The Night Court

RHYS: Feyre kissed me.

CASSIAN: Ohmygodohmygod

MOR: Ok, all right. We want to hear everything. Cassian, get the wine. Rhys, does this end well or do we need to get tissues?

RHYS: Oh, it ended very well.

CASSIAN: [getting the wine] Do not start without me. Do not start without me.

MOR: Ok, all right, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?

RHYS: Well, at first it was really intense, you know. And then, oh gods, and then we just sort of sunk into it.

MOR: Ok, so, were you holding her? Or were her hands like on you?

RHYS: No, actually first they started on my waist. And then, they slid up, and then, they were on my wings.


In the next room [Feyre eating while Amren swirls a goblet]

FEYRE: And, uh, and then I kissed him.

AMREN: Tongue?

FEYRE: Yeah.

AMREN: Cool.


I wish I could put more effort in it ,but you’re not gonna see it properly anyway so ,

Meh whatever,it’s done now :v

Honestly i just focused on the hand part so I didn’t add any crazy shiny effects this time, I need to be sure that your eyes are ok

You’re welcome -w-

Ok so I need to post this

See my title? My blog is a Swan Queen gif and fanart blog. That means I’ll reblog and post sq fanart, gifs, videos and Fanfic.

I’m just baffled I reblog fanart and I lose followers. And what baffles me is I get unfollowed for doing what this blog is meant to do. So I have to ask why do people follow this blog if they unfollow when I post art?

I won’t get into meta or all that Fandom stuff or Fandom wars. This is not the purpose of my blog. My blog was created to be an archive for SQ fanart. Seriously don’t follow if you don’t want to see SQ art. This blog is made to preserve Sq fanart and spread what artists create.

Please don’t follow if you don’t want Sq art or gifs or videos or fics on your blog. You’ll save me the headache of wondering why I’m unfollowed when I post Sq stuff on a Sq only blog.

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listen i'm not saying i disagree with you. i hated that i had to discover myself through that kink and it sucked and the cis men involved in it sucked. im saying it's hurting me and others like me when you use 'sissy' to mean 'deviant cis men'. It's throwing a lot of trans women under the bus for no reason when you could easily make the distinction 'cis sissies' or just 'sissy culture' or w/e. ive lived this myself and im just asking you to please consider not lumping us in w cis men that way

Ok, here is how I see it. The moment a person notices that she’s in fact trans exploring herself instead of a cis man being emasculated, she is no longer a sissy. Hence the need for the term “cis sissy” is unnecessary as sissy per definition refers to a cis man doing those acts. We all stop identifying cis the moment we discover it, therefore there can not (by the definition of the word) be any trans woman sissies. They are women, not men.

“Los Muertos”

OK, that preview was rude af….

I am trying really hard to not see Lexa in Alicia and you’re basically giving me modern AU Lexa SO CONVINCED of live being more than just survival…

brb I need to rip my heat out and have it sliced into pieces by reading do you believe in soulmates (because I’m yours and you’re mine)

based on a tumblr prompt: Ok but like imagine Elyza remembers being Clarke and is enjoying seeing the commander able to be a normal teenager and Alicia catches her staring at her smiling so many times and Elyza has fully accepted the fact that Alicia will never remember then one night they about to go to sleep and she whispers “Goodnight Ambassador" 

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That's honestly one of the things I'm most interested in - exactly how a stunt like this gets negotiated, how it works on a day to day basis (like is Louis texting Danielle to say 'ok we need to get spotted in Malibu today get your best brown sandals and meet me there'? Or 'ok Instagram a picture of a bed implying we share it') I want to know how the sausage is made, so to speak. I'm also so curious to see their dynamic when not around cameras or stalker fans.

There have been a few fics that use a stunt as a premise and get into the nitty gritty, but I don’t know if the authors have actual knowledge of how it goes or are just using logic to tell a story that seems pretty likely. (They’re good stories either way). I’ve never really done any sort of entertainment law to see this kind of thing happening, so I think of it in very business negotiation terms, but I bet there are differences considering the subject matter. I don’t know how much is set up through actual conversations between the two of them and how much is their teams just telling them when and where to be.

I’m pretty sure I remember reading someone’s description of seeing them when they were in the UK for the soccer match and Louis generally ignoring Danielle while some of the others (Lottie? Oli?) tried to talk with her for a bit but then got bored and kinda left her on her own. But even then they were in public, so I’m sure that’s different than when they are really in private.

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Izzy I need to get there ok how do I get there plus I miss my love Rosetta

Its just a ride through the woods and when u see the sign, “Weather love camp,” that’s when u make a turn on your left and there it is….the biggest lake house ever. *////w////*

Reddy In LA Sept 5th HELP

Ok so it’s 5am and I literally just saw the tweet. I will post details after work tomorrow but I need you guys advice or help

I don’t have a lot of free cash maybe about $50 I can spend so what can we do for Reddy to show our support in LA?

It will be at Los Lobos Club in Los Angeles from 9pm-2am

This is last minute notice all the way around so any ideas would be appreciated. Pizza? I’m going to contact the promoter and see what my options are as well.

