Yuri!!! on ICE - A bit of supplementary Figure Skating info

I couldn’t help it, I started making a quick reaction post for the first episode and it turned into some sort of guide/pointing out details…This is some background knowledge about the real-life skating world that made the first episode more enjoyable for me, and I hope that by sharing this with my fellow anime fans some people might also smile at all the little details and references that the animators put in - because they really did their research.

(This kind of turned into an essay, but…)

If you want to know more about what makes Victor so amazing (“Quad what-now? What does 300-whatever points even mean?”), why Yuri actually is pretty-darn admirable (“But he failed! And split up with his coach! That’s not a cool MC!”), and allusions to real-life situations/people, read ahead. I’ll split it up into sections: 

  1. The Grand Prix Final - what Yuri and Victor’s scores mean,
  2. Yuri’s hometown situation=reality of Japan small town, 
  3. Victor’s jaw-dropping World Championships program - is it really that special? (Yes, it is.)
  4. Victor-Yuri = Plushenko-Yuzu? (connecting similarities here)

GPF - let me tell you the numbers

  • Of the dozens of Men’s Singles skaters, only 6 people make it to the Grand Prix Final each year. They’re chosen based on a point system. The simplest way to get to the GPF is to win both of your assigned Grand Prix competitions. If you get 2nd place, 3rd place, etc., things start getting complicated. I won’t go into details, but basically, getting into the GPF is already a pretty big deal. Yuri is actually pretty amazing. 

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the update???? the UPDATE!!! honestly it's everything I need

SAME tbh it was my fav update in a long while hahaa

I’m just glad they were able to be so honest with each other and that most of the things that needed to be addressed, actually were??

and that Dave went from resentful to having some sort of understanding I guess, just hHH

ALSo I hope that the whole “Dirk did bad things and he’s therefore shitty and he’ll be so forever” argument is p much debunked now? because it was pretty much stated that he won’t, the fact he’s acknowledging all of the stuff he did was bad (I mean he already did it’s just now it’s even more obvious) and that even Dave stated he IS in time to change it and make progess about it, SO good

and it’s always so nice to see how human Dirk actually is when he’s not shielding his feelings and acting cool or something like man

I drew this way back when the CPR chapter came out, hoping for some happy-ish waking up scene. Unfortunately we never got to see what actually happened because Kishi jumped right to showing Naruto already standing and ready to go :/
I mean shit Naruto was practically a corpse but Sakura did everything to keep him alive, not knowing if he was even gonna come back to life. You’d think that would’ve warranted some kind of scene showing happiness or relief..

Oh well, more for the imagination. Or the anime, should they decide to fill that little gap.


Imagine #30 || Request #27

Yes, fluff means cute and i am putting it on wattpad, anon :D
As a birthday gift, here’s a cute request! ♥ I actually enjoy writing and reading these kinds of plots in imagines and long stories coz I honestly find it adorable and sweet of a boyfriend and how much crap he takes and understands everytime the girl is on her period (or as I call it, SHARKWEEK (i have the urge to say ‘ooh ha ha’ like the fishes in Finding Nemo saying it after Gill says “Sharkbait”)) Anyway, hope you enjoy this one! And happy legality to me lol…I guess I can finally legally drive in my country and drink (idk what to drink other than water, soda and iced tea and juice lol…well I tried mudslide but I just ended up drunken laughing so i dont want that…)


Honestly, you were so glad that it was a Saturday so that meant no classes. Because you couldn’t really walk upright for the reason that a certain visitor you had every month, making you feel all sorts of emotions every minute.

At the moment, you were lying on your side facing the window that showed a sunny afternoon that would have been nicer if you weren’t lying in bed in pain.

“Y/N,” a knock came from the door and you instantly recognized the voice as the familiar rhythm of footsteps came walking in and around the bed.

“Hey,” Brett sat on the edge of the bed and held your hand, in which he instantly willed the pain you felt away as the veins of his hand that held yours turned a dark shade.

