chapter 19.

 Rich || Jaebum

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Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 2036

Warnings: SMUT OMG… (literally this is so sinful I’m trying so hard not to die atm. overstimulation is real in this jahfhdhfadsfh)

note: hi everyone! i filmed the video today and I promise you guys it’l be out this week. also, thanks for giving rich so much love! i plan for two more chapters, unless my emotional feelings run wild, then it’ll end. happy reading and please… drink holy water after this haha -admin

Jaebum stood up from his place and gave me a smug look. He was already planning different things in his head, as he turned his back on me and walked towards his closet. I remained still, breathless from his previous actions as I watched him grab two of his fancy black ties from his closet and closed the door. His hands fiddled with the family ring he always wore in honor of his family business. Walking back to me, he stood on the side of the bed as he grabbed one of my wrists raised it above my head, and tied it to the headboard of the bed with his black tie. Doing the same with the other hand, he crawled back in between me, his eyes scanning my body.

“You don’t need this,” Jaebum smirked, skillfully unhooking my bra and tossing it across the room, “And you definitely don’t need this.”

I gasped as Jaebum gripped the waistband of my panties and tugged them down my legs, throwing the soft material across the room. The wisp of cold air hit my soaking wet heat as I watched Jaebum opened one of the drawers from his nightstand to take out something I didn’t expect to see.

“Holy shit.” I quietly cursed under my breath. “Please tell me you haven’t used that on another girl.”

“Oh.” Jaebum looked at me, widening his playful eyes. “Who said you could speak?”

I pursed my lips, giving him the most dirtiest look as Jaebum walked over to me with a small vibrator in hand. Crawling in between my legs, he turned on the little machine and placed it on my dripping core on the lowest speed ever. I gasped as I pulled against the restraint when Jaebum played with the speed of the vibrator, making me lose my mind.

“No worries, baby girl.” Jaebum slyly smirked. “I haven’t used this on anyone except you.”

With those words, Jaebum increased the speed of the vibrator on my clit as he slipped three fingers inside my wet hole. I moaned out loud I felt Jaebum’s finger at a rapid pace, not giving me anytime to adjust to his speed. With the vibrator at its full extent, I pulled against the restraints and arched my back in full bliss. As soon as I started to build up my high, the vibrator went completely off and Jaebum’s fingers pulled out as my back fell back on the bed, my chest heaving and teeth gritted in frustration.

“Fuck.” I breathed out, trying to recover from the harsh denial. Jaebum raised one of my legs and gave my left ass cheek a hard smack, causing me to lurch forward and whine in pain and pleasure.

“No talking, otherwise I won’t let you cum.” Jaebum warned me as he placed the vibrator ontop my soaked core and inserted this three fingers again, repeating his actions. I moaned as I felt the vibrator and his fingers speed up, pushing me closer to my peak, only to be completely stopped once I was about to reach my release. My essence were dripping from my core, drenching Jaebum’s long slender fingers. My body started to glisten with sweat as my face was red and flushed. Jaebum continued to repeat his actions multiple times, denying my orgasam, and I never wanted him more than this moment.

“Next time you fucking leave me, at least tell me.” Jaebum growled, pressing the vibrator on my core again. My bounded hands pulled on the restraints as I arched my back from the pleasure. “Otherwise we’ll have to repeat the same steps again once you come back. And I can’t wait for another two fucking years again.”

“I’m s-sorry.” I gasped but then received another smack on the ass.

“No talking, baby girl. I don’t want to hear your apologies anymore.”  He shook his head as I pouted at him, attempting to make his heart soften just to stop this punishment.  In return, Jaebum gave me a  sly smirk before pulling the vibrator out of my soaked core.  I whined at the loss of contact, however, I gasped quite loudly as I felt Jaebum’s tongue inside my pussy, as he pried my legs wider.

I tried to hold in my screams as I felt his tongue go deeper and deeper. I pulled against the black ties as tight as I can when Jaebum started to circle my clit using his ring on his finger.  With his tongue fucking me hard along with the harsh movements of his ring against my clit, my mind started to get fuzzy since I’ve never felt so aroused than ever before. My moans were harder to keep silent as I started to buck my hips against his tongue. I let out a gasp as Jaebum replaced his mouth with his fingers moving at a rapid pace, not giving me time to adjust as he continued rub his ring against my clit in sync. Finally letting out a loud moan, his ring circled my clit faster as my back was permanently arched against the bed, the restraints pulling on my arms, as I gave in to my harsh peak. My cum squirted out of my pussy as Jaebum removed his fingers and ring against my clit and hole as my body shook from the intensity of the mind-blowing orgasm.

“Second time is always the charm, baby girl.”  Jaebum smirked as he continued to plunge his fingers in and out of over sensitive pussy, not giving me time to recover from my previous orgasm. He jerked his hand at a brutal pace that made my body squirm under him. Jaebum’s fingers curled, hitting my sweet spot as he spread my legs further apart, my pussy swallowing his fingers. The squelching sound of his digits going in and out heightened my peak, and it didn’t take long until I was pulling on the restraint, hard enough to make my knuckles go white, and arched my back from the bed when another orgasm hit me hard.  

“Come on, baby girl. One more.”  Jaebum growled as he continued his ruthless pace. I was jerking off the bed as Jaebum’s fingers curled deeper inside of me. My loud screams filled the room, giving up on the silent rule Jaebum tried to apply. I wasn’t sure long I was going to last when another wave of pleasure came crashing down on me as my essence drenched the bed sheets below me. My tears threatening to fall from my eyes because of Jaebum’s vicious fingering.

My back hitting the bed hard when Jaebum finally pulled his fingers out of me. My body was convulsing because of the aftermath as I tried to catch my breath. Jaebum hopped of the bed and walked over beside me as he wiped the beads of sweat that ran down my face. My face completely red and flushed from the overstimulation.

“I had to wait two fucking years to hear your moans again. Drives me crazy everytime, baby girl. You’re being such a good girl, taking in all of my punishments.”  He cooed as he began undressing himself very slowly. I stared at him and bit my lips as I took a glance of Jaebum’s well-toned chest and abs, not to mention his muscular arms as well.

“Jaebum please.”  I begged as Jaebum’s eyes turned to look at me as he put on his signature smirk. Covering his cock with the latex sheet, Jaebum hovered above me and placed both of his hands on either side of your head.

“The words I finally got to hear. Good girl.” He smirked as he inserted the head of his cock into my soaking wet pussy. I was unable to respond back as he began fucking me hard. Pulling back out and slamming into me with force, I arched my back against his body as he continued his rough pace. He held onto my hips, digging his fingers against my skin as he continued to slam into me.

“You fucking tight, baby girl. Holy shit, (Y/N)!” He groaned as I clenched against his cock, causing him to piston in and out faster and harder. Once again, Jaebum found my sweet spot and the familiar feeling in my stomach started to build up again as Jaebum never stopped the fast rhythm of his hips. His hands were now settled on my neck as he squeezed on it loosely, as we stared at each other’s eyes.

“You feel fucking so good, princess,” Jaebum growled, leaning in to give me a kiss on the forehead as I tightened around his cock, “You feel so good around my cock. Are you going to come for me again?”

I nodded my head and mewled under his touch as I arched my back as much as I possible can even through the restraints pulled me back. Jaebum let go of my neck and used his free hand to wrap his arm around my waist and hold me against his chest to get a better angle as my intense orgasm washed over me. He felt himself getting close but he wanted to push me over the edge once more, watching my contorted face scream in pleasure.

