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I Was Wondering - Jeff Atkins Imagine

Jeff Atkins x reader 

Request: I would like to request an imagine where y/n is Tony’s best friend there very close but Jeff has a crush on y/n so one day in gym class Jeff talks to tony about y/n when y/n talks to Clay cause there good friends too . So tony gives good wording about Jeff then he leaves them alone in a group in gym class they bond and he walks her home spending time in his house and while they were talking somehow they ended up cuddling and he asks her out.


“You look ridiculous in those shorts”

“Shut up Tony, your smaller than me so you have no say so in my gym clothes.”

He puts his hands over his heart and fake cries “Ouch y/n, way to burst a mans ego”

I playfully push him as we walk into the gym. There are a few guys playing basketball and volleyball, girls walking around the gym talking, some girls practicing their cheer routine, and other people just sitting on the bleachers. That’s what me and Tony do until gym class start in 10 minutes. 

“You’re still driving me home right?”

“Yeah, cause after I have to take it to the shop and it’s right by you.”

I roll my eyes, “You and that damn mustang” I laugh.

“You can never take a car to serious miss.”

“Yeah whatever auto boy”

“Don’t ever say that again please”

We both laugh and start talking about the game next week. As we are talking, Tony’s friend Jeff comes and sit down next to us.I don’t know much about him, but I know he’s close to Clay and Tony. I know he’s surprisingly not an ass like the other jocks. 

“Hey what’s up Tony”. They do their ‘boy’ handshake and then he glances at me and smiles.

“Hey y/n” I looked at him surprised. I didn’t even know he knew me. We aren’t what you call, in the same ‘popularity range’ not that he seemed to care. As I looked at him I never realized how cute he was up close. That sounded kind of creepy.

“Hey Jeff” I smile.

“What are you guys up to?”

“Nothing we were just talking about the game next Friday”

“Oh, well thanks to Clay I can play” he smiles at me. I look away, not wanting him to see me obviously blushing at his look.

As soon as he said that, we heard a thud on the gym floor. We look and see Clay laying on the floor holding his head. Of course, leave it to Clay to get hit with a ball. 

“Oh Jensen” I whisper. “I’ll be right back guys, I need to give Clay tips on catching the ball with his hands and not his head.”

As I bounce down the bleachers, I here the guys laughing at my statement. I jog to Clay and help him up.

“I fucking hate gym” he whispers.

“I’m sure gym hates you too” I laugh.

“It’s that obvious huh?”

“Very much so” I laugh.

“What are you guys talking about up there?”

I look back up to the bleachers and see Jeff quickly snap his head back towards Tony as they continue their conversation. He was looking at me. I smile to myself.

“Hello,earth to y/l/n”

“Sorry, just school stuff, come up and sit with us unless you want these balls to keep kicking your ass.”

He rolls his eyes, but starts walking towards the bleacher, knowing I’m right. When we get there Jeff is red and Tony is just staring at me. We all start talking and laughing. Jeff is in the middle of talking to Clay about his sad love life when Tony turns to me.

“Hey y/n um.. I’m not gonna be able to drive you home today.”

“What the hell Tony why? you know I don’t like walking alone”

“Well because, my buddy Jeff is gonna walk you home.”

When he said that, I saw Jeff staring at me, looking somewhat anxious for my reaction. I choose to react coolly although my girly insides were screaming. 


“Oh come on y/n/n I honestly think Jeff is pretty good company. You’ll like him.”

I know there was more meaning behind what he said but I didn’t say anything. I look towards Jeff and a still oblivious Clay still rambling about Hannah and smile.

“Okay, yeah why not.”

Me and Jeff walk together in silence side by side while my hands are on my book bag and his in his front pocket. It’s so silent it’s almost laughable. I decide to break the silence, but so did he.



We laugh and he looks down at me.

“Sorry you first.” With his eyes still on me I continue.

“So did Tony really blow me off, or was it his lame excuse to get us to walk together?” 

“I’m the guilty one. I wanted to get to know you and wanted us to be alone.”

I look away to hide my goofy smile and pull my hair behind my ear. I start to smell that dampy air and know rain is about to come. 

“Well that’s honest of you.”

“Why thank you miss.”

He brings up the dance and ask if I was going with anyone. When I was about to say no, it started pouring down out of nowhere. 

“Shit, its coming down hard!”

I use my sweater to cover my hair, but I can already feel myself getting soaked and my house is still about 6 blocks away. 

“My house is right around the corner if you want to wait for it to settle down!” he yells over the rain. I think about it and its better than getting even more soaked. 

“Ye-yeah okay!”

We jog to his house, and I sigh in relieve when we enter the warm house. 

“My parents aren’t home if that’s okay.” 

“Yeah that’s fine.” I stand there awkwardly, not knowing what to do. He noticed and spoke up.

“Um if you want, we can chill in the living room and watch tv until we dry off so I can continue walking you home.”

“Yeah sure.” I smile. We sit on the couch and Jeff gets a blanket for us to share and to warm up. He turns on Family Guy and we start laughing immediately. I didn’t even realize how close together we became after the second episode. I was leaning into his shoulder with his arm around me and our legs were tangled together on his coffee table. I didn’t know if he realized but I know one thing. I hope we stay like this. I snuggle closer into him and he looks at me.



“I have been wanting to ask you something” he seemed anxious again.

“So ask me.”

“Will you go out with me?”

I don’t even have to think to know my answer.

“Yes” I smile and Jeff breathes out the breath he was holding in and smiles with me.

“Thank god” and he pushes me in closer and smashes his lips on mine.

anonymous asked:

You, my friend, are a blessing to this fandom; thankyou for writing:)) I'd love to request some headcanons for Draco and his slytherin (pureblood??) s/o who have known each other since they were toddlers due to family ties? Like would they act more like best friends or a couple etc

And you, my friend, just made my day. It was a rough one, I needed someone to be nice. So, here you go. I never had much practice with headcanons, but here you go! I did my best, I swear. Don’t hate me pls. Please? I have no idea why it’s thing long, and it that is what you wanted… I am sorry.

  • spending a lot of time together as kids, so you know each other better than anyone else
    • you study together
    • you annoy each other
    • you fight
    • you always end up getting back together
  • you always sneak into the boys’ dormitory, so that you can chat after midnight
    • Snape knows
    • Everyone knows
    • no one stops you
    • you always fall asleep in his bed
    • he gives you the blanket and either goes on the floor or just lays on top on the blanket, not able to fall asleep
  • first seeing each other as friends, then awkward friends, then just giving up on that and dating
    • your first date is awkward as nothing ever
    • but then you just go to some quiet pub and sit there until midnight, chatting
    • you are somewhere between best friends and a couple - you know each other perfectly, yet you somehow manage to love each other
  • him always looking out for you, even when he is busy with Potter and his people
  • you always getting to listen to his devious plans on “How to be cooler than Potter”
    • you laughing all the way through it
  • you stopping him from doing stupid stuff
    • failing sometimes, so he gets detention, and you get to say ‘I told you so’
  • Potter not mistreating you because he doesn’t mind you
  • No one else mistreating you because Draco will kill them
    • Seriously
    • He tried
  • Him being jealous when someone expresses their explicit interest in you
  • Also him - making sure that you feel free to enjoy other people’s company, because he likes it when you just come to see him because you want to
    • you always coming to see him
    • he likes pulling you in a hug, so that he can hide his face on your shoulder and rest
  • a lot of cuddling when no one can see you
    • he loves holding you close
    • and stroking your back
    • he is ticklish
    • if you breathe on his neck, he will get goosebumps 
  • holding hands when people are around because he can’t help it
    • he likes stroking your fingers
    • he likes holding your fingers
    • he likes tickling your palm
    • he likes kissing your hand
    • he likes your hands
  • quiet ‘I love you’ that no one else can hear
  • notes sent during classes
  • him playing with your hair
    • you telling him to grow hair like Lucius’, so that you can play with it too
    • him saying that he’d never give you such pleasure
    • him growing a tiny ponytail
    • you both deciding it’s too much
  • going to the Yule Ball together
    • him not taking his eyes off you
    • or hands
    • dancing almost every dance
    • staying up until very late
  • spending Christmas together
    • getting under mistletoe
      • people seeing you kiss and ultimately deciding that you are too cute for this world
    • him giving you his scarf because “you are an idiot that dares leave home without a scarf”
      • also, he is the first one to throw a snowball at you
    • his parents loving having you over
    • your parents coming by
    • having best Christmas morning ever
  • helping him through the Death Eater phase
    • helping him deal with the pain of killing people
    • him pushing you away
    • him always asking you to come back
    • him protecting you from Voldemort when you refuse to get the Mark
      • aka hiding you in his chambers
    • him resting with his head on your lap
      • falling asleep like that
      • you not moving because he has nightmares, and you need him to finally get some sleep
  • getting to see him not in a suit
    • finding him way too handsome, so you steal his pants
      • and jackets
      • and ties
      • and everything
    • he doesn’t mind
  • when he is not there, you love to fall asleep in his stuff because you feel like he is hugging you
    • he knows
    • he thinks it’s cute
    • he also stole your scarf for the same purpose
  • falling asleep in his hands, because he likes watching you sleep
    • sometimes he would braid your hair into a billion little braids, then in the morning you’d spend hours unbraiding that
      • because he used a spell to protect it
      • you suspect the Weasley twins gave him the idea
    • if he has to leave before you wake up, he leaves you a note
    • sometimes he would dye your hair into blond (if you aren’t) and say that he wants to know how you’d look at as Malfoy.
      • that’s how he proposes - dyes your hair in a permanent white, then simply states that a Malfoy has to be blond. Then returning your color, but everyone knows by this time.
  • him repeating your name when he is thinking
  • him ordering you cute small things
  • him writing you actual letters that are fluffy as baby-rabbits because he is not that good with expressing his feelings with his mouth
  • other girls (and not only girls) being absolutely jealous of your relationship with Draco
Just The Way You Are

