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a question for you, hopefully not annoying. i know you love xavier dolan and your blog got me really interested in his work, i'd like to watch something he's made. but i have no clue where to start, what would you reccommend? thanks (:

AAAHHH I’m so glad you’re interested! You’re not annoying at all omg of course I want to help you discover my biggest filmmaking inspiration.

Okay so where to begin. He’s made five films: I Killed My Mother (he made this one when he was 19 years old), Les Amours Imaginaires, Laurence Anyways, Tom at the Farm and Mommy (this one was submitted for the Oscars and just got 9 Canadian Screen awards!). You can watch the first three on Netflix for free. I had to torrent Tom at the Farm on Kickass torrents. If you find a good copy of Tom, I can send you some English subtitles that I wrote and coded for it. Unfortunately, Mommy isn’t available anywhere — it’s only in theaters and hasn’t been leaked online. I was able to see it a couple weeks ago, but it’s currently in a limited release and you’ll probably have to wait until it goes to DVD or leaks online.

He’s such an intuitive and thoughtful filmmaker and just AUGGHH his films are beautiful and I can’t wait for you to fall in love with him aslkfjaslkf. I hope I was helpful.