you can’t excuse racist, islamophobic, anti-semitic, sexist, transphobic or homophobic points of views with “freedom of speech” or “it’s my opinion”. you don’t have the right to have those “opinions”!!!!!!!!! you do not have the right to degrade, dehumanize or think less of other human beings just because they don’t fit your own standards. you just don’t. 


you told me you were gonna go see your mum and your dad, and then you went off to… for all i… for all i know, you could - something could’ve - you could’ve been killed. and because what? because you think i’m useless? [x]

…I’m resisting the urge to tell a bunch of people I love them right now

oh my gosh! there was another bit of thunderbirds that i thought was really lovely in ‘unplugged’

and it was when penny was like “PARKER!!!” :D :D :D after they busted the vault open. that girl was so pleased to see her pal okay. love it love it love it.