but now can you imagine all the “i love you’s” we could get???? magnus leaving to meet with a client and alec going on a mission and magnus handing him an apple to take to work and pecking him quickly, calling out a “love you!” and alec responding with one back as he leaves or maybe one of them totally sasses a clave member or does something badass in battle and the other whispers in awe, “god, i love you” or maybe they’re in bed and sunlight is drifting into their room and alec is tracing runes on magnus’ back with his fingers and magnus laughing at the ticklish feeling of his fingers and alec planting a kiss on his cheek and taking him into his arms and whispering, “i love you” or maybe they’ve found each other when they thought the other was dead again and they’re hugging and just repeating over and over “i love you, i love you so much” or they’re just standing with their arms around each other and magnus sighs dreamily, “i really love you” and alec teases, “that’s wonderful, because i love you too” and like okay can you imagine other people hearing them???? jace and izzy are going to go out of their minds and be SO PROUD of their brother but tease him mercilessly and simon would be literally grinning from ear to ear and luke would give magnus a pat on the back and clary would just smile at them AND EVERYONE IS JUST SO HAPPY FOR THEM like you guys this episode ruined me

A big reason I love the show (Shadowhunters) over the books is that Jace and Clary aren’t the only characters. Each character has their own struggles and their own arcs and they’re all equally as well thought out and shown.

Where as in the books you get maybe a glimpse of some side characters with a couple of minor uncomplex stories for them and some implied ‘something happened here’s. 

anonymous asked:

Hey! Anon who had sent the snowbaz prompt about the color yellow, etc. that was really really awesome! You're writing style is fantastic, and the quality is amazing!! Wow! Are you still excepting prompts? Because if so I'd love to see perhaps an insecure Baz and snow being kind? I really loved how you handled snow being self deprecating in your fic and how Baz handled it and I'd love to see something the other way around? Also, park, cold, blanket, eyes, bird, and leafs? That'd be so awesome,omg

AWWWWW OMGS TY ANON!!!!! OKAY SO the sad thing is I kinda got carried away and didn’t include EVERYTHING that you asked for, but I tried to get as much as I could. SECOND OF ALL I hope it’s okay, but I decided to try and use this for the @snowbaz-feda thingy (that I have been wanting to participate in and have only now been able to get something done) so um…. yeah here we go!! 

It was a beautiful spring morning with birds singing their cheerful tunes as they hid among the swaying leaves of trees with twisting branches and big, bright blossoms. There were cheerful shrieks of children running through the open fields playing games of tag and such. Toddlers giggled as they attempted to chase after fluttering butterflies, almost tumbling to the ground before they pulled themselves up again, playing the game until the butterfly flew too far.

And amongst the hoards and hoards of people, where three people in their early twenties, taking advantage of their spring break and strolling through the lush gardens. The tallest of the three held hands loosely with the boy beside him, who was easily recognizable by his bronze hair and blue eyes. And next to him a short girl had her arm linked through his, rolling her eyes at every remark the two made. Honestly, Penny had no idea why she even tried to spend time with the two dorks that were Simon Snow and Baz Pitch. They were so in love it was sickening.

“I could totally fly up to the top of that tree,” Simon argues, looking at the rather gigantic tree in front of them. Baz snorts.

“Please Snow. You can barely fly a foot off the ground.”

“That’s because I didn’t really try.”

“You’re both idiots.”

“Nobody told you to come, Bunce,” Baz says, but there’s a small smile on his lips.

“I had to come or else you both would’ve gotten yourselves killed. Need I remind you of that time at the zoo?”


“Nope. I’m not having this conversation again, Simon. Honestly both of you act like children.”

“Do not,” Baz scoffs. Penny raises an eyebrow.

“Okay fine maybe a little bit.”

“Case and point.”

“Whatever.” They walk a little while longer, enjoying the many sounds of the park and the smell of spring air. And as they did, Simon tried to douse the crippling anxiety that was forming within him. Today was the day, and he was worried how Baz would react.

Baz wasn’t exactly the easy-to-read type. If he was being honest with himself, he could barely figure out that his “plotting” face was actually his “madly-in-love” face when they were still at Watford, which means that he was either incredibly stupid, or Baz hid his emotions well. Sure, as they started to get used to each other Simon got better and better at reading Baz, but it wasn’t exactly like he was an open book. He didn’t know how much Baz loved him. He could just be going through the motions, or he could love him so much that it felt like a weight was crushing on his chest.

But, as Penny caught his gaze, he knew he had to do this. It was now or never.

Baz was worried. More worried than he’s ever been in his entire life, and that was a lot of worrying. He saw the signs before Simon himself seemed to realize them. The way he was wringing his hands nervously whenever he spoke to Baz, the way he didn’t really quite meet Baz’s eyes. He also seemed to be, in a way, distancing himself a little, as if he found Baz…. repulsive.

Sure he shouldn’t think about these things too much but….

