My Impressions of the Types

These are based solely on my experiences. They turned out a little more negative than I intended, since I’m not great at expanding on the positives. I love all the types, so focus on the good parts please lol. Also included: advice for each type.


We’ll start here, because this is me. I don’t actually know a whole lot of other ENTPs, at least not very closely right now in my life. The ones I do know I get along very well with. They’re funny and it’s always great getting into discussions about random things. Tbh tho ENTPs are kind of 50/50 hit or miss with their Fe. Ones that have healthy Fe are all around wonderful to be around; they’re fun, engaging, and nice. Ones that lack healthy Fe sometimes act weird just to get attention or will say some pretty insensitive things. Most are pretty awkward though, in one way or another. It’s hard to break past the acquaintance barrier unless they’re actively trying to befriend you. My advice: work on socializing and figuring out what to say and also not sucking at being organized (I’m working on these too lol)


INTPs are really similar to ENTPs, just quieter and awkward in a different way. I love them to death though. The ones I’ve met are really great people and always have some funny remark or interesting insight on anything. The one I’m closest with right now is a little bit dependent socially, so I feel kind of tied to them at social gatherings. Oh wait there was this one other one I knew a while ago who’s a huge jerk, and rejected anything good about others. My advice: open up a little more. You’re great, people will love you if you give them the chance (unless you’re an edgy jerk, then work on being a decent person, then open up, but that’s probably not you).


I love ESTPs they’re so fun. As an Ne-dom though, it’s sometimes hard to relate to them, as abstract discussion is much more interesting for me than for them. Also, I find that every single ESTP is into some combination of sports, cameras, and cars (or for the 1% that don’t fit any of those, try music or video games). As long as you know something about each of those, you’ll be able to have some sort of conversation/hang out with any ESTP. Many are prone to doing really stupid things though (at least the male ones I know) and will probably die someday in a silly stunt. Overall, super chill people. My advice: Don’t do anything too stupid. Always calculate your risks.


I don’t know too many ISTPs very well. But the ones I do know, I very much enjoy hanging out with. As an ENTP, I love their strong Ti. It’s so fun to dissect things in conversation with them. They sometimes will also suffer from Edgy Jerk Syndrome like INTPs, but if not, they’re very likeable. They’re also really chill, like ESTPs, but in an even more laid-back way. Unless you’re annoying, then they will not be chill at you at all. My advice: Be nice to people, and keep doing you.


Oh dear where do I begin? My 13 y/o brother and my dad are ENFPs and as far as I can remember I’ve had an ENFP best friend/sidekick. My current best friend is an ENFP and he’s great and I love him but also I hate him. My dad is such an incredibly extraverted person if we’re outside the house. He will talk to literally anyone about basically anything. Now that I think about it, my brother is the most exaggerated form I can think of of each of his function (except inf Si). His Ne is literally insane. Ne: For the past few weeks he’s been singing/screaming about “chickensquids” to the tune of any song he can think of (and he loves memes). Fi: Ohhh boy has this kid got some not-so-healthy-Fi. He always has to have his way or he starts yelling. He doesn’t care much for what others want and will make some selfish decisions like all the time. (But when he’s not he is a really fun person to be around). Te: When he wants something, he will create a specific plan for how he wants it and he will Execute. I need $60 for this new game? If mom and dad pay me $10 an hour for doing chores, I need to do exactly six hours of dishes, vacuuming, etc. and I can have this game by 4:00 today. But other than that he will not lift a finger of work. My best friend though, I love him, we’re very similar people. Our Ne is always in-sync. He knows about MBTI in-depth too, so he’s worked on polishing up his Te and making sure his Fi thinks about other people. And he just keeps better too. I’m real grateful to have him around because I’d be so bored without him. He’s a lil dramatic sometimes but that’s okay. So… overall ENFPs are real social and fun but can be a pain in the butt if they don’t get their way. My advice: Remember that there’s more to life than just you having fun.


