Forgotten (M)

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Summary: Loving Kim Taehyung was just so cruel, since he only saw you as his childhood friend. But after years of wanting him to return your affection, you finally saw the look of love shine on his eyes - but it wasn’t meant for you. No, it was meant for her…
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Smut, Angst, bestfriend!au, university!au
Word Count: 4.5k
A/N: Original request here . 

Loving Kim Taehyung was like treasuring a forbidden artifact – you could appreciate it and love it from afar, but you could never touch it, never have it – just stand still and admire from a distance. Just like the artifact, he was untouchable and you could never have him the way you always wished for. Why? Well that was because he was your best friend since you were toddlers, but that was it.

You two were inseparable. Always playing and working together, making your classmates assume that you two liked each other. Of course, every time that accusation was made, you’d both deny it while saying how gross it was – but even then you knew you were lying.

At the mere age of 14, you realized that you didn’t just have a silly little crush on him anymore, no, you had fallen deeply in love with him. But who didn’t? His affectious boxy smile and playful bright attitude attracted many people towards him over the years, much to your dismay. But Taehyung always brushed it aside, and kept his attention solely on you. That is, once you two entered high school, then it all changed for the worse.

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Replica by Vivid Vega

I eat at the same restaurant every day for the past 2 years

I’ve heard people on their phones speaking about their passions and fears

I see a couple at table 3 that arrive every Saturday afternoon

Every time they leave I feel like they left too soon

I envy the way he puts his hand on her thigh

And how they look into each other’s eyes

I wish I had their life

I bet I’d make the perfect wife

But instead I’m in this table for one

And keep writing because I’ll never be done

It’s 1:04

They’re out the door


The next week comes by and its noon and then…

The perfect couple rolls up again!

At table 3 he pulls out her seat

And she elegantly places the napkin on her lap so neat

The server asks what they want to eat

They ask for a dessert and treat

She’s the perfect woman that I wish to be

But I’m invisible and no one ever notices me

It’s 12:55

They’re up to leave and get close to me as they pass by


It’s Saturday again and my hatred is growing stronger

It’s 12:01 and I don’t know if I can wait any longer

Than the golden couple comes in and sits at their usual table

And they look too perfect like their relationship is a fable

They begin to speak but I never heard what they said

I can feel the rush of my veins and my face gets red

It’s 1:09

They’re out after they drink their glass of wine



The next week approaches and I’m in the table I always sit

There’s a storm and the electricity goes out so there’s many candles lit

It’s 12:04

The couple of the year is just outside the door

I see them arrive with all their coats wet

They enter the restaurant but the weather made them upset

She gets up to hang her soaked coat and I bump into her purposely

But when she turned around I realized she looked like me

It’s 12:28

And they leave not finished with their plate



It’s next week and it’s 12:15

They aren’t anywhere to be seen

It’s 12:44

They haven’t stepped in the door….

It’s 1:02

I don’t know what to do!

They are not here

Where is the couple of the year?!!!


It’s 1:13

They still aren’t anywhere to be seen

I ask the server where the couple is from table 3

“What couple?” He asks me

I shout, “The ones that come every Saturday morning!!!!”

And he insists that there is no couple with a warning

I see blood on my hands and my shirt

But I do not feel hurt

Whose blood could this be?

But I have something more important on my mind to worry



So I grabbed the phone and yelled at the server to dial them

But he pushed me out the door… and I realized I was in an asylum

The guard holds me down, a needle goes into my skin as I shout

And everything goes dark and I blackout…


I wake up, how long has it been?

I try and get up but the room starts to spin

The doctor comes in

He says I’m finally making progress with a grin

I ask him what I’m doing in this place

And the smile gets off his face


It’s 11:17

I wish I could take back all the things I’ve seen…

I remember I was working on being a writer

But my dreams turned to ashes as if burned with a lighter

I worked hard and so did she

But she was always better than me…



It’s 11:26

I tell the doctor there’s nothing left to fix

I remember what I’ve done

I remember how my hatred won



It’s 11:53

I killed my twin sister in the name of jealousy

She had everything that I wanted

And I had their blood in my hands so she haunted

She came into my head and made me remember like a loon

What had happened to her and her husband at table 3 that Saturday at noon

She showed me the restaurant where I committed my crime

And she made me pay with the price of counting every minute of time

She plays the different days of my feeling of hate

And she’ll make me remember her fate


She replays the scenes like a movie in my head

And makes me go through them again and again……


It’s noon!

The couple of the year walks in

They laugh at table 3 with a grin

He caresses her hair and kisses her cheek

And their love makes me feel disgustingly weak

They are everything I want to be

But I’m invisible because no one ever notices me

I feel my hatred for them growing inside

But it’s 1:04 and they’re already outside

The next week comes and today is the day

The perfect couple will have their last things to say

It’s 12:04

I hear the tune in the restaurant but I am out by the door

I wait for the perfect couple as they step inside while I wait out with my knife

I go inside and I take their life

She screams I’m her twin and to please have a heart

But I can never be done with what I start


She whispers in my head that the memory is my punishment and there’s nowhere I can hide

So she keeps replaying these memories in my mind…




It’s noon……

Replica by Vivid Vega

distraction; sehun [m]

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oh sehun. reader-insert. 3,5k words. roommate!au. smut.

—sometimes you really need a distraction from college life, how lucky that sehun needs one, too

“Do me a favor, pick me up, take me out later / Are you down to be a distraction, baby?” —Kehlani, Distraction

requested by @sassyunicorns2 for the drabble game (although this one turned out to become a scenario ;;; the song is great btw!)

“I’ll make it quick—” you breathed out as you broke the kiss, supporting your weight on Sehun’s shoulders, “Unconventional sex, no feelings, no obligations. Are you in or not?” you shoot the question quickly, gazing into his lecherously dark eyes. 

“Babe, you could put all sorts of conditions. Right now I need you to take off your clothes and that quickly,” he spoke in between his panting, running his hands up your back, over to your neck to pull you down for another kiss. 

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|| heartache ||

[[request prompt: ahhh i have a request! peter and reader have been dating for quite a bit, though reader doesn’t know that he’s spiderman. when she finds out though, she’s *mortified* bc once she was held hostage and he actually came to save her, though he abandoned her when the criminal was caught and the police came, so she’s held a dislike for Spiderman since then, since he didn’t save her. so, angst?]]

Yeah, this was another one of those Drabble requests that I couldn’t condense into 500 words lmao, and I apologize if this wasn’t angsty enough ;w;

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @ghostedwolf , @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @literatureandimmature, @daydr3ams-away, @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: a bit of angst with some fluff at the end.

**dont repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**


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Press Coverage/Less Coverage (Tony Stark x Reader) (Part 2/2)

Part 1 is HERE

Warnings: Daddy kink. There’s a little bit of tony hating himself but like if you’ve seen the iron man movies you already know what that’s like. NSFW.

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 7.2k (oh my fucking god how did this get so long)

A/N: I started this fic in june of last year and it’s just now finished. I hate my procrastinating ass so much you have no idea.