“You can take another, baby girl. Come on, babe,” Jaebum encouraged against my neck as my walls were becoming tighter around Jaebum’s cock, leading him closer to his own peak. I clenched around his cock as I came again, my screams getting higher and louder in pitch and Jaebum’s grunts got louder against my ear.  His semen filled up the condom as he continued to thrust into me, riding out both of our highs. I let out another loud moan as my body fell from the intense orgasm. Jaebum lifted his head to look at my wrecked state as his eyes scanned my body. He immediately pulled out and disposed the condom in the trash before untying his suit ties on my wrists. My arms fell limp against the bed as I pressed my legs together, still quivering because of the last orgasm that I had. Jaebum laid down next to me and wrapped his arms around my sweaty body, pulling me closer to him as he kissed my head.

“You okay, babe? Did I hurt you at all?” Jaebum asked as he murmured against my neck, resting his head on my shoulders.

I turned to look at him, brushing his hair to the side so I could see his face and smiled, “I’m okay, Jae. You would never hurt me anyways. Although I probably can’t step out of bed tomorrow because I cannot feel my legs.”

“That’s what you get for leaving me.” Jaebum chuckled, his hand resting on my cheeks as he stared at my face in a loving way.

“Is that true, though?” I quietly asked him, while scanning his handsome features.

“What’s true?” Jaebum raised his eyebrows as his hands made their way down my neck, brushing slightly over the hickey he gave me.

“You know,” I shyly smiled at him, “That whole love and shit.”

“Of course.” Jaebum said, as he leaned in to give me a quick kiss on the mouth. “I loved you since the day I first laid my eyes on you.”

“But I was taken back then.” I teased him, pulling the covers up so that it covered my exposed shoulders.

“That fucking bastard.” Jaebum shook his head. “Can’t believe he even dated my baby girl.”

I pushed Jaebum down on bed as I propped up on top of him, leaning down and gave him a hot kiss. My hands ran through his locks as our mouths moved together in sync. Jaebum hummed against my lips, running his tongue on the bottom of my lip to gain access. I gasped as I grabbed his face, pushing down on him to get him closer to me. I wanted this feeling to last forever. The sound of my beating heart running fast whenever Jaebum was near me.

I pulled away and looked at his grinning face, “I’m all yours and no one else.”

“You promise?” Jaebum widely smiled, raising an eyebrow at me.

“I promise.”


Let It Snow (Warren Worthington III x Reader)

A warm and fluffy Christmas morning full of surprises with the Gri- I mean, everyone’s favorite angel. :)

Word Count: 2092

“What the hell-”

“-Welcome to my little winter wonderland!” I cheered, pulling Warren inside my apartment. “Took you long enough.” My roommate went home for the holidays, leaving me all alone to celebrate. We’d decorated the place from ceiling to floor and before she left, exchanged gifts; I got a ticket to go see one of my favorite artists speak at a nearby college next month, a couple rolls of film, and a gift card to Wilson’s Art for whatever supplies $50 could buy. “Make yourself comfortable.”

“What the hell is that?” He pointed to the corner of the living room to the scrawny branch that was our Christmas tree.

“I could never get off from work or outta classes in time to go pick a decent tree; it was slim pickings when I finally got around to it.” I jabbed him playfully in his side. “Wanna go climb up and sit on top of it, Angel?”

“Ha ha,” he replied sarcastically with an eyeroll. “Where’d you pick it up from, the city landfill?”

“Shut up, I love my little tree! Besides, big or small, it’s about what goes under it that’s important; Santa doesn’t discriminate.”


“Yes. Speaking of which come help me finish baking these cookies.”

“You’re not serious… are you?”

I pointed to my “Kiss the Cook” apron in its flour-coated glory before dashing back off to the kitchen. “Hope you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty.”

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There’s something between us all. Something that keeps us together… Like…invisible ties, connecting us. Giving us strength… WE forged these ties. WE strengthen them. If we preserve them, or break them, it will be by our choices, not some “destiny”…

Ahhh I finally did prints of my favourite video game of all time! I bought Fire Emblem: Awakening a year ago around this time, and I’m still completely in love with it – the story, the characters, the game mechanics, the music… Words don’t describe how much it means to me, and how much it inspires me! And I’ve met so many great people through it. I wanted to pay homage to it by finally drawing… every single character… Haha…

Prints of both the adult generation and children will be available at Otakuthon next weekend, at Table 279 along with other prints! If I have time, I’ll cobble together a small Fire Emblem zine as well, with doodles and other fun things :)

Here I am and you’re tagged again...

I was tagged by @from-the-garden-of-your-soul, thank you my friend!

Tell us your favourite GNR….

Music video: Paradise City

Song: Estranged, 14 Years, Pretty Tied Up, Nightrain, My Michelle, You Could Be Mine (alright I can go on and on so I’ll stop here but there probably much more)

Lyric:  from My Michelle

Everyone needs love
You know that it’s true
Someday you’ll find someone
That’ll fall in love with you
But oh the time it takes
When you’re all alone
Someday you’ll find someone
That you can call your own

and from You Could Be Mine

While you’re breakin’ down my back n’
I been rackin’ out my brain
It don’t matter how we make it
‘Cause it always ends the same
You can push it for more mileage
But your flaps r’ wearin’ thin
And I could sleep on it 'til mornin’
But this nightmare never ends
Don’t forget to call my lawyers
With ridiculous demands
An you can take the pity so far
But it’s more than I can stand
'Cause this couchtrip’s gettin’ older
Tell me how long has it been
'Cause 5 years is forever
An you haven’t grown up yet

(yeah these are a bit long I know but I couldn’t pick just one line bc it wouldn’t make much sense)

Member: Izzy

Concert: Live At The Ritz 88

Album: Appetite For Destruction

Quote (that isn’t a song lyric):  “No” - Izzy Stradlin

Cover: maybe You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory 

Gnr related thing you own: Appetite For Destruction CD

I tag: @loveittodeath, @biackhearts, @witchy-tombstone-smile and @pour-some-rocknroll-on-me

If Wren isn’t our new big bad, I truly do think that Jason is the next best candidate.

Don’t tell me that you didn’t feel absolutely SHOCKED upon watching the dollhouse home video for the first time, as most of us immediately assumed that Jason’s had a twin.

Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t LOVE to see the NAT Club tie into the final endgame twist, confirming our suspicious as it relates to the murder of former members over the course of the last few seasons, leaving Jason as the final member standing.

There’s just SO MUCH to explore with a twist like that. I mean, he has DIRECT ties to the Hastings/Diluarentis and Drake families, pivotal interactions with the liars + Ali and Mona, AND has the funds and connections.

I don’t know, I’m still the BIGGEST Wren-is-A supporter. But if that doesn’t happen, I would LOVE if Jason was the mastermind.


I just wanna get this out there into the void real quick, so excuse my rambling.

I remember, it was 2012, and FNAF came out. Long story short I was OBSESSED. I scoured the youtube community for someone with enough balls (or not, in my case haha) to play this surprisingly horrifying game. 

Then I found Markiplier’s first FNAF video. 

It was back when it just came out, and it only had a few thousand views. I clicked on it, being skeptical (at the thumbnail especially lol), and being surprised at his voice (bc honestly his voice is literal butter) ((no not exotic butter)) 

I  L O V E D  I T

I loved his wholesome reaction, and his franticness, and just falling in love with him as a person. Needless to say, I subscribed shortly after.

But in late 2015, my life was going to hell. My ex had just broken up with me, my grades were slipping, and my depression got so much worse. I had no one at that point, so I turned to my trusty friend, Markiplier.

