Imagine Sirius the day before Halloween ‘81 finding some old pictures from Hogwarts and spending ages looking through them, and suddenly hating himself for mistrusting Remus so much. Maybe he is a spy but Sirius doesn’t think he will be able to forgive himself if he doesn’t at least try to give Remus the benefit of the doubt, and so he writes to him for the first time in months and asks him to come over for the birthday ‘party’ Lily and James are throwing for him. The letter is delivered to Remus on the morning of November 1st. He reads it four times in a row and allows himself a small, genuine smile (the first in weeks) before picking up the day’s Prophet and reading the headline 

i will never understand why this is the road they took ward’s character down

do you know how easy it is to create a good villain? what ward did in season 3 could literally have been done by any villain they wanted to come up with and gotten the same exact results

do you know how hard a good redemption is? I will never understand why they thought it wouldnt be more interesting and challenging to see ward redeem himself a good redemption story is powerful and difficult and evokes so many interesting story lines and character developments and what we actually got from ward’s character was predictable and boring and just terrible

Reasons I relate to Nicky Hemmick: 

  • is andreil trash 
  • is the Funny One™ in the group to lighten the mood in order to hide his own issues 
  • doesn’t think before he speaks 
  • cries a lot 
  • the only things out of his mouth are sassy or mildly insulting and sometimes he doesn’t realize it 
  • takes on huge responsibilities and tells himself he’s totally cool with it and on the inside is probably dying but never complains 
  • isn’t appreciated enough
  • just wants everyone to like him
  • wants to move to another country to get away from his parents 
  • thinks Neil josten’s face is A++ 
  • is sappy as hell and won’t even deny it