Simon Snow hated Baz for a total of seven years with every inch of his being. They were constantly growling at each other, seeing who could pack the hardest punch. They were constantly picking at each other, which made it seem almost impossible for Baz to have a shot with him. Let’s be honest here, when a guy calls you a “bastard” twenty-four seven and considers you as his “enemy,” there’s a good chance he hates you more than you can possibly know.

But… somehow, in the middle of a flaming forest with years of self-hatred pouring off of him in waves, Simon Snow kissed him, sparking a new fire in his heart. None of it made sense. Nothing added up… which sometimes made Baz wonder if this was all part of some plan that Simon had. Sure, it was a cruelness that he never thought Simon would sink to, but maybe he finally figured out how much he hated Baz.

And when Simon stopped him in the middle of the park, Baz could practically hear the words echoing in his ears. I’m sorry Baz it’s just…. Not working for me.

Simon nodded at Penny, who took a step back, wandering off to a nearby bench where she sat down, watching not-so-subtly. The fidgeting increased outrageously as Simon stepped in front of Baz, the sound of his tail swishing and his wings flapping audible. His cheeks dotted with constellations of moles coloured a bright pink that spread down his neck and up to his ears. Shakily, he grabbed one of Baz’s hands, looking up into his eyes for the first time all day, his blue eyes clouded with fear.

“B-baz I–um….” He turned back to Penny, who gave him an overly enthusiastic thumbs up.

“T-these last couple years with you have been, well amazing and I–” he squeezes his eyes tight, looking so embarrassed that it made Baz’s heart lurch. He couldn’t watch him sit through that.

“It’s okay Simon. I know.”

“Y-you do?”

“I mean, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?”

“I-it is?” Simon says, as pale as a ghost.

“I mean–” Baz takes a deep breath, trying to steady himself. “–I’ve always kind of known that the day would arrive because, well, you’re you and I’m….. me and I totally understand it’s just–” Baz stops himself, trying to keep his breathing under control. Simon looks more confused than usual.

“Look…. It’s fine, Simon. I get that sometimes these things…. Don’t really work out as they should so–”

“Wait… what?” Simon says, still looking confused but a little less agitated.

“You’re breaking up with me, aren’t you?” And then…. Simon laughs. A snorty kind of laugh that makes tears stream from his face.

“Aleister Crowley, Baz. No, I am not breaking up with you.”

“Then what–” Simon casts one last glance over his shoulder at Penny, then looks back at Baz. He clutches his hands tightly and bends down onto one knee.

“Baz I–I just love you so much, okay? Aleister Crowley I love you so much and I…. I want to know if–” he reaches into his pocket, almost dropping the small black box inside of it. Blushing fiercely, he opens it up, revealing to a startled Baz a small golden band, marked with a pattern that almost seemed to resemble flames.

“Baz…. W-will you marry me?”

Three Years - A Deniall Fic (0.3k)

This fic is dedicated to @lifegoeson-wecarryon, whose love for Deniall is my favorite <3 And who needs more Deniall fics to read. Bless!



“You really shouldn’t be mad at Basilton for this,” Niall says to me. We’re standing in a corner of the hallway outside of the Leaver’s Ball, and he’s trying his best to calm me down. If it had been anyone else, it probably would have just pissed me off more.

“I have every right to be mad at him,” I say. I’m was so furious that I almost marched myself straight across the ballroom just to punch Baz in his stupid, snooty face.

Niall puts his hand on my shoulder and gives me a sympathetic look. “I know you do, but that doesn’t mean that you should. We really have no idea about their circumstance.”

“Three years, Niall. Three fucking years we’ve had to keep this a secret. And for what? Baz just gets to snog his half-wit roommate in front of the whole bloody school? It’s not fucking fair. And on top of that, how could he not even tell us?”

He starts rubbing his thumb along my shoulder, and I glance around to see if anyone is in the hallway. But we’re hidden from view by a few statues, and I begin to relax against his touch.

“He didn’t know he could tell us. Just like we didn’t know we could tell him. But it’s okay now.” He slides his hand down my arm, curling his fingers into mine, and pulls me towards him. He presses his lips against the edge of my mouth and doesn’t move them away. “It’s okay now,” he whispers this time. “We won’t have to hide any of it much longer.”

I turn my head and kiss him. “You’re right,” I whisper back. “You’re right. How do you always know what to say?”

He smiles against my lips. “Because I love you.”

I smile back. “I know. I love you too.”


this might’ve been the best episode so far. i loved so many things, it was so well-written and so well acted. i’ll probably just keep rewatching it for the next 3 months

(okay now that i got it out of my system, i can write sth more coherent and not just freak out but those moments were the best parts of this episode)

- magnus explaining the vision was just so amazing? honestly, what would they do without him?