That night, though, I noticed something… off… about his videos. He didn’t seem to have as much passion about everything as he had for the past 2 years I had subscribed. His enthusiasm was low and he didn’t have such great interactions or videos as I though he did before. In fact, I thought it got so bad that I didn’t even watch his videos for a couple months because I couldn’t see the (excuse me for the stupid cliche reason) “Old Markiplier” in him anymore. This is actually how I actually got into Jack and Felix’s videos even more, so I guess it can’t be all too bad.

But this week.
(Oh this week :) )

I was absolutely awestruck by Mark’s Disco Discomfort video. I was blown away, and it was so much fun watching his long intros. I haven’t seen anything like that in 5ever, and it was such a nice change in videos. I could see the (again I’m sorry) “Old Markiplier I was talking about before. It rekindled something in my heart, and I was so excited to watch him again, and his newest videos. I’m so glad Mark has more passion for doing this stuff again. 

I missed you buddy :)

Thanks for making my week a bit brighter, and every week in fact.

anonymous asked:

What do the servamp siblings dream about when they sleep? Both dreams and nightmare. Btw I love how beautifully written your headcanons are~

I had a lot of fun thinking about this, so thanks for the ask!


Dream: His dreams come in two varieties; the canon video game adventure quest, where he is the laziest hero of all time and quests for the epic nap spot.  The other type of dream he has is much calmer, where he’s longing on a balcony overlooking a town, and all is at peace.

Nightmare: The same nightmare, over and over again, where he relives the day he murdered his creator.  The guilt and regret tied into that situation will never completely leave him, and it manifests in his dreams.


Dream: He dreams of a world where everyone is equal, where vampires aren’t hunted down by C3 and can simply live their lives away from humans.  There is no needless bloodshed in his dreams.

Nightmare: He dreams of his life before becoming a vampire, of a grand castle once filled with life and servants and a child too proud for his own good that lead to his demise.  These dreams are bittersweet and remind Hugh that nothing can change the past.


Dream: He dreams of curling up in a desert, under a rock.  There’s a breeze that keeps him cool and dead silence surrounding him, and he can sit and reflect upon the world and it’s workings.

Nightmare: He dreams of monsters, his siblings losing their sense of identity and becoming the very creatures they sought to destroy when they killed their creator.  One by one, they are hunted down like beasts, and Jeje watches as all of his siblings are taken from him, and he is alone again.

The Mother

Dream: She dreams of a quiet cabin in the snowy woods, and a creaky old rocking chair that she settles into, cradling an infant in her arms.  No one can harm them out here, far from the rest of the world, and outside the wolves howl their own special chorus to the moon.

Nightmare: Anger and rage consume her and she is reckless in her endeavors, leaving a trail of bodies and blood in her wake.  She does not get off unscathed, however; her faithful subclass pay the price for her vengeance, and die in her arms, the real victims of her violence.


Dream: He dreams of walking in a forest, a beautiful, sunny forest, where he can hear a piano playing faintly in the distance.  When he reaches the end of the path, there are two angels waiting for him, but he can never see their faces clearly.

Nightmare: He dreams of Ophelia, of reliving her death again and again and every time, his voice fails him and he can’t say the words that matter the most.  His most recent dreams have included Licht suffering her fate, and he wakes up screaming and sobbing from these dreams, begging any god listening to spare him this fate.

World End

Dream: He dreams of a grand banquet he can share with his family and their Eve’s where there is no bad blood between any of them.  They feast and laugh long into the night, and for once the world is at peace.

Nightmare: He dreams of a terrible accident befalling his Eve, one that is entirely his fault where he is powerless to save them.  He wakes up with his stomach twisting in guilt and his fingers digging into his bed sheets.


Dream:  He dreams about warm fires and wordless affection; his dreams are calm and filled with love and family affection, and a small part of him always hates waking up from them and facing reality.

Nightmare: His nightmares are plagued by the very force that drove him to make a pact with the Alicein family in the first place; he runs and runs, but the beast looms behind him always and he wakes up panting, gasping harshly for air as if he actually had just run a mile.


Dream: They all know him, the world knows his name in his dreams.  He has the power to shape the world around him, and no one will have to suffer as he and his subclass have ever again.

Nightmare:  In his nightmares, he is alone in the darkness, and no matter how loud he screams, he can’t make a sound and no one ever comes for him.  Those nights, he wakes up in a cold sweat, shaking uncontrollably.

Even little things, like having a scene in which Geralt listens to a ballad about his love for Yennefer. It’s such an effective way of communicating something that we’ve barely seen. We’ve had two games with Triss, and only a little time spent with Yen, so how are we supposed to believe that Geralt was deeply in love (or whatever passes for love in a Witcher) with Yen before he lost his memory, and feel invested in it? By having him listen to an achingly beautiful piece of music about exactly that. It’s not exposition, it’s not a talking head, it’s not beating you around the head with ‘THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO THINK’. It’s so clever. It conveys five books worth of emotional journey into three minutes, and it doesn’t feel cheap or lazy, because it’s tied directly into making you feel something, not just telling you to feel. It’s a kind of emotional storytelling that’s so effective, and so rare in video games.

Me Meeting Someone Who Likes Alesana:
  • Me: *talks to self* Do not freak out over Alesana.
  • Me: So what music do you like?
  • Person: -insert like six other bands here-, Alesana, All Ti--
  • Person:
  • Me:
  • Person:
  • Me:

I never thought that I’d love anyone so much.❤


dear taylor,

this is a very, very short glimpse into me loving you through every season of life, both yours and mine. although my facebook only has pictures as far back as the speak now era, i’ve been with you since the moment i heard “teardrops on my guitar” in 2007 and i’ve never looked back. i am THE “taylor swift girl” that every one whispers about. i’ve stuck with you through it all because you’ve stuck with me too. good times and especially bad, there’s always been you to turn to. my favorite activity is to get into my car and drive aimlessly with the windows down, screaming your songs for hours on end. out of the three times i’ve seen you, two of them have been at gillette in the rain, and those are all tied for the #1 best day of my life. my love for you and your music goes so much further than just covering my walls with your pictures and the several embarrassing videos of my crying about how much i love you that can be found on facebook. you are my idol, my inspiration, my role model, and a best friend even though you have no idea who i am. you are a strong, courageous woman that i aspire to be like one day. thank you for knowing my emotions better than i do and for being my soul sister. i will never be able to repay you for the amount of joy and comfort and safety that you have given me over the past almost 8 years. you are what keeps my spirits high and my morals strong, and what gives me hope to keep on keeping on, even when times get tough. one day i hope to finally get the chance to meet that beautiful soul of yours and have all my dreams come true. until then, i’ll just keeps doing this. since my constant mentions to you on twitter don’t seem to be able to get your attention, i hope this does. i’ll be crossing my fingers! i love you with all of my heart taylor  becky. 


