Happy Birthday to the best girl I know, @kaoru-doodles / @kaoru-chamas. I hope you have the best day when you wake up, because a girl as crazy cool, talented, and beautiful, you deserve a good birthday. So again, Happy 22nd year of birth. <3

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who are some of your favorite content creators?

hey ~  ♡ I’ll start by saying that here there are a lot of talented people that I personally love, that makes beautiful works and gifs. I’m going to link just the first that come to my mind but you can find the full list here if you’re interested in following new blogs.  ♡♡

gif makers: @yoongissz @samwol @jjks @jminies @jimiyoong @jiminrolls @jeovkks @jeonbegins @jeonjeongguke @rapdaegu @taetaes @yoonseok @yccnseok @apgujeon @acciosugas @ggukbun @harunyany @hobies @kookiebuff @lovelyjoons @vlives @deletaed @bwiseoks @nochuie @nochuu @bwisou @jjilljj @kthspjm @kc-junghsk

gfx/graphics maker: @clairelions @jmin @sugaidc @mewchim @dearmyjimin @inuera @comeherejimin @daegucrew @cosyjeon @rapmini  @kkultae @gukied @ksjmygjhsknjpjmkthjjk @mangaetteok @kassareo @yoong-jimin @wingscouldfly @kaori @tinkervell @je0n


Because I am a small man, my heart is moved by what’s in front of my eyes, not by what the world needs. I just can’t abandon what’s there in front of me. I want to protect everything I can.

     ♡ happy birthday @kamuisyato


There’s definitely a bit of me in Missy and a bit of Missy in me. | Happy birthday @twoheartsbothofthemyours! :)


There’s no one who can live their whole life being completely uncorrupted.

—happy birthday to the lovely hope @kamuisyato ♡

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Hi I recently made a bts blog, could you maybe recommend some good bts blogs for me? :')

hello!!!! I’m so sorry this took so long to answer aksnsjajsjs anyway here are my fav blogs!!! I luv seeing them on my dash!!!! all r amazing 10/10 would recommend!!! (in no particular order!!!!!)

@taeonie 🌸 @kimtaethebae 🌸 @rainpjm 🌸 @mochisgrl 🌸 @yoongjis 🌸 @strongjeon 🌸 @barefacedtae 🌸 @megjin 🌸 @cryjeon 🌸 @dn-a 🌸 @beaniebangtan (her art is amaze and so underrated) 🌸 @jjkblossom 🌸 @blueyoongles 🌸 @1jmins 🌸 @sailorjoon 🌸 @honeydewjimin 🌸 @clairelions (rlly good content creator!!) 🌸 @je0n (another v good content creator!!) 🌸 @kkultae 🌸 @maknaelne 🌸 @jikooksgf 🌸 @jiminscalicos 🌸 @jinsasleep 🌸 @blondekth 🌸 @gothicyoongi 🌸 @namjnnn 🌸 @43hy 🌸 @jeonbye 🌸 @kthwhy 🌸 @firemv 🌸 @sleepiemoon 🌸 @eternaljimin 🌸 @taetaez 🌸 @boyinlub 🌸 @mochipaws 🌸 @7ghoul 🌸  @cloudjeon 🌸 @jeonsberry

tajhakjaajaka if I didn’t mention u I still luv ur blog to death !!!!! I promise !!!!!!!


Mark is in the middle of a let’s play recording when he hears something and pauses, turning toward his door while pulling his headphones off to listen. We hear it too, but it’s distant.

Distorted cackling

He looks alarmed, but subtly so, as he leaves to investigate; Chica probably the first thing on his mind. The room is empty, still. There is no music in the pause screen of his game. 

Suddenly the screen distorts, but just once, and out of the left side of the camera, someone appears against the wall for only a moment before they are gone. It’s quiet for a few moments before it happens again, but this time the entity is closer. 

It flickers in and out of existence with just enough time to cock it’s head and smile before disappearing once more. A moment later, it cuts and Mark is back in frame, apologizing and unaware that anything else happened. He doesn’t speak about the noise, he doesn’t know about the entity. He just continues on like everything is normal.

And it remains that way.

Until five minutes later, his screen bugs out for a moment, and while he’s frantically trying to save his game from what he thinks is his computer crashing, the entity appears again.

Right behind him.  

It looks bored, but its dark eyes are alight with amusement as Mark is too preoccupied with muttering curses and clicking on various programs to notice its presence. It reaches for him, hands poised to grasp his throat from behind when, with a noise of victory, the game screen fixes and Mark sits back up with a grin. He throws his arms into the air, and the entity disappears as they rise, the last thing gone are its terrible black eyes. 

Things continue as normal, but Mark starts to seem… off. His reactions start to become underwhelming, he begins to space. He shakes his head, trying to cling to his high energy personality, but it’s just not working, but before he can proclaim that perhaps he isn’t feeling well, we all hear it again. 

Except this time it’s words, too distorted and deep to make out, but their intent rings clear. He throws off his headphones and storms off camera, yelling angrily, before he becomes too distant to hear anymore. It’s silent again. For a little while anyway before his microphone pics up something so soft, one has to turn up their volume to hear.


Many of them. Too many voices, and far too distorted to make any sense of. The screen flickers again, but this time, when the entity appears, it’s right in front of us and completely solid. 

More noises dominate the empty space, creaking and a sharp ring. The entity is smiling again, but it’s hardly as accommodating as it’s business-like appearance. There are too many teeth and far too much white in its eyes for that smile to mean anything other than maliciousness. 

It stays for a moment longer, as if can see beyond the camera to make sure it has an audience, before turning on it’s heel and walking off in the same direction Mark left. 

It’s a tense few minutes where there is expected to be yelling and screaming, perhaps even Chica’s barking, but there is nothing, nothing to fill the dreadful anxiety the entity has left. 

And it’s even longer before we finally hear the door open again, and instead of a cut, Mark just walks back into frame. He’s rubbing the side of his face and forehead as if his head hurts, before finally combing his fingers through his hair. 

He sweating and he looks unwell, but he’s still smiling and looks ready to continue, reaching for his headphones only to drop them in a fit of shakiness. He cusses, apologizing gruffly while looking as if the action had physically pained him, before disappearing under the table to fetch them. 

The camera distorts once more. Creaking and ringing suddenly flood back in, along with that legion of whispering. Every light in the room dims until there is only darkness. Not even the light of the computer monitor can cut through it anymore.

And when Mark rises again, it’s immediately apparent that this is no longer Mark. Not with his smile too wide, and his eyes showing too much white. It can’t be mistaken for anything other than malicious. 

The camera flickers a few more times before everything falls to darkness.

And the only thing left is a few slow, distorted huffs of deep and victorious laughter. 

“Hey, I’m on my way to your room for a nap.”
“Ok. Wait. Keith, are you parading with your ace blanket—again?”
“…Maybe. I’m eating ice cream, too. Can’t share that, but the blanket I can.”

So our resident proud ace boy was born on Asexual Awareness Week! <3 
Just let him have his nap on his birthday. This is Part 2 of this. Redbubble


I made a post last year about how SU is brilliant at showing how communication is essential for any kind of relationship, and how it’s key to solving conflict. But the element they add in Kevin Party is that sometimes, you need time apart first. To calm down, to realize things, to gain perspective. In the heat of the moment, emotion can really blur your judgment, and that just makes things worse.

There are times you aren’t ready to talk, and that’s okay. Communication is two-way, and if one person isn’t ready to accept or hear what the other wants to say, then that’s not communication, regardless of how many hours you spend “talking”. And the scary thing about it is this pseudocommunication can happen without you realizing it. You can feel “calm” and “open”, but it turns out you’re only hearing the other out to shut them down and invalidate them with what you think. And that’s what drags out conflicts.

Relationships involve people, and people have feelings. Hard logic and a self-centered perspective aren’t the best tools for issues like these. What’s key to resolving conflict is communication, true, but that only works if you have your head, you’re truly open to understanding the other person’s side, and you’re humble enough to accept and take responsibility for your contribution to the conflict. 

God, this show.