Patroclus and Achilles in the afterlife

Day one: Literally just 24 hours of achilles hugging patroclus and crying

Day two: Achilles switching between “I’m so sorry Patroclus, I’m so sorry” and “I love you so much, you have no idea how much I love you” and Pat switching between “Shh, it’s ok” and “I know, I love you too”

Day three: Achilles petting Patroclus’ hair and just looking at him

Day four: Talking about the time they spent apart while holding onto each other

Day five: Probably Achilles cries some more

Day six-forever: Forgetting all the bad things that happened and disgusting everyone else in Elysium with how in love they are. 

More Knowledge = Confusion?

(That movie was AWESOME, btw. SO MUCH LOVE.)


I was having a conversation this evening with an ENFJ friend, and we were talking about how our first or initial instincts are often correct but then how we feel inclined to look up more information and only wind up doubting our initial assessments and becoming lost in confusion due to over-thinking our hunch.

I feel like this happens a LOT with typology.

Obsession with finding your true type, and with explaining away everything you do, say, think, or do, through cognition can mean you go way off into no man’s land without a map home. There comes a point when your brain is crowded too much with information and opinion for you to trust your instincts.

You know who you are.

Maybe not on a surface level, but there is a type out there that you are drawn to, that felt right until someone else (or extra information, or endless self-analyzing, or nitpicking, or attentiveness to details, or questioning, or insecurity, or self-consciousness) pulled you away from it.

There comes a point when you have to stop asking for help. Or stop reading. When you have to look at yourself not as individual functions, but as a whole and unique person – free of stereotypes but in terms of who you are.

Stop sweating the details. Pick the type you feel you understand the most, that resonates with you, and let yourself breathe.

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Why do you ship olicity?

Because I love how different they are from a lot of ships on television. I love that Felicity doesn’t take Oliver’s shit. She’s called him out on his behavior from the beginning. She’s definitely the more dominate in the relationship and I love that. They also view each other as equals and that is so important. Neither one looks at the other one as if they are lesser. It doesn’t matter if Oliver’s got a dark past or that Felicity is in a chair. Nothing about the other makes them view each other any differently. 

I ship them because of the way they love each other. It’s powerful and unconditional. They will do anything for each other. Oliver and Felicity would go through hell and back for each other. There’s also that fact that they bring out the best in each other. I’ve made posts about this before, but it’s worth repeating. Felicity helped pull Oliver’s humanity out from deep within. He had spent so long not letting himself feel, not letting himself view the people around him as people, but she brought out this good side of him again. While Felicity was doing that for him he was helping Felicity find her inner strength. She already had it there, but she needed to harness it. 

Through the seasons you can see them changing and evolving with each other. Felicity is the strongest character on the show and Oliver’s humanity still keeps him grounded; he still struggles with it as we have seen, but his friends aren’t going to let him lose it again. I just love these two so much. They help bring out good parts of them that they barely realized was there. They love each other with such passion and protect each other as much as humanly possible. Obviously they have some struggles like what is coming up, but this ship is meant to sail. They will work through their problems like they always do and they’ll be that much stronger because of it. 

Sorry this turned into a mini essay. I just have a lot of feelings. 


Okay but when this storyline is coming to a close and Gordon has been locked away, I really want a scene where Aaron walks down the main street and he sees Adam, Vic, Cain, Paddy, his Mum etc. Nothing big, just an acknowledgement from everyone, like a smile or a little “Hi”, just to show how much love and support Aaron has in his life and how he isn’t on his own anymore, that he can live his life from that point onwards. Then when he reaches the end of the street he sees Robert who is smiling back at him and they share one of those looks because Robert is so proud of him for how brave and strong he is and they both know they are each other’s future. I just think it would be the perfect conclusion for this storyline and starting point for another…

i think one of the reasons i love literati so much is because of how much they obviously love each other. Like they steal these glances and make each other nervous and when they kiss they don’t want to pull away. Look at the kiss at sookie’s wedding (not my gif)

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or this one

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and they are so close

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even before they are dating

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and they have so much in common but so much not in common. They are like two side of the same coin:
They love to read but have different opinions
Raised by single moms but turned out so different
Love music and movies but disagree on them

They have so much fun together

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and i wish we could have seen more of this, of them getting along and being all coupley

I love literati bc of all the guys Rory dated, I would have wanted to date Jess most. Bc he cared about her more than anything else. He respected her and wanted her to be happy. He did pretend or think he owned her or get super possesive(insecure maybe, but not possesive) when she was around other guys. And he didn’t think she could be bought or give her fake promises, he didn’t treat her like a trophy or prize to be won. He knew her, better than anyone(or at least tied with Lorelei).

 He was afraid and messed up and he had major issues and the timing for them sucked but he was definitely the best guy she dated. 

And she was the best girl for him. She knows him, definitely better than anyone else. They understand each other. And she makes him happy and was more herself with him than anyone. With Dean she tried to be “Dean’s Girl” and with Logan she was “Rory Gilmore, granddaughter of Emily and Richard Gilmore, DAR member, Yale student, trust fund baby” but with Jess, she was “Rory Gilmore, avid reader, lover of all things literature, pop culture princess, sometimes impulsive”  He brought out her, not wild, maybe teenage side and she brought out his more responsible and happy sides. 

She believed in him when no one else did and he helped her when no one else could. 

This turned in to a really long post about my literati feels and really i just wanted to say i love literati because they are obviously in love and so great for each other….

Literati is great

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I'm trying to write an action/love story when the couple along w/ their friends try to fix their government and they have a professional relationship but i still want to convey a loving couple feel in a subtle way. do you have any idea how i could do that and how i can show them fixing their gov w/o it being boring? The characters have been thru alot so their abit cold, aloof ppl but they understand eachother. Im just really stuck

- Show how they understand each other. Another character could make a comment about them, and the other could defend them.

- They could do small, nice things for each other to make their lives easier.

- Subtle touches.

- Looks and glances that don’t require words.

The Flash: Danielle Panabaker Teases Killer Frost's Chilling Earth-Two Debut
This Tuesday on The Flash (The CW, 8/7c), Barry, Cisco and Harry — upon arriving on Earth-Two to rescue Jesse Wells from the ominous Zoom — get a chilly reception from that world's version of Caitl...
By Matt Webb Mitovich

TVLINE | Under what circumstances do Barry & Co. first encounter Killer Frost?
They lock eyes on each other in an unexpected situation. When Barry Allen first comes across Killer Frost, I don’t think he’s expecting to see what Earth-Two’s Caitlin Snow looks like.

TVLINE | Who has the strongest reaction to seeing her? I imagine Cisco has something to say.

As always! [Laughs] Barry and Cisco are both pretty shocked.

TVLINE | Is Caitlin’s relationship with Ronnie pretty much the same over there? Or is it a bit more lusty, more bad girl/bad boy…?
It’s a little bit more “Bonnie and Clyde.” There’s the same amount of passion, and they do love each other the same as on Earth-One. They’re just evil! They just like to hurt people and steal from them.

TVLINE | Aside from the new look and different temperament, how would you compare Earth-Two’s Caitlin with the one we know?
It’s more  a contrast than a comparison. I don’t know that they share that much in common other than they love a guy named Ronnie. She also has some pretty great quips throughout the episode. She is smart and she is pretty loyal… but that’s probably all they do have in common!

TVLINE | So, what kind of bee got in her bonnet over on Earth-Two that triggered her origin story? She’s still got Ronnie, so she should be happy as a clam, right?
That’s actually not something that we really explored in this first exposure to Killer Frost. It’s The Flash, so we’re telling his story and witnessing his general his shock at seeing Killer Frost, and how she looks not like the Caitlin on his Earth.

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excuse these tornado limbs
for the disaster they’ve been spinning;
weaving web-like cities of silken apathy.
for i can see it now, how we’ve become
prisoners in the house of each other’s chests
wanting to let go, but not knowing how.
look.  look at us.  see the cracks,
wicked and sharp, on the surface of
who we are and who we’ve longed to be.
the image of clasped hands, once felt like
safety to battle scarred hearts, but now
our hands look like blackened cancer lungs.  
admit it, the water was too deep, the current
too strong, and our titanic sized love
stood no chance in the midnight of each
other’s ribs.   hopelessness became a white flag;
regret is the blood we bled for something
that never existed in the first place.
and honestly, you can call me a crook,
can call me the murderer of that darling
sun in your pity party painted sky, 
but there’s only two hands stained red–
and honey, they’re not mine.
—  K.E. | The Guilty Party

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Cloud knew that Sephiroth was going to see Hojo that afternoon and he wanted to do something for his boyfriend that would help remind Seph that he was beloved and a person. The only way he knew how was a nice cool meal (his mother and Angeal always did this) and then cuddle time. Seph came home to the smell of a hearty stew and fresh bread with a worried looking boyfriend waiting at the door. Seph smiled and pulled Cloud in for a hug. He really loves how his bf's doted on him.