- magnus feeling powerless… just please stab me in the heart it’ll hurt less. we’ve seen this throughout the whole season and it only hurts more and more. magnus can do so much yet in so many situations even his best is not enough and you can see how much it affects him. he always wants to help, he needs to help. but sometimes there is nothing he could possibly do and it hurts him so much

- badass alec is my aesthetic ngl and telling victor that he’s not bad… for a diplomat

- i’m so happy alec called out victor on this whole situation. victor didn’t tell izzy about the risks? sure, he might’ve mentioned something but he didn’t say how exactly serious it is. and he cares about the downworld? sure, he showed it when he was torturing raphael

- magnus and alec being worried about each other in this episode shows just how truly they love each other. it’s not too soon, it’s the best timing. they are always there for each other, trying to protect each other. and when they were apart, all they could think of was if the other one is okay. this is true love

- magnus felt so hurt and betrayed when raphael was about to kill clary. raphael’s people were stopping his hands so he couldn’t help her. seriously, just stab me in the heart it’ll hurt less

- magnus was so gentle with madzie, trying to show her that he’s there to help her. that he’s not the one lying to her. and when she came to him because she trusted him… i wanna cry again. she met alec and magnus once and she was ready to save their lives and trust them with her own. she might be with catarina now but to me she’ll always be their daughter

- alec was so terrified that magnus could be dead. the thought that he could lose him was unbearable. he needs magnus so much, he loves magnus so much. they both need each other. i’m so glad they found each other so they can make each other happy

- that whole malec reunion thing was the best scene in the history of television
alec desperately looking for magnus in the crowd, then the hug because they just needed to make sure they are definitely okay. magnus explaining to him that he wasn’t there. alec talking about his fear, how truly terrified he was. magnus admitting how terrified he was as well. THE LOVE DECLARATION WAS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. the kiss. the forehead touching. the second, even more desperate hug.
they are so in love with each other, they can’t live without each other. and no matter how hard it may get, they means so much to each other. this is too much, i’ve cried for like 2,5h because of this and i still wanna cry some more

- jace saving simon JIMON CONFIRMED (fight me on this)

- i would’ve killed you
i would’ve let you

- can we talk about how much jace sacrificed in this episode cause i am not okay? first he saved simon which could pretty much kill him because simon couldn’t stop himself from feeding. then he was ready to DIE because he thought he could destroy the sword. and when he could finally have some happiness back in his life, he decided not to tell clary she’s not his sister because he thought she’d be happier with simon
wow can someone just hug him and tell him how amazing he is? please

- jimon slaying together is my everything, they work so great together
dom and alberto have such an amazing chemistry on screen and i hope we’ll get to see more of their scenes in 2b because every single scene in 2a was perfect

- jace facing his abuser and defeating him! this is what i was waiting for

- simon trying to convince valentine… of course it was never going to work but it shows how precious simon is. he’ll try anything just to save clary and i just really love him

- daylighter simon! he was so happy, i’m so happy. 

- CANONICALLY ACE RAPHAEL I AM LIVING THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL (yes, i’m mentioning it again cause i’m still so excited about this)

- luke telling jace about his parabatai bond with valentine. it seriously broke my heart? only jace can understand how it must’ve felt like. and luke is clearly trying to reassure him but the pain is still so clear in his voice

- i get why luke tased maia. but it’s still so not okay? he betrayed her or at least she feels like he did. and she has every right to feel this way. she locked her up, even though he knew she’s claustrophobic. and maia has a point, luke chose clary over the pack so many times

- meliorn did warn luke and the plan did fail. this is gonna get so bad in 2b, isn’t it (i really wanna be wrong about this)

- luke fighting with valentine and stopping him from using the sword. it’s the 2nd time when luke had to stop him from destroying the world. a person who he loved with his whole heart

- I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IZZY alec and victor thought that 4:2 was kinda hard and then she came and absolutely destroyed those 4 people while being incredibly weak because of yin fen. THIS IS WHY I LOVE IZZY, she deserves the world

- izzy and alec are okay, this is everything i needed. it was so simple yet so important
and victor seeing this whole scene and how much izzy was affected. i just hope he’ll realise how badly he fucked up

- but rizzy is dead so it’s a beautiful day

- clary… i have such mixed feelings about her? yes, she slayed and she was a badass but she was also this little girl at the same time, always thinking her way is the best way so everyone should just listen to her. even if they’re more experienced than her

- madzie this is not how you treat your father! even though you saved his life but you should listen to him in the first place!

- madzie has been through so much because of this psycho. she’s killed for him, she saw simon literally bleeding out in front of her. she’s just a child, i have no idea how she’ll deal with all of this. but i realise that magnus made the best possible decision for her. being with catarina might be the only thing that could help her and she’ll be definitely safe with her

- i’m glad we finally got to see victor’s backstory. even if he actually killed someone who he claimed he loved. i don’t know, it just felt like he really wanted to convince alec that he could never be with magnus and that’s just… no

- downworlders communicating with each other while making decisions, downworlders fighting together side by side. THIS WAS SO BEAUTIFUL (even if it didn’t end well…)

- i’m so so happy that dot is alive. and magnus taking care of her and making her feel better is my everything 

- i just hate valentine SO MUCH? he’s been abusing and manipulating everyone in his path just to have it his own way. i just… i can’t stand him, i can’t even look at him

- valentine finally admitting that he’s not jace’s father is the only good thing that he did. at least incest is dead

- i’m so sad that alaric died, he really didn’t deserve this. he trusted luke, he wanted to make everything right and yet valentine still killed him

- and now sebastian is coming… this is bad. really bad.

