I LOVE undertale and it’s fandom so much you have NO idea! All these wonderful AU’s and fanfics/fancomics(specifically their Sans’) is one of the main reasons why. So here is a picture of just a handful of the many Sans’ (including the original of course) that are out there. I wish I could’ve added more but I ran out of room (plus this paper is too big for the scanner here at home thus why I had to take a pic of it using my phone). Kudos, a huge pat on the back, a hand shake, and a hug to all the amazing people out there who have made the undertale fandom that much more awesome with their work, and Toby Fox for getting the party started of course!  Oh and I must add no I haven’t forgotten about Errortale…I plan to draw something for that soon! X3 (Sorry if the tags are off I’m still getting the hang of this tagging thing.)


Aftertale and Underfresh: @loverofpiggies

Angeltale: @serpentinesaltern

Artist Sans: @thelostmoongazer

Baby Blaster: @babyblasters

Baby Bones: This seems like a general idea but if there is an original artist please let me know.

BOTWOT Sans: @abadtime

FantasyTale: @theatomicpumpkin

GasterSans: @borurou (blog: @gaster-skelebros)

Handplates AU: @zarla-s

Imaginary Boyfriend Sans: @imaginaryboyfriendsans

Katanatale and UnderHades: @tickclockclocks

Lantern AU and Twitchy Timeloop: @kuttiesstuff

Memelord Sans: @askfriskandcompany

Mettatonlegs Sans: I would love to know who started this. XD

Sans (original): Toby Fox

Outertale: @2mi127 (blog: @outertale)

Predator AU: @undertale-predator-au

Reapertale: @renrink

ScienceSans: Not sure who created him but I went with @loverofpiggies design

Seraphim Sans: @tratserenoyreve 

The Forgotten Ones Sans: @fluffymilktea

Underfell: I actually don’t know who made him, if you do please let me know and I will add due credit.

Undernovela: @pig-demon (blog: @undernovela )

Underswap: @popcornpr1nce (blog: @underswapped )

Undertales of Creation: @cygniphantom


These beauties were a gift from dear @beamthechao that just arrived yesterday TTw TT. Beamie I love you too. Loved my bbies in modern clothing!!! I remember when you asked about their clothing an I had no idea you had this planned ;A ; I thought you were gonna draw a meme pic so I gave you references of how people usually draw them in modern clothes, you are so sneaky D:!!! I LOOOVE god speed Killua, dude the paper you used is so beautiful. AAAND THE KILLUA KEYCHAIN AAAAA, it’s Killu-bae from the Hunterpedia ♡! It’s so perf. Your heart-shaped post-it as usual, lovable. I still have the first one you send me attached to the Magi poster featuring Ja’far!

Thank you very much Beamie! >+o 


Okay, as some of you already know, my granny passed away two days ago. She was 73 and had been married to my granpa for 53 years. He has told us that we can’t understand what he had lost with my granny’s death, that she was more than his other half. He’s still getting used to the idea of having such a big house full of memories just for himself and his little dog, he still can’t believe he won’t have anyone to bring breaksfast to bed to. He doesn’t let it show much but he’s suffering a lot. Today he askd my uncle to play the guitar so he could sing a tango (a very sad but very beautiful one) to my granny. He misses her so much.

Here in the pics above there are my sisters, myself and my two cousins (we have three other cousins but they live far away) with my granpa. We’ve already arranged some kind of schedule to make sure there’s always one of us with him, keeping him company, sleeping with him so he doesn’t have to for the first time in so many years. We are all so desperate to give him every kind of help that’s in our hands.

I can’t describe to you the sort of person my granny was, even with all her quirks and mistakes she was such a bright presence, she was always full of ideas to solve things and full of energy to carry them out. It looked like she could never be stopped by anyone or anything. I hurt and feel lost missing her, I can’t even imagine how my granpa must feel. I just hope we can help him because he has always had such a positive aproach to life. I’ll never forget that one time a few weeks ago I called to ask how my granny was doing (she wasn’t as sick by then) and when I asked him how he was he answered “I’m great, I’m always great”, and he meant it. I really hope we can keep making your days great granpa, even if you miss her more than all of us. We’ll try our best, I promise we will.

cuteafncuddly asked:

Hello, so i love that pic you drew of hiccup wearing a shirt that say evrything is fun till someone loses a leg and i gotta say the tatt on his leg is the best ever, could we possibly see a large version of it?

Thank-you so much. The shirt was @songofafreeheart‘s idea and I had to draw it. :)

I am glad you like Hiccup’s tattoo, I was hoping someone would notice it.  I had a lot of fun looking at dragon tattoos on google before I designed it. I wanted something similar to the strike class symbol but I wanted it to have more flow to fill his leg so I did this. 

Thank-you again for the message!

anonymous asked:

I really like the teeth photoset idea. I've always been really self-conscious about my teeth for some reason and its really encouraging that you find even the craziest ones to be cool.

TEETH ARE GREAT I’ve literally been so inspired since people have been sending me teeth pics I’ve been drawing up a storm and revamping most of my OCs to have a wider range of teeth :D I love unique teeth so much dang <3

d0uble0hd0nut asked:

I remember your cutie patootie we wrestle wrassle pic. Have you ever thought about drawing angry panda owens?

So many light bulbs just went off in my head. XDD I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

I’ll even add a little Bunny Rabbit Cole being terrorized by mean ‘ole fuzzy Kevin.


After pretty much queuing everything yesterday, I’m back (but mostly lurking). I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind messages, and for all your support - you really have no idea how much it means to me.

I….. I really can’t begin to describe my thankfulness, and how grateful I am to have you guys here. Hopefully now, the nasty anons can stop - not just in regards to my inbox, but others as well. Unnecessary cruelty is disgusting, and it needs to stop - immediately.

