I LOVE Mituna


Hey friends! Look at all of these cutes. Man. They’re so cute.

What’s that? You want a cute of your own?? Well, you’re in luck!

I’m opening up some commission slots for characters in this style!

Bust: $10

Waist Up: $15

(+ $5 for every extra character)

PayPal Only.

Message me, or email me at krisarchasm@gmail.com if you’re interested!

If you want a fantroll, or OC done, please be able to provide visual reference for me to work from. Links and images are highly encouraged.

Please signal boost! Help a bro out.<3

Oh Darling (ft. Cady Groves)
  • Oh Darling (ft. Cady Groves)
  • Plug In Stereo
  • Oh Darling - Single

"You seem quite nice for a girl with good looks 
And I’m the kinda fellow that’ll make you feel better when your life gets shook”

"You seem quite shy, but you’re oh so cute
And I’m the kind of girl that would love to be yours if you’d asked me to”

Wow, my sister just introduced this song to me and it’s the perfect song for the Mitula ship! It’s so cute! You must listen to the lyrics! 

Adorable art here


Doodles from the stream last night. :)  Thanks for coming out and talking to me while I drew, y’all, that was a lot of fun.

2015 has just begun! So let me wish you all the best! With my favorite trolls! The worst ones.The best ones.
(important note:all those sweaters were made by GHB in his free time. yeah.Let that sink in…)