okay, we need to talk y’all

okay i get that a lot of Bellarkers and Bellamy lovers in general are pissed b/c of this ep. I DO. I love Bellamy too and he has made SO MUCH progress since season one, but saying that he was so ooc and that it’s bad writing or that they did it for clexa is just, well, it’s silly.

Right now, Bellamy is devastated b/c his girlfriend (whether you shipped them or not does not change that fact) was literally blown up. Pike caught him at his most vulnerable moment and he tapped into Bell’s anger and sadness, yes, but unfortunately Bellamy was still the one to make the decision. And it’s NOT ooc and it’s NOT to appease people who like Lexa. This isn’t a new thing for the arkers. 

  • Kane killed off 300 of his own people
  • The 100 had Murphy hung
  • Clarke burned 300 Trikru warriors alive
  • Finn massacred 18 innocent people
    and now 
  • Bellamy has decided to help murder 300 warriors that were sent there for aid and to protect them

There are probably a lot of other examples but these are the first that came to mind. Finn was not ooc when he decided to pull that trigger, he was devastated and worried yes but that isn’t an excuse and it doesn’t make it justifiable. Bellamy is devastated and angry but he is still him. He still thinks he’s doing “what’s right” and just b/c it was a huge, horrible decision to make doesn’t make him ooc all of a sudden. 

Y’all, you’re allowed to be angry with characters you love. You’re not betraying them by being upset with a decision they’ve made. But don’t take the frustration you feel and say “the writers did it because_”. And i have seen a lot of that in the 100 tags. The writers did not write this because they want to cater to ©Lexa fans. It’s not bad writing (it’s actually excellent writing). They’re doing this- making the characters you love make hard, brutal decisions- because it makes for a compelling story and it shows that everyone isn’t fucking perfect. We all put our favorite characters on a pedestal and that’s fine but it doesn’t mean we can go around and hate on other characters, and point out their flaws, while ignoring your fave’s own. That’s not how it works.

You can’t just write Bellamy’s decision off as bad writing or fan catering. Ignoring their flaws and mistakes doesn’t make them go away. I love Bellamy but it’s not okay that he helped Pike with that and it’s not something i’m just going to forgive. 

Boom. Out.

It’s late as Rung unlocks and enters his apartment. It isn’t unusual for his job to keep him out longer than usual some nights and it isn’t odd for him to walk into the living room to find Kup sleeping hunched back on the sofa.

           He has a blanket over him, tucked snuggly under his chin as he sleeps, two little indents in the blankets telling Rung he probably had his arms crossed under there.

           He smiles, just watching him, amused at how his cygar can stay hanging out of his mouth so perfectly while he slept. He must have been watching TV waiting for Rung to come home and fallen asleep when it had become too late.

           Quietly, Rung goes over to him and kisses his cheek, keeping his lips pressed against him until Kup grunts sleepily.

           "Welcome home.“ His voice is groggy, and he smiles, opening an optic open to look at Rung.

           "Come on, let’s get to berth.” Rungs voice is cool and smooth as he pulls the blanket down a bit but Kup just reaches out and pulls him down onto the sofa with him. Rung doesn’t resist, instead he just cuddles against him while he pulls the blanket back up and wraps it around the two of them. “This is also good.” He tucks his head under Kups chin, smiling happily.

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i know im not lucky enough to win a skype call or anything but this would be me if i did. *JENSEN AND MISHA ON SCREEN* me: *dies* THEN I ASK ABOUT DANNEEL LMAO

jensen and misha: so have you got any questions for us?

me: yes how is danneel doing is she okay does she know that not every fan hates her like we love her so much she’s amazing and beautiful can you please tell her?? and jj too how is jj i hope her and danneel are both amazing-


This episode is literally about CHANGE. They can’t grow without it, and there is no CHANGE if things stay the same so something is definitely changing and the status quo will be no more. They’re all going to grow up and some childish things are going to have to be left behind. Looking at you Rileys no face bear and Lucas’ shoe. 

Mini Maya and Riley are so important! But it’s also good that this episode thought them they won’t always be so close physically but that’s okay. That doesn’t change their impact in each other’s lives and how much they love each other. When mini Maya cried, I cry. So precious, so beautiful. I’m guessing this is Mayas episode so embrace change, and she did. Riley puts it in motion but I don’t think she’s quite grasped the true meaning behind it till the reality literally hits them. I guess that’s why from spoilers GMHS1 is her own complete embracing episode. That’s when she actually fully accepts Change. I can’t wait to see it.

