Do you ever think about Zevran wearing those Antivan boots that the warden gave him until the soles completely wear out? And even then, He takes them to a cobbler to have them repaired instead of simply buying new ones, like he might’ve done in the past.

Do you ever think about Zevran sewing any and all holes that the Dalish gloves get over time and continuing to wear them even when offered a better pair? It even gets to the point where there’s so many stitches and patches that they don’t even look similar to the ones his mother once owned that he had cherished so much, that now there’s a new reason to cherish them. 

Do you ever think about Zevran just being so overly appreciative of the gifts that the warden gave him that he never wants to be without them, despite the presence of better equipment because no one had ever given him a gift before? 

THE 100 MEME • 5 QUOTES • [1/5]

9. This life is Sally Jackson’s last attempt at rebirth. After having witness her son getting married to the love of his life, and getting two grandchildren, she passes away peacefully, at the ripe old age of 82. She is judged in the underworld, and is given Elysium for the third time, automatically granting her entry to the Isles of the Blest.

LOL, I’m making a new post to answer babaojay‘s most excellent question about what’s happening in this devastating .gifset (because I very easily get guilty about adding too many comments to the work of someone who’s made a .gifset and idk, possibly adores Rick or something). So here is Christina’s comment:

Reblogging for leigh57 ’s comment to say that while I think that’s definitely how a lot of the fandom felt (you know, the people I’ve effectively blocked on tumblr), I’m not sure that Gimple intended that. I mean, he’s on record as stating that he didn’t feel like Carol had to apologize, ask for forgiveness, or make amends for what she did at the prison to Karen and David. So I’m not completely convinced he intended for us all to be on Rick’s side about this. I just think a lot of people ended up there because a) they have an agenda re Carol and/or b) a lot of people have a lot of internalized shit about authority figures and women taking action without a man’s approval. If anything, Gimple’s post-Indifference comments about what happened make me feel like we weren’t supposed to understand Rick at all (unless I missed an interview, which is perfectly possible). Do you think Gimple intended to stage it like this, or is it just fans who misinterpreted?

And my answer is that no, I certainly do not think that Gimple meant for the audience to side with Rick. I think Gimple meant to create a very interesting moral quandary without an easy solution, but because of exactly what you said about the problem with women in positions of power and authority, many parts of the fandom took it as one more reason to crucify Carol. One of the only things I love about the Carol as killer arc is the fact that everyone on the show (Melissa in particular, because her understanding of her own character is legendary) has relentlessly reinforced the fact that while Carol was very sorry for the necessity to do what needed to be done, she was never once sorry that she did it

What I was trying to say with my commentary was related to the experience of being a Carol fan within the TWD fandom, and the fact that Rick basically IS the Carol haters in that scene. All of his “logic” (aka total ludicrous fuckwitted hypocritical asshattery) is the same “logic” that haters use to make the argument that Carol is some cold-blooded killer who can’t be trusted. And at least for me (maybe I’m the only one!) that scene is especially painful because Rick is pretty much the physical manifestation of all the horrors I’ve read about the queen since the beginning of S4.

I hope that made at least a tiny bit of sense. I need more coffee.

anonymous asked:

IA with what you said about weighing positive vs negative, but also, authors have gone into the tag and blasted the Elsanna fandom there based on feedback they've gotten on their fic, when actually, at the end of the day ffnet will be ffnet. It's the main fic space in this fandom, but it's known (and avoided) as a cesspit in many fannish corners for a reason. There are awful immature entitled people, as well as trolls who will (surprise!) attack you over an incest ship, and ofc that legit sucks

I like to think that we, as a fandom, aren’t that bad. It’s individuals within the fandom. I have never met another Elsanna shipper who has (non-ironically, totally seriously) defended the ship as “there’s nothing wrong with it how dare you it’s perfect”. We’re all well-aware of the issues and controversy surrounding incestuous relationships. It may be the main ship, but there is literally only one canonical ship that works without issues, and that’s Kristanna.

Our ship is problematic. tbqh, I don’t think it’s as bad as Helsa/Hanna, but that’s sort of like comparing apples and oranges. If people write in this fandom and get hurt because of negative reviews, my first thought is why are you here? Because there are always going to be plenty of people who hate Elsanna. Lesbian incestuous disney princesses is not something that many people agree with. I have RL friends who are uncomfortable by it (but they like me enough to not let it affect our friendship). The hate Elsanna gets on its own is horrible sometimes, just from anti-incest shippers and people who find it disgusting.

But if you can’t handle hate as general as “your ship is disgusting”, then how are you supposed to handle hate for “how dare your story have incest sex?” or whatever?

I’ve never had hate from outside the fandom. It’s likely that I just don’t have the same popularity for random trolls to hate on me. But I have had hate from //in the fandom, from shippers both Elsanna and Helsa. And yeah, hate sucks, but it doesn’t take much to remember that people are going to hate on me because of what I ship, or the commentary I write regarding those ships.

