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Talking a lot and/or all the time and having great communication with each other doesn't have anything to do with astrology. It's pretty standard for all relationships of only a few months. If you're running an astrology blog, it would be smart not to mix up your own "honeymoon phase" feelings with sun-sign compatibility. You get along great because you're young and in love and have been together for a short amount of time. It's not because it's a Cancer-Gemini thing.

I can post whatever I want on this blog. you know nothing about my relationship except what I’ve posted here, yet you have the audacity to assume I know nothing about it either.
shut the hell up. you sound idiotic and bitter.

I remember people having this same issue with Big Hero 6.

A lot of fans did not like that Hiro and Tadashi were portrayed as being mixed race. It’s like these studios are pretending to give us diversity but instead of going all in, they throw us this whitewashed, mixed race mess. No. Go all in. All or nothing. This isn’t real diversity. This is so big film execs can pat themselves on the back and all-white fandoms can feel good about how ‘diverse’ they are. Stop it.

see star trek really only addressed half human mixed race people and i’m over here like…

i want a vulcan-batazoid counselor who is like conceal don’t feel but feels literally everything and wants to help people but struggles with the strength of vulcan emotions, on top of everyone else’s.

i want a vulcan-denobulan struggling through dating - who was raised in both cultures and is unsure whether they want a completely monogamous marriage bond or a polyamorous house full of complicated family ties and a lot of love

i want a klingon-betazoid warrior, using the thoughts of others to their advantage during battle

i want a klingon-bajoran freedom fighter, struggling between what needs to be done and what the honor they were raised on dictates

i want a cardassian-romulan spy, because honestly that would just be cool

i want a romulan-vulcan starfleet officer, met with distrust no matter how logical they are or how many times they renounce the romulan star empire

like damn the universe deserved more mixed race people than ziyal and ziyal deserved better than what she got tbh they could have explored her child of two worlds feelings so much more.

But, can you imagine Jesy and Jake’s wedding day? Can you imagine all the pictures we’re gonna get? Because you know the girls are gonna go crazy and post a million pictures on instagram. And, can you imagine the girls on their bridesmaids dresses and Jesy on her wedding dress and all of them taking selfies and the girls posting long as fuck messages on instagram wishing Jesy and Jake a good marriage and talking about how much they love Jesy and how they have gained a brother on Jake? Can you imagine the girls singing for Jesy and Jake? Can you imagine Jesy and Jake singing to each other? I’M GONNA BE A MESS THE DAY JESY AND JAKE GET MARRIED.

For Lucio fans and fic writers

I’m trying not to generalize my country but I’m writting down few facts about our country.

  • Our language is Portuguese. Not Spanish or Brazilian. Brazil is an old Portuguese colony. Though, our language differentiates from Portugual - Portuguese, because we have a lot of native american dialects mixed with portuguese. (Also other language as well)

I’m putting under the cut for more info ( also I’m sorry mobile users). Also if other brazillian people wanna chime in feel free and add more to this!

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I can’t stop thinking about Stan in the latest episode for a few reasons. Thinking about his character arc in this episode hurts a lot and makes me sad with the possible writing implications. I mean…

He’s feeling overshadowed by his brother as though Ford is the “cooler” one (Mabel even calls Ford a hero). Stan went through all of these troubles to get his family’s approval, to have some love and care returned to him after all that he’s done for the twins.

This episode, the dialogue is really telling on how aware the writers AND Stan are of his age. “I’m old, and I’m not getting any younger.” Stan talked about his gravestone freaking twice if not a third time I missed in this episode alone.

He looks so dang sad when he’s talking to the kids about running for Mayor. So sad that it’s when he talks about his age in a negative way and talks about his gravestone for the first time as far as I remember. You know what really hurts about this? He doesn’t want to be known as the “grifter” when he’s gone. He wants to be worth something before he dies. He wants to be deemed important and loved by his family. They’re the only family he has left after all, right?

Stan spent 30 years getting the portal back up and running without the other 2 journals. 30 years he spent until he got the other two journals and got everything else he needed to finally bring his brother back. The portal caused so much damage… It was dangerous… But he just wanted to save his twin.

And now? This poor man hasn’t been thanked or rewarded with the same love and selflessness in return for all he’s done and been through. He risked his life and everybody else’s lives to get his brother back…. For whatever is going on now.

Where Mabel feels like she doesn’t have much time left to continue being a kid, Stan believes he doesn’t have much time left in his life on its own. I can just imagine him thinking every night that this is the last summer he CAN see and spend time with the twins. Maybe the whole “there aren’t that many [months/years] left” instead of Halloweens like Mabel said in Summerween.