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Movie night

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Accidentallyindreams asked: Hello :) can i please have a Tony x fem!reader imagine with prompt 26? And please make it really fluffy, thanks so much <3

Prompt 26: *reader and character are watching a scary movie and reader gets scared* “aw, is little Y/N scared?” “no, i’m not. but come here and hold me.”

Ship: Tony Padilla x fem!reader

Words: 366

A/N: I had problems writing straight Tony, so I made it more platonic rather than romantic. Sorry if that bothers you. (lmao, I actually high key ship clony!!)

“Human centipede 2?” “NO WAY.” I exclaimed, disgusted at even the thought of such a movie. “Fine then, we’re watching the exorcist, you know it’s my favourite,”Tony replied.

It was our weekly movie night, and I chose last week so it was Tony’s turn this week… Sigh. It’s not that I didn’t like his taste in movies, actually that’s it, I hate scary films, but I watch them just so I have a chance to spend some valuable time with Tony.

“You coming y/n?” He prompts tapping beside him on the couch. “Hey, hold your horses, forgetting something?” You inquire, he frowns, puzzled, so you continue, saying “Snacks!” enthusiastically (best part of watching a film) “Pretzels? Sweets? Popcorn? Chip and dip? Ice cream?” I rail off a list of options, already knowing his answer. “Salted popcorn, 1 large pretzel, and a coke pleaaaaase,” he asked. “Anything for you sweet pea,” You reply with a smirk. 

“Deeelivery,” I sing playfully, my arms full of food, Tony’s requests and my personal favourite, whilst plonking beside him on the couch. Tony eyes me, silently asking if I’m ready to start the film, so I nod.

It was only 30 minutes into the film, but with the snacks finished, I had no distraction and was starting to get scared. I jump at the fright on the screen, with its accompanying loud noise, and bash my shoulder against Tony’s quite hard.  “Ow.” Tony blurts, before checking if I was okay, “Hey, what’s up?” he questions, seeing the fear obvious on my face. I turn my head as he looks at me, not wanting him to know the film gets to me. “Aw, is little Y/N scared?” he inquires teasingly. I don’t respond, so he gently nudges his shoulder against mine, so I respond with “No, I’m not.” I manage to croak, seeing no point in admitting defeat. “But come here and hold me.” I add, realising I could get something out of the situation.

Tony smiled in response, placing his arm around my shoulders. I snuggle into his side, as content as I could be whilst watching such a film. “Better?” Tony asks, “Better.” I hum in agreement.

Imagine you and Chris going to your best friends’ wedding weekend. (Part B)

A/N: Part 4B ❤️ @chrisevans-imagines Oh man, your birthday is really soon! I hate how expensive postage is, so I’m glad Tumblr is free. We can consider this an unconventional present, right? Sorry this didn’t come out at it’s regular time, I was a little distracted watching Zac Efron movies last night. 😋 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, ‘Miss Graduate’, ‘Something Blue’, ‘Something New’ - Masterlist; ‘Baby Steps’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A)

It was only 7:00AM when you got to Ava’s room, but she was already having breakfast while her hairstylist worked on putting her long locks into an elegant up-do. “Aw, babe. You look exhausted.” You spotted a sympathetic smile on her lips when you moved to stand behind her and she caught you in her sights. “You know you don’t have to get up so early, you can come when the beauticians are ready to work on you.”

“And miss the chance to have a little girl talk?” You giggled, pulling up a chair so you could get off your feet. “No thanks.” You bit playfully and she laughed, reaching behind her to squeeze your hand before returning to her cereal. “So how are you feeling?” You asked, resting your hands on your belly. “I feel like we haven’t had as much alone time since the guys came to our lives. I love them, but there are some days where I’d still rather just you and me.”

“Yes, take me back to those good old days.” She joked and you nodded, laughing. “I’m feeling good, really good. I’m excited to get married, and I’m excited to meet our little boy and your little boy and- Things are good, really good,” she nodded and you found yourself nodding in agreement. “And how are you doing? Are you a little less overwhelmed now?”

“Yeah,” you smiled. “I’ve had some time to really just sit and bask in the fact that I am pregnant and I am going to be a mom. Chris and I went to a birthing class together for the first time, which is ridiculous considering Jack’s due next month.” Ava nodded, laughing; she and Sebastian signed up for all the classes as soon as they found out they were pregnant. “And I finally joined him shopping for clothes and other nursery items instead of letting mom and Lisa take my place. I don’t know, it’s still a little overwhelming but I am feeling much better about it all. Chris has been a rock, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him.”

“You’d strive anyway,” she winked and you smiled, “you’re amazing like that.”

“Knock knock,” Ava’s mom poked her head into the room and you both turned to smile at her. Your smile widened when you saw who was with her; Ava’s baby brother, Kian. You smiled and gave him a little wave, earning one in return. “I hope we’re not interrupting, we just thought we’d come and see how things were going. Kian also had something he wanted to give his big sister. Go on, sweetheart. Go give Ava the present you got her,” she released his hand and he padded over to Ava with a little paper bag.

“How are you, Mandy?” You smiled at her when she pulled up a chair and sat down next to you.

“You’re asking me? I should be asking you that,” she smiled and gave your belly a gentle rub. Your smiles widened when Jack kicked under her palm. “I heard about your RV road trip,” she chuckled when she pulled her hand away, and you bit back your smile. “You poor darlings, maybe you should just stay in New York and have the baby here.”

“No way,” you laughed, “Chris would have a heart attack. Ever since Seb saw me in a Yankees cap, he has been sending me Yankees merchandise for my birthday and Christmas presents. And he knows I’m not an actual baseball fan, he just likes messing with Chris.” Mandy laughed. “I am not going to give him another reason to drive Chris up the wall by giving birth in New York. Seb will mark Jack with the Yankees seal and Chris will pop a vessel.”

“Funny you should say that,” Ava looked at you and her mom through the mirror as she picked her brother up to sit him on her lap. “Seb was actually hoping you’d go into labor while you were in New York.” You laughed because why were you not surprised? “He has a little Yankees cap with Jack’s name embroidered on the back waiting in our apartment to- he said and I quote, ‘bless Baby Cap’s little head with’.”

“He couldn’t just get one for his own son and leave Jack out of it?”

“We haven’t thought of a name yet, but don’t worry- our little peanut will get a hat too.” She said, drawing laughter from you and Mandy. “What did you get me, Kian?” She asked in a softer, gentler voice as she addressed her brother. “Thank you so much, little man.” She took the little paper bag and gasped when she pulled out Cartier’s signature red box; the size looked like the contents involved a necklace. “Is this a joke?” She turned to face her mom with furrowed brows. “How much did you guys spend?”

“Enough for our daughter to know how happy we are for her,” she got to her feet and kissed the top of Ava’s head. Ava sighed, but smile and kissed her mom’s cheek as a thank you. “We’ll leave you girls to it. Come on,” she lifted Kian into her arms and exited.

