Coming out - a difficult way to happiness

Hello, I am working for this nonprofit called LGBT Initiative. An organization aimed at promoting a general wellbeing among the community!
We are working on a new project called “This is who we are”. As part we are collecting coming out stories to create a multi-collaborative book, to help other with acceptance. Every story is unique and someone somewhere who is struggling with acceptance may be able to relate to your story. Just like the videos on Youtube our goals are to show people that it is scary to come out of the closet because of fears what loved ones and friends might say or do. But reading other peoples stories and hearing how they were able to overcome those fears and show people who they are is truly inspirational. We are here to help others with accepting who they are and not waiting till its too late to come out. As well as try to show that this isn’t a choice its just Who We Are.

I was just hoping that you might consider submitting a story if you have one, or even just sharing our link with your followers. Lgbt-initiative.org/this-is-who-we-are

(I do not own this text!) Source: lifedhistoria