Blud. Don’t Let Me Get Old Skool.. 

Heeeyy bews. I’m downtown waiting on my sister to finish a commercial she’s doing for Nike or Adidas. I forget. Anywho, one of my fans spotted me and asked if I could take some photos for her fashion blog. 

These are the results. I like em. She also gave a hook up for some free tickets to AfroPunk in August!

By the time we got done, I was hungry af and went for a Strawberry Lemonade at McDonald’s since I don’t really eat their food and me and sis was going for sushi once her shoot was finished. 

Have a good day bebe’s <33

wow. six years. it’s been six years. six years of one direction. the past six years with our boys have been some of the most incredible, amazing, and emotional years of my life. the past six years have been filled with so much joy, happiness, sadness, and tears. no matter what we have been through, our boys have always been there for us. they always are there to help us get through the roughest times. even if they are the source of our sadness sometimes, they somehow always manage to be there for us. always. thank you boys. thank you for always being there. thank you for the smiles. thank you for the laughter. thank you for the tears (believe it or not.) thank you for the support that you provide for us. thank you for the music. thank you for the memories. thank you for the best times of our lives.

thank you harry, for teaching us to love and accept everyone no matter their differences.

thank you louis, for teaching us to never give up on ourselves and to dream big because no dream is ever to big to come true.

thank you liam, for teaching us that it is okay to be ourselves. thank you for teaching us that it is important to love and accept ourselves.

thank you niall, for teaching us to never take life to seriously and to live in the moment. thank you for teaching us to love life and accept it for every thing that it is.

thank you zayn, for teaching us to stay true to ourselves. thank you for teaching us that we come first. our needs, happiness, and health always come first.

we’re the greatest team that the world has ever seen. this is not the end, we can make it, you know it, you know. happy six years of one direction!

Parts to Play: Books 3 & 4, Ch 10 “The Calm”

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Wedding guests had begun to shamble through the halls of the Air Temple. All searching for open beds and precious sleep as the moon crept low in the sky. Night was already giving way to the dim, early morning. Korra craved sleep.

Sliding her bedroom door closed, she slipped off her dress and laid it out on a chair. It was beautiful, she’d decided, and even more so now that it brought back such happy memories. Her date with Asami had knocked her off balance. Years spent trying to understand their feelings for each other, and in one wonderful evening, they had decided to run away together. Korra didn’t know when, exactly, but soon it would be just the two of them, off to the Spirit World. Off to something new.

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