i’m just saying that i want a deep meta interview between paul mccartney and harry, talking about fame and how it influenced their personalities and i want paul to praise harry and tell him that he’s doing fantastically and then talk about how he uses fashion and music to express himself when words can’t

i want them to discuss the sgt. pepper days

i want them to compare and contrast and have deep talks about life that end up sounding like they’re high (and maybe they are) but that are actually the most profound things you’ve ever heard

and i just want my pretentious beatles loving heart to be able to live through this


Just dropping a note here for all who are confused–

Sorry for the current lack of activity on this blog! I’ve been having trouble getting answers done and further plotting for stories due to some events that came up recently. The blog isn’t on hiatus, but I’ll be taking frequent breaks from this blog to get myself together.

I hope no one minds this. I just need to build-up my motivation while I get things sorted out personally. I’m just strongly in need of some time away from this blog, but I also would like to keep it running as regularly as possible.

Your asks are here and will be replied to in time! The Home Arc is still a-go!


Hold Me // Spencer Reid

A/N: Here’s me being me again. I needed a break from all of the requests to write something purely mine and this is what came from it. I hope you enjoy.

Warnings: mentions of domestic violence, ptsd

“I love you so much.”

They were the same words he spoke every night as he watched her fall asleep, curled into his arms like the frail girl she was. His hands traced the curve of her back lightly, scared to make a sudden move that would send her spiraling into hysterics again.

She was broken, a beautiful glass figure that had been shattered to pieces by a man who had carelessly held on too tightly. She’d never been quite the same again and all Spencer could do was watch as she tried to pick up the pieces and make herself whole again. But like any true glass piece, there were shards that were simply gone once shattered- vanishing into thin air, and they left empty holes in her body where the cold draft filled her with a sense of emptiness, a cruel reminder of how hollow she was.

Spencer felt useless as he held her in his arms. He should have seen the signs. He should have noticed the way she cowered whenever someone raised a hand. He should have realized what was happening before it had been too late.

His heart had filled with irrevocable sadness when he received the phone call from the hospital. She had listed him as her emergency contact, him, not the other man. She had trusted so much in him to save her and he had failed.

He cried when he saw her bruised face. How anyone could ever do something so cruel to something so lovely was beyond him. How someone so beautiful could allow themselves to be treated in such a way, that he understood. He knew her better than anyone. He knew that deep beneath her smile was a sad being looking for validation. Looking for love.

If only he would have confessed his love to her before. Before she met that despicable man who turned her into his personal ragdoll. Before she had fallen so deeply into her own self-hatred to allow such a thing.

And so she whimpered as she lay next to him in his bed, images of the man’s violence still flashing vividly in her mind. They haunted her for days, the constant fear of him returning enough to make her lose sleep. She knew she was being irrational. He wasn’t coming back. Spencer had made sure of that.

He had sent Morgan himself to arrest him, sending the man to jail on charges of domestic abuse that he had no choice but to plead guilty to due to his previous records involving similar incidents. Spencer had felt a repulsion to the man. An incredible anger that would have led him to do something he would have regretted if he himself had gone after him.

She lay with him every night, her own body craving the safety he provided. She cringed away from all other touch that didn’t originate from him. Not even JJ, who’s whole being exuded a matronly comfort, was able to come near. She clung onto Spencer as if he was her savior, her lifeline that had only just barely reached her.

He didn’t complain. He didn’t force her to talk, to speak aloud the worry she held on her face. Instead he would simply arrive home with her favorite foods, a spark of excitement in her eyes for a mere second before it dimmed once again. They would sit and eat in comfortable silence, an understanding between them that some things were better left unsaid. Sometimes she would ask how everyone else was and he would fill her in on the team’s shenanigans. Sometimes her eyes would sparkle with amusement, other times she’d simply nod.

She lived most of her days in a limbo, existing only enough to do what was required of her. She had not gone back to work yet but Hotch had been understanding. He had sent her a gift with Spencer once, a journal and a fancy pen. She’d opened it to find a note written down.

For the things you need to release but can’t bear to say.

