Random thought that might not make any sense (pardon any wrong things here):

You know how Matt was rescued by a rebel group? What if he was also trained to fight to the point where he could fight as well as the people from the Blade of Marmora? Imagine when Pidge ‘rescues’ him (or at least if Voltron forms an alliance with their group) all the sparring sessions - he’d be able to beat Keith, who’s basically the team’s best swordsman. (Pidge and Shiro’s mind would be totally blown because this is not who they knew, yet it’s still Matt.)

Or it could be that the rebel group forms an alliance with Voltron before Pidge or Shiro knew that Matt was in there. And since Matt is probably really smart (as smart or more so than Pidge probably) he’d probably get a high position in the group, like a tactician or one of the commanders. And then, what if the mission both groups are carrying out goes south. What if just then Matt from the command center realizes something wrong after staying quiet and just yells, “Something is wrong, you need to get out of there immediately!” And Pidge is taken by surprise and manages to gasp out “Matt?”

Katie? What are you–

“Matt, this is where you’ve been all this time–”

A voice full of awe. “Katie. You’re a paladin of Voltron. You’re… you’re crossing galaxies beyond what Earth would have even imagined, and you’re… you’re… actually making change.”

“Matt, please tell me where you are right now–”

An explosion. “Katie– Team Voltron, you need to get out immediately

“Matt, Matt, please–”

Find Dad, Katie. For both of us.” A soft smile. “Tell Mom I love her.”


A whisper. “I love you.”

They don’t even get to meet because they’ve been communicating through an intercom. The signal goes flat.

Pidge stays silent for the rest of the mission. She doesn’t hear from Matt again.

to any of my friends:

if you have mean thoughts about yourself, pretend its one of those soccer moms or something.

when that voice says “wow you’re so fat” just reply with “thanks Janette but save the commentary for Timmy’s soccer game”

I’ve been trying to do this and it honestly works.
I’m not sure it works for everyone but it wouldnt hurt to try right?
I just want you guys to be happy and get through this because I know you can


↑ mostly dedicated to you ↑

but this is free to use for anyone

anonymous asked:

hi, i'm the hallucination anon, and i hope you know i didn't mean that they would be super cool to have or anything. i was just thinking of the pennywise specific hallucinations, that only you can see (like the blood in Bev's bathroom). of course i understand that in real life, people who suffer from hallucinations don't think it's a cool and awesome thing. i'm sorry about that

Hey friendo it’s cool, I just sometimes get frustrated when anyone’s like “I want to have a hallucination of any kind.” Like whether it be like Penny stuff or not because honestly, dude, even if it was from Penny, the shit wouldnt be fun. like, lemme tell ya despite the fact all mine are “good” rn, there’s A LOT OF THEM. Like around 50-60 of them on a daily basis and it get’s CROWDED. It’s not as fun as it sounds really. ya know? I really just don’t want this shit to be thought of as “OH IT MUST BE FUN” when I talk about it in a non-negative light ya know?