Are we going to talk about how Riley’s spent her whole life waiting for a “hero” and the first thing Farkle does when he meets her is literally save her life? Aka ‘her hero’ ? No? Just me? Mini Farkle popping up wanting to be considered for mini Riley’s search for a prince she’ll love that will treat her like a ‘princess’ and her just dismissing it. Oh Riarkle! These two are on a long ass journey they’ve barely scratched the surface. 

Also mini Maya’s “giddy up Huckleberry” after she jumps on his back might just be the cutest thing ever! Also she thinks it would have been cool to know “Huckleberry” all her life as well as the others. Awwwww! 

Lucas’ only line in this episode that was at least a forward movement was “you’re both special to me.”  What’s not, him waiting for them to tell him in what way they want him. Pahahaha! He’s adorable and needs protecting as well because it’s so easy to forget he’s just a fetus. The running gag about him having always looked too grown for his age was a fun touch.

Seriously, this episode could be dissected for days and the material will just keep building up and never stop. So much stuff! I love all these kids tho, they’re presh. 

clarke walking into the throne room and finding lexa with the nightbloods. clarke seeing how caring and proud lexa is of them. clarke suddenly seeing her future with lexa, maybe with children of their own. clarke and lexa hoping, dreaming, and working for a future where there is peace and they can be happy. and maybe it’s a pipe dream but at least they can dream together.

JDox headcanon cause I ship it so much.

Okay imagine: JD and Perry getting married and hyphenating their last names, so when new interns start at the hospital they have no idea, and half of them are convinced Dr. Dorian-Cox is the nicest man they’ve ever met and half of them think he’s just the biggest jerk in the hostpital.

All the older staff love backing up different sides when the newbies ask them what they think of Dr. Dorian-Cox, and faking arguing with each other to back up the newbies and then laughing their asses off when both JD and Perry finally show up in the same room, and just watching realization dawn on their faces.


Okay I hope you guys don’t mind but I’m going to rant again. Dan and Phil are human beings. Obviously we know that, but some of us treat them like objects. I love them and they are a very important part of my life, just like many others. They’ve made it very clear that they love us, and appreciate our support immensely. But they have stuff that they want to keep private. AND WE SHOULD BE OKAY WITH THAT. They share so much of their lives, but some of us want every detail. Can we please just attempt to respect their privacy? If they are that important to us, should it not be a given to understand they aren’t comfortable sharing every detail? This isn’t a ‘we are awful people’ post, I assure you. It is simply a reminder not to pester them about information they would prefer keeping to themselves. Family, for example. That seems to be a touchy subject with Dan, and I really believe it’s hard when people want to know about that kind of stuff. I have NO idea what his family situation is really like up close and personal, just like everyone else. But maybe respecting his and even Phil’s privacy family wise would make a lot of things either. The clothing I have already covered in my first ‘IMPORTANT’ post. Finally, sexuality. We might never know this. But if we truly love them, it wouldn’t matter anyways. Many ship the two, and that’s okay. Overdoing it, and pushing it on them is NOT. NO ONE SHOULD BE PRESSURED IN THAT WAY. That’s all, sorry you had to read all this, lots of love Xx

please know offense was not intended, and this is just my personal opinion

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Maybe it's kind of grim, but Eels - Series of Misunderstandings seems to fit the last couple of chapters quite well, the lyrics. Also it's got that creepy, mournful sort of vibe to it. I love this fic so much, hope they're gonna be okay :(

I’m way behind on responding to song recs and I still have thoughts to post re: some, but man I listened to this a couple of times and it really grew on me today at my trolley stop when I noticed this:  

If I could do just one thing
Set the clock back many years ago
I’d teach that motherfucker that raised you
How to treat you right 

;___; Thank you for wanting them to be okay! And for this song, I’ve loved Eels for a long time but didn’t know of this one.

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hello!! <3 sweetheart anon here, it's been a while! i'm glad u still love shinya so so much BECAUSE I DO TOO!! <33 and i'd love to hear your opinion on shinya dealing with.. stuff.. like bad/sad days, not wanting to talk to anyone, dealing with someone after having a huge fight, behaviour towards people he seriously cannot stand, giving advices, consoling someone (would he hug them? touchy feely?), bearing a grudge ETC ETC c: (and OFC you don't need to do them all, just what comes to mind <3 :>)

Oh boooy, are you sure you want to talk about this? Hahahaha I don’t mind replying to everything you sent actually! I have quite the full headcanons about Shinya and everything about him, I just love him so much I can’t stop thinking about how he’d react in some kind of scenarios and with me having finally and RP blog for him, well!

