Okay, but that Klossy video, though. Does anybody else feel like their heart is about to burst out of their chest with the amount of love they have for Karlie?

I have been a fan of Karlie’s since that day in 2007 when I saw her in the Little Manhattan editorial for Teen Vogue. It feels like I grew up with her. I’ve watched her go from this tiny little 15 year old baby who walked an exclusive for Calvin Klein, to this amazing 23 year old woman who is one of the world’s biggest supermodels, and has one of the world’s biggest hearts.

So, to the me from 2007, who tore that editorial out of Teen Vogue and pinned it to her bedroom wall - well done. You couldn’t have picked a better person to be a fan of.

  • how to get me angry:ask me how i feel about darcy lewis being shipped with everyone in the fandom like she's some sort of stand in for the reader, without regard to her character or personality

right so obviosuly Ronan and Blue don’t become bffs immediately, but I like to think that they’ve always had this sort of silent companionship between them, where they’ll butt heads and snap at each other, but the moment someone else dares to so much as breathe a word wrong around the other, they’ll both be the first to get defensive and go ‘???what???hwat the fuck man??say that to my face again, say it?!!?’

they always deny it, of course, but Gansey never lets either of them hear the end of it.

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Since you're enjoying Psych, now seems like a good time to ask what your top 5 moments of the show are.

Hmm, that’s a good question! Just to preface, I’m currently in Season 6, so I can only answer with moments up until then.

  1. Lassiter comforting Juliet (Mr. Yin Presents…): I love love love the relationship between these two. I ship it low-key, but their friendship/partnership in general is just as important to me as Shawn and Gus’ is. But this moment is so crucial in my eyes. First off, it’s just done really well? We don’t hear dialogue at all, but you can clearly understand every emotion that’s going on. (Shout out to Tim and Maggie!)   We’ve had a bunch of moments to see how Juliet cares about Lassiter, but this is probably the biggest gesture we’ve seen him make towards her. He can tells she’s not okay after her whole ordeal and LITERALLY gives her a shoulder to cry on. HOW HE PULLS HER CLOSE THOUGH. 

  2. Gus’ tap routine (Feet Don’t Kill Me Now): How could I not? It combines two of my favorite things: Dulé Hill and tap-dancing. Now, I already knew the scene was gonna happen (I must’ve watched that Comic Con video a dozen times), but it’s still great in context. Just AHHH, why are you so talented??? 

  3. “I’ve been thinking about getting a car.” (Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part): This line is so important!!! Shawn is so immature about most things, but he only gets serious when it concerns something or someone that means a lot to him. So him telling Juliet that he is considering being sensible and getting a car in exchange for his fun and wild motorcycle means he’s actually serious about her, even considering a future with her. I wish you saw my face during this scene, haha.   It was a literal “:D” emoji. 

  4. The entirety of “Late Night Gus”: This episode is in my top 5, easy. I just saw it for the first time a day or so ago and I was LOSING IT. It’s such an effortlessly funny episode ( “Look, I don’t care if we did kill this guy. I’m just happy to be a part of it.”) and I just love episodes involving the whole gang.  This ep is basically the plot of The Hangover, but done in a way where I actually laugh. 

  5. Shawn on a telenovela (Lights, Camera… Homicidio): Just…everything about this bit is so great. The eyeliner, the exaggerated accent, all of it. I love how Psych really embraces the themes of their episodes and BOY do they do that here. (Plus, I appreciate any little nod towards James Roday’s actual ethnicity.)

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Florimond 5 or Metri/Erimond 7 ?

I’m sorry, this turned out kinda angsty, but I hope you still enjoy it! (Also, if you’re lucky I might do the Metri/Erimond prompt as well and that will be more fluffy) :3

5. A Nap

Florianne sighed, her wrist against the cool metal of the bars between them. His fingers were curled so tightly around her hand that it was clear she would be here for some time. That was…inconvenient. It wasn’t that she wasn’t allowed to visit the cells, but she doubted that it would be encouraged. Especially when she was visiting a prisoner who also had ties to Corypheus and the Venatori. Especially when that person was Livius Erimond.

The first time she snuck down to the cells to visit him, he hadn’t been particularly keen to see her. She wasn’t surprised. She wondered if he’d realised that even as he’d berated her for defecting, he’d called her amata. Either way, it didn’t matter - after all her years of playing The Game, it would have been impossible for her not to hear the intensity of feeling behind that word, however well he meant to hide it. She let him vent.

She looked up as she felt Livius squeeze her hand, but his soft snoring told her that he was still sleeping. He only seemed to be able to fall asleep when she or Aeliana came down to the dungeons. In Halamshiral, he’d had trouble sleeping in an unfamiliar room, and while her quarters had not been as luxurious as Celene’s, it was hardly a stretch to say that her bed was far more comfortable than a cot in a prison cell. Compared to this, even her room in Skyhold seemed reasonable.

“How long?” he asked groggily, still holding her hand. Not long enough. No matter how much he slept, he was always tired.

