anyway... here’s why i think all rappers in bts are good rappers

💚 yoongi: has a talent for channeling emotion in, his raw passion transcends rap, it sounds like spoken poetry, melodious yet impactful, fantastic flow (does this guy even breathe?), his little lisp makes his verses even more delicious (except it’s not so much of a lisp but his gyeongsang dialect, actually), really knows how to build and unravel some of his songs feel like snowballs that keep rolling until wrapping in full, you know?, overall pro at tapping into your heart then ravishing it;

💙 hoseok: a true wild card, wasn’t even a rapper to begin with but he’s been improving comeback after comeback and that’s what i call a natural, piercing timbre and a flexible pitch, super versatile (i think he acts as a good balance between the other two), fits trap beats like he invented the genre, often over the top, animated and effervescent, eccentric almost, he’s got so much potential, he’s got the right attitude, plus, he’s the hype source of every song (it’s in his damn adlibs, man…);

💜 namjoon: ace in the delivery department, dark and straightforward, great with rhymes, uses really effective language (aka he’s smart in making odd or quirky references and associations, likes to play with words and images in his lyrics, challenging you to think twice about them), i feel like his low, raspy voice fits old-school hip hop/boom bap very well, he has a confident kind of control over his voice that just makes you go “huh, this dude knows what he’s talking about”, not to mention that it’s plain sexy.

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I'm really glad someone posted the scene where Dean is alone with Cas before the funeral pyre without the music. That's how warner transmitted the episode for all Latin America, and it felt like the USA missed something very important


it made me feel his emptiness so keenly

if anyone says jensen doesnt play it that way, platonically or romantically, dean LOVED cas

end of

boyfriend lay 🍧

🍭 such a sweetie oml

🍭 randomly gifts you with flowers and sweets

🍭 “i just wanted you to feel special,” he’d say

🍭 yet he never expects a single thing in return

🍭 so when you do give him something, he’s so pleasantly surprised

🍭 dance sessions, but they’re mostly just you laughing at how terribly you’re fucking up and yixing lovingly assuring you that it isn’t that bad

🍭 he doesn’t have the heart to admit that it really is that bad

🍭 some jokes, he doesn’t get right away

🍭 if it’s sexual, it’ll take a moment to click, or he may not understand at all

🍭 because of this, your sex life is baekhyun’s favorite thing to poke fun at or joke about

🍭 i mean, you may as well be dating baek too, since he’s around so often

🍭 yixing loves to write music with/about you

🍭 he takes such pride in his creations and having you a part of that process makes it so much better

🍭 hella romantic dates

🍭 yeah, he has money to show off, but it’s more about making your night together perfect

🍭 let’s face it, unless you live in china, he’s gone quite often

🍭 a lot of your relationship is so long distance that he wants your time together to be memorable for you

🍭 on top of that, you deserve something extravagant

🍭 he doesn’t force you into his big tshirts or anything, but he secretly wishes you’d wear them more often

🍭 he thinks you look too cute

🍫 nsfw 🍫

🍭 sex with yixing is very slow and sweet

🍭 a rare occasion, but he’s sure to treat you well

🍭 he takes his time worshipping every aspect of your body

🍭 it’s a long foreplay to make sure you’re properly loved before he fucks you

🍭 even that is super slow though

🍭 he needs you to feel everything

🍭 in return, just give him lots of hickies, he loves that

🍭 or praise him on the good job he’s doing

🍭 if you’re sweet to him, he’ll happily perform oral on you

🍭 that boy looks innocent but he knows damn well how to use his tongue

🍭 needless to say, over stimulation is an often thing when you have sex, but it’s an accidental thing

🍭 he just gets carried away

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hi! your youtube videos always have such lovely music, where do you find it? I’ve been thinking of starting a channel but can’t seem to find any good music for videos :/

epidemic sound my friend!!! i’ve spent hours scouring that site for all it’s worth lololol

Lucky | Jonah Marais

Every time I travel from my hometown to L.A. to visit my boyfriend, I stay at the Why Don’t We house.

It is a tradition of the boys and I to listen to each other’s playlists throughout my stay. In the past, it has taken several days to get through all of the songs, filled with many laughs and jabs at each other’s tastes in music.