I’ve mistyped a good (ISTJ) friend of mine as an INFP for a long time and it’s been a while since I’ve actually interacted with INFPs regularly so writing this one might require a little more thought and digging through my inf-Si haha. In my experience INFPs are pretty 50/50 too: they’ll either be super sweet and quiet, or very strongly-opinionated individuals with a bit of a wild side, which will especially come out once you get close to them. The latter are truthfully a prime example of my (not-to-be-taken-very-seriously) saying of “Feelers have no chill.” My advice: Idek you probably wouldn’t follow it anyway


I have a love/hate relationship with ESFPs. Two of my good friends in my recent high school years were ESFPs and they were quite different but with significant similarities. Let’s start with similarities: Probably the most fun people you will ever meet. They love dancing and are always fun to be around. Unless they’re in a bad mood. Differences: ESFP 1: Probably the most outgoing person I’ve ever met (even more than my aforementioned ENFP Dad). He was a huge mess with girls tho. Everyone was in love with him and he’d be absolutely in love with a girl one week, and then drop her and be into another the next week. He hurt a lot of people’s feelings and was kind of a huge inconsiderate jerk. Also, a bit of a pathological liar and would find out people’s secrets and then broadcast them to the world. Idek why we hung out with him so much. It’s kinda weird how he managed to be so charming yet so inconsiderate. When in a bad mood, he wouldn’t say anything or look at anyone, but you could see the fire in his eyes. ESFP 2: Very opinionated social activist and lead actor in like all of our productions. He’s much less outgoing, but was still really fun to hang out with. He disliked a lot of people and would get annoyed by little things. I wasn’t around him too much outside of school, but I know he partied hard, but wasn’t openly a huge stoner like some people are. My advice: CHILL.


I’m not too familiar with many ISFPs, but they’re all pretty quiet. Basically the same as the second kind of INFP but typically have some specific thing they’re really into: theater, drawing, sports, music. They tend to not like most people as well. My advice: tbh same as INFP.


I don’t know any ENTJs. Where are they? Advice: Show yourself


Are NTJs even real? Are they a myth? Are we human? Or are we dancer? (Sorry idk I’m a meme). I see tons of people typed as INTJs online but I suspect a lot of them are not what they think they are. They’re rare types, we can’t all be INxJs. (So rare that I know none.) Advice: Read up on functions in-depth, if you’re not suuuuper well acquainted. Make sure you’re 100% an INTJ. (Inb4 people offended I’m questioning their type)


ESTJs have a pretty wide spectrum from pretty chill to pretty stereotypically Te. My main ESTJ is literally Dwight from The Office sometimes. The most stereotypical ESTJ you can think of. He ran track and Cross Country (not that it’s stereotypical but an interesting detail) and was always leading Boy Scouts projects and events. Very quick to direct people and give orders. He was really into superheroes though. He also memorized thousands of bad jokes, one-liners, and puns that I heard so many times over again over the eight years of knowing him. Prone to getting slightly physical when angry. His dad is a huge ESTJ too, who knew every practical skill you can think of. He was a church/scouts leader of ours and has a lot of knowledge in so many different topics. He was in the navy and is now an ironworker. Such a great storyteller and always the center of attention. He’s actually a very funny person and puts up a bit of a mean facade, but really has a heart of gold under it all and everyone knows it (but he does intimidate younger kids occasionally when he comes across too strong). Another ESTJ church/scouts leader I know is super chill and hangs out like one of us kids a lot of the time at events. Also a great storyteller. My advice: No you give me advice. How are you so organized and straightforward? Real advice: Let other people be themselves and handle their own life.


