I KNOW freaking impossible

Preference #4 - The Morning After Your First Night Together


You woke up in the morning to Dean’s head nestled into the back of your neck, his breath lightly tickling. You smiled and being as careful as possible, attempted to stretch out your arms. It obviously didn’t go unnoticed as you jumped when you heard him mutter a husky ‘good morning’ before you felt a small soft kiss pressed into your hair line. You tried to roll over to face him, but felt his arms around your waist tighten, pulling you in and holding you still. When you gave in, a short chuckle rumbled out behind you combined with a snarky comment that it was probably not decent to repeat. When you did get up, Dean insisted he shout you a fry up at a local diner, it was a rubbish breakfast and the coffee was cheap tasting and bitter but you couldn’t help but enjoy it anyway.


When you woke up in the morning, it was to the sound of a turning page. You groggily opened your eyes as you heard the book shut, you felt the bed shift slightly and a rush of cool air as the covers moved. You gasped and rolled over to see a messy haired Sam smiling down at you apologetically. Adjusting the covers around you, you moved to cuddle into his side, the feeling of his arm winding around you bringing an instant smile to your face. The pair of you spent a good half an hour just wrapped around each other, taking about everything and nothing. It was a lot later than you cared to admit when the pair of you did actually get up, but staying in bed had definitely been better for both of you.


The sensation of someone fiddling with your hair was the first thing you noticed. Your eyes shot open in panic before you quickly remembered where you were. You looked up to the angel that you were apparently already laid on and he looked down at you with a warm smile. He spoke softly, commenting on the beautiful weather outside and asking you if you slept well. As you got up, Cas blushed at your state of undress when the covers moved, stuttering on what he’d been saying and diverting his eyes. You openly laughed about it but deep down, the action was endearing and so inherently “Cas” that you loved it. He quickly got over his embarrassment and you got dressed and spent the rest of the morning laughing over tacky sit com reruns.

Dear fandom,

I never usually get involved in this sort of thing but I feel like I have to say something. Over the past few days, I’ve been saddened to see an abundance of disgustingly awful, anonymous messages being sent around.

If you are someone who is sending hate to other shippers, it has got to stop. The name calling and personal attacks have got to stop. The slurs and insults have got to stop. It. Is. Not. Okay. It’s cowardly, vile, and despicable. You do not have my support. You do not speak for me. You do not speak for this fandom. 

People tend to forget that behind every url is a person, a person who can be hurt by your insensitive, ignorant words. And people are being hurt by this complete and utter lack of any semblance of human decency. Real people are getting hurt over fictional characters. How ridiculous is that?! It’s heartbreaking, and it’s simply wrong.

Once Upon A Time is a show about family, love, hope and acceptance. It’s a show about forgiveness, redemption and treating others graciously.. messages we’d all do well to take to heart. We should be using this fandom as a way to spread and practise those inspired messages, not as a platform to spread hate. I can only speak for myself, but I truly hope my fellow fandom friends echo this same sentiment. And many beautiful people do. I see that every day I’m here. 

OUAT is *just* a show. But the fandom? The fandom is filled with incredible, wonderful, real people. People with boundless creativity and imagination, with stories to tell. People we should be fighting for. 

We are all shippers but, first and foremost, we are all people.. and a person is so much more than just their ship. I know that we’re a very passionate group, who hold strong opinions about the things we love. We’re never all going to agree on every aspect of the show and that’s perfectly okay. We don’t all have to hold hands and sing Kumbaya. But the very least we can do, regardless of ship or character preferences, is have the common decency to treat each other with kindness and respect. 

If you’ve been affected by anonymous hate, of any kind, I just want to extend my sincerest apologies and send you a massive hug. Keep doing what you do and loving what you love - don’t let the nasty minority steal your happiness and crush your spirits. The only way they’ll truly ‘win’, is if we start acting the way these bullies do. Don’t let them. And remember, for every one person who tries to tear you down, there’s so many more who stand against them, alongside you. You are not alone.

I’m going to step off my soap box now because I’ve rambled for far too long, but if there’s one thing I’m trying to say it’s this: please please try to find some compassion and treat each other like actual human beings. Kindness is a beautiful thing. 

With love,

A fellow Oncer and human being