Two Points I want to Make

1. The only reason people Princess and the Frog isn’t popular is because of marketing. I know tons of people who love the movie and in years, it’s gained a following. Just because it didn’t do well at the box office doesn’t mean the movie isn’t good nor does it not have fans.

2. Frozen is not Disney’s ‘most recent popular.’ Inside Out just came out last month and it’s already made over $500 million. Big Hero 6, which is Disney’s third highest grossing movie, is still rather popular as well. Right now, you cannot sell Frozen merch. Everywhere I go, it’s one sale and it’s still not selling.

Frozen doesn’t need a boutique and a cafe. They don’t deserve them.

friYAY 🎉

• i’m so glad it’s the weekend. a long weekend from work for me! i have tafe on monday, so that means a late start which i am excited about.

• boyf and i had a movie and dinner date last night. we watched antman. highly recommend!

• i got excited that coles had a bunch of pastel mint green kitchen utensils. but forced myself to not spend aimlessly. so boyf bought them for me! 💚🍏🍐🐢🐛🐍🍀👗

• i have a christmas in july work dinner tonight. i’m getting pick up, but i hate being picked up because i hate relying on others. if i were me, i would have left the house already. we’re going to be late. i hate being late.

• pretty chilled out weekend ahead. boxing tomorrow morning. wait for my sister to finish work and then we’re going on a short hike. and then we’re going to have a pizza and movie in pj’s kind of night. a poor person’s night, if you will.

• sunday is lunch for dad’s birthday

• and that’s about it. nothing too exciting!

What’s with people saying, Boruto blushing doesn’t mean he could fall in love with Sarada?

Remember when the first The Last trailer came out and we all thought NaruHina had to be canon because of Naruto’s shoujo stare? ♥
Why is it then so far-fetched to think that Boruto blushing is hinting at some kind of romance?

Personally, I am totally indifferent to BoruSara but people who hate on it already are kinda being rash with their judgement - you should at least give it a chance.

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*Name: Heather

*Nicknames: family calls me heathy or beebop, jackie calls me ese

*Story behind my username: aintlaurent was already taken and i hated my old one there u go

*Birthday: December 28

*Gender: female

*Height: 5′5″

*Favorite color: black or minty/aqua tones

*Average hours of sleep: between 3 and 7 i think

*Lucky number: don’t have one

*First word: I think it was mom

*Happy place: the beach after 5pm!!

*Favourite fictional character(s):  winnie the pooh, howl from howl’s moving castle

*Favourite shows: ointb, twd… i don’t watch tv

*Favorite drink: MALIBU COCONUT RUM or green tea

*Favorite food: salmon, cooked or served any way

*Last movie I watched: storm surfers

*Dream holiday: santorini

*Dream wedding: i don’t want to get married idk maybe on the beach in cape cod

*Dream Job: not one specific career title appeals to me but i’ve always wanted to do something creative that allows me to travel all over the world, probably in the fashion or beauty industry! then i’l retire and open my own coffee shop by the ocean :—)

tagging: hans5l predebute y-eppeuji kkeojo henliilau taeyhungs

edit: just realized i skipped the holiday one and kept my friend’s answer. fixed now oop

yea im gonna actually do the tags i get tagged in

holler @ theboreddragon for tagging me

Nicknames: Jen, Jenny
Gender: Female
Current time and date: 22th July 5:01AM
Birthday: 16th May
Average amount of sleep: 3-12, seriously.
First word that comes to mind: orange
One place that makes me happy: mhhh, idk but I was the happiest when i was in Stockholm
Fav characters: bitch dont even start.
Fav food: literally everything, i dont discriminate
Fav book: girl, i dont have time
Fav tv shows: Doctor Who, Supernatural
Last movie I saw in theatres: Fast & Furious 7
Last holiday: Sweden in 2013
Dream holiday: Idk I really wanna go to the US but I know already that I’ll probably hate it there because of the culture shock. I wanna go to Iceland though. I feel like you can’t get offended by Iceland, they’re chill af
Dream wedding: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im not gonna be one of those people who plans a wedding without wanting to be married to anyone, so

ill probably just marry one of my friends for the experience of a wedding
Dream job: author
Zodiac: Taurus
Relationship status: 

