Ma al liceo no ti insegnano come smettere di amare qualcuno, così so che l'universo non smette mai di espandersi e che non si possono uccidere i virus con le pillole ma sto ancora cercando di capire come fare in modo che la mia gola bruci di meno quando ti vedo.

I can see it before she says anything and I’m ashamed, so goddamn ashamed, for the hatred that boils up within me. My hand closes briefly around hers and then I release it before I have a chance to give motion to what I can feel in my blood, a chance to grab her and hold her and press my forehead to hers and demand to know why she has left me. The line is tissue thin between the energy of it in my fingertips and the action. I can feel her skin against mine as though I’ve already let go, but that’s just the lingering memory of a thousand other collisions of skin and lips and body. She crashed into my life, a flaming, cacophonous disaster, and we have been crashing into one another since.