I am literally furious at CBS right now (more than normal anyway). Buzzfeed just put up an article that goes into great detail about the sad demise of Person of Interest and it just made my blood boil. They refused to tell Jonah and Greg that the show was cancelled, even through releasing the airdate for season 5 and it’s absurd two-episode-a-week schedule. They forced Greg and Jonah’s hand and the guys finally threw their hands up and just said they were done. Without getting word from the network, the creators made the decision and announced that the 5th season would be the final chapter of POI…purely for the sake of the cast and crew who had been living in limbo for months. On top of this, CBS refused to let the writers do what they truly wanted with these last 13 episodes and go fully serialized with the Samaritan plot. The forced them to keep the “number of the week” format despite the fact that they were no longer invested in the long term future of the show. Jonah even said that he wished they’d had more episodes to explore the major mythology of the show, though he’s still very proud of the final season. 

I already know CBS makes horrible decisions in which shows they decide to make. But to see what little respect they had for these people who devoted their lives to making this brilliant television show….it just fills me with so much disgust that I can’t even fully express how mad I am. Everyone involved in this show deserved SO much better than this garbage network they were saddled with. I’m eternally grateful for all of their hard work and dedication to making this series as wonderful as they could in the face of such hardship with the network. I only wish they could have gotten to tell the story exactly how they wanted. But they still did a fucking amazing job considering their restrictions. Oh…and I hope CBS gets thrown into a dumpster fire.