When Jay first met Beyoncé, Dame was like ‘You should wife her, she’s the one.’ There was a time in Paris when they sent us 'Bonnie & Clyde.’ Dame and I were at the Plaza Athénée and they sent us that song. It was the final [cut] and when we heard that song Dame looked at me and said 'Yo, he’s in love.’ So if y'all know Jay, a lot of times everything comes out in music. When he does interviews he’s a little more reluctant to speak about certain things. But it always comes out in his albums; so at that time when 'Bonnie & Clyde’ came out we knew he was in love with Beyoncé.

Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke during a BET interview, when asked by a fan “When Jay started dating Beyoncé did you see significant change in him, or did he keep it gangsta around his boy?”

“’03 Bonnie & Clyde” was recorded in August 2002.

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Also, Azriel & 39

Azriel + secret: 

I think Azriel tends to keep the things he loves and cares for secret. His passions are buried deep, even if they’re simple things like his favourite book or a piece of music he could listen to over and over and over again, they’re not things he broadcasts about himself. I think Azriel keeps secrets without ever really realising that he’s keeping secrets. He just doesn’t really tell people details about himself. But he doesn’t really realise that he’s keeping them secret he just…doesn’t talk much about himself. 

I think top of the list for things that Az keeps hidden are lovers. You don’t get into bed with Azriel without understanding that this is going to be something that very, very few people ever know about. It’s something for him that’s intensely private and personal and he doesn’t talk about it, not even to his inner circle family. 

Azriel I think plays a very long game with lovers. It’s a dance that’s draw out over a few weeks and sometimes even months (or centuries in the case of moriel) it takes time to build up, even if it’s an affair that only lasts a night, Azriel enjoys the slow burn of these things. And he also enjoys doing it without anyone else having any idea what’s going on. Even when they’re sitting together in a crowded room at Rita’s there’s still this air of mystery, this idea that no-one else knows. Azriel doesn’t like sharing his lovers. 

(another bonus moriel round because just try and stop me: I like the idea that when moriel finally happens (when not if dammit, leave me alone in my happy denial bubble) it happens quietly. Everyone excepted the world to tilt on its axis, new constellations of stars to align and for a three day party to tear up Velaris in honour of them finally giving in to each other. But I think I’d prefer it if it was quiet. This is something that’s just about them. The rest of the world has watched them watch each other for centuries, watched them dance around each other and avoid each other and take other lovers and ignore their feelings for their fears and insecurities. 

This is something that they don’t get to watch. This is quiet and intimate and sheltered and loving. This is the two of them nestled together in a little spot far away from everyone else where they can just be. This is gentle, connected sex that carries them through quiet nights. This is soft, sunlit mornings waking up in one another’s arms, skin to skin, nothing separating them any more and feeling right. This is chaste kisses in hidden corners. This is a love that flourishes in the shadows. This is a love that neither of them wants to share. This is the secret that they keep locked up safe in their hearts for as long as they can) 

send me a character and a number and I’ll write you a headcanon


“Hi! I love your writing and was hoping maybe if you had time you could do a hamilsquad x reader where the reader is rejected by their family after coming out? Idk I’m having a terrible day and my family seems to hate me and Hamilton is all I have left”

First off, to anon: I love you and I promise you it’ll get better. Us queer peeps gotta stick together and constantly reassure each other that we are valid and beautiful people. If you (or anyone!!) ever needs anyone to talk to, please feel free to message me :)

Secondly: I’m approaching 200 followers and I wanted to know if you guys wanted be to do anything special for it?? Idk like a big fic series or something IDK IDK

Lastly: Just a general PSA because we just passed national coming out day, coming out should be a freeing and happy experience so please don’t come out until you are 100% safe and comfortable with coming out!! Your safety and mental health should be your top priority! I know being in the closet sucks but it’s 1000x better when you come out to a loving and accepting group (:

You can submit your own request or a number and person from this post. Masterlist

Warnings: Swearing, Biphobia, Slutshaming, General Queerphobia, Modern AU
Pairings: Hamilsquad X Reader


Today was the day. There was no turning back now.