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tagging everyone who wants to do this

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1. What’s up? not much
2. If you could dye your hair any color(s), what would it be? its already red but i would like rainbow hair but too much faff
3. Do you chew your ice cream? i do sometimes tbh
4. What does your room look like? like a 10 years old bedroom
5. Do you sleep with your socks on? only when its major cold but i hate having socks on in bed tbh
6. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? to be invisible 
7. EXO shows up outside your door. What do you do? slam the door in their face
8. What’s the last movie you’ve seen? ummm i can’t even remember tbh
9. Name an embarrassing thing that’s happened to you. my life
10. Tell me about yourself. i’m boring
11. What’s your favorite season and why? autumn cause the leaves die

Okay, okay…Leatherface is MY man, he’s my horror everything and when I heard there was a new movie next year I prayed I would love it cause it would break my heart if I hated it. I love the ordinal TCM and the TC3D those are my movies and they’re what I think of when I think of Leatherface but today I found out the new movie has changed his name once again! We learnt his name was Jedediah in the last movie so where has bloody Jackson come from?! Is there any need for that?! Don’t change the family history please!! I’m already a little disappointed I’m not in the new movie but hey ho….

10 Questions

I was tagged by mmebookworm in the 10 Questions Meme, thanks! :)

1. When did you first become aware of Harry Potter, and when did you first read it?

I was 10 when I saw a double-page feature of the movie in a magazine, and for some reason hated the little guy. I was already 11 when it came out on cinemas here, went to watch it and loved it. I read PoA when I was 13, and only after loving it went and read PS and CoS (then GoF et al, of course)

2. Do you watch documentaries?  Do you have a fav?

I don’t. Except for Animal Planet, occasionally.

3. When was last time you talked to your mom/fav aunt/ grandmother?

Mum half an hour ago, since we live in the same house.

4. If there was a fire would you save your books or your movies?

Books! I don’t have that many movies, anyway, could probably save them too.

5. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?

I’ve always wanted to go to England.

6. You have an unexpected day off, what do you do with it?

My life is a day off at the moment, so the novelty’s worn off.

7.  One thing that makes your life easier?


8. Dream project?

Something that makes a difference, whatever that is.

9. One pillow or two?

One for sleeping. two for reading.

10. Patio or Dinning Room?

Patio if it’s sunny.

There are times when you just have to tell your muse to sit down and shut up. Like the other day. While I was on with my beta editing my latest chapter, I got the idea to do another movie AU. I’ve done two already, “Just Like Heaven” and “An Affair to Remember” and after “Strange as Angels” (my “Just Like Heaven” AU) I swore them off. It was too hard trying to stick to the plot of the movie while trying to keep the “Sherlock” characters true to the show. And often times I would get people telling me how out of character they were. Especially John. So I gave up, no more after that last one. Guess what my muse came up with?

A Mystrade, Johnlock 10 Things I Hate About You

Mycroft use to be Mister Popular, head of the student council, captain of the chess team, top debater, and all around charmer. And then suddenly he wasn’t. Oh he was still involved in those things but now they called him Ice Man. He was cold and cruel and calculating. And everyone hated him, no one than his little brother, Sherlock who was just trying to navigate high school the best he could.

Their relationship reached its breaking point when their single mother decided that Sherlock was too precious to waste on high school boys and told him that he could only date when Mycroft did. And as Mycroft Holmes NEVER dated, Mummy was satisfied her youngest son would be safe from those awful boys. This enraged Sherlock, He was finally able to meet people and not be seen as a freak, having grown into his long limbs and high cheekbones.

