Fools in Love (Taemin) - Part 1

That’s all I have to say.

  • His face attracts customers, but he’s not allowed in the kitchens. 

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SometimesTaemin is just… stupid.

“Hey,Minnie!” You gag on the nickname. And also possibly the chocolate truffle you’re taste-testing. Too much mocha. “Could we get some extra whip cream pretty pretty please?”

“Of course!”

Not oblivious. Not ignorant. Just stupid.

You wait to see if he notices.

He doesn’t.


Still doesn’t realize he’s about to kill someone.

“That’s soap.”





Sixteen years old. It’s the age where things should start falling into place while falling out at the same time. First year of high school means choosing a college, but at the same time you’re still not allowed to have a driver’s license. Not that you want one, but you’d appreciate this whole being forced into adulthood at least a little bit more if you were actually treated like one. Having to still ask to go to the bathroom is ridiculous.

But hey, teenagers, it comes with the territory.

That and acne and all-nighters and friends abandoning you for higher food-chain groups and boys who think they’re all that.

Like Lee Taemin.

Lee Taemin is the poster child for practically everything. Surprisingly he’s top of the class, just a few seats behind you if you have to be perfectly honest. Which you don’t want to be.

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Officially a whole year since I made this tumblr :-)

I took the plunge and joined, my first post was a phanfic and I never looked back.

I thought this was gonna just be a phase but…well…

21,500 followers, 62 fics and a happiness level that goes off the scale later and I stand by the fact that making this blog was the best thing I have ever done.

I can’t wait even begin to tell you how happy being on here has made me.

I rediscovered my passion for writing, a passion I’d once been told never to follow, improved dramatically and continue to keep writing and trying to be my best and best of all? I finally believe in myself and my abilities again.

I’ve laughed and smiled and cried at some of the beautiful, heartfelt messages I’ve been sent over the year and my phan trash status has rocketed to the moon and will stay there forever after the 5 years I’ve been watching these two life-changing dorks.

Honestly this place is like my sanctuary and I’ve made the most fantastic friends and met people that I never want out of my life and I am so incredibly thankful for that.

Here’s to my next year where I’ve got a hell of a lot planned. X

Around the time I started skating, I obviously didn’t know much so I’d be into whatever brand that was cool at the time and vans wasn’t really one of them. I always thought to be a “real” skate shoe, you’d only have to be sold in skateshops and not in random stores. A year later one of my friends who didn’t skate gave me a vans tour video called “please to meet you” and after watching it, it changed my whole point of view on skating, it made me not really care about what other people thought was cool and to like something because you like it. I ended up becoming obsessed with vans and would watch whatever video they came out with, but every time I’d watch them I always thought to myself how would it be if vans made an actual video. Finally after years of wondering and waiting, here we are…