Ahh!!! They’re all so cute! This is kind of crazy and sudden but I decided Aurora will be the heir of the next generation. Why no vote, you ask? Well, every generation I kind of have an idea of the ‘perfect’ blend of the heir and their partner… and Aurora is it. She’s exactly how I imagined a child between Teddy and Maia would come out… Oliver is a good mix as well but Cooper is a clone of his father with green eyes (both are still such cuties, don’t get me wrong). This has only ever happened with Rose back in gen 6 but I just knew she’d end up heir… and I was right, the vote was a landslide. I kind of have a feeling about Aurora but I don’t want to leave anything to chance. I’ve got a lot planned for gen 9… but we’ve got a while ‘til it starts! Just wanted to share my decision with y’all! Sorry if the lack of vote disappoints but it’s my legacy and I’m happy with the choice! Besides, I haven’t chosen the heir myself since gen 2… so I don’t think it’s too unfair. Hopefully as things go you’ll all be happy too!


Oliver’s a geek who wants to be Mentally gifted, Aurora and Cooper both want to be social butterflies. Aurora is outgoing so that’ll help but Cooper rolled insane… so… we’ll see how that goes!

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what do you think about how the series ended? i've heard a lot of criticism regarding naruto just kind of perpetuating the shinobi world despite talking about how he was going to completely change it. while it's definitely possible that the next series might elaborate more on that, i feel bad that naruto's series didn't have a "real conclusion" regarding all those promises naruto made.

Okay so this took me awhile to answer because I have so many mixed feelings. At times I love the ending, and at times I hate the ending. I also wasn’t sure if you specifically meant the anime ending so I’m gonna talk about both the anime and manga.

Let’s start with the anime. It’s no big secret that I’ve often had issues with Studio Pierrot’s decision making skills, most recently with this blank period arc, i.e. reducing Sakura’s airtime compared to her original role in the novels and turning Temari into nothing but comedic relief. With that said I am still thankful that they took the time to animate the epilogue novels, and had I not actually read some of them beforehand I might actually have been very satisfied with most of their adaptions.

As for the final episode, I did enjoy it more or less. I loved seeing Naruto ask Iruka to be his father, after all this is a man that’s been there for him from the very start. I loved the sweet moments between the canon couples, although the scene between Sasuke and Sakura was definitely lacking and disappointing especially as someone who has shipped these two for the past 10+ years. I also wish we had gotten to see more of the actual wedding between Naruto and Hinata, or at least gotten the same end credit scene as they used in the last movie to make it feel more complete. Because as a series finale and despite my intense love for Naruto and Hinata as a couple, most of the episode felt a bit underwhelming and I was left thinking “is that it?”.

I have no idea why Studio Pierrot decided not to animate chapter 700, nor can I understand why they even made a Boruto movie before Shippuden finished (I do love that movie though). But like you said anon, they may have decided to leave this for the Boruto anime, but because of that we never get to see Naruto actually being the hokage in the anime (if you don’t count the movies and ovas), and everything just feels a bit incomplete for me. But alas, I take what I get, as it is too draining to spend my time actively disliking the decisions that have been made especially for a series I love so much.

Now, over to the manga. Again, for the most part I do love the ending, but that doesn’t mean that I’m satisfied and agree with everything. Unlike the anime, we do get to see Naruto being hokage here. However, because of the time skip among other things, we never get to see him actively doing anything to keep his promises to the other characters like changing the Hyuga clan for Neji (may this beautiful man rest in peace in anime heaven). He did however, keep his promise to Nagato about ending the cycle of hatred to a certain extent, as the shinobi world is now seemingly at peace, and the five villages are in an alliance.

What I don’t get about the ending (and Naruto gaiden) though, is why Orochimaru despite everything he has done, Is still allowed to roam free doing whatever he pleases. Why were there so few casualties in the war (at least for the characters we actually get to know)? And why are the two war heroes such terrible parents? Despite having grown up without parents, Naruto still neglected Boruto so much during the latter’s childhood. I get that being a hokage takes its toll, but this could definitely have been handled better. The same goes for Sasuke, who barely even spends time with his own daughter, to the point that she tries leaving the village to find him. By giving us an epilogue chapter and a semi closed ending, Kishi raised more questions than it answered. Despite showing us where the characters ended up, it feels like too much of the ending is up to us to fill with our own imagination.

