I wish I can see and hear him live in the future, this is SO beautiful 

→ i fu*ckin miss him, I hope he is really well and can comeback soon

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Hiya love hope your feeling better // get better soon! And back up writing!! What's part 2 going to be about?? Telling the missus' parents?? Xoxo

Thank you, my love. I’m feeling a lot better now I’ve had a sleep and some water with a few dry pieces of toast, haha. Hopefully, I’ll be back up and ready for writing (and college) again tomorrow. ;) Part Two is going to be when they tell the missus’ parents and when they tell the boys as well, haha. I’ve missed writing about all the boys being together. :) xxx

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Dear dad,

Dear dad,

I hope you are doing well. I’ve been out here living my dream and it’s all thanks to you. Mom always taught me right from wrong, but you were always the one that believed in me. I know that Mom thinks I should just stay at the farm and carry on the Bromwell tradition, but you knew from the beginning that I was meant for more. I really hope that she never finds out about you loaning me the four gold to get to Stormwind. Her fury would be the undoing of both of us… Well, I’ll send home some of my earnings this week and I’m really trying to find a way to come visit soon. Pray for my success!

Your son,


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Mun says&& Hey, new Luna RPer here! Could you possibly direct me to some other XV writers? I'm just getting into the fandom.

Hey! Welcome to the XV fandom! Here are other XV Rpers that I know/following.

Noctis Rpers: @oflucis & @featherdicks

Prompto Rpers: @quick-silver-style & @regalaisadvenacustos

Ignis Rpers: @intelligentmartyr , @xscientia & @scientxa, @pragmatice

Regis Rpers: @regiscxelum

Cor Rpers: @immortalshogun

OC XV Rpers: @astrayeus & @astralesque

Stella Rpers: @noxdefendere & @stellamoriens

Gentiana Rpers: @fleuraide

Aranea Rpers: @niflheimdragoon

Sadly enough I don’t know any active Gladiolus blogs. But I do hope this helps! Welcome to the XV fandom and I hope we can rp soon as well!


Song : Paralyzed by NF

A/N : i loved these two requests and thought they would go well together! Hope you all enjoy!! xx

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Today was unlike any other day. The skies were gloomy, the tension was heavy and soon Kylo would get his last order of training. For weeks, you both dreaded this day. But here it is. 

“You must kill the one you hold close to your heart.” Snoke hissed. “Anything that holds you to the light, must be executed.” 

Flashes of you flooded Kylo’s mind. Every memory you two made together played as if it were a movie. He felt the sudden pain in his chest. Just the thought of hurting you killed him. 

“Do not disappoint me now. You have come so far.” The Superior Leader stated. 

Kylo swallowed hard as he clenched his jaw and snapped his gaze up. “I wont.” 

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So I'm sick and I like to force my own faults onto characters and the subject today is mogar. Imagine Mogar getting sick for the first time because he's getting weaker + the city has more nasty germs for the poor bear. Turns out that he can't take pills either and so in a joint effort between XRay, Vav, and Hilda, they convence him that some bubble gum flavored cough syrup is a potion and that it'll make him feel better.

aww omg i hope the potion makes you better too <3

Birthday present/project for Abel.

Thank you to the Anon who came up with this idea. Since Abel’s bday is around valentines day we should all make valentine cards using him as the theme, I’ll start posting them as soon as I get them. We could also make birthday cards for him as well and I’ll post them on his birthday. We have 9 days to get this done. You can put them in my submission box or DM them to me on IG @xolaflame. I hope a lot of you will participate and if we try hard enough he’ll notice them. Xo


Summary: These are the words I held back as I was leaving too soon - I was enchanted to meet you. With Bucky at a party and you being gorgeous and different and everything he’s ever wanted. ((Requested by @berrystained))

Warnings: it gets a little steamy but that’s about it

Word count: 1500

A/N: Ughhhh I love this song. I really hope this is what you were hoping for, I could have gone a few ways with that ending but, well, let’s just leave it at that. Enjoy~

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Tony Stark was known for throwing “legendary” parties. That’s not exactly the word Bucky would use for them, but lavish, expensive, and utterly pointless crossed his mind multiple times throughout the night. There was a possibility that if Bucky wasn’t well known as the traitorous assassin to all the guest, and if he still had his 30’s mentality, he could actually be having fun. But that was just a dream, because every corner he turned sent another group of distrusting gazes weighing his shoulders down another ten pounds.

He was prepared to spend the whole night alone, chasing corners like a dog let loose on the street, and he would have if you didn’t have a better idea. Bucky would be lying if he said he saw you coming, though maybe that was the fun of it. He couldn’t completely shut down the watchful eye Hydra conditioned him into keeping, so the fact that you could sneak up on him at all had him jumping for answers.

He knew before he even turned around that you were someone he wanted to know. Maybe it was the sweet twist of your perfume or the casual tap of your fingers against his shoulder; people found it hard to be casual around Bucky, and no one ever got close enough to touch him. Steve was the obvious exception to all this, but he didn’t see Steve all that often.

It took him less than a second to get trapped in your beauty. Black dress, red lips turned up, and shining eyes like (E/C) vortexes. Nothing could go through his head but a small wow that echoed between both hemispheres of his brain, up and down and back again until your lips moved.

“Bucky, right?” He was still adjusting to someone sparing a smile so lovely just for him. His thoughts were only beginning to defrost, questions ringing in his ears like fire alarms. Who are you’s, How did you sneak up on me’s, and Where did you come from’s, but most importantly the Where have you been all my life’s. Amidst all of those vibrating inquiries he nodded, simple and small and lost in the pools of your irises.

“Y/N, it’s nice to finally meet you.” You smiled wider and noticed his blue hues glinting in recognition. It was the first time since you tapped on his shoulder that he looked at you like he was a person and not a daydreaming puppy. In Bucky’s head his thoughts were switching from She’s gorgeous to She knows me real fast, and he had no clue if that was good or bad.

“You’ve heard of me?” His voice is much steadier than he expected, and so much louder. But he doesn’t notice the burning stares it illicits from the guests around him, he’s too busy swimming in the thought that his first words to you were just plain stupid. Of course you’d heard of him, everyone in the room knew who he was. A solid metal arm was a pretty big give away if you weren’t familiar with his face, which you probably were.

“From Steve. Unlike everyone else in the room, I only know about James Barnes, best friend to the meatball from Brooklyn.” You laugh lightly and Bucky doesn’t think he’s heard music that meets the same archaic melody, in this century or the last. He’s also just a tiny bit relieved, Steve could certainly weave a good story or two, so maybe your impression of him wasn’t as negative as he had come to think.

“James, I don’t hear that name often.” He’s laughing now, but it comes out as more of a huff. Even in the 30’s he was rarely called James, and it was rarer still for it to roll off the tongue of someone so breathtaking.

“I don’t doubt it. Even the curators in the Smithsonian call you Bucky.” He only shrugs, wanting to break the silence with questions he was supposed to ask a pretty girl at a party or dropping lines he only just seemed to remember from dimly lit bars and nights before he shipped out, but his mouth swallowed them faster than one of Tony’s fancy new cars.  

“You’re wondering how I know Steve?” You guessed, and the flash over Bucky’s face proved you right.

“How’d you know?” His brow lifted and his head tilted, but now there was a smile playing with the corners of his mouth. It was a nice change from the stern anxious look he was sporting before you turned him around.

“I’m great at guessing games. Makes me really fun at parties.” Bucky’s never seen a charming smile like that on someone else and it makes his heart jump right out of his chest. He wondered if you could guess what he was feeling right now, and if you wanted to kiss him just as badly.

“I’ll bet.” Bucky doesn’t know who took the first step but there’s definitely less space between you now and he cant help but think that’s not such a bad thing.

“To answer your earlier question, I’ve worked with Steve before. He really likes telling stories about life before the war. He’s painted you quite the hero.” You’re almost taunting him now, close enough for him to feel the heat of your skin and the mint on your breath and imagine for the shortest second about those red lips against his. He had to hold his breath and bite his lip to concentrate on your words and not just how you’re curling them into the air against his chin.

“Sorry to break it to you, but I’m not a hero.” Which is true, but Bucky really just wants to know if the air leaving his body has any effect on you, or if he’s the only one being pushed overboard by the electric wall between your skin and his.

“That’s what makes you fun at parties.” Your smirk is devilish now and the glint in your eyes screams for him to just go for it. There’s a full on brawl inside Bucky’s head. We’re in public was taking a heavy beating with Kiss her leaving almost no room to be stopped. It was a bad idea, a horrible idea, but the twist of your red lips was too much to debate against.

So he did it, desperate and fast and only a millimetre away from completely missing your mouth. It was so good too - bitter with alcohol and lipstick swirling against his senses but smooth and hot like steam after a long shower. He pulled back before the second passed, regretting it when he immediately missed your taste. The look in your eyes was utter bliss when they opened again, with a good amount of deserving shock. You hadn’t expected that from Bucky, not that fast anyway. You thought about going in for a longer kiss, but then the temptation of Bucky chasing after you sounded just as rewarding.

“This was fun, why don’t we do it again some time?” Your finger traced his jaw slow enough to make him drool before you twirled around and walked away, heels clicking against the tile floor and Bucky’s eyes burning into your back. All he could do was gulp and dream about your lips grazing his, hair tangling his fingers together and breath burning holes through his skin.  

1 AM came too slowly and now you were in bed thinking about your short encounter with Bucky; his endless blue eyes and unfairly soft lips. You wondered if you made the right call, because yeah, the next time you saw him would be awesome, but that whole waiting thing was a lot more to deal with than you thought it would be. The delayed gratification of this situation was really delayed and you craved Bucky’s feel like you’d never craved anything before.

You almost didn’t answer the door when you heard an eager knock, too absorbed in your daydreams to really hear it. But you did, and you carefully flung the door open in case the person knocking so desperately was a murderer trying to get into your house.

There was no time to think after that. Familiar lips met yours and hands held your hips close. Bucky.

His metal hand gripped your hip while the other burned up your skin to trace your cheek and run through your hair. The door slammed shut again with his foot kicking it in place and your back was pressed into the wall, Bucky holding you firmly but carefully in against him.

“Took you long enough.” You laughed before he connected your lips again, feeling his grin permeate the air around it. The kiss was searing and open mouthed and left you wanting more, regardless of how much you got. Bucky couldn’t believe how good it felt to have you between his fingers and in his mouth, brushing against all of his senses perfectly. You were magic and he was caught, happily and forever if he had any say in the matter.