yes yes, another follow forever. i wasn’t going to do one but then i couldn’t think of anything i wanted to do for hitting 500 followers so i was like hey let’s jump on the follow forever bandwagon and now here we are!

special mentions:

@squidwithelbows: oh heath bar…my big foot enthusiast. you are the first friend i made on here and i am so grateful for our friendship <3 i love yelling at you about books i read and hearing you ramble about random book theories. i didn’t think anyone could be nerdier than me but boy i was wrong. i love your art so much and we need to read another book together! 

the foxhoes court: even though you pick on me a lot…*cough* syeda *cough* becoming friends with you guys was one of the highlights of 2016. i’m glad you tolerate my ramblings about my ocs and i love hearing about yours. did you know i adopted them? bc i did. anyway thanks for making my crappy 2016 and always being there to make me laugh and smile ily :)

@petalloso: i am so glad you decided to randomly message me about eyewitness a couple of months ago bc i cherish you my twin. sometimes i ask myself “what would i do without salami??” bc hello who would i torture with my oc angst ;) jk ily a lot <3

@jeanmoreos: i can never get over the fact that we’ve got matching urls??? it’s crazy. but hello you are my wife and the loml i love talking to you every day it makes me v happy and i’m so glad we decided to talk about ocs that one day bc if we hadn’t cabe wouldn’t exist and just!!! that’d be heartbreaking. thank you so much for tolerating me and always being there when i have breakdowns bc it means a lot

@wesnenski: pear good lord i am so glad i messaged you that one day bc hello i’d be lost without you. you are such an awesome friend and the greatest guru ever ;) thank you for introducing me to sid and the world of hockey and enabling my love for everything kent parson. LOVE YA

@reneewvlkers: al!!! you are my gal pal and i love u a lot (did you know i just recently found out what gal pal meant? yup i’m smart) i love bonding with you over chrimbus and occasionally arguing over things (maturely ;) ). i still cry over the fact that my sister thought you were my girlfriend when you sent the christmas card. anyway grilled cheese and ‘merica thanks and gnight

@richargdansey: laur you are literally the cutest ever and i love talking to you! can you believe we live forty minutes away from each other?? bc i still can’t.

@hemmicknicky: sur…you are the discourse king and i love that. also your drunk nights when you answer random questions are the best. we seriously!!! need to talk more!!!!! okay ily

@spaceboyandrew: i love screaming with you about skam and more specifically herman tommeraas why is he so pretty ;____; i’m glad we are Weak together it gives me life

@josteninski: yooooo you are my fellow fuck boi and sinner and wow that’s just too great. thank you for keeping my slow ass up with skam bc apparently i live under a rock

(this got so long i’m sorry)

favorites will be bolded (and don’t be sad if you aren’t bolded bc i still love you of course)

a - g

@adamnslynch / @adamsrcnan / @alliisonreynlds@andrwminyrd / @audreil / @auntjimi / @biancadiangelo / @brvkker / @deklanlynch / @exychamp / @exyllence / @foxpercentage / @gansaey / @ganseybvy / @gayneil / @greyandreil

h - m

@hemmicknicky / @hemminicky / @jean-moraeu / @jeanmoreos / @jeansmoraeu / @jearmoreau / @jexperfahey / @josteninski / @kczbrekkr / @key-called-home / @kickfoxing / @klosehemmick / @magnorum / @manibxs / @mcminyard / @miniminyardd 

n - r

@neiljoslen / @neilswesninski / @newtskammander / @nickyhenmick / @ninazenirk / @noahcznerys / @noorasatere / @patroiclus / @petalloso / @phillukas / @pumpkinspicekevinday / @ravnboy / @ravnking / @reneewvlkers / @richargdansey

s - w

@saintisak / @sarghengsey / @sirien / @smudgyczernys / @softkevin / @spaceboyandrew / @squidwithelbows / @striker-ten / @the-foxholecourt / @thefoxholecourts / @valtersin / @vvinterhayle / @wesnenski / @wldenbecks

*jumps on the bandwagon, confused as to the origin and nature of said bandwagon*

anyway, i’m part tarvek part moloch…

persefoneshalott  asked:

What would you change about Heathers? (I'm assuming you've watched it because of your hannibal tag I hope I'm not wrong)

1. I would like Heathers to be a thing I have watched so that I wouldn’t have to disappoint someone so full of hope :((
2-5 see 1.