Okay this ended up getting quite long and I don’t even know if I’ve answered your questions properly or if this long rambling even makes any sense to people. So long story short: Yes, overall I do like the endings but also yes, I do agree that it has a lot of disappointing flaws that leaves everything feeling incomplete. 

As a series finale for both the manga and anime, it would definitely have been better to give us an open ending like that of chapter 699/ episode 479, with Naruto returning Sasuke’s forehead protector to him, and Sasuke’s speech about what it truly means to be a ninja. That way, despite leaving everything up to our own imaginations, at least we could think that all the promises were kept and that the problems rooted deep in both Konoha and the ninja world would have been somewhat fixed .

The kids are adorable though and I’m quite excited for the new Boruto anime when everything’s said and done.

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Do the anons not get that this is your therapy blog. That you use this to process your therapy sessions. Sure it would be odd if every time you spoke to a group of friends and talked about your therapist like you do on here but that isn't what you are doing and I feel like the anons are mixing that part up. I like reading about your therapist and therapy. It sounds like you have a good working relationship with her.

Yes I think that is the part that they don’t get.
Also I am very sure that I am not obsessed with or dependent on her to an unhealthy level. And I know she holds boundaries and practices ethically, sometimes we have talked about the ethics of my therapy in session, and I am making progress in lots of areas, so none of their anon concerns are valid.

I know things can get lost or misunderstood in translation. So there’s my actual therapy session, then we have me writing about it, then we have person on tumblr reading my writing and forming an idea of how the session went. Their idea may end up being quite different to the reality of the session, depending on how everything has been read and interpreted.

In the end, I am not ashamed of my relationship with my therapist and I will not defend it to anons who don’t understand the therapy process or aren’t willing to consider that their concerns are not necessary or may be formed on incorrect understanding or interpretation of the reality.

Thanks for your message!

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Thanks for the link! And yes, I've read a lot of blind gossips and you can tell that some are so blatantly fake/manipulated. I always read each blind with about a pound of salt. haha By the way, what do you think of Lainey Gossip? Do you like that site? I have mixed feelings. And I'm trying to wonder if her blinds are credible. -HG13

Hey. I don’t read Lainey Gossip very much if ever. I just like shade so when someone points it out to me I flock to it; she likes to shade ridiculous celebrity antics and I approve. #liveforshade


the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters

remember my love when we’re apart by tiedbows

my ultimate sheith playlist (equal parts tender and emo)

the postal service - such great heights // fall out boy - sugar, we’re going down // the boxer rebellion - if you run // run river north - shiver (cover) // shawn mendes - never be alone // vance joy - fire and the flood // little green cars - the john wayne // ruelle - war of hearts // the cab - intoxicated // dashboard confessional - hands down // no doubt - running // run river north - somewhere // gavin degraw - belief // bon iver - skinny love // howie day - collide // of monsters and men - king and lionheart // snow patrol - set the fire to the third bar // coldplay - in my place // the fray - look after you // relient k - must have done something right // bleachers - i wanna get better // the all-american rejects - there’s a place // daft punk - something about us // angels & airwaves - saturday love // brandon flowers - crossfire // keane - somewhere only we know // rudimental - lay it all on me (feat. ed sheeran) // utada hikaru - hikari // coldplay - violet hill // run river north - seven

“Dennis’ Double Life” Defense & Explanations

In this post, I’ll attempt to explain/defend all of the controversial scenes in the Season 12 finale, “Dennis’ Double Life.” This write-up has helped me to appreciate the episode a lot better and it might help some people who have mixed feelings about the episode to view it in a different light.

NOTE: This is a mix of speculation and canon evidence.

Question 1: Why was Dennis a butt to Mac the entire episode, especially after he was so nice to him at the end of “The Gang Tends Bar”?

