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Have you done Jongin ☆

“send me a name of a kpop idol with a ✩ next to it and i’ll tell you his body part which is my favourite”

hIS sMirk Is a fuckING SiN

[taylor swift screeches in the back] i did nOT aUTHORISE THIS

doN’T fucKING bLOW kISSES aT mE sON!11!!!! yoU’RE cANCELLED!!!!!

how the fuck are y’all jongin stans alive????? how do y’all not whoop his teasing ass???

baekhyun knows best baekhyun is one of us i trust baekhyun and no one else i love you baekhyun stay awesome baekhyun

Les Amis and Myspace
  • Enjolras:had a constant rotation of his friends as his top 8. He rotated it every month and Grantaire would jeer every time it was his turn. Enjolras ignored him.
  • Combeferre:had one of those minimalist pages, with no custom HTML, before it was popular. He does, however, have one of those drop-down alphabetical menu lists of his favorite artists because he loves being a nerd and he loves music. And the artists are all artists before they became popular. It's his pre-hipster phase.
  • Courfeyrac:loved Myspace. It's 2016 and he still owns the domain "ilovemyspace.com." He still uses those old glitter Blingees and once made one as a badge to wear while school hall monitor. He also once advertised a party on Myspace; 200 people came. Courfeyrac did not blink an eye.
  • Joly:started using =] while on Myspace, and never stopped using =].
  • Bossuet:had twice the heart attacks because he had twice the crushes: Joly and Musichetta. At least one of them was always coming online and he'd just seize his heart like, "WHAT DO I SAY?" He even convinced Grantaire he was ill. That was the first time they got drunk together, and the first time Bossuet told Joly he was in love with Joly.
  • Grantaire:used Misery Business as his main profile song when Floreal ran off with that wannabe banker dude. He later apologized when she took him off her top 8 and promised not to let her happiness get in the way of their friendship.
  • Bahorel:was so scene that his profile was seen by thousands, as evidenced by his thousands of friends. His interests included brass knuckles and hairspray, the hair product and the musical.
  • Feuilly:was one of the first to become an entrepreneur on Myspace. He crafted hand fans, posted photos of them on Photobucket, and sold them. The sales really picked up, especially with Bahorel's help.
  • Jehan:used xanga, you sick fucks.

My thoughts on why I think Paul had a preference for men - 

As I discussed in an earlier post, as a young teen Paul found himself attracted to musical theater, which had a very strong gay element attached to it. As he put it, “I used to hang around stage doors, I was a bit of a Stage-Door Johnny. I was so fascinated by all of that stuff. I loved it. I just wanted to be near it. I hung around the stage doors, got to meet the Crew Cuts. I sort of wanted it, wanted it bad.”

He can remember every minute detail from the first time he met John, from the smell of his beery breath, to the feel of John putting his arms around his shoulders. Immediately after meeting this boy, Paul already started planning a life-long partnership with him, figured out how to combine their names, and was doodling pictures of him in his school workbook. This to me is the behavior of a boy who has already come to terms with his attraction to boys, not someone who’s confused, in denial, or unaware of his feelings.

Two of his earliest songs have themes of a forbidden, risky love. At fourteen, he described love as “suicide” and at 15 he’s promising someone he just met that he’ll love them “in spite of all the danger.” 

When he started dating girls, he would pick out all of their outfits and would instruct them on how to style their hair. Yes, this could be interpreted as Paul just wanting his girlfriend to look like Brigitte Bardot, but to me it sounds a lot like something a stereotypical “gay best friend” would do.

He and John went to The Dart, a gay club, together. This, to me, diminishes the common belief around here that Paul thought of himself as “only gay for John” and not actually queer. The fact that he regularly hung out at a gay club implies that Paul felt that he was no different than all of the other gay men there.

Then when the Beatles went to Hamburg, Tony Barrow remembers how he thought Paul was gay “for months.” If Paul was truly sleeping with as many girls in Hamburg as he claimed, why did it take Tony so long to find out that he wasn’t gay?

The fact that Paul was known to use his “bedroom eyes” and “sex appeal” to get what he wanted from Brian implies that this isn’t Paul’s first time flirting with a man in my opinion.

If you trust Simon Napier-Bell’s account, Brian revealed to him that the Beatles had “other boyfriends,” implying someone not within the band. So this could suggest that Paul was casually dating men other than John during his time in the Beatles.

Mid-sixties, Paul once again deliberately placed himself in the artsy gay crowd of London. I find it interesting to say the least that Paul, age fourteen on, has taken every opportunity possible to surround himself with a group of other gay men. First it was the theater, then beatniks, now Swinging London. 

