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Hello is me again the final person. Thank you for answering my request. May I request one with joker,Claude and snake celebrating with their s/o after finals?

//Hi, darling! I hope you did well on your finals :) Please enjoy//

As soon as Joker’s partner walked through the door, they were greeted by a full-blown, one-man party. They’d just finished their last final, and were expecting to come home and spend the rest of the day the way they ordinarily would. There was no way Joker would allow that. They’d just finished a stress filled week of tests, they deserved a celebration for getting through it as well as they had.

The room was heavily decorated with streamers and balloons. Joker was holding up a small cake, a grin on his face. The cursive icing on the cake spelled out ‘It’s a girl!’

“Well, let me explain. I knew it’d be a mess if I made the cake myself, so I figured I’d better buy one. This was the closest thing to a congratulatory cake they had. I was gonna wipe the writing off, but I didn’t have time before you got home, so… Congratulations on your pregnancy!”

His partner giggled, “Thank you!“

The two spent the rest of the night eating the cake and generally spending time together–which included the ‘you’ve-got-something-on-your-face-let-me-get-it-for-you’ kiss. After which, they both grinned and laughed at how cliché it was. Their night included a lot of games and contests, most of them Joker’s idea. He had planned on the two staying up late, enjoying his partner’s newfound freedom, now that they didn’t have to worry about finals. However, he didn’t account for the fatigue that came along with finals, and, although his partner did their best to hide it, he could tell when they started getting drowsy. He had them get on his back and carried them to bed, gently laying them down. They were half asleep by that point, and he gave them a kiss on the forehead.

“I love you. I’m so proud of you,” he said, pulling the blankets up around them.

“Thank you,” they mumbled, straining to stay awake. “For everything.”


Similarly, Claude opted for a surprise celebration as soon as his partner got home–however, Claude’s was a bit more well put together.

When his s/o walked through the door, they were expecting to be greeted by Claude, as always–however there was no sign of him. They cautiously made their way to the dining room. As soon as they opened the door, they were smacked in the face by party supplies–quite literally, as they were met with confetti in their face. Streamers, banners, garland, balloons–you name it, it was there in the dining room. There was also a grandiose cake sitting on the table, and there was Claude standing next to it.

The whole thing was a bit extravagant for his partner’s taste, although they would never say so. Appreciating all of the effort that went into the display, a smile spread across their face as they walked over to Claude.

“Congratulations on finishing finals. I’m proud of you.”

Although he said it with a straight face, his partner was overjoyed that he said it, as he doesn’t show too often that he’s proud. “Thank you–for all of this,” they said, beaming and gesturing to all of the decorations. “You really didn’t have to do all of this, it’s just finals.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, you deserved it.” he stated, pulling out a chair for his s/o. “Have a seat.”

While it was certainly a nice gesture, Claude’s partner just wanted to spend time with him–with him acting as their partner, not their butler. They politely ate a piece of cake, going along with the big celebration. However, after a short while, they explained that they felt the need to retire to bed, asking if Claude cared to join.

Sensing his lover’s cuddly mood, he complied, giving them a short kiss before leading them to bed.


Snake opted for a different approach, knowing his lover wasn’t the type for big celebrations, and he didn’t want their festivity to only last as long as a party would. When his lover came home, their exhausted face proved that he was right about keeping things simple. He helped them out of their coat and asked if they needed anything. His partner shook their head and simply gave him a short, lazy kiss–effectively making his face heat up.

“Actually, if you don’t mind,” his partner started. “Cuddle with me?”

This only made Snake blush more, but he nodded as his partner tugged him to the bed. Once they got situated, Snake laced their hands together and gave them a small peck on the lips. His partner grinned at this, kissing him back, this time a bit deeper.

After they pulled away, his partner laid their head on his chest. “I’m so glad finals are over,” the said with a sigh.

“How were they? Were they difficult?”

These questions caused his partner to launch into a conversation about how unfair a couple of the tests were. “Half of the questions weren’t on the study guide, and I’m positive we haven’t even covered a few,” they started, leading them into another story about the same class.

Snake simply watched them go on as they passionately explained their disagreement with the professor. They looked a mess, the past week having taken a toll on them–however they still looked ravishing. They were in the middle of their sentence when Snake, without thinking, captured their lips in a kiss. As soon as he realized what he was doing, he pulled away, muttering a, “Sorry.”

“No, it’s okay. I was rambling, wasn’t I?”

Snake gave his s/o a small smile, attempting to control the blush spreading across his face and neck. His partner leaned over to him and kissed him again, deepening it considerably.

The two spent every night for the next couple of weeks the same way–cuddling in bed, talking occasionally, but mostly sitting in comfortable silence. And kissing. A lot.