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Okay, but the fact that the leader of BTS literally took it upon himself to put “I Know You Love Me Boy, So That I Love You” in his song MEANS SO MUCH.
And it has to impact the fans who don’t get so openly acknowledged in this heavily female-catering fan culture for boy groups.

I hope all BTS fans realized how loved they are by this group, especially Rap Monster. He wants to get it across so badly, he wants you to feel loved because he actually feels so loved by us. It’s incredible.

BTS J-Hope’s Birthday Interview

BTS became the girls’ new hope with the title songs ‘I NEED U’ and ‘RUN’ from the albums ‘THE MOOD FOR LOVE part1,2’ released last year. February 18th was J-Hope’s birthday. He takes part of rap and dance in the team. He was born on February 18th,1994.

He always makes his fan smile with his kind acts and words. His wish for birthday was “I hope I could be forever young.” We listened to his story about birthday.

How do you feel about your birthday?
J-Hope: It’s the 3rd birthday since my debut. I feel excited and glad, but I also feel sad that I’m getting old. I hope I could be forever young.

Q. What does birthday mean to you?
J-Hope: Actually birthday doesn’t mean a lot to me. It’s just a day when I get a year older. But my fans made my birthday meaningful, so I would say ‘I want to spend my birthday with the ones who love me.’

Q. What do you want to hear the most for your birthday?
J-Hope: What I do not want to hear is ‘Your so excited on your birthday.’ I guess I can be excited for my birthday. Haha. What I want to hear is ‘Happy birthday’ form everyone. Unexpectedly, it’s kind of hard to hear these words. I want to get celebration from many people!

Q. What was the precognitive perception dream before birth?
J-Hope: My mother had a dream in which she ran across a field with 3 black horses.

Q. When was the most memorable birthday?
J-Hope: There was hidden camera on the first birthday since my debut. They said it was showcase monitor but there was video from my parents, so I cried a lot.

Q. What was special present?
J-Hope: There are many, but letters which the fans wrote. It’s presents with hearts!

Q. What do you want to get for present in the future?
J-Hope: I want to receive more fans’ love! I’m always happy to get fans’ love. Please give more love! I will do better.

Q. What do you want to do if you have birthday vacation?
J-Hope: I want to hold a small party with my friends! A party which might appear in a foreign movie!

Q. Who do you want to get celebration from?
J-Hope: I really want to meet my favorite seniors! I want to get celebration from TVXQ U-Know and BIGBANG Seungri. And I also want to get celebration from the producer Bang Shi Hyuk.

Q. What was your wish from your childhood for your birthday? Did it come true?
J-Hope: I always wished for my family’s happiness since my childhood and I’m glad that my family is still happy now. I hope we could live happily ever after.

Q. What would you do 10 years from now?
J-Hope: After 10 years, I think I would be drinking and eating meat with BTS members on my birthday.

Q. Who do you want to thank on your birthday?
J-Hope: I want to thank my parents for giving birth to me, Bighit Entertainment family, and ARMY who are giving the greatest cheers at this moment. I love you!!

Q. Please give one word to yourself on your birthday.
J-Hope: J-Hope! Age is just about number! Remember the loving moments and don’t worry about the age! This moment is the happiest moment.

cr: http://k-popism.com/news/2016/02/18/bts-j-hopes-birthday-interview/


Genre: Romance/Humor

Rating: T

Paring: Gajevy/GaLe

Summary: When Levy is encouraged to seize the moment, she takes off running. Somehow, she manages to trip on all of the hurdles on the way to the finish line. And she thought Gajeel was the reason things were moving slowly.

Notes: This was requested by @seilahtheshipper on Tumblr, I believe! A Gajevy grocery store AU. I just took it and kinda ran with it! Hope you like it!

“What do you mean you haven’t kissed him yet?!” Cana exclaimed, nearly choking on her alcohol of choice.

“You guys have been dating for like a month!” Lucy chimed in.

“Is there something wrong with Gajeel-kun?” Juvia asked lowly.

