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Hey! Hope you guys had a fab Christmas season!!! I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I'm looking for TW fics with an ethereal, dreamy, magical quality to them (any pairs or non-relationship stuff's fine). I'm not a Lit/English major so I can't describe it properly. It's like Murakami, my fave being "South of the Border, West of the Sun"? Meditative? Magical realism? Urban Fantasy? Would love it without the suicides in usual Murakami fare please ;~;. Thank you!

Hey there bb!  I’m not familiar with the source material, but did my best to pull together some fics for you.  Hope they were what you were looking for.  *smooches*  -Emmy

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Wanna Be Adored by verity

(2,168 I Explicit I Complete)  *Derek/Lydia/Stiles *polyamory *sirens

It took Lydia a moment—she was still caught up in Euclidean spaces and paradoxical decomposition, tongue sweet with bourbon—before she caught Derek’s meaning, registered the rabbit flutter of Stiles’s heart beneath her open palm where she’d pressed it against his chest. Stiles squeezed his eyes shut, like he couldn’t bear to look at her, already steeled for the inevitability of her rejection. Lydia glanced at Derek, eyes glittering beneath lowered lashes. “Are you sure?” she said.

Be A Dear… by mossqueen

(2,240 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles kisses Derek’s cheek on New Year’ Eve, two hours before the countdown is even due to begin, and whispers into his ear. Derek grasps at the hem of Stiles’ shirt, at his wrist, as he revels in the sensation of Stiles’ long eyelashes fluttering against his cheekbone. He is unable to speak, and then it’s too late, and Stiles pats Derek’s chest like he wasn’t the one who made the hole there and saunters off to find Lydia.

Don’t You Wanna Be My Sky by WhoNatural

(9,420 I General I Complete)  *Fae!Stiles

Stiles got ratted out by the Realm Guard for sneaking off with Scott a total of seven times before his dad buckled, promising sabbatical once Stiles reached Faehood, and enough Earth culture in the meantime to have him talking like a born-and-bred Californian teenager.

He just didn’t have the tan.

(Or, in which Stiles is a Frost Fae sent to the Earth Realm on the Fae version of Rumspringa and immediately falls head-first into a Coffee Shop AU)

Jealous Moon (Longing Sun) by WednesdaysDaughter

(14,610 I Teen I Complete)  *magical!Stiles

It is said that any person foolish enough to fall in love with an Owens woman is doomed to die. It is this curse that haunts both Allison and Stiles Stilinski after their father dies and their mother shorty after. Together they must fight to keep their friends and family safe when faced with a homicidal werewolf and his quest for power. Joined by the Alpha Derek Hale and his emissary Lydia Martin, Stiles and Allison are forced to confront the curse that’s haunted their family for so long; A curse that neither Derek nor Lydia believe in.

The Woebegone Kid by ahab2692

(31,000 I Mature I Complete)

“You know, this is the third time you’ve saved me from drowning.”

Stiles’ expression turns fierce, challenging. “And I’d do it again. Whether you like it or not.”

And I Defy Everyone by ToyBoxOfSuz

(37, 595 I Explicit I Complete)  *magical!Stiles

Stiles Stilinski is a magically talented teenager in a world that fears magic. Stiles thinks the only way he can learn more about his powers and magic is to summon a wolf familiar: Peter and become his master.

Tomorrow Never Knows by ahab2692

(41,735 I Explicit I Complete)  *Jackson/Stiles

After a violent accident, Stiles and Jackson are forced to hide out together at a summer cabin at Lake Tahoe. They discover themselves.

Such an Almighty Sound by coyotl

(45,518 I Explicit I incomplete)

Stiles is more than he has let on, and Derek is kicking himself for not having figured it out sooner. Then again, knowing isn’t going to make things easier for anyone, and Derek might just have to kick himself for that one, too.

When Sparks Fly by LunaCanisLupus_22

(58,040 I Explicit I Incomplete)

“Derek,” Stiles thunders. “Were you ever going to tell me your house is trying to hook us up?”

Derek’s head snaps up, eyes wide and scenting the evident crackle of magic in the air.

It Came From The Trees by whatshouldntbe

(365,659 I Explicit I Incomplete)

Stiles can’t help but to notice that his window is ajar.

Happy reading!  Thanks for being so patient <3