this time is pretty tmi so

it’s also 4am so it probably doesn’t make sense adfasdfawfad hopefully this post just gets buried fast

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My chest physically hurts. I feel like i cant breathe

Why doesn’t he get that he could make everyone’s life so much easier if he just didn’t go to shit? Like don’t come here and act like you’re friends with everyone. Don’t try to even fucking talk to me. You know I think you’re the biggest asshole on the planet and I am literally dropping so many hints that i don’t want you to say words to me but no, you just keep pushing my buttons and when i say something to someone else, you butt in as well. Just honestly shut the fuck up and know that I’m never going to be talking to you unless its to say that i fucking hate you more than anyone else i have ever met in my entire life. You deserve all the fucking pain that you gave me. You deserve all the shitty feelings that you made me feel each time you got mad at me for no reason and i would apologize even though it wasn’t my fault. I seriously fucking hate you and wish you would go home. You’re just lucky I care about my friends to try and not make a scene. I would love to tell you to fuck off but no, I have to sit here and look at your ugly self, inside and out. So please just after this day, if possible, don’t even come near me. Don’t say my name. Don’t say or do anything that has to do with me. Every time I look at you, i feel the pain i felt for almost two years. I want to throw up, i want to cry, i want to scream, i want to punch you until you bleed. But i wont, I’m not that kind of person. And i wont say things that are false about you to try and get people against you. Im not going down to your level. I fucking hate you. You want to he friends? HA. Never in a million years. You damaged someone that you fixed. You knew exactly where all the cracks were and you went and ripped apart the stitches that held them together. I hope you feel good about yourself because i sure as hell don’t when you’re around. I feel sick, i feel like i want to cry, i feel like i cant breathe properly. Just go stick to your basement. Seriously, you don’t deserve these people as friends and they sure as hell deserve better than you.