Remember when Star assigned Marco as her general during mewnipendence day from season 1? Don’t wonder why he’s one of those to lead the mewmans to fight for season 3—because she’s seen the leadership quality he posses.

And Marco’s up for the task to take that role for her.

// but srsly tho, funny story, I rewatched seasons 1 and 2 after those hyping trailer and promos for season 3 then watching this episode hit me and a cheesy imagine appeared in my head I just hadda draw it and here it is //

Someone told Yuri: “if you put your sunglasses on, you can stare at whatever you like on the sly”… but he did not understand it the right way… 😂😂😂

I had to be coding for my web developing class, not drawing funny situations with my OTP… but it was worth it. I need a break sometimes~

If you want translation, don’t do it without permission. Just tell me and I’ll do it for you!! 💖

Thank you, Fairy Tail!

I’ve been a part of this fandom for 4 years, and finally, the manga has ended. My OTP, NaLu is canon for me, and I will wait for something more about FT from Mashima, as he promised(I really hope for a special). I’m not going to stop drawing FT, but I just wanted to say I appreciate that you were following me all these years!


star wars rule 63: prequel trilogy

This has been lying around my harddrive for way too long, but I finally got around to colouring it! (just experimenting with a bunch of different things and inspired by SW concept art books :))

…. sometimes I suspect the reason for all these AUs is partly an excuse to draw the Mustafar duel a million times in marginally different ways.


          I can’t help but love you
          Even though I try not to
          I can’t help but want you
      I know that I’d die without you

   I can’t help but be wrong in the dark
‘Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts
    I can’t help but want oceans to part
'Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts

            War of Hearts - Ruelle

THIS WHOLE SCENE THO OwO!!! the iconIc wedding scene!! I just had to draw sth based on it! and fuck exams! i need to draw :’‘D!!! take some time off an be a fangirl that i have been for years xD!

that moment when Oikawa has two things we don’t have: (1) sleep (2) a boyfriend


Naruhina x Goblin AU

Sorry, because I still can’t forget my OTP from K-Drama “Goblin”, Grim reaper and Sunny. And today i just want to draw Naruhina :’3

If you also watch them, maybe you will think that Grim reaper x Sunny does not matched with Naruto x Hinata’s relationship. I just want to see the possibilities that Naruhina can have relationship like Grim Reaper and Sunny (Lovely but also painful at the same time.)


My contribution to the lovely amedot fandom <3

For some reason I always imagine them dancing and having fun. I just love their personalities and how adorable their interactions have been so far.

Btw I came up with this idea when I listened to this song and their poses and clothes are based on this amazing performance!

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to let you know I love following your blog. Your art is absolutely gorgeous. You made me low key ship bakudeku which is impressive seeing as my OTP is kiribaku!! The way you draw Bakugou takes my breath away. He is so so good. I also really enjoy your kirikami pieces! Thank you so much for sharing your art with us. You truly are a wonderful person!

!! ; ; omgh really?? thank you so mUCH Aaahh it’s kindda really an honor to hear–! To bridge my love for boom boom and Bakudeku/Kirikami to another fellow boom boom fan (and a Kiribaku shipper nonetheless–!) makes feels like an accomplishment lmao hjnfjkdfjk  feels bad I havnt really drawn these two together so as a kinda apology/thank you…

here this just for you anon–! and any of my followers who are quiet kiribaku shippers lu

how are u supposed to get anything done during these extra practices if you keep flirting? 


loosely based on/ inspired by this post || i imagined them having a sleepover together on the rooftop after the happenings of holiday star… just because… we need more happy content….

i wanted to add yuuya, tohri and leone as a bonus but i couldn’t draw anymore :’^)) feel free to reblog and add them if ya wanna!!

  • Marinette: *sketching on her block*
  • Chat Noir: *walks in front of Marinette, while holding a pencil* Hey Purrincess, I think you've lost your pencil.
  • Marinett: *stop drawing and looks up at Chat* Uh, Chat, it's not my pencil...
  • Marinette: Mine is right here. *wiggles the pencil, she's holding infront of him*
  • Chat Noir: I know, I just wanted to have an excuse to walk over to you and talk to you.