Answer 1: I will break this answer into three parts:

  • Part 1: I got the vibe that Mandy surprised Dennis with the visit, which explains why Dennis had mere seconds to tell the Gang to pretend that he was someone else. With the flesh-and-blood reality of Brian Jr. on his mind, I don’t think he had the mental energy to consider Mac at all. (In “The Gang Tends Bar,” Brian Jr. wasn’t there, so Dennis didn’t feel that immediate/strong pressure. Also, Dennis was emotionally vulnerable and available after having told the Gang about his “big feelings,” so he was able to react better to Mac)
  • Part 2: I’m not sure Dennis fully comprehends Mac’s feelings for him. I think he knows, to some degree, that Mac is attracted to him, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he sees Mac’s attraction to him as a kind of strange “hero worship.” Dennis verbally confirmed that Mac is gay in “Mac Day,” but he constantly acts weirded out or confused when Mac does/says something that shows that he has feelings for him. For example, in “Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs,” Dennis thought it was weird that Mac would name their dog Dennis Jr. That reaction, of course, mirrors Dennis’ reaction to Mac’s reveal that he perfectly recreated their old apartment. I don’t think he was trying to hurt Mac. He just flat out does not understand why Mac would go through all the trouble.
  • Dennis also doesn’t appear to understand his own feelings for Mac. He has asked Mac to “get off with him” (a “mostly sexual” manipulation game) and tried to get him to participate in a threesome with a male golf caddy in “Frank’s Back in Business,” admitted to Dee that he made his sex tapes for himself and Mac in “The Gang Group Dates,” stated that he has a thing with Mac where he picks out porn for them that he doesn’t want Charlie to join in on (“The Gang Spies Like U.S.”), and danced for Mac when he saw him avidly watching him in “PTSDee,” but he doesn’t see anything strange about this. It’s just par for the course in their relationship.
  • If Dennis has trouble seeing his own feelings, then like hell is he going to fully see Mac’s feelings. And if he can’t see Mac’s feelings, he can’t deal with them properly. 
  • Part 3: In the back of Dennis’ mind, he was seriously considering leaving the Gang and being a father to his son. He knows that leaving the Gang is going to hurt him, so he emotionally pushed them away. When the Gang becomes “lesser” in his mind, it doesn’t hurt as much to leave them.

Summary: Dennis was stressed the heck out about Brian Jr. and didn’t have the energy to deal with his relationship with Mac.

Question 2: Were Mac’s feelings for Dennis treated as a joke?

Answer 2: Not necessarily. Even though Dennis likes to act like he’s the smartest member of the Gang, Mac is clearly more aware and accepting of the nature of their relationship than Dennis is. Mac was 100% fine with them pretending to be a couple and raising Brian Jr. (with or without Mandy), not because he’s super desperate and lovesick, but because, no matter what they call their relationship (lovers, partners, pretend, friends), they’d still be together. Mac just loves being with Dennis and wants to help solve Dennis’ problem, so, of course, that would be his plan. (And it’s actually a good plan.)

It hurts the empathetic audience members to see Mac treated the way he is by Dennis, but it’s normal Dennis behavior that Mac has accepted. Mac has survived his internalized homophobia, his father’s dislike of him, his mother’s indifference to him, and the Gang’s occasional dislike of him. Mac is stronger than we think he is. And if he gets tired of Dennis, he definitely has the strength to walk away from their relationship relatively unscathed.

Summary: Mac was pretty much having fun playing a character (he even wanted his character’s name to be Griffin) and hanging out with Dennis and Dennis was stressed the hell out about Brian Jr.

Question 3: Charlie wanted to have sex? With The Waitress?

Answer 3: Yes. In “Charlie Has Cancer,” Charlie was visibly disappointed when he realized that he missed the chance to possibly have sex with The Waitress. In “Who Pooped the Bed?” a drunk Waitress stated that she would get drunker and bang a random dude and Charlie asked her if it could be him. In "The High School Reunion Part 2: The Gang’s Revenge,” when a drunk Waitress told the Gang that she’d bang the next person who talked to her, Charlie opened his mouth and stepped forward, but Schmitty came out of nowhere and The Waitress went home with him.

Summary: I know some people headcanon Charlie as ace and/or sex-repulsed (I personally headcanon him as gray ace) and that’s fine, but Charlie has expressed interest in having sex with The Waitress in the show.

Question 4: Why did the Waitress have sex with Charlie?

Answer 4: Surprisingly, the possibility of that happening was set up in a previous episode. In "Charlie and Dee Find Love,” (which was written by RCG) the Waitress reacted in an arguably jealous manner towards Charlie’s then-girlfriend Ruby (“Who the hell is this, Charlie?!”). Also, at the end of the episode, the Waitress told Charlie that she needed him in her life and that she was thinking about reducing his restraining order. Admittedly, the Waitress’ strange behavior was after Frank accidentally put rat poison in her shampoo (which made her sick) and hit her with his car (which put her in a hospital), so she could have some kind of permanent brain damage.