Ugh I wish I could go to this show but I can’t. Any ideas I’m open ears

Ok those of you defending Johnny Depp over the newly released footage of him ‘smashing cabinets’. Shut the fuck up. Seriously. Just stop. As a person with first hand experience of domestic abuse, I can confidently say that Amber’s need to document the encounter was justified.
Are you not asking yourselves why she felt the need to video him? Are you really not considering the fact that he’s done this kind of thing before? You can hear the fucking fear in her voice. You can see how fucking riled he is. Does that not frighten you? If you were confronted by that in the middle of the night, would you seriously not run the fuck away? Oh I’m sorry. No. You apparently wouldn’t. Because he has issues with alcohol and mental health problems, you deem those to be endearing qualities. ‘We love him anyway?’ What kind of bullshit is that? You don’t fucking know him. You don’t know ANYTHING about him. You don’t know how little or how much he’s capable of. You haven’t had first hand experience of abuse at his hand. Aka. You know NOTHING of the situation.
Please. Stop reducing the situation. Can you not see how intimidating it is? If that was you, would you not be frightened? Or would you just let him use you as a punch bag because he’s got anger and alcohol issues? Or is that really a reasonable justification for domestic abuse now?

heart eyes!jungkook

you guys can blame @jikook-love for this one. she gifted me so i had to give something in return. AND @kurooozora made me suffer so…suffer with me. lets get started; 

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so like, if you think im gonna pass up the opportunity to post this gif, think again. bc this is like the definition of heart eyes. 

multiple angles are needed to REALLY get a feel for this moment. look at jungkook’s face. look at it. hes so in love

ok i know this isnt exactly heart eyes but like go watch the video. jungkook takes out confetti from jimin’s hair. watch seokjin’s reaction to them. he’s so DONE. 

^ the vid. im losing focus here.

HE CANT CONTROL HIS FACE. seeing jimin laugh makes him smile and im just…askdnaksd


look how happy he is. urgh.

so basically, this ship reduced me to a complete mess.

i will take every opportunity to post this vine. seokjin is once again thirdwheeling and as usual he looks so done. i cant blame the guy.

*sobs in a corner*

you know what kills me? the fact that jungkook tries so hard to make jimin smile and then is SO PLEASED when he manages to get a laugh out of jimin. 

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the huge smile he gets on his face when he makes jimin laugh keeps me up at night.

arm wrestling? no. just an excuse to hold hands.

he loves teasing jimin.

(x) i dont even know.

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i have to stop myself somewhere. 

up next; maybe more hovering!jungkook or jungkook teasing jimin. 


-“just…the two of us?”
-“That Marco kid is probably her boyfriend”
-“Dad, Marco really wanted to see the geyser!”… “No, Star-I wanted you to see it.”
-“You need someone more youthful to take care of you. Like your boyfriend, Marco.”

“Im not her boyfriend! Hey, look-” Marco ChangeTheSubject Diaz

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I saw in one of your hc's that the foxes have a group chat w/out Neil and Andrew . I am a definite fan of this and curious. Why is this? What is it called ?? Do they just fangirl about Andreil ??? Or do they talk about other stuff ?? This is a very important thing I need to know

ok so this is from this hc, and it’s assuming that tfc is taking place in 2016 since its a group chat so lets just. roll w/ that okay.

  • the chat was started by allison one day after neil put a hand on andrew’s back reaching for a plate in the kitchen
  • she just sent a text that said “did ya’ll just fucking see that” to everyone but neil and andrew
  • and it ended up becoming a place where they could speak about the boys w/ out them knowing
  • texts from kevin that say “i almost want to learn Russian to figure out what they are saying but at the same time i Really don’t”
  • it’s not super active, but when something Big Andreil happens they all immediately reach for their phones to talk about it
  • except aaron bc he could care less, but he hasnt left the chat so Really
  • but sometimes they use it to coordinate dinners n stuff since they know neil and andrew wont join them or for meet ups w/ the vixens 
  • the regular group chat w/ everyone is called “fox fam”
  • so this one is called “NOT FOX FAM****” after nicky accidentally sent “do you think they ever sext each other” to the regular group chat with no context and everyone had to play dumb and nicky had to say it was supposed to go to erik but he definitely got a punch or 8 from andrew
  • andrew and neil are still completely clueless, esp neil
  • but andrew will figure out eventually but not really care because honestly the entire team Lives for gossip especially about each other
  • the amt of group chats that exist w/ out one or two of the foxes is Intense whether its for bets or just talking loving shit abt someone
  • the group chat after seth died? everyone but allison and it was all like “god what do we do”- matt “he sucked tho so idrc” - aaron “she needs space, renee and i will try and handle it as best as we can” - dan, “let me know if i can help at all” - matt
  • its just. they’re foxes and Live for drama and talking shit and no one can take this away from me

make me choose:
@myalexanderlightwood asked: Simon and Clary or Alec and Jace?