“No, no!” Levy threw her hands up in defense. “Gajeel is awesome! I just… I don’t know where we stand I guess. He never actually asked me out or anything. We just kind of hang out.”

“But you like him, don’t you?” Erza asked, taking a sip of her drink. (Why Levy always met up with her friends at a bar, she would never know. Maybe because Mirajane worked there?)

“Of course I like him!” Levy exclaimed. “A-And I think he likes me.”

“Gajeel-kun has never showed as much emotion for another female as he does with Levy-chan,” Juvia confirmed.

“So what’s the deal?” Cana asked, close to her tipsy limit. “If it were me, we’d be f—”

“Cana!” Everyone exclaimed, effectively silencing the brunette.

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[Trigger warning: suicide]

kurikuridoesnotknowwhattoputhere asked stfu-moffat:

Am I the only one who’s kind of annoyed by Anderson’s complete 180? I mean, I hoping we’ll learn the reason for his change of heart once the season actually airs, but it annoys me that he suddenly likes Sherlock, the arrogant bastard who insulted him for years, for no apparent reason. It kind of feels like what Moffat did with River Song - we’re supposed to love her just because she’s so smart and can do anything. Is this concern unfounded?

As with many of Moffat’s characterisation choices, it could make a lot of sense but probably won’t. If Anderson believes Sherlock committed suicide, this might well make him rethink his behaviour towards Sherlock and feel guilty either believing his actions influenced Sherlock or believing that he should have noticed that Sherlock was suicidal.

But usually Moffat doesn’t follow these actions through with characterisation, so Anderson’s change of heart will join:

- Amy and Rory’s divorce

- Rory’s sudden desire for children

- Amy’s job as a travel writer

- Amy’s job as a model

- Clara’s job as a teacher

- Amy’s parents’ effect on her life

- River Song’s experiences of brainwashing

- River Song’s birth and parentage

- John Watson’s PTSD 

as something that could have brought a lot of depth to a character but was instead just used as a plot point for a single episode.

Moffat’s characters act the way they do because of how it fits in with Moffat’s idea for the story - e.g. a picture of Amy as a model with the caption “For the girl who’s tired of waiting”, Clara teaching in the school that the first companions taught in, all of River’s backstory, which is very dramatic in the individual episodes but has little emotional depth - rather than because of the characters themselves. His characters exist to show the story, whether or not it fits in with their history or character. This means that his characters lack consistency and realism, so they rarely feel truly like people reacting to real experiences. They’re shocked because Moffat wants the audience to be shocked; they’re sad because Moffat wants the audience to be sad. My guess (which admittedly could be wrong) is that Anderson is sad about Sherlock’s death because Moffat wants the audience to understand that people are sad about Sherlock’s death (and believe it happened), rather than because he wanted to add a depth to Anderson’s character in his reaction to Sherlock’s death.

So no, your concern isn’t unfounded at all and this annoys me too.

- C

Exo Reactions To Them Yelling At You Then Apologizing When They Make You Cry

You know the deal, I got three so I combined them. The more serious ones are actually kind of interesting to make so I hope you like it xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *immediately feels awful* “I didn't mean it, I’m sorry.”

Chanyeol: *is about to walk away when he sees you crying* “Don’t do that. I’m so sorry. Please, stop.”

Chen: *sighs loudly to himself because he knows he messed up* “You know I didn’t mean it. It was my temper talking. I love you.”

D.O.: *apologizes but still feels like shit for the rest of the week, even after you tell him you forgive him*

Kai: *takes your hands in his & holds them to his chest* “I never meant to yell. I was just upset, I love you. I’m really sorry.”

Kris: *walks over & hugs you tight, whispering an apology in your ear & kissing the top of your head*

Lay: *wipes away the tears on your face* “Please don’t cry. I wasn’t raising my voice at you. It was the stress. I’m sorry.”

Luhan: *standing across the room from you, but holds his hand out for yours* “You mean the world to me, please stop crying.”