When John dumped Paul in the summer of 1968, Paul seemed to genuinely be contemplating living the rest of his life as a gay man. When he briefly dated Francie Schwartz, he was said to be going off to gay clubs in the middle of the night. In Francie’s book “Body Count,” she recounts a conversation with Billy Lancaster where he asked her, “Really, what’s Paul like?  I heard he was gay.” to which Francie replied, “He might have gone that way but he didn’t.  He didn’t really dig fucking all that much if that’s any kind of an answer.“

And the emotional intensity of Paul’s breakup with John in itself speaks volumes about how Paul values his relationships with men significantly more than the ones he had with women.

Or in a 1970s Tom Snyder interview, Paul was talking about his days as a Beatles, being able to have any one he wanted. He said, “When you’re that age, that’s the thing to do. You’re looking for girls or whatever turns you on.” When Tom asked what the alternative to girls would be, Paul told him “Boys.”

And none of this even touches all of the crazy suggestive quotes and things regarding him and John’s relationship, like when Paul literally said that he and John were one of the first men to come out openly when homosexuality was still illegal (!!!)

I don’t know…there’s probably a lot more I’m forgetting right now but you get the point 

(also this is all purely speculation so please don’t try to come for me)

this note is on the first page of a book i own, which i opened up while re-arranging some things in my place a few days ago. it’s a book of paintings gifted to me by the artist, a belgian man who i had the pleasure of meeting on my first night in bruges last fall. his son owns comptoir des arts, and along with keegan and many other lovely souls, he helped give me quite the welcome to belgium at that little music bar.

it was fitting i just spent time looking through it, as i realized it was this weekend last year that i left for my solo trip to europe. i was ready, thrilled, and a bit apprehensive about how it would all shake out. but it was marvelous and is probably one of the experiences that has most helped me trust in + embrace my independence. 

serendipitously, i also just booked a ticket for the next grand adventure. i’ll be traveling in southeast asia for a few weeks this winter! it will be an entirely new part of the world for me, one i’ve long been intrigued by and am eager to explore. seeing this note reminded me of all the beautiful experiences + people that are out there – all i must do is stay open to them. cheers!

This is my all-time favorite Oasis song and it just so happens to be the first one Noel Gallagher wrote for the band. I assume Liam had his part in it as well. The shoegazing aspect of ‘Columbia’ makes me appreciate it infinitely. What’s not to love about this intro and guitar layering?!

Thank you @ericclaptonsgroovyafro for tagging me in the “put your music on shuffle and write down your favorite lyrics” tag! I love music tags. :)

1. A Most Peculiar Man by Simon & Garfunkel
And all the people said, “What a shame that he’s dead,
But wasn’t he a most peculiar man?”

2. The Sun Is Burning by Simon & Garfunkel
All is darkness, anger, pain and fear
Twisted, sightless wrecks of men
Go groping on their knees and cry in pain

3. Fried Hockey Boogie by Canned Heat
So we, uh, decided to demonstrate to you how each of the boys in the band does his little thing
Now the first to do the boogie for ya’ll this evening is the Blind Owl

4. Peach, Plum, Pear by Joanna Newsom
What was golden went gray

5. Cloudy by Simon & Garfunkel
And they linger there to die.
They don’t know where they are going, and, my friend, neither do I.

6. Monday Morning by Fleetwood Mac
First you love me then you say it’s wrong
I can’t go on believing for long

7. Bridges and Balloons by Joanna Newsom
And a thimblesworth of milky moon
Can touch hearts larger than a thimble

8. Homeward Bound by Simon & Garfunkel
On a tour of one-night stands
my suitcase and guitar in hand.

9. The Burning Down by King’s X/cover by Ninja Sex Party
Some of them know love
Some of us know the burning down

10. God Only Knows by The Beach Boys
If you should ever leave me
Though life would still go on believe me
The world could show nothing to me
So what good would living do me

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Hi, my name is Amy and I am a 16 year old girl from Australia. I am looking to make some long term friends here.

I love music (bands mostly; twenty one pilots, all time low, panic! at the disco, fall out boy, mayday parade, etc), musical theatre (seriously if you love musical theatre message me), dan and phil, books, reading, writing stories/poems, tv shows (doctor who and sherlock) and I am the biggest Harry Potter dork.

Feel free to message me, age, sexuality, race, gender, religion, doesn’t matter.

Social medias:
Email: amyjessica1703@gmail.com
Twitter: @amybelle27
Tumblr: am–I–punk–rock–yet.tumblr.com

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17 + 24 + 26 for kyungsoo pllleeeaaasseee 🌷💖 much love xoxo

Wearing Something of Theirs, Lap Dance and Blindfolds for the drabble game

requests are closed btw and I have most written out and I’ll be posting one every three days or so (idk don’t trust me, you know I say one thing then end up not posting shit)

rated for maybe mentioned drug use (it’s just weed lol)

His thin white shirt was all that covered my body while his tie was currently tied over his eyes, rendering him blind temporarily. The music played in the background, both seductive and slow as the lingering stench of what we were just smoking hung around us. I took my time in unbuttoning his shirt; my fingers stroking gently along the smooth skin getting exposed inch by inch. Rolling my hips in time with the song, I felt his thighs clench under me where I straddled his lap and I grinned even though he couldn’t see.

