The Queen's roses | Part 2

Summary: Royal!AU. Y/n, the Queen of Aldrian, has always ruled alone, not requiring the help of an husband. But when the Parliament start questioning her decisions and especially the necessity of an heir, how will she react?

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: none

A/N: so, in this part we finally see a glimpse of Bucky! Let me know what you think and if it’s worth going on with this! :) The taglist is open!

Part 1

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“I should have put on the other dress”

Natasha sighed. “For the last time, Majesty, you look amazing and it’s the right choice”

“That’s the point Nat” huffed the Queen, “I don’t want to look amazing! I just need to look…ok”

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alias alice
pronouns she/her
timezone gmt
your favorite vine “is there anything better than pussy [slams chords] yes, a really good book”
any plots you have in mind? i’m wiiiiiiiiiide open babes. i lived in portland for years though so i’m happy to be a resource. maybe a sk8r? maybe an indie artist trying to make it big? who knows. 
what you’d like to see on high voltage things about portland!! a fave city. i’d also like engaged and encouraging admins, a not-so-overwhelming community, diversity in plots and characters, and just, you know. fun.
favorite character tropes/archetypes ok listen i reuse this for every intro ever but it is ah-queue-rayt so: porcelain to ivory to steel, damsels in distress who don’t need any saving especially if they’re paired with white knights who do, survivalist assholes, complex paternal relations, mothers who’d die for their children, biblical undertones, anything or anyone morally grey.
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i dont want to make my blog all about kin but its just. i see a lot of people with kins who seem really scared of getting called fake and its like… dude… chillax…. if someone really wants to take the time out of their day to call you a fake over… kin… theyre not worth it and they need to rethink some aspects of their life… bro…. its ok bro… we are teens…. bro…. i love you

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Ok, ok can we just stop, ,, everyone has their own opinions on this situation there is no need to cause problems between people, ,, this isn’t even on this but I’ve been seeing all kinds of things about people giving their opinions, but there is no need for this. I’m 100% against any form of child abuse and such but please why bother other people that have different opinions than you instead of actually discuss it peacefully and work things out. 


Voices of the Navy wives at the funeral echoed in her mind like a Greek chorus. We try to look out for each other. Well, you’ll see. It didn’t make her feel better. She didn’t want to be in their club. Didn’t want to learn how to be apart from the one person she longed to see every day.

Waiting for someone

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CAN I HAVE UHHHH FUCKIN BADASS LANCE PLEASE btw your blog actually gives me butterflies thank for being grate

ohhh thank you so much :’) 

  • when lance shoots a couple of galra soldiers in rapid succession he always grins and blows away invisible smoke from his gun. the team are secretly impressed but make a big show of rolling their eyes
  • he can shoot multiple fast-moving targets 
  • shiro: ‘ok team, the galra on this base are going to try and stop us’ lance: ‘ha. they can try’ 
  • lance kicks down a drone running towards him and with his foot on its chest, shoots it point-blank
  • keith, who has been pining hard for almost 780 years now: ‘oh wow’ allura: ‘settle down keith’ 
  • he balances his sniper rifle on his shoulders 
  • lance’s bayard transforming into two pistols so he can dual-wield 
  • pidge is trying to shoot a couple of galra sentries while in the green lion but lance swoops in and takes them all out with one blast 
  • when a situation is important, he loses his usual joking complaining attitude and becomes completely serious, brows furrowed and jaw set
  • lance: ‘wanna see me land a head-shot on the training bot from 50 feet?’ keith: ‘haha yeah ok’ 
  • lance breathing in deeply and shooting it: ‘just like that’ keith wiping sweat from his brow: ‘hoo boy….’ 
  • the red lion is a lot faster than blue was, so once lance gets the hang of his speed, he can dodge blasts with ease and take out more sentries than anyone on the team
  • allura: ‘i need someone strategic and level-headed for this mission. pidge-’ lance: ‘i’m your man allura’ 
  • allura: ‘are you sure?’ lance: ‘for once, just trust me’ 
  • when he lands a shot with his sniper-rifle that even he wasn’t sure he could do, he always lets out a long low whistle
  • the team are freaking out because a lion has been captured, but lance clenches his fists and raises his voice over their shouting
  • lance: ‘listen to me. this is how we’re gonna get it back.’ 
  • he’s really good at strategy and planning and shiro always enlists his help in making plans to defeat the galra 
  • lance says casually ‘hunk, move your head to the left’ before taking down a drone over his shoulder with one clean shot
  • lance is happy with red and he misses blue, but he also wants more because he knows he can offer something else to the team. one day, he’s arguing with keith in the black lion’s hangar about the team’s future 
  • keith: ‘if what you’re saying about shiro is true, then i don’t- i don’t know what to do. if something happened to me, who would even pilot black?’ lance: ‘you’re looking right at him’ 
  • from behind them the black lion growls softly 

