Peeta. Alive and well – maybe not well but alive and here. Away from Snow. Safe. Here. With me. In a minute I can touch him. See his smile. Hear his laugh. Haymitch’s grinning at me. “Come on, then,” he says. I’m light-headed with giddiness. What will I say? Oh, who cares what I say? Peeta will be ecstatic no matter what I do. He’ll probably be kissing me anyway. I wonder if it will feel like those last kisses on the beach in the arena, the ones I haven’t dared let myself consider until this moment.

(Incomplete) List Of Haise/Kaneki Crying In Tokyo Ghoul:re

1. When releasing his kagune although being in an unstable state (Chapter 6)
2. After being taken down by Hirako’s team (Chapter 7)
3. When Urie called him a ghoul (Chapter 8)
4. When he saw Touka in :re (Chapter 10)

?. Small Shironeki crying when talking to Haise (Chapter 31)
??. SmallShironeki crying because he thinks he killed Amon (Chapter 43)
5. When Tsukiyama asked him if he’d be ready to throw away his current life (Chapter 44)
6. When Akira refused to tell him about his past (Chapter 45)

7. During his fight with Karen (Chapter 52)
8. Flashback: When he was imprisoned in Cochlea (Chapter 67)
9. Being overwhelmed before freeing Hinami and facing Arima (Chapter 67)
10. Flashback: During his training with Arima (Chapter 69)

11. When Touka asked him if she’d see him later (Chapter 72)
12. Inside Kaneki’s mind: “I’m so lonely without you …” (Chapter 75)
13. When Arima died in his arms (Chapter 83)

[OP’s note: Creating this post was painful and I regret doing it.]

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Bedforddanes: Rehearsing really hard

Posted on 4/5/2014

We know how Percy and Annabeth experienced Tartarus so this is how I think it was like for Nico (I put some stuff under the cut because I wasn’t sure if everyone would want to read it). 

  • He went in thinking that it would be difficult, but he would be able to handle it
  • boy was he wrong
  • The only reason he didn’t die from the fall is because he used the shadows to cushion himself
  • As soon as he reached the bottom he knew that he had made a mistake.
  • He thought of calling Bob, but he would never willingly call someone into Tartarus just because he was scared.
  • It started out ok at first because he was following the Phlegethon. 
  • But things went wrong when he met the Arai
  • He didn’t know what they were, so he just killed them all at one time
  • And then it hit him all at once
  • He heard Bianca’s voice, wishing she didn’t have to take care of him.  He heard his father, saying that he was the reason for his mother’s death.  He heard Persephone loathing his existence because it symbolized Hades’ disloyalty to her, but the ones that hurt the most were from the living.  He heard Percy wishing that he didn’t exist.  He heard Hazel wishing that her brother wasn’t a creepy outcast.  He had no one; he was alone.
  • After that he started to loose his mind.  He jumped at the slightest noise and deviated from his path.
  • That’s how he met to Akhlys
  • He knew who she was because he had read about her in preparation
  • And that’s why he was surprised when she started laughing.  But it wasn’t an evil laugh, it was one of pure joy
  • She said he was perfect.  All of his family was dead, and when they were alive they abandoned him.  His father can’t stand the sight of him, and he doesn’t have any friends.  Even his half-sister found him to be creepy.  Even though he saved Camp during the battle of Manhattan, he was still an outcast.  He did everything he possibly could and more to prove that he was an ally, yet he was still rejected.  She told him that it was fate for him to be miserable, because no normal person would’ve suffered that much.
  • She didn’t tell him anything that could make him more miserable, she just told him his life story, his reality, and for some reason that hurt even more.  Knowing that no matter what he could do, he would still be rejected hurt more than anything else she could’ve said.
  • So he ran… right into Nyx.
  • Being near her brought out his more sinister powers
  • his eyes were completely black, and he could kill all of Nyx’s children with ease, but it wasn’t enough.  It was never enough
  • Nyx captured him and brought him to the Giants.  Then he was transported up into the jar.
  • He didn’t actually have the pomegranates with him, they gave them to him because they wanted to see him suffer.
  • and he did.  

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