Okay let’s see…

Bad days and not wanting to talk to anyone are something I bet Shinya deals with a lot, I bet it gets really bad when his birthday is coming, he would act like he forgot about it long ago but in fact he can’t, while he can keep a facade and act like he doesn’t remember the worst days are those, starting at the beginning of the month and he feels like he doesn’t want to deal with Kureto’s bullshit or even with Guren because, of all of them, Guren is the one who can mostly see through him and he knows that idiot will worry and he doesn’t want that, he doesn’t want to remember his birthday of the mere fact that why is he alive…

Sometimes it gets so bad that he actually stays at his office and doesn’t even move out of here and just makes everything Kureto tells him to do and in the end he goes to his apartment or maybe his room on the Hiiragi House and just stays there, takes a shower, and sleeps but even so he doesn’t really feel like he took a break or relaxed at all, yeah sometimes it happens out of that date and he just gets a bit more sassy and jokes about everything with a bit more of the intention to just hurt other people, even more when it comes to people he dislikes…with his friends and mostly Guren he does his best to hide himself even more from them.

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ooc; okay last post before I go full-out 2 AM thoughts on y'all, but literally? I love identifiable anons. Like how firetending has Poetry Anon or how I have Nice Anon, how they have a certain way they type grammatically or how they speak; and you don’t know who they are, but they make themselves known through actions and interact with you, even though you only know them by personality and typing quirks. I love identifiable anons. I invite all of them to talk to me.

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Would you consider allowing somebody to make your fanfic into an audiobook? I'm slightly dislexic and it takes me years to write and even longe to read and I just see so many fanart about your fic but it's so long...

Oh yeah please, do whatever you want with it!! I’m always okay with people recording my fics, translating them, and obviously I love seeing art done for them– honestly I’m fine with pretty much everything as long as someone isn’t reposting them and claiming they wrote them.

I try not to talk about how good The Wire is every single fucking day of my life cuz I see y’all hype up artists and shit and that makes me not want to touch them with a 10-foot pole and I don’t want people pushed away from the greatest TV show in history because I love it so much.

so I gotta pretend like it’s okay when it’s really the best show in TV history.

but yeah The Wire is a 6/10 show it’s nothing special, I couldn’t care less if you actually watched it.

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Kon el

  • How I feel about this character:

CONNERRRRRR. I love him so much okay. I want to be his friend I want to talk to him and cuddle with him I love him so much he’s so good. 

  • All the people I ship romantically with this character:

M’gann and Tim

  • My non-romantic OTP for this character:

Clark. Please just be friends with your brother/father. Let them love each other. 

And Roy 2. 

  • My unpopular opinion about this character:

TRANS. TRANS AS HELL. Kryptonian anatomy is different than human, so by Earth standards he’s AFAB and intersex, so he considers himself a trans guy (even though Clark doesn’t consider himself trans OR cis) 

  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

Please PLEASE can we address his trauma and his development of an identity more? Like I don’t know as much about comics Kon, but in the YJ show it just… skipped over that whole complicated bonding and learning thing with Clark and suddenly they got along or something? There was so much setup and no resolution it was like the last chapter of a Jane Austen novel. And I REALLY WANT TO KNOW MORE about the falling out with Megan

  • my OTP:


  • my cross over ship:

 I have not thought about this??? TBH I could see him doing well as a third with Billy and Teddy maybe?

  • a headcanon fact:

He’s autistic, which he inherited from Lex’s side. And he runs a few degrees hotter than everyone, hotter even than Wally. 

story time with madison

okay so when i was in sixth grade i was obsessed with the beatles. i had loads of their songs and a bunch of shirts and posters and i knew so much about the band. and i had met someone in my class that year who loved them too, so we became really great friends. we both knew and loved a bunch of old music, but the beatles was our little uniting force.

in seventh grade, i still loved the beatles, but i didn’t listen to them very much and i had lost a lot of beatles songs when i got a new phone. i called them my favorite band nonetheless, and i had even seen paul mccartney in concert the previous summer.

my friend, however, had discovered fall out boy, and they became his favorite band. around the same time, i discovered panic! at the disco, and we introduced the two bands to each other. by the end of seventh grade, panic! at the disco had become my favorite band, and i wasn’t listening to the beatles very much anymore.