“What is it?” You sat forward to peer over Ava’s shoulder as she opened the lid of the box, revealing a eye-catching sapphire necklace. You smiled when you saw Ava’s eyes quickly fill with tears, knowing she was touched by her parents’ thoughtfulness and generosity. She didn’t show much interest when you asked her if she wanted to meet the old wedding tradition: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a six pence in one’s shoe. It may have been a folklore that originated from her country, but she was a lot more practical than you were; she didn’t live her life like it was a romantic comedy. Either way, you could tell she was overjoyed with the gift from the look in her eyes when you said, “looks like you got your something new and something blue after all.”

• • • • • • • •

Sebastian stood in front of the full length mirror in his room and adjusted his tie. His eyes darted to the clock hanging on the wall behind him; 11:43AM which meant there were seventeen minutes until he was officially married. He let out a shaky breath as he rubbed his hands together, all the while experiencing the incessant flutters that came from the wings of the butterflies living in his stomach. Now he knew Ava was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, but it didn’t stop him from feeling nervous. Everything was happening so quickly, he was going to get married today and in June- he was going to become a father to a baby boy. All these were great things that he was excited for, but it was a little overwhelming. You and Sebastian were similar there; you were extremely good at psyching yourselves out. Hence why you’d both found life partners in Chris and Ava, they were good at bringing the two of you back to reality.

“Bas,” Chace threw a scrunched up ball of paper across the room and got Sebastian in the shoulder, earning the attention he wanted from his best friend. “Are you okay?” He chuckled softly at the nervous expression on Sebastian’s face. “Do you need some air?” He asked and got a head shake 'no’ from Sebastian.

“It’s okay if you do,” Don told him. “I did too.”

“I know it is,” Sebastian rolled his eyes. “But I don’t.”

“You sure?” Anthony furrowed his brows. “'Cause you lo-”

“Oh my God,” Sebastian growled under his breath. “Yes I’m sure.”

They all stopped asking, pressing their lips together. It was clear he needed something, but they didn’t know what. Of course Chris knew- not because he knew Sebastian the best out of all the guys in the room, but because he had felt what Sebastian was feeling on his wedding day. He needed to see you then as much as Sebastian needed to see Ava now. It would’ve seemed ridiculous to anyone else considering he was going to see her in fifteen minutes, but Chris understood. Sebastian helped the two of you have an amazing moment before the wedding, the least Chris could do was get him to Ava. He pulled out his phone and texted you: “Seb needs to see Ava, think you can get her to the lighthouse?” The reply he got from you drew a chuckle from him: “I was just about to text you the same thing. Yes, we’re heading there now.”

“C'mon, Seb.” Chris placed both hands on Sebastian’s shoulders and started to steer him out of the room. “Trust me.” He said when Sebastian tried to fight his actions. “You need some air out by the lighthouse,” Chris spoke in a tone that Sebastian immediately understood; he bolted out the door. “We’ll be back before the wedding starts,” he assured all the confused faces in the room then ran after Sebastian.

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Part 4C

anonymous asked:

Oh, I know! What about a prompt set for frenemies?

1. “Don’t think this means I like you.”

2. “Sometimes, I’m actually a nice person.”

“Ha! You’re evil.”

“I’m mowing your lawn.”

“You’re mostly evil.”

3. “So, our kids are best friends, now?”


“That’s fine with me.”


“I’m sure your kid doesn’t cheat at cards like you do.”

4. “Did you… Buy me groceries?”

“I was bored.”

5. “It’s no fun making you miserable if you’re already miserable. Get to feeling better.”

“Thanks, I think.”

6. “I literally hate you.”

“I know, I hate you, too. But I have an extra ticket to this movie, and  no one wants to go with me.”

“I wonder why.”

“So you’re in?”

“Fine, but you’re paying for popcorn.”

7. “So, we’re best friends, right?”

“Last week, you-”

“Not last week. This week. Right now, we’re best friends, yeah?”


“Because I need someone to help me move.”

Thanks for the request! :)

Worth It | Seokjin | Oneshot

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 1,643

Listen to: Breathe by LEE HI

Summary: Somewhere along the way, Seokjin began to believe he needed to carry his burdens on his own, and you couldn’t help but wanting to help him.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

After being in a relationship with someone for a long amount of time, it becomes easy to notice the little things about them that reveal so much more. Like how digging a nail into their thumb means they’re anxious, or how they’re holding back how happy they truly are by tugging on their bottom lip with their teeth.

And of course, you could tell when there was something wrong with Seokjin.

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Damage Control (Jackson/Stiles)

@mssmartian : Jackson/Stiles “i’m a pop star with a bad relationship rep and you’re a hot actor whose last two movies flopped, i think we can help each other out” fake dating au

For winning third place in my giveaway, I promised a fic of 500+ words. This one? Is a lot more than 500 words. Sorry? I hope you enjoy! Fic #35 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

Damage Control. Jackson/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

When Jackson’s habit of casual dating earns him the label of Casanova, his manager and best friend, Danny, suggests that he do a little damage control. Enter Stiles Stilinski, famous actor whose last two movies have apparently flopped. They already have a sarcastic flirting going on, so Jackson knows getting Stiles to fake date him is the best plan ever.

“You’ve got to do something about it, Jackson.”

“Like what?” Jackson takes a sip of his drink, frowning when the stupid umbrella bumps against his nose. He pulls it out of the glass and tosses it across the table at Danny. “You know how much I hate random shit in my drinks.”

“Which is why I always make sure to ask for an umbrella whenever I order you iced tea.” Danny smirks, and the bastard somehow manages to still look like a total sweetheart instead of an ass. It’s a skill that Jackson has never managed to master, even after thirteen years in the spotlight.

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What the hell Bay

I believe many of us already watched the new movie from Michael Bay ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’. And to be honest I LOVED IT. But no. That’s not what disappointed me. What really disappointed me was the fact that there’s about 40 FREAKING MINUTES REMOVED OF THE ACTUAL FOOTAGE. You may ask 'but why would he do that?’ From what I heard and read, someone from Paramount said that the movie will be about 3 hours long. So many fans and others started to hate on Bay for making another long movie, he got worried and removed 40 minutes of the actual footage. Yesterday I watched the movie and wondered 'where’s the rest of the fight between Prime and Megatron?’ Even the freaking fight between Prime and Bee was cut short. The whole movie seemed rushed and poorly edited. The first 30min were OK. But it really saddened me, would he really be that worried about something like that? I believe I’m not the only one who wishes to see THE ACTUAL 'FULL MOVIE’ With no cut-out scenes.

Originally posted by darkslayer092

Okay here we go. Bucky going into cryo broke my heart in the most beautiful way possible and I think it was a wonderful decision to make in the story.

I am not here to change anyone’s mind. I’m not here to argue. Bad faith responses will probably be ignored. If what I’ve written doesn’t work for you, that’s okay. We can disagree. I am here to talk to the other folks on tumblr who liked this decision as well. It’s very helpful to know we aren’t alone in finding this part of the story important and meaningful. I’m also here to talk to folks who wish they could like the decision better but don’t usually get to unpack it on tumblr. If you get anything out of this writing that’s useful for you, I’m glad.