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader
Word Count: 1,621
T/W: Scars / Lots of crying
A/N: For @onelastfic‘s request: “Can you do a Poly Hamilsquad x Busty Reader where the reader gets a double mastectomy due to breast cancer and is having a hard time getting used to life after the surgery?”
This was so hard for me to write, since cancer is so prevalent in my family. So, I kinda tried to make it sweet. 

Three months…three long, hard, painful, depressing months, since your surgery. You just couldn’t get past the feeling of it. Of course, you were more than happy to be alive and cancer free, but you felt like you had lost part of your womanhood. Ever since high school and puberty, your “busty” chest was the one thing you liked about yourself. It gave you those “curves.” When you met “the boys” as you called them collectively, they all adored your curves…and now they were gone. 

You didn’t feel like the boys liked you as much, even though they insisted that you were so much more than your chest or even your beauty. They did everything possible to try and make you believe it, but you just couldn’t help but look at other girls and feel jealous and think that the boys probably liked it better too. But in reality they only wanted you, adoring you just the way you were, busty or not. They were just happy you were alive and still with them. 

Today, like most days, you were the last to get up. You sat up in bed, brought your knees, close to your now flat chest and cried or stared off at the wall for a while. You rested your chin on your knees, blanking out. Not even acknowledging Alex as he walked into the bedroom, coming around the bed to sit next to you. Sniffling a little you turned your head away from him. Feeling his hand rub up and down your back. 

“How are we doing today, Honey?” Alex’s voice came across gentle.

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Moon of My Life

Member: Jun
Word Count: 2535

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” Junhui shouted beside you, almost knocking the half empty bowl of popcorn off of his lap. “THEY CAN’T JUST END IT THERE, CAN THEY? I GOTTA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT” he looked back and forth between you and the dark screen rolling credits in front of him.

“That’s Game of Thrones for you, babe.” you smiled, reaching over to hang onto his shoulder. You had spent the whole week binge watching the show from the moment you woke up until the wee hours of the morning with him. You had a lot of seasons to get through, and now you were officially caught up. You had already seen all of it, but Jun hadn’t. However he was hooked right from the beginning, and you enjoyed watching someone else go through all the excitement and pain of the show for the first time.

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Werewolf Pissing Contest

disclaimer: this imagine was inspired by a few lines from Buffy the vampire slayer and criminal minds let me know if you find them hehe. i haven’t seen ANY of season 6 so please be gentle with me but feedback would be much appreciated  

summary:theo and the reader are together and her ex comes into town

warnings: smut, anger, and cussing


gifs are never mine unless stated other wise

tagged: @wonderland-royalty @bremayesworld 

part 1

Theo and I were in my room at the Dunbar house studying, I was laying on my bed while he sat on the floor.

“ugh my head hurts I hate trig,” I said rubbing my temples.

“you know I know this great remedy for a headache,” he said while getting up and crawling over me. he started kissing my neck I giggle as his stubble tickled me.

“Oh way to kill the mood I was setting,” Theo said while pulling back and looking at me.

“What mood Casanova,” I said cocking my eyebrow.

“Oh you’ve got jokes now,” he said sarcastically.

“Uh-huh,” I said giggling again.

“Oh ok you want to giggle I’ll give you a giggle fest,” he said and started tickling me.

“Theo stop please hahaha please Theo,” I said while laughing and wriggling under him.

“Oh now you want me to stop,” he said while sitting up I just looked at him kind of confused.

“Because last night it was ‘oh god Theo yes right there don’t stop baby please don’t stop oh harder’” he said while throwing his head back and thrusting his hips in the air. I just slapped his chest and said: “Could you not Liam is just down the hall and I’d never hear the end of it if he heard you”. Liam poked his head in my bedroom door, “Oh I was here last night too when theo snuck in through the window and listening to you act like a pornstar has done irreparable damage to my mental state. I’m going to be in therapy till I’m 80. I mean your like a sister to me.” I covered my face in embarrassment and Theo just chuckled and pulled me to his chest.

“Oh, he fine, Y/N he’ll survive. if he’s old enough to be sleeping with Hayden he’s old enough to deal with it maturely.” Theo said and I uncovered my face and said,

“Did you need something Liam.”

“No, Scott text me saying he needs everyone to meet him at his place” Liam answered.

“Oh ok well be right down and we can head over” I retorted and Liam nodded his head.

We walked into Scott’s house and I immediately said: “Oh shit.” Theo looked at me and asked, “what’s wrong doll.”

“doll? that’s new wasn’t expecting that” Isaac said commenting on the nickname theo gave me when we first started dating then walking over to me, he leaned in to hug me I stepped back and grabbed Theo’s hand.

“What do you want Isaac,” I said the whole pack was staring at me now.

“I thought that was obvious, I wanted to come home to start over with my girlfriend to see if we could work things out,” he said. Theo stepped in front of me and said: “not gonna fucking happen.”

“And you are?” Isaac asked with a cocky attitude.

“Theo, her boyfriend” Theo said matching Isaac’s attitude.

“You mean her rebound,” Isaac said sizing Theo up.

“Maybe. But at least I know how to keep it in my pants” Theo said with anger, talking about Isaac cheating on me with my best friend Alison. let’s be clear Alison and I buried the hatchet a long time ago, she was actually the one I told about my feelings towards Theo.

“Wow, you told him about that” Isaac said, obviously irritated that I told Theo.

“HEY LEAVE HER ALONE,” Theo said, raising his voice and his eyes started to glow.

“Looks like you knew boy toy has some control issues babe, you might want to watch out.” Isaac was taunting Theo now so Theo pushed Isaac back.

“Oooh, and he violent! Did you actually fuck this guy princess?” Isaac questioned. Theo balled up his fist and punched Isaac in the mouth, causing his lip to start bleeding.

“ENOUGH I SEE ONE MORE DISPLAY OF TESTOSTERONE POISONING. I WILL PERSONALLY PUT YOU BOTH IN THE HOSPITAL” I screamed while putting a hand on their toned chests to try to separate them. neither testosterone fueled man backed down. “ARE YOU FORGETTING IM NOT A FUCKING WEREWOLF IM A NEPHALEM IM STRONGER THEN EVERYONE HERE EVEN SCOTT SO HOW ABOUT YOU DONT PISS ME OFF OR YOU’LL BE VISITING HIS MOM GOT IT” I continued while flashing my mismatched eyes. one was an iridescent blue and the other pitch black, representing the angle and demon sides of me.

