so this morning i was getting some coffee today at my favorite coffeehouse in toronto and all was great until this little girl behind me, probably the age of five or six, kept whispering to her mom about me. obviously, i thought it was cute so i looked back and gave a small smile, right ?? well the girl’s eyes widen completely as she’s staring me right in the eyes. anyways, she’s like ‘are you katherine ? or are you elena ?’ and i was very shocked      like am i supposed to tell her who i am ? do i ruin a girl’s hopes so soon ?? thankfully her mom explained the whole ordeal and i was saved from having to go there and sadden a princess. so, for future reference if you get asked to portray multiple characters on a show, deny, deny and deny. it only confuses little children even more.

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stay warm! make sure you eat well even if your appetite goes down! get lots of rest! i hope you feel better soon!! -Donki who is too lazy to switch accounts, as always

Thanks Donki !

So May has been extremely amazing for me.  I passed all my killer tests, I graduated, I moved out of my apartment, I got this huge beautiful computer, there’s a new Captain America movie, there’s a new season of Peaky Blinders with lots of Cillian + Tom, and I got a call back for a job at a proton center!  Proton treatment is the absolute cutting edge of radiation therapy right now, so I am very, very excited.  I would be thrilled to get any job at all, but if I were able to get THIS job, and so soon, that would simply be phenomenal.

I’m sorry I haven’t been replying to people very well at all lately, but I love you all and I hope you’re also doing well out there!  <3 <3 <3

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Hi! Hope you're well and get a good break soon! I just had two quick questions that I've always been curious about 1. Advice for dating in hospitals as a junior doctor. Avoid like the plague or potentially workable? 2. I know you continue studying as a junior doctor, but what do you study and how has it differed from med school (topic wise, focus wise or even style wise) Thank you!!

Thank you! I’ve got the weekend off before more 12 hour days and night shifts, but I’ll make the most of it once I feel sufficiently rested!

1) It can be both a good or a bad thing. Now, ideally, it’s always easier avoid dating at work for reasons like:

  1. It’s much neater, less likely to result in awkward meetings at work.
  2. Your entire hospital won’t give you knowing looks whenever that person walks by.
  3. You won’t have to deal with the horror of working with an ex, and everyone around you being interested in what happened.
  4. It’s definitely very sensible to avoid extra drama at work, or compromising your relationship with colleagues.

That said, humans aren’t straightforward creatures. When you really like someone, you want to see where that could end up. As humans, we’re pretty bad at doing the sensible thing. Sometimes you have to avoid it; dating patients is forbidden, for example. But as long as nobody is being hurt or exploited, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing per se.

So I’d suggest a balance. Keep work and pleasure separate as much as possible. It really is better to keep casual flings outside of work; there plenty of places you can get drama-free casual action. That said, many of my coleagues met their significant others through work. As a doctor, you really don’t have time to get out much; on the Forum my colleagues admit that most of us find love at work or online because traditional dating requires time we just don’t have.

In my own FY1 year, there were three couples within our cohort out of a fairly small group, and a few dated doctors or nurses etc outside of our year. And we were really happy for them. In fact, one of the couples was pretty much something we were all expecting to happen all year!

I’d also advise to avoid dating someone you work directly with; I feel it would be both too distracting on a daily level, and too awkward if things don’t work. I personally wouldn’t want to get involved in anything that I feel would detract from your concentration at work. You also need space from a partner and that’s hard to get if you’re on the same team all day at work. At least we rotate around a lot, so even if you like someone on your team, you won’t be on the same team for very long; after you rotate out your relationship will be quite different.

I’d be very wary of relationships with any kind of power dynamic imbalance. The person you date should not be your boss or in a position of power over you. This isn’t just about age, although it can be; I’d feel uncomfortable about the power dynamics of any 24 year old junior or nurse dating a 50-something consultant. 
Even a 30 something junior dating their 40 something senior would be problematic whilst they are on a team where one is responsible for the other.

Because the medical world is a heirarchical political place and the young junior is never going to be in a position where they have equal social power in that group than the senior. It is much easier for them to be exploited then ostracised for being involved. It should be up to the senior to avoid any inappopriate relationships with juniors as a person in authority.  For example, I’d never date one of my students, even if they are older than me, and I’m not very senior at all. That said, if it’s someone you’ve never worked with (say, they work at another hospital), who happens to be a few years ahead in the medical field, your work spheres are different. It would depend slightly on the circumstances.

I know how much students look up to their seniors for support, and need those people to be supporting with no hidden agenda. The trust we put in our seniors is, although not quite like the trust our patients put in us, but it is still a bond that should be respected.