Since I have literally not ever seen one single post positively exploring this subject, I’ve got quite a few things to say. So either sit down and get comfy or get that scroll finger ready cuz this is long. Without further ado…

1) The structural decision to include the scene emphasizes Bucky’s importance to the story. This mid-credit scene parallels the opening scene of the film, where he’s being brought out of cryo in Siberia. Combine that with the fact that this stinger scene actually furthers the plot (as opposed to the later Spiderman stinger, which doesn’t) and we can really look at the mid-credit cryo scene as the actual end of the film. CA:CW is then a story that begins and ends on Bucky’s mental state and on examining his impact on the entire world. From asleep to awake at the beginning, and from awake to asleep at the end, the film is bookended and shaped by Bucky’s state of consciousness. Closing that circuit on both ends of the movie puts him in a pretty powerful position thematically, rivaling Steve as the center of the film.

2) The cryo end scene drives home in filmic language how Bucky’s life has already improved. The strong parallel to the opening cryo scene emphasizes the contrasts in the two different situations. 

Let’s look point by point.

In the opening scene Bucky is surrounded by stone – abrasive and unmoveable. The weather outside is barren, white cold. The primary shape in his surroundings is constant circles, echoing the fact that he’s penned in and trapped, with no escape. He’s surrounded by military personnel with weapons. The light is yellow: a sickly, struggling yellow. Nearby machinery scours his remaining memories away. The words spoken aloud rip him from his own self. He is alone, with no allies, and the physical action of the scene is him being dragged violently from a dirty chamber and writhing under torture.

Compare that to this. The end scene shows Bucky surrounded by glass - monitors and windows are transparent, protective, informative. The weather outside is lush, green, living warmth. The primary shape present is the repeated use of lines - carrying the eye from one end to the other, the lines offer gentle, dynamic movement all around him. He’s surrounded by medical staff. The lights themselves are actually yellow: warm and softly golden. Nearby machinery hydrates him and monitors his signs of health. The words spoken aloud are Bucky’s own choices, and the voice of a powerful man promising Bucky protection and safety. He has a family member present. The physical action shown is him sitting calmly, then effortlessly moving into cryogenic freeze.

It’s this level of detail that makes CATWS the movie we rave about as perfection. It’s not accidental here either.

3) Bucky has stopped running.  This is a profound shift in his story, much moreso than him being on the run again. The way he has survived for decades as the Soldier was to hide and run, and to eliminate most of the ppl who discover he exist. The way he has survived being free the last two years is leaving no traces. Hiding. Running. Obscuring his location and existence again. With his cryo choice, he is doing the polar opposite. He’s not running anymore. He’s not relying on the thing that has kept him alive, because he recognizes that it doesn’t suit his needs right now. RANDOM DUDE WHO’S BEEN TRYING TO KILL HIM now knows *exactly* where a defenseless Bucky is. This breaks the deepest ingrained survival skills for him. This cryo decision is him relearning on the most fundamental level how to survive. He is acting on trust, and he is accepting help from others. He’s trusting random fucking strangers with his defenseless body, y’all. And he’s calm about it. This is a huge step of healing and recovery for him. This is a really really big deal. THIS is a prime example of Bucky Barnes’ bravery and willingness to fight for what he wants.

4) The cryo scene gives temporary closure to an open plot point. This point is critical to like four later points so keep hold of it. Bucky has a magical hole in his head… that anybody can climb into without his consent. That hasn’t been fixed. Cryo plugs it until they can fix it.

5) Bucky deserves to feel safe for a while. This one is gonna get intense, please be aware of that. I think this is a particular sore spot for some folks. But we need to talk about this. Bucky can be violated in a way no other character can. If we parallel this to mental illness, his cryo choice is not about avoiding his symptoms or diminishing his individual worth. Cryo is a shelter. Cryo is safety. Cryo is a temporary reprieve from his constant exposure to the violation that OTHER PEOPLE visit on folks who are mentally ill. The thing he can’t trust about his mind isn’t PTSD, isn’t trauma response, isn’t depression, isn’t his own weaknesses or guilt or illness or worries. The thing he can’t trust about his mind is the artificial hole still in it. Others can and do use it to violate his consent. Not even other characters facing mind control in this universe have shown such a vulnerability to debasement. It’s reasonable for him to want to take a break from that reality. It’s a burden he’s carried all this time and he’s tired.

6) The first major decision we see Bucky make for himself is about protecting other people. I believe that this element in particular also hits some people pretty hard. Folks who have to convince themselves that they are more than the harm that they cause (or think they cause) others… I think this moment hurts them. They think Bucky is just giving in to those inner voices who say everyone is better off without him. And that hurts them. I am sorry for that and wish I could change that. That magical hole in his head is an important part of this point too. Bucky is not protecting anyone from *himself*. He is not the problem. He is protecting people from the consequences of that hole in his head being fucked with. The way others can violate him is again the problem. The key here is not that there is anything wrong or harmful about Bucky himself. The key point here is that he knows he can’t provide the people around him protection from other people’s evil. And he acts on this knowledge… in a very brave way that keeps him intact and keeps all of his relationships intact. It’s a temporary way to get through this problem and it will eventually help him care better for those around him. He is trying to get back to *himself* - including all the demons and limitations he will have just as himself. That’s a beautiful note for his story here to end on.

7) The first major decision we see Bucky make for himself contradicts what Steve wants him to do. As far as quickly establishing Bucky as his own person with his feet underneath him, not just taking anybody’s orders or suggestions, this is an excellent choice.

8) Yes he’s also punishing himself. This choice is masterful because it works on multiple levels, even within Bucky’s own motivations for making it. The next long stage of his life will be him constantly scrabbling for punishment and redemption.  He’s the Winter Soldier. He’s going to punish himself.  That’s what he does. That’s not bad writing! That’s the character! He has got to work through this. Self punishment is sometimes a way to get through the day… whether it’s right or wrong. It’s what humans do. There’s a book I want to mention here that’s really fantastic called “Hello, Cruel World” by Kate Bornstein. In it, she honestly reviews a great many coping mechanisms to deal with pain in our lives. Because she knows many of us just manage that pain one day at a time, however we can. This is one of the ways Bucky is going to manage his pain. And as punishments go, it’s rather mild. It actually, as I explain elsewhere here, does more good than it does harm. That’s pretty extraordinary as punishment goes.

Look this isn’t about blame. There is a dynamic here entirely unrelated to victim blaming. Think about this. Do you ever stop and wonder what your sum effect has been on the world around you? Do you wonder how you’ve changed the rest of existence? Bucky is asking that question, and the answer for him is overwhelming. Bucky’s entire existence for decades has been doing great harm to the world. That’s what he means on the QuinJet when he says, “But I did it.” It was his hands doing the harm. He can’t wish that harm away with self forgiveness. His intentions don’t make those folks any less dead or tortured. That’s a truth we all face: we can have the best of intentions, and still do great harm to other people that we have to reckon with. His story now is this very thing - finding a way to manage the answer to this question I’ve posed to you.