Most of my ISTJs I had previously mistyped as other things, so this one will take some thought like INFP. ISTJs are mostly all really nice people that I love to be around. A good friend of mine in high school was so much of that that I was positive she was an ESFJ. Another I thought was an INFP for a long time. ISTJs will always put the group first, and almost seem like they have Fe most of the time, with exceptions of course. One ISTJ I know was THE MOST STEREOTYPICAL STJ POSSIBLE. He was a 50-60 year old Boy Scout leader and EVERYTHING has to be by the book and by the rules with no exceptions. There will be no fooling around when he is there. One time at a Fourth of July social event he gathered up a bunch of kids and told a very boring, ridiculously long story about something in American history. (I just walked away after two minutes. I’m there to have fun, not hear a boring story.) My ENFP best friend’s parents are both ISTJs so that makes for an interesting family dynamic. Si-doms will also talk and talk and talk. The one I thought was an INFP, my closest ISTJ friend, will go on forever about computers. He loves computer programming and suggests to anyone that they study it because “it’s a growing field and it’s very secure with lots of options. And it’s a very useful skill” (not an exact quote, but he says things like it very often). My advice: Make sure people are interested when you talk about the same thing for long periods of time. Give them space to also give responses of a decent length. And not everything needs to be fully planned out. Go with the flow.


I don’t know too many people of this type very well (he says for the the thirtieth time), but those who I suspect to be ENFJs are all very likeable people. They’re social and kind, but not overbearingly so. Just the right amount that they know what to say but they typically don’t talk too much. My advice: Keep doin you.


What’s an INFJ?… Actually when I was writing the ENFJ section I realized someone I previously typed as one is probs an INFJ so… Yeah same as ENFJ, really. But also see INTJs above. My advice: see INTJ and/or ENFJ


I know so many ESFJs. Honestly, I bet everyone does. This section doesn’t really feel needed because you could just go literally anywhere with people and find twelve. I love ESFJs though, they’re one of my favorite types on average because they always make you feel welcome (unless they hate you). ESFJs are either really nice and sweet or need to chug a bottle of chill pills (figuratively. I’m not advocating drug use) or both, depending on the day. Also, kinda unrelated but I love how mom ESFJs increase their mom-mess by about 300% whenever there are people over. There is about a 70% chance that the house will be clean and a 100% chance food will be offered, much higher than the average levels. ESFJs are also very susceptible to Feelers Have No Chill™. My advice: Chill. Keep doin you tho, just don’t stress so much. And stop gossiping, for the love of all that is good in this world. ESFJs will always, without fail, say “ugh I hate drama/gossip” and then proceed to gossip for three hours and cause drama. (ExFPs do this too).


I love ISFJs (again I’ve said this for like every type lol). My little brother is one, as well as a number of other friends and some church/scout leaders. They are so considerate and kind. Sometimes too considerate though, for example, an ISFJ friend of mine worries about offending someone or saying something rude at every turn when they weren’t doing anything of the sort. Apologizing too much. One ISFJ I know will end up sharing a lot of their feelings or whatever and then say to themselves “Okay, (ISFJ), it’s time to stop oversharing. Nobody wants to hear about your issues” and give a nervous laugh. ISFJs are really smart too like a lot of the ones I know have some rock-solid tert-Ti (not to say that Ti is a measure of intelligence or that Ti=smart, but like… You get what I’m saying). Honestly, I feel like some ISFJ stereotypes are the most accurate of any MBTI stereotypes. The first time I met one ISFJ I know was at a pool party and they just made brownies to bring and share and I’m pretty sure that was the only food there. My advice: Don’t worry so much (about anything, i mean this in every sense of the word). See also ISTJ.

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hi!! can you please make a headcanon of jisung as a p.e. teacher? i remember watching a video of jisung and ong as mcs for the "elephant lipstick" video and thought jisung as a p.e. teacher was a must needed concept. thank you and i hope you have a lovely day! :)

ooh i like this!!