so i was watching It (2017) again and i noticed something in this particular scene;

so eddie’s there obviously and we see pennywise holding the balloons in an upside down triangle shape;

which kinda reminded me of something,;

the pink gay triangle symbol

ok so here me out lmao

eddie’s clearly gay i mean read the book carol

and i know that this probably wasn’t intentional but i just thought it was cool y’know so here have some content i just needed to spread the word lmao k bye


All Forbidden Art goes into the Box™ to be hidden forever

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OK, I officially feel like I've been hit by a truck. More embarrassing Steve stories, if you please? I need distractions.

steve has really, really good night vision. 

i do too–i drank the same superjuice, just a little more watered down–but back during the war i didn’t really tell anyone about that. so since steve’s vision was best, he was always the point man on nighttime operations with the Howlies. this worked out pretty well–he could spot terrain problems and walk us around them, and he could see a nazi scout coming well before he saw us. 

but every once in a while, some particularly sneaky bastard would get the drop on him.

on one particular occasion, we were on our way back from an op, and crossing through a disputed area in the evening. we’d been warned that the nazis were trying to send spies through, so we were on the lookout. steve was on point. 

somehow, despite having the eyes of a goddam bald eagle, steve did not see this guy coming. 

the guy–a nazi spy–was hardly invisible. he had a big, bulky backpack, civilian clothes, and a Walther PPK.  he popped out of a shrub with his pistol and steve never saw him coming–but luckily steve’s got the instincts of a tiny angry human target who used to get jumped in dark alleys on a regular basis, and he bopped him with the shield before the nazi could fire. well, i say bopped–it was the sort of wild swing you take with a frypan when someone startles you in the kitchen. 

the spy flew a good three feet through the air and landed on his side–

and exploded into a flock of pigeons. 

after the fact, we realized that the spy’s backpack was actually a wooden cage containing half a dozen homing pigeons, intended to carry back messages from allied territory. when he fell, it split apart, releasing a bunch of terrified birds to fly back, empty handed (empty winged?), to a nazi base. but at the time, it was like a magic trick–one moment there was a nazi spy, the next, a flock of birds! 

the look of shock and surprise on steve’s face was incredible. you could see on his face a split second where he asked himself can i punch people so hard they turn into birds now? did i grow a new superpower? what the hell was in that serum?

he realized the truth moments later, but i could see it–the brief seconds where flashes of a pigeon empire flew through his head.

i cant believe her name is hekapoo but i love her already

Modern Day AU where El is obsessed with “As Seen On TV” products. The first time she asks for something, Hopper thinks it’s adorable. The second time, he’s hesitant but he still finds it cute. The third time, he starts to get annoyed. By the fifth time, he just accepts it, this is his life now. Plus, he just can’t say no to this kid when she brings out the puppy eyes. So far, El has collected the following:

The Fridge Locker- “What if someone steals my eggos?” “Who’s gonna steal your eggos? We’re the only ones that live here!”

The Funloom Bracelet Making Kit- El makes bracelets for everyone in the Party, in their favorite colors. She makes a blue one for Hopper since he gave her his. Hop tries (and fails) not to get choked up.

The BeDazzler- Hopper’s late to work one day, so he hastily grabs his hat without noticing that El has bedazzled a smiley face on it.

The Potato Express Microwave Potato Cooker- “Kid, you know you have powers, right? It’s just a potato in a microwave, there’s nothing magical about that.” “A baked potato in six minutes? That’s pretty magical, dad.”

The Snuggie: “I need it, I get cold watching TV.” “So grab a blanket from your room, kid.” “Blankets are ok, but they can slip and slide. And when you need to reach for something, your hands are trapped inside!” “You don’t need to reach anything, you have mind powers!”

Isak: soo … I got a text from Sara 
you told her? 

Sana: yes 
sorry again for dragging you into this 
im really really sorry, Isak

Isak: naah forget about it 
what are buds for, huh? 

Sana: hehe
true, best bud  

Isak: haha <3
are you ok tho? 
with the girls and all?

Sana: i dont know 

Isak: hmm 
want to come over? 
Even is making pizza 

Sana: takk Isak
really <3


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…are you mocking your boyfriend 

Isak: hahahaha 
so youre in? 

Sana: ja 😎
will be there in 20