9) This ending respects and acknowledges the tone of the character’s recent on-screen actions. We did in fact just watch him murder people. Look I actually hate the Stark family and I hated Tony already, so his rapey actions the last half hour of the movie turn my stomach every time. But that’s not the point here. We watched life leave a woman’s body as she sat there in a car. Like 30 minutes ago. We watched Bucky beat a man until he was dead. Bucky’s character is cheapened if he has an *immediate* warm ending after that. I don’t even care about the Starks; It’s not fair to Bucky to rush that warmth on to him. We’ve got to see him struggle with whats happened. The cryo scene is the central part of that struggle that we’re given in CW. That makes it critically important to his character. This is the point the writers were making in an interview, and I gotta say, I was profoundly frustrated at tumblr fandom’s reaction to their legitimate point. Intent is not magical. People are still dead, at his hand, regardless of Bucky’s intentions. And cryo is the most minimal consequence possible to the actions we just witnessed.

10) There needed to be consequences to the conflict between the Avengers as a whole as well. If there’s an immediate happy ending, the emotional risk and importance of the conflict is diminished. This is part of the necessary widespread fallout.

11) No harm is coming to him. He’s not in prison. He’s not on the run. He won’t have any further trauma. He’s protected. He’s safe until the narrative needs him again. ALL the things listed here get accomplished without any harm coming to Bucky.

12) There is no requirement at all that he stay in cryo. The quickest fix in the world is hovering and blinking in the lights around him as we watch the scene. The *second* they want him, Wakandan medicine fixes him. It’s a magic hole, it can be fixed magically if they want to. Narratively, he could not possibly be in any more flexible, useful, advantageous position.

13) This is a partial solution to the problem of missing Steve & Bucky time. The directors and actors have hinted that interactions between Steve & Bucky were cut for length in CW. This is one way to pause that reunion at least for a little while and postpone the catching up process until later, if they want to.

14) T’Challa gets a bit of closure. Giving T'Challa this generous decision to make - to shelter and help Bucky - points up his graciousness at owning his mistakes, and highlights the medical, philosophical and military badassery of him and his country. It gives his grief an immediate small consolation, though I suspect and hope we’ll see that grief process play out on a much larger scale for him later.

15) This may support a quicker resolution of a Wakandan plot point. This one makes me a bit nervous but the decision does place Bucky in Wakanda. His arm reacted to T'Challa’s ring and that’s bound to be addressed again. It makes me nervous because white fave presence in the Black Panther film seriously seriously needs to be kept to an absolute bare minimum. Hopefully the setup and having Bucky there already will shorten the time needed to work out what they wanna work out there.

16) It emphasizes the consequences of Steve’s original stand. We exaggerate the story of CW around here to be about Steve protecting Bucky, but that’s not the original reason for his disagreement with the Accords. Showing Steve visually separated from his friends and teammates at the end of the film highlights what he’s sacrificed. Bucky could never replace the rest of Steve’s friends. That’s not fair to either of them to expect. But a Steve & Bucky ending or a Team Cap ending might obscure that fact, especially after the wrap-up of the letter and jailbreak. Steve being without any of them in the last scene drives home exactly how much he was willing to give up to follow his convictions. That’s an important element of the story, an important part of Steve’s arc, and an important setup going into IW.

You know what, I’m probably honestly forgetting something. This is just a start, from one set of eyes. This plot point deserves a lot more attention and unpacking and admiration. Some of these are specific to the cryo decision and some are narrative needs that could have been filled a lot of ways, but happen to be filled well by the cryo scene. My point is that regardless of when or how the decision was made for this end credit scene (and yes I’ve heard the stories of last minute changes), the end result works beautifully and well on multiple levels. It fits seamlessly into the film and into the arcs for Bucky and other characters, and it accomplishes a great deal of positive movement narratively. It’s okay to be fond of it.

Fullmetal Alchemist live-action Facts

People complaining about “Asianwashed” (Yamada Ryosuke not being white) when Hollywood is whitewashing everything since god knows when.

People complaining that all Live Action movie is bad and that they ruin the whole thing when the only Live Action movie you watched is “Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin” (gives a bad name to all live action) but have you actually watched any good ones? like Rurouni Kenshin trilogy, Parasyte and “Assassination Classroom” the movie that Yamada Ryosuke stars in that he won an acting award with. 

Have you even checked the production team for FMA. The director Fumiko Sori is a big fan of FMA and has been preparing for the movie since 2013 while he was in LA. This is not a rushed hyped shit like Shingeki no Kyojin.

Fumiko Sori is a Visual Effects supervisor turned Director. He has worked with James Cameron etc. They showed the CG to Hiromu Arakawa first and she supports this film. They also showed CG and costume to Yamada (which led him to agree to this project)

CG collaboration with SQUARE ENIX if you watched Final Fantasy animated films, Some serious CG and Visual Effects waiting to happen.

“He’s wearing a wig!” HE ISN’T! that’s his REAL hair. He filmed Fullmetall Alchemist in Italy he filmed it for 3 months and still kept on appearing on different TV shows and tour live concert with his group. 

look how beautiful he is. His first 2 films got him 2 acting award. There’s an interview where the director just kept on complimenting Yamada Ryosuke’s acting and skills. (I’ve never seen an article just filmed with compliments LOL) Yamada is recognized by a lot of veteran actors in Japan (I could write an essay about this lol)

He is literally Edward Elric in real life!  He got injured and didn’t use any stuntman and did everything himself. FMA production team and director said “You are the only one who can play Edward”  He hates it when people call him Chibi~ All of his 3 movies which you can watch already are all action movies and he has a lot of fighting scenes.

when he was on a show last July

Everyone is judging when all you’ve seen is a teaser and we didn’t even see EDWARD ELRIC’s FACE just his profile.

It will be shown 2017 winter that’s 1 more year! Watch it before you judge!

Embarrassed ¿

Based (y/n) off Jada sezer. Requested, hope you like it. And sorry the ending is so shitty, but I promised to post this. please enjoy


“alright, that’s all for today, great job (y/n)” the photographer, Evan spoke as we just finished our shoot. Evan worked for a magazine, and as an ‘on the rise’ star, they wanted more information about be, so we did an interview and then the shoot.

I was new to the singing world, and fame and everything. I was always so nervous to ever pursue singing cause singers you see today, they’re a lot smaller than me. I was a little heavier than most, but I finally got my confidence after so many people said that ‘I was beautiful’ and ‘it’s not about your weight’ and mostly the only thing people ever said to me were about my singing, and how beautiful I was.

I also had my boyfriend Nate, to thank for being so confident with myself and my body now. Despite getting bullied in high school, when I moved out to LA, I met Nate at a concert, and afterwards we stayed around a bit more and drank some and just really hit it off. We started to talk more and hang out more after the concert and then like 3 months later he introduced me to his family as his girlfriend and that was the start of our relationship. Now here we are 5 months later, happy as ever.

I loved his family so much. They were so sweet, and his sister was like my little sister. I constantly texted her and called her and we always had plans whenever Nate would go to the studio or out with the boys.

I never met Nate’s friends, but I knew of them. I saw snapchats of them and pictures of them with fans all the time. He also would talk about them a lot. Nate also never asked me to go out with him and his friends. And at first I thought, maybe he just doesn’t want me to come around, not knowing how this is going to work out with us, but we’ve been together 5 months now and still nothing.