Sehun: *almost doesn’t see that you’re crying because he’s not looking, but he glances at you then he walks over & holds your face in his hands* “I love you, I’m sorry.”

Suho: “Please. I’m sorry. Stop crying. I love you. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” *internally tortures himself until you forgive him*

Tao: *starts crying when he sees you crying* “I’m sorry.”

Xiumin: *he doesn’t seem totally bothered when he sees you crying but he sits down & looks you in the eye with an apologetic look* “It was never my intention to hurt you. I only yelled because I wasn’t thinking. I’ll never do it again. I promise.”

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

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oh god ok i'm probably overreacting but i'm scared bc if dirk is arriving with the jacks and the condensce i dont want him to be a bad guy?? whatever i'm overreacted probably aha

I think that theory has been debunked since Vriska is actually relying on him and made no mentions of him being evil or whatnot

but it would still be bad if he arrived at the same time as them because he wouldn’t be able to talk to anybody before then which means it all gets postponed to the after, agaiN, and he wouldn’t even hear the plan (and still she could’ve made him arrive faster but didn’t for some reason?)

so idk I’m kind of hoping he’ll get there before the bad guys after all, as ‘‘plot twist’‘ or something ;v;

Also the thing I see for lucas is that with Riley everything is kinda planned out and stereotypically "corny" and cutesy, but with maya he's spontaneous, more spur of the moment. To me, Riley is the kind of girl he's always expected himself to like and so that's why he does. But I think (I guess hope actually) that maya would be the one to creep up on him. That she's the one who's nothing like the girl he always pictured himself with, but makes him feel the way he always thought love would feel. Take a look at his interactions with the two girls and you'll see what I mean. With Riley, he is all about impressing and pleasing her. But with maya, it's somehow seems so much more authentic because it's in the moment. He never knows what she'll say next so this retorts he has are purely spur of the moment. And I like that she brings that out in him.
Exo Scenario: Cheating! Kai and Idol! You

hello!! can I request a kai scenario where he cheats on you and a few months later you become an idol (rapper like hyuna) and debut with a song like roll deep idk if this made sense but thank you!! 💘

I’m actually kind of excited about writing this one. I mean, I don’t like the whole cheating part of it because I feel like none of the boys would cheat on their girlfriend(s), but the whole jealousy thing is definitely my cup of tea :) Let me know what you think and I hope you like it!

It had been about four months since you found out that Kai was cheating on you. And maybe he hadn’t meant for it to happen - had certainly not meant for you to find out, that was for sure - but it didn’t matter now. You had moved on to bigger and better things. 

For one, your girl group was debuting and you had just wrapped the music video shoot for your first single. You smiled knowing that you looked sexy in the video, knew that if Kai ever saw it or you ever preformed it live while he was in the audience, he would know exactly what he had given up when he decided to cheat on you. 

You didn’t usually like making people jealous, but you hadn’t really had the chance to get back at him yet. This was your chance. You just hoped the other girl was looking too…

Standing behind the stage, your heart was beating too fast in your chest. Why had SM decided to give you this kind of song for your first single? You realized that they just wanted to make money - you had known that about SM before you had auditioned and then become a rookie - but this type of stuff was grade for Hyuna. You remember listening to her most recent song Roll Deep only last week and you wondered if you would ever get to that level of good. Hyuna was on a different level altogether. And you certainly couldn’t compare in the “sexy” department. 

But you still wanted to make Kai jealous and you knew that the short skirt you were wearing for the live performance would do just that.

The other four members of your group were obviously nervous too, and while you were distracted, trying to replay the lyrics to your song in your head, voices ahead of you interrupted your thoughts. Your other members bowed to the new additions backstage and that’s when you realized that it was EXO. The boys smiled kindly at you, wishing you all luck in your first live performance. The other girls thanked the boys, but you just snuck glances at Kai the entire time. 