Hey Taylor!
I know you probably won’t see this and that’s okay, I just wanted to let you know how happy you make me and how much that means to me. Back when I was 12 and I first heard Love Story on the radio, never did I think that one song could change my life in such a big way. Ever since that day I have adored your music and everything about you, and it’s a love that grows even stronger each day. I’m so thankful to have you in my life, to have somebody to look up to who is not only the kindest person alive but is so inspiring in a million different ways and works so hard to make sure her fans are happy. Honestly, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today if it hadn’t been for you. I wouldn’t have any of the incredible friends who I’ve met through a love of your music, I wouldn’t have been to places or seen things or know what it’s like to be a part of a beautiful community that is our fanbase. Some people think it’s just music, or just another celebrity, but they couldn’t be more wrong because when you find somebody who writes songs which describe your life and your emotions in such a perfect way it means the world to you. There are days when I honestly don’t think I can make it to the end, but you’re the reason that I do. Every single time. I couldn’t imagine what my life would be if you had not been a part of it over the past 7 years. On a daily basis you make me so happy, whether it’s because you’ve liked one of my friends posts and made their day or brought out one of my favourite artists as a guest on tour or posted an adorable video of Olivia, there is always a reason to smile. Honestly how are you even real. And if I’m having a bad day I can turn on tied together with a smile and cry, but know that it’ll be okay. I love you more than I could ever describe, and I will continue to support you no matter what. I feel like I owe you everything because you have done so much for me and I’ll spend every day thanking you for that. You don’t know who I am, you won’t read this and that’s okay because you’re there for me even if you don’t know it and that’s all that matters. Thank you so much for making me so happy all the time and being the most wonderful person there is. I love you, forever and always.

Love Mollie ❤️

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When You've Got Trouble
Liz Longley

In His Arms (Cameron Dallas) Part 12

Hey guys, I know it’s been a forever and a day since I last posted but, I’ve finally gotten used to the new job, so I don’t think the wait will be this long again. I’d like to dedicate this chapter to @hadalotofmoments, she’s been having an extremely emotion week and I really hope the new chapter can brighten her day a bit. Be sure to follow her if you haven’t! Remember to message me if you have any comments, criticisms, or you just want to talk. I love all of you so much, and I really hope you like the new part.

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“It doesn’t look bad.”

“Bad? The guy fucking buzzed it!”

“But it doesn’t look bad. I kind of like it.”

“Dude, you look like Liam Payne.”

“Oh my god, you kinda do.”

“I hate both of you.”

I rolled my eyes at Cameron as we rode in the car back to the hotel in St. Louis. Cameron had just gotten his hair cut and he absolutely hated it, poor kid.

“That’s not what you said last night.” Nash replied, to which both Cameron and I looked at him incredulously.

“To Aly, that’s not what you said to Aly.” Our skeptical looks only increased. “I told you Cam, you’re fucking loud.”

I laughed at Nash, and kissed Cam on the cheek before whispering, “You seriously do need to work on the volume thing, it’s getting a little ridiculous.” to which he smiled and brought my hand to his lips.

“Nothing wrong with letting the world know that I love you.”

“No, but you could express it a little quieter when we’re doing certain things.”

The past week since we left my hometown had it’s good and bad moments. While Cameron and I were doing really well since the whole ‘I love you’ thing, the Twitter fanbase made it a habit to attack my mentions at least once a day.

@AlysonAdele doesn’t deserve Cameron.

@AlysonAdele she’s not even pretty

@AlysonAdele out of all the girls in the world he chooses her? Cam could do better.

These girls were the reason my insomnia reappeared. Well, not so much the girls themselves, but their words. They were only reinforcing the thoughts that I had on a daily basis and causing them to go into overdrive. Over the past week since our relationship was brought into the public eye, if I slept at all, it was only a couple hours a night. I had become more dependent on my Adderall to function everyday, and had taken to chain smoking, which didn’t go unnoticed by Cameron.

“Are you okay?”

“Did you sleep at all last night?”

“Didn’t you just buy that pack this morning?”

I would just shrug it off or blame it on becoming resistant to my sleeping medication, which was only partially a lie. My sleeping medication hadn’t been working right months before we even got together, but now, not even with Cameron’s sleeping form next to me could I escape from my own thoughts.

The night before Wizard Con St. Louis, I didn’t sleep at all which meant that I’d slept three and half hours over the past 3 days. We were attending our first event since becoming public in less than 12 hours and if dealing with crazy fangirls on social media was intimidating, I didn’t think I was prepared to experience the hate in person.

So that next morning, when I was finally fed up of being eluded by sleep, I arose from bed to start getting ready. After I had taken a shower and gotten dressed, which was rather difficult I might add, having nearly fallen over several times, I looked at myself in the mirror. I would definitely have to go heavy on the concealer to hide the dark bags under my eyes.

I had left the door open, so around that time, I heard Cameron stirring. Moments later, he was behind me one eye still not open. He wrapped his arms lightly around my waist and kissed my shoulder before placing his head on it.

Cam’s eyes met mine it the mirror, “Didn’t sleep again.” he stated rather than asked, I must have looked worse than I thought. I nodded, not looking at him as I continued putting on my makeup. I hated seeing the pity in his eyes, it made me feel weak.

“Are you gonna be okay today?” he asked, his thumb lightly caressing my stomach through the material of my shirt.

I nodded and turned to face him, smiling in attempt to ease his qualms, “Oh yeah, it’s just like finals week. At least this time I’m not cramming for Stats.”

He smiled down at me and gently kissed my lips, his hand on my cheek.

No I wasn’t going to be cramming for stats, I was just going to be given constant death glares by teenaged girls, much more fun.

We arrived at the conference center a little before 11 o’clock when we were supposed to go to our booths to sign autographs. The guys lines were already making their way across the room when we arrived. Despite the fact that there were more fans at this event, everything went a lot smoother than the usual chaos at the MAGCON events. The girls actually got to have small conversations with the guys rather than the usual quick signing and a picture. Bart should take a leaf out of these guys’ book. They actually know what they’re doing.

While the line at my booth wasn’t nearly as impressive, I was shocked at the number of people in it. I only hoped that they weren’t lining up to tell me off or possibly take a swing at me. After about an hour of signing and taking pictures with fans, I realized that wasn’t the case. The girls who came up to my booth were all extremely sweet and didn’t act hostile toward me at all. In fact, most of them were excited that Cam and I were together, which came as a huge shock after staying up all night reading the hate on Twitter.

This is not to say I didn’t get the occasional death glare from some of the girls who went through all the boys lines but skipped mine, because that definitely happened multiple times. Especially when they would catch Cameron and I talking to each other through the curtain or sneaking a glance at each other when we both went around the booth to take a picture. But at least they weren’t actually confronting me. I didn’t think I could deal with that.

After a couple hours of this, the numbers in my line started to dwindle so I decided to take a break. I needed to smoke anyway if I was going to remain living until 9 o clock that night. When I walked back inside, I decided to go meet some of the other guest. To be perfectly honest, I was just as excited to be here as the fans were, obviously not because of the boys but because of some of the other guests.

First I went to Milo Ventimiglia’s booth, I had loved him since I first saw him on Gilmore Girls and I had kept up with his work ever since. I’d seen almost all of his movies and I was a die-hard Heroes fan. Since I was a guest, they let me walk behind the booth so I could talk to him. I’m not going to pretend that because I was a guest at the event that I stayed calm and collected while I was talking to him. I was shaking the entire time as any fangirl would, which only got worse when he smiled at me.

“Hey, I just wanted to say that I –uhh-  I’ve been following your work since I saw you on Gilmore Girls forever ago, and you are an amazing actor.” I spoke stumbling over my words.

He laughed and leaned against the booth, “D’aww, that’s awesome. I’m not gonna lie and say I knew who you were before I saw the lineup. I’m not really into the whole social media thing, but I watched some of your youtube videos when I saw that you were added. When you’re name is tied to Viners, I didn’t expect you to have good taste in music, but I really liked your Modest Mouse cover. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.”

I’m pretty sure my mouth hit the floor, which only cause him to laugh again. I recovered after a moment, “Sorry, I’m just having a serious fangirl moment. Thank you so much, I can’t wait to see you in the Heroes reboot. It’s one of my favorite roles of your’s.”

