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Carry On is B R I T I S H people!!

Where is Simon always saying ‘mugged off’, ‘peak’, ‘sound’???
Where is Simon being a (not that ironically) roadman af and Baz despairing??

Where is the cheeky nandos dates???

OH MY GOD where is BAZ THE INDIE !!!!!!????
Indie culture is BIG right now and just saying that if you think Baz isn’t an indie then ur wrong.

The brilliant music taste like The Fratellis and The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks ??

Where is university struggles… Like,,, Baz goes to the university of LONDON???
Where is the Brighton pier tales??


I killed people too. Funny story of my own actually. I rose from the dead, and then after that I ripped people apart. 
Okay, maybe it’s not that funny but you can sit there and listen to it anyway like we did with you. It’s weird at first because all there is is just darkness. It’s so dark. Doesn’t make a difference if your eyes are open or closed. What you think is that you’ve been buried alive… 
Not ideal. Now that’s proper, proper panic, that, you know? You hit out at the lid of the coffin, even though you know there’s no way. But then it starts to give. You have to push your way through all the soil. Takes ages, doesn’t it. Takes so long. 
Then suddenly, something’s different - you feel the wind on the tips of your fingers. And the rain. ‘Cause before that you’re not really sure where you are, but, but now you know, and you’re pushing through, and then all this stuff at once - the moon, and this incredible storm blowing. And the clock chiming midnight and you’re just standing there. Nobody else around and all of it pushing into me. 
That feeling… it’s like what being born must be like. Except you’ve got context. Because, honestly, dead, everything up until then was fear. Everything. Even when I was alive. Just different levels of fear. And then it’s gone. And you’re like “Yeah, come on! Give it to me! Fill me up!”. But you know what, Gary? This hunger, this appetite, I could not wait to get started.
—  Kieren Walker slaying everyone

I love the footage because it literally shows everyone’s characters. We’ve got Magnus with his authority and this power he has but at the same time we see how time is for an immortal like him.

We see that Isabelle being as fabulous and as attractive as ever WHILE KICKING ASS

We see Clary’s curiosity and what it leads to.

We see Simon with his jokes and his uncertianty and God Alberto nailed him I’ve never seen a character being played this well.

I love how we see that arrogant thing Jace has and how sure he is of himself and his abilities but at the same time he’s tripping over Clary.

And let’s not forget my gay baby angel Alec with his grumpy cute face and HIM FIGHTING TOGETHER WITH JACE LIKE ITS SECOND NATURE and how he’s just in the corner looking out for everyone!


okay but you can’t just erase their personalities???? to make their love cuter??? for you???? i get the whole ‘both of them are sweethearts and they never argue and they love each other so much that everything they do is a declaration of their love’ marius and cosette kind of thing but that’s not the snowbaz love, it just isn’t

simon and baz fight. all the time. it’s canon. they feel weird if they don’t fight. it can be harmless bickering but they’re going to fight because simon’s a petty little shit and baz is a sulky angry vampire and that’s not changed, they’re still that

like they’re not going to turn into puddles of actual mush “oh, simon, your eyes are the color of the sea” “oh baz, your skin is the shade of the sky is a cool day” “i love you like i need air” in a public place, cooing at each other while staring into their eyes, wrapping themselves around each other in a coffee shop sort of thing becase that’s somebody elses kind of love

Um okay before you people continue complaining about how Alec doesn’t speak in any promos I’d just like to remind you that this is Clarys show, CLARY is the main character as much as you want to deny it, as much a you rub Clary off as if she was nothing she is the main character. So the reason why Jace, Simon, Izzy & Magnus all spoke is because what they’re saying is either DIRECTED to Clary or is ABOUT Clary.
And if anything, if Alec is talking to/about Clary it’s probably in a very negative way and I think that the producers, director, the entire CREW wants to give people a very positive out look towards the MAIN CHARACTER

  • I rarely talk to my brother about HP, even though he's read all the books and watched all the movies. Today, though, I asked him a question.
  • Me:Simon, do you like Severus Snape?
  • Simon:Why do you ask?
  • Me:I think a person's opinion of him says a lot about them.
  • Simon:*gives me an odd glance*
  • Simon:Is there even an option?
  • Me:I— what? Er, yes, of course there is? Do you like him or not?
  • Simon:Of course I like him! I mean, he was an asshole like 24/7, but that's not weird considering how he was treated. And he did lots of good stuff, too.
  • Me:
  • Me:*hugs Simon tightly from behind*
  • Me:Thank you. Thank you so much. I love you.
  • Simon:Er, okay? What did I do?
  • Me:You just made me very, very proud.
  • My 12 year old brother understands Severus Snape's character better than lots of adults. I'm torn between being super proud of my brother and super scared of how stupid some people really are.
Prompts for Drabbles! Fluffvember

Since femmerosa was nice enough to put together the one for last month, for anyone bored. line and pairing for Fluffffffffff. Reblog so people can send these to you!

