg au or any au for that matter that isn’t that.

♧ Is there an RP partner(s) that you credit for becoming a better writer?


and I guess


those are the important ones, but in a way all my rp partners help me become a better writer.

Just them more, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Luke’s mun and Nate’s mun is always showering me with compliments whenever I strangely need a boost or reassurance.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t still all love you all. So grateful for all of you.

Oh and stonemountain-screwup

for just drowning me in love.

I swear I don’t deserve any of it.

♥ What’s your favorite ship with your muse?

Ffffuuuuuucckk!!!!! It’s between Nuke and Nack even though I still think Dick (Danny x Nick) is cute. Don’t make me choose man!! And that’s not even counting the ships I haven’t rp yet with. Ahhhhh!!!

I swear I love it so much when you guys send me headcanons or you’re just like “omg could you imagine person a and person b doing *insert something cute*” I just thought you guys should know that I actually really love all of those so much so don’t like think you’re annoying me or something when you send them ❤


The most unproblematical person ever. Like, you honestly surprise me when you swear. I love how far I’ve seen you come with art, and you seem pretty successful in life. I’m super glad I know you and I hope I don’t loose this. It’s nice to be able to talk to someone so sweet without the conversation turning into shit about life problems. Thank you for never blaming me for anything. Thank you for treating me like a person. Wow such sap. 

JYJ ‘The Return of the JYJ’ Live at Tokyo Dome Liveblog

Not the whole thing, just my favorite parts.  Because I had nothing better to do tonight.

  • fuck why is jaejoong so pretty. why are they all so pretty.
  • this is a super dramatic and over-the-top introduction to a concert. i love it.
  • when things are exploding & projectiles are flying AT YOUR FACE, it means you should run away, not stand there & look pretty
  • then there’s this ominous voice repeatedly whispering JYJ and the dancers look like creepy…things. JYJ don’t fuck around.
  • ♪ i gotta dance now ♫ you always gotta dance, su
  • your rap lyrics are always interesting, yoochun, but fuck, i love it when you swear (in english)
  • i am probably the only jyj fan that likes the song ayy girl
  • though i agree the mv is ridiculous
  • this performance is also kind of ridiculous, but they’re still pretty
  • omg junsu just oozes sex when he performs lullaby
  • fuck those hip thrusts
  • that damn smirk
  • he is definitely at home on the stage, boy knows how to put on a performance
  • yeah, you hit that high note, you hit it hard
  • rocker!jae. man. his voice suits this genre so well.
  • and then you come out with that horrid fur coat and ruin everything.
  • junsu-time!
  • su can strut with the best of them
  • jyj drinking game: take a shot every time su drops to his knees dramatically
  • fuuuuuck in heaven still gives me chills. the harmony in this song is crazy.
  • jaejoong was sicker than a dog during this concert but he stills sounds goddamn amazing. real talent there.
  • ah. the boy’s letter. the song where jaechun spent the latter half of the song serenading each other, leaving su out of the fun. again.
  • just get married you two.
  • su deserves all the awards for that performance. all of them.
  • fuck, jae, that note.
  • ah. you’re. could listen to this song all day long.
  • had to start the performance over because i feel like i wasn’t enjoying it the way it deserves to be enjoyed: with my full attention
  • fuuuuuck. i have to see them in concert before i die.
  • so. does anyone wanna fund that trip?
  • just kidding. for the next 2+ years, they’ll be in the army, and i’ll have plenty of time to save up for the trip of a lifetime.
  • kim jaejoong: a beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure
  • the way jae just flops to the ground. me too, jae. me too.
  • the red ocean is so beautiful. gives me chills to see it.
  • i love how empty has become their standard ending to a concert. i love that song.