“Hell yeah, you’re gonna love it. The vibe is much more like the first few seasons.”

I grinned, “Would you mind if I got a picture with you real quick? I don’t wanna hold up your line.” He shook his head and put his arm around my shoulder as one of the handlers took a picture with my phone.

“Thanks so much!” I said excitedly as I looked at the picture on my phone. Shit I look like a crackhead. Sleep deprivation is not a good look on me.

“No problem, you’re coming to the event in Philly right?” he asked before I could walk off.

“Yeah, we’re all gonna be here.” I replied standing next to the curtain.

“Well if I don’t see you around again later, I’ll be sure to catch up with you then.” He waved me off and it took every part of my being not to squeal.

After attempting to compose myself, I saw Matt Smith and Karen Gillan’s table further down the room, and almost fainted. I had been watching Doctor Who since my freshman year of high school and the fact that the 11th Doctor and Amy Fucking Pond were even in the same room as me had my heart beating rapidly against my chest.

I went through the same spiel with the security guard at the curtain who also let me go behind the booth. They both smiled up at me as I made my way over to them, my face must have been completely red at this point due to talking to Milo and the anticipation of talking to Matt and Karen.

“Hey, you’re one of the Viners here with the kid with the blue eyes, huh? Alyson right?” Karen asked, her Scottish accent much less clipped as it was in the show.

Before I could nod, Matt interjected, “No, she’s the girl who made that youtube video talking about the Van Gogh episode and covered Chances by Athlete.”

Karen looked confused before turning her attention to me. I was once again in shock. How did these people I idolized have any possible clue who I was? After a moment of them looking at me, I quickly replied, “Actually I’m both. Wow, I’m just in shock y’all have any idea who I am. This is fucking crazy.”

They laughed, before Karen said, “Oh you’re acting like me when I first talked to Bradley Cooper.”

“Which I am so excited to see you in Guardians of the Galaxy. It looks amazing.” I quickly added, trying to take the focus off of how nervous I was. “And I also wanted to tell you both that I was literally sobbing at the end of the Christmas Special. I had to take a few days to recover from you guys officially leaving Doctor Who.”

“We definitely shed a few tears when we finished filming it as well, didn’t we Karen.” Matt said nudging her.

“A few? Matt you were sobbing like toddler who needed his nappy changed.” Karen said looking at him incredulously before laughing with me.

“Yeah, yeah, why don’t you go sign autographs with Bradley Cooper instead.” He teased.

“I would, but he’s not here so I’m stuck with you, you little twat.” She joked nudging his shoulder. Their real life relationship was just as, if not more, adorable than the Doctor and Amy’s.

“Y’all are perfect, do you mind if I get a picture with you guys?” I asked.

“Course not, love.” Matt said pulling me beside him and Karen taking her place on my other side.

After we took the picture, they both gave me a hug and I thanked them.

Matt waved it off, “Anything for you, sweetheart.” I melted.

“Glad to meet you.” Karen chimed.

Forget coming to Wizard Con as a guest, I just needed to get VIP tickets and come as a fan. I was literally in heaven.

The last person I wanted to see was Jon Bernthal, I had met him a year prior at Wizard Con New Orleans when I actually did come as a fan. Since then I had seen him in The Wolf of Wall Street and I had to tell him how amazing he was in it.

Once I made it to his booth, I sighed in relief that he had shaved that ridiculous beard off. I was less nervous seeing him for some reason, probably because my embarrassment quota was up for the day.

I smiled as he looked up and before I could say anything he exclaimed, “Okay, so I saw your picture on the lineup and I fucking swear I’ve seen you before.”

Embarrassment quota: overload.

I once again stumbled over my words, “Yeah, I met you at Wizard Con New Orleans a year ago. I made a comment about your phone case.” I nodded at it, smiling. It was still the same one, white with a pot leaf. He seriously cracked me up.

He laughed, “Oh yeah! I couldn’t forget a smile like that.”

I blushed and he continued, “So this is crazy, one year you’re here as fan the next you’re a guest. How does that even happen?”

“The way most fame or whatever this is happens, right place right time. But anyway, I’m still here as a fan. My mouth has hit the floor several times today from meeting some of the other guests.”

He smiled, “Well I’m really glad to see that beautiful smile again.”

My cheeks turned a deeper shade of red, “Well I just wanted to tell you that I saw you in The Wolf of Wall Street and you were phenomenal. Seriously, I was so disappointed that nobody got an Oscar from that movie.”

Jon looked around incredulously, “Right? Leo was fucking robbed. I was pissed.”

I nodded, “We are in complete agreement.”

When we went to take a picture together, I stumbled and Jon put his hands on my shoulders to steady me. “You okay?” he asked, concern etched on his features.

“Yeah, I’m just a klutz. Seriously I’ve fallen walking up the stairs.” I replied shrugging it off. I was starting to feel delirious from lack of sleep and it was showing. Only when I looked at the picture did I realize the time. The panel was supposed to start in less than 15 minutes.

I quickly said goodbye to Jon and rushed through the crowd of people to make it to the side door. I was lucky in the fact that I really didn’t need a security guard to escort me everywhere unlike the boys. Nash, Hayes, and Cam were waiting when I got there, Nash and Hayes getting hyped up as they listened to the murmur coming from in front of the stage and Cameron looking at his phone his brow furrowed.

“Hey, sorry. I was fangirling and lost track of time.” I stammered my head spinning from so much movement as I walked up beside Cam, placing my hand on his shoulder.

He looked relieved when he saw me, and I couldn’t help but laugh at my expression. “What? Did you think some girls kidnapped me while I was gone?”

Cameron gave a noncommittal shrug, “Not gonna lie, it definitely crossed my mind.”

I rolled my eyes, “Anything interesting happen while I was gone?”

“Holy shit, this girl totally had a seizure when she got to Cam’s line. It was so scary.” Hayes said before turning back to Nash.

I looked at Cam, horrified, “Holy shit, is she okay?”

“I guess, I mean I just hated that I couldn’t really do anything so I just held her until it was over.” He said, expression going from relief that I was okay to concern over the girl.

“You did the only thing you could do, Cam. And most people wouldn’t have even done that.” I replied taking his hand in mine.

Just then I heard the panel director through the speakers, “Alright guys, let’s give a Warm Wizard Con Welcome to Hayes and Nash Grier, Alyson Harvey, and Cameron Dallas!”

The crowd erupted into applause as we walked out and took our seats on the stage. I was bewildered when I saw the number of people crowded into this huge room. Along with the girls in the seats, they were also sitting down in the aisles and a shit ton standing in the back, craning their heads to get a better look.

Cameron must have seen the look on my face because he reached for my hand under the table, purposefully running his thumb over my palm. Only then did I look away from the crowd to find him smiling at me, his soft brown eyes doing that thing where they immediately calm my nerves.

The panel director spoke again once the applause calmed down, “Alright so is this you guys’ first Wizard Con?”

The guys all confirmed, while I shook my head.

“Alyson, you’ve been before?” the director asked.

I nodded, “Yeah, obviously I wasn’t a guest but I went to Wizard Con New Orleans the November before last.”As I said New Orleans there were a few shouts from the crowd, and I smiled at them before continuing, “I’m a huge Walking Dead fan and I met Michael Rooker, Norman Reedus, and Jon Bernthal. It was amazing.”

“Must be crazy going from coming to a convention as a fan and then being apart of the lineup.”

Laughing, I replied, “What are you talking about? I came as a fan this time too. Once a fangirl always a fangirl”

The director laughed along with the boys and some of the crowd.