1) “You look like shit”

2) “Can you just hold me?”

3) “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen" 

4) "This is all I’ve ever wanted”

5) “Your hair’s all messed up. Let me fix it.”

6) “I would happily take care of you forever.”

7) “I can’t sleep”

8) “I know how much you hate this.”

9) “How can I make it better?”

10) “I want to hug you so bad right now”

11) “I love you. That’s all." 

12) "Oh, that smells so good!”

13) “Touch me gently.”

14) “Please never listen to yourself on this subject." 

15) "It doesn’t bother me.”

16) “God that feels good." 

17) "Consider yourself claimed.”

18) “I don’t care, as long as I’m with you”

19) “I love watching you sleep.”

20) “Let’s just stay home.”


Okay. So we’ve got all this Malec in just 6 episodes. I only have one question though, where the hell is my Sizzy? My poor babies need love too. They seriously do and I can’t wait a whole season for even a damn hug.

Dead Man's Party

episode 3 causes me actual chest pains because 
•all of Alec’s emotions are bottled up and it makes me sad because he shouldn’t be upset

•I didn’t like Melilorn in the books and I still don’t like him here

•what is Valentine doing????








like okay
-Alec and Clary were getting along
-Clary is already being trained
-simon came to help cause he wanted to not cause Clary made him
- Alec is the eternal sass master and everyone is just so used to it they don’t even listen cause “oh here we go Alec being sarcastic again”
- the actor playing maryse is PHENOMENAL
- all of the acting was actually so much better
- the script flowed so much more
- we got some malec (HE ASKED ALEC OUT)
honestly I could keep going. I loved that episode a lot

A few weeks ago (after finishing In The Flesh to be precise, so needless to say I already was in that particular frame of mind. Yes, yes, you know the one, you do, this horrible terrible What? Where is series 3? But? What? I need answers! Amyyyyyy! No! Philippe baby! Nooo! What’s going to happen when Kieren realizes Simon almost killed him? Nooooo! Frame of mind, right? Don’t push me. I’m already on the edge. You know what I’m talking about. And that was one long ass digression I’m so sorry.)

Okay what next do you ask? Well, like pretty much 101% of the population I fell in love with Emmet J. Scanlan’s stupid ugly mug (seriously man, fuck you and fuck your face). That’s when I… Well, I like to call it investigating you see, which is just another word for the first stage of obsessing I guess. So I began my investigation, like you do, when suddenly… Ho sweet! He seems to have had an important part in that TVshow… Hollyoaks? What is that?

Looking back on it I wish Gandalf had been there to tell me to run, fool that I was.

No that’s a lie. (But is it?)

No this is the story of how I started watching the Stendan storyline…

We were in mid December (Merry fucking Christmas to me) when my joyful spirits and general joie de vivre died, replaced by the constant angst and agony of watching these two assholes love and hate and love each other.

Now I’m going to say something that all veteran Stendan fans probably already know, but it needs to be said:

THIS. IS. NOT. OKAY. And nothing will ever be again I guess?

The real tragedy is, this was supposed to be a bit of fun after all the good hurt of ITF, it was supposed to be a “side project” of sorts, something light to take a breather you know, some sporadic youtube videos about those two hot guys on a stupid soap opera. I was not supposed to get involved. I was in no way prepared to get so emotionally compromised. I feel like I went for a stroll in the park and got shot in the mother fucking heart.

It went from What the hell why not, might be fun though the guy with the pornstache looks kinda ridiculous? To Abort! Abort! I repeat abort mission! Also crying about the ‘tache it’s so beautiful.

You have to understand, when I get obsessed, I get obsessed. It’s glorious, and violent and consuming and I love every minute of it. But it’s also exhausting and sometimes you just look for something short and fresh just to gather your strengths before diving back into heavy stuff, that’s what Stendan was supposed to be for me.

Are you laughing yet? I know I am bitterly cackling at me-from-a-month-ago.

The irony of it all is that these two fucked me up like no other pairing did before.

Like, I’m racking my brains to try and come up with instances where I felt this raw, this devastated, this involved, but none comes to mind. I can’t think of anything. I can’t think, period.

And I’m not even done yet! Can you imagine? I still have hundreds of videos to go and I don’t know if I’m having second thoughts about all of this or if I’m loving the constant pain I’m in.

More lies. I’m embracing the sweet sweet torture of joining this fandom. So I guess this is awkward little me, waving hello?