That small journal had been her second salvation. Spencer constantly found her curled up on the couch, fast asleep with it open in her lap. She’d nearly filled all of its pages and he felt a wave of relief flush through him. She was venting somewhere and that was good. It was healthy. It would help her healing process.

Every night she’d curl into him without a word, although he understood that she cared. She cared that he was there. There were times when he would be woken by her tight grip in the middle of the night, tears streaming down her face as she struggled against the feelings her own body raged against her. He would simply hold her against him, his long fingers stroking her skin comfortingly as she cried. They never spoke of it but she was grateful.

Tonight was different. There was a sense of serenity in her as she curled up in his bed. She dared to throw a leg over him, earning a small raise of an eyebrow from Spencer. This time she looked at him and smiled, a small smile that belonged to a girl who was only just beginning to love herself once more. He felt his heart flutter as he realized that the warmth in her eyes had returned, a sign of the girl she used to be. He wrapped his arm around her as they settled into their usual positions, the sense of familiarity between them enough to bring a small spark of comfort to both. He pressed his lips against her forehead in a tender kiss, smiling as he heard her sweet voice fill the space between them.

“I love you too.”

If Wishes Were Horses (A “Plume” Comic Fanfic)

(“Plume” is completely breaking my heart right now, and I had to get my feelings out in the form of a fic.  This contains some of my personal headcanons for Tegan, which I recognize might be contradicted by the comic itself later, so feel free to consider this an AU if that turns out to be the case. I don’t wish to be presumptuous at all—it’s just a personal interpretation.  So without further ado, duck under the tags for some angst-y goodness!)

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Okay but imagine a znt x Dazatsu crossover ft. Kunikida as Nine, Dazai as Twelve, Atsushi as Lisa and Fyodor as Five.

Imagine the Ferris wheel scene. Imagine Dazai placing his hands on Atsushi’s face and wiping his tears away.

Imagine Atsushi clinging to Dazai on the back of the motorcycle, wind whipping through his hair and Atsushi laughing because it’s been so long since he laughed like that?

Replace Lisa’s abusive mother with the orphanage director.

Imagine Dazai torn between saving Atsushi and keeping the location of the book secret.

But whatever you do, do not imagine the final scenes of the series.

Reigen remaining a bachelor (by choice) and growing old, the kageyama bros and teru visiting him every now and then during their days off, and basically just future reigen with his lil gang of esper children just relaxing and telling stories of what they did recently and reminiscing aaaaAAAAAAH

anonymous asked:

Can we discuss Hinoka and Takumi's relationship though? Like, can we talk about how different this support is from Ryoma and Takumi. Because Takumi and Ryoma's supports are the fakest thing I ever read and Takumi in it feels fake (not ooc, but you can tell he's holding himself back) while with Hinoka he's all like LOOK AT MEEEE!!!!! And do you think that Takumi and Sakura (because she also tries to connect to Hinoka more than Ryoma) desire more love from Hinoka than they desire from Ryoma?

Hinoka and Takumi’s relationship is an interesting one. Surprisingly, the English and Japanese versions of the translation are pretty similar, so I can’t go ahead and say “well here it was different”. Both clearly show that Hinoka is so completely out of touch with Takumi, and how unaware she is of his crippling inferiority complex to the point where she even brings up Kamui. Especially if you play as a male Kamui, because the game itself enforces the difference in how Kamui plays out between families. Female Kamui has her place in Nohr for very specific reasons and family dynamics, while Male Kamui has his in Hoshido, and it has a fair bit to do with Takumi as well. So, Hinoka going the extra mile to bring up Kamui’s kidnapping (ignoring the murder of their father, even), and saying that if Takumi went ahead and did something foolish, she would relive the anguish of losing Kamui again.

This of course shows Hinoka in a fairly bad light, which generally makes a lot of people disregard her. Especially considering Takumi is the fan favourite (and how dare his own sister be so mean to him!!). Keep in mind that Hinoka cut herself off from her family by deciding to chase Kamui. As far as she’s aware, she has always been showing love and care for her younger siblings, so for Takumi to actually call her out that she honestly doesn’t care for him, and never had, it’s a very startling thing. Hinoka does not understand why Takumi acts the way he does, and you cannot say that their A-support fixes their relationship. The Hoshidan family is amazingly fractured, and it’s unfortunate that the game tries to ultimately repair these relationships in three conversations. It doesn’t work like that, obviously, so the tone the last support ends on is, I guess, hopeful? But not a positive one. Hinoka ignored Takumi through his worst, and never seemed to support him in any way. And Takumi isn’t easy to forgive and forget.

