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Sassy I hate you soo much!!! You made baby look like a idiot!! *stabs sassy with a knife* *hugs baby* you still meh favourite baby!!!

A knife can’t do anything with her ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Just a reminder that Soo Hyuk has posted THREE selifes of him in an open bathrobe…with no shirt on and possibly nothing else underneath…wearing a long chain…and actually smiling like an adorable puppy.

(ノ^◡^)ノ︵ ┻━┻

Into That Great, Black Night

Word count 1700

Characters  Sam, Dean, John & Mary

Summary   Overview of Sam’s life in a world where John and Mary never become hunters. 

Sam’s very first memory is from a summer when he was four years old. His family had moved from Kansas to Connecticut.

It’s not a fully formed memory, some of the details are hazy, but he can clearly remember his mom handing him the replica of the Space Shuttle Discovery. It was big and heavy in his hands and he could imagine it jetting up, up and away toward the stars.

That night the model replaced his teddy bear, resting on Sam’s pillow. From then on, it never left his side.

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A Lee Soo Hyuk Ab Selfie


like like like like likeeeee………………OMG I CANT BREATH RIGHT NOW I JUST CANT RESIST HOW FCKING HOT THIS GUY IS!!  sorry for the caps but I REALLY Love This guy soo much! if you hate Bassnectar Then theres something up with you because This Guy Is Like SOOOOO Fcking Amazing!! Im sweating because hes soo hot!!! I Have Crush On Him Too! #BASSHEAD4LIFE!!

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Julie Plec is so evil! She knows what she did! We were all emotionally invested in Kai and his story. And we were all excited for the potential he had with Bonnie. They bought in Gemini-Bennett history themselves. Then they got nerve to get mad that we were putting clues together and got excited for more Gemini-Bennett stuff & Bonkai ? The fuck wrong with them? You cant take your audience for an emotional ride like that & then spite us mock us and disrespect us. I fucken hate her soo much!!

YOU KNOW WHY! Bonnie Bennett can’t have SHIT! her only purpose on tvd is to be the magical negro that everyone uses for their own selfish needs. she’s not worthy of any type of epic love or epic story line. she’s just a prop, a tool. do you know why DE, SE, SC, KC, all happened? because they all involved Caroline and Elena. we already established how plague lives her fantasy through those two and her real tragic life through Bonnie. but can someone tell this pathetic bitch that tvd is not about her? this shit is not called the satan diaries. we do not give a fuck about her life! that’s not what this show is for. I can guarantee that if Caroline had Bonnie’s 1994 storyline and we shipped her with Kai, that they would have fucked as soon as he apologized. BUT GOD FORBID WE SHIP KAI WITH BONNIE! I’m just done with this shit.

Jai Imagine

Jai imagine for Heather.

“Heather. Heather. Heather!!" 

"What!?” I looked up from my phone screen, irritated. My friend was jumping up and down in her seat, grinning from ear to ear. 

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that might just be the Janoskians….” I whipped my head around, looking around the crowded park. We were currently sitting on a bench, both of us on our phones. She tilted her head to the side, subtly showing me where they were, talking to some fans across from us, on the other side of the field.

“OK I’m going in. You coming?” I said to her, standing up, and adjusting my hair.

“I don’t know… You go without me.” She answered nervously.

“OK, I’m just gonna walk over there and be like ‘What’s all the fuss about, who are you guys?’, you know, play it cool.”

“Really Heather? Why, might I ask?” She scoffed. 

“Well I’m not gonna go psycho fangirl on them, am I? Come on, they’ll be more interested if I play it cool!” I retorted. She rolled her eyes, but stopped arguing. I took a deep breathe, then walked towards them, slowly. I started internally hyperventilating as I got closer. The Janoskians!! I’d been a fan since forever! I slowly approached them, then tapped on Jai’s shoulder.  He turned around, and I swear my heart stopped beating for a few seconds.

“Hi! What’s your name? Do you want a picture or…?” He smiled at me. I blinked then snapped out of my daze.

“Er no, I was just wondering why there’re so many people crowding you guys? Oh, and I’m Heather.” I screamed inside my head as the others turned to me as well.

“Oh. Well we’re the Janoskians… I don’t know if you’ve heard of us or…” He answered, looking me up and down slowly. I shivered as he met my eyes again, then smiled at the others as well.

“Janoskians… I think I’ve heard of you guys… Oh! Wait you’re the Australian ones!Yeah, my friend obsesses over you guys on a daily basis!” I smirked to myself at the massive lie.

“Do you want us to sign something for your friend?” Beau asked kindly. I spazzed out inside, but limited myself to nodding weakly.

“Actually can I have a picture please? Y'know to strike jealousy into her fangirl heart?” I suggested. They all laughed, and posed around me. I took the picture, beaming into my phone screen.

“Perfect! Thanks guys, she-”

“BEST FRIENDS, YOU ARE MY FUCKING BEST FRIENDS, YO HONESTLY THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT EVER….” I froze as my phone started blaring their song. Busted. They all looked at me amused, all trying not to laugh at my position. I laughed weakly, and tried to ignore it.


“Are you gonna get that?” Jai suggested, nudging my hip with his. I squealed and jumped away. They all lost it then, laughing at my state. I sighed and fished my phone out of my pocket, before hitting answer.

“WHAT!” I said aggressively down my phone, silently cursing whoever it was.

“Playing it verrry cool Heather!” I heard my friend say from across the park. I narrowed my eyes, and looked behind the boys to see her sitting on the bench, pissing herself with laughter. I gave her the middle finger, and turned back to my phone.

“I hate you…. Like soo much right now…” I said slowly, glaring at her still. I felt someone pluck the phone out of my hand. 

“Hello Heather’s friend!” Jai yelled into the phone. I rolled my eyes, and turned to the other boys.

“So I guess there’s no point in hiding it now! Hi, I’m Heather, and I’m a massive fan of you guys!” They all said hi back, and hugged me back. Jai handed me back my phone, having finished talking to her. I took a proper picture with each of them, before walking back to my friend.

“Soo how did it go?” She asked teasingly. I flicked her head, and started walking with her. Suddenly my phone rang.

“Hello?” I frowned.

“Hey Heather…” I gasped… Jai? 

“Jai?” I asked incredulously.

“So your friend tells me I’m your favorite…”

Hi Heather! I hope you liked this! Sorry if you didn’t :( xxx