I’m about to watch the 2012 HollyoaksLater episodes, wish me luck.

autisticperalta replied to your post:luke and jocelyn are so good here i’m literally…

okay but its definitely canon that they have a pre halloween get together and luke telling scary stories??? like???? clary and simon love to act scared and luke always feels so proud when they gasp or let out small screams (even if he’s sure they’re just for show)

TRUE!! i love luke garroway so much & this is definitely one hundred percent Canon

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shadowhunters :))

Give me a TV series and I’ll tell you: 

  • Favourite character: jace!! my son!! my everything!! i seriously want to adopt him. i want to give jace a safe home and all the love in the world that he deserves. most importantly: I JUST WANT JACE TO BE OKAY. 
  • Funniest character: simon!! his nerd humor and charm is undeniable. <3 plus, i love when he tries to go toe to toe with jace. xD [whispers] he’s just trying to get jace’s attention off of clary and on to him permanently. ;))))
  • Best-looking character: the high warlock of brooklyn, the magnificent magnus bane. his style, his class, his ever glowing beautiful skin. top to bottom perfection.
  • 3 favourite ships: clace, malec, jimon, saphael (i can’t choose just three!!!)
  • Least favorite character: maryse…. seriously just sTOP TALKING ALREADY. every time she opens her mouth she only brings disaster. VALENTINE. all of the physical and emotional abuse he’s put jace through is horrifying and now he has jace in his clutches. [shutters] 
  • Least favorite ship: hmmm, valentine/jocelyn? maryse/robert? 
  • Reasons why I watch it: THE CAST. seriously, every single cast member is a bundle of joy, sunlight, and preciousness. they really bring the show to life and are so passionate about their characters and relationships. it’s truly heartwarming!!! also, THE REPRESENTATION. seriously- past, present, and future shows need to take a page out of the shadowhunters playbook.
  • Why I started watching it: i’ve read all of the books, so seeing these characters come to life that i’ve loved so dearly is really special to me. :’) as the first season progressed, i fell more and more in love with the cast, their take on these characters, and the character development. <3<3<3

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congrats on 400 followers boo!!! for recommendations, I guess my first question would be what are you into?? overall favorites i have (if you haven't already read/seen them) are: brooklyn 99 (tv), pitch (tv), jane the virgin (tv), extremely loud and incredibly close (book!!! it is a little confusing at first), and witch wolf (kinda cheesy WLW fantasy novel)!

I love brooklyn 99 so much!!!!! its my whole life omg. anyways, I’ve been meaning to watch pitch and jane the virgin but I’ve never heard of witch wolf or extremely loud and incredibly close but i looked them up and they look amazing. so i’ll definitely be looking at all of those.

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overall: okay | cool | awesome | im literally in love | clary fray would love you and so do i

comment: your header is so cool omg kat and eme are life. your super cool and amazing thank you so much for all the recommendations <3 <3 <3 <3 

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Except for the plagiarism what else is bad about Carry On?

first of all can you guys stop calling it plagiarism lmao it’s not that serious.

okay so like things that i don’t like abt carry on:

- the first 200 pages were unnecessary as fuck as simon literally just talked about baz 24/7. okay i personally love the first 200 pages because we learn so much new stuff but i know that a lot of people stopped before they got to part two because nothing happened. also hp fans hating on carry on for only reading the first 100 pages where probably most of the parallels are. pls don’t stop there it gets better and more original later i swear.

- bi erasure af. okay so i know a lot of people mean that simon is bi and it’s never brought up in the book? simon keeps asking himself after Chapter 61™ if he’s gay even tho he’s been dating agatha for years and suddenly gets feelings for his enemy who’s a dude. and like at first i thought it was just simon being simon cuz tbh i don’t think he himself even knows abt bisexuality, but then i reread and noticed that baz does it too!!! he literally keeps asking himself like is simon rlly gay???, also rip even simon’s therapist says he’s gay i’m pretty sure?? okay okay s o yeah definitely bi erasure. also in my opinion simon isn’t bi i don’t think he was ever into agatha that way honestly. but it’s so stupid that he didn’t think about it at least once

- another thing that i personally like but other people don’t like is the writing style. it’s supposed to be a fantasy book but it’s written in a very contemporary style. i actually love this aspect of carry on. rainbow is one of my favorite authors because of her writing style. i don’t know why i like it so much, it might have to do with it reminding me of my own style. but yeah many people don’t like this but i do. also try to imagine carry on written by another author it just wouldn’t work honestly.

- the ending is kinda rushed?? idk i just feel like she didn’t tell us much about what the characters felt about all of it, especially the fact that we didn’t get to see how simon’s reaction would be when he found out that the mage was his dad. did he even find out about that?