“Oh yeah, you weren’t walking up to the rest of the lineup like ‘Yeah, I’m that cool vine chick.’?” he asked and I couldn’t help but scoff.

“Oh my god, no. I was a blubbering idiot just like last time. Seriously though, you guys,” I looked out at the crowd, “Don’t ever worry about embarrassing yourself in front of these guys or anybody else because no matter what you do, nothing will be as bad as what I said to Norman Reedus when I met him.”

“Alright, this I have to hear.” the director spoke into the mic leaning against his podium.

I blushed a deep shade of red, “I’m only telling for y’all’s benefit.” I said to the crowd. “Okay so I go up to Norman Reedus and after confessing my undying love for him, I said ‘Just so you know, when I saw you holding that baby in last week’s episode, I finally understood the whole go forth and multiply thing.”

The girls in the crowd burst into a fit of giggles, but not nearly as bad as the boys sitting beside me on stage, causing me to cross my arms and duck down on the table for a moment. When I raised my head, I finished, “I’m serious, you know when you say something in your head and it sounds funny and then your say it out loud and you’re just like, ‘what possessed me to do that?’ I’m still not over it.”

When the laughter died down the director continued, “So you said you met Jon Bernthal before, did he recognize you?”

“Yeah, we had a bonding experience last time over his phone case.” I replied. Apparently the director had seen it, because he placed his head down on the podium as he tried to hide his laughter.

“Apparently a lot of people have bonded with him over it. Was it crazy for you that he knew who you were?”

“Beyond crazy. There are no words. I mean it’s Jon Bernthal.” I said looking around, hoping some Walking Dead fans were in the audience, there were a few who whistled.

Cameron chimed in, “Uh-oh, should I be worried?”

“Of course not, Norman Reedus isn’t here.” I teased, winking at him causing Cam to roll his eyes and nudge my shoulder as he smiled at me.

He leaned closer and whispered, “You talk a lot when you’re sleep deprived, did you know that? It’s cute.”

I pouted and looked away, causing him to laugh and squeeze my hand placing it on the table for everyone to see. I didn’t react, knowing that no matter I did, someone would have something to say about it later.

The director took that moment to ask members of the audience to line up in the middle aisle to start the Q&A.

Throughout most of the panel, I was quiet. Not that I had expected to get a lot of questions. I knew that most of the fans there were all about the guys. Occasionally there would be a question for all four of us.

Like one girl, she asked how we came up with vine ideas. We all looked at each other, waiting for someone to answer before I finally just leaned toward the mic and said, “Mean Girls, to be honest.”

The crowd laughed, as the boys nodded, Nash adding, “Yeah pretty much. Haha, no but really, they come from just about anything.”

Cameron leaned forward speaking this time, “Mean Girls is just the primary source.”

There were more questions directed toward the boys, things like ‘do you like girls with brown eyes?’ or ‘will you follow me on Twitter?’ You couldn’t really expect a whole lot of meaningful questions, I mean the majority of the guys fanbase was young girls.

But when the director announced that they had time for one more question, I saw a girl who had been in my line earlier approaching the mic. She had told me that Caly was her OTP and she was really happy for us. She was really sweet, so when our eyes met I smiled and did a small wave which she returned.

“Hey, guys. I just want to say that you guys are so cute together. I know that you guys were really close friends before getting into a relationship, and I was just wondering if a whole lot has changed since then?”

Before either one of us could answer, Nash leaned forward, “I just want to put my two cents in real quick. It’s kind of goes like this every day, ‘you have such beautiful eyes.’ ‘Oh my god, I love your smile.’ ‘You’re perfect.’ ‘No, you’re perfect.’”

I looked at him with raised eye brows before saying, “And that’s around the time I ask Nash and Cam if they’d like to be alone.”

The crowd erupted into fits of giggles while Nash pouted and Cameron rolled his eyes, not able to help the smile creeping onto his face.

“But really though, I don’t think a whole lot has changed. I mean, a romantic relationship is just friendship caught on fire right?” Cameron asked, looking at me.

It was my turn to roll my eyes, “Don’t, you’re better than that.”

“I can’t I’m all about that romance, ya know?”

Before I could say anything someone shouted from the crowd, “Cameron is an anagram of romance.”

I laughed asking in the direction from which the voice came, “Is it really?”

Everyone nodded, and I shrugged, “Well I guess it’s a good thing I’m dating Liam Payne then” before knocking his snapback off his head and on to the table.

Cameron quickly scrambled for his hat as the crowd either laughed at what I had said or whistled at Cam with his new haircut. “That was rude and uncalled for.” he said, pouting.

I couldn’t help but smile a bit at the expression on his face before taking his hand in mine on the table. Cameron’s pout faded into a smile, he wasn’t used to me showing any type of affection toward him when fans were present. “But all jokes aside, I lucked out. There is no better relationship than one with your best friend.”

The crowd awed and started to clap, causing Cameron to smile goofily and me to blush.

Once the crowd died down, the panel director spoke, “And on that adorable note, I’m going to go home and sob. Hashtag Forever Alone.” He paused as the fans laughed before continuing, “Remember the professional pictures for these guys will start in half an hour at booth D.”

Once the crowd cleared out of the room, we were escorted to the booth. As expected, the line was overwhelming. Only two more hours. You can make it. I thought to myself as I felt my head spinning.

The first hour passed and we had taken so many pictures I lost count. As we made it into the second hour though, I started noticing girls giving me hostile looks. Obviously wishing that I wasn’t there, I didn’t doubt that when these girls would deface or cut out my part of the picture when they got it.

As this continued to happen, I only felt the spinning in my head get worse. I stumbled, placing my hand on Nash’s arm to steady myself. The boys looked at me concerned and Nash moved to steady me.

“You okay?” Cameron asked moving from one of the girl’s side to mine, when I looked at her she rolled her eyes obviously annoyed.

“I think I need to go lay down in the green room.” I said, blinking in attempt to make the room come into focus.

“Here, I’ll come with you.” Cam said, taking Nash’s place.

I shrugged him off, “No, you need to stay. I’ll be fine.”

Cameron looked at the still exceedingly long line and then back to me, “Okay, but at least one of the security guards take you back. I don’t want you hurting yourself.”

I nodded, not in the mood to argue with him and walked off with one of the security guards who had stepped over to make sure I was okay. It’s a good thing he went with me for two reasons, one: I probably would have fallen over, and two: I wouldn’t have been able to find the green room anyway.

Once inside, I immediately laid down on the couch, placing my fingers on my temple. My head was throbbing. After a few minutes of lying there with my eyes closed and not falling asleep, I checked my phone. As I expected, the hate on Twitter only got worse.

“She looks like a fucking crackhead. Don’t know what Cam sees in her.”

“.@AlysonAdele would leave Cam for some guy on The Walking Dead. That show is stupid and so is she.”

“Can’t wait to cut @AlysonAdele out of my group picture and burn it tbh.”

It went on and on. These girls really hated me. And to be honest, I didn’t blame them. What did I do to deserve a great guy like Cameron? I paled in comparison to these girls when it came to looks, and at least they weren’t all kinds of fucked up in the head. At least they didn’t think about driving 100 miles an hour into a tree anytime the slightest thing happened. At least they weren’t sullied by their own thoughts.

Only when I felt the dampness on my cheeks did I realize I was crying, rather than trying to shake it off like I had countless times over the past week, I let the steady flow of tears run their course until I finally drifted off to sleep.