2) Interesting question. We learn in several different ways:

  • Much of what we learn now is  from our caseload. There is a lot of learning involved every time you deal with a condition you haven’t seen before outside of a textbook, or an unusual presentation of something you have learned before. I genuinely do a lot of googling (reliable sources, obviously) and oxford-handbook-reading after seeing cases. Learning from real life is the absolute best way for things to stick in your mind. You’re not learning for an exam so there is no focus, it’s very much based on what you’re seeing.
  • We follow up our own patients. At handover, we find out what happened to the cases we clerked, or dealt with. We want to know what happened; were our clinical suspicions right? What did all those tests show? What could we learn from this case that might change how we treat the next patient who comes along with similar symptoms. Some of my seniors recommend keeping an anonymsed book at work where you note down the details of interesting cases to follow up and learn from.
  • In connection with this, we do a lot of reflecting. Did we do the right thing? What could we have done differently? What should we do next time? What did we learn today?
  • We get (and give) lots of informal teaching from our peers, and our seniors. This isn’t something we are expressedly paid to do, but it’s part of our job. This is often based on interesting cases we saw, but there is usually a focus on common conditions you need to know well.
  • We receive a certain amount of teaching from our deanery (it can be once a week, or a whole day once a month, etc) which is geared to a curriculum for our level of training. It’s definitely not as much training as it could be, but it helps.
  • Most specialities require multiple exams to progress. The first exam is usually a summary of knowledge (medical, surgical, or related to that speciality) that is rather like final year of med school again, except perhaps with more depth). As you progress the later exams are more specialised and clinically oriented. The reading people do for these exams is much more targeted than med school; most people buy a couple of books geared towards that exam, enlist themselves to a question bank, and work away.
  • It’s rather like med school studying in that it can involve bookwork, but because you are even busier, you really do have to leave months in advance of postgaduate exams. And you really try your best to revise any spare moment you get. Lull on the wards? Take out your phone and do questions. Night shift miraculously bleep-free? Take out a book and revise. I haven’t taken my exams yet, but my seniors have shown that you have to take every opportunity you can get.

I hope that helps :)


When you get those Character with Complex Story Arc feels…

I have determined my stylus as officially lost so anything from now until further notice will be traditional art.

Hope you guys like <3 <3

by @theeverlastingrandom

Nati: Heya! I hope you don’t mind that I edited this a little because 
a) the original file was very small and couldn’t really be viewed on desktop
b) I will slap the URL and artist name on every submission I get from now on because I was informed about art thieves/reposters on instagram (WHICH I NEVER ALLOWED BTW)

But either way, I am happy about how this looks like now because this is such an amazing piece of art and it would be a pity to not be able to look at all those details! So emotional and beautiful! And so well-done! Everything you make is simply gorgeous and I always enjoy having your art on our blog! I am sorry that you lost your stylus,I hope you still find it somewhere or get a new one soon ;w;

Thank you for drawing and submitting this! 

Let Them Watch

By avenger-nerd-mom
*a Chris Evans Fan Fiction*
Chris x OFC (First Person)
Chris Evans and his new girlfriend, a sassy plus sized woman, are spotted out on the town
Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, Fat Shaming, Bullying, Self-Esteem issues, Verbal Confrontation
Word Count 2632

Read Beautiful Design to see how Chris meets this lovely lady!

Adjusting my skirt, I freeze when the shrill voices and laughter enter the room.

 “Did you see the girl he’s with?!  Oh my God; she needs her own zip code.”

A blush creeps over my face.  I know what everyone else in the restaurant looked like.  She can only be talking about me.  Living in Hollywood is a nightmare… I stay hidden in the bathroom stall, hoping they will leave soon and I can make my exit unnoticed.

“Well, she has a pretty face?  Maybe she’s really sweet?” replies another voice.  Her, I like.

“Get off it, a pretty face and nice personality can only get you so far,” chimes in a third woman.

The sound of the water faucet turns on and I can hear the women shuffling through their handbags for lipstick touch ups.  

“In heels she’s practically taller than him!  And she really should cover up her arms with a sweater or something.”

“A black and white dress? She looks like Shamu!”  

Click here to read more…

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A special thanks to @fakedeepbeyonce for suggestions for this story

Irish American Civil War soldier’s last letter home, found on his dead body
Hubert McNamara, leaving behind a wife and three children in Ireland, died in the bloody slaughter of Cold Harbor.

[Sheet 1 Obverse?]…almigty god that we will soon get tru with them I all right soe far thank be tow the almighty god for his merci[illegible] possible [?] to I am [ad] dressing you with a few lines hope tow find you and the children in good helth as the departure thes few lines leves mee me in at present thank be to the almighty god for his to me we are fighting with rebble for last 10 days and we have drove them for as much 30 miles but there is grete many of our men kild and wonded but the purty well sourrounded in the [?]