You felt a little smug when he caught your eyes and looked guilty. He nodded his head at you to speak to you in private, but you just crossed your arms over your chest - which only made your boobs look better - and jutted your chin out, telling him to say whatever it was he needed to say right then and there. With a loud huff, he took your arm and pulled you to the side. The stage manager called five minutes until your performance.

“What do you want, Jongin?” you asked, using his birth name rather than his stage name to poke at him a little more. He had always loved it when you had called him Jongin rather than Kai and now you could see that it ate at him.

“I wanted to apologize.” but before he said something else, you held up a finger, your chin set high as if you could look down on him. Unfortunately, you were still a few inches shorter than he was. But you tried to look intimidating. It was kind of hard with your low cut top and short skirt, but you tried.

“Is it because I look like this,” and you gestured to your outfit, “Or because you’re genuinely sorry that you cheated on me?”

He flinches at your words, but you don’t care. He deserves this after what he did to you. 

“I really am sorry. I didn’t mean for any of that to happen, and I love you.” the stage manager called two minutes and the other girls in your group called your name. You were supposed to be the first one out because you were the leader.

“You didn’t mean to get caught, is what you really mean.” you say, a little aggravated, but flipping you hair back and turning around so that he can get a good look at how good you look in your outfit. His eyes trail lazily up your body, but you don’t give him the satisfaction of looking any longer as you reach for his chin, making him stare into your eyes, “Be sure to get a good look while I’m out there, because that’s about as close as you’re ever going to get to this again.” and then you’re heading back to your group, going on stage in the next minute.

You smile a little wider and laugh a little more while you’re on stage performing and maybe it’s because from the corner of your eye you can see that Kai isn’t taking his eyes off of you.

And you know that you slayed that performance.

OKAY FINISHED THAT SKETCH here’s Blue Sea Sal dressed as Kaito

(technically his trash/regular/red sea self could probably be kaito too, I mean, considering some of the darker and yandere songs— but blue sea could fit regular with my maybe assumption of him kind of actually being like the cute dork he acted like in the first half of the game so–)

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iwa-chan, tsukki, ushijima - their s/o gets kind of loud when they're excited and the boys tell them they're being loud/annoying without meaning to hurt their feelings...but they don't realize that that's something their s/o is actually really sensitive about??

so i accidentally wrote the first two longer even though i wrote Ushijima’s first but anyway I hope you like it also hello everyone I have returned for spotty posting again 8) how y’all doing

They were practically bouncing off the walls, at the very least in the verbal sense, and he couldn’t help smiling. It was almost as if he could see constant exclamation points emanating from them.

“Oi, cut it out, you’re being kind of obnoxious,” he laughed, giving their cheek a pinch. They abruptly stopped, and the last syllable of the word they were saying never left their tongue. It only took a few moments for him to turn back and see their eyes welling up with surprised tears, barely noticeable as they were suddenly much more interested in the uneven pavement beneath their feet.

Iwaizumi’s eyes widened, and he rushed over to them. “_-____-san…I’m sorry…I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it, I really didn’t.” He held their face in his rough hands and helped wipe away their tears. However, as they confessed their feelings of insecurity, it quickly turned into them apologizing continuously. The warm stream of tears coming from their eyes showed no signs of stopping until he found himself able to speak again. He took a deep breath, and this time, he made sure to look them right in the eye, without a hint of doubt in his own.

“Look, ____, I really didn’t mean it like that. If I really thought you were annoying, we wouldn’t be going out in the first place,” Iwaizumi paused to kiss them on the forehead, then rested his against theirs. “Besides, look at Oikawa. He’s more annoying than you could ever hope to be.”
That forced a giggle from their lips, and Iwaizumi sighed in relief, beaming back at them.

“There’s the smile I like to see.”

Tsukishima’s eyes narrowed. What? He pressed a strong hand on top of their head.

“I’m sorry.” He raised an eyebrow but his breath caught in his throat a moment later when he heard a sob untangle itself from their chest. “I’m sorry everything about me is annoying. I’m even crying, you must be so irritated by me right now.”
Tsukishima’s heart wrenched and a scowl crossed his face. Yet, it wasn’t at them, but at himself.
“No, ____-san, I’m the one who’s sorry. You’re not annoying.” He pulled them into his arms and rested his chin on their shoulder before repeating his words. “You’re not annoying. I’m sorry for saying that.”
He turned slightly to kiss their cheeks, and held them tighter until their tears stopped.

Tsukishima silently vowed that if he were ever to make them cry again, it would be out of happiness–never again because of something like this.

Ushijima blinked, confused at first. It was an understatement to call this boy “dense”, but even he understood that he must have crossed some sort of line that he never should have. He quickly strode back to them and took ahold of their shoulders, uttering a somewhat gruff, yet gentle, “what’s wrong”. They simply shook their head, and forced a smile that broke his heart, shakily confessing that they had suspected that they had been annoying him after all. Ushijima had no words that could possibly make up for how they must be feeling, and knew this. He resorted to hugging them close instead, apologizing profusely and promising to never make comments like that again as long as he could help it.

“I…I think I might be lost again… How do things like this happen?” Qing tried his best to navigate but ended up getting more confused. On his way to make another corner, he almost collided with the other but actually pushed himself, making him stagger. “O-oh, sorry! I didn’t see you there! Say, I was hoping if you could help me out? Can you tell me where I am right now? This map makes everything confusing.” He was used to this kind of setting though… Meaning, he’d sleep literally anywhere.

The way I’m supposed to love you >> Suga, You (Scenario)

-“I love the way you love, but i hate the way I supposed to love you back”

This can be a new kind of scenario or a small continue of ‘Don’t trust me’ until I write part 3 XD So, what I mean is that you don’t have to read don’t trust me first before it. 

Anonie~ This quote was so close to ma story so I hope you don’t mind~ 

“Let’s not meet each other again. It’s better if we kept a distance by now.” It was him, who said it so why was he drinking himself up again. Was a week without you that hard?

Yoongi thought that actually he was the idiot one. Not all people are the same after all, he should have understood it and he should have known how much you actually could mean to him.

Finding himself at your doorway, Yoongi sighed, feeling the alcohol working up his body and setting it on fire. He couldn’t remember how the hell he ended up here. But there was no returning back anyway.

He could feel the alcohol making him do things that his mind refused to do. He knew that when he sober up the next day he would regret what he was about to do.

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I know we're all rooting for it to be Rick, but...

Now I’m kinda hoping that Noah is the person who calls Daryl out on his feelings for Beth. He’s an outsider looking in, a very observant person, there’s an emotional distance from the situation that will let him better gauge the motives behind Daryl’s actions. I mean, at the mere mention of her and the fact he knows her and that she’s alive, she helped him escape, that she’s still trapped in the hospital… Daryl’s reaction is going to speak volumes to that kid. I can actually see Noah kind of prying into Daryl’s feelings for Beth over time, since it’s clear he sticks with them a while…. or seems to.

Broken Ankle

I’m very sorry guys after my last post I had to have surgery on my ankle after I fractured it and to make matters worse I hit the side of my bed with my good foot as I was going to fall, my body decided to put my bad ankle down and I felt it pop and twist again so I think I broke it again so I had surgery on Sunday and this little medicine pouch I have has numbing for my leg and it makes me vomit and makes me super sleepy and I’ve been nodding on and off all day but the good news is the medicine is finished so I won’t be sleepy all throughout the day so starting tomorrow I hope to actually post my first rating. Again sorry guys

*Update* First I want to thank yall for the kind words and get well wishes it really means a lot to me! I talked to my doc yesterday and he said I can go back to my job on Nov 1 but I’ll have to take it easy since I won’t really be doing anything for the next week and some days except play video games, read and watch tv I’ll also start posting and rating more stories all the ones I’ve read so far have been great a couple have even left me wondering and staring into the darkness THATS ALL HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GREAT DAY!! Ps I also want to say hi to the new mods Scully and Bunny