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Jesus I hate. Harry literally admitted to there being photos of them kissing by taking so long to decide if it were photoshop or not lmaooo


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What are your thoughts from the Caryl moments? When carol told Daryl "I couldn't lose you" do you think that was her way of telling Daryl she loves him? When he lied to her about Abraham and Glenn do you think he did the right thing? I wanna know your thoughts on the whole thing

The fact that you even want to know my thoughts make me very happy, so thank you.

When Carol said she couldn’t lose him and I think she was trying to get across how much he does mean to her. He was hurt by her leaving, that was so obviously evident, she had to repair the damage she’d unintentionally caused to him. I believe she was trying to show that she cares for him just as much as he cares for her. I have no doubt that she loves Daryl, everything in that episode screamed how much she loved him, particularly that moment where she turned back for him on the porch. 

That moment was there to show a lapse in her emotions, her emotions that she’s had so tightly bottled, those emotions that were opened by Daryl, of course. That one little fleeting moment where she was almost selfish by calling him back, only to shake it off, shutting herself back into solitude. I really hope that the writers explore that moment more when Carol is back on our screens, that they show how her barrier has been cracked by a certain Dixon and changes in her evident after his visit. I don’t think that visit will go forgotten, it will play on her mind, her future actions influenced by memories of him. 

As for Daryl lying about Abraham and Glenn, this made my heart clench just a little. Partly because eventually she’s going to find out and we as viewers are going to have to witness her deal with yet another loss. But mostly because Daryl knew she just wasn’t ready to hear it. At first I was upset he didn’t tell her but after his scene with Morgan talking about how they’re all holding on to something, even him, it made me want to cry at how much he damn loves her. 

He didn’t tell her for reasons, she wasn’t emotionally ready to handle it, it would have made her fight and that’s not what she wanted at the moment. He tells her, he risks losing her. He’s holding on to her, protecting her in any way he sees fit, can’t fault the man for that. 

I think the writers have tried to write them like they care about each other very deeply and that really does show. But I think it will come to a point that when they want to make it obvious that they’re in love there will be no blurred lines or room for debate. Every time they interact they are getting closer and closer, physically, emotionally, the evolution is so clear. 

I think it’s just leading up to them both just being okay for once, both at the same time. Not that they’re ever going to be truly okay but just a peaceful time for them both (after Negan maybe) where shit isn’t crumbling around them. 

The terminus reunion and scenes after, searching for Beth, Carol wasn’t okay.

The kiss on the head after losing Beth, Daryl wasn’t okay.

The hug after rescuing Carol and Maggie from the saviours, Carol wasn’t okay.

Reunion at creepy house, neither of them were okay.

I feel like next time they see each other they’re both going to be in such better places (one can hope), they’re good for each other and the love between them is evident, defined or not.

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I mean christ just look at them.

If I were Jin, I would also be upset if I won’t be able to go to my graduation. It was something he worked hard for while doing Bangtan’s activities. Imagine how hard that was for him. But he managed and achieved it on his own. Not within the group but just with his own capabilities. He must have wanted to celebrate it so bad.

But Bangtan has to come first. And even if he did go to the graduation, I know he wouldn’t be happy without the members by his side.

I’m thankful that the kids gave him a celebration in their own way. It may not be as grand but it sure did brighten up Jin’s mood.

That’s why ARMYs, let’s give Jin lots of love~ Let’s all be proud of his achievement. He deserves this.

"Fuck, I'm sorry."

I had a crush on this guy who I met at school 2 years ago. We only got closer last year, and I was pretty sure it was more than a simple friendship. We talked everyday, I swear it was everyday, and I don’t know… Sometimes I think he just led me on, I’m not sure.

Our last conversation was a week after New Years. He suddenly stopped replying to my texts and always apologized a day after, telling me he was busy and stuff. The word he mostly used on those situations was “sorry”, and I was stupid enough to just accept his apologies and tell him it was okay. I don’t know why I did, maybe he was sweet and sounded like he was being honest (we talked through voice messages most of the time) and I just couldn’t stay angry at him for so long. Of course it was never okay and the day it took him almost a week to reply, he apologized and I just told him out of anger that I wasn’t sure if I should reply back, because then he would text me a month later. That’s when he typed those words. “Fuck, I’m sorry.” The next day I gave up and told him it was okay, because I thought he meant what he said and I was exaggerating.

He hasn’t replied since that day and it’s been almost 2 months. I insisted for a while, sent him a few texts asking if everything was okay or what happened that he wasn’t replying anymore because I was starting to worry. And I miss him. It doesn’t matter if I had feelings for him, he was my friend, one of the closest I had, and I lost him. I still don’t know how or why. I wonder if I was the one who pushed him away or he just wanted me out of his life, but never knew how to tell me.