(I am sorry for the Appropriation involved in the tag but I know about that scene from Popular Culture references)

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I figured I’d jump on the ff bandwagon for the end of this year (considering I did this last year too and boy has my blog changed since then), so here is a list of some cool mutuals, a few of which I’ve been following for a really long time and am eternally grateful they’ve stuck with me this long! you guys are rad!

A ==> D

@aalchemize @acebots @agent-maine @agpicklefeet @aimhighandfly @alistiartheirin @alpha-dirk @amerretti @arachnidsgrip @artistsapprentice @asexualls @asrieldreamed @astrayan @astrifeline @atalana @blood-mages @boi-blunder @brobot @brutesplicer @camorrsthorn @chantrytears @chuckhansen @clawkid @clubsdeuce @coldcloudsandchaoticstars @cosmitao @crockercop @daveaj @davejchn @davesprite @davespriteegg @ddersite @deerprincee @deitea @deliverusfromsburb @dirkapitated @dragonlusii @durse 

E ==> I

@egberts @ehlsea @elvishdork @feferipeixesl @feferispixies @fefetasprite @fefjane @flame-cat @furisk @gaaraofsburbia @gayy @ghilannainn @ghostrumors @godlytier @godtier-pickle-inspector @goingtrickster @grace-kohai @grimside @grubtier @halidays @hauntswitch @heirofbreath @heirofhomosexuality @hero-spear @homeluck @homesmuck @homestuckaesthetic @hurricaneclouds @iamnotamuffin @inevii @insufferableoracle @irlroxy 

J ==> R

@jadedgardengnostic @jinxxisbitchen @johncest @johnegberts @johnegburger @johnnygats @kanayamaryam @kattnep @kf1n3 @kingmaric @kirvia @knightoftimevevo @kougyokku @kuiprebelt @lastarbiter @lolar @lovely-lavellan @lususlayer @malachite-azurite @mettaon @mettatonmoment-tm @mettatontrash @munchin101 @murderthehypotenuse @mypabulousscarf @mystericaengland @needlewands @neithersnownorrain @nintechdo @nishikis @omegastation @pageofstars @paigefillyr @parcelmistress @pentabulge @persephia @princessoftentacles @problemsleuth @punkgraves @queenincheck @reaperscience @roxycosmos @royalamidala @rubyandsapphie 

S ==> W

@saarebaas @salamancers @sedirktive @shinyzelda @skaiawards @skywalkrs @slickorice @smolbirbchild @sol-lay @spectrekaiden @spiderpies @spiritdivide @spotlite @sproutedfromconcrete @starbornbleh @starfcker @sugimoto-reimi @syndeux @superethanworld @talizoraa @talizorro @terepy @terrachu @tevinterwench @thatimightseefurther @thatonelesbiangirl @the-piano-writer @the-river-person @thepagejakeenglish @thornsofoglogoth @threshecutioner @thunderstcrming @tobdog @treeglass @uraniumumbra @vevageno @vriskar @vulgarsiren @warriorbrosca @worpworp @wozord