In the beginning of the show, the Waitress wasn’t attracted to Charlie, but was concerned about his well-being sometimes. (In "The Gang Gives Back,” she tried to help Charlie with his alcoholism) It’s possible that after “Charlie and Dee Find Love,” the Waitress’ view of Charlie started to change. As the years went on, the Waitress’ problems started to get worse and worse, and, like Cricket (her male counterpart), she still found herself continually drawn to the Gang. Even though she still thinks Charlie’s a mess, a part of her might think that he’s all that she has left. (And that might, sadly, be true) And, if Charlie can help her to fulfill her dream of having a baby, maybe things can get better for her.

Something I noticed as well is that the Waitress never said she loved Charlie back. It’s possible that she still doesn’t love Charlie and never will, but sees him simply as a partner that can help her to take care of her child. (Also, in order to get Frank’s money, she needs to be partnered with Charlie)

Question 5: What’s the deal with The Waitress acting the way she did after having sex with Charlie?

Answer 5: We don’t know that much about The Waitress, but we do know that she sometimes does/thinks weird stuff like the rest of the Gang. (In "Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom,” The Waitress slept with Frank, a man she’s not attracted to at all, in an attempt to get back at Dennis because she thought he was cheating on her with older women. In “Charlie and Dee Find Love,” it’s hinted at that The Waitress might be stalking Dennis because she has his phone number even though he changed it. In “The Gang Group Dates,” after years of Dennis’ mistreatment of her, The Waitress was still excited about possibly being Dennis’ girlfriend.) Also, even though she was kind of aggressive towards Charlie, all of her points were valid, some of Charlie’s responses were dumb, and her dislike of Charlie is totally understandable.

Question 6: What’s the deal with Charlie freaking out after finally getting The Waitress’ attention?

Answer 6: Surprisingly, the possibility of that happening was set up in a previous episode. In Season 9’s "Flowers for Charlie,” Frank paid The Waitress to hang out with Charlie because he was getting worried about him after he started taking “intelligence” pills for an experiment. When the Waitress began talking about her life, Charlie immediately started getting annoyed, started hearing a ringing in his head, and had to leave. We found out at the end of the episode that these pills were placebos. Basically, this was a strong hint that Charlie might be in love with the idea of The Waitress, not the actual person. So, even though he has been stalking The Waitress for 15 years, he might not really want to be with the real her. (The fact that he thought of The Waitress’ negative reactions as a “game between them” is another hint, of course)

Also, even though Charlie fantasized about raising multiple children with The Waitress in “The Gang Saves the Day” (which aired before “Flowers for Charlie”), it was still a fantasy. Charlie might fantasize about having a nice house, a wife, and children, but he still likes living in his unfancy and dangerous apartment and doesn’t handle stress well. There are huge conflicts that he doesn’t see.

Also, keep in mind that he came up with the plan only a few hours earlier and he mentioned that he wanted to get The Waitress pregnant so she would be tied to him for life. (clearly no thought about the actual baby and being a father)

So, with Charlie being Charlie and the reality of the situation crashing on him, he is starting to freak out.

Summary: Charlie freaking out is 100% in character.

Question 7: Why was Charlie a butt to Dee after having sex with The Waitress?

Answer 7: Charlie is an idiot and a misogynist, so he projected his issues with women and The Waitress onto Dee. Also, as Charlie mentioned, Dee possibly tried to have sex with him an additional time after “The Gang Misses the Boat” and he didn’t want that to happen again that night. So, overly-stressed and tired Charlie absentmindedly begged Dee not to be a whore numerous times before immediately falling asleep on top of her because even though he has issues with women, he feels comfortable with Dee.

Summary: Charlie and Dee’s relationship in a nutshell.

Question 8: Why did Dennis want to leave the Gang to take care of Brian Jr.?

Answer 8: I get the vibe that this might have been the first time that Dennis actually held Brian Jr. (or he hasn’t held him in a while?). Holding the child made him really understand that he is a living, breathing being he created and not just an obstacle to overcome to get back to his usual life. And then the child knew who he was, which made everything feel even more heavy. This is the first time in Dennis’ life that he’s been responsible for someone other than himself. He knows that if he stays with the Gang, he’ll feel guilty for whatever happens to the child. He’ll feel guilty that the child knew who he was but couldn’t see him. And the fact that the Gang doesn’t comprehend this at all (Mac, for example, excitedly told him “The plan worked!”) pushed him even further away from them and towards his child.

Question 9: Why didn’t the Gang seem to care when Dennis left?

Answer 9: The Gang has a great track record of unusual responses to deaths and departures.

In “Dennis and Dee’s Mom Is Dead,” Dennis reacted to his mother’s death by partying/hazing guys in his mom’s house and Dee and Frank seriously considered grave robbing her. In "The Gang Gets a New Member,” Mac and Dennis had no problem kicking Charlie out of the Gang and replacing him with Schmitty. In "The Gang Beats Boggs,” Mac’s only response to a drunk Dennis spontaneously leaving their plane was to write the number of beers he consumed on his forehead. In "The Gang Misses the Boat,” the Gang “broke up,” yet everyone just spent the episode doing their own thing. In "Frank Retires,” the rest of the Gang started cheering and clapping after Frank declared that he would be retiring from the Gang. I could go on and on, but you get the point.

It’s very likely that the rest of the Gang is still in shock/denial about Dennis leaving and they are expecting him to come back soon like everyone always does.

Since the highlight of the night was firing Dennis’ RPG, they decided to not let Dennis’ departure stop them. (It also doubled as a nice, fiery distraction)

As for blowing up the Range Rover? They think Dennis intentionally left it and it’s the perfect target to take out any frustrations they had/have with Dennis. (This is also one of the reasons Mac, who gave Dennis his cherished RPG, is the one blowing up the Range Rover, one of Dennis’ most prized possessions)

When Dennis comes back, they can excitedly tell him that they blew up the Range Rover and it was awesome.

Question 10: Why did Dennis leave the Range Rover?

Answer 10: Dennis wants to take care of his child, which is a good thing, but he is clearly going through a crisis and is not thinking clearly. He mentally/emotionally disconnected himself from the Gang (notice that he said “The bar’s done” and turned off the lights even though the rest of the Gang is still there and can run the bar) and left everything that reminds him of the Gang behind (which explains why the Range Rover is still there). He did not even think about packing, called a taxi, and headed straight to the airport to fly to Mandy and Brian Jr.’s location. This is one of the reasons the ending feels so “off.” It mirrors Dennis’ mindset.

Question 11: Why did Dennis name his child after Brian Lefevre?

Answer 11: This was probably Mandy’s idea and Dennis went along with it because he couldn’t think of anything else. He also probably wasn’t in the right headspace to complain since he wasn’t ready to have a child.


I’ve seen a lot of mixed emotions about this scene. Let’s talk about my interpretation of this, shall we? When I look at this, I see two married people who have enjoyed their long and happy life together. They were human and happy and lived the long life that they wanted. 

Their smiles? I see Damon’s as one of uncertainty for what is to come for him. As Elena is explaining during the scene, he is worried he will never know peace. He’s worried he will never see his brother again, (and possibly not Elena either for that matter.) Elena’s smile is one of certainty. She knows the kind of man Damon is and she has no doubt he will find peace. She knows he will see Stefan again, because Elena Gilbert has always seen the best in Damon Salvatore. She sees the good and knows the kind of man she married. 

And then…..his hand disappears from her grasp. Personally, I took this to mean Elena passed on (or found her peace) first. From her outstretched hand towards Damon and slightly confused expression on her face, followed by her reuniting with her loved ones it’s easy to see this is a new experience for her. I saw this as a temporary separation until they got to greet their loved ones in this new sense of peace.

As we see in the next scene, Elena was right about Damon. He did find peace like she always believed he would. He did see Stefan again. Their peace is with their families and with each other. 


Quick Review of the True Crime Books I read in 2016 (Part 2)

(Part 1) (Review of books in 2015)

Invisible Darkness by Stephen Williams: This is one of the most unsettling books I’ve read, and I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. Starting with the good, it’s a very complete and detailed account of the relationship between Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka and their crimes. It also offers a good insight into the very controversial legal agreement between Karla and the prosecution, that ended with her serving only ten years despite being an active and willing participant in the rape and murder of three girls. The third act of the book, dealing with this, was one of the better things in the novel, although I wish the actual trial had been covered more in depth. As for the bad… I thought the rape scenes were excessively and unnecesarily detailed, and I felt like the author enjoyed writing those disturbing passages a little too much. His narration is also very uneven, especially in the first part; while I liked his subtle sarcasm while describing the legal proceedings and Karla’s life, he also made some strange time jumps that made it a bit confusing to know when things are happening. There are so many private scenes that he couldn’t have possibly witnessed that he must have made them up, which made me question a little the credibility of the whole book. Finally, his obsession with Karla turns her into a fleshed out, complex character, but the opposite happens with Bernardo, who seems almost a caricature with no real insight. I still feel like I don’t know much about him other than he’s a narcissistic, sociopathic idiot. Bottomline: A good introduction to this case, if you have the stomach for it, but you’ll probably need to complement with other books later (Thank you @adeadlyinnocence for recommending me this book).

