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Oh yey a prompt post! How about some post war/battle of hogwarts Lucissa? Or any Lucissa, authors choice. I love me some Malfoys lol.

pairing: lucius malfoy x narcissa black

setting: modern, non-magical, college au

Lucius Malfoy spills an entire Gatorade cooler full of jungle juice on himself the first time he sees Narcissa Black.

She doesn’t even notice.

“Okay,” he announces the next morning, spearing this year’s crop of gross, mouth-breathing legacy pledges with a long-suffering glare. “My future wife. I’ve met her. Seen her. Whatever. She’s perfection. You fuckers are gonna help me woo the shit out of her. Questions?”

Rabastan Lestrange is the only one brave enough to raise his hand. “I have class in an hour. Can we, like, do this later?”

Lucius sneers, and rolls his eyes, and flaps his hand in disgust. “True love waits for no one.” He pauses. Reconsiders. “Go. Come back with a whiteboard. And binoculars. I have a plan.”

"Narcissa Black says a bunch of our pledges are stalking her,” Rodolphus says a few days later. He’s yawning into his mid-afternoon pint of Guinness. He sounds alarmingly unconcerned. “She wants us to deal with it.”

Lucius sniffs, incredibly nonchalant. “Oh?”

“Yeah,” Rodolphus groans, thumbing through the texts on his phone. “She—I dunno, man, I guess they’re, like, really out of control, she seemed pretty pissed.”

Lucius clears his throat before tightly crossing his fingers behind his back. “We should probably—you know. Apologize. Right?”

Rodolphus puffs out his cheeks, drains his beer, and burps into his fist. “Yeah, sure, whatever—you need her number? I’m gonna go, like.” He sighs, gesturing vaguely towards the ceiling. “Make the pledges clean Mulcy’s weight rack with their toothbrushes or something, I dunno.”

Narcissa Black glides down the stairs of her sorority with all the grace of a ballet-dancing swan. She’s dressed for tennis. There are diamonds on the barrettes in her hair.

“Rabastan Lestrange is awfully chatty, you know,” she tells Lucius, smiling sweetly. Too sweetly. He despairs. “Especially when he’s late for class.”

I just left the theatre after watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man tell no tales and i’m screaming!
The film was amazing and I hope that there wil be a sequel BUT I will never know because my brother made me leave the theatre before the after credit scene!
And, obviously, I can’t find it online.
And then tell me the after credit scene!

headcanon that FP combs Alice’s hair.

Like, he’s obsessed with it.

Seriously, she will sit on the edge of her bed and will let him play around with her hair for hours. Which, let’s face it, is pretty damn good of her. Especially considering that he knots it and doesn’t know when he’s pulling too hard. But if she ever happens to let out a small help (as not to worry him with a shout) he immediately stops playing with her hair and just strokes it and hums her favourite songs. :)


“It’s a little bit like it’s become her diary. It’s become her way of, as she says, trying to hold on to who she was, who she is and not forget where she came from and who matters to her…She does this everyday, she goes to the same spot perhaps, and talks to this guy.“ - Jason Rothenberg [x]