‘carry on’ headcanon

okay so i was thinking about how simon and baz decided to live together after they finished uni. and they moved in one of baz family’s house. it’s not huge but it has a lovely garden. and once simon brings home two little goats just because he loves them so much and they’re so cute he just couldn’t walk by them. so he brings them home and baz at first was like no snow are you insane ????? but then he just can’t say no to simon bc he does his puppy eyes and just begs baz to keep goats. 

they keep this two little goats and live happy 

the end

TMI: A Summary in Memes
  • Jace: takes a deep breath*
  • Jace: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around Jace ever: yes, you love clary , we know, you love clary so much, she's the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love clary, we KNOW, you love clary you fucking love clary ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE CLARY. WE GET IT.
  • Magnus: are you gay?
  • Alec: bitch I might be
  • Robert: ok... that sounds fake but okay
  • Valentine: oh yeah I love all my kids equally; Jace, Clary, and *looks at smudged writing on hand* sehastien
  • Sebastian: surprise bitch. thought you'd seen the last of me
  • Raphael: *gets stabbed and mmm watcha say plays*
  • Isabelle: -arrives 15 minutes late with Starbucks-
  • Simon: anyway, here's wonderwall
N is for Nurse

Prompt: @simons-thirst-squad Simon challenge, which was amazing to participate in and I hope I got this done okay 

Pairing(s): Simon x Reader

Word Count: 1,061

Warnings: Some ‘gettin’ it on’ which is interrupted, so none (?)

Notes: I love Simon. 

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You pushed his persistent hands away, much to his displeasure. Simon let out a whine and pouted, but it soon turn into a grin as he leant in to kiss you again.

“Simon, I’m serious. That was the last time, now go.” His grin called bullshit and he chuckled as you buttoned up his shirt, looking down at you. “You can’t just turn up here for sex, what if someone walks in? What if Negan walks in?”

“Doors have locks for a reason.” He fixed his appearance in the mirror as you glanced at the door to the infirmary.

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I want Malec to fucking touch each other, good god. Alright, kisses are nice, and I’m glad the writers aren’t shying away from Malec kissing, but I want to see them touching, arms around waists, hands brushing thighs, fingers against necks, palms together. Hugs, holding hands, heads on shoulders, ANYTHING.

Oh, and also? I want them to talk. Like, last week was nice. And the roof-talk was decent. But amen to what Matthew Daddario said—these two haven’t had much time to get to know each other. Let Magnus tell Alec some funny story. Let Alec say something scathingly fond about his siblings.

Just…let them hug and chat. Because as much as I’m loving their relationship this season, and lovely as it is, I still feel like it’s lacking emotional intimacy. There’s chemistry - plenty of it - but other than the 10 seconds of playing pool, we haven’t seen them so much talking and laughing and just enjoying each other’s company. Like Simon and Maia did, like Jace and Clary have, like Isabelle and Clary have.

okay so this week i read carry on by rainbow rowell and i just finished simon vs the homo sapiens agenda today and now i’m desperate for more lgbtq+ books, any recommendations? i’ve read a lot of the really popular ones like ari and dante, song of achilles, and i recently read it looks like this by rafi mittlefehldt (which if you haven’t read yet, i recommend it, i cried so much but it was so lovely). anyways, i really need some good recs bc i’m desperate for good books with representation!!

A Monster’s Gentle Soul

Chaptered fanfiction. I’ll try to upload a new chapter every day.

Simon loses all memory of Baz. Baz wants to keep an eye on him, so he moves in as his new neighbor. And just like that, they fall in love all over again.

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Epilogue

1. Chapter

It was late in the evening. Simon laid silently in Baz’ arms and for a brief moment Baz wondered why. Didn’t he feel cold? The fire place was burning and warm light shone from it. They had just been watching one of the silly comedies Simon was a huge fan of.
Shortly, Baz closed his eyes to fully enjoy Simon’s presence. He couldn’t believe that this was his life now. It still appeared like a wonderful dream to him. One day he would wake up only to find himself in a cold coffin, on the brink of death. He grabbed Simon a little tighter as memories washed over him that he wished to forget. Amazingly enough, Simon gave him that power: As long as he was here, Baz didn’t have to think about it. What he then thought was how beautiful life was, spending it with the person he loved most. Of course Baz was well aware that this wouldn’t last forever. He was sure to be only a short chapter in Simon’s life. Soon Simon would recognize what a mistake their relationship was. If Baz wasn’t so damn selfish he would never have started it, knowing that Simon deserved a lot better than this. But as he was laying there, he felt Simon ever so closely and therefore, none of that mattered. He would cherish every single moment of this, every breath he could take without falling apart.

Simon looked up at him and his smile was so bright, Baz felt blinded.

“I thought you were asleep,” Baz whispered.

“I was just… thinking,” Simon murmured.

“Don’t do that,” Baz smirked. “You know what happened the last time.”

“Shut up,” Simon laughed. “I just… I mean, you know that… That I…”

“Come on, Snow, say it.”