This was much better than a party.

(I don’t know if Joker would actually be able to carry his partner with his arm and all, but just roll with it. Also, I know he speaks in Cockney English, but I’m not quite sure how to write that–so ignore that as well).

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Woah I hope your surgery goes well and I hope you'll get better soon :'

thank you a lot!

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Hey congrats on Taylor following and noticing u!!! I am just as happy as u are right now! You're a beautiful girl and hope u have fun at her concert in August!! I've never been to any of her concert cuz I can't afford it but there's always hope to meet her and see her! Hope ur having a great day as well!! Great times!!!❤️😘

Aww thank you SO MUCH! I really hope that you get to go to a concert soon, because you deserve it. (:

Hiya! How’s everyone doing? I hope you’re having a better weather than we are. It’s been raining and raining - and well, everything’s wet.

Anyway, Admin A here - will be on for the rest of the evening so any questions, requests, comments, concerns, please send them my way and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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We are planning an event which we would like to do sometime this weekend. The question is, would you guys be around? Please reply to this post with the day this weekend you will be on and we’ll work the event around that. Thank you!

-Admin A

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Heard you were sick Mrs. K Guess its OUR turn to hug YOU! *hugs* Hope you get well in time to come!

*hugs* thankee peach. *hugs moar* I’m feeling much better than I was last night. I’m hoping to be up and running soon. I have to go to work tomorrow. 


hey taylorswift this is me and my selfie spam for you <3333 my name is millie and I love you SO much, (great amounts) you have done sooooo much for me I don’t think you can imagine (I hope I get to tell you in person about 2013 soon and how it was a bad year for both of us I just don’t wanna make you cry cause im gonna cry on your shoulder! look forward to it, whenever it may be)
I’m seeing you twice in june! (24th and 27th, just a heads up see u there)
well I also love sam claflin and I think you guys should meet. just saying. I HAVE A QUESTION HAVE YOU SEEN LOVE, ROSIE?! if you haven’t you NEED to its my favourite movie in the world and the book is spectacular ok alright bye

Forgotten Roads, Fantasy/Roadtrip!AU, coming soon

Bard’s curiosity was quickly replaced by an astounded expression. Then his face broke into a huge smile, adding more wrinkles to the corner of his eyes, and he laughed. It was a dusty laugh, rough as if it came from deep inside, like if it had been buried in a locked chest, or lost in the endless path of a maze, and it had finally found a way out. Thranduil understood how this man used to smile a lot, but didn’t anymore.


Requested by bryannaxgarza: I hope everythings okay and that you’re out of hospital soon, I pushed this forward for you! :) xx Get well soon x

Stiles: Look at our little munchin…you had enough sleep? Cause I think it’s about time you at your jell-o

Lydia: Stiles just let her sleep…

Scott: Maybe Stiles is right…I mean it’s been a while since Y/N got up and actually did something…

Y/N: Mmm…? Wha-?

Peter Pan imagine


This is my first Peter Pan imagine :) Since I watch Once Upon a Time, Peter Pan is my favorite character and I was pretty sad when he died :( When I discovered that there was imagines about him, I decided to wrote one too. So, here it is and I hope you will like it! ♥ 

Characters : Peter Pan, Killian, Felix

Pairing : Peter Pan x Reader (well, it’s not really a ‘’pairing’’ )

Warning : teasing, violence, swearing, possessive/domination, fluff

Words : 1,514

‘’Peter Pan never fails, darling! You might want to stop running away before I get angry!’’ You heard the sassy voice shouted into the dark forest. 

Your heart was beating faster than ever and your breathing was heavier as well. You could felt the adrenalin flowing into your veins as you were trying - well, it’s a big word since you knew that, soon or later, Pan will found you - to hide from that psychopath. The branches were snapping you, but you didn’t care. Hell no! If getting those scratches were the price to pay to get Peter Pan away from you, you were more than ready to pay it.

‘’Come on sweetheart, tell me where you are and I promise I’ll be kind!’’

You run even faster. Tears were slidding down your face, since you really know how ‘’nice’’ he could be.

*Flash Back*

‘’Felix, bring the girl’’ Pan ordered.

His minion did has the king demanded. He approached the cage where you were trapped in and forced you to get out. Maybe you didn’t like the cage, put it wasn’t worse than being out of it. He pushed you on the floor so that you were kneeling in front of Pan.

‘’So, she’s the one that try to trick me? A girl? Pathetic’’ He scoffed, staring at you with wicked eyes.

‘’Still, It’s you who got tricked, by a girl’’ You said, arrogantly.

‘’Shut up!’’ Pan shouted. Never you heard so much hatred in a voice.

His fist were now turning white and you could tell that he was forcing himself not to hit you hard in the face. He walked toward you, staring at you with dead in the eyes. His face was now an inch from yours and you could feel his breathe blowing on your skin. He lift your chin with his thumb and a smirk grown on his face.

‘’Bring me the other pirate, maybe if she saw what happen when we annoyed me, she won’t trick me again’’

*End of the Flash Back*

You shived at the though of what might have happen to your friend. Pan didn’t killed him infront of you, like you thought he would’ve do. He only brought him away from you when you said that you couldn’t lived without him.

‘’Please, Peter, don’t kill him!’’ You begged him when Pan’s sword was on his throat. ‘’He’s the only family that I have left!’’

‘’Then, you won’t have any family left, my dear’’ He laughed.

He couldn’t care less. After that, he disappeared with him and you never saw your friend again.

‘’(Y/N)’’ Pan’s voice echoed in the forest. ‘’I know where you are!’’

‘’Then why don’t you try to catch me’’ You mumbled to yourself, feeling tiredness seizing your body.

You stopped running when you saw the fair-haired blonde boy appear in front of you. Your eyes widened and you gasp, slowly distancing yourself from the green devil. He seemed to notice it since his smirk grew bigger. He lift an eyebrow, staring at you.

‘’I thought catching you at the first place would have taken all the fun out’’

He smiled at you, making you want to throw up.

‘’Then why did you catch me?’’ You replied, distrusting him.

‘’Because I know how to keep the fun, love’’ 

He took a step closer to you, making you step back, but your back hit the tree behind you and you couldn’t distanced yourself from Peter Pan anymore. The anxiety was growing inside your stomach, becoming practically unbearable. His face was now an inch from yours.

‘’Don’t ever call me that again’’ You threated, feeling your voice trembling.

‘’Or what, love?’’ He teased you.

You darkly glanced at him, feeling powerless. If a look could kill, he’ll be more than dead.

‘’That’s what I thought’’ He laughed.

His hands leaned against the tree and one of them was know about an inch from your face while the other one was an inch from your waist. You tried to hold his gaze, but there was something about the way he looked at you that make you shived and look away.

‘’What’s wrong, love?’’ He sarcastically demanded.

‘’Stop calling me that!’’ 

You pushed him away, feeling all the anger you had kept inside of you rushing out. He stepped back. The corner of his lips lift up and he scoffed.

‘’You have fire’’ He teased you, pressing his body even closer to yours. His hand grabbed your waist while the other one toss away a strand of hair. ‘’I like fire’’

He slipped his fingers down your neck and on your collarbone. Something was burning inside your stomach and you couldn’t tell why you were feeling like that. He leaned toward your neck. You felt his lips close to your burning skin but he stopped moving when you talked.

‘’What’s your problem?’’ You gasped, trying to make your voice sound more authoritarian.

‘’Have I a problem?’’ He whispered.

He placed a kiss in the pit of your neck. Did he really think he could do whatever he wants with you? You felt his lips smirking, making your anger exploded. It took just that to gave you all the bravery you needed.

‘’YES, PAN. YOU’RE A FUCKING PSYCHOPATH!’’ You screamed and pushed him, again. But this time, the bloody demon didn’t laugh. ‘’You love hurting me, you keep me in a cage, you killed my friend and now, you think that I will let you flirting with me?’’ You giggled - wait giggled?

‘’You’re crazy’’ He said, practically whispering. 

By the look he gave you, you knew you hurt him. But you couldn’t stop laughing - well maybe you were going mad because who knows what the hell he’ll do to you after what you said to him?

‘’By the way I didn’t killed Killian. I’m not a killer’’

You suddenly stopped laughing. Both of us were staring widely at each other. You struggled, trying to find out if you could trust him. You wanted to, but at the same time, you knew too well Peter Pan, at least, that’s want you thought.

‘’If what you say is real, then Killian would have come back long ago to save me’’ You replied, crossing your arms on your chest like if you challenged him to contradict you.

‘’That’s because I offered him the Jolly Roger… And because I forbided him to never come on the Island again, otherwise I would kill you’’

‘’And you say that you are not a killer’’ You scoffed, rolling your eyes.

‘’I didn’t kill you’’ He defended himself.

‘’But you would’’


A silence dropped between you two. You remembered the time you past with your friend, how you loved navigating on the ocean. You missed the feeling of the salty wind on your skin. ‘’One day, we’ll have a ship of our own, sailing on every oceans and we would be happy’’  Tears stung your eyes, threatening to fall as you remembered what your friend told you once.

‘’Why?’’ You whispered.

‘’Because I’m not a killer’’ He said while lifting one of his eyebrows.

‘’No, I mean, why did you always have to hurt me?’’

‘’I never hurt you!’’ His voice raised.

‘’Maybe you didn’t hurt me physically, but you hurt me’’ Your voice raised too and you glanced at him. ‘’All I want, is to go home, on the Jolly Roger with Killian’’ You desperately said.

‘’But you won’t’’ He stepped closer to you, his eyes suddenly turning dark ’’Because no one gets off this Island without my permission, (Y/N)’’

‘’Don’t come closer!’’ You threated him.

A tear slipped down on your cheek and you violently whipped it. He stopped himself and frowned.

‘’Let’s play a game’’ He offered.

‘’Are you serious!? I don’t fucking care about your -’’

‘’If you win, you can see Killian and if you don’t, you stay with me’’ He cut you off.

‘’What’s the game?’’ You sighed.

‘’If I can find a moment when I was nice to you, I win’’

You rolled you eyes, knowing that he might never found one.


Peter walked toward you and took your hand. You step back and frowned, trying to find out if you could trust him. He poorly smiled at you. Suddenly, smoke wrapped around both of you and you disappeared. 

You reappeared on a boat you knew once. The salty smell of the ocean infiltrated into your nostrils. The white sails were flying in the wind. You slightly touched the boat ramp, feeling every memories coming back to your mind. 

‘’Home sweet home’’ Your heard someone say.

You quickly turned to face him. Killian. His wonderful blue eyes were staring at you.


You ran toward him, hugging him as hard as possible. He wrapped his arms around your waist and you laughed as you felt tears slipping on your cheeks. He took a step back, still holding you.

‘’I thought I would never see you again’’ You said with a trembling voice.

You glanced at Pan, sparkles in your eyes, but then, you remembered the deal and you look away.

‘’I’m sorry, for everything’’ Peter Pan mumbled before disappearing.

I hope you enjoyed my Peter Pan imagine ♥

In case anyone needs a happy asexuality story right now, the cutest thing ever happened to a friend of mine (and yes, he’s okay with me sharing it on my blog):

He has been dating someone for a little over three months and they never talked about sex during that time. His date never brought up the topic and he was quite happy about that because he feared they would break up with him as soon as he comes out. However, a few days ago, they asked if they could stay overnight and he decided it would be unfair not to tell them and get their hopes up for nothing. 

So, he very nervously said “Yes but there’s something we need to talk about and it’s.. well, it’s about sex and..” and they interrupted him “No, wait, before you say anything, there’s something i wanted to tell you.” 

And he almost panicked and thought Oh God, no, now they will tell me they want to have sex with me and oh God, how will i get out of that without hurting their feelings, i should have told them earlier, i’m so stupid.. 

Well, guess what they said? 

“I really, really like you but..i don’t want to have sex with you. Please don’t be upset, it’s not your fault, i just..I never want to have sex with people. I just don’t feel that way.” 

My friend stared at them. “Wait, you’re asexual?” 

“No, no, it’s not like an illness.” 

“No, asexuality means you don’t feel sexually attracted to other people.” 

They blinked and sat in thought for a while until they started to smile shyly. “That’s cool, i didn’t know there’s a word for that.” 

“Well, i know it because i am asexual.” 


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Well now I need Klaroline as kittens. My throat is scratchy and I feel icky so please please please :(

Because you’re sick, and that sucks :(

Starring kitten!Caroline:

and kitten!Klaus:

Klaus watched Caroline prowl away from Enzo.  She looked smug and happy, and if kittens could sigh, Klaus would.

Before Caroline had come along, Klaus hadn’t bothered trying to get along with any of the other kittens.  He had eaten his kibble, enjoyed his treat milk, and hissed at anyone that tried to chase the red dot the master could summon with him.  

But then Caroline had come strutting in, and Damon had tried to take some of her gift milk that one time, so she ended up dumping his bowl all over him.  After that, Damon had stayed clear of her, and Klaus had been so amused.

After she hissed at Kol for trying to take her catnip, Klaus knew he was in love.

Now she was plotting against Enzo for stealing her kibble, and Klaus knew this was his chance.  All he had to do was charm her.

When he nudged his kibble bowl over to hers and then sat back, trying to act nonchalant, but hoping she would accept his gift, she gave him a narrow eyed look and a meow.

I’m too smart to be charmed by kibble.

Klaus meowed back.

I know, that’s why I like you.

He knew she was charmed, even if she wouldn’t look at him.

And when she took some of the kibble, he knew that it was a peace offering she had never given anyone else.