Cameron’s POV

The whole last hour of taking pictures, I was restless. I just wanted to know if Aly was okay. I felt bad, because the girls could tell I would rather be somewhere else, but I couldn’t help it. I had never seen Aly look like that. I mean, I’d seen her sleep deprived but she always toughed it out. She looked completely defeated when she walked away with that security guard, all the fight in her eyes had dissipated.

Fifteen minutes past the time we were supposed to be heading out, they finally cut off the line, telling the girls to come back the next day so they could get their pictures then.

Nash, Hayes, and Chad couldn’t keep up as I walked to the green room. By time I got there, when I turned around to say something to Nash, none of them were behind me. Shrugging it off, I opened the door to find Alyson asleep on the couch with her phone next to her.

As I got closer to her sleeping form, I saw that her cheeks were damp and there were streaks in her makeup. She’d been crying. But what for?

My eyes immediately went to her phone , I grabbed it and crouched down next to her sleeping form. When I saw the words on the screen, I soon understood why she had been crying. People were calling her all kinds of names, saying she was a slut, and just being straight up cruel. I had taken Matt’s advice and stayed away from my Twitter list over the past week after we had been outed by that Vine, but apparently Aly didn’t heed his warning.

As I continued to scroll, I could feel myself getting more and more pissed off. Not only was none of this true, but it was causing her so much pain. I set her phone down and grabbed my own, opening up Twitter.

“If I see any more hate on my tl about Aly, I will unfollow. Not kidding. What some of you guys have been saying is fucked up.”

Once I hit ‘Post’, I put mine and Aly’s phones in my pocket. I wiped the tears from her cheeks before picking her up her sleeping form, and walking toward the door. Once in the hallway I saw Nash, Hayes, and Chad, who all looked at me confused.

“Is she okay?” Chad asked moving to look at Alyson, she was still asleep but her face was buried into my shoulder and her hand gripping my shirt tightly.

“She just hasn’t slept over the past few days, I didn’t wanna wake her up.” I replied, trying not to let the anger over what I had seen show in my voice.

He nodded and we headed to the car. Aly stirred a few times in the car but never actually woke up. While we were in the car, apparently Nash had checked his phone because he looked over at both of us smiling sadly, but I couldn’t even acknowledge it. I was still fuming.

When Aly still hadn’t woken up as we reached the hotel, I picked her up once again and carried her inside. Letting Nash open the door for me once we made it to the room, I quickly said goodnight to the guys and took her inside. I placed her down on the bed gently and took off her jeans tossing them into a pile my clothes in the corner before laying down beside her and pulling her to my chest.

I hated this. It was my job as her boyfriend to protect her, but how do you protect someone from the words of other people and her own thoughts?

Alyson’s POV

“Say, man, you got a joint?”

“No, not on me, man.”

“It’d be a lot cooler if you did.”

I slowly opened my eyes as I heard the movie Dazed and Confused playing on the TV. The TV… How the fuck did I get back to the room? My gaze found Cameron who was sitting up next to me on the bed, the light from the TV and the lamp beside him illuminating his features. He looked pissed.

I studied his face for a moment before he felt my eyes on him, and shifted his gaze from the TV to me. “Hey,” he said laying down so his face was next to mine, placing a soft kiss against my lips.

“How did I get here?” I asked, blinking the sleep from my eyes.

“You fell asleep in the green room and I carried you.” he replied, placing his hand on my waist.

I looked at him incredulously, “With what? A forklift?”

He rolled his eyes and stated seriously, “Don’t even start that, Aly.” I was silent, and Cameron spoke again, “You should have told me about the stuff on Twitter. I didn’t know they were saying shit like that.”

I shrugged, “It’s okay.”

“No the hell it isn’t okay. I’m not going to let my girlfriend cry herself to sleep because of some stupid shit that jealous girls are posting on the internet.” he said placing his hand from my waist to my hair.

I bit my lip, “But what if they’re right, Cam? I told you the first time you kissed me, I’m completely fucked up. I see it, and apparently they do too. I don’t know why you don’t.”

He looked at me for a moment, his eyes flashed from anger to sadness several times before he finally spoke, “Because they aren’t right and neither are you. These things you see in yourself aren’t there. You are beautiful, and you care so much about everyone, and I love that about you. But I also hate it, because it’s making you care about this stupid shit these girls are saying, which none of it is true. Please, Aly, I love you. That’s the only thing you need to know, stop questioning it.”

Usually, I would look away from him at this point, but this time I couldn’t take my eyes away from him. The sincerity was evident in his expression reaching his eyes as they bore into mine. I smiled, placing my hand against his chest, “I love you too, Cam.” My voice was soft, but the words didn’t waiver because there were never any truer words spoken.

Cameron returned my smile and placed his lips against mine before turning back to watch the movie, pulling me to lie against his chest.

My eyes were focused on the screen, but my thoughts lie elsewhere as his fingers danced over the sensitive skin of my waist, my shirt having risen up. I traced the freckles on his stomach moving lower and lower down his torso until the credits started to roll.

“Hey.” he spoke firmly, and I instantly recognized his tone. I barely had time to turn my head before his soft lips were on mine. I responded eagerly, placing my hand against his chest as his entangled in my hair. I whimpered into the kiss as he pulled, making him smile. I bit his lip defiantly and raked my nails against his side a little harder than usual.

This game of teasing continued for a moment before Cameron roughly grabbed my thigh, making me straddle his hips, our lips only separating only as I moaned at the sensation of his hard member pressed firmly against my core. I bit my lip and when I opened my eyes, I saw Cam with his shit eating grin, thinking he had won. Seeing this, I gripped at his short hair and grinded my hips against his, hard.

“Fuck, Aly.” He groaned, moving his hands to my hips, guiding me to do it again. I closed my eyes, fighting off the urge to vocally express how amazing it felt to have him against me. He quickly tugged my shirt over my head and unclasped my bra, tossing it in a corner and I felt his chest against mine, our underwear the only things keeping us from complete skin to skin contact. Cam left a trail of kisses along my neck, finally stopping against my clavicle as he continued guiding me his grip so tight on my hips, I was sure there would be bruises.

After one particularly hard motion where Cam’s hips thrust upward to meet mine, I gripped his shoulders and moaned, my voice small, “Fuck, Cam.”

Cameron stopped and pulled away, when I opened my eyes I was met with his. His usually chocolate brown eyes were almost black with lust.  I blushed and bit my lip, but I didn’t look away. He quickly turned us so he was on top, his lips finding mine before continuing further down. Cam stopped for a moment at my breasts, his mouth on one while his hand gently kneaded into the other, the heat at my center, becoming overwhelming as he did so.

I bit my lip as he continued down my torso, stopping to play with the hem of my panties. When I whimpered impatiently, I heard him chuckle before he pulled off my panties and placing my legs over his shoulders. Cam kissed the apex of my thighs, only tormenting me further. I opened my eyes as I felt him run his fingers against my slit, shuddering as he did.

“So wet, baby. Is that all for me?” He asked, before placing his digits in his mouth making the blood rushed to my cheeks. With no warning I felt his mouth against my center, his tongue stroking my clit in purposeful motions while his fingers moved inside me. The feeling since the first time he did this, not having faded in the least.

He continued his ministrations, only stopping for a second to wrap one arm around my hip so his hand resting against my stomach. Cameron pumped his fingers in and out of me faster, as I came his name rolled effortlessly off my lips while I gripped his hair tightly, knowing that if I didn’t hold onto something I would surely be stripped away from this dimension or something of that nature. Nobody had ever felt that good in the history of the Universe.