[Sheet 1 Reverse?] Jun the 2 1864, Camp of the armi of the portommack 7 miles from Richmond mi Dear wife and children I take the favorable opportunitie [?] [illegible] tell what moment I wold get kild or wonded but I trus in god for his mercis tow me there is afful fight ing going on her we ar fight ing knight and fight ing day my Dear wife an children there is no thing more that I can let you know now it I have now time

[Sheet 2 Obverse] it is verry hard tow get paper or ink any thing els her John Dempsey is well and alsoe michael lawler is I wish that you wold tell his wife there is no thing more my Dear wife and children that I think soe good bie for afile, now more at present from youre afectionate husband Hubert Mc Namara 2 Corps 2 Divison 4 brigade Co I 155 armi of the portom mac,good bie write soon

[Sheet 1 Obverse?]…almighty God that we will soon get through with them. I [am] alright so far thanks be to the almighty God for his mercy [illegible] possible to, I am addressing you with a few lines. I hope to find you and the children in good health as the departure [of] these few lines leaves me in at present thanks be to the almighty God for his [mercy] to me. We are fighting with [the] Rebels for [the] last 10 days and we have drove them for as much [as] 30 miles, but there is [a]great many of our men killed and wounded but they [are] pretty well surrounded in the [?]

[Sheet 1 Reverse?]June the 2nd 1864, Camp of the Army of the Potomac 7 miles from Richmond. Dear wife and children, I take the favourable opportunity[illegible] tell what moment I would get killed or wounded, but I trust in God for his mercy to me. There is awful fighting going on here, we are fighting night and fighting day. Dear wife and children there is nothing more that I can let you know now I have no time.

[Sheet 2 Obverse] It is very hard to get paper or ink [or] anything else here. John Dempsey is well and also Michael Lawler is, I wish that you would tell his wife. There is nothing more my dear wife and children then I think, so goodbye for a while. No more at present from your affectionate husband Hubert McNamara, 2nd Corps, 2nd Division, 4th Brigade, Company I, 155th New York, Army of the Potomac. Goodbye write soon.

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So I'm sick and I like to force my own faults onto characters and the subject today is mogar. Imagine Mogar getting sick for the first time because he's getting weaker + the city has more nasty germs for the poor bear. Turns out that he can't take pills either and so in a joint effort between XRay, Vav, and Hilda, they convence him that some bubble gum flavored cough syrup is a potion and that it'll make him feel better.

aww omg i hope the potion makes you better too <3

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I just saw your post about being in the hospital, I hope everything goes well and you get better soon. (I lowkey feel bad bc I don't know what's going on and what I just said could be bad in certain situations) (Sorry in advance if I was a dick)

thank u!! im out now but what happened is a group of 5 or 6 guys my age jumped me and tried to steal my phone.. i got it back lel i didn’t have a passcode on it I didn’t want them finding my nudes but I did get a few punches and stamps to the head in the process.. a mess

Get Well Soon

This is just a small, fluffy story, dedicated to everyone who feels as if they could do with some care right now : )

I would love to hear any feedback you may have. I hope that you enjoy!



“James, you don’t need to fuss over me so much!” you croaked from within the blanket that Bucky had wrapped you up in. The effort of speaking was enough to elicit a cough from you, and Bucky once again placed his hand on your forehead to check for a fever.

“James, sweetheart, I have a cold. I’m not dying!” you joked, smiling at your fiancé fondly.

“I know,” Bucky smiled back. “I just want to help you get better as soon as possible.”

Bucky looked around the room, trying to see if he had forgotten anything. Your favourite book was on the coffee table in front of you. A box of tissues was sitting there, along with a big glass of water. He had already placed a hot water bottle at your feet. The radio was tuned into the station that would later be broadcasting your favourite detective serial. And soup was cooking slowly on the stove.

Despite being ill, you were feeling comfortable as you absorbed the warmth that you had been enveloped in.

You were touched by how much effort Bucky was putting into caring for you, and for the thousandth time since you met him, you wondered how you had gotten so lucky.


You woke up in your bed the next day, confused. The last thing you remembered from the night before was eating soup.

“You fell asleep,” Bucky said as he walked into the bedroom and saw your confused face. “So I carried you in. It’s a little weird that you didn’t wake up, since you’re usually such a light sleeper.”

You nodded your agreement as he sat on the edge of the bed. “How do you feel today?”

“A little better I think.”

“Good. I have breakfast cooking, so if you feel up to it, I’ll bring you some.”

“Yes please.”

A while later, and breakfast was sitting on a tray on your lap. “I love you!” you smiled at Bucky.

“I love you too,” he replied, as he leaned over to kiss you on the forehead.

“Don’t get too close James! You might get sick…”

In response, Bucky kissed you gently on the lips, and you loved every moment of it.

You stood in the kitchen, preparing tea. You were excited that you could breathe through both nostrils properly, and your throat was no longer scratchy. You were even looking forward to going back to work the next day.

You carried the tea carefully into the living room, and smiled widely at Bucky, who was wrapped comfortably in a blanket on the couch, a hot water bottle at his feet, and the baseball game playing on the radio.

You placed the tea down on the coffee table, and gently touched the back of your hand to Bucky’s forehead, checking for a fever.

“Stop fussing (Y/N), I’m not dying. It’s just a cold,” Bucky smiled, mirroring the words you had uttered days before. You smiled at him, heart swelling as you felt the warmth that enveloped you.