  • teaches elementary school
  • his first year he knew like 20% of what he was doing and was so scared of everyone hating him
  • but!! the kids love him so so so much bc he’s so funny and caring
  • ties like everybody’s shoelaces
  • lets everyone vote on what game they wanna play instead of forcing them to do what he wants
  • lets some kids ride his back
  • always gets voted the favorite teacher among students
  • uses like this olympic speaker voice when he’s refereeing a game he’s like “after her third win last week miss kim looks deTERMINED to get her fourth win…but the blue team looks jUST as determined omg who’s gonna win” and “oh gods i haven’t seen a spike like tHAT since 2012…mr park might have just set a world record for the most beautiful form in volleyball…” and the kids lOVE it and giggle whenever he does it
  • kids fight over him bc they all wanna be his favorite kid
  • makes all the kids give him a kiss before they graduate to the next year
  • cries during every graduation
  • probably gives all his kids A’s regardless of what they did
  • calls his students “rice grains”
  • “all right rice grains lets start our warm ups!!”
  • ur the english teacher who peeks into his class during ur free period bc u envy his popularity w the kids like how does he do it
  • and that’s how teacher yoon always gets asked if ur his fiance bc they thought u were jealous he spends more time with them than u

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Drew another one for the lovely @askbongtan 💕
This is from the other picture I drew where Jimin is munchin on food while someone is like dyin in the background idk. But I couldn’t make Jimin look right so tis only a hobi ahhh. Also I recoded the whole process to make a speedpaint (hour and a half long) but the video didn’t wORK?!?!
Like b o i
It works for 17 sec and then only show 3 frames for the rest of the video. Dead inside basically


There’s something between us all. Something that keeps us together… Like…invisible ties, connecting us. Giving us strength… WE forged these ties. WE strengthen them. If we preserve them, or break them, it will be by our choices, not some “destiny”…

Ahhh I finally did prints of my favourite video game of all time! I bought Fire Emblem: Awakening a year ago around this time, and I’m still completely in love with it – the story, the characters, the game mechanics, the music… Words don’t describe how much it means to me, and how much it inspires me! And I’ve met so many great people through it. I wanted to pay homage to it by finally drawing… every single character… Haha…

Prints of both the adult generation and children will be available at Otakuthon next weekend, at Table 279 along with other prints! If I have time, I’ll cobble together a small Fire Emblem zine as well, with doodles and other fun things :)

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I was only a little put off by the fanservice with Velvet in the game and it didn't ruin her character for me, but I don't deny that the trend it's a part of, is a big problem in media. My love for ToB has dropped a lot because it has a FANDOM that thinks it's a flawless game despite this, will give lip service to hating Velvet's outfit but call someone sexist if the fanservice lowers their opinion of the game (or if they... like a male Tales character more than her... like, are you kidding me?)

Hiding this response to anon behind a cut.  More unpopular opinions abound, because I actually do have a few, I just don’t share them very often to avoid shitting on other people’s fun.  And if you’re on mobile and you can’t avoid seeing it, I’m sorry, and you are always free to stop following me if you just can’t stand my opinion of this game.

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Let It Snow (Warren Worthington III x Reader)

A warm and fluffy Christmas morning full of surprises with the Gri- I mean, everyone’s favorite angel. :)

Word Count: 2092

“What the hell-”

“-Welcome to my little winter wonderland!” I cheered, pulling Warren inside my apartment. “Took you long enough.” My roommate went home for the holidays, leaving me all alone to celebrate. We’d decorated the place from ceiling to floor and before she left, exchanged gifts; I got a ticket to go see one of my favorite artists speak at a nearby college next month, a couple rolls of film, and a gift card to Wilson’s Art for whatever supplies $50 could buy. “Make yourself comfortable.”

“What the hell is that?” He pointed to the corner of the living room to the scrawny branch that was our Christmas tree.

“I could never get off from work or outta classes in time to go pick a decent tree; it was slim pickings when I finally got around to it.” I jabbed him playfully in his side. “Wanna go climb up and sit on top of it, Angel?”

“Ha ha,” he replied sarcastically with an eyeroll. “Where’d you pick it up from, the city landfill?”

“Shut up, I love my little tree! Besides, big or small, it’s about what goes under it that’s important; Santa doesn’t discriminate.”


“Yes. Speaking of which come help me finish baking these cookies.”

“You’re not serious… are you?”

I pointed to my “Kiss the Cook” apron in its flour-coated glory before dashing back off to the kitchen. “Hope you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty.”