“About half an hour.” With her free hand she reached into a pouch and produced a small tin of moisturising cream, motioning for him to come closer to the bars.  

“I don’t care what I look like,” he muttered. Regardless, he obediently shuffled towards her.

“You should,” she told him, applying the cream to her fingertips and gently stroking the dark circles under his eyes. “Do you think I spend so long choosing the right gown because I have nothing better to do? With the appropriate mask and the correct shade of lipstick, I can have the world at my knees. Appearance is important. That is why those ghastly boots of yours offend me so.” That, at least, earned her the shadow of a smile before she turned to leave.

“You are Lord Livius Erimond of Vyrantium. Do not forget that.”

N.B. Florianne’s comments on appearance were kinda inspired by Lebedeva’s speech in Catherynne Valente’s Deathless, which I’d highly recommend - one of my favourite books ever.

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rules: once you’ve been tagged write a note with 92 truths about you and tag 25 ppl to do the same

  • name : Em
  • age : 17
  • bday : In October
  • present address : Southern Finland

what was your last

  • beverage : Tea
  • phone call : Probably to my mom
  • text message : Text to a friend saying that I don’t like cookies either
  • song u listened to : Dir En Grey - The Final
  • time u cried : Yesterday

have you ever

  • dated someone twice : No
  • been cheated on : Nope
  • kissed someone and regret it : Nah
  • lost someone special : Yeah
  • been depressed : Nah, I’m just pretty much always miserable for no specific reason
  • been drunk and threw up : Nope

list 3 fav colors

  • Black
  • Dark navy blue
  • Dark green

last year (2015) have you

  • made a new friend : If internet friends count
  • fallen out of love : Nah
  • laughed until u cried : I don’t think so
  • met someone who changed you : No
  • found out who your true friends are : Well I’ve known that for a quite long time so
  • found out someone was talking about you : Yea
  • kissed anyone from your fb/tumblr/twitter/etc list : Nope


  • how many friends do you have : Maybe 3 who I can call friends and few school mates, not many tho
  • do you have any pets : Yep, a cat
  • do you want to change your name : No
  • what did you do for your last birthday : I don’t remember, probably ate cake, ew
  • what time did u wake up today : 5:50am
  • name something u cannot wait for : Ff15 and kh3, though I’ve waited for so long that it feels normal
  • last time u saw ur mother : Few minutes earlier
  • one thing u wish to change in ur life : That I’d be able to be happier or it’d be easier for me to get to know new people
  • what are u listening to rn : Nothing
  • what’s getting on your nerves rn : That I haven’t studied enough and one asshole didn’t answer to my message
  • most visited websites : Tumblr and demi.fi maybe (Finns know)
  • nickname : Em
  • relationship status : Single
  • zodiac sign : Libra
  • he/she : She
  • elementary : Was shit
  • high school : Quite shit as well
  • college : Not in a college yet
  • hair color : Dark brown
  • long or short : I think short’s prettier but I’m too scared to cut mine, last time I did I didn’t like it, long’s also good tho
  • height : 170cm, I think it’s sth like 5′7′‘ in feet
  • do u have a crush on anyone rn : Ugh, sure
  • what do u like about urself : Nah
  • piercings : Nope
  • tattoos : None
  • righty/lefty: Righty


  • surgery : When I was 8 or 9
  • piercing : I don’t have any
  • best friend : When I was 4-5 probably, girl who looked much like me (only when we were little) and was somewhat religious, I kinda miss her, too bad we aren’t in touch anymore
  • sport u joined : Badminton
  • vacation : Probably a cruise
  • pair of trainers : How could I remember?

right now

  • eating : Nothing
  • drinking : -
  • about to : Do my physics homework
  • listening to : -
  • waiting for : Nice autumn weathers, I want to dress in layered clothing

your future

  • want kids : Most likely not
  • marriage : I have no idea. Marriage doesn’t mean so much to me, tho if someone I’d love v much wanted to get married it’d be ok. No big wedding.
  • career : Scientist and author

which is better

  • lips/eyes : Eyes
  • hugs/kisses : Hugs
  • shorter/taller : Taller
  • older/younger : Older, tho younger (not much) is ok too
  • romantic/spontaneous : Romantic? Dunno
  • nice stomach/nice arms : Arms
  • senstive/loud : Sensitive
  • hook up/relationship : Relationship
  • troublemaker/hesitant : Hesitant

have u ever

  • kissed a stranger : Nope
  • drink hard liquor : Nah
  • lost glasses/contacs : Yea for a short time
  • dated : Tbh no
  • broke someones heart : I don’t think so
  • had your own heart broken : Guess not
  • been arrested : No
  • turned someone down : Yea
  • cried bc someone died : Yup
  • fallen for a friend : No

do u believe in

  • yourself : Sometimes, quite rarely tho
  • miracles : No
  • love at first sight : Nope
  • heaven : Yeah no
  • santa claus : Sure since he lives in Finland (seriously tho, what would you think?)
  • kiss on the first date : Well I don’t think you should rush it, but why not, if both are okay with it, it depends on so many things
  • angels : No

I’m always so shitty coming up with who to tag, so I’m tagging these people with amazing blogs (and anyone who wants to do it!):

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You will NEVER convince me that Emily and JJ aren’t in love with each other. They are clearly both idiots who will never admit it.

