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IM SO SORRY ITS 5:30AM AND THIS JUST HAPPENED (((watch until ths end)))

i hope i dont scar you too much

**if anyone wants the original where its just calvin throughout the whole thing then just lmk**

the sun bleeds liquid heat. the air is thick with the sweet mingling of freedom and sea salt, and you wonder how you ever could have lived shackled to the earth. there is something divine about flight, but this is not the closest you’ve felt to divinity.
—  icarus and apollo were gay all right (via @diomdes)

Ok so this REALLY scares me

You know why?

Bubbles is the name that Gaius gives your character in Awakening. Big deal, right? Asugi is already a big enough reference for this small tidbit to be meaningless, right?

Well, the more I think about it, the more the name ‘Bubbles’ makes sense…as a nickname for CORRIN.

Corrin is a water dragon. What’s surrounding their dragon model in-game constantly? Bubbles.

I never understood why Gaius calls you Bubbles in Awakening, so maybe I’m just missing something. But all I know is that Bubbles is a suspiciously fitting name for Corrin.

Is Gaius Asugi? Did he travel to Ylisse, change his name and die his hair, and decide to use the nickname he had leftover for that game’s avatar? That being the case is rather terrifying to me for some reason.