“He hit me first,” Isaac said in his defense. I just put my hand in front of his face and walked to Theo I put my hands on his jaw-line making him look at me.

“Calm down Knight I’m still yours and always will be. But I need to talk to Isaac………alone” I said softly.

“Fuck no I don’t trust him,” Theo said.

“I know you don’t, but I think we need to talk about some things,” I replied. Scott added “especially if he’s going to be part of the pack again. I can’t have my strongest pack members at each other’s throats,”

“Well I’m not leaving this room,” Theo said. I looked over my shoulder and nodded my head towards the door, saying we would talk outside. Isaac just smirked at Theo making it look like I chose him over Theo, so I smacked the back of his head.

“Ow, what was that for,” Isaac said while closing the door.

“For being an ass now talk” I answered.

“He started it,” Issac said.

“No you did Isaac you were antagonizing him from the second we walk throw the door. you had to be a jackass about the situation. you could ease into the conversation. you had to have a werewolf size pissing contest didn’t you,” I said with anger.

“What was I supposed to do. I wasn’t expecting you to be draped over some guys arm. I couldn’t stand to see you like that. then to see that he has changed you so much, you look so different, with the hair, and tattoos not to mention the piercings. we used to laugh at girls like you,” he said.

“No. You laughed at girls like me, this is who I’ve always wanted to be. I was too scared to go for it, so when you left, that weekend I got the side cut and dyed my hair Purple. then got my first tattoo, piercing, and started stretching my ears a little while later. this is what caught his attention. that I’m willing to be exactly who I am regardless of what people think of me. he said he loved the fact that I wasn’t like every other girl, that I’m not a forever21 Barbie that I am more of a hot topic voodoo doll,” I explained.

“Didn’t take you long to move on from me if you waited for that weekend!” he said kind of hurt.

“What did you want me to do. you left I didn’t even get a goodbye, see you later, Or fuck you just poof gone. you didn’t call text write nothing till tonight,” I said.

“I had to figure some things out but I did love you, and I know you loved me” he defended.

“No. what we had wasn’t love it was infatuation and lust. the only time we weren’t fighting was when we were fucking, and that’s not a healthy relationship let alone love. Isaac love isn’t changing yourself for someone, it’s not trying to screw each other till someone falls in love, and it’s not obsessing over the other person. but what it is, Is being who you are, and being honest with not only your partner but yourself. it’s being able to sit and watch tv with them and being completely content. not expecting it to get sexual. it’s knowing your partner just as well as you know yourself, and that’s what I have with Theo. I can see myself growing old with him, I couldn’t with you. do you even know my favorite color Isaac” I questioned?

“Um purple,” he said while gesturing to my hair.

“No, it’s teal and that’s my point exactly,” I said.

“Your right, but it doesn’t change the fact that I think you could do better than him. I don’t like him, but if you’re that happy with him then I can try to behave,” Isaac said.

“Thank you and I’m fairly certain you’re not supposed to like him,” I said and we walked through the doorway. the whole pack was staring at me, Theo just walks up to me, put his hands in my hair and kissed me like his life depended on it. then rested his forehead on mine.

“I love you so fucking much, I heard what you said about us. I’ve never had someone talk about me that way,” he said in a whisper.

“I love you too Theo,” I whispered. my hands were at his waist, I pulled him closer to me not wanting to leave his embrace. his arms are home to me when he holds me everything else just melts away.

“Ahum” Scott cleared his throat pulling us back to reality. we separated and walked over to the table and sat down.

“so as you might have noticed Isaac is back to help with the dread doctors. and as we know theo used to work with them but has now left, and has told us what he knows. but they’re still here. there still experimenting on people, so be vigilant be careful. we’ve buried too many of our own already I refuse to do it again,” Scott stated. theo hung his head still ashamed of what he had done. I grabbed his hand under the table letting him know that I’m here for him. I rub my thumb over his as I intertwine out fingers together. Liam looked over at me without me noticing. He realized how much we care for each other. Although Liam HATED Theo in the beginning because of what the dread doctors did to Hayden. but after seeing how happy he makes me compared to how unhappy I was when I was with Isaac. he let up on the constant guilt tripping, and when that happened the rest of the pack followed. I don’t think they fully trust him yet. but they are giving him a second chance.

“Hey Scott you mind if I stay the night so we can chill,” Liam asked.

“sure Stiles Isaac and I were just gonna game tonight if you wanna join” Scott answered.

“Sure. so you can head back your place if Scott’s done,” Liam said looking at Scott, to see if he was ok with that. Scott nodded so everyone got up and left. we got in the car and I turned to Theo. “I know that was probably as much of a shock to you as it was for me and just to put this out there now I am completely and 150,000% over him, ” I explained.

“I know doll. that wasn’t even a question now let’s go home before I know his teeth down his throat,” he answered. A few minutes later we pulled into my driveway. I unlocked the front door we walked in and locked the door behind us. Then without warning, he pushed me against the door and kissed me, with so much love and passion it took my breath away. I pulled him closer to me wanting nothing more than him to envelop me with his love. I push his leather jacket off his shoulders and drop the keys on the floor. running my fingers through his hair. he pulls my beanie and shirt off, as we kick our shoes off and start walking down the hall. I start unbuckling my belt and push my jeans to the floor. he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his now shirtless torso. he pushes our bedroom door open then closed with his foot. he lays us on my bed with him on top of me he reaches behind me and unclipped my bra and pulled my underwear down. “hey now I’m completely naked it’s time for you to play catch up,” I say looking up at him, and running my hand down his chest pushing it into his jeans making him grunt and growl. he quickly unbuttoned his jeans and crawled back over me and rolled his hips into mine, making me close my eyes and roll my head back. “Theo I want you” I moaned into his ear breathlessly. so he grabbed a hold of his member and slid into me once he was buried to his hilt he began to roll and thrust his hips. He started sucking purple marks on my neck, as his thrusts started getting sharper making louder moans escape my lips.

“Oh, Theo just like that” I moaned.

“Don’t worry love I know what you what” he grunted and lifted my knee higher up and over his arm so he could go deeper. I scratched down his back making him hiss in pain.

“Easy doll your part angel wounds from you take longer to heal and hurt more” he whispered in my ear.

“You can take it being the big bad wolf that you” I breathlessly said.

“Well you’re right about that,” he said thrusting again. all I could hear was the sound of skin slapping mixed with moans and animalistic growls. I wrapped my leg around his waist as he held my other leg up, loving the feeling but wanting something more. so I dropped my foot back to the mattress and rolled us over then straddled him and placed my hands on his chest riding him. his hands were on my thighs as I rode him. “Oh shit doll, I don’t know where that came from but I really like it,” he said chuckling while losing himself in the feeling of me riding him. I ride harder causing an amazing friction against me. my head flew back and Theo thrust up into me a few times. “Oh yes Theo don’t stop I’m so close,” I screamed. “good baby let go,” he moaned breathlessly and I did. his husky breathless voice sent a thrill through my body. it made me squirm and shake, my back arched, as the loudest moan of his name left my lips. after I came down Theo was staring at me. “what” I said confused. “that is the hottest thing I have ever seen a woman do while riding me. you give me a show that I’ll remember forever. I may be an atheist but you’ve convinced me you’re a goddess, not a Nephalem,” he said I smiled at him seductively, placed my hands on his chest so my breasts pushed together, and started rolling my hips while arching my back. his eyes started to glow as he was losing control of his heart rate so I moved faster. “Ooooh, Theo do you like it when I’m in control? You talk a big game, but what you really want is for me to fuck you as good as you fuck me, you want me to slip you inside me and take control huh?” I said while speeding up. him not knowing his claws have come out to play, digging into me slightly. I snap my hips forward sharply, his head flys back his jaw drops and he growls as he comes back down. I get up to go clean up then come back to bed and cuddle into his chest. I sigh in contentment, knowing I have nowhere to be but here. laying in my soulmates arms with the moonlight shining through my bedroom windows. this is peace this is true happiness for me. he’s my everything. despite what is happening in beacon hills, I know everything will be fine because I have him and he has me. and that is one thing that won’t change because we understand something about each other. we both have the darkness inside ourselves but also a light, and that is what makes us perfect together. because we understand what it feels like to be afraid of your own mind.