Again, thanks so much for your love and support - I’ll be lurking mostly because today we pick up the puppy! I’ll post pics later.


-smooches u all-

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Honestly you guys are seriously the goals like body goals face goals boyf goals . Y'all are so cute together and that pic was perf ! Would live to see more tho but honestly you two are too cute together .

thank you!!! you have no idea how much i love stuff like this 

geekguy1138 asked:

I actually re-blogged your Data cosplay pics nearly a month ago, I have no idea why I didn't follow you then. I'm glad I fixed that. Not only because Data (he's the best), but also because I love that there's so much Trek on my dash now. Trek is life.

well i’m glad I can provide you with your daily dose of trek!!

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We're spirits-1, 8, 9, 11. Its my absolute favourite Zarry fic btw

Yay! I’m glad you liked it :)

1. What was my inspiration for this fic? How did it come to me?

This is an easy one! It was prompted to me by the lovely @alnimawrites​, and once i got it it grabbed me right away–I’d always wanted to write a soulmates AU, but one that problematized the trope a little, made it less clear that it was a good thing. So this was exactly the right prompt for it! And then the Turin pics happened, and it all sort of spiraled from there. 

8. Was there anything I only learned about the fic after I had finished it? (themes, motifs, symbolism, etc)

So much. A lot of the references have a lot of resonance that I only realized afterwards–Aladdin, for instance, has the whole idea of choosing your fate and who you love, and deceiving the person you love for ‘their own good’. But the biggest one was Midsummer Night’s Dream–I had the Oberon references to begin with, but only after did I realize how well the idea of compelled love versus real love worked with the fic (which clearly led me to the title). 

9. Did anyone in the fic surprise me by doing anything? If so, what?

Zayn was so unmanageable in this fic. he kept on not doing the things I wanted him to do and being stubborn and unpredictable (unsurprisingly, probably). But Harry was actually surprisingly stubborn as well–he just would not let go of preconceptions of Zayn. it took a lot of work to get them together! 

11. If I were to rewrite this fic, what would I change?

I’d stretch out the ending. I want to give Harry a little more time to come to the realization that he was expecting unreasonable things out of Zayn as well, and that if he wanted him he’d have to fight for him. I don’t think that came out as equally as I wanted it to. 

Ask me fic questions!

i walked for like 3 hours today and now i’m totally wasted haha

but I got to climb up the spider web (no idea if that’s the right name ? a big structure with cables you have to climb, my 5 year old self was too smol but not anymore), read for a good hour at the top, got tons of cute comments from old people who were passing by (”have you put on lotion ? beware of sunburns !”), spent another half hour playing on a swing (i love swings so so much), made bracelets of flowers (March weather, March flowers …), found my old school, sent tons of pics to my mom (”you were there 15 years ago !!”) …

a very good sunny afternoon, all by myself, just like I love them

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hi!! I love your graphics and please forgive me if this is the dumbest question you've ever heard but basically I really want to try making graphics/gifs and I wanted to know where you get all the spn pics?

Aw, thank you so much!! :D ♥

And nooo, that’s not a dumb question! I get all of my pics from screencapped.net or some other sites that provide screen caps of the entire episodes. It helps to have an idea though and sometimes just googling really helps you find a good picture.

Sorry I’m not much help, but I’d love to try to keep helping?!? Haha (if that makes sense?) If you have any other questions feel free to message me! xo I’d love to see your graphics/gifs!

I have found a name for one of my puppies! Idk if you can tell from the pic I posted when I brought them home but the little black one is a total chubster. She eats like crazy and has a big, round belly. (It’s so fucking cute, you have no idea guys!) Anyway since she’s a tiny little thing with a big ole belly…

Her official name is Munchkin, however she will be affectionately referred to as Munchie! She’s my Lil Munchie! :))) 

Oh and her eyes are open!! She can’t actually see anything yet but still! <333

I think some anons are so full of hate. Calm down :) my post about Niall with Harry and Keith with Mick is not a statement that these two bands are equal. It was not my intention. I was only comparing their faces on these PHOTOS. Not comparing their MUSIC. You can clearly see that I said NOTHING about the music. So please, calm down. Don’t wish me death for something as innocent as this. I think I don’t deserve this, huh? ;) I don’t. I came up with this fun idea because I was actually reading a biography of Rolling Stones, with this pic of Keith and Mick. Then I saw Niall and Harry on my dash and that’s all. I truly love Mick and Keith, I adore their music. (Oh, right, I forgot that you know me better and you have a right to decide what I listen to, uuuppssss) But I like One Direction too. I think, dear anon that you need so much love. And you need to chill out. You’re not even making me upset hahaha, so… Why are you even trying? Have a nice day and hopefully someday you will become a better person. How is that 4,503 people can enjoy this post and they now what I really wanted to show, yet you are the only one who makes a problem ;) grow up!

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ur drawing style is so pretty???? like pls teach me ur ways. i bought a wacom tablet because i wanted to start doing digital art but i seriously dont know what im doing, not to mention i SUCK at drawing. i cant even figure out my drawing style yikes BUT YEAH I LOVE YOUR ART SO SO MUCH

Thank you:D!!! Em..I think it important to decide which style you would like to draw in, and find proper pics/photos to facsimilie as practice in the first place? Maybe it’ll be a little difficult to have high similarity at first but gradually you can have the ability to develop your own style based on it.

I usually write down the inspirations and picture in mind before I come to draw>< It’ll be better to have a complete conceive of your drawing,, Doing sketches is also a good way to practice and record ideas(I mostly did this on paper for it’s more comfortable than using tablets I think;))  hope ye have progress in drawing!!!♥