Nate was actually at the studio now, but he said he was coming over soon and we were gonna hang out, go out to the movies and then come back to mine for the night.

I was just getting ready when Nate called me.

Hey babe.

‘hey ma, I’ll be over soon, like 15 minutes, will you be ready by then?’

Yeah, I’ll be ready by then.

‘okay good. I’ll see ya in a few, love you’

Love you too Nate.

And with that I hung up and finished getting ready. I threw on some jeans, and rolled them up a bit, so they were cuffed right above the ankle, and then a denim like button up shirt. I curled my hair and put on some chukka low vans and by the time I was done Nate was already at my door.

“hey ma.” He smiled, placing his hand on my waist and kissing me. We pulled apart and I smiled at him.

“hey babe.”

“you ready to go?”



The movie was great. I couldn’t stop laughing, and I hated my laugh. Not many people were there, and people hardly recognize us. You see, Nate and I hadn’t really told anyone about our relationship. We wanted to keep it lowkey until we were sure how long we would last, but after 5 months I was more than ready to tell everyone about us, but Nate always seemed a little uneasy about that.

Yeah, I had my doubts on his reasons why. My first thought was that because of how big I am, compared to all the other girls that are like, in love with Nate, and he was embarrassed about that. And the one time I mentioned it to him, he flipped.

He told me that he just didn’t want everyone in our business, which I totally get. But sometimes I saw pictures people posted of them and their boyfriend or girlfriend showing them off, and I wish Nate and I would do that.

We were walking to the car, hand in hand when Nate suddenly let go of my hand. I looked up at him and he wasn’t looking at me, he was actually walking far off to my side, and then he started to walk faster.

“Nate, what are you doing?”

He turned and looked to me and then dug in his pocket, handing me the keys.

“here babe, go start the car, I’ll be there in a second.” He said, looking around and then coming and kissing my forehead. “love ya.” And with that he ran up to a group of guys, throwing his arms around two different guys shoulders. I could hear him yell.

“wassup guys.”

“yo skate, what’s up man?” a tall blonde said, bro hugging Nate.

His fucking friends. These were his fucking friends he hasn’t introduced me to yet. Unbelievable. This was the best time too. We were out and they just happened to be right there. He could have walked up with me and introduced me, but he didn’t. And it’s obvious why. Looking at the group of guys, they seemed all the same. Shallow. The blonde literally whistled at a stick with fake tits and a big ass, watching her walk my way.

His eyes met mine and he smiled, and then turned back around to all the other guys.

I was so pissed I went to the car. I sat and waited for 10 minutes before finally getting in the driver seat and just going home. I was over this. Yeah sure, I wasn’t a stick thin model like girl, like the type that him and his friends seem to be into, but still.

I texted Nate once I got home, telling him to find another ride, and that he can pick his car up from mine. He texted me back a half hour later, freaking out.

From Nate: wtf (y/n), I was getting ready to come to the car.

To Nate: sorry, but after like 15 minutes, I didn’t wanna wait any longer. Plus, wouldn’t want your friends to see me in the passenger seat.

From Nate: wtf is that about?

To Nate: you know exactly what I’m talking about. Just, your keys are in the car still, so whenever you get here don’t bother coming in.

I wasn’t gonna text him back the rest of the night. I was so over his bullshit. He knew how I felt about myself, despite the confidence he helped me gain, he also did a little to bring me right back down. He fucking knew.

I was laying on the couch, watching a movie when I heard a car pull up, a door open, some slight conversation, unable to tell what they were saying, just muffled voices and then a door close. I was waiting to hear Nate’s car start, but my front door swinging open was quite unexpected.

“(y/n), what the fuck” Nate asked, standing in my doorway. I got up from the couch and turned to look at him.

“did you have a nice time with your friends?” I scoffed.

“yeah, but seriously? What the hell? Why did you leave?”

“why did I leave? Are you seriously asking me that?”

“yeah? What the fuck’s your problem?”

“my problem? Nate tonight we saw your best fucking friends, and you couldn’t even introduce me to them. We’ve been together 5 fucking months and you haven’t even introduced us, and it’s pretty obvious why.”

“I was going to introduce you to them.”

“bull fucking shit. That’s why you told me to go wait in the car. Seriously Nate.”

“You don’t get it (y/n)”

“get what Nate? You’re fucking embarrassed to be seen with me. Admit it. Just cause I’m not as thin as the fucking skanks you guys are used to.”

“don’t fucking stand there throwing shit at me.”

“you’re not even denying that you’re embarrassed. If you don’t wanna be seen with me, why are we even together Nate?”

“cause I love you.”

“obviously you don’t if you won’t even introduce me to your friends.”

“we’ve been over this, we were waiting to tell people.”

“bull shit. It’s been 5 months Nate. I met your family, and they had no problem with me, or my size.”

“okay, yeah fine. I don’t want my friends knowing about us. That’s the main reason. You’re right.”

“get out.” I scream. I was fucking done.

“no, it’s not like that. Let me ex-“

“no, get the fuck out of my house Nate. Don’t fucking bother coming back either. I’m so over your shit. You knew exactly how I felt about myself, and you fucking made it worse. Just leave.” I said, turning and going upstairs. “I’ll put your shit in a box and set it outside, you can get it whenever.” And with that I made it up to my room and slammed my door.

I heard my front door slam, knowing Nate had left, but I stayed in bed, crying. I couldn’t believe this. All the times he said I was beautiful, and that my weight or size didn’t bother him. All of it. A lie. I must have cried myself to sleep, cause I woke up the next morning, feeling like shit.

My eyes were swollen, my nose was stuffy, and I just felt like laying in bed all day. Unfortunately I couldn’t do that though. I got up and got ready, showering and getting dressed and then heading out for some errands. I had to stop by the studio, my producer wanted me to come in for some sort of meeting about a collab.

Deciding on getting Starbucks before, I drove to the studio, parked and then walked to Starbucks, since it was only a 5 minute walk. Once I got in there, I noticed the line was a little long, but I had plenty of time.

I heard the bell chime, signaling that someone had just walked in. I turned and saw the blonde boy from the other night, Nate’s friend. We made eye contact and he smiled at me, and then stood behind me in line.

“excuse me” he spoke, causing me to turn around and look at him.

“hi” I said, awkwardly.

“You’re (y/n) right?”

“yeah, and you are?”

“oh I’m Sammy.”

“nice to meet you.” I smiled.

“yeah, you too. I think I saw you last night, but I wasn’t entirely sure,  it was a little dark, and I was a little high.” He laughed.

“oh yeah, I thought you looked familiar.” I smiled.

“well yeah, I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re really beautiful, and you have a killer voice. Crazy talent ma.”

“thank you so much. It means a lot” I smiled. Having a stranger call me beautiful made me feel so good about myself.

“no problem. I mean, I just speak the truth.”

“well thanks Sammy.”

“yeah. I don’t wanna be to upfront, but would you mind if we went out later? Drinks? My friends and I are going out downtown, and I’d really like to spend more time with you, plus, I saw you on Jimmy Fallon, and you seem hilarious.” He chuckled.

“um, yeah sure, I could use a drink.” I laugh.

“awesome. Here, give me your number and I’ll come get you later.”


We exchanged numbers, and when we got our drinks, we sat and drank them together, talking more. I felt so bad about thinking he was shallow. He was actually really sweet after talking to him, and he kept saying sweet things like ‘you’re beautiful’ or ‘I like when you smile’ and just sweet things like that, that made me feel so much better about myself.

“oh shit, I gotta go.” I said, standing up. “I’ve gotta go meet with my producer. It was really nice meeting you Sammy.”

“likewise. I’ll see ya later ma.”


Sammy and I had been texting all day. He kept talking about how excited he was for tonight. He said all his friends loved my music and they’ve been wanting to meet me because I seem so funny and chill.

And Sammy couldn’t get over the fact that I was doing a song with MGK. He was literally freaking out. Telling me that when we record, I have to invite him to the studio so he can meet MGK finally. I told him I’d see what I can do.

Sammy was actually on his way to get me. He said he should be here in about 5 minutes. So until then I was in my kitchen, working on my drink I made earlier. Just vodka and pink lemonade. Sammy texted me and told me he was here, so I swallowed down the rest down and walked out to the uber, sliding in next to Sammy.

We talked on the way to the bar, but were interrupted by my phone going off every 3 mintues. Nate texting me, calling me, anything to try to reach me. Nate was calling again, but I just let it ring.

“you’re not gonna get that?” Sammy asked.


“it might be important. Your phones been going off all night, and it’s barely even started.”

“it’s just my boyfriend.”

“and you’re not answering because…?”

“we kinda got into a fight.”

“over what?”

I sighed, and looked down at my hands in my lap.

“we’ve been dating for 5 months, and we haven’t told anyone besides his family.”

“why not?”

“at first, just for personal shit, like privacy from media and stuff, but then I was ready too, but he didn’t want too. And last night we fought over how he’s embarrassed to tell his friends and stuff because he’s embarrassed by me.”

“why would anyone be embarrassed to be with you? You’re gorgeous.”

“I guess my size just embarrassed him. He didn’t want his friends to know he was with someone so big.”

“(y/n) look at me.” Sammy said softly, taking my hand in his, causing me to look into his eyes. “he’s an ass. You’re beautiful, despite what he thinks, or his friends. He should be happy to be with you. Hell, I’d die to be your boyfriend. You best believe I’d be showing you off. I’d be proud of you. It’s not about size or beauty even. I can tell you’re a great person, and if he’s to stupid to see that, it’s his loss.”

“thanks Sammy. It really means a lot. It’s just been so hard to ever feel beautiful, but then with him I feel so great, but he does shit like, hide me from his friends because of my weight and stuff, that make me feel worse.”

“well, I say, fuck your ass of a boyfriend, let’s get drunk.”

We got out of the uber and headed inside. Stopping at the bar and getting some drinks, and then heading to Sammy’s little ‘vip’ area him and his friends had. We walked in, and everyone started cheering.

“guys, this is (y/n) you know the singer.”

“oh my god, you’re beautiful. I seriously love you.” A boy with longer hair said.

“thank you” I laughed, overwhelmed with everyone talking at once.

“I’m Kenny by the way.” He smiled.

“nice to meet you.”

I sat by Sammy, and talked to everyone, cracking jokes, and we were all just having a good time. I wasn’t even bothered by Nate’s problem anymore. All these guys, and the like 3 girls that were here, that were all way smaller than me, made me feel so good. The girls said they wish they looked like me, and that made me smile.

“yo, what’s good skate.” I heard Sammy yell, as I was talking to Emily. My eyes went wide and I turned to see Nate, who was looking right at me.

“what the fuck?” he asked, looking at me.

“oh yeah, skate this is my friend (y/n), you know, the singer we always talk about.” Sammy smiled.

“yeah I know who she is.” He said, harshly.

“dude, chill.” Kenny chimed in.

“yeah, chill Nate.” Sammy said, throwing his arm over my shoulder. And I knew that was it for Nate. He had always been the jealous type, and I knew by the look on his face, something was about to happen.

“I’ll chill when you get your fucking hands off my girlfriend.” Nate said, and then everyone just stopped and looked between the three of us. Me, Sammy and Nate. Sammy looked between Nate and I, and then looked at me.

“he’s the ass?”


Then Sammy looked at Nate, and stood up to face him.

“how are you about to freak out on me when you couldn’t even introduce her to us? What the fucks that about man? And for something as stupid as her size? Thinking we’d have a problem with it? You really think so lowly of your best friends?”

“no, it’s not even the reason.”

“well then what’s your real reason Nate?” I asked from my spot on the couch next to Emily.

“(y/n) you know it wasn’t like that. You know I love you. I just didn’t wanna introduce you cause I know my friends, and I didn’t want them calling me whipped and shit like that. I’m not embarrassed by you babe.”

“you know, I believe him.” Emily said next to me. “we’re a tough crowd when it comes to one of the guys and a girl, and especially Skathan. We’ve been wondering about him lately, constantly on his phone, walking around with a smile on his face all the time.” She smiled.

“yeah, he’s definitely whipped, but I don’t blame him.” Derek spoke.

Nate came over and sat by me.

“please believe me (y/n). I love you so much. You know that I do. I wouldn’t lie to you.”

“nate, you could have just told me.”

“but then you woulda told me I was being stupid and insisted on meeting them.”

“would that have been so bad?”

“no, I knew they would love ya ma, I just didn’t want them calling me whipped. It hurts a mans ego.” He chuckled, the seriousness leaving. “I’m sorry babygirl. Do you forgive me?” he smiled his cute dopey little smile.

“I can’t say no to that face.” I laughed.

“good!” he cheered, grabbing my face and kissing me “I love you baby.” He smiled.

“I love y-“

“whipped!” Derek and Kenny yelled, making everyone laugh, and Nate and I smile.

anonymous asked:

sorry if you've answered this already, but i just watched kathryn bigelow's movies and i love her earlier work, do you have a favorite movie from her? i think near dark and stranger days are so amazing

I love Bigelow!

I’ve seen all her feature films so far (except Detroit because it hasn’t been released yet). 

My personal rankings:

Zero Dark Thirty
Strange Days
The Hurt Locker
Point Break
Near Dark
K-19: The Widowmaker
The Loveless
Blue Steel
The Weight of Water

The first three to me are masterpieces, the middle three are all good to solid, and the last ones are not good. The only one I really hate is The Weight of Water.

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I'm not explaining well. If a person does unforgivable actions, they are irredeemable and that correlates with being subhuman and evil in my eyes. Even if they feel remorse and want to atone, its not enough. That's what I mean by redemption not existing. They are tainted forever and sometimes its better to die than keep living knowing you're evil. That's why Kylo will do like one good thing before dying, like Vader.

no I understand I just don’t agree with you. If someone does something bad, whether it was because they were mislead or because it was a mistake and they feel remorse they can change. I like to use megamind as a suggestion to go watch, a cute movie and healthy redemption arc, theres another really good arc in guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 (it had me so happy).

I don’t think they’ll kill the last of the skywalker line. I hate the idea that Kylo suffered so long in his life to just make up for it and die, not exactly a happy ending to a family franchise, plus we’ve already seen that happen once.