Awww! Precious boyfriends taking care of each other with good food and snuggles yes this is what I am here for. u3u

I'm Different part 37. How can I not fall in love with her?

Lisa’s pov.

Seulbi: Seungri have you ever look at another girl when I’m not around?

Although it’s an honesty game and we’re all cool with each other, but I’m not sure it’s the right place or time for that.

SR: why you suddenly asking me this?

Seulbi: it’s just a question, yes or no?

SR: ok I will pass.

*room gets quiet*

Yona: *breaking the awkward silence* ok one of you guys can ask.

Thank God cause the tension was beginning to be heavy in here, I hope they calm down.

Top: do you all feel that way, about us when we’re away?

Again everyone quiet, and yes including me, but I can feel Jiyong starring at me.

Now it’s beyond awkward, because the guys are looking at us like, why aren’t you ladies saying anything? It get so quiet the only thing you can hear is people breathing.

Lisa: ok I personally think that its should be a personal conversation to have with your partner alone

Yona: agree.

And of course the night ends up in an awkward vibe. Even though we were over that question, Jiyong will not rest without a proper answer.

Jiyong: including you to Lizzy?

Lisa: look in my opinion, or the way I see it, I don’t care actually care about what you do when you’re away, I’ll rephrase that I do care, but what can I do?  nothing. Look us girls sometimes over think stuff, or over calculate some situations. Like for example I do get jealous over the dumbest things.

Jiyong: jealous of what?

Lisa: y'all dancers sometimes I wonder why do you guys have female dancers that looks so pretty? How come they can wear these tiny little outfits and be on stage with you guys for months to a year. I know it sounds petty but the thing is, we’re just miserable, not knowing what you guys are up to, even that isn’t really my thing cause I won’t stalk you. We do trust you guys, but has humans, something always say otherwise.

My main point is we worried when you guys are away, that’s all.

Jiyong: I’m sorry

Lisa: for?

Jiyong: I don’t know, having you  feel that way.

Lisa: it’s straight I guess, I mean we knew what we signed up for.

Jiyong: ….

The next  couple of days were some what weird I guess for everyone, Seulbi and Seungri are having issues, even the perfect couple Yona and Top had problems.

As for me and Jiyong, we’re fine, we went through too much to be arguing over things he’s got no control of.
We’re not a perfect couple, we do have little arguments, but it ain’t nothing new.

The weeks goes by faster and faster, I had Dinner with Jiyong’s family a few weeks ago, they’re kind of nice; nice than I was expected actually. The only problem is when they talks about wedding and having children

The closer I get to my birthday  the busier I get, it’s fine because has long as I’m alive that’s the only thing that matters to me.

Stuck in the office with loads of things to do, I’ll just text Jiyong.

*texting Jiyong*
Lisa: hey babe, busy?

Jiyong: no baby, what’s up?

Lisa: I’m starving.

Jiyong: you haven’t go on break yet?

Lisa: no, not yet, and I think I’m not going home early today.

Jiyong: why?

Lisa: I have a lot to finish here.

Jiyong: can’t you take it home?

Lisa: yeah, but if I take it, I’m going to fall asleep I’m both physically,and mentally tired.

Jiyong: oh ok, did you want me to order you some food?

Lisa: no, I want fruits.

Jiyong: that’s not going to cut it.

Lisa: that’s all I feel like eating, I don’t want anything heavy.

Jiyong: how about a sandwich?

Lisa: I don’t want any

Jiyong: half a sandwich?


Jiyong: ok

Lisa: I want strawberries, tangerine , and grapes.

Jiyong: ok, I’ll see you in a few.

*35min later*

Jiyong: hey

Lisa: finally food.

Jiyong: *sits down*

Lisa: sorry for interrupted you.

Jiyong: no you’re fine

Lisa: you sure?

Jiyong: yeah, at least I get to see you, but what’s with all of this?

Lisa: Andy is on vacation, so work is doubled.

Jiyong: oh sucks

Lisa: I know, my back is hurting like heck,

Jiyong: didn’t you go back to the Hospital for another check up?

Lisa: I’m sick of hospitals, I’m not going.

Jiyong: but-

Lisa: no but, I am not going.

Jiyong: so what are you going to do?

Lisa: change my work schedule until Andy get back. Like 3days at home and two days in the office.

Jiyong: that’s not a bad idea.

Lisa: what were you doing?

Jiyong: putting finishing touches on some records.

Lisa: oh ok.

Jiyong: so your birthday is coming up

Lisa: yup, I’m an old lady

Jiyong: what do you want to do?

Lisa: nothing.

Jiyong: what do you mean?

Lisa: I just want to eat and sleep the whole day.

Jiyong: don’t you already do that?

Lisa: what’s your point?

Jiyong: how about a party?

Lisa: no, absolutely not.

Jiyong: why not?

Lisa: because, I don’t like all that attention.

Jiyong: why not?

Lisa: just the thought of everyone starring at me alone freaks me out.

Jiyong: but you do it at work.

Lisa: because I have no other choices.

Jiyong: how about a dinner? You know somewhere nice with a few friends.

Lisa: how many is your few?

Jiyong: 20-30 people

Lisa: nope we can have dinner at home, and besides its my birthday, don’t I have a say in that?

Jiyong: fine whatever you want. *looking like he just lost a fight*

Lisa: *bust out laughing*

Jiyong: what’s so funny?

Lisa: what was your first impression of me?

Jiyong: what?

Lisa: when we first met.

Jiyong: at the club?

Lisa: yeah, why did you even tried to talk to me?

Jiyong: I don’t remember.

Lisa: what?

Jiyong: I don’t, it’s been like  4years.

Lisa: you don’t have a romantic bone in your body *goes back to the computer*

Jiyong: *smirks* you mad.

Lisa: ….

Jiyong: *walking towards her* do you know how many things that happened in the last few years, and besides I had a few drinks .


Jiyong: so you’re not going to talk to me?


Jiyong: ok I’m leaving


Jiyong: can I have a kiss? *pulling her to stand between his legs wrapping his arms around her*

Lisa: ….

Jiyong: so you’re going to give me  the silent treatment? Oh well this should be interesting. *kisses her* 
Fine I won’t talk to you either, we’ll see who breaks first

I cannot believe him, sometimes I think that be gets on my nerves on purpose, but anyways I need to finish my work, I’ll worry about him later when I get home.

*1hour later*
I am done with  work, I’m going home thank God I drove to work today, I won’t have to deal with him.

Getting home finally I’ll have sometimes in peace before he gets home to annoy me. First thing first is a warm shower.

After shower, I won’t be able to sleep until Jiyong gets home, but since I don’t want to fool around tonight, I’m going to force myself to sleep.

*45minutes later*

*Jiyong’s pov*

Jiyong: Lizzy I’m home, you’re awake?
Oh right silent treatment me *smile*
*walks in the room, the TV’s on, but she has her headphones on*

It is ridiculously cold tonight, I would usually sleep in a boxer, but Lisa did laundry, I need my pajama pants but I will not ask her for one.

After looking around for like 15 minutes giving up, I’ll just sleep like that.

*Soon after taking a shower*
Jiyong:*walks back and find a PJ set on his side of the bed* *smile*

I don’t know why girls always overeating over petty things like that , it’s not like I forget our anniversary. It’s cold, the atmosphere is cold, only the TV is on. Lisa watches “Hello counselor” every week, even when she’s at work, she download each new eps, guess that’s why she’s still awake right now.

*in the middle of the show she fell asleep *

*fixes the cover over her*

I know it might seem creepy or weird but watching her sleeps next to me I like the best feeling ever, and Yea I still go to the club, I still have fun, but coming home and seeing her like that, just makes up my day.

I don’t have to be in the studio tomorrow so I’m just going to be on my phone for a while. I’m trying to find a gift for Lisa’s birthday, but I can’t find any.

*Lisa fast asleep moves closer to Jiyong’s side of the bed*

I guess she’s cold *smile* *moves closer to her*
*phone rings*
seriously who’s calling me at this time? Oh Rachel

Jiyong: hello?

Rachel: yongie

Jiyong: yes

Rachel: what up?

Jiyong: nothing much, you?

Rachel: I’m good, on my way to the club, you want to slide?

Jiyong: no, I’m already in bed?

Rachel: that’s unlike you

Jiyong: refusing the club?

Rachel: Yea, actually even Seungri refusing to go.

Jiyong: Seungri has a girlfriend now, he has a different priority, so he’s fixing a few of his habits that all.