I’m sitting on the couch with Jonah in the living room, lying against his chest as he drifts in and out of sleep.

Every time I visit, we want to spend every single second of it together. That means a lot of late nights talking and cuddling and not a lot of sleeping.

I’m scrolling through fan edits on my phone, smiling to myself about how much they love, support, and care for the boys and their careers, just as a song on Daniel’s playlist fades out, signaling the end.

A ding rings out from the Bluetooth speaker sitting on the coffee table in front of me. Though I wait for several seconds, a new song doesn’t begin. Confused, I look over at the armchair not far away from the couch where Daniel is sitting.

“Why did the music stop?” I ask.

“The music’s over,” he says with a laugh. “My playlist has been played all the way through.”

I glance around and see that Corbyn, who has headphones in talking to his girlfriend, Christina, over FaceTime, is the only other person in the room.

“Well,” I say, switching apps to Spotify on my phone, “I don’t think anybody’s going to care if I play mine next.”

After connecting my Bluetooth to the speaker, I go to the playlist titled Jammin and hit shuffle play.

What are the odds that Jonah’s song, Heartbreak Weather, is up first.

I sit up with a start, forgetting that my boyfriend is - probably was, now - sleeping, and almost scream with excitement.

I jump up and run over to Corbyn, grabbing one of his earbuds and screaming, “Christina! It’s fetus Jonah!”

I catch her laugh just as I drop the earbud and run to the sliding door that leads to the backyard where Zach and Jack are skateboarding.

“You have to come listen to baby Jonah!” I yell to them after pulling the door open.

I’m pretty sure that Daniel catches the wave of excitement I’m riding on because he turns the speaker up as loud as it can go.

When I rush back to the living room, Daniel is jumping around, Corbyn is laughing with Christina, and Jonah is sitting up straight on the couch, looking adorably disheveled and out of place.

At this point, the chorus has rolled around and I jump into a horrible rendition of it just as Jack and Zach come running in.

“Baby the rain won’t wait forever, heading straight for heartbreak weather,” I yell in a terrible singing voice. Jonah is laughing as the other guys join in.

“Time to open up my eyes and see the writing in the sky. There ain’t no way for us to stay together… through heartbreak weather,” we all sing dramatically, before spinning off into demented-looking dance moves during the music break.


I’m laying on my back on Jonah’s bed when he enters the room, closing the door behind him.

Usually, Zach and Corbyn sleep in here with him, but they’ve blown up an air mattress and and are sleep in the living room, insisting that Jonah and I need “alone time”.

The bed dips as Jonah lays down on his stomach and scoots closer to me on his elbows.

He finally reaches me and just stares into my eyes, grinning.

I place my hand on the side of his face and shake my head slightly at his expression. I’ve never fully understood how someone like him could look at someone like me the way he does.

“Why in the world are you grinning like that?”

He shrugs.

“You’re cute,” he says. I laugh.

“That’s why?” I say quietly, blushing slightly.

How does he still make you feel like this after so long of being together?

“Yeah,” he gushes. “That and the fact that you were hilarious while dancing and singing to my song earlier.”

I give him a regal nod.

“That’s what I’m here for,” I say.

My boyfriend smiles and then he’s back to just looking at me.

“What the heck are you looking at when you stare at me like that?” I ask him, honestly wanting to know why, since it happens so often.

“Well,” he says, “I look at your eyes because they’re beautiful.”

He presses our foreheads together and gets as close as he possibly can to me. My eyes cross at his close proximity and I laugh as he leans back.

“I look at your nose ‘cause it’s cute,” he says, rubbing our noses together.

“Really, Jonah? This is cringe-worthy,” I say, swatting at his shoulder.

“And,” he continues, but never finishes, staring at my lips.

He doesn’t move for so long, and I finally can’t stand it anymore. I lean forward, pressing my mouth against his.

When I pull away, his silly grin has returned.

“How did I get so lucky?” he whispers.

“I think I should be the one asking that question,” I whisper back, “not you.”