One day, a new boy comes to the school, an army brat whose father was newly stationed nearby. John Watson immediately falls in love with Sherlock and asks him out, Sherlock tells him about his mummy’s rule, and John with the help of the school nerd, Mike Stamford, sets out to get Mycroft a date. They pick local bad boy and English native, Greg Lestrade. But he won’t do it for free. So, they trick rich, pretty boy Charles Magnusson to pay Patrick so he can date Sherlock, not realizing that they are only doing it so John can date Sherlock. Both Holmes boys learn that in high school, there is nothing more treacherous than falling in love.

I was tagged by Poland’s favorite witch der-kleine-vampir to do the 10 people you want to know better tag!

i feel like i already done this so i probably wont tag anyone but i feel like answering the questions anyway

Name: cassandra

Average Hours of Sleep: 10-12, or 3-5 on weekends i work

Last Thing I Googled: after the burial lyrics

Nickname: cass to ppl on the internet, cassie to my family which i hate, monkey/monkeybutt to my dad bc i looked like a chimp when i was born

Birthday: August 28 1995

Gender: female

Sexual Orientation: deathcore

Height: 5'3″

Favourite Colour: cobalt blue

One place that makes me happy: the mall of america

Favourite movie: no idea i’m not much of a cinema buff

Most used phrases: “shit hit the fan” “honestly” “oh lordie”. and lately i’ve been saying “well, i guess” as a nervous tic sort of thing like to break awkward silences at work. 

First word that comes to mind: deathcore

Favourite Beverage: dr. pepper

Favourite Food: deathcore

Last movie I watched at the theater: ‘get hard’ lmao

Dream Vacation: a peaceful cabin overlookin a fjord in Norway.

Dream Job: psychotherapist

aelinns asked:

renaissance, romanticism, pre-raphaelite

renaissance: it sounds cheesy, but when i graduated high school i felt so different. i was so glad for that part of my life to be over (i hated my last year of high school) but also i’d been at the same school for 10 years (my school went from kindergarten to what americans would call senior year) so it was a weird feeling to not be going to the same place after so long, but it was a really good feeling.

romanticism: done!

pre-raphaelite: i did this one already, but another book i’d like to see as a movie is this book called the aftermath about post WWII germany and this house is taken to house an english man who is tasked with overseeing the rebuilding hamburg and his family come too. he offers to share the house with its actual owner, so it’s about these two families living together although they were on different sides during the war. the german’s daughter, frieda is really interesting mostly because nazi germany was really influential on her and i think seeing the way she deals with losing the war when she believed in the nazi party would be really cool. 

these are really rad

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Answer all of the numbers!

0:Height: 5″5′
1:Virgin? Yes
2:Shoe size: It depends on how the shoe is made, I can wear a 10, 10.5, or 11
3:Do you smoke? No
4:Do you drink? No
5:Do you take drugs? No
6:Age you get mistaken for: 21
7:Have tattoos? No
8:Want any tattoos? Already Answered Separately
9:Got any piercings? Only my ears
10:Want any piercings? No more
11:Best friend? Internet friends
12:Relationship status: Single Pringle
13:Biggest turn ons: I don’t know
14:Biggest turn offs: I don’t know
15:Favorite movie: Camp Takota, The Last Mimzy, and Earth to Echo
16:I’ll love you if: you help me meet Grace Helbig
17:Someone you miss: My old dog Ginger
18:Most traumatic experience: too many to name
19:A fact about your personality: It’s weird y’all
20:What I hate most about myself: my confidence level isn’t that great
21:What I love most about myself: I really like my eye color
22:What I want to be when I get older: Social Media Manager
23:My relationship with my sibling(s): They’re alright
24:My relationship with my parent(s): Pretty Good
25:My idea of a perfect date: night out on the town where it’s sort of cold so they give you their jacket and you go to antique stores and go through Beatles albums and other vintage things.
26:My biggest pet peeves: When someone asks you a question and then you go to answer said question and the person who asked the question tell you to be quiet.
27:A description of the girl/boy I like: n/a
28:A description of the person I dislike the most: n/a
29:A reason I’ve lied to a friend: I didn’t feel like getting out of bed so I told her I was sick so I wouldn’t have to go shopping with her
30:What I hate the most about work/school: the immature people
31:What your last text message says: Yay! because a package had arrived for me
32:What words upset me the most: I’ve never liked when people say “Bum” instead of “Butt”
33:What words make me feel the best about myself: I have no idea
34:What I find attractive in women: Already Answered Separately
35:What I find attractive in men: A little bit of muscle, but not too much.
36:Where I would like to live: California or New York
37:One of my insecurities: being taken advantage of
38:My childhood career choice: I wanted to be a veterinarian
39:My favorite ice cream flavor: Black Raspberry
40:Who wish I could be: A happier version of myself
41:Where I want to be right now: In bed, which I am
42:The last thing I ate: Pizza
43:Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately: Already Answered Separately
44:A random fact about anything: Chinchillas are super soft

10 people i wanna know better

I did one of these a couple weeks ago, but figured I’d do it again :) Thanks for the tag sp0bae  and blackveilsociety <3

Name: Sarah
Gender: Female
Height: 5′6 
Where I live: USA
Time/Date: 6:10, Friday, July 31
Average amount of sleep: It depends on the day, I usually get a lot less during the school year.
Most recently watched and enjoyed movie: Paper Towns!
My favourite band: Maroon 5
One thing that ticks me off: Fake friends
Favourite drink: Lemonade
Meaning of my URL: My OTP (aka spoby) and the last name of my precious Toby <3 
Most used phrases: I hate to admit this, but recently I’ve been saying ‘on fleek’ a lot haha. Let me hang my head in shame now. 
Favourite movie soundtrack: Clueless

I tag: whoever has yet to do this, since I’m lame and can’t recall who has done this already :)

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Name: Liz

Height: 5′1″

Where I live: St Louis

Fav Bands/Artists: Within Temptation, Nightwish, Lindsey Stirling

One thing that pisses me off: Driving.  I hate it.  I feels like a waste of my time.  There are so many other things I could be doing instead of driving.

Meaning of URL: I originally wanted “lookingforloveinalderaanplaces” which was this amazingly bad pickup line in the movie Fanboys, but it was already taken, so I just went with “alderaantimesalderaanplaces” instead.  For anyone who doesn’t know, Alderaan is the planet that gets blown up by the Death Star in the original Star Wars movie.  If you still don’t get it, try saying it out loud.

Last Thing You Googled: “is there a greek word for the opposite of acropolis?”

Birthday: April 15th

Gender: cis female

Sexual Orientation: Panromantic/Demisexual

One Place That Makes Me Happy: Being in a book store.  I can actually feel my stress just slip away as I walk around the shelves.

What I’m Wearing Right Now: My Girls of Gotham criminal lineup tshirt and Slytherin pajama pants (just so everyone knows, no, I do not actually know how many Batman shirts I own)

Last Book I Read: I can’t remember what the last book I finished was because it was a couple months ago, but I’m currently reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

Last Thing I Said To a Family Member: “When you figure out what we’re doing for dinner let me know.  For now I’m going to eat this bagel.” (Pronounced like Britta on Community)

Favorite Beverage: Dr. Pepper, though also Mountain Dew Voltage because it tastes like blue Jolly Rancers

Favorite Food: Stir fry or tacos

Last Movie I Watched: My sisters and I watched Crazy, Stupid Love yesterday just because the ridiculous fight scene toward the end is possibly one of the best scenes in any movie ever.

Dream Vacation: Prague.  My family comes from that area, and it’s so rich in history and culture.

Dream Wedding: I honestly don’t expect to ever have one, but I jokingly like to imagine it would be in some way Batman themed.  I’d be Batgirl and I’d be marrying either Nightwing or Supergirl.  If it’s Nightwing, then somuchpantone and my sisters would be other incarnations of Batgirl while whoever is standing with him would be other incarnations of Robin.  If it’s Supergirl, Emily and my sisters would be other memebers of the Birds of Prey, and whoever is standing with her would be members of the Teen Titans.  Unless I’m marrying a redhead in which case we are Ivy and Harley.  Pretty much whoever is standing with us and immediate family will be the only ones invited because my family alone would be 100 people, and I’m not dealing with that.  We can have a giant reception that everyone can be invited to, but the wedding itself will be like 20 people tops.  But, again, I plan this more as an elaborate fantasy because I don’t honestly see it ever happening.

