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I'm really curious about what Rire's sector looks like. Also, since he's a King, does he have like any maids or butlers? Sorry if this sounds stupid :c

Rire’s sector is comprised of a city where everyone lives, banked on one side by a large body of water and peters out to increasing wilderness. A trade route runs through his territory so economically his sector is (now) pretty well off.

Technically the whole city is at his beck and call if he feels like it but yes he does have a number of demons that work for him specifically, such as his military, housekeeping etc lol.

He tends to like ones with a stronger flavour :)

Disclaimer i dont drink tea or even really like tea so i really have no point of reference XD

They have souls, yes they theoretically can but no they dont tend to. Humans are usually the only ones stupid enough to sell their souls :d

No half demon has even been born in the Nether and currently none have been able to travel there as they don’t have the ability to Gate, so at the moment the answer is no. They are also weaker in power than their fullblooded counterparts so if they did somehow end up in a Battle Royale with a Demon Royal they would probably find it extremely tough (and most likely die).

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Pitch has always been an asshole, i mean yunno its pitch. But like MAN he is SUCH an asshole in TGATNW(still love him tho... still love him) and I freaking whooped when Jack finally got the last word in during the hallway scene of ch18 where hes like 'have fun healing DAT BITCh' and then just heeleys out into a cloud of awesomeness

where hes like ‘have fun healing DAT BITCh’ and then just heeleys out into a cloud of awesomeness             

I can’t write this story anymore because I’ve met someone with superior writing skills and they’re now in charge (SERIOUSLY I’M TRYING TO IMAGINE ALL OF TGATNW NARRATED THIS WAY AND IT’S LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE)

(Also, yeah, Pitch is a mega asshole in TGATNW. Idk, a lot of people headcanon Kozmotis Pitchiner as like idk, this super suave, determined, but generally really pleasant loving father. And I’m like, he was arrogant enough to think he could defeat the Darkness completely on his own without any help, and thus caused the ruin of an entire society.

So my headcanon is a tAD different.

Actually also I just really love writing characters who are assholes. And in terms of Jack and Pitch, I’m not sure what else could have fully shaken Jack’s hero worship away in a shorter timeline, and I really need Jack to start relating to Pitch’s power in a different way than he has. Him seeing this side of Pitch before other sides was sort of… ahh… it’s important to the plot.

That being said, I think Pitch is a good guy, he’s just a good guy who is cynical and jaded, trying to protect his daughter at all costs, while under the thumb of a Tsar who clearly has power issues of some description or another with Pitch, and under the influence of a regime that doesn’t particularly care for its individual citizens or their wellbeing (golden age regimes were often deeply, deeply classist, even as they often provided for their poorer citizens). I think it’s hard to be as old/experienced as Pitch in that and come out completely in touch with the part of himself that’s still capable of love and care.)

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Christmas is coming! And I was wondering if you would be up to share some icon PSDs? Yours are my favorites! xo

tbh probably not.   while i do appreciate your kind words i have grown a bit uncomfortable with the number of anons i receive asking me to provide resources to the community   —   especially the resources that i use for myself personally.   i have spent a very long time building the psds that i use and perfecting them for the lighting of the various medias that i icon from.   my psds are part of my blog aesthetic that i have worked very hard to create.   it might come off as selfish    ( tho i don’t see   HOW   as they are my creations that i worked hard on and i should not be required by anyone to   ‘share’   them simply to be perceived as generous )   but i like to have some things of my own.

in the past few weeks + months i have received numerous anons asking me to post my coding / icons / even old promos    ( weird ??!? ),   some of which that were very demanding / rude,   and tbh i have grown a bit weary of it.   there are days when it seems i receive more requests for this than questions about my character / writing and that is    …   well, a bit gross.   i am not a resource.   i am tired of people stealing my coding,   even those i have tried to help and encourage.   i have even had issues with people who commissioned me harvesting the theme and then using my coding in their own commissions.   i have worked hard to learn to code and create things in photoshop and put a slightly ridiculous amount of time into my creations.

i do enjoy helping people and do my best to do it as often as i’m able but tbh people are not entitled to my hard work simply because they like it.   now you personally,  nonnie,   do not come off as rude and i realize it probably wasn’t you intent so i don’t want you to feel attacked but i just thought i should make a post outlining my feelings about this to those that follow me.   i will not be posting my psds.   i may,   however,   do a giveaway with a custom psd as an option for a prize.   also   —   sorry to come off as such a grinch y ikes !

DANCE MAJORS AU. (Part 1, Part 1.5, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale) 
Contemporary Ballet Dancer Shiro is someone everyone admires and basically Everyone’s Crush™ but he already have his eyes set on a certain new hip-hop dancer recruit next door who’s always wearing red. He doesn’t have the guts to ask him out–at all. However, he asks if he could teach him hip-hop dancing. 

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none of their outfits rly scream ‘wedding,’ but I saw ‘Hanzo in a dress’ and just……

So if asexuality looks like a big nothing, how is that different from not having a sexual orientation at all? Some say the difference is analogous to a situation that can occur on a multiple-choice test. If answer choice D allows the test-taker to say ‘none of the above,’ that’s very different from simply not answering the question. It’s certainly going to be graded differently. Asexuality is an answer to the question, even if that answer is 'none.’ It’s not just a shrug. The word none can still fill in a blank.
—  The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality, by Julia Sondra Decker, p. 5

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so i was going through nodding my head at the cherik-ness of this list until i saw the real slim shady and now the image of rapper!charles will not leave my mind lol

oM G

(here’s the song)


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Little Rogue meeting Frosch for the first time? ;w;

> was supposed to finish a Gray/Lyon piece and a na//lu related thing

> posts more of this shitty au

I was gonna do this one in color but apparently I forgot how to color lately :’)

What happens if more than one paladin plugs in their bayard? Will one override the other? Will they combine??? If Hunk and Lance both do it will we get two guns or one big one? Will Keith and Lance give us a gunblade??? What if all of them plug in their bayards???


If Rick or Carl died, what kind of dark place would Michonne go to? (x)