As I recovered from my orgasm I rolled onto my side and felt Cameron lay down next to me, placing soft kisses to my shoulder while he rubbed comforting circles on my back. After my breathing returned to normal I opened my eyes and looked at Cameron who smiled at me before kissing me gently so I could taste myself on his lips. I pulled away and looked at him meaningfully, expressing what I wanted from him with my gaze rather than words.

His eyes widened a bit, “Are you sure?” He asked, placing a firm emphasis on the word ‘sure’.

“I haven’t been sure about a lot of things lately, but this isn’t one of those things.” I whispered quietly, my eyes not leaving his as I gently ran my fingers through the hairs at the base of his neck.

Cameron’s lips found mine once again, only this time more firm as guided me to lay on my back. Taking his place between my legs, he quickly stripped off his boxers and positioned himself at my entrance. Cameron leaned down, propping himself up with his forearm, his other hand resting on my hip and pressed his lips against mine while he rubbed his length against my still sensitive center. I shuddered at the skin to skin contact and pulled away from his lips.

“Please stop teasing me.” I practically begged, needing to feel him inside me.

“Okay baby.” He said, before placing his lips back on mine while he slowly entered me. I winced as I felt myself stretch to accommodate his member. It hurt, but not as bad as it would have if he hadn’t gotten me so worked up beforehand.

Cam groaned against my lips, “God, you’re so fucking tight.”

Once the skin of our hips met, he moved to look at me, “Are you okay?”

I smiled and nodded, giving myself a moment to adjust to his size before moving my hips against his, signaling that he could move.

He took the hint, moving in and out of me slowly, the feeling completely foreign to me. It was uncomfortable, but it also felt so good that I couldn’t help but want more. As the uncomfortable feeling started to subside a little, I moved my hips with his in attempt to make him move faster. Luckily, he was feeling just as impatient as I was because his thrust soon sped up, causing me to whimper at the sensation.

The sounds escaping my lips from the friction only encouraged him. Soon his slow, gentle thrusts became fast and hard, his hand on my hip gripping tighter than before as he made me meet his thrusts. I could feel the pressure once against building up in my core, as I felt our hips meeting harder each time.

“Cam, I’m gonna come.” I groaned my nails digging into his sides. “Please.”

He continued his ministrations hard enough that I was sure my thighs had already started to bruise. With one final thrust I felt my entire body tense up as I felt a wave of euphoria wash over me, his name rolling off my tongue once again. As my core clenched around his member, it only took a few seconds for him to come inside me, my name on his lips as he did so.

Cameron rolled us over so I was lying on his chest while he was still inside me. He kissed the top of my head as we both lay there trying to catch our breath.

“Are you okay?” he asked concerned.

I looked up and kissed him softly before responding, “I’m a lot better than okay, to be honest.”

He laughed, a smile permanently etched on his face, “I love you, Aly.” his hand rubbing my back gently.

“I love you, too.”

We laid like that for a while before he eventually drifted off to sleep. I however was fully awake. After laying beside him for a couple hours, unable to go back to sleep, I got up and made my way over to the pile of mine and Cam’s clothes pulling on one of his sweatshirts and a pair of my shorts. As I felt the fabric against my thighs, I didn’t have to look to know that I was correct about the bruising.

I grabbed my guitar and my pack of cigarettes before stepping out onto the balcony. As I lit a cigarette I checked my phone, even though it was probably a bad idea at that point. There were pictures of Cameron carrying my sleeping form to the car, most of the comments along the lines of: “She’s probably faking it just like the girl who had the ‘seizure’.”

I found myself getting more angry about them thinking that girl had faked a fucking seizure than what they said about me. Mostly because I knew I didn’t have to fake anything when Cameron was involved. I set my phone down and looked ahead of me. It was cloudy that night, not that I could have seen the stars anyway with all the lights from the city below, but I found myself wishing I could.

A little while later, the door slid open and Cameron sat down across from me as I put out my cigarette.

“Can’t sleep?” he asked, placing his hand on my knee.

“I slept enough earlier, I’m okay.” I replied. When I looked over at him, I noticed his gaze didn’t meet mine, but were focused on the bruises on my thighs.

“I’m sorry, I guess I got a little carried away.” he said, sounding unsure.

“I don’t mind.” I replied seriously and Cam smiled at me.

When he noticed my guitar, he leaned over and grabbed it placing it in my hands. I looked at him confused, to which he said, “I had a lot of girls tell me today that Latch is the official Caly ship song.” we both laughed at how silly that sounded before he continued, “I was wondering if you could think of a better one.”

Like most girls, despite the corniness, I had thought of a song that we could call ours, but at first I didn’t want to admit that to him. However, my guilty smile gave it away, “Go on.” he urged, watching me intently.

“You won’t know it.” I stated, trying to get out of this situation.

“When do I ever?” he asked sarcastically, “Come on.”

He had me at that one. Instead of arguing, I adjusted the capo and began to pick the strings with my fingers.


“You’ve been kicking in your sleep 
Tossing and turning relentlessy
and I know you’d be lying if you told me you were fine
You’ve been screaming in your head
Swallowing the words that I know you would’ve said if you would just breathe.”

When I finished, my eyes found Cameron’s which were lit up, as he understood just how much that song applied to us.

“Perfect.” He said, placing a kiss to my temple. Cameron wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I leaned against his, no other words were needed because the song said it all.

I knew that he was going to be there for me just as I would for him. I knew that what we had wasn’t perfect like the books and movies made love out to be. I knew that we were exactly what we were meant to be. And that was all that mattered.

Ok a couple of things for my morning ramble haha:

1. I entered the @bodybuildingcom spokesmodel search. I almost didn’t because I kept comparing myself, doubting myself, ya know all of that nonsense. I then realized that nothing will ever happen if I DON’T try, but something COULD happen if I do. So I’m going for it and we can just see what happens! I always preach to ya’ll to step outside your comfort zone because that’s when amazing things happen in your life, and it’s true and has always been true for me in my life. So anyway, if you want to watch the video it’s up on my channel. I’ve gotten so much support already and I’ve been like crying because I love you all so much!

2. This ties into this whole social media stuff that I am seeing everywhere. I didn’t even want to say anything about it because so many people already have but to sum it up, what Essena did was amazing to show the ugly side of social media. I feel for her, and it’s unfortunate that she got tied up into it like that. She is so young and I completely see where she is coming from. However, there are so many positives to social media. Social media has made such a positive impact in my life. I have connected and met some really amazing people that I never would have before, some of my best friends I have met through social media and I am forever grateful. I also started my social media in hopes of inspiring people and making a difference, not for the likes or the followers - I could care less about that. What matters to me is when I get emails from girls saying I have inspired them or changed their life positively in some way. Every single email I get like that has me in tears, and if you know me, I don’t cry easily. Just like anything, social media has the power to be negative such as promoting nonsense like waist trainers and fat burners and crap like that. BUT it also has the power to be positive and make an impact in peoples lives. @marie.wold summed it up perfectly - it is what you make of it. With that being said, I am so thankful for all of you and there really is nothing better than connecting with such amazing people from all over the world. So thank you.


Happy 51st Alex! [x] [created by Mary]

51 reasons, 23 Kinglets, 8 countries- 1 common thread that ties them- Alex Kingston. And its not just the ones listed here- so many more. So many different faces tied with the same thread.

Here is the 51 Reasons video- a small token; a way of celebrating the woman we all love.

We are immensely thankful to all those who participated, and I must say, this is one of the most beautiful fanbases I have ever encountered. And we just hope we are able to convey the message of ‘You are loved- by so many and so much’ in its truest sense to Alex. She deserves to know how much we all love her.

Here’s to you Sweetie! :)