You sat across from your parents, both of whom looked at you expectantly. Your heart raced at a million miles a minute as you looked at both of them, your gaze going back and forth between their stares. You wrung your hands together, trying to wipe away the sweat gathering between them, and sighed shakily.

“Y/N?” Your mother asked, leaning forward a small bit. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” You answered, far too quickly. She raised a brow, and glanced at your father.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” He asked warily, crossing his arms. “You know you can tell us anything.”

“I know.” You breathed, your anxiety peaking and showing in your voice. “I, um,” You dug your nails into your hand. “I have something to tell you guys.”

Both of your parents waited patiently, and you gathered your courage and began, “I love both of you so much, which is why I’ve chosen to share this with you.” You paused. “I’ve spent my entire life trying to figure out who I am and why, and then trying to hide that part of me when I realized that it wasn’t considered…” You trailed off. “Acceptable.”

“I have always wanted to make you guys proud, and I can only hope that I’ve done that with my career.” Both of your parents nodded; they were ecstatic when you told them that you’d decided to be a writer for the New York Post, working beside your friends. “And I’ve reached the point in my life where I’m safe and comfortable enough to finally be honest with who I am.”

Your parents furrowed their brows, and you almost turned back, tried to cover this all up and stay silent about your true message. But you knew you couldn’t, not when you’d come so far in the secret you’d been dying to reveal ever since you discovered it about yourself. “Mom, Dad,” You paused again, taking a deep breath and closing your eyes. “I’m bisexual and polyamorous.”

You waited for a reaction, keeping your eyes clenched shut. Your parents said nothing, and you opened your eyes slowly to face them. They simply sat with confused and black expressions, still processing what you’d said. “Guys?” You asked quietly.

“Bisexual…” Your father began warily, his brow furrowed. “And what?”

“Polyamorous.” You answered slowly, biting your lip. “It means, um,” You hesitated. “That I have relationships with more than one person.” You conveniently left out the part that you were already in a relationship with four other men. You’d save that revelation for another day.

Your mother placed her hand on her heart, and growled, “Get out right now.”

Your heart dropped, “W-What?”

Your mother stood and motioned to the door. “Get out of my house right this instant!” She shouted. A lump swelled in your throat, tears burning at the back of your eyes. She snarled at you, “I will not tolerate a whore standing under my roof!”

You whimpered, “Mom, it’s not like that! I swear, it’s all consensual and it’s about communication a-“

“Get out!” Your father roared. He stood beside your mother, both of them looking down at you in disgust. “We did not raise a dyke slut, and we will not speak with one.” As tears began to drip down your cheeks, your hidden feelings of dread and panic making their way to the front of your thoughts, your father glared, “Get out and don’t come back.”

“Mom, Dad, please…” You whimpered, holding your hands to your heart. “It’s not like that at all. If you’d just listen…” You hiccuped, clamping your hand over your mouth to hold in the ugly sobs making their way up your throat.

They just glared at you coldly and left the room, leaving you there. Your father lifted your coat off of the hanger like it was radioactive, and threw it at you. He shuddered, like it disgusted him to simply be near it, and then walked out of the room.

It had happened. Your worst fear had come true. Your parents disowned you, revolted by your existence. They never wanted to see you again after this revelation. You were parentless. Like you’d always worried you’d be.

Slowly, you gathered your things and left, looking back at your childhood home before you did. Memories came flooding back to you, of Christmases spent huddled by the fire with your parents’ love for you swirling through the room just like the scent of cinnamon.

You’d never get that back.

The sky began to cry with you, raindrops beating down on your skin as you ran from your home, having arrived with your father in his car. The nearest bus station was three blocks away, and you prayed that the rain didn’t pick up before you reached there.

Of course, it did, and you entered the station cold, wet, and crying. The lady standing there gave you an odd look as you tried to bundle up, pulling your jacket tighter around you as if that would warm you.

The bus ride was cold and gloomy, with the rain creating a constant monotone hum on the roof. A man with wild curls and a purple jacket sat next to you, but all he offered was judgmental looks every time a sob slipped back your lips. You had the same stop, and he sped away from you as quickly as possible. You could only feel even more pathetic as he jumped into a coffee shop, warily glancing back at you.