Rachel: what about you? Did that girl changes you to? Did she tell you to fix your habits for her?

Jiyong: no, I am free to do whatever I want, and… I..I.. love her I want to make it work for us, and if that means go to the club less, or party less, I’m willing to do so.*looking at sleeping Lisa*

Rachel: that hurt

Jiyong: what?

Rachel: hearing you say that you love another woman.

Jiyong: look, we’ve been friends for a long time, and I’ve always seen you as a sister, what happened between us was a mistake and honestly, the blame is mostly on you. You knew what I was going through, yet you took advantage of the fact that I was horribly drunk, and threw yourself at me. We both know that if I was in control of myself I would’ve never let it happened and I know you know that. *never moves his sight off of sleeping Lisa*

Rachel: so what now?

Jiyong: what?

Rachel: you’re going to marry her? You know your parents are never going to allow that.

Jiyong: whomever I choose to spend the rest of my life, has nothing to do with my parents, I can do whatever I want, and actually they already met her.

Rachel: what so special about this girl anyway? She’s an orphans and doesn’t even have money, what you think the public going to say when they find out?

Jiyong: I really don’t care about what they’re going to say actually, what’s special about her, is that she treats me like a person, and not as the Heir to a company, or celebrity, or a Rich person. I’ve never had a girl told me to pick up my socks, or wash my own dishes and even worst no one ever told me to take out the trash.

Rachel: so she bosses you around.

Jiyong: no, she treats me like a person, a normal person and I actually like it, having her waiting for me every night on the couch when I’m late it feels great knowing someone is waiting for me *brushes the back of his hands on her now cold cheeks*

After talking to Rachel for another 20minute, I realize what I can get Lisa for her birthday.

*the next morning*

Last night was cold as heck, I guess someone was cold, but waking up in the morning I find an extra blanket over me, and a pair of socks on my feet. How can I not fall in love with someone like that? Even though we’re being petty and childish, she still takes care of me.

Lisa’s side of the bed is empty and she’s occupying my side one leg over mines and arms on my chest. I guess we’re staying in today, cause she does not look like she’s getting up anytime soon; I don’t mind staying like that anyway.

Last night I came up with the perfect gift for Lisa, it’s a one of its kind thing, I wonder if she will like it?

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I just want Lexa to be happy and that means I want her to get the girl, only thing is I don’t want it to happen yet. I think we can all agree just how electrifying and mesmerising Clexa interactions are and that is partly thanks to the build up of tension between them. You can see in Lexa’s eyes just how much not being able to have Clarke pains her when they are close, for Clarke the tension is a mixture of anger from the betrayal and her underlying attraction to Lexa. There is an insane amount of chemistry between them, arguably the most chemistry I have ever seen between two female characters on any tv show. The lingering looks and the emotion in their eyes, the body language, the tender moments, I just can’t get enough of it. Of course I would love for them to kiss in the next episode or declare their undying love for each other but because of just how captivating that tension is I want the build up to be drawn out for as long as possible. Oh Clexa, what have you done to my heart. 

It’s hard to believe that after years of wanting to be together, we’ve been each other’s for a whole year. After years of looking at each other and thinking it would never happen, of not knowing exactly how the other felt, of all the obstacles that stood in our way… we finally went for it. We told each other the truth. It fills me with such joy to know I’ve found my soul mate. I’ve never been more comfortable with a person or more content with my life. I get so overwhelmed with how I feel I have to type out annoying blog posts like this. I love you so much. You make me so happy. You understand me. You actually care when I have episodes and can’t move or speak. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my days with you.

so me n my bestest friends are all in a whatsapp group together, all 5 of us. And earlier we were jus talking about nudes and nakedness, and we decided to send each other our nudes and so this group chat was jus full of naked and semi naked photos of us and we talked about parts of our bodies and how good everyone looks and it was all so cute and open and honest and I feel like we bonded and are maybe a bit too close.
Our bodies are all really different but we complimented each other and I feel like we made each other feel good about our individuality and our boobs an bums and it was just lovely and I encourage everyone to do this with their best friends.

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery Print on a Vintage Encyclopedia Paper by CartabanCards

“I was too young to know how to love her.”

“Of course I’ll hurt you. Of course you’ll hurt me. Of course we will hurt each other. But this is the very condition of existence. To become spring, means accepting the risk of winter. To become presence, means accepting the risk of absence.”

“But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart.”

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