And then Simon did, in the most simple way he could.

“I love you.”

They say the world stands still for a few seconds. They say there are fireworks in your mind and butterflies in your heart. They say it is the best thing you could hear a person say.

But then again, Baz wasn’t like usual people. Maybe he wasn’t a person at all. The world did stand still for a few seconds, Baz was so shocked that for a moment he couldn’t even breathe. But the feeling filling him afterwards was nothing but dread. He stiffened and struggled to react. How could he?

“Baz?” Simon whispered, the words stuck in his throat. “You don’t- You don’t have to answer that. I mean, I thought you would… too… But it’s fine if you don’t feel the same. We can just pretend I didn’t say anything, okay, Baz?”

Tears were welling up in his eyes.

“Goodness, will you just shut up?”

Suddenly Baz was not only confused but also horrified. He pushed Simon away and got up.

“I need to leave. I can’t- I just can’t.”

And Baz left so quickly, Simon couldn’t even blink. He tried to process what had just happened.

They hadn’t said these meaningful words before. In a year of being together, none of them had brought up the courage to say it, thinking that the other didn’t consider their relationship that important.

“I didn’t mean to break it,” Simon said and as no one else was there, he said it solely to himself. “I didn’t mean to.”

But something so fragile was just too easy to bust.

The bartender shot him a bored look as Baz ordered another drink. The crowd behind him was chattering and the noise was like a drill in his mind. Usually he would have hated this place but right now it was exactly the kind of distraction he needed. Truthfully, this was just Baz being a coward. If only he had the guts to go back and end it. If only he had the guts to do the right thing for once. Never had he felt this terrible before. He had made so many hard choices in the past but the deciding never stopped. Every day he stood in front of the very same decision. Carry on or end it all? And he was never able to be strong.

Baz had never expected Simon to love him back. Not when they kissed for the first time and not for the hundredth time they did. He hadn’t been aware of the chaos he left behind in Simon’s fragile heart. How was it even possible? To fall in love with somebody like him…

Suddenly some guy sat down next to Baz, but he didn’t even look up. The only guy Baz cared about was at home, probably crying…

“Hey, what’s up?”

Gosh, no, conversation was the last thing Baz wanted.

“You’re looking kind of grim, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, and I think that should be an indication for you that I do not want random strangers chatting me up, so back off.”

He paused  for a moment.

“Wait, was that a pun? How do you know my name?”

“What, your name is Grim? Kind of a sad name, dude.”

“I’d rather be called grim than dude.”

“Come on. Tell me why you’re so bitter. Maybe I can help.”

“Ha, that’s funny, because I’ve been bitter practically all my life and if I haven’t been able to cure me in all that time, you aren’t either.”

“Hey, I think you underestimate me.”

“Okay, well then, here’s the truth. My half dragon boyfriend just declared his love to me but unfortunately I’m a blood sucking vampire which means he’s crazy and should go to the mental hospital, because which sane person would fall in love with a monster?”

“I’ve heard worse.”

“Wow, I guess you’re insane too if you just believed that.”

“I’m just a man who’s trying to help.”

For the first time during this encounter, Baz looked up from his glass and saw the other guy’s clothing. He wore a Cowboy hat and a satin coat. He looked like he’d walked straight out of a movie. The worst thing were the tights. Baz stared at him in horror. Nothing about this outfit added up.

“Man, I’m feeling a vibe of judgment here and I’ll just tell you straight away. Do not under any circumstances question my fashion choices, because I personally think it’s pretty swag!”

“Whatever. I went to school at Watford.”

“You would have liked their dressing code.”

Light blue hair was sticking out under the hat. Baz shook his head and went back to his drink. Maybe he was just drunk already.

“Listen, I think I can help you out, Baz.”

“Okay, that’s it. Who are you?”

“I think I might be just the person you need right now.”

“And who would that be?”
“Let’s say a person who’s offering you a pretty cool deal.”

“You want Simon to be happy, right? I can ensure that he is.”

“And how would you do that?”
“I could make him forget.”

Baz decided not to question just now.

“Everything. He’ll forget he ever knew you. By tomorrow morning he won’t even know your name. And you could meet him all over again. You don’t even need to say goodbye to him that way. Just stay close to him, as his neighbor and you can always make sure he’s safe.”

“If Simon met me again, without all that shit that’s happened to us, he wouldn’t even like me.”

“And isn’t that what you want? That he sees you without prejudices? That he finds happiness with somebody else because you believe you can’t give it to him?”

Baz hesitated. This could solve everything. All that sadness would be gone. Simon would finally be able to see him as he was. And the best thing: he wouldn’t have to leave. Simon’s heart wouldn’t get broken.

“Okay, let’s just assume for a second you had that kind of power… What would be in it for you?”

“Not much, no sweat. Just your soul.”

This time Baz actually laughed.

“I would honestly love to sell you my soul, but sadly I don’t have one. If I did, there wouldn’t be any reason to make a deal… I’m a soulless monster.”

“If that’s so, then there’s nothing for you to be afraid of, is it? Are you scared of hell, Basilton Grimm-Pitch?”

