Selfie-Sunday! Had a long weekend because it was Valborg (celebrate Spring) here in Sweden so I was visiting my mum and just had a really relaxing time :) Now I have to get back to Stockholm but I’m heading soon to Tallinn, Estonia and I can’t wait :) Hope your weekend was great as well and that an amazing week is laying ahead for you :)xx

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did you hear that Ravi said vixx might have another comeback this year?? he said during the presscon May 1 that they may reveal an album this year!!! do you think we might have another comeback? it seems so soon though, i hope they get enough rest...

(I’m not supposed to be active on tumblr during my trip tho^^;;) Well, I haven’t watched the Manila presscon yet due to my trip, but I personally(double underline “personal”) think that they will be comeback around June. It’s just only my hunch tho, pls don’t take it official. ^~^;;;;

And I think the boys have the resting time enough. I mean even they’re not on screen, events or concerts. They would have their personal schedules like I often see the fanacc about Ken or Hyuk is attending the classes etc…

I do not really understand the sentence that “they don’t have enough rest” when we sometimes could see the photos from their personal or the fanacc where they were spotted w/ family or friend. I think that they’re just like us who is still going to school, work(practicing) everyday. How do you expect them to rest anyway? Not seeing them everyday doesn’t mean that they have a day-off. Why did I say that? Regarding to their interviews that they spend most of their day at a practice room when they don’t have schedule.:D

They might look tired sometimes or there’s many schedules in a day but I do believe that the boys would speak up if they’re too tired or don’t wanna do it.
Note: It’s only my opinion, pls do not take it seriously.

It was psy-choticism birthday yesterday.

And my gift for them took awhile -sweats-
Well it’s done just rendering it now
while im at work crying my butt off.

I hope I get to upload it soon >w</

Here’s another peek glimpse of your present. 89

thank you so so much to the people who sent me encouraging messages earlier today ;_____; i literally teared up when i was reading them bc i was really touched by your support; it was a big encouragement to making me study hard for tomorrow’s exams. i hope you guys have an amazing day ahead, and all the best to all of you having your exams/assessments soon!! things will get better bbz, don’t lose hope! 加油!

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Why do you want to leave tumblr? What's wrong?

Since people keep asking:
Tumblr makes me lose faith in humanity and that’s an AWFUL feeling. Along with that, I’m just getting older, I have other interests. I’m less into makeup, more into interior design, I’m going to want to start a family relatively soon (the next five years or so) and I really need to start focusing on school, my job, and my own well being (which does not include being depressed or angry every time I come on here). Hope this explains better.

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Alex, are you ok? What accident? Hope you get well soon tho

Thank you! A guy took my right of way and I had to break pretty hard and bumped my head. Nothing too bad, but I’m also getting used to new glasses and couldn’t read much all week before I got a headache. Today was much better, so yay.

BB Concert in Seoul Live Stream & Recording

So if you haven’t heard, the concert is being live streamed here and if you are unable to listen to it, I’m planning to record THE ENTIRE LIVE STREAM tonight and most likely also the one the following day. It would be exactly what you hear on the live stream as if you were listen to it through headphones directly yourself! (So yes you can hear the new song and I’ll even try to edit it down as well)

I’ve tested it already and my method works great, so I hope to get it out to you guys as soon as the concert is over! BigBang fighting!

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Hey there Dana. I'm going off to college for art soon, and i really admire your work. I was wondering if you had any tips about art college life as well as critique for the art I have posted to tumblr thus far (I'm fairly new to it). I'm not asking for a mentor or anything, but I really do hope I could get in touch with an amazing artist like you so that I can ask for tips from time to time about commissions and pricing and art and life and stuff. Thanks!

(Hey samrosesamrose, I wrote this answer as a general Tips post, send me an email and I can give you a more personalized response!) 

Disclaimer: All my advice is coming from my personal experiences in college.

Hey there, future or current student! Congratulations on getting into whatever art college you get into! It’s probably very expensive, unfortunately. Here are a few tips that could help you make the most of your money! 

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Sometimes we can not think only in a football team, we can not think only about the rivalry of the sport… We have to learn to see only the human being that is part of all it.

I am declared supporter of Borussia Dortmund, and like many other supporters, I was upset with Lewandowski when he left BVB to go to Bayern.

Today I am here as a person who is a football fan independent of a team and above all, I respect the human being, the player, Robert Lewandowski.

Get well soon, Robert. I’m cheering for you, hoping that you’ll have full recovery! All my good energies are being directed to you right now.

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As soon as the tickets were available to purchase, he did. Opening night was finally here, and even though it was a small opera house, it was still a very good one. He was all dressed up, and really hoped Eleven could watch the twins. He'd tried to get four tickets, but he couldn't even get two sets of two close enough together to bring the twins as well. He teleported over, feeling a bit foolish all dressed up. Miss TARDIS let him to where she was. "Kat? Are you busy? I have a surprise!"

