One Call Away. Theo Raeken.

❤️ Okey! Theo☺️ could you write about him? Where he in live with you ( haha as usual) but you don’t like him back. You always angry when he is near of you, tries to be funny, help or to be sweet with you (don’t make him a dick, he has good relationships this the pack). And then he stops do it after one of your fight, you said him smt really bad😞 And at that night smb will try to rape you(or smt else) and Theo will save you. Love kisses etc ☺️

A/N: I didn’t want to write about rape, because I know it can be extremely triggering and upsetting for some people. Therefore I wrote about the reader being in a life-threatening situation.

I’m a pussy when it comes to scary things, so when I was looking for the second gif, I nearly pissed myself.

Song: One Call Away - Charlie Puth.


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Y/N watched as the Dread Doctors brushed their fingers against the endless selection of torture weapons. She tried to calm her ragged breathing, but she couldn’t help it. She was going to die. She was a distraction. Theo loved her and he was distracted by her, therefore the Dread Doctors had to eliminate her so that Theo would stay on task.

Theo had loved Y/N since day one. She was the most beautiful girl he’d ever laid eyes on and he constantly wanted to make her smile and laugh. He even gave up his bad boy reputation and got on the goodside of the pack, although Stiles was wary at the beginning. He became friends with Y/N’s best friend, Kira, he even helped them save Lydia from Echien. But Y/N constantly gave him the cold shoulder.

At school, he’d shower her with compliments, but she’d just glare at him and shove him away. Theo stopped doing it, but it was making him feel even worse knowing that he wasn’t trying to get her to love him. It seemed hopeless, but he didn’t want to stop. Stiles warned him that he was becoming slightly obsessive with trying to make Y/N fall for him.

Y/N could help but feel angry whenever Theo was trying to be funny or make her feel better. She didn’t want him and she sure as hell didn’t need him.

Y/N glared at Theo as he once again came to the pack meeting and was trying to shamelessly flirt with Y/N. She grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt and dragged him into the back garden. She didn’t want the rest of the pack to see her tell Theo to stop, although thanks to 3/6 of the pack having supernatural hearing, she was sure they’d be listening in.

Y/N shoved Theo and he fumbled backwards slightly, before regaining his balance. Y/N snarled, growing furious just looking at him.

“Theo, leave me alone. I don’t want you to always compliment me and flirt with me. Treat me like you treat the rest of the pack, there’s nothing special about me. I’m just like all of them and I don’t understand why you’re so different around me. Please, stop. Treat me like their equal.” She angrily whispered, clenching and unclenching her fists at her side. Anger was bubbling up inside her and her blood was boiling.

“You’re special to me.” Theo uttered, looking completely helpless.

“Stop! Did you not listen to a thing I just said? I don’t want to be showered with compliments and gifts. I want to be treated equally. Theo, leave me alone. Okay? I don’t want to talk to you ever again!” She screamed, causing the pack to cringe slightly as their ear drums rang. Even Kira, Stiles and Lydia had heard her.

Y/N stormed off, not bothering to continue to pack meeting. She marched home, mumbling under her breath. Y/N didn’t want him to fall for her. She wanted to remain independant, because if she’d learnt anything from relationships is that they always lead to heartbreak. On her part, she falls for them and begins to rely on them and they break her heart. Then she builds up her walls even higher and then another fuck boy comes along and tears them down. She wasn’t going to let it happen this time though.

She heard the familiar clicking of metal and whipped around, seeing nothing behind her. She let out a small gasp and turned back around, trying to ignore it. She just thought it was her mind playing tricks on her, until she turned the block and was grabbed by the Dread Doctors. Their metal hands clutching onto her forearm. The third Dread Doctor, who wasn’t holding Y/N, injected a serum into her arm, causing her to pass out. The two that were holding her dragged her away.

“She’s missing.” Theo panicked, informing the entire pack that he didn’t see Y/N leaving her house this morning like she does every morning. Theo normally saw her leave from his bed room window, every morning, at precisely 7:30am; even on the weekends. However, today she did not.

Theo then took it upon himself to ask Y/N’s mom before she went to work if she’d seen Y/N. She shook her head and said that she got a text at 11pm the night before saying Y/N would be staying at Kira’s. Theo instantly knew something was wrong, because Kira was staying at Scott’s and Y/N left the pack meeting before it ended.