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Do you have any songs associated specifically with Klance? Like imagining either of them singing the song to another? Or just a song you discovered in the same time as our favorite ship that became tied with it? (If any, of course!) Mine in that regard is Ed Sheeran's Shape of You 'cause I can totally see Lance singing that song to Keith.

Admin R:
First of all, I love this ask so much. I can totally see Lance break out into a choreographed dance to get keith to dance and belt out the lyrics with him. (If yall have any other songs for klance please send them I will 10/10 listen to them)
I have a couple songs so…

- “Haven’t Had Enough” By Marianas Trench
There was a really cute klance video with this song and I really liked it. Idk what happened to it but it was great

- “Somewhere Neverland” by All Time Low
ok so like this is such and adventurous song and I feel like klance is all about adventure. And I also have a whole peter pan au all plotted out in my head I just havent had the motivation to write it out in a post or something

- “Damn It, Janet” From the Rocky Horror Picture Show
Lance is a big theater nerd and no one can tell me otherwise

- “Everybody Talks” By Neon Trees
This just screams Klance to me idk


I drew the Lenca creation story. Our creator Great Mother, Ishmanaual, known also as the Flaming Lady, made the first person with stardust (among other ingredients) and the help of six animals: armadillo, rabbit, jaguar, turtle, monkey and eagle. Each animal gave us a gift. The child was named Antawinikil.
Antawinikil got lost when Ishmanaual left him alone to collect food. When she found Antawinikil again, she had had a rattle snake guard the child. A Macaw bird made a nest on the child’s head and laid an egg. From the egg hatched Ti Wanatuku (the bird person), the first mortal ancestor of the Lenca people- part bird and part human. These were the children of corn and chocolate. Ishmanaual loved them so much, she refused to return to the heavens and made herself omnipresent, so that we can perceive her in everything and through all our senses.
I share this, only because most of this information is in the public domain already (courtesy of Chief Chevez’s Youtube videos) but I would really love if us Lencas could be more visible. My art isn’t the best but I wanted to show my appreciation for the Great Mother.
The third photo is the Lenca flag.
We are not extinct. We are here.

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How did you discover Taylor? How many languages do you speak?

Oh I’ve grown up around music, my family has close ties with music so, you know - growing up I heard anything and everything… Actually funny story, first song I heard from Taylor was “Love Story” and first I only heard audio and was like ‘that’s catchy’ but then I listened more closely to the lyrics and watched the video and was like ‘oh god, this is annoying and cheesy cause it’s too fairytale-ish for my liking’ because I’m not that much into that kinda stuff (I can sometimes be very cynical). But what I found even more annoying is that I couldn’t get that song out of my head and then it made it’s way onto my iPod and that means I’ve given you a seal of approval (btw I love that song now). And then later I fell in love with “Back To December” and I guess that’s when you could say I kinda became a fan. Finding out she writes her songs and plays instruments and is clever all-around is what made me an admirer. I do have to admit I’m not really full on fan like some but my respect for her only continues to grow… 

I speak Serbian obviously, but that means you can speak perfectly(because it’s the same language) Croatian and Bosnian and Montenegrin, you can understand Macedonian, bit of Bulgarian, bit of Russian, they are all similar or you heard them around so you kinda understand those… I’ve studied English since I was a kid (literally - I went to kindergarten where we learned English), so I’m fluent in English. And I know a tiny bit of German, just tiny bit, probably enough to understand or say most basic things (I had German in high school).


I just wanna get this out there into the void real quick, so excuse my rambling.

I remember, it was 2012, and FNAF came out. Long story short I was OBSESSED. I scoured the youtube community for someone with enough balls (or not, in my case haha) to play this surprisingly horrifying game. 

Then I found Markiplier’s first FNAF video. 

It was back when it just came out, and it only had a few thousand views. I clicked on it, being skeptical (at the thumbnail especially lol), and being surprised at his voice (bc honestly his voice is literal butter) ((no not exotic butter)) 

I  L O V E D  I T

I loved his wholesome reaction, and his franticness, and just falling in love with him as a person. Needless to say, I subscribed shortly after.