“I understand what we need to do. And I trust you, parabatai.”

also miraculous ladybug rollerderby au


- marinette and all the ladies being on a kickass derby team (mari’s star jammer)
- adrien starting off as a fan who happened to see a flier and dragged nino along and whoops haha now he’s the main announcer!
- all of them having their typical hero/villain names (ladybug, lady wifi, etc) which only makes them a whole lot scarier (like seriously. all the other teams having mean pun names and these girls are over here without aggressive pun names because they’re that good that their names dont need to be like that??? mate)
- all of them wearing sexier, more derby appropriate versions of their costumes and facepaint masks to ‘hide their identity’
- marinette being bestowed the name ‘miraculous ladybug’ because she’s that good (the cries of chants of ‘MIRACULOUS! MIRACULOUS!’ fill the stadium long after the matches are over)

(feel free to add) BUT YEAH. I NEED MORE OF THIS. 

vmin are bros 4 lyfe...

seriously these to are the most bro of the brotps, for real. blaming @kurooozora for this one, ENABLER

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look at taehyung’s smile yo, he was hating that so much, his frown disappeared when jimin kissed his cheek.

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jimin: “bro, you look so fucking hot right now. BUT NO HOMO.” ok, i lied, this is gonna be a compilation of some of vmin’s gayest moments. sorry, not sorry. 

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i think we’re seeing some kinks here…

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kim taehyung, you need to chill bro. look how excited he looks when he makes the jibooty bounce i need holy water after that sentence

Originally posted by ji-booty

please pay careful attention to this gif. look how naturally they get close to one another. no hesitation at all. look at tae’s arm coming to rest around jimin as jimin pulls him closer. 

Originally posted by taehyungxoxo

taehyung: “i love your ass, man. but like, no homo, bro.” i have receipts y’all, taetae loves the jibooty.

(x) okay, taehyung. 

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jimin, what. was. that?

Originally posted by blackcoffeex

taehyung…i only have one question for you? why you keep slapping the jibooty?

Originally posted by saejjong

taehyung: “jimin, bro, your abs feel so firm and hard, man. but like bros 4 life, dude.” look at taehyung’s face im crying. (i think ppl are starting to hate me for my shit commentary, im sorry but i cant help myself) 

(x) the faces they are making…im not even gonna comment. you be the judge. 

you enjoying that, jimin? i think they both are.

(x) i swear these 2 can get really gay sometimes…dont believe me? follow along for more receipts.

(x) jimin calling out taetae. 

remember that time when tae started stripping in front of jimin to sexy back on vlive? well, i do. #neverforget

may i also remind you of their “special film” where they were “2 guys with problems” and “broke up”. 

what. is. this. vmin. i need answers.

(x) look at the way they’re staring at each other. 

remember the time where tae reached out to grab jimin’s d on camera? and jimbles was like, “dude, we’re on camera.” what happens when the cameras are off, huh, jimin?

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ok, jimin.

may i remind everyone of that time when vmin actually wore couple hoodies to the airport? 

(x) they are cute af. 

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i swear these 2 could get married and ppl will still be like bros 4 life. seriously there’s so much potential.

and as usual i lost focus towards the end. im sorry.

Just Saw Suicide Squad

Ok #SuicideSquad was better than #BatmanvSuperman but still not that great 😒. 

DeadShot was literally just Will smith acting like Will Smith (and I love Will smith but after reading the comics and seeing Arkham assault some parts didnt feel right)

Originally posted by suicidesquadsource

and some of the comedy was just awkward. Also These modern DC films need to cool it with the slow motion scenes. This wasnt even a Zac Snyder film. Also Im just gonna say The Joker was FUCKIN AWFUL 

Originally posted by vikaq

in The Movie he didnt even have a memorable entrance or scene like Jack, Mark or Heath.

Originally posted by freakmasks

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 Harley Quinn was Decent enough though. I’d honestly give #SuicideSquad a Spill/DoubleToasted Rental because it didn’t piss me off like #BatmanvSuperman but damn DC step ur game up. Though this did make me want to rewatch Arkham Assault The Animated Suicide Squad movie

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ok listen i don’t care if u don’t ship stevebucky. i don’t care if u hate it or if u just don’t see it as romantic. everyone likes different things and it’s completely fine

but y’all need to stop saying shit like ‘it’s so funny bc seb would rather see buckynat than stevebucky’ and making fun of shippers like.. dude.. do u think we don’t know? like, esp lgbt shippers, do u think we don’t know how m/m and f/f ships are always ridiculized by everyone? 

lgbt fans know our ships aren’t priority u don’t have to make fun of us every chance u get. like hate the ship all u want, but don’t forget there are casual shippers who aren’t hurting anyone and to come at them w these comments, when these are things we’re fully aware of, just bc u don’t like the ship is ugly

ok but listen, Jonathan isn’t the nerd in this situation - Nancy is. And in the end Nancy did end up with the popular guy - Steve. Jonathan is the quiet loner with no friends. So ppl who are saying ‘I’m so happy Nancy didn’t end up with Jonathan bc it’s such a cliche’ need to simmer down a bit~~~ You rarely ever see the nerd and the loner get together.