Perfect Perfidy Pt.3

Find Part 1 here and Part 2 here and Part 4 here!!!!!!!!! PART 5!!! Part 6 (final)

Wow, I just posted and I am very happy and I hope you are too. Pls enjoy this trash made by your trash writer person thing <3 (pls notify of typos)

Once you and Jumin were inside the penthouse the effect of the drugs had almost completely worn off, although you did stagger from time to time, you walked over to the kitchen eager to get a cool drink of water as you saw Jumin dialling a number on his phone.

“Why on earth did you go to such lengths?”

You overheard Jumin’s conversation from the kitchen and decided to listen.

“I specifically said, keep an eye out for her and make sure she’s safe!” Jumin yelled, whoever he was talking to definitely did something terrible.

“At what point in time, may I ask, was drugging her allowed? I asked for her to be brought back to me safe, why is it that a security company does not understand the meaning of safe!”

Your eyes widened, this conversation was about you and how you had apparently been drugged by Jumin’s security. You watched as he ran a hand through his soft black hair and dropped his phone on the kitchen counter, his movements were smooth and elegant, something you missed about him. You put your empty glass in the sink and found yourself craving a hot bath, you remembered Jumin owned a spa bath so you decided to use it then get your ass out of this hell hole.

You didn’t know where Jumin had gone, but as long as he wasn’t in the way you were fine, you made your way to the bathroom and filled up the bath, pouring in random soaps that smelt good to soothe your growing headache, once it was filled up you had stripped down and stepped in. There was a small hand towel which you had found and used it as a pillow for your head, your mind began to drift, you hadn’t been there in ages and it seems so long ago that you used to call this place your home.

Your muscles relaxed until you decided that you needed to get out of here, you had drunk too much and you could feel your energy slipping away with the need to sleep growing stronger. You drained the bath and wrapped a towel around yourself, hoping your belongings were still in their previous place.

You walked into the bedroom and checked your drawers, thanking the lord that your stuff was still here. You hurriedly slipped some clothes on and made your way to the bedroom door, but Jumin was standing outside leaning against the wall.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He questioned

“I’m going home, Jumin” You said as you tried to walk past but he stepped in front of you.

“I just got you back and you’re trying to run away from me? I’m not going to let you leave”

“What? You haven’t gotten me back, I just happen to be in your house due to some circumstances”

“No, you’re back and I’m not going to let you leave again, one whole month and I haven’t seen or heard from you” Jumin said quietly as he neared you causing you to back up as well.

“Please let me go, I don’t want to be here”

“I don’t care MC, you’re mine”

Your eyes widened as you looked up at Jumin, his face had darkened and his eyes were staring into yours, you knew he could get possessive but not this much. You glanced behind you and saw the bed, you couldn’t back away anymore and he was less than 5 centimetres away from you.

Jumin grabbed your chin and forced you to look at him, fear travelled through your nerves, but you were comforted by his close proximity. As he looked at you and you looked at him you noticed how his mouth drooped and his eyes had slight bags under them, you scoffed, he did this to himself. You felt his hand leave your chin before both his hands rest on your shoulders, he frowned.

“You lost weight, have you not been taking care of yourself?”

You stayed silent, he was always like this, somehow he noticed everything around him and wouldn’t hold back to fix it.
Suddenly the hands that were on your shoulders shoved you down harshly onto the bed, but you brought your legs up and shoved your knee into his stomach, he rolled off you and you took that opportunity to run out, you quickly grabbed your belongings but you were suddenly tackled to the ground causing everything to spill all over the cold tile, including you.

“You’re not going to leave me MC”

“As if I would fucking listen to your cheating ass” you said as you tried to wiggle out from under him.

“Have you fallen in love with Zen? Is that what it is?”

You were shocked into silence, how dare he accuse you of falling in love with someone else when you had seen with you own eyes that he seemed to be doing the exact same thing.

“Jumin, you have no right to say that to me right now and even if I was in love with him can you blame me? I saw your dick in some other bitch and you think you can question me on who I love? I’ve never hated someone as much as you”.

You feel Jumin freeze above you making you feel as if you have crossed an imaginary boundary but you didn’t care how he felt since it didn’t seem he cared about you and your own feelings. You flipped onto your back and looked up at his face, something wet fell on your cheek and brushed his hanging hair away so you could look him in the eyes. Jumin was crying, you weren’t sure whether to comfort him or leave so you just lay there waiting for something to happen.

“Tell me you didn’t mean that MC” Jumin said as he looked up at you with watery eyes.

“Tell me that you don’t hate me, please” He pleaded once again.

“Are you kidding? Why would I not hate you right now, I hate you so much, I wish I nev-”

Your head cracked to the side with a sting in your left cheek, an iron taste spread over your tongue, Jumin had slapped you and made you bleed. You spat the blood out onto the floor before you were about to shove him off but he got up himself and backed away.

“MC, I’m so sorry, please just stay with me, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry my darl- I just don’t know what to do anymore, please jus-”

You got up from the floor and slapped him back, you didn’t say or do anything to let him know what was going on in your mind. Jumin looked at the floor not daring to look you in the eye, he didn’t even look up as you walked away into the bedroom so you could get rid of your blood stained shirt.

You quickly put on on of your old sweatshirts and left, checking your back pocket for your phone you walked out of the bedroom but ran into Jumin again.

“MC please I’m so sorry” he fell to his knees in front of you “I can explain myself, please give me some time, you know I don’t know how to deal with these emotions, please I’m begging you, you’re the best thing to ever happen to me, I can’t let you leave.”

You pushed him off of you and sped out of there, his footsteps not far behind.

“Jumin leave me alone, i need some time to think” you started to let your tears fall, you were so used to Jumin being strong and resilient, it hurt to see him like this, he was kneeling in front of you again with swollen eyes, tears rolling down his face and his hair stuck to his forehead, although you knew you didn’t look any better.

The both of you stayed there like that until the elevator doors opened behind you, you wiped your eyes and turned around to see the sight of V. The sight of him was like seeing the first ray of sunshine after three days of hurricanes.

You turned around and glanced at Jumin before asking V “Please take me away from here”.

Chat Log: Romance

Originally posted by thecrazykidnextdoor

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05

Swagyeol has added BaconBits, Kyungsoo, and XiuXiu to group chat “HALP ME PLZ I’M DESPERATE”

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Caspian x Reader - Our Little Secret

Request: I love your blog! I was wondering if I could request one where the reader and Caspian have a secret relationship and they become engaged without anyone knowing. So one day Edmund would be looking for Caspian so they can get to a meeting on time and he walks into Caspian’s chambers only to see Caspian and the reader in bed together (they can just be talking quietly as like a morning after kinda thing, your choice haha) and everyone’s embarrassed and Caspian gets really annoyed/angry. Thanks!!!

Caspian x Reader - Our Little Secret 
Setting: Voyage of the Dawn Treader?
Contains: Like one curse word from Ed.
Word Count: 634


Your name: submit What is this?

“Caspian!” (Y/n) laughed and tried to free herself from Caspian as she was getting viciously tickled. “Stop ittttt.” 

“Never!” Caspian laughed with her but finally stopped. He finally wrapped his arms around her in a hug. “I’m so in love with you (Y/n).” 

(Y/n) rubbed his back with her hands during the hug and sighed contently. “I know, I love you too.” Caspian let go of her and grasped her shoulders.

“No, I… I’m really in love with you,” Caspian had the most serious look on his face. “Can you… Stay with me in Narnia? The last three years without you was horrible and… After knowing that your second visit to Narnia was after 1300  years in Narnian time, I almost died thinking I could never see you again.” 

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Beruani Month Day 26 - A Different Style of Clothing

This is written by my friend, she’s doing me a favour on this one! Check out her stories on Ao3 if you like this :) 

Annie stared at herself in the changing room mirror, and sighed.

What am I thinking?

She was wearing a tight, short black dress, which was low cut and clung to her figure, showing off her small waist and chest. She wore black heels that she could barely stand up in. Her grey hoodie and leggings lay crumpled on the floor, next to her trainers. Annie longed to put her old clothes back on, but Hitch was insisting that she came out of the changing room.

“Well?” She shouted. “Come out, I want to see!”

Annie half-rolled her eyes at Hitch’s impatience and wearily pulled the curtain aside. Hitch squealed.

“I love it!” She shrieked so loudly Annie was pretty sure the whole mall could hear. “What’s wrong? Don’t you like it?”

Annie shrugged. “It looks fine, I guess, but it’s so tight. It’s uncomfortable and I hate how much of my boobs it shows.”

“But that’s the best part!” Hitch gave her a disapproving look. “You look hot. He’s going to love it.”


“Go on, go and get changed. But we’re definitely buying that outfit.”

Later that night, Annie thanked her Uber driver and stood in front of the nightclub with Hitch, waiting to be let in. After an hour’s practise earlier that evening, she could walk better in her heels, but she was still a little shaky. Hitch had also given her a makeover - Annie was wearing makeup for the first time in her life, and a lot of it. She hadn’t realised how much was wrong with her face before Hitch started covering her in products. Her hair wasn’t in its usual bun - instead it was in loose curls.  

Annie shivered. It was a cold night, but Hitch had insisted that only losers took coats on a night out, and told her to man up. When they were let in, the nightclub was already packed with people dancing and having a good time. Hitch immediately dragged Annie over to the bar and bought drinks for them both.

“Cheers,” Hitch said, and they both downed their drinks in one. Annie would have done anything to feel less uncomfortable at that moment, and drinking was certainly on the cards. She had no idea why she had even agreed to come out to a club, but Reiner was dragging Bertholdt along, and she wanted to see him.

“Let’s go find the boys.” Hitch practically had to shout to be heard over the music. “Hopefully you’ll brighten up once you see that precious boyfriend of yours.”

Annie scowled at her. “We’ve barely been dating for two weeks, I wouldn’t exactly call him my boyfriend.”

“Hitch! Annie!”

Annie turned around to see Reiner calling them from the other side of the dancefloor. Bertholdt was walking behind him, looking shy and awkward.

“There you are!” Hitch kissed him full on the mouth, and Annie and Bertholdt looked at each other uncomfortably.

“Want to go somewhere less loud, or do you want to dance or something?” Bertholdt asked Annie, praying she would say yes to the former.

She did.

“You look, um… nice,” he said once they could talk without having to shout.

“Gee, thanks. You don’t have to sound so enthusiastic about it,” Annie said sarcastically, tugging at the hem of her too-short dress.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that. You look great, seriously. It’s just…”

“What?” Annie snapped. She felt a mix of humiliation and discomfort.

“You don’t exactly look that comfortable.”

Annie laughed. He knew her so well. “No, I’m not. Why do other girls dress up like this anyway? It’s so much easier to dance in leggings. Ugh. I wish I was at home watching movies, I really don’t want to be here.”

Bertholdt shrugged. “Let’s go then.”

“What do you mean?”

“Come back to mine. We can watch a film and eat a bunch of snacks.”

“But don’t you want to be here?”

“Are you kidding? I only showed up because Reiner wanted me to. I thought you were the one that wanted to be here.”

“No, I only came because Hitch wanted me to,” Annie laughed. “Come on, let’s go.”

Half an hour later, the pair were curled up on the sofa watching Mulan. Bertholdt had dragged his duvet downstairs and they were sharing a tub of ice cream lying underneath it. Annie’s outfit and heels had been discarded in Bertholdt’s bedroom, as he had given her a t-shirt (which was longer than the dress she had been wearing before) and a pair of sweatpants (which were about twice the size of her). She had scrubbed off the makeup, and tied her hair back into the bun she always wore it in.

Bertholdt looked at her. Even though he had loved her outfit in the nightclub, something about the way she looked wearing his clothes and a happy smile was a thousand times more beautiful to him.

“Comfy?” He asked.

She said nothing, but nodded and kissed him on the cheek.

If you liked it, you can check out her other stories here!

For anons (cause a bunch of people requested a sequel to Under The Blankets ages ago)

It’s Only The Beginning (pt.1) 

Under The Blankets (pt.2)

Explore Me (pt.3) 

You stood on the balcony of your bridal suit as you took in a deep breath, if someone asked you how you were feeling you weren’t sure what kind of answer you were gonna give them. You yourself couldn’t decipher what it is you were feeling exactly since all your emotions were jumbled up. 

“Having second thoughts?” You turned around to see who it was, although you pretty much knew from the voice alone, it was Himchan. 

“About Yongguk? No never” you said as he walked up and stood beside you “and may I ask why you are here? I would expect Yongguk’s best man to be with him and not me” Himchan laughed as he handed you a small envelope with your name on it. 

“Relax princess, I’m here cause Yongguk asked me to give you this” Himchan said as he pointed at the envelope in your hands “Sora and Daehyun took your phones away yesterday so you guys couldn’t secretly talk to each other, you know that whole ‘the bride and groom can’t see each other 24 hours before the wedding’ thing” you laughed and nodded. 

“Yeah I know I’m the one who told him about that, never thought he’d actually go through with it” you said with a giggle.

“Yeah well he’s a bit weird when it comes to you but you already know that” Himchan said as he tucked his hands into the pant pockets “anyway I better get back to him, he’s freaking out as it is” you nodded as Himchan left you alone with Yongguk’s little message. 

You opened the envelope and in it was a letter that encrypted a small note from your soon husband to be. 

“Y/n I haven’t spoken to you in 24 hours and that’s frying my mind. I can’t believe that you and I are going to be married in less than an hour! I hope your neves are more collected than mine. The rest I shall save till I see you at altar, otherwise I won’t have any vows left to say. I love you y/n and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you" 

There was a huge grin on your face as you managed to hold back your tears, you didn’t want to ruin your makeup considering how long it took to perfect it. To think that a few months ago this man was a complete Casanova that you couldn’t stand, yet now he was writing you love letters and was nervous yet excited just like you were.


Himchan returned to the groom’s side who was still practicing his wedding vows. 

"You’re still practicing? If you forget something just talk from the heart and I’m pretty sure you can keep your written down vows with you” Himchan said as he sat down on one of the chairs. 

“Did you see her? Did you give it to her?” Yongguk had totally ignored what Himchan just said and was busy asking his own questions. 

“Yes and yes, don’t worry. Dude you need to relax” Himchan said as Yonggun sighed and nodded. 

“Yeah you’re right, I’m just excited but at the same time really nervous you know” Yongguk said as Himchan nodded and patted him on the back. 


The ceremony and reception went off without a hitch, in fact better than you and Yongguk could’ve ever hoped for. Of course you and him crying while saying your vows was something everyone knew would happen, especially Himchan and your best friend Sora. However it was all smiles after that. 

From your first dance as a married couple to the cutting of the cake to you throwing the bouquet, the night seemed to go by faster than expected and soon you were up in your hotel suite. You plan your wedding for months and then in one night it’s all over, it’s a bittersweet feeling really. 

You were so tired that you could hardly hold yourself up right. You managed to remove your jewelry and open your hair out but you needed Yongguk’s help getting out of your dress and you knew he was really going to enjoy that. So you looked out the hotel window as you waited for him to come back, a few of Yongguk’s friends had spent a little too much time at the bar and were in no shape to go home this late at night. 

You were completely lost in your thoughts, so much so that you didn’t even hear Yongguk come in. He threw his suit coat on one of the sofa seats along with his tie. He had rolled up the sleeves of his white dress shirt to his elbows before running his hands through his hair. He was just as tired as you. All that faded away though as he saw you standing there looking as beautiful as ever. You saw him approach you through the window glass but didn’t bother to turn around as he wrapped his arms around your waist and nuzzled his face into your neck. 

“When did you get back? I didn’t hear you come in” you said as you rested your hands on top of his. 

“That’s because you’re lost in a world of your own” Yongguk said as he kissed your bare shoulder before your turned around to look at him. You rested your hands on his chest, his tattoo sneakingly poking through the few undone buttons of his dress shirt. 

“I need your help with something” you said as Yongguk pressed his lips against yours. 

“Ah and so married life begins” Yongguk said as you playfully hit his chest making him laugh “I’m kidding~ what can I do for my beautiful wife?” You smiled as he rested his forehead against yours and gently swayed your body from side to side. 