Second Annual


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Everyone jumps on the Follow Forever bandwagon around Christmas but I’m too rebellious for that so here’s a New Years one! Okay okay I guess I should give a speech. Attention all S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, this is Steve Rogers. You’re heard a lot about me over the last few days. Some of you were even ordered to hunt me down- Sorry, I had to. Anyways, damn, 2015, what a year! My New Year goal was 2,000 followers but I reached it before Christmas, and am currently at 2,200+. It’s been an adventure meeting so many new friends and chatting with them constantly thanks to the new messenger. This is my second year on Tumblr, and although the updates and drama test my patience sometimes, ya’ll are golden and I could never leave. So thanks to making my dash the best place to be, and helping me procrastinate homework! ♡ I love each and every one of you! ♡

(ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ THE SQUAD (✿◠‿◠) 

So here are the lovelies who put up with me all the time and have been so loving and full of support I don’t know what I’d do without you. Ya’ll are the best, and I can’t wait to see where our friendship takes us in 2016! (There are more of you, I’m sure, and I’m so sorry if I forgot you!)

@sciarletwitch @stuccky @captnadorable @deadpoow @havleyatwell @quicksiluers @samuuilson @witchbarnes @fallingforthecaptain @merrystevie @tonystarkd @snowyreid @candycanekillian @birdystark @tonystarkssnipples @christmastiel @holidayevans @speedysass @dicksilver @atwellling @josephhtrohman @jinglejamesbarnes @superlockianhead @lukeskywalkcrs @rcbertdowneyjr


Please check out my blogroll in case I forgot anyone.

Bold + Italics = Mutuals


@ageofvisions @agentbuckbarnes @anckinskywalkers @anthcny @arkhamjason @astronautbeck @avcngers @avengersonna @avengeyours @bavton @bartonsromanoffs @beardedchrisevans @beardysteve @becauseofevans @bicapamerica @birdystark @bisexualthors @buckybarnees @buckybernes @buckycap @bucxyrogers @buucky @brucebannur @bootycap @casswayns @candycanekillian @captnadorable @carohdanvers @charlesxcvier @cheers-mrhiddleston @chrisevansleftboob @chnisevans @chrisevas @christmasdowney @christmastiel @chrysevans @clintbarteon @clintbartoon @cllntbrtons @coloursam @cowboydowneys @cptnrogerrs @cptnstevens @dailychrisevans @damiamwayne @damnavengers @daughtersofthanos @darlingcap @deadpoow @deanisanactualprincess @deansmuffin @dreamyjensen @dorksicle @elvendcrk


@finndamreons @frighteningdean @fuckhawkeye @greenarrcw @hailbucky @hailbvcky @hansleia @havleyatwell @havvkeyes @hcrleenquinn @hello-shellhead @hollyjollybuckyy @holidayevans @howlingsoldier @i-gotyou-first @infinitywaar @invinciblestarks @jaamesbond @jamesbarns @jamesbcrnes @james-boobcanan-barnes @james-nat @jamesbuckky @janefoster @janetvanndyne @jeffmorgans @jessiejjones @jessyyjones @jinglejamesbarnes @ladylokid @ladyleverage @leepace @lets-go-steal-a-blog @lokiperfection @lukeskyvalker


@matthewmurdockks @mattmurdroch @maqlor @marswatney @marvelheroes @mcttmurdock @melinddamay @merryclintasha @midgard @mightythor @natalias @nataliaromonoff @natashamaximova​ @natwldow @ntasharomanvs @nthonystark @obiwenkanobi@ohmydeanpie @odnson @oimarvel @opeggycarter @pepperrppotts @pietromaximuff @poedmaeron @poetdameron @pvedameron @queenclintasha @quicksiluers @rbertdowneyjr  @rcbertdowneyjr @romnovs @rogrs @rumlow


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I’m with you ‘till the end of the line! Happy 2016! 

With love, Kris

Dear Bruins fans:
I am so very sorry. Like I said before I really respected your team and they would have, as always, been a threat in the playoffs.
You are welcome to jump on the Rangers bandwagon and watch us (hopefully) destroy everyone who did you wrong.
Love Emma xoxo


I thought I would jump on the bandwagon with a festive follow forever and I am pretty close to my first milestone! Yay! Sorry if you are fed up with these but I wanted to express my love to some of my favourite blogs. You all make my days so much better and I wish I could hug each and every one of you. However, I follow over 700 blogs so there is an 100% chance that I have forgotten one of you lovely people and for that I am extremely sorry. Please don’t hate me because I love you all (I really do have a brain like a sieve).

