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i'm really worried about Kyungsoo and hopefully he is seeing his mom to get her love and affection in his free time before their comeback or the start of his new movie filming,not because of personal or family problems,this whole Kaistal drama is already affecting him a lot,he doesn't need more suffering,but why he is not meeting with his actor hyungs anymore,even his skin is bad,usually he doesn't smile a lot but his smile is rare these days,his situation reminds me of how kai was when kaisoo 1

were distant last year 2

Yeah, it was a “coincidence” that he changed since this scandal broke out. I really hate saying this because Kyungsoo shouldn’t be involved at the first place (in a objective point of view, he’s an EXO member like any other and he has nothing to do with Jongin dating, after all), but Kyungsoo looks so different nowadays and it started at the same period everything exploded. 

I just can’t ignore that and watch Kaisoo’s relationship in public being affected like this gives me mixed emotions.

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I haven't seen Eddie The Eagle yet and I'm dying to see it! Everyone is talking about it and then there is me who hasn't seen it. I hate waiting.

That sucks anon. It’s really unfortunate when they schedule movies for such vast release dates. I think Japan is the last one to get the movie later in the year, and others aren’t getting it until the summer. I don’t know why they release it like that, or what the hold up is. But yeah, it sucks. People will own the movie already by the time it’s finally released in other countries. Doesn’t make sense to me, especially with movies leaking online, where people download them and watch it at home, instead of going to the theatre to watch them. It’s a real shame when they release movies like that. When is it going to be released in your country?

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Fave anime: OHSHC, SAO (aaaand now you hate me), Mirai Nikki, Black Butler

Fave manga: I have not read any manga yet …

Video Games: Yandere Simulator, Minecraft, Lollipop Chainsaw

Books: HARRY P O T T E R

TV shows: Miraculous Ladybug, MLP, Supernatural

Movies: Mean Girls, Jumanji, Zootopia, ALL Disney movies.

Last song listened to: Warts and All Reprise (from my Musical Honk! Jr.)

First language: English!

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Ahhh, well, I have bad news for Crossbones. He got like… 5 minutes. At the very best. Maybe less. and not to speak of what happens in the end ^^’

i hate this movie already! just kidding. i assumed Frank’s part will be small, and since he’s playing one of the bad guys in the movie full of superheroes, it’s pretty obvious that Crossbones won’t last long. meh. 

Also yeah I’m kinda done with the whole being ashamed of what I like thing bc life is too short to deprive yourself of harmless things that make you happy
I’m a weeb
I literally spent the last week binge watching miyazaki movies and diamond no ace (also boku dake ga imai machi, or ERASED which is super good imo)
It didn’t hurt anyone and it doesn’t speak to any weakness on my part
Sure there’s trash anime (for example: my vice is sports anime - idk why, I hate sports) but what’s wrong with watching trash anime, as long as you’re respecting the culture from whence it came
Plus most of this shaming tends to be directed towards young kids who are already insecure as balls and are just finding themselves
And a lot of the kids who find themselves into anime/video games are pretty ostracized in late elementary and middle school
Be nice to the kid with the terrible sonic oc bc they might use that as motivation or fuel for future characters and because crushing 12-year-olds’ dreams is sick

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3, 26, 32, 38? Wishing you a pleasant time today!

Same to you! 😘

What was your last thought before going to bed last night?

“Tomorrow, I’m gonna be going to the movies with my RL bff. I need to prepare my groceries for the next few days before I leave.”

Is there anyone you’re really disappointed in?

This is gonna get me a lot of hate but, between you, me, and the internet, it has to be PewDiePie. I’d like to clear up that I don’t hate Felix, his content, or his fanbase. He’s free to do whatever the heck he wants with his channel, and I wouldn’t wish any misfortune on him. However, what really disappoints me is his flip-flop in identity. He has made clear multiple times that we’re supposed to see Felix and PewDiePie as different personas, but he somehow can’t seem to distinguish his own self between the two when it comes to interacting outside of YouTube. Yes, there are times when he’s honestly trying to make amends for past transgressions, but there are still times when he falls back into his character when the situation obviously doesn’t call for it, and ends up making more problems than he has fixed. It’s very frustrating to see him make these same mistakes over and over.

If you like PewDiePie, I won’t hold that against you. But he disappoints me quite a bit.

What are you looking forward to in the next month?

Not really sure. Maybe my big sister’s b-day?

Are you wearing jeans, shorts, sweatpants, or pajama pants?

I think it’s jeans. Do jeans come in purple?