the sun bleeds liquid heat. the air is thick with the sweet mingling of freedom and sea salt, and you wonder how you ever could have lived shackled to the earth. there is something divine about flight, but this is not the closest you’ve felt to divinity.
—  icarus and apollo were gay all right (via @diomdes)

friends: *come up with long beautiful headcanons that are somewhat canon compliant, enhancing the scene and series over all. such cute scenes that i feel my teeth start to ache. angst that makes my chest physically hurt because I JUST FEEL SO MUCH. the comfort afterwards makes it worth it. 10/10 *

me: hey you think when masuko moves out kuramochi and eijun adopt a raccoon that they name ‘masuko the third’ and they let it sleep in his bed and treat it like a roommate. taking masuko iii to lunches and stuff. give it a jersey and everything. the new ‘official’ roommates gotta compete with it for the bed, gOOD FUCKING LUCK BUDDY. zono asks about the raccoon one day like “why did you name it masuko the third and not masuko jr?” and they’re both quick to hush him because apparently there was a bad mishap with masuko jr and nori is still not completely over it. he still can’t– hey wait… where are you going?

Idk whats on my mind but i suddenly found an inspiration to start my diet. While we were watching tv, i heard about this audition to those who wants to be in showbiz i know its kinda funny but i want to try!! I know i dont have a pretty face to please all the peeps and im not good in singing nor dancing or whatsoever but i think i can make them laugh w my jokes and w my face??? Lol. But i still need to lose weight before i put myself there. Haha.

why the fuck is there so much ace discourse

asexuality is like the only thing I’m even remotely comfortable identifying with but theirs all this shit about it that i dont want to go through to know if im ………….doing it right

is this not what i think it is 


Ok so this REALLY scares me

You know why?

Bubbles is the name that Gaius gives your character in Awakening. Big deal, right? Asugi is already a big enough reference for this small tidbit to be meaningless, right?

Well, the more I think about it, the more the name ‘Bubbles’ makes sense…as a nickname for CORRIN.

Corrin is a water dragon. What’s surrounding their dragon model in-game constantly? Bubbles.

I never understood why Gaius calls you Bubbles in Awakening, so maybe I’m just missing something. But all I know is that Bubbles is a suspiciously fitting name for Corrin.

Is Gaius Asugi? Did he travel to Ylisse, change his name and die his hair, and decide to use the nickname he had leftover for that game’s avatar? That being the case is rather terrifying to me for some reason.

Reasons I relate to Nicky Hemmick: 

  • is andreil trash 
  • is the Funny One™ in the group to lighten the mood in order to hide his own issues 
  • doesn’t think before he speaks 
  • cries a lot 
  • the only things out of his mouth are sassy or mildly insulting and sometimes he doesn’t realize it 
  • takes on huge responsibilities and tells himself he’s totally cool with it and on the inside is probably dying but never complains 
  • isn’t appreciated enough
  • just wants everyone to like him
  • wants to move to another country to get away from his parents 
  • thinks Neil josten’s face is A++ 
  • is sappy as hell and won’t even deny it
  • <p> <b>Friend:</b> what are you drawing?<p/><b>Me (thinking):</b> a tender loving embrace between Character A and Character B because A loves B but she's Character C's girlfriend so A's in the friendzone but he's okay with that because he just wants her to be happy but C is actually a jerk and B has just been through a horrible breakup with him so she goes to A for comfort because deep down she loves him even though she doesn't realize it yet and A comforts her the best he can even though he's feeling a burning rage against C for hurting B so badly because of course A saw all along that C was a jerk but dismissed it because everyone thinks HE'S a jerk so no one believed him when he said C was too so A decided he just thought C was a jerk out of jealousy when actually he was right all along and now A is ready to spill some blood and soon will go track down C and give him a piece of his mind which ends in a fight during which A's old assassin instincts kick in and he seriously injures C and then feels horrible and knows he's betrayed the kindness of B's family who took him in so he exiles himself from them and B is pining for him to come back and finally they are reunited and married and have three kids and a happy life<p/><b>Me:</b> .......<p/><b>Me:</b> lol idk yet, haha :)<p/></p>

Imagine Sirius the day before Halloween ‘81 finding some old pictures from Hogwarts and spending ages looking through them, and suddenly hating himself for mistrusting Remus so much. Maybe he is a spy but Sirius doesn’t think he will be able to forgive himself if he doesn’t at least try to give Remus the benefit of the doubt, and so he writes to him for the first time in months and asks him to come over for the birthday ‘party’ Lily and James are throwing for him. The letter is delivered to Remus on the morning of November 1st. He reads it four times in a row and allows himself a small, genuine smile (the first in weeks) before picking up the day’s Prophet and reading the headline 

i will never understand why this is the road they took ward’s character down

do you know how easy it is to create a good villain? what ward did in season 3 could literally have been done by any villain they wanted to come up with and gotten the same exact results

do you know how hard a good redemption is? I will never understand why they thought it wouldnt be more interesting and challenging to see ward redeem himself a good redemption story is powerful and difficult and evokes so many interesting story lines and character developments and what we actually got from ward’s character was predictable and boring and just terrible

Okay can somebody PLEASE tell me what the fuck the difference between pan and bi is because I’ve done SO much reading and its ALL contradictory.

I started out identifying as bi??? But a lot of sources say pan is the sexuality involving all genders?? But im not exclusively attracted to only men and women??? But other sources say that bisexuality encompasses all genders on the spectrum??? Then what is the difference???

And i just want to be able to identify as something without feeling like im taking a loaded stance on something i dont fully understand