Dream Pets: Honestly I just want a cat.

Dream Job: Someday I’ll finish a story idea.  Someday.

Random Fact: Apparently it was pouring down rain earlier today, but it’s over 90 degrees, so when I was driving near the woods on my way home, the water was steaming off the road, and it looked like I was in a fairy tale or something.  It was awesome.  I wish I could have gotten a picture.

my dad wants me to go to dinner and a movie tonight and i agreed to a movie (i’m already making myself dinner) but i don’t wanna go?? like, i know he’s going to want to talk about my ex but i’m honestly okay. i don’t get upset until people ask about it, and then i get upset because they look so concerned that i think i should be upset. like i’m honestly fine, we broke up because we’re too different. this was inevitable - he loves children, i hate children. so ofc he wants them and i don’t, this would not last long term anyway. and i love him, but i’m not in love with him. 

like honestly, i’m fine. i just want some time to myself, but i already said no to a walk last night so i feel bad saying no to a movie too. but i honestly just want to be left alone.

question tag

I was tagged by the lovely durmster :) xx

1) what is your aesthetic?
probably football players :D

2) when did you get your tumblr account?
late 2013 or early 2014

3) what is the last book you read?
paper towns by john green

4) last movie you watched?

5) do you read newspapers?
not often

6) favorite sport?
football, duh ^-^

7) music with or without headphones?

8) the person you hate the most on this planet?
idk, there are a few i strongly dislike but i wouldn’t be able to name one i hate the most

9) what superpower would you like to have?
i’d love to be able to fly

10) do you like wearing socks?
depends on the temperature

11) warmest and coldest temperature you’ve ever been at?
warmest 40°C i believe and coldest -17°C

my questions: 1) your favourite color? 2) cold or warm weather? 3) city you wanna travel to? 4) favourite thing about tumblr? 5) thing you hate the most about tumblr? 6) favourite song at the moment? 7) last thing you bought? 8) language you want to learn? 9) do you want a tattoo? 10) cats or dogs? 11) famous person you want to meet?
i tag slayfinha www-kripzchips96-com thereisnocureforhumans fcbarcelonism warriorblaugrana and rafinha-alcantaras


I went and saw ant-man last night and i died, so any spoilers i might be posting in the future will be under ‘ant-man spoilers’ (if you dont have that blacklisted already).

can i just say, the theater was more alive than it had been during my 1st and 2nd time watching AOU - combined. It was a fantastic movie, and the ends credit scene… I had to take a minute to recover. Watch it before you hate it.

Get to Know You Meme

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NAME: Lisa
AGE: 28
NICKNAME: I use Ven for social stuff, Lis otherwise (but don’t use it, my mom hates it)
LAST THING I GOOGLED: input hidden js execute (I work largely in internet security and this is a potential vulnerability)
FAVORITE COLORS: Purple and blue
FAVORITE MOVIE: Ever After?  I’m a big, big sap.
LAST BOOK I READ: Last full book was A Dance with Dragons.  If we get to count chaptered fanfics, tarysande‘s A Handful of Dust (it’s still a WIP but already well along).  I plowed through that thing on vacation back in May.  I can’t say enough good about it.
WEARING: Very pretty white, red, and black dress I love, black tights, and a black blazer.
LAST MUSIC I BOUGHT: Dragon Age Inquisition soundtrack.  I’ve been using Google’s Play Music lately.

And I’ll tag anyone else who wants to do it!

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8, 9, 27, 29

8. already answered!

9. 5 most hated
I don’t tend to hate movie but I really do hate anything Adam Sandler or Kevin James do.

27. last 5 films seen
Preservation, Wet Hot American Summer, The House By The Cemetery,  Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, Love & Mercy

29. top 5 scenes
think of 5 scenes in any jeff goldblum movie and they’re probably my favorite