A big reason I love the show (Shadowhunters) over the books is that Jace and Clary aren’t the only characters. Each character has their own struggles and their own arcs and they’re all equally as well thought out and shown.

Where as in the books you get maybe a glimpse of some side characters with a couple of minor uncomplex stories for them and some implied ‘something happened here’s. 

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Carry on au where each room has only one bed

okay but this would be such an interesting au considering their room was one of the old staff ones so it was like only their room has one bed instead of two bc they just forgot to get two twins for the room instead of one queen and they were just like well guess you’re stuck with it now and so it isn’t That Bad when they first move in bc they’re so small they can keep to their own sides of the bed easily but when they get older and go through puberty they take up more of the bed and it leads to arguments and shit

i can’t tell if they would sleep facing towards each other bc they don’t trust the other or if they’d sleep facing away from each other bc they can’t stand to see the other but the sleeping facing towards each other one has the potential for a really good baz “im hopelessly in love with simon snow” pitch pov

TMI: A Summary in Memes
  • Jace: takes a deep breath*
  • Jace: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around Jace ever: yes, you love clary , we know, you love clary so much, she's the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love clary, we KNOW, you love clary you fucking love clary ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE CLARY. WE GET IT.
  • Magnus: are you gay?
  • Alec: bitch I might be
  • Robert: ok... that sounds fake but okay
  • Valentine: oh yeah I love all my kids equally; Jace, Clary, and *looks at smudged writing on hand* sehastien
  • Sebastian: surprise bitch. thought you'd seen the last of me
  • Raphael: *gets stabbed and mmm watcha say plays*
  • Isabelle: -arrives 15 minutes late with Starbucks-
  • Simon: anyway, here's wonderwall

I love Clary Fray so much. She’s so pure and good and just wants to help people. Can you imagine losing everything you have in a single day, realising everything you thought you knew about the world was wrong, and then just being like ‘okay I’m going to fix this. Show me how’. Like she has one mental breakdown and then she just gets on with it. She loses her mum, she thinks she’s lost Luke for a while, she almost loses Simon, and she just keeps on going. Clary Fray is strong af and I love her with every fibre of my being


‘carry on’ headcanon

okay so i was thinking about how simon and baz decided to live together after they finished uni. and they moved in one of baz family’s house. it’s not huge but it has a lovely garden. and once simon brings home two little goats just because he loves them so much and they’re so cute he just couldn’t walk by them. so he brings them home and baz at first was like no snow are you insane ????? but then he just can’t say no to simon bc he does his puppy eyes and just begs baz to keep goats. 

they keep this two little goats and live happy 

the end


- can i just say how much i love the fact that magnus keeps his magic ingredients right next to jam etc.? i mean, how iconic

- sending alec a fire message because alec was ignoring him? but magnus needed to see him because he was so worried about him
I’M NOT OKAY BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT OKAY this is so important? alec always refuses to think about himself, he doesn’t want to think about his feelings, he prefers pretending that the pain isn’t real. like it’s not important because other people have it worse and he should be there helping them instead of thinking about himself
but then there’s magnus being worried, reminding him that he’s there for him, that he can’t always think about others. that he needs to be happy too because he deserves to be happy

- i will be forever in love with alec’s reactions when he’s drinking any kind of alcohol. he really is innocent in SOME WAYS, isn’t he?

- will i ever get over the fact that alec missed ON PURPOSE because magnus was pouting and alec just wanted him to smile again? of course i won’t. he got played so good but it was still the most adorable thing. but when magnus finally showed him he’s totally slaying, alec was turned on. like, not even trying to hide how turned on he was. i’m living

- ahhh, the worst thing that can happen on first date? talking about how many exes you’ve got. especially when two people starting to date are literally the opposite of each other
and i gotta say, i was very unsure how i felt about alec asking magnus how many people he’s been with. but in the end, he realised that this really didn’t matter. that he wanted to be with magnus more. that he wouldn’t give up just because of his insecurities. it was never about magnus being with many people, it was about the fact that alec was just scared. he’s so inexperienced. that’s exactly the reason why magnus was scared too. afraid to do anything because what if he broke alec? he called him innocent… like magnus is not and that being with him would break alec
this showed just how healthy their relationship is and could be. yes, they will always face some difficulties but they know they like (love?) each other too much and it is possible to go through any problems. together.

- i always knew i couldn’t have what i wanted until you came along
i have so much to say about this? alec always thought he would end up alone or try to please his parents and marry some shadowhunter woman. he thought he would never be truly happy. but magnus came into his life and showed him that it’s possible? i know alec came out on his own terms and for himself but magnus had such a huge role in this and when alec tells him just how much that means to him, magnus is so surprised? he was freaking out about not wanting to destroy that ‘innocent boy’ but here’s alec… telling him how important it is to him to have magnus in his life

- when alec says 'magnus…’, it’s like magnus already knows what alec is trying to say. the pain on his face absolutely kills me. his past is in the way of his happiness and he can’t stop it. when alec almost leaves, magnus doesn’t say anything. it’s like he’s given up but alec taking a deep breath and trying to deal with his insecurities… this is so important and beautiful.

- i don’t care how many people you’ve been with
i don’t care how many people you haven’t been with
they both struggle, this isn’t an easy situation. but they both know that what they have is something special and they want to make this work because it’s worth it and they both deserve to be happy

- and a whispered 'i’m all for effort’? i’m a real mess. magnus lets himself have this, to try because he sees that alec truly wants this, even if he’s scared

- also, one date and they’re already talking about having a real relationship. they’re so #married and i’m living

- malec being the softest boyfriends saved my life. it was so pure and i’ll be crying forever


- and magnus is adopting his first shadowhunters, interesting
jace feels like magnus is his only option. jace feels that magnus is a good person because of the way that he’s with alec and because of that quick moment they shared when jace came to bring alec back

- i still feel seriously weird about the pack stopping looking for luke after a what… day? two? seriously? luke is their alpha and they give up on him just like that? especially when they know very well what he’s going through? if maia knew that, everyone did. but she was the only one willing to go find him

- i was so worried about luke. going through random transformations, not being able to control himself because he was hurting so much. he loved jocelyn his whole life, she was the love of his life and then he lost her, just like that. i can’t even imagine how painful it must have been for him

- that scene where luke saved maia? i am absolutely speechless. she had nobody but luke was there for her, trying to calm her down, trying to help her. luke is just too good for this world and we don’t deserve him
and alisha and isaiah were amazing? i was genuinly in tears

- luke’s transformation was made so realistic? it was like i could almost feel his pain? i honestly i can’t begin to imagine what he must felt in that moment… turning into a wolf, ready to attack some mundanes
but simon talking about clary stopped him? i was in tears because luke loves clary so much that he is able to control his emotions. clary is now the most important person to him. and he would do anything for her

- it’s good seeing clary and jace acting more like siblings and jace trying to help clary figure out things connected to that rune or warning her about the clave. at least it’s not creepy incest so i’m seriously happy

- clary seriously matured so much? she could still be angry or blame alec for what happened to jocelyn (even though it wasn’t his fault at all) but she’s just worried about him because he feels guilty? i’m really proud of her

- clary walking out of the water in her wet dress… what is air???? this was so hot? like, obvs amazing body but she was so confident walking out of it? finally proving to everyone that yeah, she might be valentine’s daughter but she’s nothing like him at all

- do you always talk this much?
i absolutely LOVED maia and simon’s first meeting. simon talking way too much as always and maia just being so casual. let’s go find luke together

- that moment when maia tells simon she tried to kill jace and suddenly he’s so impressed with her and basically human heart eyes emoji. this is so pure and beautiful

- maia and simon exchanging their downworlder stories were so amazing? like, nobody will understand you like the other downworlder will. even if maia and simon are like the opposites, they still go through a lot of similar things and feelings. and i’m really glad simon found her because she just gets him?

- i love how soft izzy is always with clary? always thinking about her, always explaining things to her.
but i’m so worried about her… her hand is already shaking because of lack of yin fen?

- my heart is absolutely in pieces after that scene where izzy almost drowned in the water and then she has to give up on one of her biggest dreams to go into the citadel
i really hoped she would think about it before asking for more from victor. but i guess that’s just too addictive, isn’t it?

- raphael doing encanto on simon’s mum? yeah… why do i have a feeling it’s not gonna work anyway? cause she’s gonna be freaked out about this somehow . like she knows she remembers SOMETHING but just can’t figure out what it is?

- i am absolutely in love with irons sisters, they’re SO badass??? i mean, who can get an intro like this? making weapon and fighting? they are AMAZING. i’m not surprised at all izzy wanted to become an iron sister when she was younger

- the citadel looks absolutely AMAZING and i am literally izzy when she looks at it for the first time

- i can’t believe cleophas is a member of the circle? she spent so many years with the iron sisters just to betray them like this? and this shows just how much she hates her own brother? she wants all downworlders to be gone… including luke

- victor is the shadiest guy… he’s literally acting like a drug dealer. i’ll give you this stuff but you gotta spy on clary WHAT THE FUCK (i’m seriously beliving in that theory of him being actually sebastian more and more)

-  and victor making jace clean the weapons? what even…???? that was so fucked up?
and then he just kicked him out??? jace saved his life and now he’s doing this? yeah, that makes sense (seriously believing more and more in that theory)

- that smile when izzy says 'wait’? that was so creepy?

(see, i’m not just Malec Mess™ i can write other things too)

I just love the difference in expressions and behaviour between Simon and Raphael okay???!! Raphael is comfortable with and used to what he is (or at least makes out he is poor sweet baby) so we get to see snarls, growls and his fangs (*faints*) in his normal demeanour. Whereas Simon is very clearly holding that side of himself back, he’s really uncomfortable with it. I mean, he hasn’t spent too much time with other vampires to pick up their behaviour but he still has to watch himself, especially around Clary. He’s scared of scaring her away and I am so desperately waiting for the moment he slips up, let’s his vampire side show and realises Clary, Magnus, Jace, Izzy, Alec and Luke accept him for who he is. Raphael will be so proud I will be crying it will be glorious. Just the whole character relationship/development arc in this damn show is beautiful oh my god

For fic writers:

Carry On is B R I T I S H people!!

Where is Simon always saying ‘mugged off’, ‘peak’, ‘sound’???
Where is Simon being a (not that ironically) roadman af and Baz despairing??

Where is the cheeky nandos dates???

OH MY GOD where is BAZ THE INDIE !!!!!!????
Indie culture is BIG right now and just saying that if you think Baz isn’t an indie then ur wrong.

The brilliant music taste like The Fratellis and The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks ??

Where is university struggles… Like,,, Baz goes to the university of LONDON???
Where is the Brighton pier tales??


AU Saphael headcanon

okay but hear this

Imagine a Simon that never got turned into a vampire and just continued to tag along with Clary and the others anyway.

Imagine a Simon that was called upon to deal with vampire issues because Simon is the only one that Raphael doesn’t want to kill instantly (for certain reasons -winkwink-) and as a result, spends a lot of time with the vamps at the Hotel Dumort. 

Imagine a Simon that has to work closely with the vamps on Clave negotiation matters since he’s a neutral party being a mundane. So he sees a lot of Raphael. Maybe he sees more of Raphael than others do. Maybe he sees Raphael when he’s angry, when he’s upset, when he’s sad and vulnerable and genuinely happy because Simon did something dorky and cute. 

Imagine Simon falling in love with Raphael and none of his Shadowhunter friends understanding why he would love a vampire, but Simon doesn’t care. 