This is a time he finally got his brother back and he can’t even feel close to him like old times. His brother hasn’t shown much interest in spending time with him. Ford mostly seems interested in spending time with, AND impressing the twins. That’s great and all, I guess, but don’t leave your own darn twin brother out of the family picture, Ford…

So… Then I get to the part of this episode that really gets me. There are firework explosives all over the inside of that monument. Stan is rescuing his only family and in the moment the fireworks are about to explode, he talks about his gravestone again. He talks about this as though it IS his last moment alive and he just wants to make sure the twins survive if he doesn’t. Stan also wants that grifter status to not be on his grave. He committed heroic actions in this moment - GENUINE hero moments compared to Ford just putting in the new lightbulb that Mabel called heroic - and he probably would’ve wanted to be remembered for that instead. He’s more and more accepting of his potential death… Just wishing for others to see more in him.

And that’s what really bites and hurts. I’m sure many of us want to accomplish something we’ve dreamed of before we move on from our lives in this world. We want to feel worth whether it’s by our standards or not. When the time comes, we want to be remembered for what we’ve done even in the little ways.

Stan… He’s done so much for his family. He really has. He goes through all this garbage of being kicked out by his dad, feeling unloved by his own brother, and now he seems to feel like his only family is being taken away from him as Ford seems “cooler” than him. All he probably ever desires is to just feel that in return. To be certain that his family is aware of his worth and his importance before he’s not there anymore.

When I think of this more and more, I just hurt more for this poor old man. It worries me that the direction of the writing for his character arc isn’t going to conclude with him remaining alive if the show is to kill off characters later on… To the extent that Alex makes a big deal of future character deaths saying something along the lines of people dying and the audience will cry. What character deaths would make us cry? Not the past mayor. Not some background character with few character arcs, screen time or lines.

The character would have to be a character that’s had an impact on the audience. A character whose arc and development are grand and seemingly coming to a close. It would have to be a character with great opportunity, from an emotional writing standpoint, to tear the audience’s feeling apart. It could be an outright painfully sad death, or a bittersweet death.

Painfully sad death: The character that’s gone through so much, likely sacrificed so much, dies without much reward for his actions and without goodbyes, etc.

Bittersweet death: Same as the other kind of character death, but with a little positivity in the mix. The death is caused by the character’s sacrifice, they probably get to have their goodbyes, and they’re finally recognized for everything that wanted to be recognized for - at the cost of their life. It’s horribly sad that they die either way, but the fact that get rewarded and recognized for what they wanted makes life in the fictional universe seem more hopeful and well-concluded.

So… These are my thoughts… And if we indeed lose a main character, I fear that the direction of writing for Stan is definitely coming to a close sometime soon.

I’ve suspected this for a while because it DOES make story-writing sense to lose Stan, but this episode has only further convinced me that it’s highly probable to happen.

Plus, what’s a big part of growing up and handling the harsh realities of the world? Life endangerment. Believe me when I say that losing grandparents as a kid is the most painful thing to go through. It still hurts when you’re older, but as a kid you cannot grasp the reality of death that easily. It’s new territory, it’s terrifying, and downright depressing. The grandparents that took care of you, babysat you, spoiled you, cease to exist in this world.

This show is about family, and it’s also about growing up. Whether or not Disney allows it doesn’t matter. They’ve let Alex have more freedom, and one of the storyboard artists has claimed that the show gets much darker than they expected to get away with at all.

And… Well… I’ll conclude with that…


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It’s done!!! I spent hours making this, but it’s finally done.

This three-page spread (wth) is a mix between the old-fashioned “So your child is genderqueer” PowerPoint and my own experiences/knowledge. As you can see, I added a lot of definitions and pictures (because it was necessary).

Credits for the Genderqueer Pride Dragon go to kaenith.

(Please note that English is not my first language and it could have some mistakes. I reviewed it a few times and didn’t find any, but feel free to tell me if you find something wrong and I’ll change it.)

PLEASE reblog this. It’s very hard for some people to come out to their parents about this complicated topic. It’s also useful for the rest of the family/friends, because this can be applied to them as well.

Have a super nice day! I really hope this helps some people.

(I’ll be adding more resources in the tag “so your child is”. Not just about genderqueerness though. Also, thinking of translating this to Spanish.)

Took a bit of wrangling and a whole bunch of inspiration, but I got this bugger figured out. I have a lot of mixed feelings but I’m happy with the end product I’d say.

I’m just happy I just happened to have the perfect coloured minkys in my stash, hair is usually the hardest stuff to match(and what I’m fussiest about)

Mystery Skulls Animated: Ghost: [link]

[Commish info] (I am not making another Lewis right now Im sorrrrry)

Exclusive: One Direction Teases Fifth Album's Sound -- Without Zayn: ‘It’s a Lot Different Than What We Did Before’
Plus, which member of 1D text messages the most from the road?