Bolded are some of my all time favourites and have made my Tumblr journey an amazing experience and for that I LOVE YOU!  Italicised are people that I visit often and admire from a far.


agentswanalice—n—wonderlandannasnowflakeantanddeclan arendellekingdomargentfightera-spoon-full-of-pixie-dust ❆ a-swan-and-a-captainatimelesslovebeautyandtheenchantedrose ❆ beware-the-frozen-heart ❆ bisexualelenacampingwiththecharmings  ❆ captainchirstmas captaindixons  ❆ captainkillyswan ❆ captainswaancaptainswanfairytalecaptainswanscaptainswansource  ❆ carriethestorymakercaskett-caseclairefrxsercolinodonorgasmcuddlesthehiddles ❆ 


darkparadiseprodz  ❆ dashingrapskilliandeputyhookdisneydreamsforeverdisneyfrozendisneygirlthingsdisneyinspirations ❆ disneymarveloncersdolewhips-in-arendelledoomsdayyduchessbitchqueendxndelioninthespringelsaofouatelsa-stole-a-tardiselsathegreatemmaskillyemmasneverland ❆  emmaswnenchanteddianaeverdeenswansexcellent-show-of-patiencefairestregalfallenmoongirlfirstbeanstalk frivolouswhimfrostyhook ❆  fuckstruckswan ❆ georginahaiigsgingerbreadgiinnygoinghome-totallahasseegrounderswanhaleigh91happinessisblooming ❆ hauntedangelwolf ❆ heaven-by-the-seahemmsleyheroswansheyitsthatgirl hissaviour-herhome ❆  holdingoutforapiratehero❆ hopelesshoneyxohoping-it-meant-morehooksjollyswanhookskraken


iiriswests ❆ i-know-how-you-kissinhislightisallmydreamingatanendi-swear-on-captain-swanitcharmingsjodieshookedkillian-brought-emma-home ❆ killian-comeback2me ❆  killianemmaakillianfraserkillianindisneyland killians-dashingrescuekilliansdevotedheartkillians-jellokillianspie  ❆ kissmelikeapirateknots-n-crosses  ❆ kpfunkrispykilly  ❆ lareulcastilloleiaswanlionsestraliterarydisneyprincess ❆ little-cornish-piskey little-greysanatomy littlelight-oflovelovestruckswan lokiperfection


magicxdreamsmissingstilinskimisslizannemockingswanmodernkillianjonesmypiratekillianneverlandspirate notjustfairytales the-not-so-evil-queennotyouraverageitgirlonceland ​❆ oncepromisedoncertwice ❆  onceuponadisneydivergenttributeouat-swanprincess  ❆ ouat-the-hell


❆  padfooterprincessdressesandgreatbigbowsprocharmingfamily  ❆ punziesdreamsreginaoflocksleysailordisneyballerina sanfrnsokyo santakillian ❆ sassofstorybrookesaviourismsay-when-swanseastarved sheriffswan ❆ sheylaprincessskyeswaerd ❆ skyewardzsorrydearie southerntinkerbelle storybrookestorybrookeregalswandipityswanfeelsswanssavior ❆ swansaviortasticswansjollyrogerswanshope


tallahasseeetheblazingdesertthecaptainsemmatheatregeek2795thekillianjones ❆ thunderrrlights  ❆ tough-lasstwistyswan ❆ vanille-of-sugars-and-rainbowswenchswanwhen-my-life-began wonderlandalicemadasahatter wintendellewinter-by-the-seayouseetherealme

I hope you have all had a fabulous year and I hope 2015 will be an amazing year! <3