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Do you have any griff hc’s for us?


i like the idea that griff is into mechanics. like i can just see him hot wiring cars etc. but he also knows how to fix cars. 

on that note i feel like his apartment is an organized mess. like he brings his work home so to speak and there’s just random (small) car parts scattered as he works on different projects. his apartment is open and studio style and he has all his stuff scattered as if it were a garage. 

he likes 90′s and 00′s pop music. but don’t tell anyone. 

griff is cocky and confident and i bet he’d like a girl who challenges that. either because she’s really confident herself and takes no crap from him OR she’s really shy and griff can’t figure her out because she’s more reserved. griff loves the ladies so it doesn’t matter to him, whether she’s a ‘challenge’ or not. but i can see him being into that. 

i’ve talked about this before but every tattoo has a story even if it was just that he was drunk and got one, or a certain one was a tattoo he got in prison etc all of the have a story. 

he’s a cat person. he has a cat. she’s his baby. 

griff LOVES attention. he’s the type that if he’s sick or gets hurt he will act like it’s worse than it is because he wants to be fawned over. he’d thrive off getting kisses and his hair played with when he feels bad. 

i bet he has at least one ticklish spot but good luck finding it. 

he has a ton of pairs of sunglasses but he only ever wears the same ones. 

he mentions it in the movie about “things that don’t wash off in the sink” and i think it’s safe to say from the teardrop tattoo that he has killed people. and i wonder if he carries that weight or if he moved past it. it’s hard to tell how dark griff is. because he’s such a little shit you can’t really tell if he is cruel (i don’t think he is). but i do i think he uses his humor to hide the darkness he carries.

i want him to have some talent that’d be surprising like he knows how to ballroom dance or he used to be really good at basketball or something 

it’s 100% guaranteed that he has said ‘knuckle sandwich’ before punching someone in the face ESPECIALLY after he got the words tattooed on his knuckles

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I’m kinda new around here and I was wondering...if you could describe Niall to someone that is starting to get into his music but has no idea about the 1 Direction Era, what do you have to say about that gorgeous Irishman ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝ‍โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜

Omg this is like trying to describe what pure sunshine tastes like. It’s impossible.

First of all he’s hilarious. Incredibly smart, loving, adorable, talented, loyal…..I mean I could go on forever.

If you’re looking for how he fit in during the 1D days, you should check out 1d day on YouTube, carpool karaoke, Jonathan Ross interviews, this is us promo. Those are prime nialler.

He’s just honestly the best human ever. 😍

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Here's some food for thought. We all know Ignis is very well educated in combat, academics, art, and many other things. Does that include music? And if that includes music, could he play an instrument? If so, I see him definitely a piano player writing the most beautiful pieces of music. Maybe playing a love song for that special someone. Your thoughts?

Ohhhh, yes, I like that. I do think he is definitely somewhat capable in the musical department. If he plays any instrument at all then I would say the piano as well. He definitely has these long fingers you need to grip a whole octave with only one hand.

Ignis definitely finds joy in playing the piano, though he regrets that he doesn’t have as much time to play it as he would like considering all his duties to the Crown and to Noctis but he once tried to combine his passion for the piano and his duties by trying to teach Noctis how to play the piano. That did not go too well. Noctis definitely is more the guitar kinda guy.

I also believe that, yes, Ignis would try to compose his own pieces from time to time but only if he has the right motivation and inspiration to actually go through that tedious process (he likes to think that getting Noct to eat some vegetables is far easier than composing a musical piece in perfect rhythm and harmony that would actually meet the standards he has on himself).

Once he is in the right mindset to do it though, it doesn’t take him too long to write the melody that’s been playing in his head for quite some time now down onto paper. When he’s done he proudly presents it to his s/o, probably also dedicates it to them if they like it (they were the person he thought about while writing this, after all).

Also, just a short, little scenario.

Just imagine this: one evening you’re with Ignis in his apartment and you ask him to teach you how to play the piano. The two of you sit down next to each other, the sun is about to set and he gently guides your hands with his own and teaches you how to play the very first notes of ‘Somnus’, patient as always. At some point you ask him to simply play the whole piece by himself and once he does you can clearly see on his face how much he loves to play the piano and how he looses his usually composed self with the notes he’s playing and there’s just pure emotion on his face.

Yeah, I really like that idea (maybe also because I’m a hopeless romantic).