“Who would have taken her? She doesn’t have any enemies, right?” Liam queried. Y/N had been there for him when he first shifted. She risked her life. Y/N was human and she could’ve died if she didn’t calm Liam down, but she did and she became his anchor. She held him close whenever it was a full moon until he learnt to control himself on his own. He wanted her safe.

“Well, she, like us all, is enemies with the Dread Doctors.” Lydia pointed out. Theo instantly fell quiet and still, causing the entire pack to stare at him. “What is it, Theo?”

“Well… You know the Dread Doctors made me a genetic chimera? Well, they wanted me to do some bad stuff, but since meeting Y/N, I stopped association with them completely. They’ve probably taken her so that they can put me back on task… But I don’t know what they will do to her. They’re pretty evil.”

“Yeah, we know.” Liam scoffed.

“Where would they be holding her though?” Stiles pondered.

Theo’s eyes flashed gold as he tried to calm himself, but how could he? The girl he loved was facing death and they had no clue where she was. He didn’t even mind that she hated him, he just wanted her safe. If she were to die, they would have died on bad note.

Theo felt a headache coming on and squeezed his eyes shut tight. He hissed as a image came to his mind.

He could see her. Although he couldn’t hear a thing. He saw the Dread Doctors grab a torture instrument from the table and turned back to Y/N. She screamed and thrashed in the chair as he edged closer. Tears were streaming down her face as she struggled. Suddenly Theo could hear and he heard her scream his name, begging for him to find her. The Dread Doctor dragged the instrument along her arm and upwards towards her collarbone.

“Theo…” She wheezed one last time.

Theo’s eyes flew open, he knew where she was.

Theo and Scott ran through the forests of Beacon Hills, Scott instantly knew where they were heading.

“Why are we going here?” Scott asked, keeping up with Theo in a sprint.

“Because Y/N is a Hale, isn’t she? The Dread Doctors must have thought it would be a good idea to make things end where they all started. You were bitten here for one, but Y/N was born in the Hale house.” Theo huffed. “Hurry. We don’t have much time. Are the others coming?”

“Yeah, they’re taking Stiles’ Jeep and Lydia’s car.” Scott replied as they raced towards the derelict house. They skidded to a halt when Y/N’s screams became louder and louder.

Theo dashed into the house, practically ripping the door from its hinges. The Dread Doctors turned to him and Theo watched as Y/N’s head lulled back onto her shoulders and her eyes began to droop. Blood almost entirely covering her. Theo’s heart quenched at the sight and he slowly stepped towards her. The entirety of the McCall pack revealing themselves behind him. The Dread Doctors clinked towards Theo, causing him to visually gulp.

“Condition terminal.” They warned, before walking away from Y/N. They had given her up, knowing that she couldn’t be saved…

Theo raced over to Y/N and ripped her into his hold. He held her extremely close and picked her up, she buried her head into his neck and inhaled his calming scent.

“Why isn’t she healing?” Theo hissed to Scott.

“Maybe they put wolfsbane in her system? Maybe even mistletoe. We better get her to Deaton.” Scott announced.

Y/N slowly sat up from the table and glanced around the room, her head was pounding but she was finally completely healed. She saw Theo in a chair across from the table, his head rested against the cabinet beside him and small snores escaping his lips. Y/N hesitantly got up and clambered towards him.

She shook his shoulder causing him to wake from his slumber. At first, he was confused but his eyes filled with joy when he saw Y/N towering over him.

“Thank you, Theo. I’m sorry for being mean… I’m just scared, okay? I’m scared of falling in love when I’ve only ever got hurt.” She admitted, bowing her head.

Theo stood up and wrapped his arms around her small frame. Her hair was slightly damp, because Lydia cleaned it from blood whilst she was passed out. She was in a pair of shorts and a large shirt, which she was almost certain she’d seen on Theo one or two times.

“It’s alright. Love is kinda scary, but I wont hurt you. If you trust me and give me a chance, I wont let anything hurt you.” Theo whispered into her ear, placing a kiss on her neck. She shivered and nodded her head.

“Okay…” She sighed. Theo stepped back, a shit-eating grin etched upon his handsome face. He gently cupped her face, like she could break at the smallest touch, and guided her face towards his. He sealed their lips together and they moved in sync. Y/N wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, causing him to smile into the kiss.

“I’ll always be only one call away, Love.”