Imagine Simon being so scared that Raphael will reject him and hate him if he finds out he loves him, so he accidentally distances himself from him, only to have Raphael seek him out, secretly worried about his lack of visits and texts. He reluctantly has his confession forced out of him, but he never needed to worry because Raphael loves him too.

Imagine Simon asking to be turned into a vampire so he can be with Raphael forever. Imagine Raphael straight up refusing, not wanting Simon to be a monster, to be treated lesser by Shadowhunters and other Downworlders, to ruin his mundane life and forcing him to be immortal. No matter how much Simon pleads and cries and begs, Raphael won’t do it, he loves him too much to ruin him and chain him to himself forever. 

Imagine Simon letting himself be attacked by a vampire, imagine letting himself be killed, knowing that Raphael will either bring him back as a vampire or stake him in the heart. Imagine Raphael being forced into the devastating choice of turning Simon or killing him. In the end he turns him, because of course he does he doesn’t want to live without Simon, but he’s angry with him for a very long time and it takes Simon months of writing sappy love songs and soft kisses and apologies to make it better between them. 

Now whatever you do don’t imagine Raphael taking care of Simon while he watches his friends and family age and die while he stays 16 forever, don’t imagine Raphael having to comfort him and look after him to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself. Don’t imagine Raphael constantly having reassuring him that he’s not a monster, constantly defending him from Shadowhunters and other Downworlders and always having telling him that he is loved and accepted and that the pain will subside in time. 

But you can imagine Simon and Raphael being there for each other, you can imagine them going through the struggle and the pain of life and coming up on top because their love can defeat anything, you can imagine them for once being truly happy because they found one another, and you can definitely imagine them living happily together, forever.

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Name: Abi

Height: Lmao I don’t actually know, why does everyone know their height?? Idk man, like 5″4?

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw!

Go to SSBB character: Yoshi! Duh.

Fictional character I’d date: You expect me to choose one?! Magnus Bane. (Also Clary Fray, Isabelle Lightwood, Simon Lewis, Maia Roberts, Jem Carstairs, Tessa Gray….. I could go on)

Favorite band or artist: Stop making me choose one! Music is everything to me, I’ll just name a couple.. Troye Sivan, Ruelle, Sleeping At Last, Mayday Parade, Blink-182, Daughtry, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, I could go on forever I love so much music. I’ve been listening to lots of Lady Gaga and Sia recently too.

When did I make this blog: Okay so I made this blog forever ago but I didn’t really use it as it was just a back-up for my other account, but I don’t use that one anymore. Technically I only really started using this blog like 2 months ago which is crazy cause it feels like forever.

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Okay okay but consider this..... Simon and Baz in beanies


You’ve heard of the Baz-bun, now get ready for


Simon has this new piece of cloth, and worse, he puts in on his head, hiding all his luscious locks, the warm bronze of his hair that gleams like gold in the sunlight, and Baz hates it. He hates it so much.

‘Why are you wearing this awful thing every day, Snow?’

One day he can’t take it anymore. Baz frees Simon’s head of this so hated fabric and puts it on his own head, to show him how awful it looks. But Simon just nods,

‘Yeah, you’re right, it shouldn’t be me wearing it,’ and he adjust it properly and gently, with a new look in his eyes. ‘it should be you.’

Because every-day-in-a-suit-Baz looks f*cking good in a casual beanie, and Simon loves it to death.

[here’s the fanart w/o the ask ♥]

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Can you recommend me any k-hip hop music?? Bc I really like ur playlist and was wondering if you have any more favorites you like or just anything hip hop in general?? ^^ thanks so much!!