But JJ hallucinated Emily while being tortured. She didn’t even mutter Will’s name. Emily was the one who she knew would come for her. She had no way of knowing Hotch would even call Emily. But she knew that Emily would rescue her. 

And Emily was in motherfucking London in a very fancy outfit and all Hotch had time to say on that phonecall was “Someone took JJ” and she was like I’M LEAVING NOW IDGAF ABOUT DETAILS TELL THEM TO ME ON THE PLANE.

No one will ever convince me that they weren’t in love with each other. 


I’ve updated the bio for Mer and Mage on the Darkipliers/Lightipliers/MarkiplierOCs page on my blog, so if you need reference, feel free to stop by!

ALSO: Mage has a sit-in name until I’m 100% happy with a final name, so you can now also call him Zadkiel!

Currently working on Tron’s next, then Sheut’s, and possibly Imp’s (though he’s mostly there to cause mischief)!

If you can’t find it, here’s a link to the new bio page:

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Mmmmmph! Really? W-w-what about Norrell/Strange/Arabella? You don't have to write it if you don't want to.

Why wouldn’t I want to, I ship it. :D Though I ship it Norrell/Strange + Arabella/Strange because my interpretation of Norrell is like 100% gay-ace, but I’m assuming this is no problem.

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I honestly think one of the most horrifying things in MQ is that, as revealed in the hospital missions, nanovirus infection is a gradual process.

Like, the guy in the hospital missions? We see him insisting that he’s fine, but finding that he can’t get parts of his body to listen to him, right?
That’s awful enough on its own, but that guy is going through it in a hospital with top-knotch medical care.

But what about everyone else?

The armed forces of Loreon, sold out to the Shadowscythe by their Kingadent, their leader who they trust. Those of them who aren’t outright dead because of the Shadowscythe, turned against the very home they protected.

The Westion Homesteaders, subject to becoming prisoners in their own bodies in their own homes having not a clue what is happening and terrified.

Sys-Zero, captured and trapped and alone in a Shadowscythe ship, feeling his body start to not obey him any more, hearing the plans that the Shadowscythe have for him, to use him as a weapon against his home and his loved ones and fighting so, so hard against them and gasping out a plea for help please help me at the same time he needs to tell them to leave now! All the while seeing the things his body is doing and hearing the things his voice is saying - The people of Soluna will easily bow to me, their trusted hero! - but none of it is him.

Xaria. Oh my goodness, Xaria. Captured and trapped and alone, just like Sys-Zero was. Yanked straight from the heart of a safe place, taken during a happy event - the G.E.A.R.S games - one of the few semblances of normality they still have, stolen away thinking she is protecting what she holds dear and never knowing that she was the target. She or Jaania or Casca. Any of them would have served the Shadowscythe’s purposes, but she was the one they found first. She’s alone on their ship and she thinks she knows what’s coming, knows the nanovirus, has seen what it can do, but the Shadowscythe have more planned for her and gosh Xaria.

So I’ve been thinking about that one post that’s like “hey guys so my age is # and if that bothers you, feel free to jump ship! No hard feelings! If you want me to unfollow you, let me know!” Or however it goes but like I’m kinda feeling it hardcore? I’m 27 and I kinda feel like that’s a super oldish age compared to some of my followers? I mean I don’t post much (if any?) nsfw stuff on this blog (or if I do I honestly can’t fucking think of it right now and I apologize) but I still feel a little weird about it like I get drunk (inconsistently) and swear a lot but the few of you who respond back or who I see reblog/like my stuff, you’re so mature and cool about all of it, it’s kind of this mental slap finding out you’re like 10+ years younger and so much cooler than I am.

Well ok pretty much everybody is fucking cooler than I am, but you know what I mean.

So basically what I’m saying is, that if following a 27yo dirty bastard on tumbls makes you uncomfortable, don’t even sweat clickin on that unfollow button; I totally get it. Also, if having me follow you makes you feel weird, just hit me up! I’ll be more than happy to help you make your space 100% cooler again by stepping out.

   “We want to apologize for any selectiveness that has been going on with replies lately. We promise that no one is getting ignored, Taylor-dono has just been undergoing a huge amount of stress and anxiety and has been sleeping so poorly she often feels dizzy or has bad headaches.”

   “We’re being selective with replies since most of the ones safely tucked away in the drafts folder are on the more intense or ‘angsty’ side, or they are very long, and with the amount of stress she’s suffering from, the replies that tend to be lighter hearted and ‘fluffy’ or are on the shorter side tend to be easier to reply to in timely manner. No one is being ignored or forgotten. Thank you for your patience, and we’re sorry for anyone who is being kept waiting.”