“I need you to help me out of my dress, there are buttons all along the back and I can’t do it myself” you said as Yongguk moved his forehead away from yours and gave you a mischievous smirk. 

“You really know how to play with me don’t you” Yongguk said as you smiled and shrugged your shoulders “turn around” you did as he commanded and spun around moving your hair to the side so it wasn’t in the way “oh dear Lord, this woman will be the death of me” you heard him mumble under his breath making you giggle a little. 

There was a comfortable silence between the two of you as he undid one button at a time. You let out a relived sigh as the dress started to loosen, as much you loved your wedding dress you couldn’t wait to get the damn thing off once and for all. Since it was strapless you had to hold it up in the front to make sure it didn’t fall, you weren’t going to give Yongguk a show, well not yet at least. 

As he undid the last button of your wedding dress you felt his fingers gently caress your bare skin. The feeling caused goosebumps to erupt all over your body as Yongguk moved closer to you. He placed his hands on your shoulders while his lips placed a kiss just below the back of your neck making you hitch a breath. 

“Aren’t you tired?” He asked as he ran his hands down your arms while placing soft kisses along your shoulder. 

“Hmm very~” you said as the feeling of his plump lips on your soft skin was almost bewitching. 

“Then why don’t you lay down?” Yongguk’s deep and husky voice rang through your ears and made you weak at the knees. You hated and loved this man so much, all at the same time. 

“Actually I was thinking of taking a shower first” you said as you slipped out of his embrace and walked towards the bathroom. You could literally feel Yongguk’s frustration but that just put a smile on your face. Once you felt his eyes on you again you let go of your dress allowing it to fall to the floor. You had your back faced towards him as you slowly slipped out of underwear, he stood at an angle, his one hand in his pocket while the other one rested on his chin. 

“Wanna join? I saw the shower earlier and it’s awfully big to use all by myself” there was no reply from him and you started to get a little embarrassed, you were after all completely naked. You were about to say something else but before you could you suddenly felt Yongguk sweep you up in his arms, bridal style and carry you off into the bathroom. 

He placed you on top of the cold marble countertop making you jump a little but you had nothing to say as he crashed his lips into yours almost sinfully. His tongue waited for no permission as it rampaged through your wet moaning cavern making you body melt away the cold feeling of the marble. 

Your legs and arms were both wrapped around him, his hands rested on your lower back occasionally moving to your hips. His mouth hungrily devoured yours like it was something he had been craving for so long. Your lungs were running out of breathe but that wasn’t stopping Yongguk, he tilted his head and deepened the kiss even further as your hands cupped his face. 

You both moaned into the kiss as he held your body so close that not even a single speck of dust could get through. Hit bit down on your lower lip making you hiss a little as he pulled away. He let go of your lip and gave you playfully evil smirk before he pecked your lips once more. 

“You should hurry up and take that shower of yours, we have to leave for the airport in an hour” Yongguk said as he peppered your neck with kisses. Only now did you notice that his shirt was completely unbuttoned allowing his smooth chocolate like abs to surface. 

“One hour is more than enough time to take a shower together, wouldn’t your agree Mr. Bang Yongguk?” You said as you felt Yonggyk smirk against your skin. 

“I would agree all too fast Mrs. Bang Yongguk, but one hour isn’t enough for me ravage this delicious body of yours. Once we reach our honeymoon destination I’m gonna keep you up all night and day” Yongguk said before lazily kissing your lips. 

You smiled in anticipation for your honeymoon on islands of Bora Bora, but you were pretty sure you’d be spending more time exploring each other’s bodies than anything else. Your husband made no mistake of that.

Bliv Prompt: Sleep(less)

Requested by @turtleintheshire: Blaine Hates to sleep on the Couch Alone

There were nightmares almost nightly. They were vague, disjointed, like pieces of a puzzle that just didn’t fit together. But from what he had learned from Ravi, he knew enough to work out that they were memories, memories of the old Blaine.

Most nights he avoided sleeping all together, instead choosing to down cup after cup of coffee, and to go snooping through Liv and Peyton’s living room; flipping through magazines and books and going through their kitchen drawers.

But some nights were like this, where he awoke with the blood pounding in his ears, and his hands clawing at his throat trying to chase away the feeling of suffocation. It was nights like these where he wished that he didn’t feel quite so alone, where he wished that he wasn’t crashing in a house full of strangers who mostly wanted him dead.

The couch was so lonely, impersonal. It was a blank slate just like himself, and after tossing and turning it provided no comfort.

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This is a trending topic going around Twitter, and I thought I’d put in my two cents on my experiences because it’s a lot easier to do that here than in 140 characters or less. This is what #GrowingUpFat was like for me:

- Not even realizing I could feel bad about myself for my size until kids called me names like ‘Butterball,’ ‘Whale’, and ‘Jumbo’. 

- Being too large for the children’s section and wearing adult clothes by the age of eight and being made fun of because you didn’t dress like everyone else. Being asked ‘Does your mother dress you?’ ‘Does she HATE you?’

- Breaking desk chairs at school and lay hurting on the floor as 25 other kids laughed at you as the teacher uncomfortably scrambles to find you a new one.

- Being denied candy that’s been given to others because ‘you don’t need it’. 

- Being told that you’d be so much prettier if you just lost some weight and put on a little bit of makeup. Maybe you’d even get a boyfriend!

- Being 12 years old and wishing you were dead, asking yourself ‘Why do I have to be such an abomination?’ 

- Thinking something is wrong with you because you’ve never heard anyone tell you that you’re pretty, or beautiful, or cute, etc.

- Being picked last in gym class as the team leader groaned and rolled their eyes about getting stuck with you, and then crying as everyone giggled at you when you failed miserably doing the tiniest amount of athletics. 

- Being prompted by your parents to stop eating and start losing weight, as they insist that they’re only trying to look out for you. 

- Developing bulimia at the age of 13, and anorexia at 16. 

- Going into the cute teenage clothing stores and being too fat for the largest size they carried. 

- Finally deciding to do it for yourself and lose 100lbs and play sports, and love them, and do well in them.

- Realizing how shady the people are who made fun of you for years, as they finally stop making fun of you and try to acknowledge you, especially as you become more ‘conventionally’ attractive as an adult. 

- Realize that losing a lot of weight does not necessarily mean you gain the ability to love yourself, because your size never, ever, defines you anyway. You have to learn to love yourself, regardless of what you look like. That’s harder than enduring all the bullshit that other people try to throw at you - But when you actually start to love yourself, it starts to become worth it.

I wasn't (that) scared!

Summary: Phil’s snuggling with Dan watching a horror movie. Suddenly, they both hear a noise. They grab stupid items for defence to go check it out. Fluffy one shot.

Words: 750

Read on ao3

A/N: it’s 2am. I use too many italics. I belong in the sin bin.

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Matsuhanaiwaoi Summer time headcanons~

Dedicated to @pigeon-religeon cuz she was actually the one that got me into matsuhanaiwaoi
(on my phone sorry for formatting)
When they go to the beach Oikawa literally baths himself in sunscreen but he still ends up being burnt
Iwaizumi just gets these cute freckles and he is so cute
Mattsun is usually sleeping under an umbrella unless one of his bfs drag him out to go to swim
Makki hates the feeling of sunscreen on him it’s gross and slimly but Mattsun and iwa tackles him and put it on him and if they can’t catch him then he gets burnt and joins oikawa
Since it’s summer it’s really freaking hot in their house oikawa complains all day long
He’ll lay on the floor in just his alien printed boxers and just moan and sob about hot his hair is drooping and how all this heat is making him less beautiful
Mattsun and makki being the lil shits they are pull him into a bear hug makki clinging to his front and Mattsun at his back
Oikawa is screaming that he’s gonna kill them and makki is like “y u no love us” and starts kissing his face and oikawa is like “I fucking hate us you guys so much” lowkey liking the kisses tho
And mattsun joins in the kissing and is like “Sure you do sugarplum”
Oikawa is even hotter now cuz he’s blushing so hard from the nickname
Iwa would be watching this laughing his ass off

And that’s all I got…for now( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Twisted and Broken Alternate Ending ***Trigger Warning

Prompt: Sehun bullies you despite secretly liking you, but one day he discovers that you self harm

Genre: ANGST

Word Count: 995

Warning: Self harm, suicidal thoughts

Full scenario and original requested ending here~~~

He gripped your shoulder tightly, clamping his fingers firmly around you.

“Why are you bleeding…”

A sob.

Your fingers curled around tighter, offering security by sacrificing you to more pain.

“Why?” He gently turned you around and tried to pry your arms away.

You cried in agony and protest, violently shaking your head.

But he succeeded.

He pulled up your bloody shirt slowly, stopping mid torso.

That was as far as he could go.

That was as far as he could handle.

“Oh my God…”

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EXO Reaction when they make a fool of themselves in front of their crushes

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Miserably fails on his move* “What did I just… oh hey! I’m.. Chan” *But would take it as an opportunity to talk with you*


*He is too cool for his own good* “There’s no way I won’t get your number… my future wife”


*No one saves the moment better than the Ohs* “This is how I will yehet your Ohorat babe”


“This is my charm, my perfect style.” *It’s his dorky being that makes you fall for him*


*Doens’t matter how much he ‘screws’ his squad has his back* “I think I can do it this time boys… I’m going to kiss her… but how do you kiss?”


“Tell me it wasn’t me who said that… I couldn’t have… it’s just that she is so gorgeous… and sexy… and that dress…” *Daydreaming out loud* 


“You are right! Maybe he loved the way I fall on the floor… I mean it’s me! Byun Baekhyun, we are going to roll on the floor  a lot” *Tries to be cool but always ends up being funny*


*Happy because he sent you a text* “Did I just write… ‘texty text for my marshmallow pie? Where do I sign to get my text back?”


“Time to make her forget I was the one who accidentally slipped her coffee” *Manly Chen mode on*


“Never going out again… this world is hideous. No way I’ll show in front of her after…. I hate dis, I’m staying here” *Hate the world so much and doesn’t go out for three days*


*Falls with style* “One.. two… I love exercising… in the middle of the streets” That was a close one.. phew.


“I don’t know what I’m doing… but just smile… and pretend you do… she might like it”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Buttercup Final

Part 3/3

part 1 part 2

A/N: Well here it it. The last part of Buttercup. I hope you like it though. There is smut in there. kind of? I mean I tried so I hope I did not fuck it up to say it bluntly. Is that even a word? Once again I apologize for the grammical msitakes as I did not read it over. Don’t hesitate to leave feedback. I can take critisicm.  SO don’t be scared. Also don’t be scared to ask for requests. I can’t promise how fast I post but I definitely will post it. Anyways I hope you like it and have a nice evening, night or day. Much love.

Genre: Angst/ Smut

Warning there is smut and cursing in this part

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

(Innocent my ass)

Jungkook pulled back, his hands dropping to your shoulders as they glided down your arms and eventually laced his fingers with yours. It was silent. The only thing you heard were some cars passing by. You couldn’t look at him, you did not want to look at him knowing you would feel incredibly guilty. You did not even know why you kissed him in the first place. Yeah he was attractive and kind and considerate bit still.

Your heart was crying silently. You wanted to run selfishly into Jimin’s arms. You wanted to feel his arms wrapped around your waist, tugging your head into his clothed chest as he would sush you. Telling you everything was going to be alright.

Why didn’t you lie to yourself? Why were you so dumb to spill your feelings to him? You would not be in this mess. You’d rather hurt alone. You’d rather stay in the dark, pretend everything was well because seeing him loving someone else hurt more. 

Finally looking up crossing your eyes with his you saw his defeated look. He knew. He knew you were still in love with his friend and so he shoot you a little smile. “I’m sorry” you whispered, pulling him in your arms repeating the 2 words over and over again. “Ani.. it’s okay. I understand” Jungkook wrapped his arms around you waist, tightening the hug before stepping back. ‘’You can’t choose who you love. Sometimes it will work out well and other times… you know the drill.’’ Jungkook chuckled, pushing you forwards. ‘’Now go. I think you need to stop lying to yourself and to Jimin and just come clean. Now hush!’’  ‘’Jungkook. You’re wonderful and I know that one day you’re going to make a woman very very happy and very lucky.’’ Was the last thing you said before you dissapeared into the darkness. 

‘’Be careful!’’ you heard in the distance. You rolled your eyes but couldn’t help but laugh. 

‘’Okay y/n you got this. It’s not scary. Jimin is not scary. His girlfriend is not scary. Love on the other hand is though.’’ You told yourself and snorted at your last thought. Love shouldn’t be scary right? It should bring you calmness and not heartache. What is love? Why is it even called love? How in the world can two people like eachother at the same time? Sounds impossible to me. ‘’Hey I like you! Wow really. Well that’s weird ‘cause I like you too! Really? Wow! Let’s be together.’’ You said, playing a scene in your head, imagining how easy it could be. 

‘’What the heck are you doing?’’ Jumping away from the door as you turned around. A hand swinging in the air but fell beside your waist as you faced Taehyung. ‘’Seriously Taehyung? Do you like sneaking upon people?’’ You scoffed, playfully pushing him away. Taehyung laughed while stepping forwards again, Giving you one of the three bags he had in his hands as he fished his keys out of his pocket now that he had a free hand. ‘’pffff I did not sneak upon you. You were babbling and totally out of this world.’’ He laughed as he put the keys in the lock, turned it around and opened the door. ‘’Why are you standing there?’’ Taehyung said and raised an eyebrow in confusing. ‘’Do you not want to come in? I mean you were standing here for a reason right?’’ He continued while putting down the bags. ‘’Please get in it’s getting cold.’’ Taehyung said before you could answer him. You sighed at this and entered the dorm. He closed the door, lifted the two bags and walked away.

You stood there frozen on the spot. You wanted to talk to Jimin but once you arrived you weren’t that confident anymore. He did not love you back so why should you tell him once more? You knew his answer and plus he has a girlfriend. What were you expecting? That he would dump his girlfriend for you and jump in your arms? Of course he wouldn’t.

 It wasn’t a freaking movie. This is real life. And somethings don’t go your way you want it too and you have to respect that and just deal with it. 

 But on the other hand Jungkook was right. You told him you were over him but that was far from the truth. Unshamely lying straight in his face. Yup you should say farewell to the best friend award. 

 “Y/n? Are you coming or what?” Taehyung turned the corner and raised his eyebrow once more. Snapping out of your thoughts you quickly skipped towards him as he lead you to the kitchen.

  You dropped the bag on the counter and glanced around the livingroom, hoping you could see a glimpse of Jimin. You sighed out from relief when you didn’t see him.

“Is there something I can help you with?” Taehyung sat down on the chair next to you. “You seem on edge.” 

“Well I…” Before you could tell him something, you both were shocked when a loud slam filled dorm followed by another. You and Taehyung looked at eachother. Eyes fixed on the oh so familiar door when you heard some muffled cursing. Eyes falling back to Taehyung ones when you felt a soft tug at your sweaterpaws. “I think you should check. He has been like this the whole day. Everyone tried to talk to him but he just won’t budge. Maybe you can try?” You saw him shooting worried glances towards his room. “I can try.” You whispered. Taehyung squeezed your hands before both standing up.

 “I will give you some privacy.” He said when you two were standing in the hall as he put his shoes and coat back on. “Call me if it gets out of a hand okay? But I doubt that but still.” You nodded at this

“Without any hesitation you opened the door. You gasped when you were met with chaos. Papers, notebooks, pictureframes and so much more were laying across the floor, abandoned. ’‘Go away. I don’t want to talk” head snapping towards his bed where he was laying down, his face buried in his pillow. You tried to avoid stepping on the mess and sat down on the bed.

  “You don’t have to talk. But don’t bottle it up. You know I hate if you do that” you softly said, rubbing his back to calm him down. Your heart broke when his head shot up and looked at you with those sad bloodshot eyes. His cheeks wet from the tears you never wanted to see fall. 