Basically… if you can’t handle hate, why are you on the internet? Literally half the people hate you, half the people love you, and most don’t actually care anyway, regardless of what side of that spectrum you’re on. You leave the fandom and people might care at first but they get used to not having you. New people fill the gaps.

You’re on the internet. Looking only at your ship (Elsanna), you’re going to get hate. If you can’t handle it, then it’s perhaps time to take a step back. I can guarantee, from experience of hateful messages, that nothing is personal. The haters aren’t attacking you personally, they’re attacking you from something you’ve done. The only thing to do is stick to your guns and march forward because you know you’re right (and right in what you’re allowed to do. No hate is going to stop me from shipping Elsanna, for instance). Or, if you have offended someone and you realise that, and you didn’t mean to, you apologise. The friendliness of the fandom is what guarantees new contributors. Who knows. There could be another A-KA or Aesla just waiting for the right time, and unless we make it a friendly place to be, those people might go and contribute somewhere else. We all lose.

So be nice and don’t let hate get to you. Hate is never personal. Compliments are. Take those on board and leave your anger in your diary or RL friends who can just nod and let you vent. 

[Edit] Okay, I forgot that I’ve been personally attacked – or, my person has been attacked for my age/maturity. So, clarification. You can be personally attacked. You can’t be personally attacked my anonymous users. They’re usually the trolls because they //have accounts but refuse to use them because of aforementioned hate. Your story can’t be personally attacked. It’s a story. And there are always going to be people who don’t like it.

I suppose my earlier point of ‘don’t be sensitive on the internet’ comes into play. Just… don’t drag other people (or entire fandoms) down with you if you do get angry and leave.

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Would you recommend any other Stargates or just Atlantis?

Okay so I am actually completely, 100% incapable of answering this objectively.  Tl;dr says fuck yes, but!!!

Here is a fact for all you cats and kittens out there in internet land: Stargate SG-1 was the very first place I ever discovered fanfic.  We’re talking fall of the year 2000 here, fourteen and a half, almost fifteen years ago–solidly half my life, goddamn, longer ago than some people on this website have even been alive, yeesh.

I love the hell out of SG-1.  It is, in many ways, home to me.  And I would recommend the fuck out of it with very few reservations.

(now under a cut because okay this got very long)

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cassiopeiasara just had a thought of angie trying on cap’s…

Peggy and Steve being so mesmerized by Angie is my favorite thing about this ot3

Right?! I feel they would be compelled to be so very protective of her only to have her be all “Don’t you dare treat my dorks them like that!” and be super fierce when it comes to the people she loves.

Fluid Sexuality

I try not to let on, I try not to let the smile bob up to the surface, but teenage and stupid and in love are synonyms and I can’t quite submerge it.

“Yeah,” I say, and bite my lip against liquid happiness. “I’m going to fly over to meet her.”

“Don’t fancy girls because you can’t get a boyfriend,” my mum snaps, and my mouth sinks at the corners.


In the story I’m reading it’s all plain sailing. They’re in love and they fight and there’s drama but it’s never about the them of them, a world without the depths of history and ignorance and bias to anchor it, and I don’t see a reflection of myself in it at all.


“Hey,” he says, his smile rippling a little. He wants to run away to sea. He has a skull and crossbones bandanna just in case. “Hey, let me know if you need to cheat on me with a girl.”

I laugh because it’s not always easy to spot the icebergs when you’re breathing softly together in the dark, and it’s two more months before we founder and sink. 


In the story I’m reading they’re in love, they’re in love, and the character’s ex-wives and ex-girlfriends are carefully washed away; they’re sponged off the solid rock of his sexuality because it’s more romantic that way.

It makes it more real.


I love bisexual girls the website tells me want a 3some? I click the little cross in the corner and sail past.

we’re looking for a third

do you need one of each?

just don’t tell my wife!

x. x. x.


In the story I’m reading someone feels like they’ll drown with it, feels fear washing up the inside of their throat, feels like they can’t even get the words out. It’s okay, someone tells them, you’re okay, and I’d read it over again if the words would stop blurring.


“I’m sure there are lots of lovely boyfriends,” my mother says carefully, mouth dry, “or girlfriends in your future,” and there’s something in my throat, there’s something in my eye, and I make sure my phone won’t let on that I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.


I’m… flexible, says the character on screen, and something in my chest feels sharp like ice, and transparent.


“Actually,” I say. My hands won’t stop shaking. “Actually I’m bisexual.”

All of the tension runs like water out of their shoulders, out of their expressions, out of their nostrils with an unconscious little snort.

“Oh,” they say. “Well.”

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I just kind of hate how people think women being talented at things is “unrealistic”. I think it comes from people being so afraid of making Mary Sues they go the other direction instead.

Which is why I said instead aiming for the much needed middle ground, they land ass first in “incompetent” land. Fandom apparently don’t know a middle ground, or the thing called “balanced character writing/creation.”