and i wasn’t talking to him very much anymore. but i ended up looking further into fall out boy, and they became my favorite band.

i still loved panic! as well, but the beatles had sort of faded away. i took down my posters, i didn’t wear my shirts very often. it was like someone had died and i was trying to forget about them. and in a way, someone had. my friend and i weren’t friends anymore.

eighth grade year consisted of me trying to talk to him and him ignoring me. but fall out boy was my favorite band, and i don’t think he knew that he was a big part of the reason why. if i hadn’t met him, i wouldn’t know the band i’m seeing in march. i would be missing a huge part of my identity that’s been created through fall out boy’s music.

a year later, i have loads of favorite bands. i’ve been introduced to bands like my chemical romance and muse and twenty one pilots and paramore and green day, but i won’t forget the band he introduced me too. fall out boy are still my favorite band.

but i also won’t forget the beatles, and how they introduced me to someone i called one of my best friends for two years.

we don’t really talk anymore. i wonder if he still likes the beatles.

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I wanted to ask your opinion on Sebaek? Like, for me, I really don't like seeing them. I have no idea why but I'm okay seeing Baek with almost anyone except Sehun tho I love both of them so much. And when I saw Chanyeol time it kinda upset me. IDEK

don’t be upset babe! for me, at first i’m really annoyed of chanyeol because he did that but i watched the video again and i saw chanyeol forcing himself to smile like he was just using the two to make himself jealous ASJ FKDFfjdlsh don’t be upset that sebaek hug is just normal and i do think it’s just a fanservice tho! unlike chanbaek hugged [the one that sehun did] i really think it was not planned!! and im really laughing because i saw baekhyun almost poke his mic to chanyeol he must be annoyed to! haha

about sebaek? i really do think and im sure they are just friends. both chanyeol and baekhyun are close to sehun and im sure sehun knows everything about these two, like their relationships and their secrets.

dont be upset babe!:)

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Sam, I don't know how you are irl but the Sam I know online is an absolute angel. Fuck the friends who treat you like crap. You're a lovely, incredibly patient person, and if they choose to leave you hanging, they don't deserve to even be around you

I…. thank you so much, anon. I really wish I could think like that, but I tend to always keep hope that one day maybe they start acting different.. I always say ‘fuck em’ but I can never really cut those people off… except if they do it. So it usually ends up with me caring too much about them and them not caring one bit about me haha It’s okay though, I have quite a few peeps who support me! It’s just a bit saddening that I have noone to spent my time with irl, noone to see the sunset or eat icecream together with, so I’m usually just stuck in my room.

But hey, that atleast means more time for drawing ;D

[Marry Me or Not Episode 8]

It has been a long time since I’ve shouted at a lady to chase after her man. These two cuties want so badly for the other person to apologize so they can forgive them and get back together but their fear of being the loser in the relationship holds them back every time. And I love it. 

I also love that Justin punched Qian-Yao and threw him off of Huan-Huan. While his reasoning was flawed, I am okay with people intervening when a woman is being assaulted. She did not want to kiss Qian-Yao and very much tried to push him off her.

But I absolutely love how she called Justin out on his silent anger. In order for her to love him, he can’t be like everyone else who thinks she’s an easy woman, but in order for her to hide her pain and justify not being the one to make the first apology, he had to believe horrible things about her.

So, yes, his reasoning for punching Qian-Yao is definitely flawed and a bit wrong, he up and said he didn’t think any of those awful things everyone has been throwing at her since high school, and he said he doesn’t like playing Two Truths and a Lie anymore. 

Go get him, girl. I might have cheered when she ran after him.

But as much as I love that moment, my girl Sheng-Nan is coming into her own as more than an antagonist to Huan-Huan. Her confession (that the asshole Qian-Yao does not deserve) was beautiful and heartbreaking. Feeling like you are always second place is devastating and she was so vulnerable and I was ready to cry with her–

And then she threw herself in front of Huan-Huan to stop the man from setting her on fire and I lost it. Qian-Yao managed all the credit because he took the guy down but Sheng-Nan was willing to go up in flames with Huan-Huan. Now kiss and makeup!

Seriously, Qian-Yao doesn’t deserve Sheng-Nan no matter how much his feelings for her appear to be genuine. He’s still willing to throw Huan-Huan at his brother for family and corporate games. He knows his brother is gross and disgusting. You just don’t purposely do that to another person.

Another amazing episode.