You ran through the rain to your boyfriend John’s apartment complex. The woman working in the lobby, a sweet girl named Theodosia, gave you a worried look as you rushed through the lobby and up the stairs. The elevator had been out for almost a month now, so you arrived at John’s doorstep with aching legs on top of everything that’d already gone wrong.

You knocked meekly, sniffling, and it took John a moment before he answered the door. His shirt was off, and he had his Star Wars pajama bottoms on. His music, a Nirvana album, was blaring in the background, and he had a bright smile on when the door opened. It faded as soon as he saw you.

“Y/N?” He asked. “Oh my God, come in.” His strong arms reached out to you and pulled you inside, shutting the door with his foot. “Did you walk here? You’re soaking wet! What happened to the umbrella Herc gave you?”

You collapsed into his arms, overwhelmed with his questions. He fell silent, holding you tightly, worried and scared at why you were like this. Usually you were a ball of sunshine, bouncing into his home with a grin and asking for popcorn.

“Y/N,” He said, turning down his music as the two of you passed his speaker. He lead you to his bedroom down the hall, and helped you peel off your soaking jacket and lay on the warm covers. He sat next to you, pushing your hair out of your face, and asked, “Babe, what’s wrong?”

“They-I-He,” You stammered over your words, too overcome with tears to properly answer him. John waited patiently for you to calm down a bit, and start again. “I went to my p-parents house, to-to,” You hiccuped, wiping at your cheeks. John understood, his eyes widening. “They threw me out, John!” You cried. “They called me a, a,” You shook your head, and John didn’t push it any further. He took you in his arms and shushed you, whispering sweet things in your ear until your horrendous sobs had faded into weak hiccups.

He moved away, pulling up his covers over you. You looked up at him, eyes shining, and he placed a sweet kiss on your forehead, “I’ll be back in a second.”

He slipped down the hallway and into the kitchen, grabbing his phone from the counter and dialing Lafayette’s number. The phone rang three times before Laf’s cute accent asked, “Mon amour?

“Laf, you need to come over right now. I’m calling Herc and Alex after this; Y/N came out to her parents and they didn’t accept her. I need you guys here immediately.” He said quietly, so Y/N didn’t hear. He knew she’d assure him that they didn’t need to come, that it wasn’t that important.

But from the way you’d stumbled in, cold and sobbing, he knew you were broken from this. You’d worried for months about when and how you were going to tell your parents, and he and the boys had all assured you it’d be fine. He thought it would be fine. He never thought they’d shut you out.

He poured a bowl of your favorite white cheddar popcorn out and then crept down the hall and back into his room. He found you cuddling his pillow, tears soaking through it, and he frowned. He set the bowl down and climbed back in the bed, holding you. “Sweetheart, please don’t feel bad.”

“How can I not feel bad, John?” You sobbed. “They hate me. They hate me and they never want to see me again.” You buried your head in his neck, holding him close as you cried. He fell silent, not knowing what to say.

He held you for a while, just letting you sob into his neck, and then he heard his front door open slowly. “John?” Alex’s voice carried through the apartment.

Before you could process what you’d heard, Alex was in the doorway of John’s bedroom, surveying the scene in front of him. He took one look at the tear stains on your cheeks and on John’s shirt, and frowned. “Y/N,” He sighed, kicking off his shoes and climbing in next to the two of you. “What’s going on?”

“My parents.” You whimpered, looking up at your two boyfriends. “I came out to them and they,” You sniveled. “They kicked me out.”

“Oh, sweetheart.” He said, placing a kiss to your head. “I’m so sorry.”

Lafayette and Hercules arrived soon after, both of them holding bags of the same white cheddar popcorn John poured out for you. Soon enough, the five of you were laying in bed together, all of them shushing and cooing you as you cried.

Mon ange, if they do not want to accept you and who you are, then they do not deserve you.” Lafayette whispered, tracing circles on your thigh. “You should be proud of who you are and who you love.”

“I am,” You hiccuped. “But it hurts. All I’ve ever wanted was to make them proud of me, and now they hate my guts.” You rubbed your eyes.