Never minding the fact that “Mary Sue” is a super-sexist concept in itself, because again, it is the female character that gets singled out and scrutinized into ultima and without bounds. There is no male “Mary Sue”, not in the way it is valid for female characters. The male Mary Sue is called Batman and gets celebrated for being so skilled and badass, while you need a reason for every single detail as to why a female character has this skill or that,why she needs no help, and is competent in her field or even in several ones. It is fucking double standard and I’m sick of this shit. The term Mary Sue should burn in the pits of hell, along with its creators and people who still use it to invalidate capable female characters. Period.

Like, perfect characters are booooooring, no matter their gender. Still we get a fuckton of male characters where no one blinks an eye when they save the day and get the girl (ugh another shitty trope) But would be torn to shreds if they were female, doing the same? It is nothing new, since it happens in every fandom ever. Which poses the question as to why? Why aren’t female characters allowed to achieve all these things, be capable and save the day, and more? I get the wish to make one’s characters relatable and flawed, yet this doesn’t mean it has to be the one extreme (total waste of air/space) nor the other (inhumanly perfect sparkle princess) ??????? How about finding a middle ground within there? How about to simply write female characters as people, instead of some sexist caricature of their gender??? 

Such radical thought, I know.


such a beautiful v i e w

  • friend:are you ok?
  • me:Samwise Gamgee was a simple gardener who was violently ripped from his comfortable life in the Shire, who braved orcs, spiders, balrogs and treacherous conditions just for the sake of his best friend. It wasn't his duty to drop everything and follow Frodo to the ends of the earth to save Arda, nor was it his responsibility to ensure the destruction of the ring. Although he doesn't seem like the bravest Hobbit, it turns out he was stronger than Frodo in some ways. He had to see his best friend fight for not only his morality but his life, all because of the ring. He was the one who stopped Frodo from putting the ring on, from ruining everything and becoming corrupt, just like its previous wearer. He volunteered himself to go to Mount Doom after he thought the journey would be done in Rivendell. He thought he could go home to his Rosie Cotton and live a peaceful life, but instead he gave it up for Frodo. Samwise Gamgee had to suffer through Gollum manipulating his friend and himself. Frodo sided with Gollum towards the end, shunning Sam and telling him to go home, to forget all about his sacrifices, and the months of fighting, climbing, walking, and falling he did, all for Frodo, the very Hobbit who abandoned him out of jealousy, anger, and mental illness caused by the ring. What was once a happy Hobbit merrily drinking and dancing at Bilbo's birthday party was now reduced to a shell of his former self, and for Samwise to see that must have been heartbreaking. All the time and effort he put into helping Frodo had been lost. But Sam never gave up. He went back for his friend and when he thought Shelob had killed him, he cursed himself for not staying. He rescued Frodo from orcs and made sure they could cross safely across Mordor to Mount Doom. When they arrived and Frodo was no longer competent due to the ring's power, he carried him. He had hope that this final act of strength and love, to bring Frodo to the door of Mount Doom, would save the world. And when Frodo chose not to throw the ring into the fire, the devastation of failure was written all over Sam's face. Everything he gave up in the Shire was lost once again in that moment of defeat. Finally, after the ring was destroyed and Gollum was killed, he saved Frodo once again, asking Frodo not to sacrifice himself, to take his hand and never let go. And when they sat on the rocks of Mount Doom, lava rising around them, death imminent, Samwise the Brave finally got his best friend back, and after everything they had been through, there was no one he would rather be with than his Frodo.

important things that need to be remembered:

- if you are aromantic and like being “romantic” with your friends

- if you are aromantic and completely repulsed by romance

- if you are aromantic and indifferent to romantic concepts

- if you are aromantic and “emotionless” or “robotic”

- if you are asexual and enjoy sex

- if you are asexual and are incredibly sex repulsed

- if you are asexual and don’t really care about sex

- if you are asexual and trans

- if you are aromantic and/or asexual because of abuse

- if you are aromantic and in a romantic relationship

- if you are asexual and in a sexual relationship

- if you’ve never been in a relationship

- if you wear your orientation on your sleeve

- if you are afraid to speak up about your orientation

- if you are aromantic and/or asexual and polyamorous

- if you are alloromantic asexual

- if you aromantic allosexual

you are real and valid

*gets killed by a zombie 30 seconds later and loses everything*

Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 156 - Shopping List X Part 2

Okay so one of my favorite things about Fury Road was this recurring idea of older women protecting younger women. LIke Furiosa is probably in her late thirties, she’s lived in this world long enough to establish herself and her war rig, and I have to imagine that took a lot of cleverness and hard work, especially given her “remember me” line to Joe. She puts all that at risk to save a group of younger women, all appearing to be in their early to mid twenties. She’s in turn embraced and protected by a group of older, wiser women. 

I guys it’s just really great to see not only ladies protecting ladies, but generations of ladies protecting ladies. So often in hollywood movies, women of different age groups are pitted against each other. It’s an evil step mother complex almost, older women being brutal to younger ones, feeling insecure and threatened with younger women taking their place in society while they fall back into irrelevance. But like, these women protect each other with their lives and I am just so here for that.