 “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with Jeon?” He pushed from his bed when Jungkook’s name left his mouth. Gasping from shock you immediately stoop up and you were pissed. “What the heck!? What are you talking about!?” You yelled at him as you slapped him on his arm. “tssss I saw you kissing y/n. I saw it with my own two eyes!” He screamed back at you, now standing infront you and he was very close. You winced when those words left his mouth. Stepping back to create some space between you two, you rubbed your hands across your face to calm yourself down. Why were you screaming at him in the first place? You were here to soothe him, not to fight with him. 

 “Jimin please dont scream. Please tell me you aren’t mad because you saw us kissing?” You were confused. Was he mad because of that? He shouldn’t be right? He didn’t like you in that way right?

 “Yes y/n yes. That’s why I am fucking mad. You love me y/n me! Me me me!” Jimin screamed once again, stamping his feet angrily like a kid who refused to leave to store with chocolate. You stared at him. You could feel your eyes burning with tears. Jimin was staring back at you, breathing heavily. “You’re joking right? You are not mad because of that. It can’t be. You don’t love me Jimin! You don’t have to the right to be mad at me!” You cried out. Throwing your hands in the air in disbelief. “ I do love you y/n!” He screamed once again. “I do” Jimin whispered. 

 It was quiet in his room. You were still facing eachother. Jimin just standing there, staring at you. And you? You tried to stop crying. You were hurt. You had been rejected, ignored and for the sake of your friendship you lied to yourself and him. You felt your heart shattering so many times. It hurt to look at him, it hurt to hear his voice. And it hurt to see him with her but you sucked it up for him. Hurting Jungkook because of a love you could not let go. 

“Fuck you Jimin!” You managed to let out between sobs. “My feelings isn’t a toy you can play with. You can’t just throw away my heart to get it back later because you realized you need it. You’re so confusing. You go from white to black. From the sun to rain. You’re breaking and healing my heart over and over again. I don’t know what to do Jimin. What do you want from me?“ You rambled on. You had stepped closer to him and were now gripping his biceps tightly. You did not know if you were hurting me but right now you didn’t care. The only thinf you felt was your heart once again trying to reach out to his. Your heart asking you to stand closer to him, to let her feel his heartbeat. 

 ’‘I want to be with you y/n. I realized it this morning after you talked to me. After you told me you did not have any feelings for me anymore. That you were over me and only had friendly feelings from me. It stung y/n. It was weird. Once those words left your mouth I felt weird. But I shoved it away and did not think much about it but once you left with Jungkook and when he mentioned the word date it frightened me. When you left and Sora and I were alone I could not stop thinking about you and God when I saw those flowers standing in the kitchen it dawned upon me. I love you. You’re dear to me y/n. You’re special to me. Now you must be thinking that I am bullshitting you but I am not. I really do love you y/n. And I felt like shit. How could I ask you to stop loving me. You can’t suddenly stop loving someone and that made me also realize you sucked it up for me, that lying to me, you rather break your own heart than losing me and that hurt me bad. 

One arm was around you waist as the other was pressed against your head, what was buried into his chest. You could hear his heartbeating. You were calm and apparently so was he. His heart was beating at a normal rate. “Please y/n. Let me make it up to you. Let me love you the way you deserved to be loved.” He whispered on top of your head his hand rubbing your back gently. Let me show you how much I love you, how much you mean to me and how much I mean all these words.“

 You looked up. Your hands falling gently on his shoulders. Softly placing your lips on his for a second before pulling back. Jimin just looked at you. Again placing your lips on his, this time you did not pull back. Hands travelling to his neck as you pulled him closer. Lips moving insync. Legs moving forwards, falling forwards on top of a warm soft body. Hands circling your back keeping you safe in his embrace. Tongues shyly meeting eachother but once familiar they were gracefully dancing together.

You felt hot. To hot for you liking so you pulled back, leaving a string of saliva hanging on your lips. In one swift move you pulled your sweater off throwing it somewhere in the room. Jimin growled when you shiny skin presents itself to him. His hands immediately shot to your covered breasts. “you’re amazing. You look stunning” Jimin moaned followed by yours when he squeezed your chest. “Fuck your moans sound so sexy. You’re killing me here.” He sat up fast, pulled his shirt over his head, disgarding it behind you and pulled you back on top of him. Skin on skin. Heat on heat. 

 You felt trembling hands on your back, fumbling with the clasp of your bra. “You can take it off Jimin. It’s okay” you assured him once you saw the hesitation in his eyes. “Are you sure? You want to do this?” He asked you once again. He wanted to know if you were 100 % into this. “110%” you whispered against his chest. Hands sliding up and down his warm upperbody.

 You felt the straps coming lose and so you pulled it off. Jimin cursed when he felt your hardened nipples againt his chest. Jimin quickly pushed you on your back, him hovering over you. Fingers sliding off your pants, taking your panties with it too. You were now utterly bare infront of him. Not only physically but mentally aswell. You trusted him, you trusted him with your soul.

“Oh my god Jimin!” You shouted out of suprise and pleasure. Fingers entered you deeply. “Woaa sweety you’re fucking wet. Do you hear it?” he breathed in the crook of your neck. You could only moan out of pleasure as your hips bucked up, asking for more friction. “Please Jimin, I need you” You panted, hands trying to pop his pants open but your hands were trembling to much and your mind was trying to keep up with the pleasure you felt. “Shhh babe. Have patience.’‘ 

He pulled his fingers out of you, holding his hand in the air as he watched how shiny they were. You threw your head back out of frustration. You were utterly wet, you were burning from the hotness you felt and your vagina was throbbing, begging for him. ’'For fucksakes Jimin!” You growled, pushing him down on the bed. “Why are you still wearing this” you whined popping his pants open, pulled the zipper down and with one swoop taking his pants and boxers off. His member springing free against his stomach, relieved it could breathe. You climbed on top of him and took a hold of his member. Jimin threw his head against the sheets and loudly moaned your name, hips bucking up asking for relief. You positioned yourself above him and when you felt his tip against you opening your dropped down. “Fuck damn shit, God y/n you feel so fucking good. Shit!” He growled, panting loudly, sweat appearing on his forehead causing his bangs to stick making him even more sexy than he was. You moaned at the sight under you. Panting, hands digging in the sheets, head rolling side to side and mouth wide open with curses rolling out of it. 

His hands landing on your hips, moving you up and down. You got the memo, placing your hands on his sticky chest, you rolled your hips and moved them up and down. You could feel his dick throbbing inside of you, you could feel his veins gliding against your innerwalls. You could feel his tip buried deep down inside of you everytime you moved down. His hands trailing around your body, like he was exploring a worldmap and wanted to know every detail about it. —-

 You legs were trembling, your arms were trembling as your bodies were dancing together. He was the last piece you needed to complete your puzzle. “oh god Jimin what are you doing to me?” You managed to say between pants and moans. 

He brought you down, your forehead touching his as his eyes looked into yours with love. “Y/n.. fuck!” He cursed once again when he felt you tightening against him. “Y/n I love you, I love you, I love you.” Jimim continued as he bucked his hips up again, slamming his dick hard into you. “stay with me. I want you to stay with me.” He whispered and gave you a tired smile. “Can you come for me sweetheart? You can right?” “Yes hnngg Yes!” You screamed when you felt your stomach tightening waiting to explode with fireworks. 

You felt Jimin slowing down, you felt his legs trembling and with one last thrust you both finished it with a bang. Yours and his name filling the room followed by curses and moans. 

 You dropped yourself on his sweaty chest, but you could care less. Feeling his chest rising up and down made you giggle. Jimin’s fingers pushed your hair behind your ear and smiled. “Why are you giggling” he couldn’t help but to chuckle. You were so cute. “Because I am happy. You make me happy” you smiled looking at him. “Am I dreaming or do I really have a happy ending?” You sighed, drawing imaginary hearts on his chest. “Hmmm if this is a dream than never wake up.’

’'I agree let’s stay like this forever.’' 

 Your eyes gliding towards those little yellow flowers standing on his windowsill. ’'Thank you” you mouthed towards them.

Because maybe without those flowers, you wouldn’t be here right now. 

Jimin is very dear to you and so are the buttercups.

You know what I like? I like that Jude is taller than Zero and that when they have their wedding (which they will) Zero will be the one who has to lay his head on Jude’s chest when they slow dance to their song. That shit really butters my roll.