Day 17: Favorite OBC Member

Jeremy Jordan

I found Newsies through JerJor and therefore he holds a special place in my heart. I was introduced to him through Supergirl and while live tweeting I saw someone mention he was a Broadway star. And me, being the musical theatre nerd I am, had to look him up this poor gIRL’S HEAD WAS SPINNING! I went and listened to Seize the Day, loved it instantly, found a bootleg and that was it! I’ve been obsessed with the show ever since! Since then, JerJor has become one of my all-time favorite actors on and off the stage. He’s an extremely talented actor, his singing makes my heart melt, and he’s a giant dork! Truly a winning combination. My brother’s girlfriend even got me a personalized autograph from him (on that newspaper prop I talked about on day six) for my birthday. I almost cried in the restaurant. Anyways, the point is, even though I love so many of the other actors, he’s my fave and I love him!  

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These little excerpts for the tracks are bloody brilliant. I love the way they're filmed. The frames with the track titles have a vintage feel. And yet none of it is forced. It's all very natural, so very genuinely Niall. Him making his music, him and his guitar. It's perfectly in line with his brand and his music. I wonder whose idea it was? I give them much respect because I'm having such a good time!

me too! they’re definitely doing the job of building excitement towards the release date - including on Billboard & MTV. well played, Niall & Capitol marketing. 👏😉

idk why I suddenly thought about this but back when I was still active on deviantart.com in like…2009? I was madly in love with iron man and Robert Downey Jr. like to the point where I had all these magazine cut outs of him on my bedroom wall. Anyways - I guess around that time I found out he had a son who was only a couple years older than me. So I googled him (Indio Downey) and at the time he was 16 and according to my dumb 14 yr old self “super hot omfg XD”. Anyways I honestly cannot remember how this happened but at some point on deviantart.com I was messaged by this stranger claiming to be Indio Downey. And for like maybe 3 days we had this conversation just about like music and art- his dad was not mentioned once (because I was nervous he would find out I was also in love with his dad?) And at first I didn’t believe he was Indio Downey but he sent me all these pics of himself like with a guitar or just like in a basement or his bedroom or what not - photos that I couldn’t find on google (reverse google image search was either not a thing or I didn’t know about it). So yeah I full on believed he was actually Robert Downey Jr’s son who had found me on deviantart.com to discuss art with me (he also showed me drawings he had made). I don’t remember how long I talked to him but eventually we stopped I guess and then I must have actively blocked that memory because it feels so fake to me now? like I know in theory this happened - I got catfished very innocently into believeing robert downey jr’s son had found my deviantart account and really liked my art and wanted to show me his artwork too. nothing ever came of it besides that but like ??????? I truly believed he was real????? and part of me today still believes he was ???

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I'm fine with David doing his music even though I'm not a fan but I can't wait until Brad no longer deals with the fandom. Thanks for the unbiased writeup of the concert experience.

What i love most about it is that he just puts himself out there he tries, he fucks up, he does what feels right to him on stage, he is no perfect singer or dancer but the imperfection of it all makes it perfect to me and also why I can connect to it.
Also I Love his lyrics they are the great!!😊

And believe me I can’t wait for the day Brad is gone… 😑
I saw the review and I agree on some points but not on the nasty tone of the review so I’m glad you liked it and you are welcome ❤️

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Yes hello hi it’s me, person who found real life fuckboy Neil and I was thinking...I totally hc Aaron and Andrew as unexpectedly making the absolute best mixes for parties at the exy house? Like with Andrews eidetic memory and Aaron spending all of high school trying to avoid dealing with everything, I can totally imagine between them having just this amazing cache of music and obviously better taste than neil who never really had the opportunity to listen to music and Kevin who was equally (1)


what she says: im fine

what she means: In a Crowd of Thousands reveals that Dmitry is set on the girl he saw when he was 10 years old, and when Anya remembers it being her, his first instict is to sing in rejoice because he found her again, and afterward leans in to kiss her. Anya isn’t opposed to it at all, but he stops because in that moment he has to realize that she’s not just the girl he’s been in love with all this time, she’s royalty. Dmitry literally finds his dream girl and then immediately after has to face the fact that she’s out of reach. His kneel is out of respect for her position, but it’s also the point where he is forced to accept that his dream was shattered as soon as it came true.

digging that one flag


this love is o u r s


40 / 365 days of my sunshine