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Honestly the aphmau fandom is turning really toxic and thats sad,aphmau did work hard on this channel for so long,it feels like you have no freedom to ship what you want,if you ship something other than aarmau you'll be attacked,same goes when you dont draw aarmau,like let sebi do what she wants you need to learn people have different tastes,,i'm happy that i kinda left the fandom

honestly all fandoms are toxic, you just are more prone to see the toxicity when you’re openly interactive or more involved in said fandom.

That however doesn’t excuse it, it explains why we feel its toxic but doesn’t say “ye its normal and ok” because in all honesty? a fandom thats down to hunt you down over everything you do or don’t do isn’t the best place to be in

if you left and feel happier thats good tho sweetie! its important to always keep in mind your health comes first, and if the environment does you more harm than anything ain’t no shame in taking a step back <3

Ok but an argument that I CANNOT stand against more LGBTQIA+ characters in media, especially movies/tv shows aimed at younger kids (ie. the let Elsa have a girlfriend thing in Frozen 2) is the whole “my *insert young age* child here doesn’t need to be thinking about sex/sexuality yet. That’s just sick!”
Like yea, 7 year olds don’t really need to be thinking about sex yet. And guess what?? That’s not gonna change even if your child is LGBTQIA+ and/or just sees it portrayed on tv.

Like personally, I started having romantic crushes on girls as well as boys as soon as I started having crushes on people in kindergarten. During make believe games, I would volunteer myself to be the dad or the prince because I wanted to pretend to be in relationships with girls. Now none of this was ever sexual, because like most other young children I didn’t really know what sex was yet and I didn’t have those feelings yet. My feelings only became sexual after I hit puberty in like middle school and into high school. Otherwise my same sex crushes as a young child were as innocent as any other school yard crush is.

So having a lesbian princess is not going to turn your kid into some sexually active demon. And it’s not like Elsa is going to be going down on her girlfriend in Frozen 2 in this hypothetical situation. At the very most they’d just show them briefly kiss. It’s still a kids movie. Though I promise your kids have seen countless straight kisses on their screens.

So long story short, when trying to disguise your bigotry, stop hiding behind the ol fashioned “but what about the children?!?!” excuse. Children are a lot more understanding then we ever get them credit for, and they should know that LGBTQIA+ people are real and exist and are a normal part of this life. It’s 2017 for fucks sake.

And if your child is questioning, it will give them positive role models to look up to so that their process isn’t so laced with confusion and shame. I so wish I had seen bisexual people represented in my media as a kid. I’m almost certain it would have helped me come to terms with myself sooner than my 20s.

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I am just so fed up with all those kids being like "game grumps are racists look at this proof" nothing you will ever see or like will be perfect all you can do is watch it with caution and not take it as the end all be all. They are joking and sometimes go to far and apologize like what should they do cut off their arm? I wish those people would grow up. Sorry just had to rant

I understand anon it’s ok to vent.

As someone who studies people for game design I find people do this because of the following

1. They don’t get attention at home so they need to act out online to get attention if that be negative or positive. At the moment it’s negative which is the only thing that they are used too from getting it from their parents or guardians.

2. They are insecure and that’s why they feel the need to act out.

3. They don’t do their research because they want an agurment because of the last two points. They want attention for a while

4. With the pirating people forget you can actually get into trouble for that not just with the police but with tumblr too if you are effecting their site with illegal usage they can delete your account for it because at the end of the day it’s at&t who own tumblr if they see illegal usage they can delete your account because it’s their site.

5. You can get into trouble for spreading misinformation because it’s slander and damaging the person or team of people. That goes against damaging to a person’s mental health and life and is abuse which is effected mentally.

ok honestly?? i haven’t hung out w friends that much all summer but its been really nice just being on my own and like usually i need to see friends every now and then but actually its been really refreshing and i feel really good about myself these days?? im like genuinely happy even tho i have things i should be worried about?? so strange

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I'm Agender Transmasc and I feel the need to transition medically. Recently I've been looking through the truscum tag and while I agree with some of their ideology I see lots of posts bashing Agender people and saying that we're just cis. I experience dysphoria, I know transitioning would be good for me, but now I just feel like an asshole. I don't know what to think really.

Hey it’s ok. If you want to transition medically I think you should look into what is comfortable for you, really, and we support you 100%

Waiting for someone


All Forbidden Art goes into the Box™ to be hidden forever



some more star pics!! this time its a whole buncha moon and toffee! cause i rlly rlly like both of these characters ok,, and they’re both pretty fun to draw

i cant believe her name is hekapoo but i love her already

dating peter parker would include...