Pulling his shirt off his shoulders, it hung in the crook of his elbows and I swooped down to nip at his collarbone. “Ah!” his voice rang out and I reached my hands up to grab at his hair and pull his head back, exposing even more of his unblemished neck for me. Growing more and more satisfied at the sounds coming out of his mouth; I kissed, sucked and nibbled at his rapidly reddening skin, all the while dancing on top of him.

“Moan for me baby boy,” as the song reached close to the end, I quickened my pace and my hands which had dropped to his shoulders grabbed on, nails digging into him as I ground down on his erection. “Want me to take care of this for you baby?” my teeth caught hold of his earlobe as I waited for an answer. “Come on Kyungie, as much as I love them, these little moans of yours aren’t a good enough answer.” I finally kissed him and his lips parted instinctively to allow my tongue to enter and trace every curve and crevice of his mouth. Pulling back much too soon for his liking, he tried to grab onto my hips but I stopped all movement. “No no no, you know the rules,” digging my nails into him, “Now tell me before I get off of you and leave you here all night, do you want me to fuck you or not?” He whined, “Please..” “Please what?” “Please fuck me.” “That’s more like it,” lips curled into a wicked smirk, I ripped off the blindfold.

okay, but like Angie

so Angie is the sweet Hamilton, and she’s a year younger then Philip and she’s like his total opposite. sure she gets good grades and stuff, but she couldn’t care less about the debate team and whatever. She’s a theater/art nerd. she paints decently, but her piano playing is amazing. She’s the one all the teachers go to if they need someone to play at a dinner party, and in all the musical productions she’s the keyboardist/composer/musical director.

By the time she gets to high school she already has a name for herself as Baby Ham bc of her brother’s popularity, and it gets on her nerves. she ends up taking herself out of the “popular crowd” and hanging out with the rejects, much to her brothers annoyance. tho, anytime she has a moment she goes and hangs out with Philip/Theo/Georges bc “maybe i don’t like the popular kids in my grade, but that doesn’t mean you guys suck.”


Why oh why is it that every time –every single time!- I say ‘Canadian Glam’ you smirk? I am going to wipe that smirk of your face with my tongue because Canada had the most Glam Prime Minister of all. True dat though. Can you name a world leader who was more Glam than Pierre Elliott Trudeau? I’m waiting. (silence) 

Never far from The Beatles (Lennon loved him) and the Rolling Stones (his wife Maggie), his charisma even sparked TRUDEAUMANIA! This post is timely because as of this writing one of Trudeau’s sons is Prime Minister of Canada -just like his father was! Relevant post! Re-Make/Re-Model. Pierre Elliott Trudeau so Glam.  So heavy, that P.E.T.  Suss his daring sartorial choices. A fresh flower in the lapel. Dandy PM! Roxy Music vocalist Bryan Ferry was daring, too. When it comes to pate Trudeau was closer to Eno (and for that, full props) but for Glam attire Ferry and Trudeau are closer in comparison, those dapper lads. Granted that the one’s hobbies included invoking The War Measures Act while the other loves a good fox hunt, but when it comes to the gaucho look WHO WORE IT BEST?

your fave is problematic: steve (@elfrightsactivist) edition

falls in love with every dog he meets, adores the ocean and everything in it, has an contagious laugh, would protect his friends and family to the death, far too cute when he smiles, loves dogs that have human names or when named after inanimate objects, gives the best hugs ever, too good when it comes to ideas for presents, great music taste, can never seem to tie all of his hair back so some bits always escape and cover his face and i can’t not put it behind his ear, cries at puppies and dogs in general, always knows what to say when you’re sad, loves Dratinis so much that when he finally got one in Pokémon GO he celebrated, diMPLES, can do a far-too-accurate impression of a dolphin whistle, would rather spend money on others rather than himself, remembers the post about the dog and the warm panini so fondly that he smiles whenever he remembers it, after learning his girlfriend loved apple in her salad when they were in a restaurant, he put all of his apple slices on her plate while she was in the bathroom and didn’t say anything, loves How To Train Your Dragon so much he has a Toothless tattoo, makes really good cheesecake, can rap the entirety of Guns and Ships, ultimate weakness of spotty puppy bellies, even worse if those bellies belong to corgis

To those of you who only know Justin through Rainbow Mansion, yes, he sings and plays guitar. His all-time idol is Freddie Mercury. 

Peaches can play guitar and sing too, though Justin sings a lot better, so Peaches calls on Justin every time he’s got song ideas and wants someone to sing them. Peaches is waaaay obsessed with music but ended up dating the most tone-deaf person in existence whose knowledge of music goes about as far as Beyoncé. 