Conviction by Juan Martinez: Last year I read Picture Perfect, which is the better book to learn about Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander and how their story ended with her murdering him. This book was an interesting complement because I enjoy the details of trials and this one in particular was a very intense and eventful one. Juan Martinez, the man who prosecuted Arias, describes in detail his investigation and strategy to get a conviction, and he certainly doesn’t pretend to be humble when detailing his role in putting her behind bars. There’s no new information or revelations that I hadn’t seen everywhere else. He’s also extremely biased and portrays her as the worst of the worst, he even talks of her “dark soul” at some point. I have to say, I personally didn’t mind that because I can’t stand Jodi Arias, but if you’re looking for a more objective look into her, you should stay away from this.

True Crime Addict by James Renner: I already wrote about how bad this book about the disappearance of Maura Murray is here, but to summarize: don’t waste your time with this narcissistic, self infolved piece of sleazy reporting disguised as “journalism”. The author is insufferable and seems to think we care about his life while offering nothing new to the actual case of Maura.

Bringing Adam Home by Les Standiford: I can only describe this book as “correct” but is not really very engaging nor memorable, despite covering a very famous and horrible case. The kidnapping and murder of Adam Walsh in 1981 and the many years it took to be solved was one that shook the United States and started many changes. I feel like this book doesn’t quite manage to portray those changes, mostly because it decides to look away from Adam’s parents and their struggle and instead it focus on the story of the detective that eventually gave sufficient evidence for police to close the case naming Ottis Toole as the killer. Toole’s story is also described in some chapters but again, it seems to only give a superficial portrayal of him.

Imperfect Justice by Jeff Ashton: This book was written by one of the prosecutors in the Casey Anthony trial, so it’s important to keep in mind we are seeing only one side of the story, and he certainly doesn’t hold back in showing her as the most manipulative and lying person on Earth. That being said, it’s really hard to see how this woman was found not guilty. Ashton explains all the evidence they had in detail and it’s very compelling, and tells about all the things going on behind the scenes. He also can’t hide his contempt for the defense lawyer (he openly admits he dislikes him) and for the jury too, whom he clearly blames for the ultimate decision of the trial. My only issue with this book is that I didn’t see much introspection or real analysis into why they lost the case.

Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller: It’s so hard to find an unbiased analysis of JonBenet Ramsey’s murder, because so many people who’ve written about it have been “part of the investigation”, which makes it a big no no for me because we know that investigation was far from stellar, for many reasons that aren’t just the fault of the police. This book is hardly perfect (see what I did there?) but it’s a decent start to the case, because it details the investigation and the many inside shenanigans, the Ramsey’s version, the complicated dealings with the prosecution’s office and why they refused to charge the Ramsey’s, and also how the press covered the case. It doesn’t really give much perspective on other potential suspects and the title is misleading, since it suggests it will explore more the context of Boulder, the town where the murder happened, but I didn’t see much of that. I’d say this is an okay book to understand why this case went so wrong, but I don’t think it gives one convincing theory about what really happened.

Devil in the Darkness by JT Hunter: Israel Keyes is one of the most chilling and intriguing serial killers in recent times, not to mention there’s still a lot of mystery around him, so it’s a bit surprising he hasn’t been more deeply covered by other authors. This book is a decent attempt at it, and gives a good introduction into what kind of person he was before he started his crimes; not so much after. Because there are a lot of unconfirmed things in his story, including his victims, the book mostly dedicates time to his most infamous murder, the one of Samantha Koenig. The narration jumps back and forth between the time around that crime and Keyes’ past, with a lot of attention put into his relationship with the mother of his daughter, probably because she seemed to be one of the few people involved willing to talk to the author. I found this book a bit hard to follow at times, but I’d still recommend it if you’re interested in true crime.

The Cases that Haunt Us by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker: As you probably know, John Douglas is the guy that pretty much built the department of behavior analysis in the FBI and is one of the pioneers in profiling criminals. He makes sure to tell you that a hundred times in this book, because he can never flatter himself enough, although I get that the talk of his past experiences is important here to validate his opinions. This book covers famous unsolved or solved but controversial cases through America’s history (plus Jack the Ripper because who can resist) and in each one Douglas gives his point of view of the profile of the suspects, and whether or not they fit with the actual murderer. Lizzie Borden, the kidnapping of the Lindberg Baby, the Boston Strangler and the Black Dahlia are among the cases covered. I found his views in the JonBenet’s case particularly interesting because he got to be involved personally in it, and he got a lot of criticisim because he thought the Ramseys were innocent (and I have to say, strictly from a profiling point of view, I agree with his assessment). The book can get exhausting because the writing is very academical and not very fluid, but it’s also a good learning experience if you like investigations.

so. lets talk about lotor.

the fandom as a whole has a lot of mixed feelings about him, but as of now, we know nothing about what the writers plan to do with him in this series. with vld bringing a heavy focus on the paladins and team as characters, as well as season 2 having already begun to flesh out the greyer sides of the villains, it leaves room for lotor to become an incredibly multidimensional–yet hopefully irredeemable–character. and the basis is already there.

i want to see lotor as a stark contrast from zarkon.

zarkon spent the entirety of season 2 running straight to voltron with the big guns. his connection with the black lion is enough to override control of voltron, and he knows that and uses it to his advantage. he repeatedly ignores haggar’s warnings, something we never saw throughout the first season, in order to get his hands on the lions. he was the original black paladin, and with voltron in his grasp, he knows he will be unstoppable.

but lotor isn’t like that.

he wasn’t a paladin of voltron. he is not connected to the lions the way zarkon is. he cannot be fueled with druid magic in order to continue zarkon’s quest for the lions because there is no connection to enhance. no, lotor isn’t going to head straight for voltron central, guns blazing.

instead, i want to see lotor take the position of an antagonist similar to the archetype of grand admiral thrawn from swr. i want to see him approach his objective with caution and calculation. i want to see him learn about the paladins as the we do, for him to learn about the cracks in their defenses as the audience watches them build it up stronger. where zarkon charges in headfirst in order to swipe voltron off its feet upright, i want to see lotor run the show behind the scenes.

what’s more, i want to see him butt heads with haggar.

haggar, who stood at zarkon’s right side, and has earned his trust for reasons still yet unknown to us. who fueled zarkon’s search for the lions and supplied the quintessence which has kept him living for as long as he has. with lotor in the picture now, she will most likely be pushed to the side. he doesn’t need her druids to fuel a connection to the black lion because no such connection exists. he doesnt need her to create robeasts to send after the paladins because he doesn’t plan to destroy them head on, unlike zarkon. sooner or later, they’re going to reach a boiling point. 

which leads me to a final important point: i dont want lotor to take the paladins head on by any means, at least not for a long while after he’s begun to understand them and how they function both as a unit and as individuals (which we, as the audience, will hopefully be learning as well through the backstory & character development that season 2 lacked). no, lotor would try to hit them somewhere else, hit them where it really hurts, and make them come to him. i don’t think it’d be too far of a stretch to say that he’d try to make a move on earth.

i don’t think lotor deserves to be a redeemable villain by any means. there’s no aspect of his character that i want to see as “relatable” or “redeemable.” he does not deserve to be the zuko of vld, or turned into a kylo ren by the fandom. 

but i’ll be mad as hell if they don’t make him out to be a goddamn villain

see star trek really only addressed half human mixed race people and i’m over here like…

i want a vulcan-batazoid counselor who is like conceal don’t feel but feels literally everything and wants to help people but struggles with the strength of vulcan emotions, on top of everyone else’s.

i want a vulcan-denobulan struggling through dating - who was raised in both cultures and is unsure whether they want a completely monogamous marriage bond or a polyamorous house full of complicated family ties and a lot of love

i want a klingon-betazoid warrior, using the thoughts of others to their advantage during battle

i want a klingon-bajoran freedom fighter, struggling between what needs to be done and what the honor they were raised on dictates

i want a cardassian-romulan spy, because honestly that would just be cool

i want a romulan-vulcan starfleet officer, met with distrust no matter how logical they are or how many times they renounce the romulan star empire

like damn the universe deserved more mixed race people than ziyal and ziyal deserved better than what she got tbh they could have explored her child of two worlds feelings so much more.

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I'm having a down night after feeling okay for almost a full week, do you have any routines you do or things you watch/listen to when you feel yourself starting to spiral?

yeah I have a list of self care/calming stuff:

-turn off all lights in my room and listen to a podcast

-free write for 10 minutes about my thoughts/feelings

-write down all the things i’m grateful for

-listen to some asmr videos- I like paper folding a lot

-calm.com is a pretty cool website (it’s also an app!) where you can choose a bunch of soothing nature sounds + breathing exercises

-asoftmurmur.com is great one for creating your own custom calming background sounds- you can choose the type of nature/calming noises you want and it mixes it for you

-chill anime beats playlist on soundcloud is so good

-if you use spotify at all, the playlists ‘4am comedown’, ‘brain food’, and ‘musical therapy’ are nice

-slime, calligraphy, pottery, kinetic sand, paint mixing videos on instagram (search the tags) and theres a bunch of blogs on here that post them too if you look around (i have a sideblog where i just reblog them if you want to look on that/who i reblog from)

-i personally haven’t done anything with this yet but i found out that pixar has a free online class on khan academy? so if you want to just learn some cool tips that could be fun. also just looking around on khan academy for something you’re interested in could be a good distraction

-the peaceful cuisine channel is fantastic!! they make food that’s filmed beautifully with just the cooking sounds and no talking/music

hope that helps!

easy (and free) devotional activities

I know one of the biggest problems I had when I was getting into paganism was finding ways to honor the deities I wanted to with no money, so here’s some ideas of general things you can try out for any deity!


You may have seen these on tumblr before. A lot of pagans on tumblr keep e-shrines, which tend to be aesthetic-based sideblogs. If you have a lot of deities in your personal worship, you could make a tag for each with things you feel they’d enjoy. I’ve also seen people do them using Pinterest boards!

Music is a pretty traditional offering! So if you’re looking for a simple way to make an offering, this is probably the cheapest and most accessible. Whether the mix is on your phone, YouTube, or a mix site, it’s a fun offering to make if you ask me. Try thinking of songs that remind you of the deity, or songs about things related to them.
In the same vein as e-shrines, moodboards are fairly common on tumblr in general and you see lots for various deities. Even if you aren’t a master at aesthetics, it’s still a good thing to try out as it gives you a chance to get more familiar with your deities associations.
Living in the name of your deity
I left this for last because it’s kind of a cheesy thing to say. I know I roll my eyes when Christians say this since so few actually seem to practice it. But really, it’s a true thing. Think of what your deity stands for, and how they would want to see one of their worshippers or devotees.

Okay guys so i’m not going to be responding to any (more) of the posts and asks about my supposedly being a homophobe. I’ve gotten a lot of really genuinely kind messages mixed in with the bad ones, and I’m thankful for the support, but it’s really not something I feel like I can fix in any way. 

I’m sorry that people are interpreting my words as hateful and homophobic; they were never intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. I was asked a question and I answered it, and if in doing so I offended anyone, I am sorry. But I’m not sorry for my beliefs; I can’t be. I don’t hate anyone, and while I know that that isn’t going to convince the people I’ve angered, I feel like I should repeat it anyway. 


A Figure in the Wastes:

A modern mix for the detached drifter; wanderers not enraptured by the neon beacons of The Strip; for the Couriers for whom the desert dust has become a second skin.


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So it's like the fandom is John pst reichenbach, sad and numb, but we know what's true just like he knew Sherlock wasn't a fraud, right? There's this air in the fandom like everyone apart from active meta writers is quietly sitting & waiting for something to happen...But it'll feel so good when the show unexpectedly comes back from the dead, eh? :P

Hey Nonny!

Gosh, I hope you’re right. It does feel a bit like that, I’ll grant you that. I myself, though, will probably have a lot of mixed feelings about it suddenly reappearing from the dead, to be honest. A lot like John, probably, hah.

Refresh your environment.

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut and feel bored with everything around you.

Try to change up your environment, and I don’t necessarily mean your location. Think about how often we look at our phones. Change your text tone. Change your background. You’d be surprised at how refreshing it feels. 

I do a lot of little things to mix things up, and they seem silly but they make me feel so much better and awake. I have different candles and air fresheners. Each day has a different smell. 

Stimulate your senses!