Kat was in the library when Carmichael found her. She looked up from the shelf she was crouched in front of and quirked an eyebrow. 

“Does it have something to do with you being dressed up like that?” she asked, standing up. “Am I going to need a trip to the wardrobe?”

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Hello! So uh... EXO reaction to their girlfriend begging them for a puppy they see at the local market? Thanks.

this request is so cute, i hope you like it!

Chanyeol: *agrees as soon as he sees the puppy*

Sehun: “You won’t give up will you?”

Y/N: “Nope”

Sehun: “Fine.”

Xiumin: “Do you know how much time and energy it takes to look after a puppy, hmm?”

Kai: *you don’t even need to convince him and he just pays more attention to the puppy than you*

Baekhyun: “Well, it is cute.” *still deciding*

Lay: “he is super cute, we can get him.”

D.O: “Okay, but only because you’re cute.”

Luhan: *you won’t give up*

Tao: *lets you get it but just ends up looking after it more than you and treating it like it is his baby* (candy is too cute)

Kris: “Cats are better.”

Suho: “Do you want it that bad?”

Y/N: “Yes.”

Suho: “Okay then.”

Chen: “Now, how did I know you would ask me for that?”

gifs are not mine, requests are open!


sutarweek​ Day 7: AU  — Power couple

Modern day AU where Baatar Sr is the CEO of a  civil engineering company and Suyin is a politician. Both balance their busy schedules with their family life :) (this also is involved with mah Baavira College AU). Here their everyday trip to work on one car to share more time together  ❤

Sorry for be SOOO late but I’m a lazy and busy piece of trash :) hope you all sutar shippers like it specially you metalmamasu get well soon!

These Words are a Lie ~A Joshifer Fanfiction~ Chapter Eight

A/N: Hello everyone! I hope you all have been having a lovely week so far, and a wonderful Thursday. Ten points to Gryffindor for being able to stick to my schedule, am I right? I was initially worried review for my exams would get in the way, but thankfully, everything worked out in the end.

So here we are at chapter eight! And I know, likely you all are getting kind of anxious for a multitude of reasons. One, you’re probably wondering when the “bass of angst” is going to drop. And two, you’re probably wondering why the Josh in JOSHifer has been mia haha.

Well, I can assure you that both of those things will be happening relatively soon. Josh is finally going to come out from hiding this point onward, and if you’re thirsting for suspense and such, it’s definitely a comin’.

But first, let’s tackle some family business, shall we? I hope you all enjoy!

As usual, any and all feedback is appreciated for the story. Every little comment helps me out, and to anyone who has been kind enough to leave me a review of any kind, many thanks to you. I am thankful for all the support I’ve been given as of late.

And of course, big thank you to my partner in crime catching-dandelions for all her help.

The previous chapter can be found here [x]

All chapters so far can be found here [x]

And without further adooo…

My heart pounds within me, thumping against the confines of my chest. My fingers nervously twitter, twisting against one another and providing some type of distraction from the thoughts swirling throughout my mind. My brain floods my entire body with images, playing through scenario after scenario as I stare blankly at my house ahead.

My house. I’m finally back in Kentucky, home again after being away for months and months on end. I haven’t seen my family in so long, that it essentially feels like a privilege to be here. I’ve missed them so very much; their caresses, their laughter, their antics, their warmth.

Especially with everything I’ve had to go through. I was trapped away in a very dark place, lost and aimless as I searched for any form of light, and was unable to reach them.

But now, that’s all about to change. And that’s precisely the reason why I’m trapped, mentally and physically, in my car, sitting in the driveway.

It’s a large moment, a huge step in my journey, and even though Liz coached me through it before I began traveling, I’m still unsure if I’m fully ready.

I shut my eyes tightly and blow out a full breath, reaching deep into the depths of my conscious and grasping at the advice Liz gave me. I recall her words, repeating them over and over in my head like a mantra.

Telling my family will benefit everyone. Telling my family will result in protection, security, and comfort. Telling my family will not be a bad thing.

They will not be angry. They will be loving, understanding. Surprised, yes, but understanding, and willing to help me every step of the way.


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Hey, everyone! It took me a while to decide on a pattern this month, but I finally settled on releasing my Science the Rat pattern!! So if you’re interested in snagging this pattern for yourself or a friend, go ahead and check out my Patreon :] You’ll get this pattern if you sign up before the end of the month at the $7 monthly pattern level or the $25 baby octopus of the month club + pattern level. I also have some other cool reward options for non-crocheters, if you’d like to support me but you don’t want patterns! 

As always, thank you all so much for following and encouraging me!! I hope this month has been going well for you all. I need to work on some new plushies soon so I can post some more exciting things for everyone, instead of just bin after bin of convention prep stuff, haha. But for now it’s back to the con grind~

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