Anyway, allow me a brief moment to talk about Peaches and Justin because I love them. Beyond all the stuff that happens between them when Essie/Peaches are on the rocks, they do really understand each other on a pretty deep level, beyond just their musical interests. They both understand depression, anxiety, fear of abandonment, and feelings of inadequacy. They rely more on their significant others more than they should to function properly. Beyond that, Justin really likes that Peaches is frank about preferring and enjoying the company of feminine men– that’s pretty rare in gay men. Peaches is 100% cool with how people choose to express themselves, and he’s the quiet and calm dude that Justin sometimes needs to balance out his frantic energy. Peaches had shitty parents and then even shittier foster parents. Justin had a step-dad who constantly belittled him. They’ve had to struggle to figure normal life out. Fortunately, Peaches’ had enjoyed a better “moral compass” than Justin, but older men didn’t exploit Peaches when he was too young to know better, and he has never had an addictive personality. 

It’s no wonder that even when Justin is happy and in love with Thad, he has occasional pangs over Peaches, because Peaches gets him when most don’t, and vice versa.

 This pic was drawn to this song. 

anyways i feel like justin should retire soon because its not like hes even working for anything anymore - he hardly likes his fans, he doesnt like performing and he hates doing celebrity duties (e.g. award shows, meet and greets, even music videos have NO effort). all he’s doing right now is collecting money for carrying out the bare minimum which he’s earned enough of to support his x15 great grandkids. you can’t feel the love in anything hes doing any more at all, he’s doing it because he HAS to and he’s not even scared to admit it like thats how little he cares. the whole 2016 justin persona is just so uncomfortable to watch because you can tell he has lost the passion and appreciation in everything he does. it’s a sickening feeling to witness someone you looked up to so much go from being lively to having a not-give-a-shit attitude

Let’s show ‘AGUST D’ a lot of love!


If you downloaded the mixtape, you’ll see that for most songs, Yoongi produced all or nearly all the songs, and the synthesizer is all done by him.

He put his sweat and tears into making this album. This album reflects on what he want to produce, his real take on hiphop and music.

Let’s show this mixtape lots of love!


I little late but I met Alex Turner a few weeks ago. I have been in love with the Arctic Monkeys since I was in middle school and through them started listening to the Last Shadow Puppets in high school. I love both bands but with AM on hiatus I have been more into TLSP over the past year. I still can’t believe I met this person that I have been fantasizing meeting for years. He always seemed like just a voice to me and it’s so cool to listen to his music and think hey, I met him. I really wish I had been able to have an actual conversation with him but I was too star struck. All I did was say hi and start giggling, And then he said hi back and started laughing at me and slung his arm around me and rest his head on mine. Though I’m glad he did laugh at me because he’s smiling and looks happy in the picture. It was magical ✨

I don’t think people realize how much of an affect Maxwell and Jonghyun meeting will have on the future music generation, not only in Korea but America as well.

By being on BNR, Maxwell was able to shed light on police brutality and was able to break the stereotype that has been placed upon African Americans. He even talked about people just being human; “it doesn’t matter if we’re black or Korean, we’re all human beings”

And I’m so glad that it was Jonghyuns radio because by far he is so open minded, non judgmental and he’s just an overall really good listener. I feel like Jonghyun was really touched by Maxwells words and his love for music. I appreciate both he and Maxwell for their mutual understanding of each other and their differing cultures.

They’re both amazing musicians and I’d love it if they were able to collaborate more often.

you know, when i think about it, in their first weekly idol where suga wanted to give a track he produced for doni and coni. strangely, that track sounds like it could belong to his mixtape, because the sound and feel is different from the usual bts music, and we know that he has been working on that mixtape for years now. but here was suga, bearing his heart and soul for the first time on television and doniconi rejected it. and i know they said it’s not their kind of music, but just imagine how suga felt knowing that he made something for someone and they didn’t like it. listening to his mixtape again (for the 5th time), i understand why it took so long for it to be released. 

if you’re an artist, especially an artist with an inferiority complex, it’s really hard to share to someone something that is a part of who you are and something that you love and put all your love into, and have it be rejected by someone who you look up to or respect. having it experienced first hand and in the most cruel way, not to mention the layers of insecurities and complexes in my personality, rejection of something that you love and is a part of you can destroy a person.

suga is brave and amazing to be able to share his mixtape with us, knowing that there will be people who will ignore it, dislike it, hate it, even reject it. i’m honored to be able to experience something very personal and raw and emotional, to be able to listen to his hopes, dreams, and happiness, to understand his insecurities, fears, and guilt, to read his careless thoughts and careful words, to know min yoongi the humble and caring human being, and suga the powerful rapper of bts, and agust d a force to be reckoned with, and everything else in between.