But in late 2015, my life was going to hell. My ex had just broken up with me, my grades were slipping, and my depression got so much worse. I had no one at that point, so I turned to my trusty friend, Markiplier.

That night, though, I noticed something… off… about his videos. He didn’t seem to have as much passion about everything as he had for the past 2 years I had subscribed. His enthusiasm was low and he didn’t have such great interactions or videos as I though he did before. In fact, I thought it got so bad that I didn’t even watch his videos for a couple months because I couldn’t see the (excuse me for the stupid cliche reason) “Old Markiplier” in him anymore. This is actually how I actually got into Jack and Felix’s videos even more, so I guess it can’t be all too bad.

But this week.
(Oh this week :) )

I was absolutely awestruck by Mark’s Disco Discomfort video. I was blown away, and it was so much fun watching his long intros. I haven’t seen anything like that in 5ever, and it was such a nice change in videos. I could see the (again I’m sorry) “Old Markiplier I was talking about before. It rekindled something in my heart, and I was so excited to watch him again, and his newest videos. I’m so glad Mark has more passion for doing this stuff again. 

I missed you buddy :)

Thanks for making my week a bit brighter, and every week in fact.

Hello~ I was wondering if I could possibly have a written ship with bts,got7,exo and produce 101 top 20 please? If its not too much trouble of course ~
I’m 5'2,petite,short curly brown hair,freckles,round glasses and blue eyes~
I’m a bit shy and quiet when first meeting but once with friends, I’m more loud, giggly and a bit goofy~ I’m more introverted than extroverted, and I’m a bit emotional but tend ti be reserved if that makes sense? I’ll basically open up to you if comfortable ~ Family and friends say I’m kind-hearted, caring, witty, funny, a good listener and that I worry too much~ My friends LOVE to tease me for my height so I would say I can take a joke haha~ I love to draw/paint, go for walks, bunnies, dogs, play video games (I’m a bit competitive ~), dance despite being AWFUL hahaha (just the casual dancing in the bedroom sort of thing not like hardcore dance lessons or anything haha) a little bit of photography, play drums and watching movies/anime/cartoons. I do enjoy skinship (holding hands etc) but I do tend to get a little shy and embarrassed. I do enjoy going to places (beaches,towns, etc) but as long as I can chill after I’m good haha ~ I also am terrified of bugs, especially spiders, and not a huge fan of the dark~
I hope this is alright? Sorry if its a bit too long or didn’t make sense ~ thank you so much in advance, take your time and take care~❤

Hi there! Aaaah, you’re my second request and I just - akshohefoenef I can’t believe I’m getting requests already! Here you go sweetie! :) (Also, sorry this is hella late! I went on vacation for a week and did not have any internet access whatsoever TT) ((I am also incredibly sorry, I forgot who submitted this fml))

I ship you with…Jungkook!!

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and Jonghyun!!

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I ship you with Jungkook because when I read your description, I immediately thought of Jungkook. I feel like he would find you absolutely ADORABLE with your height and your shyness as well. He would also love to play video games with you since he plays them himself. In my opinion, he would also highly enjoy watching your “awful” dancing and maybe get in on the fun himself (and because he’s a literal meme, he’d be great at it). I pretty much saw a ton of similarities between you two so that is why I shipped you two together. :)

As for Mark, he’s quiet and so are you and I feel like you two would connect through the struggles of being more introverted than extroverted. He would understand that you don’t need to be constantly on the go in order to be happy. In fact, he would be perfectly content if you wanted to stay in and watch anime or play video games. But he’d totally be all for going for a walk or going out if you were up for it.

I thought shipping you with Exo would be a little difficult since there’s a lot of them but I was quite mistaken. Kai seems to me to be the perfect one for you! He’s so goofy so he would be constantly making you laugh and his goal would be just to shower you in compliments. You mentioned that you liked puppies and tbh Kai reminds me a puppy so that’s a plus lol. But for real though, he would think your dancing is the cutest thing on the planet as well as your short stature. I also feel like he’d be that one cheesy boyfriend that would stare at you in awe while you played drums, painted, or pretty much did anything that you got super into.

The top 20 of Produce 101 was the hardest to ship you with one person because 1. there’s so many of them and 2. any of them would be a good match for you. But I specifically picked Jonghyun in the end. Jonghyun, first of all, is a MAJOR anime fan so I feel you two would get along in that aspect very well. Jonghyun would also appreciate your kindness and good listening skills so he can rant to you every now and then. He is empathetic of others so he would understand that you don’t enjoy going out all the time but would also encourage you to try new things every now and then. Also, like Jungkook, he would view you as the most adorable human being that has ever existed. Everything from your dancing to your passion for your hobbies would have him smiling like an idiot just by watching you. Can we collectively agree that Kim Jonghyun would be an amazing boyfriend in general???

I feel all of these boys would appreciate your skinship since you get embarrassed easily. I don’t know how much help they would be when it comes to bugs but they would be there for you in the dark. Honestly, I think they would all lightly tease you about your height because you will never be able to escape height jokes (trust me, as a fellow short person, I know the struggle.)

But I hoped you enjoyed your ships and I hope I got at least one of your biases. If not, I sincerely apologize!!

(Gifs are not mine. Credits to the owners.)

Even little things, like having a scene in which Geralt listens to a ballad about his love for Yennefer. It’s such an effective way of communicating something that we’ve barely seen. We’ve had two games with Triss, and only a little time spent with Yen, so how are we supposed to believe that Geralt was deeply in love (or whatever passes for love in a Witcher) with Yen before he lost his memory, and feel invested in it? By having him listen to an achingly beautiful piece of music about exactly that. It’s not exposition, it’s not a talking head, it’s not beating you around the head with ‘THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO THINK’. It’s so clever. It conveys five books worth of emotional journey into three minutes, and it doesn’t feel cheap or lazy, because it’s tied directly into making you feel something, not just telling you to feel. It’s a kind of emotional storytelling that’s so effective, and so rare in video games.

If Wren isn’t our new big bad, I truly do think that Jason is the next best candidate.

Don’t tell me that you didn’t feel absolutely SHOCKED upon watching the dollhouse home video for the first time, as most of us immediately assumed that Jason’s had a twin.

Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t LOVE to see the NAT Club tie into the final endgame twist, confirming our suspicious as it relates to the murder of former members over the course of the last few seasons, leaving Jason as the final member standing.

There’s just SO MUCH to explore with a twist like that. I mean, he has DIRECT ties to the Hastings/Diluarentis and Drake families, pivotal interactions with the liars + Ali and Mona, AND has the funds and connections.

I don’t know, I’m still the BIGGEST Wren-is-A supporter. But if that doesn’t happen, I would LOVE if Jason was the mastermind.

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What do the servamp siblings dream about when they sleep? Both dreams and nightmare. Btw I love how beautifully written your headcanons are~

I had a lot of fun thinking about this, so thanks for the ask!


Dream: His dreams come in two varieties; the canon video game adventure quest, where he is the laziest hero of all time and quests for the epic nap spot.  The other type of dream he has is much calmer, where he’s longing on a balcony overlooking a town, and all is at peace.

Nightmare: The same nightmare, over and over again, where he relives the day he murdered his creator.  The guilt and regret tied into that situation will never completely leave him, and it manifests in his dreams.


Dream: He dreams of a world where everyone is equal, where vampires aren’t hunted down by C3 and can simply live their lives away from humans.  There is no needless bloodshed in his dreams.

Nightmare: He dreams of his life before becoming a vampire, of a grand castle once filled with life and servants and a child too proud for his own good that lead to his demise.  These dreams are bittersweet and remind Hugh that nothing can change the past.


Dream: He dreams of curling up in a desert, under a rock.  There’s a breeze that keeps him cool and dead silence surrounding him, and he can sit and reflect upon the world and it’s workings.

Nightmare: He dreams of monsters, his siblings losing their sense of identity and becoming the very creatures they sought to destroy when they killed their creator.  One by one, they are hunted down like beasts, and Jeje watches as all of his siblings are taken from him, and he is alone again.

The Mother

Dream: She dreams of a quiet cabin in the snowy woods, and a creaky old rocking chair that she settles into, cradling an infant in her arms.  No one can harm them out here, far from the rest of the world, and outside the wolves howl their own special chorus to the moon.

Nightmare: Anger and rage consume her and she is reckless in her endeavors, leaving a trail of bodies and blood in her wake.  She does not get off unscathed, however; her faithful subclass pay the price for her vengeance, and die in her arms, the real victims of her violence.


Dream: He dreams of walking in a forest, a beautiful, sunny forest, where he can hear a piano playing faintly in the distance.  When he reaches the end of the path, there are two angels waiting for him, but he can never see their faces clearly.

Nightmare: He dreams of Ophelia, of reliving her death again and again and every time, his voice fails him and he can’t say the words that matter the most.  His most recent dreams have included Licht suffering her fate, and he wakes up screaming and sobbing from these dreams, begging any god listening to spare him this fate.

World End

Dream: He dreams of a grand banquet he can share with his family and their Eve’s where there is no bad blood between any of them.  They feast and laugh long into the night, and for once the world is at peace.

Nightmare: He dreams of a terrible accident befalling his Eve, one that is entirely his fault where he is powerless to save them.  He wakes up with his stomach twisting in guilt and his fingers digging into his bed sheets.


Dream:  He dreams about warm fires and wordless affection; his dreams are calm and filled with love and family affection, and a small part of him always hates waking up from them and facing reality.

Nightmare: His nightmares are plagued by the very force that drove him to make a pact with the Alicein family in the first place; he runs and runs, but the beast looms behind him always and he wakes up panting, gasping harshly for air as if he actually had just run a mile.


Dream: They all know him, the world knows his name in his dreams.  He has the power to shape the world around him, and no one will have to suffer as he and his subclass have ever again.

Nightmare:  In his nightmares, he is alone in the darkness, and no matter how loud he screams, he can’t make a sound and no one ever comes for him.  Those nights, he wakes up in a cold sweat, shaking uncontrollably.

Me Meeting Someone Who Likes Alesana:
  • Me: *talks to self* Do not freak out over Alesana.
  • Me: So what music do you like?
  • Person: -insert like six other bands here-, Alesana, All Ti--
  • Person:
  • Me:
  • Person:
  • Me:

dear taylor,

this is a very, very short glimpse into me loving you through every season of life, both yours and mine. although my facebook only has pictures as far back as the speak now era, i’ve been with you since the moment i heard “teardrops on my guitar” in 2007 and i’ve never looked back. i am THE “taylor swift girl” that every one whispers about. i’ve stuck with you through it all because you’ve stuck with me too. good times and especially bad, there’s always been you to turn to. my favorite activity is to get into my car and drive aimlessly with the windows down, screaming your songs for hours on end. out of the three times i’ve seen you, two of them have been at gillette in the rain, and those are all tied for the #1 best day of my life. my love for you and your music goes so much further than just covering my walls with your pictures and the several embarrassing videos of my crying about how much i love you that can be found on facebook. you are my idol, my inspiration, my role model, and a best friend even though you have no idea who i am. you are a strong, courageous woman that i aspire to be like one day. thank you for knowing my emotions better than i do and for being my soul sister. i will never be able to repay you for the amount of joy and comfort and safety that you have given me over the past almost 8 years. you are what keeps my spirits high and my morals strong, and what gives me hope to keep on keeping on, even when times get tough. one day i hope to finally get the chance to meet that beautiful soul of yours and have all my dreams come true. until then, i’ll just keeps doing this. since my constant mentions to you on twitter don’t seem to be able to get your attention, i hope this does. i’ll be crossing my fingers! i love you with all of my heart taylor  becky.