"Let them.” Hercules said suddenly, sitting up. “Let them hate you. Let them and their queerphobic asses hate you. Because they don’t matter,” He sighed. “They don’t matter at all. What matters is that you’re here and you have four boys who absolutely adore you more than life itself. Just because they are too small minded to understand or accept it doesn’t mean you should be any less proud.”

You stared up at Hercules as he crossed his arms. “Who we are is nothing to be ashamed of. I am proudly polyamorous, and I never have and never will allow anyone to make me feel ashamed of it,” He paused. “And I’ll break anyone who ever makes you feel that way.”

You laughed weakly, taking a deep breath. Alex rested his head on your stomach, “Herc is right, albeit rudimentary.” Hercules smiled, reaching out to hold Alex’s hand. “If they won’t even try to understand or accept who you are then they aren’t worth your time.” Alex turned his head to face you. “I know it’s gonna take time for you to get over this, and we’re gonna be here for you the entire way.”

John swooped in and placed a kiss on your cheek. “Because we love you!” Laf shouted, throwing his hands in the air. You giggled, pushing your head back into the pillow.

“I love you guys, too.” You said softly, exhausted. The four boys lurched at you, hitting their heads against each other. You laughed as they all rubbed their heads, groaning and leaning back. One by one, they leaned forward again and kissed you.

John laid beside you, Alex on your other side, Hercules and Lafayette beside them. The five of you collectively sighed and settled in for a night together. You slowly listened to their breathing slow, staring up at the ceiling.

You were so, madly in love with the five boys laid beside you. They made you proud to be who you are, to embrace who you are. Your parents rejection still stung, but you had a growing feeling that you’d be able to grow and live with it. The boys next to you made you feel like you could live with it. Like you could live proudly.

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Have any more headcanons about Tetsu? He's so precious ❤️

I don’t give Tetsu nearly enough love.  Shame on me, I should fix that:

  • He rarely, if ever, listens to music.  He much prefers silence, and the peace that goes with it, even when working out.
  • He babysits for a number of children in his neighborhood; all of them adore Tetsu very much, and he’s pretty fond of them as well.
  • Tetsu’s a terrible baker.  A terrible, terrible, baker.  Of all his skills, cooking just isn’t one of them.
  • He’s got a habit of biting his lip when he’s anxious or nervous, which doesn’t happen all that much, but still.  When it get’s really bad, he ends up with tiny cuts all over his mouth from how hard he’s biting.
  • He’s the one in charge of killing all the bugs that get into his family’s house.  Well, his family thinks he’s killing the bugs; in actuality, he’s rescuing them and setting them free outside.
  • When he was younger, he had a Neopets account that he cared for lovingly.  He’s not active on the site anymore, but he does still check up on his pets from time to time.
  • His notes in class make no sense to anyone but him; he writes in shorthand and has a bunch of nonsense scribble on the sides that are tricks to help him remember the material, but look like alien writing to anyone else.
  • If he wasn’t set to inherit his family’s onsen, he’d probably be a firefighter.  He’d used to pretend he was one as a little kid, and the dream never really left him.

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Headcanons for dating Oharano? Please and thank you! :>


  • Prepare for the sass from this guy and his sarcastic remarks everyday.
  • He does look like the type to take you out to a patisserie and just spend time there (plus spoiling you).
  • He does look out for you like that one time when there was a puddle of water, he swoops right in, lifting you and walked to school.
  • His remarks are usually harmless and it’s also laughable.
  • He does have a thing for holding your hand.
  • Tough guy in public; Showers you with kisses indoors.
  • He really loves to kiss you, no joke. 
  • Before practice, after practice, matches. He’s just giving you kisses. 
  • Whenever he’s tired, he uses your lap as his pillow; boy can’t deny he just loves being with you.
  • Surprisingly good at making desserts. 
  • Oharano, I hc him as the type who listens to all kinds of music and he isn’t shy to listen to the music you recommend. 
  • Once you caught him singing to ‘Breaking Free’ in his room out loud, and you continued. He opened the door and just stared at you, before resuming with the duet.

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those shiratorizawa headcanons were great i cried pls make more

Sure Sure~ Do you mind if I make some right now cus’ I have some things in mind lol. I also have some halloween hcs planned for later too. 