Comparing that support to Takumi to Ryouma, the English support changed a few of their lines. At the end of their C-support, Takumi didn’t run off the way he did with his arms in the air. It just ended on a very melancholic note from Takumi and Ryouma acknowledging it. Whilst I agree with you that Takumi feels like he is holding back, I wouldn’t necessarily think he feels fake. 

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I think a big part of what makes Black Sails so appealing is the adherence to established characterization. So many times I’ve watched shows that change characters’ motivations or goals just to suit the plot (I’m looking at you, Supernatural), and while it’s vindicating and satisfying to watch things go, more or less, according to plan—to see characters realize that they were wrong, change their ways, and save the day—I think it’s even more satisfying to see them hold on to their screwed-up ambitions and festering grudges, so that the plot of the show has to change, because the characters certainly aren’t going to. The path of the show has seemed so unwieldy to me at times, and I’ve come to recognize that it’s at least partly due to the refusal of the characters to compromise their interests. Yeah, there’s been character development, and changes in allegiances and learning moments and a lot of softening of emotionally-stunted men, but throughout it all they’ve stuck to their guns (lmao) and striven towards what they were angling for all along. It’s not admirable in all cases but it’s certainly glorious and I kind of have a thing for stubborn idiots.

GOGGLEHEAD. oh wow, didn’t see you there admiring my super amazing shoulder blades. anyways. i gotta give ya’ll some deets. gotta drum up the sitch in an easy one-two-go kinda paragraph.

i’m sure you guys have noticed that i’m either A. totally absent from the rp scene or B. who is solcrest again ? i know, i know, very confusing. but. things have been hectic. work is somewhat demanding, work is tiring, my emotional state is usually: exhausted like room temperature water, and i’m just. not use to rolling into tumblr anymore really. also my self esteem is kinda shit rn so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

is this me, quitting my tiny towel antics ? NO WAY, THIS TOWEL HANGS ON ONE HOOK ONLY (the one it covers). but yeah. the crack posts here are obvs because of lack of me replying to actual threads but I WANNA CHANGE THAT. problem is that i’ve got a ton of things i haven’t replied to. and i hope ? you guys won’t mind if some threads get dropped ? because i think airing out the old, and bringing in the new might help spring some life into my tired tiny towel holder. but if we had a previous thread you’re interested in keeping, feel free to hit up my IM box thingy and we can work it out. 👌🏽✨👍🏽

sorry for all the ooc, but listen, i actually have a huge post talking about – okay, idk why i always think about deep shit when i’m sleep-deprived, but here i am, thoughts buzzing in my head about this. anyway, the reason i’m posting this is because, well, let me explain. i guess acwnr has been wildly accepted into canon through general fandom consensus, but uh… i’m not really a part of the general fandom, since i tend to disagree with it on pretty much 99% of all content that comes out of it. in other words, i’m in it by technicality due to my attachment to levi’s character, but i don’t consider myself as being a part the fandom. hell, anons tried to drag me in my inbox bc of my unpopular opinion (which i said it was one??? anyway), the majority of the fandom has a hard time learning to understand that sometimes, people will disagree. so, i’m an outlier. i don’t like touching the fandom because of nasty experiences i’ve had with it since i first started writing levi.

