I JUtst

i haven’t written nessa and oliver being cute and silly and romantic in like…years, so here is a little thing i wrote for fun :3c 


Nessa braces a hand against the wall as his hands - suddenly full with her hips - find her from behind. The hallway is thankfully deserted, but that won’t last for long. His lips burn a trail from her ear down the length of her exposed neck.

“Excuse me, sir, what but do you think you’re doing?” she asks breathlessly, pressing her hips back into his hands.

He sighs. “I’m ravishing you, of course,” Oliver murmurs, generously holding true to his own statement as he places open-mouthed kisses along the side of her neck. He’s not gentle, but he’s not rough, either.

“Here?” she breathes out as he steps closer and she rests her forehead against the wall.

“Everyone else is preoccupied in the ballroom,” he replies and the way his nose caresses the back of her neck makes her shiver.

Her breath catches when one of his hands curls around her waist and skates upwards over the beading on her bodice. “What’s that…supposed to mean?”

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anonymous asked:

What would you do if jimin just came into your life and legit became your bf? Proper friends-to-lovers situation?

honestly idk what the hell i would do i would jutst stay under his heel and cry