Sorry if this is late!! Thank you for liking my playlist :D

Here’s some others I love:

fanxy child (zico, crush, dean) - bermuda triangle

simon dominic - simon dominic

simon dominic - money dont lie

cjamm - illusion


swings, bewhy, gray - on my way

sik k, live, punchnello, flowsik, owen - eung freestyle

live - god bless

reddy, jay park - 생각해 (idk what this is in english sorry)

jay park - i got this

Okay i have so much more but ill stop here XD im probably going to update my playlist soon though, hope you like at least some of these songs! ♥

  • I rarely talk to my brother about HP, even though he's read all the books and watched all the movies. Today, though, I asked him a question.
  • Me: Simon, do you like Severus Snape?
  • Simon: Why do you ask?
  • Me: I think a person's opinion of him says a lot about them.
  • Simon: *gives me an odd glance*
  • Simon: Is there even an option?
  • Me: I— what? Er, yes, of course there is? Do you like him or not?
  • Simon: Of course I like him! I mean, he was an asshole like 24/7, but that's not weird considering how he was treated. And he did lots of good stuff, too.
  • Me:
  • Me: *hugs Simon tightly from behind*
  • Me: Thank you. Thank you so much. I love you.
  • Simon: Er, okay? What did I do?
  • Me: You just made me very, very proud.
  • My 12 year old brother understands Severus Snape's character better than lots of adults. I'm torn between being super proud of my brother and super scared of how stupid some people really are.

okay but you can’t just erase their personalities???? to make their love cuter??? for you???? i get the whole ‘both of them are sweethearts and they never argue and they love each other so much that everything they do is a declaration of their love’ marius and cosette kind of thing but that’s not the snowbaz love, it just isn’t

simon and baz fight. all the time. it’s canon. they feel weird if they don’t fight. it can be harmless bickering but they’re going to fight because simon’s a petty little shit and baz is a sulky angry vampire and that’s not changed, they’re still that

like they’re not going to turn into puddles of actual mush “oh, simon, your eyes are the color of the sea” “oh baz, your skin is the shade of the sky is a cool day” “i love you like i need air” in a public place, cooing at each other while staring into their eyes, wrapping themselves around each other in a coffee shop sort of thing becase that’s somebody elses kind of love

okay so I loved King’s Ransom and the fact that it seems that Betty finally found a way to heal Simon through the crown apparently?? but I am extremely worried about Betty, if that’s the case

well I mean, she doesn’t seem insane, at least not entirely. which makes sense, considering that Simon took a very long time to fully lose his sanity himself, and Betty gained her magic powers not long ago

but it does make me worried that she might have been focusing so much on healing Simon, that she forgot about trying to find a way to heal herself, once this is all over (since she needs to wait, as she apparently can work better with magic through having it herself, instead of only studying it from afar)

and what scares me is that this might end up with some fucked up circle: Betty saves Simon > sacrifices herself in the process > Simon, now healed, realized what she did for him and sets up to save her instead > sacrifices himself in the process

and either repeat it or end it there

either way is fucked up and I’m worried

i love carry on so much-

because it’s relateable to everyday life

because we can connect with simon- he’s just an ordinary kid with too much of a burden

and we can connect with baz- because he’s in love with an impossible man and struggling so hard to be okay with himself

there are PoC characters and gay characters and bisexual characters and lesbian character and rainbow doesn’t shy away, try to tone it down

and it’s wonderful.

I love the footage because it literally shows everyone’s characters. We’ve got Magnus with his authority and this power he has but at the same time we see how time is for an immortal like him.

We see that Isabelle being as fabulous and as attractive as ever WHILE KICKING ASS

We see Clary’s curiosity and what it leads to.

We see Simon with his jokes and his uncertianty and God Alberto nailed him I’ve never seen a character being played this well.

I love how we see that arrogant thing Jace has and how sure he is of himself and his abilities but at the same time he’s tripping over Clary.

And let’s not forget my gay baby angel Alec with his grumpy cute face and HIM FIGHTING TOGETHER WITH JACE LIKE ITS SECOND NATURE and how he’s just in the corner looking out for everyone!