Baz thought of the coffin and the numpties and of all the years he had to pretend to hate Simon.

“Been there, done that.”

“So what do you say?”

“Are you seriously expecting me to believe that this is what the devil looks like, dude?”

“You have nothing to lose, do you?”

Damn it, Baz thought as he finished his drink. Because sadly enough, this joke of a devil was right.

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Jimon “Must be a day ending in y."

(special thanks to @sonhoedesrazao for helping me with gift ideas. <3)

Jace has never really had a serious relationship before. He’s been with a lot of people, but he never sticked around any of them for more than a month. Not letting himself get emotionally attached to other people was one of the hardest lessons he ever had to learn, still, it was one that stuck with him.

Despite his best efforts, despite every precaution he ever took to separate sex from feelings, this nerd still managed to waltz his way into his heart. With his bushy eyebrows and stupid glasses. Who smiles big and bright, unguarded. Never holds back about anything. Who wears his heart on his sleeve like he’s not afraid someone will pluck it out of him and destroy it.

For the first time in his life, Jace felt like he couldn’t let go.

So, no. Before Simon, Jace had never done the long term relationship thing. Never had to remember birthdays or anniversary dates or any of that corny mundane stuff. Never had to worry about buying a gift, which is why he’s freaking the fuck right out about this. 

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hi lisa :D mind revealing your top 10 BL couples? pretty pls

omg of COURSE I DON’T MIND most of these are manhwa but i have some manhua and manga in there too

  1. FOOLS - eungi & jeongwoo (what did you expect lmfao)
  2. RAISING A BAT/BATBREED - chun sam & min gyeom
  3. H&H ROMAN COMPANY - ginger & rum (i want to post more about them tbh,,, theyre so cute ahh)
  4. DARK HEAVEN - simon & conor
  5. I’M YOUR CUTE COPYCAT - yohan/john & semin (i hate spelling his romanized name my finger always goes to the e instead of the i)
  6. YATAMOMO - yata-chan & momo (ahhh theyre so cute tbh i love them a lot)
  8. 19 DAYS - jian yi & zhen xi
  9. OUT OF CONTROL/NEVER UNDERSTAND - dohoon and yumin (i love yuri and jaerim too but i have so many side ship feelings for them theyre my faves)
  10. i couldnt pick so i have like 4,,,
  • TEN COUNT - shirotani & kurose
  • HIDAMARI GA KIKOERU - taichi & kouhei (really REALLY good read 100% recommend)
  • BLOOD BANK - eric & shell
  • HEY, YOUR CAT EARS ARE SHOWING - i dont know their names but the main guy and the small catboy !!!! its super cute i havent read it in awhile but im probably going to read it again;;; ahhh idk if they’re rlly considered a couple but they’re super cute??

anyways yeah that was really long but like im v indecisive

these are all of the ones in english btw!!! if i did everything including untranslated stuff im p sure this post would jump out of the computer screen and slap me for being so incompetent at making lists

I just can imagine this… what if Elenanor AND her silbings have a second chance in life? Like, I can imagine the silbings getting used with moden life. Like:-

Thomas holding a tablet/mobilephone and asked, “is this the thing people using right now?”

Simon playing (or trying to learn) the toy car remote things and still go outside catching the bugs

Carrisa, Eleanor and MC can go shopping to buy clothes and MC trying to teach Carrisa and Eleanor a few things about the moden life

I just love them so much.

Can I just mention how much I LOVE Simon Fairchild?  

Simon Fairchild is probably the single happiest person we’ve met in the TMA universe, and I adore him for it.  Here’s this guy out to find the elder gods in the howling void, and he’s so damn pleased by it all.  He sends an unsuspecting skydiver into a horrifying endless sky with a jaunty ‘enjoy that eternal abyss, my man!’  And yeah, that skydiver ended up getting eaten by the sky, but these things happen!  On to the shipwreck!  There’s a boundless ocean with a giant hand there, and there’s another rando he can throw at the problem give the opportunity of discovery!  Whee!

Seriously, if anyone in the TMA universe is a proper, no-holds-barred, whacked-out-of-his-skull wizard, it’s Simon Fairchild.  Sure he’s getting a ton of people killed and wants to fling open the outer gates to meet the Great Old Ones, but he’s having a whale of a time doing it.

(Also, I love the idea of that space station’s board meetings, with the extremely dour, vaguely undead Lukases, the cultists with their apocalyptic ideations, and there’s Simon grinning like a loon and having the time of his life.)

Vampire in a werewolf territory

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A/N The diner mentioned in this imagine is a diner from the books. xx

“Please Y/N! You know Simon, he is so lovely to be around. Just be like you’re hanging out.” Clary looked pleading at you. She was going to Idris, and she was scared that something would happen to Simon while she was gone. “Clary, Simon can take care of himself… Okay, yeah I’ll watch him.” You let out a sigh, while Clary started to jump up and down. 

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Underrated Character

(AN: So, I have waited for this day to come. There are so many things on my mind. And because I have too much to say, I didn’t write a ficlet. I can’t just write something about one character and leave the others like that.)

Ebb the fucking goatherd:

- I figured that probably many people were gonna write about her

- but hear me out

- Ebb the goatherd who just wanted to live with her goats

- Ebb the goatherd who was amazingly powerful but just wanted to be a hermit

- Ebb the goatherd who had lost her brother to the vampires

- Ebb the goatherd who befriended The walking talking tragedy Simon Snow™

- Ebb the goatherd who probably knew what was behind Simons feelings for Baz

- Ebb the goatherd who gave her life to save Agatha

- Ebb the goatherd who fucking deserved better

( - she said “trashcanball” instead of “basketball” )

Trixie and Keris:

- look I’ve got so much to say about this

- they were gay and together and happy

- Trixie is a pixie like how cool is that???


- they were mentioned like 3 times in the whole book, I’m not okay with this

- I need a novel about them


- this kid had a magic belt

- he had to trust his pelvis forward to cast a spell and thought it was cheeky

- like imagine him casting a nursery rhyme (he probably wasn’t powerful enough,

  but just imagine

- I need more of him

- give me more of Gareth

Mrs. Possibelf:

- okay guys

- Mrs. Possibelf was one of my favourites

- she reminded me so much of Prof. McGonagall

- also she would totally be super neutral towards Simon in class

- but secretly, she loved him

- I mean look at him, he’s like an oversized golden-retriever

Lucy Salisbury:






Mordelia Grimm-Pitch:

- she’s Baz’s sister, so she’s sassy af

- and she’s like? Twelve???

- let’s be clear about this, she adores Simon

- has anyone read Boy meets Boy by David Levithan? She’s 100% Claudia.

- can I have a fic where she accidentally walks in on Simon and Bazzy making out because she never (NEVER) knocks

- literally how old is she???

Fiona Pitch:

- most badass aunt ever

- Basil is her favourite (I can relate)

- literally, he is so much like her

- I can’t believe that she isn’t his mother

- I love her so much??

- where are the Fiona/Nicodemus fanfics??

Shadowhunters 2x10 - Vic Talks

Okay, I finally get to write this. I think I really need to put down my thoughts. Here we go.

Oh. My. Fucking. God. It was so good, I’m still not over it. I’m especially happy about the positivity in the fandom after the last weeks of tension and dissatisfaction. There were so many aspects that were great and this really showed me why I love the show in the first place. This is what I’m talking ‘bout, guys. This is one of my favorite shows and the best episode of 2A. And here’s why:

Caring. So much fucking caring. The best brought out in our characters.

There’s Clary who was willing to die to save the Downworld. Clary who cares so much about Simon and just wants to know him safe. Her feeling guilty because she could destroy the Downworld and Simon being kidnapped to use as a bait for her. Clary fighting. Clary caring for Jace and wanting to make sure he’s okay. Clary being happy with Simon. Clary being with Luke after he was hurt. Clary being a sweet and supportive friend to Magnus and KNOWING he was worried about Alec without him even saying a word. There are moments when I really don’t like Clary, but this episode showed me that she’s a great main character.

Jace. My poor little Jace. Him being worried about Alec and just wantig to get to him as quickly as possible. Him and Luke talking, Jace being understanding to Luke’s pain about losing his parabatai, Jace wanting to protect Luke from Maia. Jace giving Simon his blood and even shedding a tear and turning him into a Daylighter. Jace and Simon talking and budding around. Jace being ready to die because he believes it could destroy the sword and save the Downworld - fuck you Valentine. Jace feeling so, so guilty for having caused all those deaths and feeling guilty about causing his parabatai pain. Jace fighting Valentine but sparing his life. Jace finding out Clary is not his sister but not telling her because he sees her with Simon and he sees that she’s happy with him and he doesn’t want to interfer with their happiness. (But really, which part of Climon is he after? JIMON RISE!)

Simon, by precious son. At first seemingly trying to talk some sense into Valentine and then insulting him - that’s my boy! Simon not wanting to take Jace’s blood. Simon covered in blood but still looking freaking adorable. Him kicking ass. Him and Jace talking and starting anew on a more peaceful level. Him saving Clary and the Downworld by pushing the Big Bad. His grief over the deaths. His freaking reaction when he realizes the sunlight can’t hurt him. Him being worried about Luke but his happiness still can’t be dampened. Him showing Clary he can be in the sunlight and the beautiful laugh when he walks down the stairs. Him and Clary being happy even though I still don’t know what to think of Climon.

Izzy, my queen. At first, I was a little pissed at her when she told Raphael to turn her phone off because she didn’t want to talk to Alec. But her coming to her senses when she realizes that Alec needs her help. Her coming to the rescue - all for Alec (fuck you, Aldertree) - being as badass as before. Her apologizing to Alec while he instantly forgives her. Izzy leaving Raphael because she knows this has to be over and I also believe it’s because Raphael didn’t tell her Alec needed her and she almost lost her big brother thanks to him. Just … Izzy finally starting to step up and being okay again.

Maia being the strong, secure, beautiful love of my life. My poor sweetheart. I hope they’ll fucking treat her better. Her wanting to do the right thing for her pack and wanting to survive. Her being mad at Luke for picking Shadowhunters over their pack, their family but her starting to make amends with Luke and in the end trusting him when he promises that Jace didn’t betray them. Just Maia.

Raphael being canonically ASEXUAL! Fuck yes! It makes me very happy as I’m asexual myself and people try to tell me it doesn’t exist and now there is an ace character on TV! What a time to be alive! Also Raphael trying to make sure his Clan is safe even though I hate him going against Magnus - I’m just blaiming this on his addiction and stuff. I’m so glad he’s alive, I thought he died too. I really wanna know what’ll happen to him in the future and how they’ll redeem the relationship between Magnus and Raphael.

Luke. Luke being the awesome man he is. Luke being concerned for the Downworld but also Clary. Luke’s backstory with Valentine betraying him! Luke knowing he treated Maia wrong (but still doing it!) and then starting to make amends with her. Luke telling her the pack needs her. The bonding between Luke and Maia is looking a little better here! Luke attacking Valentine and getting hurt. Luke being betrayed by Valentine again but being saved! Clary sitting with Luke to make sure he’s okay.

Madzie! The sweetest. Poor sweetheart, I’ll never forgive Valentine for this. This poor child being manipulated into doing things. She’ll be guilt ridden and probably traumatized when she’s older. BUT! Her throwing Alec into the elevator before killing the other Shadowhunters because she doesn’t want to hurt him! I’m so weak. Her trusting Magnus and going with him. I really wanna know what happens to her in the future. I still want Malec to adopt her but I know that probably won’t happen.

Also MELIORN! I was so scared when He was stabbed but he seems to be okay? I hope? I don’t want him to die, he’s awesome.

Valentine is still an asshole. And he’ll be one forever. Just like Aldertree. Even though we got some insight on his tragic past, I still hate him. Because even though he said he fell in love with a Downworlder once, he still put himself above them like he was some superior thing. I’m so happy for Alec calling out his bullshit and proving him wrong - shadowhunters and downworlders together can’t work out my ass! Oh oh and that cameo at the end? Was that Sebastian? I don’t know but I’m excited!

And last but not least - the most important part: Alec, Magnus and Malec. Alec being worried about the Downworld. Alec being a leader and a badass fighter even with a sword. ALEC IN A THIGH HOLSTER! Him being worried about Madzie! Him treating Aldertree like the asshole he is. Alec forgiving Izzy and being glad to see her and HOLDING HER! Magnus being worried about Alec and not caring what happens to himself. Magnus being so sweet with Madzie and making her feel safer through showing her his own warlock mark. Magnus protecting her. This heartbreaking reaction we get from Alec once he realizes the Soul Sword has been activated and his first question being “Where is Magnus?” and that little “oh god” when he realizes his boyfriend could be dead and then he disappears to look for him. Which brings me to something that really broke my heart: the soul sword was activated in the night. Alec left the building when it was daytime. That means he spent all night running through the institute looking for Magnus and probably praying he wouldn’t find his corpse in his stead. He probably never stopped. Then he leaves the institute and looks around, looking for Magnus and you can see the defeat gripping him. He doesn’t know where else to look and the hope his boyfriend could be alive starts to be replaced by the fear of the opposite. Then we hear Magnus run up to him - run! He went through the same fear as Alec. Alec turning around and realizing in this split second that it’s Magnus and that he’s alive and safe. And Alec fucking slams into Magnus and holds onto him so tightly and squishes his face into Magnus’s shoulder. Alec being out of breath and the relief in his voice. Then Magnus talks about Madzie and though Alec is relieved about that too, he quickly makes Magnus understand that he’s the only one that matters to Alec right now. Alec breathlessly telling Magnus he was scared and never felt like this before. Magnus confessing he feels the same. And then of course the “I love you”. I think the conversation with Aldertree and the fear of losing Magnus caused Alec to realize his feelings and made him confess them. Then there’s the surprise on Magnus’s face that broke my heart a little. He can’t believe another person cares about him like that let alone love him because no-one did. But then there’s this Shadowhunter, Alec “Emotions are a distraction” Lightwood confessing his love and of course Magnus feels the same and tells him so. Then the kiss. Alec gripping Magnus’s shoulder so tightly. Magnus’s hand getting caught on Alec’s jacket while the other runs up his arm before resting on his shoulder. The forehead touch and the little nose nudge. It’s right there! Their hair touching! Magnus’s smile and the way his jaw clenches. The second hug. Them gripping each other so tightly and it basically speaks all the words they left unspoken. The moment was so pure and beautiful and Jesus Christ, I’m so fucking weak. Magnus with his eyes shut and a thumb rubbing over Alec’s shoulder, Alec looking close to tears and burying his nose in Magnus’s shoulder while he tries to hold him as tight as possible. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

So yeah, I freaking loved this episode. It’s finally doing this show justice. I’m really excited for 2B. I’m so happy that I’ve been reminded why I love this show so much. I think I’ll just rewatch this episode again and again for the next three months.

That would be it for now! Vic is out!