“I want you so desperately and nothing’s gonna keep us apart.”

Well i close this  “Chem´s cute Valentine´s ship marathon” with my #1 OTP: Willowson. 

((I just wanted to say thank you guys, it was really fun to draw all those ships and lets hope i can do this next year!. Chems loves you all kiddos!))

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Oh waw, THANK YOU! :3 (and you’re welcome)

I’m glad you liked it! I really really really wanted to write another fanfic about them, and this prompt was just amazing hehe. I already saw your art, and really I was happy when I saw all of your posts concerning DiaMari!♡ They’re going to be my next OTP hehe
(I hope more people will ship them so we’ll have lots of DiaMari drawings and fanfics!)

PS : hey, I’m French too haha! But speaking English is so cool😋

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Hi! I just wanted to send you an ask because--DenIce has been my absolute OTP for 4+ years and I have followed you for as long as I can remember. It has been sooo awesome watching your art get better and better each time, and I love when you draw the babes too- I just wanted to say something nice because seeing you on my dash never fails to make me happy. You're an amazing artist and I'm sure an awesome person- keep up the great work! You are, without a doubt, my favorite blog. <3


aaa omg ;;


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Yeah… just friends. Takeru’s really nice and I do enjoy his company. 

artist’s note: assdfgkjll I can’t believe I got this ask tbh and it’s been month! thanks to whoever sent it. I’m trying to keep this blog ship neutral… but someone gave me the opportunity. If y’all want to keep going like this I won’t mind! not at all. in fact, it’d make me so happy! Buut I know the Hades and Takeru are not a very much liked ship, and we are very few to ship it. So yeah that’s pretty much it. They’re my otp by the way. I couldn’t resist this ask aaaah

also I don’t mind drawing the others so if you want to see Hades interact with someone else, just do it!


Thank you for this input, Broseidon

What started out as gratuitous OzCrow quickly turned into an investment opportunity. For backgrounds.

NEVER AGAIN. THIS is why I put characters in voids. I spent so much time perfecting stupid details, you don’t even know. Was it worth it? I don’t know. At least I got some background practice. I guess that’s a plus. Cool. We’re done here.

Enjoy the OzCrow.

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NaLu - My Baby Dragon - My Pet Princess Douji

Chapter 7 Pg: 10-14 -END of Chapter 7



Yo! Inubaki here. Just wanted to post up the rest of chapter 7. Hope you enjoy it to those that read this silly little douji of mine. None of the original characters belong to me, those awesome guys belong to Hiro. I just own the time it took to draw, etc, and the kind of plot. lol  


“…when a lonely princess begins getting visits from a strange scaled boy and their journey of an unlikely friendship.”

Red droplets rain from the sky, all but masked by the falling mass silhouetted by the high raise of the afternoon sun. Lucy heaved her trembling body from the gravel and forced her body to sprint forward with her arms spring out as if to catch it. Natsu’s vision blurred from the ripped wound over his brow, but sensed her approach with alarm.
 Spinning his body around, Natsu forced his front talons outright while forcing his wings out of direct his descent with the up drift current of wind.  

Just managing to slow his descent just enough to crash into the shattered ground, narrowly managing to catch his front before the iron span was forced any deeper into his chest. The young dragon’s nose was soon filled with the heavenly aroma of the Princess as she threw her arms around his snout in a weeping embrace.  

“See you.”

Otp feels. First otp ever. FEEEELS!!!!. Kekgkakjfj

(I’m still trying to get over the ending…i want to get used to it. I will. I just need time. )

i’ve been binge watching this gem from my childhood * g*///

oh my god it finally happened I drew something I didn’t hate

I don’t even know what I’m doing I got bored and wanted to draw a new otp. Got inspired after watching both @sessomesmaru and @sogekihei-sama stream.

Now that I’ve finished this im noticing so many things i messed up on but I’m too lazy to fix it and if I don’t post it i’ll just end up deleting it. So yeah.

Now to try and draw a better one.

4 days till #the100 season 3! This time I sketched my favourite minor characters. I know Murphy is technically main cast now but he still counts and I just really wanted to draw him. And Emori is just plain amazing and I can’t wait to see her again in S3. Murphemori also happens to be an otp of mine so 👌🏽 Miller, Nyko, and Harper were also on my list of faves but I didn’t feel like drawing all of them. #artbydianab #traditionalart #johnmurphy #emori #the100season3 #the100countdown


promise i’ll stop. one day. maybe.

anyways i wanted to draw more but i didn’t know what to so i just clumped a bunch of stuff from the 30 days otp meme cause i know i won’t commit to every day. so i’ll do it in bunches when i can :)

first 5 are (and they have captions!)

  • holding hands
  • cuddling
  • playing games/watching a movie
  • on a date
  • kiss :3

Draw the OTP.

Am I the only one who wants these two to dick around and flirt, while Rouge gets annoyed because she’s trying to lead and they’re only paying attention to each other? Maybe just me, okay….

Drew on my phone, just a quick one, couldn’t remember Rouge’s new costume and Nate’s fashion sense is a mystery. Quiet, I’m lazy.

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Do you know of anywhere to find plots? Like a blog or something. I have an idea for a fic, but I haven't written in the longest time so I want another plot to write to get back in the groove of things, if that makes sense.

Hi! I’m so sorry, but I’ve never heard of anything like this! The closest thing to this that I’ve encountered are those “imagine your otp” posts that appear on my dash sometimes; so those might work, as long as you credit the original poster.

I wish I could be more of a help! But I’m extremely new to fandom, fics, and non-academic writing in general, so I’m just learning myself. And I tend to draw inspiration from my everyday life or start with a scenario that just sort of pops into my head, so I’ve never looked into this sort of thing.

Sorry again, and good luck with your writing!