ALL OF THIS BEING SAID, i’m going to put this in my rules soon, but i wanted to let you guys know that i don’t view acwnr as being canon, period. i have a verse for it, but i treat it like an au. this will change if isayama includes mentions of farlan and isabel in future updates, but i’m not holding my breath.


wayfarers-all-221  asked:

fucking Stanl ey please


Send Me a Character and I will tell you my:

First impression:

OKAY so my first impression of Stan was like tumblr and I really thought the whole show was a Cartoon Network thing that was gonna be like Regular Show or someth where it was funnyish but also kinda borderline gross and a little annoying, so my first impression of Stan was really just like ‘oh okay so that’s the obnoxious grandpa character’

Impression now

I cannot recall a time that I have gotten so attached to a character so quickly stan is a mess but he’s the best mess anyone could ever ask for

Favorite moment

The stupidest shit oh my go d it’s the moment in the opening of the Summerween episode where he backs straight into a telephone pole and yells ‘LET’S MOVE’ like he’s not the fucking getaway driver like stan you’re behind the wheel everyone is in the car who are you saying that for it’s –i mean –go d  y o u’re the o n e…d r i v in g  wh,y

fucking kills me 

every time

Idea for a story

Unpopular opinion

I’m actually super angry at Stan every time I watch a Tale of Two Stans.  I know we’re supposed to be on Stan’s side, and I know Ford fucked up super hard, but it makes me bristle that Stan never apologized for the thing that started all of it.  Like, he admits it was a mistake, but he never apologized for it (not even ‘i made a mistake’ just ‘look it was a mistake’ which is really super passive and lets him kind of dodge responsibility for his actions because he subtracts himself from the narrative, which is very Stan and probably habitual for him as a teenager who was always getting into trouble).

In fact, he completely glossed over the apology to spin the situation in his favor and, whether he meant to do that or not, I would’ve been fucking furious with him too.  Like, I understand Ford in that episode.

It’s also just really frustrating to know how quickly you can defuse a situation with a genuine apology.  Knowing that one never actually took place makes my heart hurt.  Literally that whole mess might have been avoided if Stan had just started with ‘I’m sorry’ and meant it.  Like, yeah, Ford would’ve still been PISSED but it would’ve at least reinforced the idea that ‘hey, stan would never hurt you on purpose, you have to know that, this was definitely an accident’, versus the paranoia-induced rage he flew into (that I have a WHOLE NOTHER ESSAY ON, that I believe you’ve already read if I’m not mistaken).  

It’s also just really frustrating to know that the reason he probably didn’t tell Ford the night before (which could’ve given him time to inspect it for damage and avoid the wHole Confrontation) is that Stan probably just didn’t want Ford to be mad at him.  Which I get.  But also.

This is what happens with avoidance…???  Just??


To Your Brother??

About being scared to lose him???



L E A S E ????

Favorite relationship

I love all of Stan’s relationships, but obviously his relationship with the kids really just.  Ah.  Aaaa.  All Stan really wanted was to have a family that loved him and those kids man,,, ,, tho s e k i d s

But okay, listen, I 



I know I was supposed to get Emotional™ during the finale (and I def did) but nothing got me closer to crying than Mabel risking the fate of the world (universe??!!) on trusting Stan.  Like

oh my god

going your whole life as someone who’s made a living on being untrustworthy, losing the people you care about because they lost faith in you, feeling like you had to close yourself off entirely and create an entirely different persona because you think (from experience) the Real You isn’t someone anyone could really care about or count on ( “they don’t ‘like’ or ‘trust’ me” ) and then 

this one little girl 

literally banks everything 

on your word, despite OVERWHELMING evidence that she shouldn’t

she just fucking trusts you and leaves the rest to fate


holy shit dude my heart has never hurt that much for a cartoon 

i was using theater tricks on myself not to fucking cry

i hate it i love mabel so much

Favorite headcanon

Bisexual Stan is a fave

Also uhm, the idea of Stan lying about how that Initial Fight went down in his flashback where he was clearly the Victim but he never actually looked like that and he probably just knocked that dude clear across the street for less reason than he had to do it is probably one of my faves

i also like the idea that stan got into trouble a lot at school for getting into fights protecting Ford and/or just overhearing people talking shit about Ford and just full on grabbing some jackass by the collar and throwing them into the lockers fucking hallway brawl because he couldn’t stand people shitting on his brother and Ford wasn’t aggressive yet and wouldn’t defend himself like

i love Big Brother-Twin!Stan headcanons

What do you mean it’s frowned upon to enlist 16 year olds into black ops and let them wield dual shotguns? Geez Angela, get that stick out of your ass. 

Just a misleadingly silly comic for an idea I’ve been playing with, y’know: swap ages and roles but keep personalities and abilities. Fun stuff.