Dating ((Tom Holland)) Peter Parker Would Include… || Peter Parker x Reader

a/n: not like my usual imagines but i thought this would be fun! :-) also this is pretty dumb but i enjoy it!! SORRY THIS WAS LONG BUT I HAD FUN and i didn’t want to leave too long of a break before the next imagine

  • before you were dating though peter would’ve been so scared to even approach you tbh
    • “there she is, go talk to her! hey (Y/N)!”
  • and then, when pete finally got the balls to ask you out, he would almost cry out of happiness when you said yes
  • like when you say yes, peter is already waiting for rejection, so he flips his shit
  • he would also be so awkward while asking it, fiddling with his sleeves
    • “hey (Y/N), I was wondering if…I dunno maybe…if…you would…”
    • “are you okay peter? Is there something you want to say??”
    • “will you go out with me?!?”
    • “yes!!”
    • (internally) “HOLY SHIT FUCKING FUCK YESSSSS!!!! HELL YEAH!!!”
    • (externally) “ok cool, yeah see you tonight (Y/N)”
  • then when it’s time for the date peter takes you out to dinner bc he’s classy
  • he’ll take you somewhere expensive and nice because he needs to impress
    • “hey peter!! you look great!!”
    • he just stutters and is like “yeah..you look great too..damn”
  • then the date goes perfectly and leads to loads of other dates
  • and he’s super respectful and treats yOU RIGHT!! GET YOU A MAN LIKE THAT!!
  • when he asks you to be his girlfriend he’s just as nervous as asking you out
    • “hey (Y/N)…”
    • “what’s wrong peter??”
    • “will you be my girlfriend?”
    • “yes!!”
  • and when you guys are official he still asks for your permission to do things
    • “can i kiss you?”
    • “oh my god of course you can we’re dATING”
  • whenever you’re insecure about whatever your man is THERE
    • “i swear, you are the most amazing person i’ve ever met”
  • and he tells you that he’s spiderman after you’ve been dating for about 2 months
  • you (understandably) freak the fuck out for his safety and general well being
  • him assuring you that he’ll be safe, and that because of you he’ll be even more careful because if he gets hurt you’ll have to date someone that’s not him
  • which is “unjust” and “practically a crime”
  • also peter is always so ecstatic when you do literally anything
    • “yes babe! good job!!”
    • “babe all i did was finish this worksheet wtf”
  • also that boy has a fucking great body is all i’m sayin
  • and i’m just saying that y’all would have great sex
  • like kinky shit because peter deffo has a few kinks
  • not a daddy kink though he probably thinks that shit’s weird but deffo a hair pulling kink
  • also can we talk about hOW HIS AUNT LOVES YOU
  • she literally was so happy for both of you that you guys are dating
  • after she met you the first time she was just smiling
    • “so may what did you think?”
  • peter always going to may for advice too
  • him saying the first “i love you” on accident
  • like you two are just on his couch eating pizza and he just says it
    • “god, i love you”
    • “what??”
    • “I mean…you know what? I really do love you.”
    • “I love you too Peter”
  • also peter isn’t big on pda but you love showing him off (who wouldn’t)
  • whenever you initiate pda, peter always holds your hand or kisses you back
  • not fighting that often but when you do it’s BAD
  • and you both end up crying tbh because that’s how much you love each other
  • always making up though
  • being the school’s lowkey/chill/cutest couple
  • and sometimes being fake excited to make peter happy
  • just making each other happy
  • loving each other unconditionally

also if u like this pls tap that little heart over there bc it really motivates me to write more and i appreciate every single one of you and if you ever have an issue (spelling/grammar or even the concept) just dm me!


Today (09/07/17) completes 5 years since Camren met. 5 years since the “Dang, she can sing. DANG, she’s pretty too!”, “Hey, I like your shirt”, “You’re the cuban girl!”. Who could ever know how much they would mean to each other. All of this could just be a “Laurmila” thing, but everything started to change when the touches, the hugs and holding hands started to happen. Especially the: “Who is your celebrity crush?” C: “Mine is Lauren”. L: “They call her Mila, I call her Camz”. C: “Yeah, ‘cause you’re special to me”. It didn’t seem just friendship with the pass of weeks. But, one day, Lauren told us what it was. “It’s Camren, yo”. It turned into one thing that no one could ever stop, not even Camila and Lauren. With the pass of the years, we got more and more reasons to believe that Camren was something real. And who could blame us? They started it, not us. We started to see the way that they looked at each other, how they seemed happy when they were together, the many evidences that appeared straight up to our faces. Maybe, especially Lauren, started to hate the thing that she created herself, and I don’t blame her. There was/is many people who went over the limits. But what I think it’s that they should stop for at least one day, seeing Camren as a sick thing, and start seeing how it may have changed many people lives. Especially mine. Camila and Lauren were the love that I needed in the moment that i needed the most. That’s ok too if they were just friends, ‘cause the love that they shared was something that made me feel better. I got happy everytime they hold hands, gave hugs, said/wrote beautiful things about each other. Camren made me feel alive, and never let me believe that this beautiful kind of love didn’t exist anymore. And it might have helped a lot of fans to accept their sexuality and themselves. That’s what the two of them wanted from everyone on the lgbt comunity, right? Camren, for sure, was a thing so fucking good for a lot of people, including me. They should, one day, see this way. I love Camila and Lauren so much, I’ll never want them to be hurt with anything we say about Camren. And I’ll never stop to shipp them, but I also don’t need to say anything about it for any of them if they don’t want to. But I truly believe, with all of my heart, that Camren was real. Idk if still is, but at some point, it was. We have seen them. And they seemed in love. How was that quote from Lauren’s tumblr? “We look at each other too long to be “just friends”. Camila and Lauren always gonna be a perfect couple. We know by the laughs together, how they admire and get each other. They’re like the sun and the moon. Different, and seems like a impossible love, but at the same time, perfect for each other. They complete each other. So, 5 years of Camren, and I’ll never let it go. I’m pretty happy in the Camren Island. Let’s keep the Camren Boat floating, always.
“The truth is that, maybe, we’ll never know for sure if Camren, as a couple, really existed. And if it didn’t, at least we created a pretty fucking good love story.” ❤🌹

Isak: soo … I got a text from Sara 
you told her? 

Sana: yes 
sorry again for dragging you into this 
im really really sorry, Isak

Isak: naah forget about it 
what are buds for, huh? 

Sana: hehe
true, best bud  

Isak: haha <3
are you ok tho? 
with the girls and all?

Sana: i dont know 

Isak: hmm 
want to come over? 
Even is making pizza 

Sana: takk Isak
really <3


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…are you mocking your boyfriend 

Isak: hahahaha 
so youre in? 

Sana: ja 😎
will be there in 20 

Idk what the appropriate level of emotion is when you’re in a fandom already but y'all I keep bursting into tears seeing all these beautiful edits and gifsets of black panther

This movie is so important. It might be the most important superhero movie of all time. Think of all the black children who are treated like shit from the world around them walking into a movie theater.

This is the movie we need

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If Harry uses hair ties, does he always lose them like the rest of us? And, do you think someone came up with the idea to just "accio hair ties" and is bombarded with years worth of Harry's missing hair ties?

I just had this image of Harry getting really stressful on work and a very brave young female auror asks “is everything alright sir?” And he just goes “i lost something” with a grumpy face. suddenly he sees it.
“Where did you find this hair tie?”
“Er… Why, Mr. Potter?”
“It’s pink”
“Sir? I’ve found it on the floor during training today. Sorry, but i don’t understand”
“Please leave.”

Later at home
“Gin, honey. So remember that lucky charm of yours”
“The symbol of our love that you decided to use during my important matches so you can send me good luck, yes I remember quite well. it was the most romantic thing you have ever done to me.”
“I lost it”
“Have you tried accio?”
“It’s not that simple.”
“How’s not that simple? It’s a hair tie”
“It’s with another… woman. Accidentally. But I will get it back, I just need a plan.”
“It’s ok sweetie, i trust you.”

Ginny never calls him “sweetie”.

Next morning someone enters his office. It’s Ginny. Harry jumps with a what the fuck omg it’s my wife, I’m dead again face. she wants to know if he got the hair tie back because that thing was really fucking important to her. The female auror appears on her sight. Ginny sees her old hair tie on that blonde hair.

Harry knows his wife very well.

“You won’t do this. Gin you shouldn’t be here- shit”

“Excuse me. Hi. I’m Ginn”
“Omg you’re Ginny Potter!! I’m such a fan! Would you mind signing my shirt?? And can I ask for an advice…”

Later that night at bed
“You’re right, it’s not that simple”
“I told you.”

and they discuss plans to get the hair tie back during all night harry can’t even concentrate to have sex and I’ve just written the first episode of How I Hexed Your Father, the name will be The One With The Hair Tie

In Control - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 6,977

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (Both Receiving), Public Sex, Unprotected Sex, Protected Sex, Jeep Sex

Notes: Guess what guys! This was a request! I absolutely loved this idea. This was so fun to write. And I couldn’t wait to get it out. So I will probably be regretting life at work seeing as it is 3:30 in the morning right now. BUT THIS WAS SO WORTH THE 13 HOURS OF WRITING. I hope my lil nonnie (though I DO know who requested this, I will not divulge) loves this ❤️

Request: can you do a stiles smut where the reader is possessed by a powerful goddess or the reader is a demigod and she can regain her powers/stay in control by having sex with someone? and that stiles is her anchor? TYSM ❤️

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