I don’t want to start any arguments over 4kids vs TPCI but I’m almost at the end of Battle Frontier, and tbh although I feel almost-one-season isn’t enough to properly judge, (it could grow on me, right?) it’s now got to the point where I’m considering switching to Japanese purely because of one thing.  


Is it because I adore our Jimmy? I don’t think so, I think I’d still feel this way if I wasn’t totally in love with him. Is it because I feel loyal to 4kids? Nope, I mean obviously they’re the ones I’m used to and prefer, but I have absolutely no problem with any of the other characters in the TPCI dub. Do I hate Cathcart? No! His Meowth is fine. And from what I’ve read he’s a genuinely nice guy. It’s nothing personal. I just… I’m really struggling with it.   

So last night I decided to watch Pokemon the movie 2000 in Japanese. I figured it was a good way to test it as I’ve seen it that many times and adore it so much I could probably quote most of it off by heart. (I’ve seen 1 or 2 episodes in Japanese already, like Beauty and the Beach, but they were so long ago I don’t really remember them). It was so interesting seeing the differences between the 2, but what shocked me was how different they were in terms of music.  

I love PTM2000 so very much for so many different reasons but one that is high on this list is the music, the entire score, start to finish. It’s just STUNNING! Is it usual for Japanese films to not have as much background music? And Lugia’s song was so disappointing in the sub. (Interestingly, I LOVED the opening theme in Japanese and I’m actually not overly keen on Pokemon World tbh.)   

So, yeah, the music was constantly on my mind through the whole film. But the voices of the TRio were awesome :D (all you Megumi Hayashibara fans I totally get why you love her as a VA, Musashi’s voice is so captivating and full of energy and life, it was awesome). I adored Shin'ichirō Miki as Kojiro. I could definitely get used to listening to him <3 Oh yes <3 Inuko Inuyama as Nyarth was great fun to listen to too. Even the twerps! (plus I’ve now realised I’ve been pronouncing their Japanese names so wrong for so long lmfao)   

Hmmm, I dunno what to do. I don’t wanna miss bits because I’m too busy focusing on the words rather than what’s on the screen (as I often do with subbed movies) but I don’t wanna keep not enjoying it (especially when you add in that constant awful alliteration too). Should I give it a few more seasons? Switch at the end of Battle Frontier? Keep slogging it out until the end in case one day it does grow on me? Gah, I dunno. I’ll figure it out. Hopefully.   

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RFA + Saeran are watching a horror - movie with MC

Uhm… So everyone was making headcanons, so decided to make one too, i hope no one minds hehe :^)

- He wasn’t sure if he was for it or against it
- He want’s to be so manly and hug you when you’re scared
- But at the same time he’s scared af
- You chose to watch “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
- oh good god no
- if there’s one thing Yoosung hates more than cheaters on LOLOL or Zen bragging about his (beautiful) face, than it’s massacres
- you could almost feel how he was trembling throughout the whole movie
- poor yoosung
- At the end he was pressing his body against yours
- You tried to comfort him, because he was rly scared
- That didn’t work
- Calling Zen didn’t work either
- He couldn’t sleep at night
- He also refused to be left alone
- Since he started making non-human sounds every time you left the room
- You made a silent promise to yourself to watch “My little pony” next time

- Movie night with MC!
- Hooray!
- Gets super excited about every time, since he gets to cuddle with her under the same blanket
- of course he chooses a horror movie to watch
- he doesn’t want to miss the chance to be the knight in shining armor for his princess
- is actually way more scared than yoosung is
- you decided to watch “the ring”
- Zen actually screamed a few times
- It was way scarier than the whole movie
Throughout the whole movie Zen said stuff like “don’t be scared babe” since of course he wasn’t scared at all
When the scenes changed and the screen got dark he always mentioned how good he looks
- When the movie ended, you two were too lazy to stand up from the couch and you just slept there (not because bot of you were too scared to stand up)

- She is always excited to spend time with you
- Especially when it comes to watch musicals movies with you
- “… What do you mean by “we’re not watching Zen’s musicals tonight” ?
- Tonight’s gonna be tough
- You chose to watch “Final Destination
- You didn’t even pay attention to the movie
- You were to distracted watching Jaehee
- It may sound mean, but she is so cute when she’s scared
You were hugging her all the time, which made her feel alot better
- When the movie ended you made some coffee for the both of you
- After a long long conversation, when it was 5 am, the decision to go to sleep was made
- That was almost as scary as when Mr. Han almost made her make a project about why cats should also go for president
- But she definitely did not regret it, since the time she got to spend with you was so precious

- He was quite surprised that you wanted to watch a horror - movie with him
- But he wasn’t agains it
- On the contrary, he was actually for it
- Since he wasn’t really familiar with this genre
- “… we’re just gonna watch it on TV, alright?
   But i can j-
   Jumin, i know that you can book a cinema for ourselves, that’s no the issue here”

- This time you wanted to watch “Sinister
- It seemed that he was quite bored
- He even checked his phone
- But you were scared af
- So he decided to entartain himself with cuddling you and calming you down
- Because the movie contained a shit load of jumpscares
Seriously how can someone watching this movie keep a calm face this friggin’ long
It was quite enjoyable for him
- Since you were clingin onto him the whole movie and he thought it was somehow cute
- He decided that this was not the last horror movie for the both of you

•707/ Saeyoung
- He’s lost
On one hand he loves every second spent with you no matter what you do
- But on the other hand
- He hates horror-related stuff more than anything on this world
- You needed more than an hour to convince him
- “C’mon, Seven! It’ll be fun, i promise! You’re even allowed to take your Elly plush toy with you.
     Can we at least keep the lights on?
- The movie didn’t even start, but he’s already trembling
- You almost feel bad for hime
- You were watching “Saw” (Srsly MC wtf is wrong with you)
- He was screaming literally everywhere
- Not even sure if he was really frightened or just screaming “in advance”
 Throughout the whole movie you were cuddling him
- You even tried to comfort him
- Tried.
- After it (finally) ended, he left to the bathroom
- You were not sure if he went there to cry or not
- And being the prankster you are, you decided to scare him
- You immediately regreted it
- He screamed and just
- Left the house
- You never ever watched a horror movie together again

- You weren’t sure if he was amused or bored
- Because as you were watching “Mirrors” he just kept that emotionless face like you were watching some cat food commercial
- He actually laughed a couple times???
- He could see, that this movie was scaring the shit out of you
- So he tried to comfort you
- No need to mention cuddles, because you were already pressing your body against his with all force
- And as the movie went, he, feeling that you were scared, sometimes kissed your forhead
- And it helped.
- Do i need to say that after this movie you were scared to look into a mirror?
- Since you were to scared to sleep, you two were just cuddling on the couch
- He waited till you fell asleep so that he could leave, because you wouldn’t let him
- He’ll make sure to make watch another horror movie with him again.

Aaaaand it’s done! Whoever yoe are, thank you that you read it till the end, it really means a lot to me *0*
i hope you enjoyed it as well as i did and i hope you all have a great holiday c: