So after the events of this episode we can now conclude that Lapis and Peridot’s daily conversations include

  • talking about how great it is to be Steven’s two best friends
  • the benefits of roleplay 
  • “isn’t Amethyst funny” “who’s that”
  • constant…CONSTANT metalbending and waterbending competitions 
  • a two hour gush session about how cool Garnet is (I mean….same)
  • teaching their pumpkin child to swear
  • a literal burn book all about Pearl probably 

what’s interesting about this “do you know how emma became the savior? you. every savior needs a villain” thing though is that emma didn’t remember who she was when regina was playing as her worst, she remembered who she was when regina was in danger, when her love for henry shone through. so it kind of changes how emma views being/becoming the savior presently – she doesn’t do it out of necessity because there is evil in the world, she does it out of necessity to protect the people she cares about (regina and henry)