  • I feel like Tendou is into K-Pop and J-Pop and just music in general, since his V/A can speak english and german, imagine Tendou singing in english or german
  • Also his favorite K-Pop group is BTS, his bias is Yoongi!! (because I also love BTS and because Yoongi is precious)
  • The others once got into a big argument over who would look better in the girls’ uniform, to settle it they all wore the uniform to practice one day. Ushijima wins
  • I saw a thing were the person was making a head canon of Semi and Kunimi being related and I really like it??!?!? Imagine the two of them being cousins or, like, half brothers/step brothers and when Semi goes to visit from the Shiratorizawa dorms things are so awkward between them
  • What if Goshiki didn’t know that he was supposed to stay at the dorms when he first got to Shiratorizawa? So he was super confused when his parents brought a bunch of boxes full of his stuff with them to the school
  • When his parents said goodbye and hugged him he freaked out cus’ he thought they were abandoning him. (He probs started crying too)
  • Yamagata used to do gymnastics and he was actually pretty good, he can do splits and handstands and all that jazz
  • In my mind my two favorite lazy sons are related, that’s right, I definitely head canon that Kawanishi and Kuguri are related in some way, shape, or form
  • I bet Reon absolutely loves going to the spa or just wearing face masks or other beauty cleaning items, he probably likes to organize spa days for the team to help them relax, usually before a tournament or during training camp

I love getting messages and it makes me so happy that you like my head canons. Shiratorizawa is my favorite team so I’ll definitely be making more so thanks it means a lot (P.S I love your username:3) 

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Top 5 Hamilton characters? Top 10 emotions you feel while listening to Hamilton?

Alright, this ask is 5 months old, but see if I care! The list is purely based on the musical characters, I know these people were beyond problematic IRL for the most part. 

  1. Eliza: she’s strong and brave and resilient and can take a million heartbreaks and is amazing and inspiring
  2. Hamilton: like, I hate him, he’s a fuckboy, but 51 essays??? There’s something I admire about him and his energy and his drive, he just applies it to things he shouldn’t, but I love him too.
  3. Angelica: I mean, I don’t think this one requires an explanation at all. Angelica is insightful and smart and protective and I love her. First character I fell in love with in Hamilton
  5. Washington: His parts are always my favorite, this is like 90% because CJack is so fucking talented, I just like how stuffy and stuck up he is.

Top ten emotions, cannot answer, there’s too many, but mostly I feel pumped up? Like I listen to it and I can do a million chores and write ten thousand fics. Depends on the song, obviously.

hi kiddies

for that imagine challenge thing, I have a pretty good idea who I ship you all with, but just for extra assurance, would you mind answering these for me? You can message them or reblog or whatever you please!

  1. What is your favorite type of music?
  2. Describe yourself in 3 words.
  3. What are your interests?
  4. Imagine, you’re at Hogwarts (Marauder of Golden Trio Era idc): what would your life be like? Who would you be friends with? What would you be involved in? Favorite classes? Professors?
  5. Favorite HP Book
  6. Favorite HP Movie

Thanks loves, I can’t wait to get started on this for you 6! xx

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i was feeling real good all morning mainly bc it was real sunny when i walked outside at 10 but most of all cause i was listening to elliot smiths 2nd n 3rd albums . i didnt even kno til now he died 13 years ago today :( i love the dude and all his songs are honestly amazing. no other songwriter i kno put 2gether real good well made music with just as good songwriting like he fuckin could!! his music as some1 else with mental illness makes me connect 2 him a lil bit more than other artists & make me feel better about all my shit so RIP 2 the good dude. i wish he couldve known how important he would be


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Kiss Me (Acoustic)
  • Kiss Me (Acoustic)
  • Ed Sheeran
  • +
the best version of Kiss Me ever recorded I'm actually crying 
so hard tbh.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Why does Angelica get so worked up about a comma? And why do we all go along with it. We have seen Hamilton’s letters to Laurens. He is not subtle. A comma does not mean anything, if he loved her he would tell her. Alexander Hamilton was blunt and up front, and he would never express his feelings with a comma.