But Liam promises that Directioners who love their old tunes will be happy, too.

“There’s a lot of old school vibes as well,” he explained. “I said before that it was quite Oasis-y but I was thinking about one song that I’ve been playing… it’s very diverse I think,” he added, after noting that the mix of songs is “eclectic.”

But will there be any collaborations?

“No collaborations so far,” Niall revealed. “It’s still in the making so we’re not there yet.”

But 1D’s sound isn’t all that’s changing. The band is also making some shifts to their tour – changes that are sure to have fans feeling giddy and eager to catch the fellas live.

“Well, we got some new songs I believe for this one,” Liam shared, before Louis chimed in to confirm, “That is true. Yep… four I think.”

While the guys couldn’t reveal which tunes they are adding to the set-list, Liam promised the tunes are definitely fan-favorites.

“We have some favorites.. maybe someone else’s favorite off the album – from last year’s.” Eeeek. We’re already anxious to hear the new additions.

We also played a little tour game with the guys in anticipation of the 17 upcoming tour dates. They revealed which member is most likely to get homesick on the road, who text messages the most from the road (Harry, here’s looking at you), and who takes the most “moody, topless” selfies from their bunk. Yes, you read that right. Moody. Topless. You’ll have to watch the video above to see how they answered.

One Direction is clearly excited about the future and 2015 is shaping up to be another hugely successful year for them. To purchase tickets to any of their upcoming shows, click here.

the way quantico is handling lgbt+ rep so far is just kinda terrible tbh

  • you introduce one of your main characters as being gay in the pilot (who is also jewish and also the first openly gay fbi recruit, both of which are a big deal) and then five episodes in you go “SIKE! he’s actually straight as an arrow and now we’re gonna hook him up with one of the twins!!!”
  • you have your only other confirmed gay character act stalkerish and obsessive every week and basically being the ~aggressive predatory gay~ stereotype who wont back off after being turned down. his suspicions of simon turned out to be correct, but let’s not forget that it all started because he was rejected.
  • you have your initial season promos after the premier showing a caleb/shelby sex scene, an alex/ryan sex scene, and a blink-and-you-miss-it kiss between elias and someone who appears to be simon (but we know now it was max). however, after that first round of promo in the beginning, the kiss doesn’t appear in further promo material despite the fact that the two straight sex scenes are still promoted ad nauseam, in every preview. every. single. week. even when they weren’t relevant to the episodes being promoted.
  • when the much hyped ~sexiest episode ever~ (which…it wasn’t really but ok whatever) finally arrives, the two aforementioned straight sex scenes get a whole episode of frankly exhausting, cringeworthy buildup that finally boils over in two long, drawn-out scenes. meanwhile the gay kiss from that first promo? was cut from the episode completely. well i guess that explains it’s complete disappearance from promos then.
  • instead we get elias making a vague reference to having “done something to a man recently” (which btw was just ???? like, you do know you can say “sex” at 10 pm on abc, right?), insinuating that he had sex with max while simon was away. 

on the plus side, a character actually said the word “bisexual”, so hey that’s a positive i guess.

this show does a lot of things right, but it’s also doing this one thing so wrong right now. i’m willing to give them a little benefit of the doubt based on the fact that it’s still early days, and maybe there’s more going on that we haven’t seen yet with regards to simon and his sexuality, but so far it’s just…weird and disappointing.

She looked like a younger version of Annabeth, but her fidgeting and hyperness reminded me of….well, me. If Annabeth and I ever had a daughter, she might be a lot like Sadie.

It’s not like I’d never dreamed about kids before. I mean, you date someone for over a year, the idea is gong to be in the back of your mind somewhere, right? But still- I’m not ready to think too seriously about stuff like that. Also, I’m a demigod. On a day-to-day basis, I’m busy just trying to stay alive.

Yet, looking at Sadie, I could imagine that someday maybe I’d have a little girl who looked like Annabeth and acted like me-a cute hellion of a demigod, stomping through puddles and flattening monsters with magic camels.

—  Percy Jackson about Sadie Kane, the Crown of Ptolemy by Rick Riordan.

msamberpriley I always try and surround myself with women that help me learn and grow and encourage me to move forward. Having convos about love, life, God and even the silly things that make us laugh without the gossip, bitchiness, and cattiness in the mix. Feeling very grateful and not so alone in this crazy entertainment world tonight. Thank you ladies, you all were exhausted and have a million things on your plate tomorrow, but you came and that means a lot to me 💜☺️ @daniebb3 @jordinsparks @iamjojo I love you all dearly


the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters