New Years Eve with Best friend! Draco Would Include...
  • Hanging out at your house because according to him your “room is calming.”
  • Drinking sparkling grape juice and champagne.
  • Sitting on the floor the whole time with a record player
  • “Okay, but like what if we did date?”
  • “I don’t know Draco, you tell me.”
  • He’d lay his head on your shoulder and shrug.
  • “I’d treat you like a queen, that’s for sure. Buy you anything you want. Love you endlessly.”
  • “That sounds wonderful Draco.”
  • He would nod and look at the lights surrounding your room
  • He’d literally act as if you were a big teddy bear and cuddle into you.
  • You would kinda look at the clock to count the time
  • “Hey Draco, have you ever kissed someone on New Years?”
  • “Noooo - wait, yes i have. but it was a long time ago.”
  • “okay, good.”
  • “good?”
  • “very good,” your parents coming into your room to count the last five seconds
  • as soon as they say “one” you take Draco’s face in your hands and kiss him
  • your parents being too shock to actually kiss
  • “Well, um, that, okay then.”
  • “We should leave.”
  • “Yes, yes we should.”
  • laughing and then hugging draco
  • “We should go on a date.”
  • “Okay.”
  • “New year, new me.”

Officially a whole year since I made this tumblr :-)

I took the plunge and joined, my first post was a phanfic and I never looked back.

I thought this was gonna just be a phase but…well…

21,500 followers, 62 fics and a happiness level that goes off the scale later and I stand by the fact that making this blog was the best thing I have ever done.

I can’t wait even begin to tell you how happy being on here has made me.

I rediscovered my passion for writing, a passion I’d once been told never to follow, improved dramatically and continue to keep writing and trying to be my best and best of all? I finally believe in myself and my abilities again.

I’ve laughed and smiled and cried at some of the beautiful, heartfelt messages I’ve been sent over the year and my phan trash status has rocketed to the moon and will stay there forever after the 5 years I’ve been watching these two life-changing dorks.

Honestly this place is like my sanctuary and I’ve made the most fantastic friends and met people that I never want out of my life and I am so incredibly thankful for that.

Here’s to my next year where I’ve got a hell of a lot planned. X

Around the time I started skating, I obviously didn’t know much so I’d be into whatever brand that was cool at the time and vans wasn’t really one of them. I always thought to be a “real” skate shoe, you’d only have to be sold in skateshops and not in random stores. A year later one of my friends who didn’t skate gave me a vans tour video called “please to meet you” and after watching it, it changed my whole point of view on skating, it made me not really care about what other people thought was cool and to like something because you like it. I ended up becoming obsessed with vans and would watch whatever video they came out with, but every time I’d watch them I always thought to myself how would it be if vans made an actual video. Finally after years of wondering and waiting, here we are…