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i feel bad for jimin ;; i didn't think it was *that* bad but they are obviously very tired..if a group isn't lip syncing it's a good performance to me :) (most of the time)

i agree, performances with lip sync bore me, i’ll take the breathiest messiest live performance over a lip synced one any day tbh? it’s at least more interesting that way lol… but yeah it wasn’t that bad, the rest were good, just that jimin kept going off key and had trouble controlling his pitch, he’s not the most stable of singers anyway but this time there was obviously something wrong </3 rather than it being bad i’m sad because i know he’ll think he did badly

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Damon Albarn is bi? I didn't know that, when did he stated it?

he’s stated in interviews that he’s been romantically attracted to guys before. i swear i thought he made a definite statement about it but i guess he didn’t? i did a little digging and i guess it is a little bit of a reach, seeing as he never truly came out as bisexual, but in 2015 he is quoted as saying “i’ve always been more of an intelligent bisexual” ??? and honestly who could forget all the times he’s kissed graham coxon? (too many pics to add to this post but look it up lol). i guess we’ll have to settle with him being “bi-curious at one point” bc he is an actual person so i can’t just make up facts 

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I was watching Shinhwa Broadcast episode 5 and saw Eric, Minwoo & Andy smoking. I know Eric quit later..when exactly did he quit? And which members still smoke?

It was last April during Eric’s Vlive where he said it has been 2 days since he quit smoking to Dongwan. (Vid: http://www.vlive.tv/video/7851?channelCode=F5B12F) Not sure how is he keeping to it now, since it’s not an easy task. And all of the other members still smoke except Dongwan.

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Luis do you really think that murdering Tulio was the right thing to do? Maybe you should have heard him out. ruthlessly killing someone while they plea for mercy??? thats a monstrous action if I ever saw one

Should be asking that to him. You make it sound like he’s dead, but I know he’s still around.
That t-traitor..
After all we did for him. After all that Othello sacrificed to s-support us. To make him move again. He didn’t deserve any of that. Othello did nothing but be nice to him. ..It’s all my fault Othello is gone.. I shouldn’t have saved that freak. There was a reason he was l-left to drown like he was.. Now I have to finish what I interrupted years ago..

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This doesn't even pertain to you but I need someone to talk to. So today I when to a recital for orchestra and as I was playing my violin the conductor decided to make a big deal about how awful a person I was because I messed up on this rhythm. He was saying that I shouldn't even be able to call myself a violinist and I was lucky that he didn't just kick me out. This was all over ONE rhythm in ONE measure... I honestly just feel like crying. I don't even really know why he did any of this...

i am so so so sorry my love :( i play cello, and i know how incredibly difficult and hurtful it can become. no matter what i don’t think it was okay for him to say that, maybe tell your parents or smth :( i’m so sorry my love

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Do you have a quick explanation for everything going down with BVB? I fell out of love with them, and now I just see an explosion of posts about drama. I have no idea what Jake did, I know Ashley said he owns the rights to BVB, Andy is in the Church of Scientology? These lines are so blurred I can't tell what's true and what's not, or even where to begin with this story.

Jake pretty much just outed Ashley for him not actually playing bass, Ashley posted a salty reply shading everyone and yeah it appears that Andy joined. 

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I hope they use the appeal to suggest how bad Aaron's mental health is because really it's really obvious Aaron shouldn't be there. When you look at the evidence it doesn't add up, Aaron has a loving partner who married him before jail,is responsible because he has taken on his sister and bought a house and yet this bad thing happened first as a misguided attempt to help but then got out of hand. That's not a bad person, that's someone who is ill and needs help to live the life they want.


i really hope you’re right nonnie, i think that a lot of the time people in prisoners are judged very unfairly simply by their crime and they are viewed as dangerous and bad people. aaron isn’t a bad person, did he do a bad thing? yes. i know some people say that he was doing it solely to protect finn but i have to disagree a little. i think that finn could have been anyone, he could have been a random bloke getting shoved towards the floor and kasim could have been a random bloke who appeared homophobic. it had more to do with the topic than who was involved but anyway i think that just goes to prove that aaron does need help not a prison sentence.

in the appeal i think if robert and liv and chas are there showing support it will give off a great image. this isn’t just some random thug who lashed out. this is a married man with a loving family and support system who messed up. the support system i think will work absolute wonders for his case and i really hope that they realise that they should reduce the sentence and get him the help that he needs.


I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal